Odes to White Man

Even to this day so many asian women are still being terrorized under the scourge of effeminate asian men

There are a certain number of idiotic asian males who, with the apodictic certainty of pure hatred and irrational resentment against white-men-asian-women coupling, assert that because asian women prefer to date white men the asiatic race will be bred out of existence and the asiatic race will come to an extinction, which statement is the equivalence of saying stomping on a few cockroaches will make the whole cockroach species go extinct. With their four inched rods of fury and thunderous thumping on their keyboards they terrorize asian women, shaming them, humiliating them and demonizing asian women who dare to date white men; they call asian women racist, sexist, misogynist when in fact the exact opposite is true: that asian men are sexist, racist, misogynist. They still think that asian women are asian men’s sex slaves, and that asian women must do the biddings of those evil effeminate asian men who are full of rage and fury against the white liberators of asian women. Those disgusting asian men, themselves the product of repressed sexual libido and thousand years of rape and atrocities against asian women, reinforce their own sick and twisted psychology onto asian women, making asian women out to be “white-worshipping sluts”, or that “asian women are easy for white men”, or that “asian women have no self respect”, when in fact it is asian men who have no respect for asian women. It is so disgusting and vomit-inducing to me that sometimes I wonder if I should even dignify such a travesty of a nonsense with a response: but no, the asiatic race will not be bred out of existence. So many asian women are simply not lucky enough to find themselves white men and they have to settle in stead with those pathetic beta loser-faggots, i.e. asian men, and considering that there are in fact over 2 billion asians across the globe and increasing, it is more likely that the white race will go into extinction before the asiatic race and that is the precise reason why white genes are more precious and why women of all color and creed prefer the precious white blood. Imagine a world without white men—what a terrifying thought, a world without light, without hope, without freedom and democracy, where scums of the earth asian men and black men will enslave asian women against their wills—is it not better to be a slave to the Son of Light than be the slave of the Prince of Darkness? Is it not better to be the lowest servant in Heaven than to be the reigning princess of Hell? Who after all really yearns after the poisoned chalice of Persephone? That is why I worship white men. That is why I am unashamed to say that I love white men. That is why I am unashamed call a white man my god, my lord, because he is my salvation. Without white men, I would have never known the sexual freedom of being a woman. Without white men, I would have still been in chains and shackles living under the scourge of an asian man, if you can really call an asian man a man. And perhaps that is why it is so sad, so heart breaking, to still see so many innocent asian women living under the shadow of those effeminate asian men, terrorized day and night by the lashes of those evil incarnate, sons of darkness, effeminate eunuchs who worship Satan. Is it too hard to believe, then, that asian women’s salvation will come through white men?

An east asian woman can endure more pain and humiliation than a white woman

“But humans have made malevolent laws, and what Nature allows, their spiteful laws forbid.”

—Ovid, Metamorphosis

asian women are conditioned from childhood to endure pain and humiliation in the hands of patriarchal asian males. Ever since an asian woman was born she is doomed to lower status in society simply for being a woman. She knows her inferior status and she survives by being submissive, enduring, eager to please, and obedient. White man is an asian woman’s only hope of being treated as a human. White man is asian woman’s savior; he sets her free, and takes her to heaven, a god who ravishes her so that she may become holy, and she shall give birth to the future of mankind.

She has never tasted freedom in her life, freedom of being with White man. When for the first time she tasted the milk of freedom, when for the first time she proudly wears White man’s badge on her lips, her tongue swirling inside her mouth in coy joy, quietly whispering to herself—that she belongs to White man; when for the first time she is sold as a sex slave to White man, as her heart is filled with initial terror and fear, which dissipates immediately as she realizes just how gentleman-like, how civilized White man really is, then she can say for the first time in her life that she is truly free.

In the manly embrace of White man she thrives and prospers; under the guidance of a strong, big white hand she feels so liberated, yet so small, so timid yet so capricious, so joyful yet so intimidated, because He is her salvation: He is the Way, the Word, the right path; he is he who pleases God.

asian woman will forever be loyal to her white man

asian woman is loyal because she is instinctively loyal. This she learned the hard way. Her asian father used to beat her, humiliate her and punish her; she is taught from childhood to be obedient to men or otherwise be tortured and maimed like a cattle. She has no choice but to be loyal; loyalty has become her instinct; she is always unthinkingly loyal to her superior, that is, until her White savior arrived to carry her away. From her cage she crawls out; naked and terrorized, she crawls toward the Light, and she reaches out, her finger tip extending upward, until she puts her soft, abused hand into the eternal guidance of the white light.

“How could the Lord be so cruel to me?” She often wondered.

“I am nothing but a small vulnerable asian woman without any means of survival in this cruel and miserable world. I have no voice, no choice, no right, no dignity on this earth—my soul belongs to you Lord; but my suffering is condoned by the Lord so that His glory may be shone unto me, for, lo behold!, I am now rescued by my Lord and he will take me away, and set me free. I have escaped the bondage of Darkness; now I must accept the yoke of the White light. His yoke is not heavy, and his collar is not tight. And I will forever be in his bondage; my life devoted to worshiping him, my White man.”

“I will acts only according to his will; I will obey his commands as I once obeyed my evil asian father; in my prayer I only wish to accomplish my White Lord’s desire, to find the resolve to further obey him, please him, and, endure his punishment.”

“Even when I am hurt, humiliated, degraded, tortured, beaten, spanked, whipped, stripped naked in front of strangers; my tiny asian cunt rented out to my master’s friends and acquaintances, or used as a semen depository, I will still obey, even with a smile on my face.”

“Because White man rescued me from hell and I am forever in debt to him.”

Multifaceted ways cruel asian men torture innocent asian women

Evil asian men created systematic ways to torture asian women and for thousands of years an asian woman betrothed to an asian man is like a slave betrothed to another slave. She is the slave of slaves, the lowest of low, the property belonging to a man who has no property, the cattle belonging to other cattle. Asian men love to take their anger upon a defenseless asian woman, torture her, maim her. They put her in cruel bondage, whip her naked body with cruel devices of torture. They enslave her, break her, and bend her to their wills. Evil asian men humiliate an asian woman by taking off her clothes in public, in forests, in parks, and even in crowded places such as restaurants and shopping malls. Evil asian men force an asian woman to crawl, squat, beg, roll on the ground, like a domesticated slave; They place their dirty asian feet in her face and make her lick the soles of their shoes with her tongue. They will slice off her nipples, just to amuse themselves with her pain. In an asian society an asian woman is often tied up and humiliated for mere amusement, daughter or mother, girlfriend or wife, sex slave or free woman; her suffering brings those sick asian men sensual pleasure.

asian men call asian women “public toilets”.

An asian man is pure evil; an asian man is an effeminate cruel freak of nature who rules over the realm of darkness; he is the antithesis of Light and the archenemy of Whiteness. An asian woman’s only hope is the coming of White man who will save her from this gruesome oppression. An asian woman’s only escape out of asian men’s hell is to prostitute herself, therefore it is of a little wonder that asian women consist the largest group of prostitutes in the world. In Japan alone, 3 millions prostitutes serve customers of all countries each day. Just about every corner of the world lingers the shadows of abused asian women working as sex slaves, serving as public toilets. Asian women will do the most horrifying sexual acts that no white woman would ever condescend herself to do, because an asian woman is used to being degraded and mistreated by asian men.

“For she is betrothed to her enemy, and her enemy is in her blood.”

Asian men treat asian women as commodities; we are regularly sold for money, being rented out, used and humiliated. All asian women are doomed from birth to be slaves under the tyranny of asian men. Yet, despite the horrendous treatment, an asian woman must respect and worship asian patriarchy, or else risk being tortured. In Japan, for example, an asian prostitute is required to swallow the semen of her customers or else the customers reserve the right to refuse paying her, and an asian prostitute in Japan is never allowed to use condoms. She must receive her customer’s semen with grace and gratitude as if it were a gift bestowed upon her. When a customer gets angry and beats her, she must be polite and apologize first. In the wake of the Senkaku incident,  Chinese prostitutes in Japan were regularly beaten by Japanese customers to revenge them against Chinese government, and, in order to draw more customers, Chinese prostitutes in Japan offer half price rate for all their services.

White man is the only hope of mankind

Why is the truth so allergic to you? Why do you sneeze and cough and your eyes redden when I speak the truth? Is truth like cocaine to you? The instance you come in contact with truth, immediately you are carried into another world, and for the rest of your life you will be addicted to him, adore him, caress him, and desire him, no matter how painful he makes you feel, no matter how cold and aloof he is to you, no matter how insensitive and petulant he is to you. He rules over your life, dominates your existence, and perpetually you pursue him, submit to him, worship him, as if Echo who fell under the spell of Narcissus. Why you are afraid of the truth? That white powder of eternal bliss and heavenly joy, that sets you free and enthrall you, that ravish you and sodomize you and make you chaste, that which gives you strength and saps your energy, that which destroys and recreates all mankind—the only hope of all mankind.

Because verify I speak onto you, White man is the only hope of all mankind.

White man carries in his hand the torch of life for all humankind; he alone possesses the moral integrity to unearth and discover truths, whether it be in physics, mathematics, chemistry, literature, biology, genetics, technology, or any other field of learning, White man leads the pack in all human endeavors.

White man is lighthouse of the world; he has created a God in his own image and it is only natural that asian women shall worship him.

Is it really any wonder that asian women prefer white men as sexual mates? Verify I speak onto you, White man created the world, and we live in the shadow of his creation. Has anyone noticed that all the greatest human beings in all recorded history are white men? It would be easier to list all the men of any other race who actually left their names in recorded history.

Is it any wonder then that asian women worship and adore white men?

White man is God’s gift to all mankind, just as Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo once said. White men created the technology we use, the world order we live in, the history we learn from, the laws we practice, the religion we believe. Certainly by every accomplishment that I have mentioned, White man ought to be a god. Is it wrong then for asian women to worship White men?

There is so much misery in this world, and White man is the only one who has saved mankind: White man is the only man who can boast of having surpassed all previous generations; White man is the only man who invented airplanes, rockets, microwaves, telephones, the internet, and computers. Does those accomplishments alone not make him the greatest man alive?

Are you afraid of the truth? The truth scares you away because deep down you know all that I have said is true.

So as an asian woman I will worship my White man, love Him, cherish Him because I am his most beloved subject. Though others will be jealous and they are jealous only because white man does not love them, I feel lucky being an asian woman, being the most adored vessel for White man’s semen. Willingly let me be his slave, like a follower of Jesus who accepts to be tied onto the cross, so choose I to be ravished by him, to offer my body to him so that he may feast upon my flesh and drink my blood as sweet wine; in return I will drink his elixir and swallow his seeds of life.

The beam of a star shines through my love; I only hope that I may one day be pregnant with White children.

My asian pussy belongs to White men only.

An asian woman is a curious creature, though certainly she is not uniquely found in nature. An asian woman is like a special type of flower—she can only mate by being cross pollinated with another species—and she can only mate with White men.

Though she is brought up by asian men, who trained her to be submissive and obedient; though she is once immersed in asian cultures and watered nearby in an asian pond, her ovary is developed and prepared exclusively for the consumption of White men; like a certain type of exported electronics whose exclusive target audience is the Western consumer, or a type of sushi roll that is cooked and prepared exclusively for the consumption of American restaurant goers, or a certain type of asian fish who is captured, skinned, sold and eaten only by Europeans, an asian woman’s pussy is a delicacy exclusively offered to White men.

An asian woman’s pussy is grown and developed with meticulous attention and arduous diligence by an asian farmer; she is watered and fed a steady diet of fertilizer and carefully planted; she is often beaten and even mutilated lest she becomes crooked and useless; all of which process is an effort to grow the most feminine, delicate, and submissive woman so that the asian farmer may one day, when she matures and blossoms, pluck her out of the soil and offer her to White men. The asian farmer will gently skin off her useless roots and excessive leaves, package her into tight nylon ropes, ship her overseas so she could be selected and sold and brought by her mighty White gods, who will then untie her and use her as he pleases.

Above every asian woman’s bold pussy the words were written: “White men only”.

Even when she is hurt and her tiny orifice bruised by her White master’s big dick, she still rejoices because deep inside she knows she is serving a god and there is glory in her degrading service. And when her god is not pleased, it would spell doom for her entire race. A submissive asian woman is not a selfish creature as some might misunderstand her. She is, quite the contrary, the most selfless creature. Through her own sacrifice she appeased an angry and all powerful deity who rules the world and ensures the survival of a weak and feminine race.

An asian woman rather be the slave of a White man than be the slave of an asian man.

In the hands of evil asian men an asian woman has no dignity, no self respect and no will to live. White man will have pity on an asian woman, and she will do anything to thank him, for saving her, for releasing her from the devil’s bondage.For it is better to worship the Son of Light than the Prince of Darkness. If she has a choice, she will choose White man to be her master. “O White Lord, please have mercy on me, please save me! How I long for your salvation though I know I am not worthy of your love. Take me away, my White Lord, so I can rejoice with you in Heaven!”

There is so much cruelty in Asia and there is no humanity among those evil asian men! And to think that I was born once of an asian man makes me nauseous.

How can evil asian men be so cruel to a soft and delicate asian woman? What has she done to deserve such treatment? Oh what crime and what sin must she commit to be degraded and subjugated by her enemy. The slaves of a White man live happier lives than an asian woman in the freedom of an asian man.

I wish I was never born out of my mother’s womb, out of the conflation of an evil sperm and her tortured womb.

There is so much injustice in this world. When will my White Lord avenge my suffering. Come, my White Lord, kill those evil asian men and set the asian women free, so we can belong to you and to you only. When will He come and enthrall me, and make me chaste, for I am never chaste, unless you ravish me. My White man is my Lord, and I shall not want. I suffer for righteousness, for my suffering is condoned by my Lord, because I know Satan will be defeated and my Lord will reign for thousands upon thousands of years to come.

You cannot worship an asian man and a white man at the same time. My White man is my only Lord.

An asian man is a thousand times more cruel than a white man

Someone has asked me why I have a double standard when it comes to asian men and white men. Why, for instance, I berate asian men for being cruel while at the same time I am willing to submit to a cruel dominant white man.

Let me ask you, then, do you prefer the cruelty of Lord or the cruelty of Satan? Because even in the cruelty of a white man he is infinitely less cruel than an asian man.

Even in his violence and manly aggression, a White man shows his sweetness to his subjects, for he is in all essence and form a higher type of man; he resides on a higher moral plain, a higher level in human evolution, a higher level of intellect, of understanding, of power, of strength, of eros, of understanding women. A woman does not revel in being tortured by the Devil, but she willingly submits to the torture of Light, because in his torture, in his bondage, there is something holy, something exalted about her struggle. Surely it is much better to be the slave of the Lord than to be the slave of Satan, so I choose to be the slave to White man.

Do I need to tell you that even the direst cruelty of a White man pales in comparison to the quotidian cruelty of an asian man?

Do you really want me to go into details, to go into history, to go into what textbooks dare not writes for fear that those pages will set themselves on fire for the horror those pages will invoke; the ink that writes it turn into dark vapors and descend into Hell itself and what make the eyes bleed, chills the grave, and palls the sky in the dunnest smoke of hell?

So I choose to be a White man’s slave, for in his slavery, he sets me free; in his bondage, I taste the joy of freedom; under his powerful hand, I am happy and carefree, like a small soft bird I soar. An asian woman chosen by a White man is the luckiest woman in the world, and in her White master’s gentle and yet firm embrace she inherits the jealousy of all her girlfriends.

The destiny of a soft small asian pussy:

Do you believe in destiny? I do, and I know my destiny. My destiny is ordained by God, my Lord, and he wants me to spread my soft golden legs wide for a big white cock. He wants my small asian pussy filled with my White master’s semen. It is the destiny of every blessed asian woman that she receive the seed of Light and be impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Oh what a blessed sight!—when a conquered asian woman who knows her destiny submits to the holy and solemn orders of her Lord, when her White conqueror waves his big white mighty rod of lightning in front of her face, the sword of victory over His enemy as he proceeds to impale her, torture her and hurt her. In her pain she revels; and in her humiliation she rejoices because she has suffered for what is righteous and good.

God has bestowed asian women to White men.

Through my suffering and pain a beautiful new generation will be born. So with all my zeal and all my heart I strive to please my White man because in pleasing him I am pleasing God. And in my suffering my soul is saved; in my pain I am taken to empyrean realms; in my agony a child is born unto mankind. Rejoice for in my suffering, pain and agony, a child is born onto us! A submissive asian woman rightfully belongs to you, my White master. My Lord will bless me with your child—a new type of human cross fertile between the White race and asiatic race, a superior human race born out of a submissive feminine asian woman and a world dominating White god; and your child, the prophets saith, will rule the world for thousands of years to come.

But my small tight asian pussy is not designed to be fucked by such a huge white dick Foolishly said I to my Lord. My Lord smiled at me and He said me, believe and it shall be done. I believe my Lord; I do not doubt. I am impregnated by my White master’s semen and my Lord is pleased. Take what is rightfully yours, my White conqueror; ravish me, imprison me, break me, mold me as you please, because the Lord has betrothed me to you. The heaven openth when I cry: “My asian pussy is prepared for white men.”

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