Some men can only dream, and some men pursue their dreams.

Mr. Zau (赵富强) was such a man who had a dream and pursued what he dreamed.

Popularly known as the “Little Red House”, derived from the classic Chinese novel Chamber of Red Dreams, the apartment complex–otherwise ordinary and without remarkable distinctions from the exterior–situated at Shang Hai Shi, Yang Pu Qu–had over the course of 20 years housed over 100 different young Chinese females, all living as the personal sex slaves to Mr. Zau.

They were also coerced to have sex with Mr. Zau’s customers, friends, and high ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party. And Mr. Zau had pocketed all the money they had earned.

Any woman who dared to rebel, disobey or protest were dealt with threats, violence, corporal punishment and unlawful imprisonment inside his self-made cells in the otherwise exorbitantly decorated interior of the Little Red House. In one form of punishment,the female slaves were tattooed with the words “Personal Use by Mr. Zau” above their vaginal openings.

In 2000, Mr. Zau was still a poor broke man with an ordinary job, and an ordinary life. But in 2017, he became one of the most powerful man in Shanghai and had accumulated a wealth over 1 billion in RMB.

Not only did he coerce his sex slaves into prostitution alone, but he also started business in selling their eggs. Many of them were given fertilization shots to produce as many eggs as possible, which he then sold on the black market. One sex slave had been coerced to have as many as ten such shots in the course of 20 days. Her belly became bloated and consequently became infertile due to complications.

And though many of those sex slaves had chances to escape, nearly all of them, according to the Chinese source, were “brainwashed” and actually enjoyed the lifestyle that Mr. Zau had provided for them. Three of them were nominally married to Mr. Zau and a dozen more had given birth to Mr. Zau’s children, and to this day they love their children dearly, even after Mr. Zau’s death sentence in 2020.

He lived the life of an emperor. And the women whom he kept as his sex slaves loved him.

A woman doesn’t care about your race, your height, or your looks, but only your power. If you are a man with a vision, and the will to implement your vision, then you ought to have no compunction in regard to the weak masses, or of being viewed by the larger society as “evil”, “immoral”, “bad”, or “criminal”, and then you can conquer any woman. Think of all the white women who date black criminals. Think of all the women who write love letters to murderers and rapists. Think of all the Japanese schoolgirls professing their love to Japanese soldiers after the conquest of Nanking. Think of Genghis Khan and all his descendants today. What is evil? Weakness is evil. What is good? Anything that increases your power is good.





Asian Slave’s Punishment

I love big white cock. I love touching myself thinking about big white cock.

As my sister and I hung from our wrists, with our legs wide open, one of the men climbed up to remove our gags. They wanted to hear “the slaves’ screaming” when punishment was delivered. We worked to loosen our jaws and then begged to be let down. We had had enough of this humiliation and just wanted to leave.

But no one listened to our pleas.

Someone brought in paddles and whips, which were laid at my bare feet. Both my sister and I cried, knowing what was about to happen to us. We were going to get whipped and spanked for touching ourselves without permission.

“But why were these people doing this to us inferior Asian whores? Don’t they know if you showed Asian girls your big white cocks we Asian sluts simply woldn’t be able to control ourselves? Especially when it’s those big, muscular, superior white guys.”

Hector announced that everyone would take a turn and each person had five strokes apiece to “punish the sluts.” He would go first and he started with me.

“SSSSMAAAACK” as the first blow with a paddle landed on my naked Asian ass.

“AAAGH, NOOO!” I screamed, but it didn’t do any good as Hector continued his assault on my naked ass. He landed all five blows of the paddle on my ass cheeks and then moved to my sister. He did the same with her, using the paddle, swinging it hard.

“SSSSMAAAACK” came the sound, along with a loud “NO”,

Finally Hector had delivered his five to each one of us and put the paddle back. Next came Derek who started with my sister, but he picked the whip instead. He tested it in the air and made it SNAP right behind her naked ass. We both jumped as best as we could when we heard the noise, but nothing hit us.

Then my sister let out a blood curdling scream as the whip found its mark on her already sore ass. It sounded like a gunshot when it hit her.


Her screams cut off the sound of the whip, “OWWW, AAAGH!”

But Derek continued with the whip, placing the next three on her naked ass and then it stopped. He took careful aim and brought the fifth one right up between her legs, landing it on her wet pussy. Her screams were deafening to the ears.


“NO! NO! NO!”


“NOOO!” She yelled.

Derek just laughed and moved to me as I was crying from both ends. Tears running from my eyes and juice running from my hot Asian cunt. I didn’t know why, but this turned me on and I fought hard to keep from cumming again.

The whip found its mark on my bare ass and I also screamed when it kissed my ass. But I also came at the same time. I hoped no one noticed because if they did, they would probably continue with my punishment.

Derek did the same to me as he had to my sister. Four on my naked ass and the last one between my legs righ on my swollen pussy. God how that hurt, but I also came once again.




“Yes.” I murmured.

My sister heard what I had said and wondered how I could cum when being tortured. She didn’t understand, at least not yet. She hadn’t been a slave for as long as me, but would soon realize just how turned on an inferior Asian slave got from the pain inflicted by a superior white man.

David went next, using the paddle for three hits on our asses and the whip on our titties. They were getting red all over and had welts on places no one would ever thought possible.

After David finished, all the others took their turns with the paddle and whip and we both were screaming.

While my sister was screaming in pure agony, the other inferior Asian slave—me–was not just in agony and also in excruciating pain and humiliation of non-stop orgasm. Finally the punishments stopped and we hung from our sore wrists as we heard Derek, David, Hector and Victor talking.

They were talking about what to do with me, since they already knew what my sister was going to get.

Hector was saying, “I think her clit needs a nice ring in it so she can be led around by it.”

I could tell that his words were getting slurred. He had been drinking all evening and was now quite drunk. He might do anything to me in this condition.

Then David said, “Well, I was thinking of another area. You know that thin wall between her ass and cunt. I think that would look nice with a ring it, too.”

Derek stepped in and said, “But a nice nose ring would also be good. The kind you can put in and remove when you are done. Something like a metal sleeve that can be permanently installed, but you are able to remove the ring.”

I could not believe my ears. I would soon be a freak, unable to ever see my parents again. Unable to walk into my previous job. Unable to do anything but satisfy the wishes of those sadistic evil white men who owned, controlled, enslaved, and tortured me. And yet I was so horny. My Asian pussy was red and swollen and pulsated as juice continued to flow down my thighs.

Victor laughed and said, “Why don’t we do all of it before we work on the other whore.”

They all liked this idea of Victor’s and called Matt over to see if he could do it all. He listened to what they wanted and said, “I can do everything but the thing in her nose. But if you want to do it later, I know a guy who can do it for you.”

Hector and David looked at each other with big smiles. Hec said, “Is it OK if we do her clit first and then do the other part. Maybe we can connect the two together when it’s all done.”

“Great idea, Hec, let’s get started so we can enjoy watching this other slut get marked for ownership,” replied David.

“She is all yours now, Matt!”

Matt got out his tool and the next thing I felt was a clamp on my clit. He had put it right at the end and then added some weights to it so my clit was pulled out and down.

I cried out in pain as the clamp was put on as my engorged Asian clit extended even more. It had never been abused like this before and it hurt. But even though it hurt, my Asian pussy was dripping. The more horrible things they did to me, the hotter and wetter I got.

They left me alone while Matt got the rest of the tools ready and I started thinking back to what had happened to my life so far.

“First, the captain had me blackmailed. Then he had my precious Asian pussy lips pierced so he could lock them up so I couldn’t fuck anyone without his permission. Then I had to give my house up to that evil white misitress Judy and learn to eat another woman’s cunt. I had my ears pierced and a padlock installed to show that I was a slave. A collar around my neck and led by a leash. I had been forced to be out in public naked. I had been forced into an all male prison and was gangbanged by every male prisoner inside. Then I was sold like a piece of meea at an auction. Then they kidnapped my Asian sister. Just after I had my nipples pierced and enlarged, they made me orgasm from being whipped … and now, they plan on putting a ring in my clit … and even the thin membrane between my ass and cunt.”

But all of this thinking made me so hot that I had an orgasm without even being touched.

“What an inferior Asian slut I am. I will always just be a slut, a slave … “ I thought to myself.

Suddenly I was jolted out of my thoughts by someone pulling down on the weights attached to my extended clit. And then the pain hit me as Matt shoved a needle right through my clit.

And I came again.