Confession of inferior asian meat

I am inferior asian meat and I want to be owned by a white man.

I am inferior asian meat and I want to be owned by a white man. I came to United States as an international student in a local high school in Texas, but I only stayed for one year, then I went back to China for two years. Things never turn out the way you assume they do. I applied to a women’s college in Japan and I went to Japan for the next two years. After I got my degree from Japan eventually I came back to United States for my bachelor’s degree. I now work as a bookkeeper and translator for a very large corporation based in New York City. I was hired because I spoke fluent Chinese, Japanese and English. I meet with both Japanese and Chinese clients all the time.

I would be so humiliated if anyone ever found out how I really feel. If my boss found out about what I wrote, I would be fired! Everything I do at my job is Public Relations, all employee must demonstrate, or at least pretend, that we are all the most upright Puritan Christian secular progressive men and women who value ethics, integrity and morality above all else, and that profit or money-making is just not our goal, rather serving our clients as gods is our goal, and living according to the laws of Jesus Moses Mohammad, Gandhi, blah blah blah. I can go on forever.

My parents are from North East China, close to North Korea. My parents are very conservative and never allowed me to anything sexual. In school, I never talked to boys, and I had no idea how much fun you could have with sex. I was always taught sex is just something to do to have baby, and that’s about it. My father actually wants me to marry a Chinese man, but my mother always tells me it’s better to be the dog slave of a white man than to be married to a Chinese man. I met the Chinese man my father wants me to marry to once before and he is OK. He’s tall and handsome, and his family is rich, but I prefer to make up my own mind, and I really want to find a white man. Well, every Chinese girl who come to America wants to find a white man, why do you think we come all the way to America for, just for an overpriced education? It’s just so much more glorious to have a white husband and everyone will be afraid of you. I think Japanese men are OK too, but that is if I cannot find a white man first.

My aunt, the youngest sister of my mother, who is in her mid-30s, married a Japanese farmer in Tohoku. When I was in Japan I stayed with my aunt and her husband. My family is not wealthy, so in order to send me to schools, my mother worked very hard and even had to borrow loan sharks. I now make a lot more money than my mother does and I have to send back almost 80% of what I make to my mom because she has to pay back loan sharks. They threatened if I don’t pay them back they will make my mother work as a prostitute. Sometimes I would delay sending money on purpose, just to see if they would really follow up on their threats. It is so hilarious when my mother called me on the phone begging and crying.

I become first acquainted to bdsm when I was in Japan. I was in college at the time, I knew a lot of the Chinese students like me who worked as prostitutes in Japan. Sometimes people even approached me outside school to ask me if I were interested to work in the AV industry; they would say I am very pretty and Japanese men love to see foreign women in AV, but I refused because I was not that desperate. But I knew at least one classmate who did. And there were a few classmates who worked as “fetish” prostitutes. One Korean girl in my class even told me she really enjoyed doing it and she did it not only for the money but because all the fun she had. She told me she never had an orgasm unless men tied her up and whipped her.

At home, my aunt and I had to kneel all the time. At first I wasn’t used to doing that, because Chinese don’t have the habit of kneeling all the time, but in Japan, women are always required to kneel inside the house. Her husband was very old, and we bathed him too. It’s funny that her husband was actually impotent, and his penis was so tiny too. He just robbed it against my aunt and then some white liquid smeared on her body. It was so funny and stupid. He could not actually get up. Haha, but I digress. So, he never really had sex with aunt and he got angry a lot. When he was angry, he tied my aunt to the beam from the living room ceiling. She was stripped completely naked when she was tied up. My uncle let me watch as he punished her. (He said if I didn’t behave he was going to do the same to me. He was kidding of course. He was actually a very sweet little old man.) He used a taser to shock her cunt, she had so much liquid flowing from her cunt. I knew she was experiencing more than pain. She had climaxed. And she told me to never tell to our relatives because she would lose face if her relatives knew she orgasmed from being treated like this, and later on I found out my aunt is a masochist and she enjoys being punished. After the initial cultural shock, I found myself fascinated by what I was seeing, and often times I was secretly wishing uncle would punish his chinese wife, or his chinese pig as my uncle fondly called her, more often. I did enjoy watching the show my uncle and aunt put on, but I don’t ever want to have a taser hold to my body! That’s too much for me to bear. Besides, my aunt is strong and tough. She can take it but I am soft and small. My uncle enjoyed humiliating her as well. He often made her expose herself in front of friends and relatives, like making her wear a vibrator egg in public.

Because things in Japan are very expensive, I worked in a Chinese restaurant in the red light district. It’s a lot like hooters in America, we wear traditional Chinese dress, but with very low cut. The upper dress is like a tank top and we wear a T-back (it’s like G-string, but a little bigger) on our lower bodies. We don’t wear shoes. I was very excited when I worked in the restaurant. Everyone stare at me like their eyes were going to fall out of their eye sockets. I made a lot of money to cover my expense. If a client gave a lot of tips, I let them touch me, or they use their chopsticks to poke me. It was a lot of fun.

My experience in Japan prepared me a lot when I came to America. I learned Western culture is sexually liberating and open first hand in Japan and then later in America. Well, actually, in America I find this same dichotomy or schizophrenia of extreme social conservatism and extreme sexual liberalism that was manifest in Japanese society as well. I think Japanese culture and American culture is like a big brother and little brother. America is the big brother and Japan is the little brother. Little brother imitates everything the big brother does and sometimes big brother gets jealous of what little brother has. It’s really funny.


I am really tired today. Last night my boss made me work until 11 pm. That may not seem bad, but I was working from 4 in the morning non stop. If I factor in the number of hours I work I only get paid slightly above minimum wage. I am just really exhausted today and I have to work on Sunday as well. I have Monday off. People not in America always think American jobs are the easiest. They have no clue.

The natural role of an inferior asian woman

It is an open secret on any college campus in America, Europe, or any other white majority country, that asian women swoon at the sight of a superior white man, that asian women feel inferior to white women and not worthy of love by white men. Many asian women I know personally feel the same way I do, but they do not have the courage to utter those words. I myself would never dare admit such a thing in public, but only with a veil over my head I speak freely, lest I be put to shame and humiliated beyond words could describe. Ever since I was a little girl living in China, whenever I saw a white man walking by, he is almost always instantly surrounded by a cohort of desperate Chinese girls willing to do anything to please him and to be noticed by him. My mother always tells me, it is better to marry a white man who is fat ugly and broke than to marry an asian man who is rich, tall and handsome.  I came to American when I was 16 on student visa and it is my dream ever since that I will find myself a white man who will take me away. He will dominate me as an asian woman should be dominated.  I will suffer humiliation and pain for him, because I love him and I am unworthy of his love.

Some has suggested to me that asian cultures breed their females to be inherently inferior to men.  This assessment is quite true.  As a matter of fact most of the asian women I have met and known throughout the years feels the same way I do and to us it is not only right but natural as the law of nature that she should be bound and kept at home to serve her genetic superiors, to be used for their pleasure, to be disciplined when intransigent, to be humiliated and punished when disobedient. Most of them strive to be as docile, obedient and submissive as possible, for it is a Confucian virtue that a woman ought to be docile and submissive. Furthermore, in asian culture it is also a virtue that an inferior be submissive to the superior. Unmask the masquerade of political correctness and weird social fictions that somehow all races are equal, one readily discovers that the most superior of all people is the white race. A white man is on average tall, handsome, muscular, yet smart, intelligent, gentle, humorous. As an asian woman, unabashed, I want to say a white man is hitherto the pinnacle of human evolution; he has no need to apologize for his greatness, for his accomplishment, and certainly he should never be ashamed of his superiority.

As an inferior asian woman, it is only right and natural that I should be dominated and owned by the most superior masters of the world, to serve and obey them, to be used for their pleasure, to be loving and caring when he is vexed, to be joyful and happy when he is happy, to be quiet and patient when he is angry, to kneel and crawl naked before him to demonstrate my inferiority, to open my legs and accept his seed into my womb, to become the reproductive vessel of life for the superior genes, to endure and suffer the pain of childbirth. It is only natural that women of inferior race will want to be bred by such men and carry their offspring for them.

The mere thought of a piece of inferior asian meat having the honor to be owned by a white master brings immense satisfaction to my heart. Inferior asian meat who knows her place and readily accepts her role in life as the reproductive vessel for her white master is the most happy and satisfied woman. There are no shortage of women who fight their all too natural desires, who rebel against their biological roles. They are unhappy, angry and full of bitterness. They lead lonely lives and curse their parents who gave life to them. I certainly know women like those and I have no interest in ever becoming like them.

The natural order of race

Throughout human history conquest has been a constant theme of human nature, and the necessity for conquest have been and still is for the propagation of superior genes to guarantee the survival of the human species. At around 300 millions years ago, there were three distinct human species, and one of the three species, the Homo Sapiens, conquered the rest to become the most dominant homo species on the planet. And we modern humans today are henceforward all the progenitures of Homo Sapiens. Not only that, scientists have demonstrated through DNA analysis that modern human genetics had the remnants of Neanderthal DNA in them, but only from the female sides. Is it then too hard to imagine that Homo Sapiens killed Neanderthal men and raped their women and we are all the descendants of those conquerors and their spoils of war? Around 1500 AD the Mongols conquered much of the known world and left theirs marks into the DNA of modern humans. Today, over 98% of all asians and a large proportion of East Europeans carry the genes belonging to the Mongol conquerors. In today’s Northeast China, where my mother came from, a very large minority of ethnic Chinese carry the genes of Japanese and Russians as manifested in their distinct physical appearance of being taller, whiter and having a straighter nose. They are looked upon with adulation and they themselves are very proud of their superior genes as well. It is the natural order of race, and there is no reason and no way to repress the urge that is only natural.

Today, the most dominant race is with irrefutable certainty the White race. Therefore it is the duty of the White men to spread their genes all over the world, and it is only natural that women of inferior races shall throw themselves at your white feet pleading for your semen. It is something quite beautiful and as a woman of an inferior race, I wish you could cherish their submission to you.

This is how most asian women think. It is most of the times just an open secret I feel. I know I certainly feel this way, and I know at least a million asian women who feel the same way I do. If you do not wish to believe me, it’s your choice.

Just met

Just a few months ago I have met someone and he has owned me as his slave for the past couple weeks. I was really happy and I felt so fulfilled in my role as his slave. Even when I was hurt or pushed beyond my limit, I felt very satisfied in that I was fulfilling my duty as a woman. I made him happy and I was happy because he was happy. I was always on my knees in his presence and I felt so natural and so right being in that position. It is my destiny to be in such a position, prostrate in front of a powerful man. He is something like 50 years old, I think he is older than my dad, but he is very tall and dominant, and he knows how to treat a submissive asian woman, or rather, how a submissive asian woman wants to be treated. We had a lot of fun, but apparently he is now back with his wife and his children in California for Thanksgiving, so I am alone again.

Japanese and Chinese do not hate each other

The typical western man is fed a steady diet of rumors and false statements that she regurgitates from the western media. The supposed feud and hatred between Japan and China is one of them. I have lived in both Japan, China and America and I can attest that hostilities between China and Japan have been grievously exaggerated by the western media and by the Chinese government. The fact of the matter is, Chinese and Japanese have very similar cultures and we get along just fine most of the time. As for the current political showdown, I can promise you it’s all politics, none of it even real.

Sure you might want to ask, what about history, what about Rape of Nanking and other stupid stuffs like that? That just shows how ignorant you Americans really are. You have only heard of the Rape of Nanking, or the Tiananmen Square Massacre but did you know Chinese society has always been very brutal like this? Were the Jurchens who conquered China in 1300 AD not brutal? Were the Mongols who conquered China in 1500 AD not brutal? Were the Manchus who conquered China in 1600 AD not brutal? Were Han Chinese themselves not brutal? Human history is always filled with conquest and war, that’s just human nature for better or for worse. War is always brutal, but war is the necessary evil that eliminates inferior gene pools from existence and propagates the genes of the conqueror, the superior. War therefore is good, in a sense. Without war America would have never become the world superpower. Without war America would have never become an independent country. War brings about technological advance, and the affinity for war is the reason Europeans are the most dominant race on earth. And women are only for the creation and recreation of the conquerors, all else is folly.

I always feel so much more excited whenever I was with Japanese men, and I never feel anything when I am with a Chinese man. Japanese men are simply superior to Chinese men, and many of my Chinese girlfriends would agree with me, and if not then why do you think so many Chinese women prefer Japanese men to marry with? Let’s see, my aunt is married to a Japanese, my Japanese boss’s wife is Chinese, the owner of the restaurant in Japan where I worked was half Chinese and half Japanese, so his mother was Chinese, and I know a few other Chinese girls are married to Japanese, and I recently just met a Japanese doctor from Illinois and his girlfriend is also Chinese. Consider the following fact: according to Japanese Bureau of Statistics more than 12,000 Chinese women marry into Japanese race each year. If Japan and China don’t get along, then why do you think Chinese women are so attracted to them? And I know at least 10 Chinese classmates at my school in Japan who worked as prostitutes in Japanese red light district. And there are many more. At least two thirds of prostitutes in Japan are Chinese. There are also a lot of Korean prostitutes. Sure, but they only do it for money, you would say. That’s simply not true. I can assure you it’s more than just the money. It’s also the excitement and the genuine love, the feeling of being conquered that they love. It felt wonderful. None of us is sexually trafficked, just to be sure. Most of us enjoyed doing it. I only did it a few times, with clients who are truly interested in me. I also know one Chinese girl who works in Japanese AV industry. Now you might think she must be very unhappy with herself, well that’s not true. I asked her before why she wants to do porn in Japan, and she says because she really enjoys it. And yes her parents don’t approve of her doing it, but like me she hates her parents, so she doesn’t really care what they think. There are a lot of Chinese girls in Japanese porn, but Japanese and Chinese look alike, so it’s hard to tell especially if you don’t speak both Japanese and Chinese. She has shown me her movies before and it looked very exciting. Sometimes I am even jealous because in her movies, she looked really happy and she was really enjoying herself.

So as you see, there are actually a lot of love between China and Japan, and apparently there are a lot of Chinese women who love Japanese men. As for my personal feelings, I think Japanese men are very cute, gentle and very feminine (a lot of Japanese men like to dress up like girls, but they are not homosexuals; I think that’s very cute) and yet at the same time they can be very aggressive, powerful, and sadistic. They make my heart jump faster when they approach me, and they know how women of inferior race like to be treated. I could probably find a Japanese man if I stayed in Japan, but I am in America now and I like American man even better!

Nothing in the end

I do want to be a slave, but if you are going to say you want to nail my cunt lips to a wooden bench and make me lactate in your coffee then that’s too much for me. I am not that kind of woman. I know a lot of asian women like that and they can take it but I am not. I like to be gentle. Sorry I cannot accept that kind of treatment

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