After US-Japan Alliance defeats China in World War III … Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Chinese Female Slave Profile

Profile #134431 Vanessa Meng

Re-education Camp leasing unit






This 32-year-old Chinese female is available for both short term and long term lease. She has been fully trained for hard labor under the most rigorous conditions of heat and cold.

She first entered the re-education camp at the age of 24, and was initially placed in the punishment section, serving terms for spreading anti-white and anti-Japanese propaganda. Her first escape attempt earned her an extra 10 years, and her second after that earned her a life sentence in our re-education camp.

She was then transferred and trained at the Bitch Breaker Cell (CBC). It included heavy physical conditioning as well as full sexual training for brothel and large troop service. Strict and severe punishments were administered during training. After her training at CBC she was transferred to a high security labor camp where she did forced labor outdoors. After that she was sent to the special army barracks for sexual service.

She is available for hard physical labor under extreme conditions of heat and cold as well as sexual slavery.


She is not docile but very intelligent.

Learns quickly! A PREMIUM service slave for those that can control her.

Special Note: she has made two escape attempts. One at three months of her term and another after a year. Both where dealt with severely.



Sex: female

Race: Chink

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 125lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Brands/Tattoos: none

Scars: whipping marks on back, inner thighs, breasts, buttocks, and legs

Figure: 44E,28,38

Features: round face, large eyes

Mouth: full lips, able to take 2″ ball gag fully between teeth, as well as penis gags and harness bits.

Labia: thick, protruding, inner lips visible, will open when legs spread, clitoris visible. Prominent pubic mound (shaved smooth).

Cunt: able to handle 8″ x 2 1/2″ dildos, if lubricated

Breasts: very large, set high on chest, narrow slightly at the top, filling out to hang full, firm and very heavy. More than ample for a regular harness. Multi-strap basket style discipline harness, cinched tight must be seen! Also, display nicely when wide straps used around base, however they do bounce painfully if she is worked or forced to run. They must be strapped down for running. Could be forced to lactate for additional fee.

Nipples: thick, half inch when stiff, dark brown color, pierced for rings, very sensitive. Thick enough to take large heavy gauge rings. Some nipple training has been done,. She will stretch to three quarters of an inch.

Legs: long, slim, very strong, large muscular thighs.

Butt: firm, ample, high pear shaped cheeks, anus visible when legs spread wide. Labia visible from back when legs spread.

Anus: able to take 6″x2″ anal plug.

Hair: pubes shaved. No body hair. Head can be shaved at extra cost.



Fitness: very fit, well toned, nicely muscled back and arms, lower ribs visible when suspended. Has been trained for hard physical labor under extreme conditions.



Condition: she can run four times a week for ten miles, behind a jeep, breasts bound tightly to prevent injury; always runs naked.

Labor: Outdoor, in heat—she is able to perform hard labor in 105 degree heat under full sun up to 18 hours per day; has been worked for 48 hours with no sleep; can carry up to 90 lbs. on back, pull 250-LB cart. In cold—she is able to do hard labor in 45 degree weather up to 7 hours, nude.

Carrying loads: she is able to carry 90lb backpack for 10 hours, needs special pack as straps cut into her large breasts. Female as been used in forced marches of 5 days duration, 12 hours per day with a 95 LB load on back (in heavy boots, long pants, bare to the waist, wrists chained to back of neck collar. Required a

discipline whipping (breasts, 30 lashes) the first day, no problems after that.

Indoor: she has been worked up to 20 hours at heavy physical labor for 5 days, use of whip required to keep her on task.

Sexual: all her openings well trained. Highly orgasmic! (she is specially responsive to pain) Not bi-sexual but will service other women when forced (she hates this!)

Excellent oral abilities, will swallow all cum.

Breasts large enough for her to suckle. She does not like to do this in the presence of others, nor does she like to have her labia spread. She does enjoy seeing other slaves disciplined. Must be forced to masturbate in front of others, trained to use dildos (vaginal, anal).

Sexual Endurance: she has been able to endure 86 vaginal penetrations, 42 anal, and 78 oral for over 18 hours. The oral required the application of discipline clamps, one on each side of nipples to keep her sucking with vigor. She has endured 2 weeks as a sex slave in military camp. See guards report below.

Enema: she is able to take and hold two quarts, up to 6 hours if plugged, can be worked hard while holding, as a punishment. Longest, 16hrs, with two and one half quarts, plugged.

Spirit: she is difficult to control at times and requires chains and aggressive discipline measures.

Humiliation: very humiliated when displayed in public, but she does become wet when

forced to bare her breasts or strip naked.



She has high tolerance for pain, requires strict discipline; should be kept tightly chained at night; masturbates nightly if not restrained.

Whip: she is able to endured harsh breast and spread leg whippings; very, very vocal under punishment, screams, begs and cries under whippings, will orgasm; will howl under pain punishment. Her nipples are very sensitive. She can endure the whip directly across bare nipples, but must be tightly restrained, or else will thrash about violently. Use bit-gag.

Piercing: (nipples) she has been nipple-pierced, comes with studs inserted. Her nipples are very thick and one half inch long; they are able to take thick heavy rings. She has been worked with 16 ounce weights in the fields.

Piercing: (clit) she is pierced at the base of her clit; is able to take 5 ounces weights and keep working. Although she tends to cum with this type of stimulation.

No labia piercing.

Clamps: has worked in nipple clamps, with weights up to 5 ounces. Punishment needle clamps have been used.

Clit and labia clamps have also been used. Can be worked with labia clamps secured to thin chain around waist keeping her open.

Harness: breast harness, with tack strips has been used for control during field labor as well as leather covered steel mouth bit.

Confinement: up to 8 weeks in strict restrains with heavy whippings, when necessary. She has spent up to seven days in the ‘hole’ (see below).

Solitary Confinement: up to five days, strictly chained; being chained on her belly is difficult for her to tolerate due to her large breasts; in solitary she was always chained on her belly, with nipple and clitoral chains added; up to 3 days in full leather hood, penis gagged; will suck with hood on, under threat of punishment.

Encasement: full rubber encasement including head for up to 5 days used for punishment, with insertion of large anal, vaginal, oral plugs.

Enema: she has been suspended, plugged and whipped for up to eight hours on tip toe with enema held in by butt plug; sweats profusely.

Suspension: by wrists, up to 24 hours; inverted 10 hours.

Humiliation: she is easy to humiliate, for example: public display, others present at punishments, when worked naked with other clothed slaves, also when clothed and forced to bare breasts or cunt.

Sexual Skills


She is exceptional at oral sex, must be forced to lick anal area. Trained in massage techniques. Responds very vigorously to hard vaginal penetration, an exceptionally responsive lover even when under punishment. Very vocal. But must be urged to take anal penetration, under threat of discipline.

Social Skills


She is quite beautiful when clothed and in makeup. If she is used at parties it must be in a secure area, such as a well-guarded estate, ankle chains suggested.

The penalties for mistakes must be made clear to her. Under these condition she makes an excellent hostess, as well as providing late evening entertainment. She has been trained as an exotic dancer, bartender, and waitress; also has been trained to masturbate when performing as dancer, but hates to do this.

Work History


She has worked in a mine (5 weeks, 10hr days) in harness pulling oar carts, nude. Also used on carts on several plantations (three months/16hr days) in shorts, breasts bare. Factory work included unloading cargo (3 weeks/10hr days) trucks, clothed in thong and sleeveless shirt and shoveling coal in the furnace room (5 weeks/16hr days).

She was leased to a prison mill, hauling water buckets (6 weeks/10hr days). At a private club she danced (nude, masturbated on stage, and was whored (3 months/18 hr days).

On a prison water pumping station she worked the manual pumps (2 months/12hr days) in shorts and halter-top.

In the army barracks she provided sexual services (2 weeks total/24hr days) chained nude (see below).

On a river barge she worked in the engine room shoveling coal (5 weeks/12 hr days) nude in chains.

Routine Disciplines


Urination at night while chained down on sleeping bench: 15 lashes (breasts)

Bowl Movement at night: 10 lashes (breasts), butt plug for 2 days

Failure to be wet in morning: 5 lashes (labia) dildo strapped in for 2 days

Failure to have stiff nipples in morning: 5 lashes on nipples, nipple clamps for 1 day.

Refusal to suck guard: ring gag one week, daily forced oral.

Looking at guard: full hood at night for one week

Talking back to guard: penis gag one week.

Failure to meet labor quota: additional hours added, punishment whippings, double chains added, removal of all clothing.

Bitch Breaker Cell (CBC) Training Camp A brief Overview


CBC facilities include:

Spanish-villa style cell blocks fitted with iron doors

Punishment unit used for discipline

Outdoor cages walled in courtyards

Cells with isolation pits built into the floors

Surrounding forests and fields used for physical endurance training

Only the finest Chinese females are trained here. All must pass stringent physical to be admitted.

A typical day at CBC:

The Chinese female slave is awakened at dawn, fed breakfast in a large cell, bowls on the floor, wrists chained behind. Then, she is chained in a group of five and trotted to latrine, where they squat and relieve herself in front of guards. This is followed by standing in the courtyard for inspection. Daily body cavity searched are performed. She is then worked, watered and fed lunch in the fields. After 15 hours of work they stand in courtyard for inspection again. Then she is chained in a group of five and trotted to latrine and then fed dinner. After dinner she is taken to cell for sexual endurance training. Daily log of behavior will be used for administration of additional punishment before sleep.

After US-Japan Alliance defeats China in World War III … Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The State Brothel of Nanking

The sun was setting on the old China, after World War III, and the New China is constructed, under the benevolent guidance of Japan-America alliance.

Although prostitution was illegal under the Communist China, Chinese women always constituted the largest component in the sex-trading market around the globe, and under the new governance of Japan and America, Chinese women have finally been freed to do what they have always wished to do—prostitution.

The City of Nanjing, the city that had witnessed three large scale massacres in recent Chinese history (during the invasion of Mongols, the invasion of Manchus, the invasion of the “long haired” barbarians, otherwise known as Taiping rebellion), is not only known for providing comfort and entertainment for Japanese soldiers during world war II, but also, she has transformed herself after World War III, so that all conquerors—both Japanese and American—can enjoy all that she has to offer.

Red light districts have been constructed all across the New China, but, by scale and by its elaborate and intricate design, the Nanjing red light district takes the cake. It is estimated that nearly 30 million Chinese females of breeding age are employed in its state-owned brothels in the “Southern Eastern China”, clustered around Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Anhui. And nearly 5 million are in Nanjing alone.

Security cameras surround the Nanjing brothel district, its mega-billion dollar compound ensured no female escaped. Each Chinese prostitute working inside the brothels had a small coded sensor embedded under her skin, which could be used for detection in no more than ten feet away.

Built by the multi-billionaire Takamoto Trumpf, the “State brothel of Nanking” is known for its magnificent golden color and famous for its empyrean service. As soon as a guest arrives, a young Chinese woman dressed in skin-tight qipao and high heels would run up to the car and open the door for her guest. Meanwhile, the door attendants (ten Chinese females lined up at the gate) bowed obsequiously and stood at rigid attention, hands clasped behind their heads. Their breasts were bared in the open view and each one were wearing a set of nipple clamps as decorations.

The reddish glow of the setting the sun painted the eastern sky and the warm light from gas lamps bathed the yellow streets. Three Japanese men in business suits walked and talked: “Did you know the daughter of Huawei has been arrested and sentenced to four weekends of service here at the Nanking Brothel? I sure would like to use that chink bitch.”

“They are whoring her on the street, across the Shanghai Road. Let’s go check her out.”

As soon as they turned the corner one of them yelled: “There she is!” pointing to a slim, young Chinese woman, standing in front of a large stucco wall, and next to her were a dozen other Chinese females. They wore uniform skin-tight qipao and steel collars around their necks. The three Japanese men crowded around the lone female whose qipao was torn.

“Is your name Annabel Yao? Your father is the CEO of Huawei, correct?”

Annabel flushed with shame at being seen by people who knew her. One of the men said, “Well look here. Never thought you were the type, but it does make up for your little tits!”

Her face and chest grew even rosier as another said, “Let’s get a room for a few hours. I bet the precious daughter of Huawei will show us what she has learned.”

She nodded weakly, shifting from one foot to another, as a trickle of sweat dripped down between her small yellow breasts.

Behind the three Japanese men a tall, muscular white American man shouted, “This one only cost a bit more,” as he yanked on the collar of a slim Chinese female with a long pigtail. “You are ours for two days, bitch,” as he tore open her qipao revealing her large breasts.

“And we will take this one to the pain cell!”

Wide-eyed, she protested, “No, please. I’m here only for a week. I’m just a college student. I’m not ready for that.” She yelped as he slapped her left tit, leaving an enormous red hand print. Lifting her up over his shoulders, he carried her away like a trophy.

As the big white American man took his oriental whore to the pain cell, just a few meters away, another Chinese woman was trying to talk to someone inside a car pulled to the curb. Its window was rolled down and she placed her hands on top of the car and leaned forward. A hand reached out and groped her breasts through her qipao. She blushed as her hanging udders were roughly stroked and held like a piece of meat being weighted and judged. Then another hand came from the car. She lifted up the hem of her qipao revealing her bold pussy and the hand’s fingers moved up and down the slit.

“Please sir. I need to make my quota or else they will whip me again. I’m a half-price bitch. Let me serve you and your friends. I’m very good at sucking cocks. If I don’t meet my quota they will sentence me to a year in re-education camp.

“Let’s see it all,” a rough voice with a strong southern American accent came from within the car. She blushed but complied, pulling her qipao all the way to above her chest, revealing her naked body.

“Spread your legs and hold your pussy open.”

She spread her legs and using her thumbs and index fingers she splayed open her shaved labia. A few passers-by gathered around her to watch her and laughed and made fun of her in her public degradation.

A Japanese man holding a machine gun suddenly appeared from behind her, spoke to the driver in a few words. The window in the back rolled up as the Japanese man pushed the almost naked Chinese whore and commanded her to walk to a door. She walked with hands at the back of her head, elbows back, her qipao dressed still pulled over her chest.

Soon the Japanese man returned, with the Chinese whore “in tow”. Her qipao dress and high heels disappeared. In stead she was totally naked except for a set of ankle chains, her wrists were shackled to the back of her waist chain and a ball gag was inside her mouth. Two tight elastic bands encircled each tit, biting deep into her flesh. The bands forced her breasts to become bulging like cones.

The car trunk popped up. She was lifted up, placed on her belly and re-shackled in a hogtie.

Despite of the hogtie and gag, one could plainly see her shaking her head and hear her muffled pleas, “Noooo, noooo. …”

The truck lid slammed down and the small crowd of Japanese and American solders laughed, except for the Chinese whores still on display on the street. The Chinese whores knew there might be no return from a ride chained naked in the trunk of a stranger’s car.

Every Chinese “street whore” had to fill a daily quota. For most of them it took twelve to sixteen hours, but the plain-looking and older ones need to take longer, and they had to work harder to attract customers and they offered themselves to every opportunity. Many of those Chinese street whores used to be secretaries in big corporations, school teachers, daughters of powerful Chinese tycoons, bu in the new China, they are just common prostitutes, and they soon learned to hold their labia open to strange white-Japanese men, and say with blushing humiliation, in English: “My Chinese cunt is really tight. Please fuck me.”

The curious American soldier asked the Japanese man with the machine gun what happened, and he explained, “The Chinese bitch you just saw used to be an adjunct lecturer at University of Alabama. The men in the car were her former students. One of her former students, a native of Alabama enlisted and was awarded the purple heart during World War III and he pointedly came to Nanking just so he could find his former Chinese teacher. He has brought her contract out and arranged for her to come to work for him on his plantation.”

“Which plantation?”

“The plantation of gooks. On the border of Vietnam.”

“I’ve been to those plantations. The conditions there are way harsher than even the prisons here.”

“Yep, she had been sold in slavery.”

“Ah yes, this is the thrill of victory that every noble and ruthless higher race of men have anticipated.”

“Ah yes, and the agony of defeat belongs to those inferior chinks and their women.”

“Ah yes, their women is perhaps their greatest and only positive contribution to the preservation of the human race as a species.”

After US-Japan Alliance defeats China in World War III …

Chapter 1

Xi Mingze, the only child of General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping, was still asleep as the plane landed in the Beijing Airport, oblivious to the stares of the male paramilitary surrounding her. They could hardly miss her dyed-blonde hair, her skin-tight halter top and her seemingly painted-on short shorts that were so tight, that the fabric was riding up, prominently exposing her labia.

She had no inkling that she was on borrowed times. In fact, everything in China was on borrowed times.

Annabel Yao, the daughter of Ren Zhenfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, had been arrested on espionage charges and was now hanging by her wrists, naked, coated in her own sweat, urine and tears, inside a torture cell three levels below the main court complex, howling, screaming and begging for mercy under the whips and branding irons of her Japanese and American interrogators. Meng Wanzhou, the princess of Huawei, had been sold to the U.S. general Ulysses who ransacked and burned down Shanghai. Her tall, slim, buxom figure was now being displayed naked in his house as the 11th oriental trophy.

As Xi Mingze, the precious daughter of the Chinese emperor, educated at Harvard, dressed like a spoiled American slut, was still in a slumber; the rest of China had already been conquered and defeated, laying prostrate like a cheap prostitute.

As soon as the liberators of the US-Japanese alliance, the brave American and Japanese soldiers in shiny armor, enslaved the docile, submissive local Chinese population and forced the Communist Government to accept unequal treaties, as the Qing Dynasty had done 100 years ago; most of the Chinese men, weak, cowardly, and effeminate, fled into the mountains, leaving only their women behind.

But unlike their male counterparts, the Chinese females were able to endure extreme conditions. Naval officer Ford-Shimura describes the typical Chinese female slave in his journal:

“Nature has provided our conquest in this vast, ancient land with the most perfect beast of burden. The Chinese female is both capable of enduring horrendous living conditions and strenuous manual labor, often on the tiniest of rations. She is blessed with long, slender, and powerful legs, and a strong back that is developed to support her large breasts. Segregated into small groups with a lead bitch, they can be driven hard, once an example is set. Flogging the lead bitch is preferred. A hundred lashes with the braided whip while suspended by her wrists. In front of the others. Chinese females also seem very responsive to our Caucasian cocks, and are always eager to receive in more than one hole, which is a bonus for my men. I think God made those Chinese females with three holes just so they can serve superior white and Japanese men!”

Commander Jimmy-Sato describes a trip up the Yangtze river:

“It was not just a voyage of conquest, but a voyage of sexual humiliation for the enemy as well. We had twenty boats and we employed one hundred local Chinese females to pull on two chains at the head of each boat. A total of 2,000 Chinese females strained in this back-breaking labor from sun rise to sun set. They were totally naked, shackled at their ankles; their wrists bond behind their backs, and attached to the chains of the boat. The long whip of a task master burned into their bare buttocks and thighs at their slightest hesitation. By mid-morning their naked bodies glistened with sweat and were crisscrossed with red whip-marks. The moans and groans of mourning and labor echoed the river banks and the yelps of the taskmaster’s whip on bare female flesh melted with the sound of the splashing water. Generations of Chinese females must have been bred for such treatment, because, at the sight of our handsome white soldiers, those Chinese females were becoming horny and begging to have sex with our men!”

Unlike the American conquerors, who were flamboyant and extravagant, the Japanese conquerors had a penchant for a more private life style. They had brought captive Chinese female slaves and held them in secret compounds on remote plantations. The Japanese society was and still is very close knit and extremely conservative, and they enjoyed keeping a low profile.

Though the Chinese in general docile and eager to submit, there had been sporadic uprisings among the sheep-like Chinese populace, and those uprisings, universally instigated by rebellious young Chinese females, were just as quickly crushed as they started.

The rebellious Chinese females were arrested, imprisoned, sent to government sponsored brothels, or leased out to plantations for slave labor. Some were sold to “private” collectors, most of whom were wealthy Japanese men. There is no official estimate as yet on the number of young Chinese female rebels who were sold, though, given the population density of China, the number is easily over tens of thousands.

Due to the sheer number of Chinese females, and the dearth number of Japanese and American men available, polygamy is no longer looked down upon. It is not unheard of that a Chinese daughter would end up with her mother together becoming concubines to the same man.

New constitutions and new government were established after the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party, and it is dictated that all Chinese females were properties. The fate of such a property is left to her master, and her master is either a man of American or Japanese heritage. Civila laws had been completely rewritten. For instance, domestic abuse laws had been completely discard. If a Chinese married to a American or Japanese master complained of domestic abuse, the Chinese female will always be found guilty and her master-husband dictates her sentencing. He will assume this role as long as she is alive.

Re-education Camps for Chinese females

Near the capital of Beijing, located 12 miles north, upon a narrow road were led to a high security base with multiple check points. Within the base, inside an underground bunker, Chinese females who had been resistant to this new world order were being re-educated. Constructed of concrete and iron bars, the cells in which the inmates live can reach as high as 90F and as low as -10F. A drain hole in the floor is the only toilet and it can be opened and closed only from a lever from the outside. The cells rules in here are simple: all Chinese female prisoners must always remained naked and chained.

Chaining meant wrists behind the back, attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

In the morning during daily inspection, the small doors in front of the cells are opened and one can see only yellow-flesh-colored butt cheeks and chained ankles. In the center of the main cell is a wooden post, attached with a set of wrist shackles. Along the wall opposite are pegs with whips, straps, plugs, branding irons, and other cruel devices of torture. In the adjacent room is a bench with two upright posts. It is sometimes called the “fuck bench”, as the female prison can be chained with ass up or on her back with legs up and wide open. Her head strapped down to the other end is right around the waist area of a guard, who can “cock-train” the prisoner.

All Chinese female prisoners who were transported to such cells were shackled around their necks, wrists, waist, and ankles, the practice that once were only reserved for the most violent criminals. In addition to the usual chaining practice, the re-education camp added something extra: a thin tight leather strap that passes between the legs of the prisoner and pressed deep between her butt cheeks and labia, commonly referred as a “cunt strap”, which can hold vaginal and anal plugs. To amplify the humiliation of Chinese females to their maximum, a punishing “clit clip” was also used.

Contrary to popular misconception, there is a martial court located the first floor, three stories above those cells. A high security elevator is used to take prisoners directly to the courtroom above to appear in trials and hearings. And they must appear complete naked before the judge and whatever public that is present, with nothing else to cover themselves, other than their chains. And to ensure complete transparency, the press is always present and is always allowed to photograph, which adds to the shame and humiliation of their victims.

The New China

In the New China, conquered and subjugated by the American-Japanese alliance, all Chinese females can expect to be dealt with the most swift and harsh justice found nowhere else in the world. It is routine to have Chinese female drivers strip completely naked due to a minor traffic violation, step out of her car, and wait on the road side with her hands behind her head and legs spread wide, while the security forces check her papers and search her car. It doesn’t matter if she is the daughter of the former president of China, or the wife of the former CEO of a powerful Chinese corporation. All Chinese females are treated equal before the New Law.

And it is not uncommon that a minor traffic violation can lead her to the re-education camps three stories below the martial court outside of Beijing.

New Sweatshops

All corporations, multinational companies, and billion-dollar businesses that were once owned by Chinese nationals have been confiscated and handed over to the American and Japanese elites, and the Chinese females employed by those companies are turned over to the new owners for the rest of their lives. Many employers of those Chinese females established new rules that not only demanded exceeding long hours but full sexual service as well, with the threat that any sign of resistance would land those oriental flowers in the sunless re-education camps. CEO Jeff Ito, for instance, had his Chinese female employees spend their weekends in his mansion building an elaborate torture chamber of his own, and those female employees were fully aware that, after its completion, they themselves will be turned into its very first victims.

And when on the job, sexual humiliation is not only condoned; it is in fact the standard, as her dress and conduct are all strictly dictated by her boss. The Chinese female employees of Jeff Ito, for instance, always have a hard time sitting on Monday mornings due to the whip welts they earned on the weekends in his mansion.

As the airplane finally landed smoothly at the Beijing International Airport, Xi Mingze was escorted out and with swift efficiency she was cuffed and placed inside a military jeep.

“What is this all about? Don’t you know who I am?” She screamed, as she struggled against the cuffs on her wrists.

“You and your mother have been arrested on espionage charges.”

“What! I will call my father!”

“Your father had already fled the capital and is now in hide-out somewhere in Sichuan.” Sichuan is the most mountainous region of China and it is where all the Chinese males and the rogue government of China had fled. It is also the only part of China that is yet to be under the strict control of Japanese-American alliance.

She looked defiant but said nothing. The Japanese guard Ken James moved to her chest, leaned over and pulled up her top. Out popped her large firm breasts.

“Security policy,” he said as he grinned. “All Chinese females are transported bare to the waist.”

Xi Mingze blushed in shame.

Once the jeep arrived outside the high-walled security area of the re-education camp, she was lifted out of the jeep by her arms, un-cuffed, stripped completely naked, and re-shackled in ankle, waist, neck and wrist chains. Her arms were pulled together behind her back and trickles of sweat flowed down her spine. The guard grabbed her by the hair and ordered, “March, chink bitch!”

She did her best, as she was marched through the area and then she was forced on her knees and told not to move. Her eyes grew large at the sight of a Chinese woman hanging by her wrists from a horizontal beam, her feet dangling in mid-air. She was totally naked and was bathed in her own sweat. Standing next to her a guard branded a braided leather whip. Xi Mingze was shivering as she saw the whip connected to the bound woman’s quivering butt cheeks.