Testimony from Asian Females


The source of the White Man’s power is not really the cock, even though that’s what gets the most attention. His BWC (Big White Cock) is a tool, albeit a rather large tool, but is still just something to be utilized in order to accomplish the more important role of being the delivery vehicle for his Sperm—the real source of his power.

It’s the White DNA that’s really being desired at the deepest subconscious biological level. In a quest to consume that sperm, the bodies of Asian women get ready physiologically at all levels in order to best receive the BWC and milk it for its prized semen, which contains the genetic makeup of a superior race. That’s what Asian women really crave.

And this manifestation of Asian female sexuality as expressed through its consummate love of white men is manifold. Many Asian women openly and proudly flaunt themselves as “white only”, and eager embrace their new identities as “Asian sluts for white cocks”. Those are still few.

What is actually more often the case is that—even more Asian females who profess to “only date Asian guys” are actually secretly having sex with white guys.


Asian female #1

There’s apparently an Asian girl I know (a friend of a friend) who is very outspoken about her love for Asian men and how proud she is of her Asian heritage.

But our mutual friend just told me, as a secret, that this girl always ends up leaving the bar or club with a white guy. And every time she does, the next morning, she feels very depressed and upset with herself, as if she betrayed her own culture and heritage.

I don’t know her too well, but in this mutual friend’s opinion, this girl is sincere in her love for Asian guys. She has posters of famous Asian celebrities all over her walls and she genuinely wants to marry and fall in love with an Asian guy.

The cognitive dissonance must be overwhelming. She beats herself up and feels a lot of guilt and shame for doing what she’s been doing. I imagine this is what it’s like for quite a lot of Asian women out there, but I wonder if maybe they just aren’t aware.

Asian female #2:

This is the first time I’m admitting this. I was working in Asia at the time. I won’t tell you which country this was. I had known this girl for two years at the point. We were co-workers in a Fortune 500 corporation. One night, we decided to go party after work and we went to a popular local area full of bars, restaurants, and clubs. There were a handful of other coworkers with us as well.

We had a fun night drinking, singing, and laughing. Slowly people started taking off one by one, and she and I decided to head out as well. It was maybe 2 or 3 AM and we were walking into an alleyway. It was a longer route to the subway station because we wanted to walk off the alcohol. While we were walking out of nowhere she suddenly pointed to an alleyway door.

Her: “That’s a sex club for Asian girls to hook up with foreigners.”

By “foreigners” she exclusively meant white guys. It was understood without being explicit.

Me: “…uh yea? … okay … “

Her: “Yea. I only know about it because my friend goes there all the time.”

Me: “So it’s like a brothel?”

Her: “No, it’s more like a lounge. They just have sex there.”

Me: “oh .. okay …”

I thought it was weird that she brought it up but then again we were both kind of tipsy. I forgot all about it later. But I remembered it now because recently I saw her facebook update. She’s married to a white guy. It’s kind of hard to imagine that she did not go in with her friends back then.

Asian female #3

An Asian girl says she is unable to orgasm without thinking about WMAF sex.

Full disclosure: she and her boyfriend are both Asian.

“So we have been together for a few years now and we’re really comfortable with each other. But he has some serious cuckold kink which had confused me a lot. He convinced me to try it with a few white guys, and afterward I just couldn’t say no anymore. I never knew how much better sex was with an experienced and well-endowed white man.

“We continue to have sex with each other, but even while we are having sex with each other, we’d put WMAF porn in the background so we could always see a white man in action. And he gets incredibly turned on when I tell him how much better white men were in bed, how much longer they’d last, etc. I’m at the point I can’t orgasm without thinking about WMAF sex.”

She says sometimes it almost feels like she’s dating another Asian girl.


A lot of Asian women fantasize about getting impregnated by white men. The significance of such fantasies are well understood … the sense of having our inferior Asian genes purified via half-white babies, but still, as shown above, many Asian women end up dating Asian guys and have pure Asian kids.

But this is actually a good thing for white men.

As much as Asians are considered inferior to whites, there is unique beauty to pure-bred Asian females. If all future Asians become more and more mixed, that unique beauty will be diluted and eventually lost.

All the features that white men enjoy about Asian females: the smaller statue, soft skin, tight vagina, and silky black hair … all those things will be lost over time until no Asians will be able to serve and please white men.

There ARE very cute and attractive hapa girls out there .. but a lot of their features make them seem more white than Asian, and it’s the very contrast between pure Asian female and their pure white male that makes the sex so much better. And overall, this trend of more acceptance of WMAF and even the participation of Asian males is a net positive for white men.