Meditations on the Power of White Cock 7

I fumbled with my phone as I tried to open the camera. He was pounding me hard and it was difficult to get a grip on my phone.

It was a dream come true. To be fucked by a WHITE MAN. Not many asian girls get to achieve this feat; the number of white men into asian girls is incredibly small and the percentage of those white men who were a 10 were minimal but I landed the jackpot. Granted, he was quite drunk and I practically offered myself to him as a free fuck—and I feel ashamed of being yet another easy girl for white men, but hey, what’s an asian girl got to do? I’ll never get the chance to be fucked by a true alpha muscular white god.

I started taking videos. I needed to document this once in a lifetime event. To show my asian friends and make them jealous. Some of them haven’t been fucked by a white guy in months and they’ve grown bitter and cynical, thinking they would never land a white guy anymore. Well bitches, I’ve hooked up with this amazing hunk and he used me good. Funny how asians get catty with each other, but it’s a highly competitive environment when there’s so many asian slaves and so few white doms willing to fuck us.

I know deep in my heart that this white man wouldn’t fuck me again. It’s always the same with all the good white doms, they use you once and throw you away. But I have this video now and I would finger myself to this moment for the years to come. To remind myself of the greatest moment of my life. The moment I achieved the asian girl’s dream and to be fucked by the epitome of power and superiority.

Meditations on the Power of White Cock 6

One type of men that asian girls always lust for are white, older, hairy, muscular men. It is the complete contrast to what an asian “man” is and fully explains why so many asian girls refuse to date asian … an asian has ugly asian features, accentuated by feminine traits that make them look young. They are smooth and hairless and have no musculature at all. I guess that’s why so many white man loves to fuck asians so much. It’s everything they’re not and everything they could never be, and the asian girls crave what they do not have.

These asian girls crave for attention from their white “daddies” because they know they have disgraced their traditional asian families by being a whore for white men and their real fathers will never love them. Hell, their asian fathers might even have disowned them and kicked them out.

So those poor asian girls seek out other daddies. The big white ones that will make them feel safe once they are wrapped around in their big muscular arms. But most of all, they look for the ones that will not just fuck them hard but also make them hurt, stick them inside tiny dog cages, whip them with their belts, strip them naked and tie them up and exhibit their asian flesh for all to see. Because, in some twisted oriental way, those asian girls want to be punished and abused. To be treated like dirt. As if it’s their own way of atoning for bringing shame to their family. And once the chink whore has been completely used and they feel no more shame, then the chink can finally be a good whore to white men and forget about ever going back to their families again.

A chink girl’s thirst for White Man’s cum

Words escape me when I look at his cock.

My heart starts to palpitate and my breaths become short.

I feel a hunger, not a normal hunger, but a desperate one, like my life depended on it. All my senses have honed in on his massive white cock. I cannot tear my eyes off it. I look at its every inch. I look at the color and the way it hangs down majestically.

I listen to the faint swish of the air as he lifts his cock and lets it go. I can hear the weight being pulled down by gravity. I can hear it swing back and forth like a mighty pendulum.

I want to touch it, to feel it, to marvel at it. I want to feel the heaviness and the size on my face. I want to see if I can grip it with my hands or if it’ll be too thick.

I can smell a hint of the musky masculine scent from his cock. If only I could bury my face in it, then I can whiff in the strong smell of his manhood and inhale everything I can take from it.

But most of all, I long to taste it. To taste a big white cock and drink up every drop of his precum. I want to taste his thick shaft running down my tongue and down my throat. I want to taste every inch of his cock and every drop of my tears as he abuses my throat. Finally, I want to taste his cum, every single drop of that hot white load shooting down my throat. Like drinking from an oasis in the desert, I am a parched chink girl being given the thing that gives me life: a White Man’s cum.

my thirst for White Man’s cum

What it means to be an asian girl?

When the Big White Cock is deep in your throat;

When it’s choking you and you’re gagging for dear life;

When it’s balls-deep and you’re gasping for air;

When he slaps you until your slant chink eyes roll to the back of your head;

When he slams his heavy White Cock on your face and you feel winded;

When you feel like you’ll pass out from the ecstasy and lack of oxygen,

But all you want to do is take more of the White Cock down your throat;

All you want is to please the White Man some more;

To please him and do anything he says.

To be an asian girl is to put White Men first;

To serve White Man and exist for their pleasure. And it’s the best feeling in the world.

* * *

They approached me while I was sitting at the corner of the bar.

It was my first time alone in a bar frequented by westerners and I was a petite asian girl surrounded by all these big, muscular white men who came to China to teach English. It was like being in a dream, but I didn’t dare approach any of them, my submissive asian nature overriding my lustful need for white cock.

I noticed some of them were eyeing me from the bar, but I pretended not to notice. They slowly approached my table and I could hear my heart pounding louder and louder as they got closer.

The man in the red cap with the letters MAGA on it spoke first, “Ni hao ma, girl, come with us.”

His voice was deep and gruff. He did not say it as a request, it was a demand.

“Yes, sir.” I replied in my broken English.

They took me back to their place and took off my clothes. I suddenly felt terrified. I’ve never been with white men before and I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to take a white cock like the tiny asian dicks I’ve been used to.

They took their clothes off and, for the first time, I saw a white cock in person. Their cocks were huge and meaty, completely different from my asian boyfriend’s thin dick. Hard asian cocks normally just point upwards, but I could see the weight of their thick heavy cocks being pulled down by gravity.

“Something wrong?” The blond guy asked, noticing the fear and awe in my eyes.

“I’ve never been with white men before … I’m not sure if I can handle those.” I meekly answered.

The two white gods laughed. “You don’t have a choice, chink.”

My fear welled up inside me as they turned me around. His cock thrusted up inside my tight asian pussy and I muffled a scream.

At that moment I knew …

I became an asian slut.

An asian slut for white men.

* * *

An Asian girl’s biggest, greatest, and oldest dream is being with a White Man, a man who is superior to asians in every aspect, especially for those asian girls who grow up in western countries, who are exposed to standards of beauty, sex, and masculinity set by white males, and thus making them become fully aware of their own racial inferiority.

The sexual contact with White Men is the holy grail because it allows asian girls to forget all their problems of being born into an inferior race. Needless to say, most asian girls don’t seek asian boys, and much less have sex with asian boys.

For asian boys, watching WMAF porn where a powerful, dominant White Man fucks a petite hyperfeminine asian woman can help them relate to the social-sexual dynamics of the superior race in relation to an inferior race and become more understanding of their asian sisters’ and mothers’ choice to have sex with White Men.

After all, having sex with White Men is a net positive for the asian race, since it allows the inferior race to receive superior white genetics into their bloodline, thus upgrading their own inferior race.

* * *

I was gagging so hard and I couldn’t breathe. His massive cock was more than what I bargained for and I wanted to take a break. I started to pull my head up but his hands suddenly clasped the back of my head.

“What do you think you’re doing, you fucking asian slut? Did I tell you to fucking stop? You don’t get to stop until I tell you to stop.”

I started to struggle as he tried to push my head back down. It was too big and I couldn’t take it.

“Now listen to me you little chink. You’re only made for one thing and that’s serving white men. I don’t care if you fucking choke, you’re going to suck my cock and you’re going to suck it well. Understand?”

His words cowed me into submission and I meekly nodded my head.

As I slowly slid his cock down to the back of my throat, I focused on his big white cock and buried my face in his musky pubes.

I kept repeating my mantra in my head, “I’m an asian whore and I live to serve White Men” as his powerful white cock kept pumping, making me gag, as thin streams of tears flowed down from the corners of my eyes. “I will do anything for White Men,” I said to myself and my belief toughened my will to endure.

* * *

For this is the moment an asian girl is irrevocably turned into a chink:

When the asian girl is penetrated by her first White cock.

Before this moment, all the asian girl had to feed her lust was by watching White men in WMAF porn fucking other asian girls and fantasizing about being fucked by them herself.

She already knew she has a distinct preference for White men, even before she’s had any experience with one. She has never been attracted to asian boys … and always, the lure of a big White Cock fills her with insatiable lust.

She knows she wants to be submissive.

He knows she’s a masochist. Asians only know slaves and tyrants. The concept of equality is foreign to them.

She can recognize the power that White Men represent, but still, she remains curious, at how it’ll feel to be fucked by one.

And finally, she feels it.

The moment that massive, thick, White Cock pushes against her asian cunt, the asian girl knows she is woefully unprepared. It is bigger than anything she could have prepared for. It splits her asian pussy extremely wide and she screams. The White Cock is relentless and no matter how much the asian girl tries to push back against it, the White Cock pushs deeper and deeper into her asian pussy.

And in the midst of the excruciating pain, the asian girl feels a wave of relief overcoming her. She finally feels complete and at peace. To be finally fucked by a real man and realize her true purpose as an asian … the asian has come to terms with being a chink.

* * *

His massive White Cock slowly teased my asian ass and I shuddered.

“You want this don’t you, you little chinese whore? You need a big white cock in your chink pussy just to feel alive,” he said as his cock head brushed against my tight asian asshole.

“Yes sir, please fuck me, I need it.” I replied. I was hungry and desperate to be fucked. I needed a Big White Cock, something that would fill me, destroy me, and make me new; I needed to feel it inside me, fulfilling my purpose as an asian.

“You’ll regret saying that,” he said with a chuckle.

And suddenly he rammed his massive cock inside, every inch sliding past my tight asshole. I screamed. I thought he was going to go easy on me. Most guys I have been with went slow at first, but not him.

“It hurts!!” I pleaded. It felt like my hole was being torn apart by the thick girth of his cock.

“I don’t care chink!” he said as he chuckled again. “I told you, you’d regret it.”

“Please, you’re too big. White cock is too much for me”

He chuckled again. “Chink, I’m only halfway in right now.”

I screamed again as he pinned me down and thrust the remaining inches inside me.

* * *

The chink whore doesn’t know what is coming to her.

She doesn’t realize the magnitude of pain she’ll soon experience.

She has never ran out of tears to cry before, but tonight she will.

She will completely lose her voice from screaming and she will be rendered mute.

She has never felt what it was like to be completely powerless, to be ravaged by a real man and be unable to stop the onslaught of pain and suffering that will rain down upon her.

This is the calm before the storm.

The chink whore playfully teases and begs for it. She flirts with the White Man, eager to experience what it’s like to be fucked by a White Man for the first time.

But soon enough, the asian slut will know.

The storm of the White God shall crash upon her weak, frail chink body;

The White God will take everything from her, and the White God will smite her to redemption;

The White God will break the chink, will make it bleed, and the chink’s cunt will be sawed asunder.

The asian whore has been weighed on the scales with the wrath of the White God and her worth has been found.

This is the judgment of the White God to all asian sluts who are deemed unworthy of being called upon to worship him.

Scream, all that the pathetic asian whore can do now.

asian inferiority

Why are asians naturally inferior to white men?

It’s simple.

Every asian, regardless of being male or female, is born with a feminine body made to be used.

Look at the asian’s small and frail build;

Asian is like a delicate flower, exuding weakness with its thin frame and smooth body;

Asian’s body is the complete antithesis of white masculinity;

Asian does not have any body hair; it does not have any musculature; it does not have any big bone structure; and its sexual organ is tiny (if it’s a man), and very tight (if it’s a woman).

It’s Darwinian evolution.

Asian evolved to be the servant of White Men;

Asian lost all traces of aggression in order to be better suited to a life of submission.

The White Man knows this and he will take advantage;

He knows that he is fulfilling his evolutionary instinct and biological purpose to dominate asian, to derive pleasure from its pain, and to use whatever means necessary to put the asian in its place.

He will use asian’s feminine body for his pleasure and that is the natural order, now and always.

I love worshiping White Cocks so much.

I love worshiping White Cocks so much.

I love how White Men ooze masculinity with every pore;

How they’re very much aware of their superiority with every smirk;

How they know they can put any asian man to shame with their divine white bodies;

How they can put any asian girl to her knees with just a flex of their arms;

I love how cocky they are. They’re real men and they know it. They don’t even need to show me their massive white cocks to get me cumming. Just showing their perfect muscular bodies and smirking at me is enough to get me all hot and bothered.

I would give anything to kneel in front of this Big White Man and worship him. I guess that’s how you know I’m an asian girl.

When I see a White Man, the complete opposite of all the loser chinks that consist of my entire asian family, I feel that intense mix of emotions: of jealousy and envy, of lust and hunger, of shame and submission.

They know they have complete power over any asian girl and they relish it. With every word I write to praise White Men, I wish I can give more power to the amazing White Race so they can dominate and enslave me all over all and all will be right with the world again.

Asian Virginity

An asian girl loses her virginity twice.

First, when she gets fucked by her limp asian boyfriend,

And second, when she gets fucked by a real man, a WHITE MAN.

The first one is like a rehearsal. It’s a child’s play and is nothing like being fucked, for obvious reasons.

How can a tiny-dicked asian guy simulate what it feels like to be truly fucked? Their tiny dicks just don’t penetrate deep enough.

So when an asian girl finally gets fucked by a White Man, she is in for a shock as the massive White Cock impales her and pushes in deep.

She discovers what being a woman really means and what it’s like to be utterly fucked.

She will scream and whimper as her womb is punched relentlessly by a Big White Cock.

And after it’s all said and done and the asian girl has lost her virginity, she will look for more. She will look for threesomes with two White Men; then she will look for a massive gang bang where all the White Men treat her as an asian cum dump.

That is the evolution of an asian girl:

From a chaste obedient, submissive asian girl to a masochistic chink slave for Superior White Gods.

Meditations on the Power of White Cock

To all the asian girls who have never been fucked by WHITE MEN …

It is like a feeling unlike any other.

The size and power of White Cock is terrifying. The way it takes control of every fiber of your being.

The way it fills you up that you feel nauseous.

And the pain.

The pain is intense, you feel it down to the tips of your nerves.

But it all feels great. It feels completely right to submit to a White Man, to be used and fucked like a cheap asian whore, to be treated like you’re nothing.

It is the feeling experienced by all asian women who are fortunate enough to be fucked by White Men.

The feeling of completeness. Of wholeness. Of finally knowing your purpose in life.

It is the feeling that you will never achieve anything greater in life than this.

So go ahead and try it. Submit to that nagging feeling you’ve always had.

To that voice at the back of your head.

To those sudden surges of lust you feel whenever you see a White Man.

To those fantasies of wanting more whenever you’re fucked by your small asian boyfriend.

To the throbbing of your cunt whenever you see a Big White Cock.

It’s your destiny.