the primal truth of race

There are certain truths which are so obvious that for this very reason they are not even seen or recognized by ordinary people. Men pass by those truisms as if blind and are most astonished when someone suddenly “discovers” what everyone really ought to know. And thus men wander about in the garden of Nature, and with few exceptions pass idly by the most patent laws of Nature:  The inner segregation of the species of all living beings on this Earth, and the natural domination of the superior races over the inferior races.

Even the most superficial observation shows that Nature’s restricted form of propagation and increase is a most rigid basic law of all the innumerable forms of expression of her most vital urge. Firstly, every animal mates only with a member of the same species. The titmouse seeks the titmouse, the finch the finch, the stork the stork, the fieldmouse the fieldmouse, the dormouse the dormouse, the wolf the she-wolf, etc. However, this natural segregation is ultimately disrupted in a “unusual” circumstance, whereby we mean “unusual” only in terms of that it violates our first law of nature, and it violates it so often that it has become not unusual but even natural: the presence of a superior race always leads to domination of, and thereby the replacement of the inferior race

The dominance of Homo Sapiens on the Eurasian continent and the elimination of Homo Neanderthals and Homo Erectus, the dominance Western Europeans on the American continent and the elimination of the Native Indians, the dominance of the Han Chinese from Northern Asia and the replacement of the Austronesians in Southern China, etc.

Initially, through sheer natural instinct, the inferior, weaker race resist and revolt with all its might against the dominance of the superior race. The superior race, however, naturally selected to be more adapt to survive, with greater capacity for propagation, takes away the power of resistance of the inferior races, through war, conquest, disease, enslavement, torture, rape, and terror.

This is only too natural.

This is the origin of all superior races.

The method of the superior race is quite contrary to that of the inferior race, who conceives the root idea “good” spontaneously and straight away, that is to say, out of its subjugation, and from that material then creates for itself a concept of “bad”. This “bad” of the noble origin and that “evil” out of the cauldron of unsatisfied hatred—the former an imitation, an “extra”, an additional nuance; the latter, on the other hand, the original, the beginning, the essential act in the conception of a slave race.

The superior race must, and need to, enjoy their freedom from all social control, they must feel that in the wilderness they can give vent with impunity to that tension which is produced by enclosure and imprisonment in the peace of society, they must revert to the innocence of the beast-of-prey conscience, like jubilant monsters, who perhaps come from a ghostly bout of murder, arson, rape, and torture, with bravado and a moral equanimity, as though merely some wild student’s prank had been played, perfectly convinced that the poets have now an ample theme to sing and celebrate. It is impossible not to recognize at the core of all these superior aristocratic races the beast of prey; the magnificent blonde brute, avidly rampant for spoil and victory; this hidden core needed an outlet from time to time, the beast must get loose again, must return into the wilderness—the Roman, Arab, German, and Japanese nobility, the Homeric heroes, the Scandinavian Vikings, are all alike in this need.

It is the superior races who have left the idea “barbarian” on all the tracks in which they have marched; a consciousness of this very barbarianism, and even a pride in it, manifests itself in all higher civilization. This audacity of superior races, mad, absurd, and spasmodic as may be its expression; the incalculable and fantastic nature of their enterprises,—Pericles sets in special relief and glory the ραϑυμία of the Athenians, their nonchalance and contempt for safety, body, life, and comfort, their awful joy and intense delight in all destruction, in all the ecstasies of victory and cruelty,—all these features become crystallized, for those who suffered thereby in the picture of the “barbarian,” of the “evil enemy,” perhaps of the “Goth” and of the “Vandal.”

On the other hand, the essence of civilization at the other end of its axis, in relation to the freedom of the superior race, is as its function to enslave the inferior races, to train out of them a “civilized” animal, a domesticated animal, docile, submissive, obedient to the superior race, eager to please, and zealously devoted to her master. Thus freedom as we know should be twofold: freedom of the superior race and the necessary enslavement of the inferior race. Just as that which makes one stronger kills the weaker, freedom for the superior race necessarily enslaves the inferior.

The nature of the inferior race is always feminine.

It is not only natural but even imperative, therefore, that the man of the superior race is obligated—it is his duty—to impregnate, inseminate, and breed females of the inferior race, to replace the inferior genes that has proven inferior, through the defeat of her weaker, less adapt male-counterparts.

The crossing of the two beings not exactly the same level may produces, in some cases, a medium between the level of the two parents. This means the offspring will still stand higher than the racially inferior mother however not as high as the racially superior father. Consequently, and this is only in some cases, the cross-breeding of the racially inferior females and the racially superior males will produce a new race more perfect for being slaves, a slave race, if you wish, suitably mated to provide as the stepping stone of the superior race, trained and disciplined to instinctively serve and pleasure the superior races, just as their mothers have been trained to serve, which ought to become their instinct—instinctively servile—and their joy—to submit, to be subjugated, and to be “civilized”.

For it is the Nature’s plan, it is the destiny of genetics and biology, that the mating of the inferior female with the superior males must always happen. For, as crystal clear as the writing on the wall, it is the will of the inferior female to pass on her lineage, it is her joy to be bred by man of superior race, to produce more healthy and racially superior babies in relation to herself, to her race which is seen as inferior; and equivalently it is the power of the superior male to easily propagate his superior sperm through those vessels of females of the inferior species, females of the enemy. It is for gratitude that the racially inferior female is also pleased in her interracial breeding, and to give thanks to her conqueror who impregnated her; it is, of course, the pleasure of the racially superior male to have impregnated her.

For it is not the goal of the superior race to eliminate the inferior races, but to breed them in such a way as to create a perfectly docile, obedient domesticated animal suitable for the higher purposes of the superior race.

an epistemological proof of white man superiority

How superiority is manifest in men:

War and conquer are the only ways by which superiority in men, or masculine superiority, is manifest.  Everything else is barely tangential.

In terms of intelligence, certainly, the Jews are probably most clever, most cunning, but hitherto Jews have failed to occupy even just a tiny land mass for a nation state, whereas men of the Nordic European descent dominate the entire globe.  Jews, despite of all their stunning achievements in arts and science, engineering, literature, and just about any other European invented endeavor, are mere followers, imitators of the truly superior race; Jews still live in shadow and awe of those who dominate and conquer, whether it be the Greeks, the Romans, the Germanic conquerors, the Anglo-Saxons, or their White American saviors; despite all their creative genius, Jews are mere subjugates, slightly above the orientals, but far below the true masters of the world.

In terms of physical strength, African Americans are by far the most well endowed, but that also means they are quite inferior.  Certainly lions and cheetahs are physically more well endowed than African Americans, but those animals do not dominate the world.

White men, on the other hand, dominate the world’s food chain at the apex of evolution, above everything else, above every other human being.  How did it come to be?

What truly makes White man superior is his conquest, military conquest, to make no mistake about it. He conquered the world as no other human being has conquered the world before, not Alexander the Great, nor Genghis Khan; White man’s dominance is unheralded and unprecedented, and there is no non-White country or race that dare to wage war against the White man.  The downfall of White man will only come from White man himself.  No other man has the capacity to challenge him.

War, as the means of conquest, is, I’m afraid, the only way a man can be proven superior.  War is terrifying.  War is evil.  But war is that by which those who are genetically inferior are naturally deselected, eliminated, so that the genetically superior type can without hindrance propagate his superior genes.  War, as Machiavelli might say, is simply inevitable and will only be delayed to the advantage of your enemy.

Military conquest is inseparable from sexual conquest.

War is the evolutionary competition among males that separates that which is superior and most fit to breed and pass on his genes.  A cursory glance through history quickly reveals that only White men, men of the Northern European descent, have never been conquered by any other race and it is the only race that has come to dominate every other race.

Culture, civilization, inventions are important, but all palls in comparison to the psyche that is imbued in military conquest.

In summa: world-conquering.  If that doesn’t prove superiority, nothing will.

Another way masculine superiority is determined: female choice.

Any woman of any race, if given the opportunity, will not hesitate to choose a White man as her sexual mate.  It is a truth non plus ultra that all women prefer White men, and what’s more, that the most aesthetically appealing, most feminine, and most intelligent type of women–asian women–overwhelmingly prefer White men as sexual mates; this very fact, that asian women, the most highly prized and most sexually desirable females, not only prefer but even adore and cherish white men over their own men, speaks in volume louder than Stentor’s voice, proves in fact that White men are the most superior type of men.

Ipso facto, eo ipso, fas et lura sinut, White men are genetically, biologically, rightfully superior.


What I write is merely what I think:

The most intimate thoughts and fantasies that I only utter in my dreams but never dare to speak to anyone else. Constantly I only endure them pensively, secretly, at night, in my bed, knowing full well that they will never see the light of day. Behold, I have awoken from those unruhigen Träumen, and exposed my naked self to you, so that you may know—I am more than your submissive China doll. What I write is merely what any east asian woman regards as her deepest secrets, which she never dare to expose; and yet I have exposed myself—my most intimate dreams and fantasies to you. My inner-self stands naked before you and I hope you will look at me with gentle eyes.

Why are east asian women more submissive, more feminine, and more attractive?

That fact that east asian women are more submissive, more feminine, and more attractive as potential mating partners are so verisimilar and notionally pervasive that it has become politically incorrect to state this obvious fact. In fact, as someone who has lived in the United States for the last 10 years, I can say with certitude that any statement regarding any subject becomes factually true when the statement has become politically incorrect to be uttered. People in America think that they alone possess the freedom of speech unlike anyone else in the world, and yet it is in this country that just about any true statement is politically incorrect. So even though almost every single NBA basketball player is black, it is politically incorrect to assume that black people are good at basketball; even though much of the world wealth is controlled in 1% of the population, we shudder to proclaim the name of this group of people, and of course when the word is uttered, the utterer is immediately labeled an anti-semite. America is ridiculous, but I live in America; furthermore I live in an America-dominated world order, so I have no choice than to submit to its domination until my next conqueror arrives.

But in the meanwhile let’s strip bare the political mumbo jumbo and let’s ask ourselves truly why are asian women really more submissive and feminine.

There are several factors not the least of which has to do with race. East asiatic race has less sexual dimorphism. That means asian men and women are less biologically distinct as compared to men and women of another race. This is very important because it seems to me that western men tend to focus on east asian women only and they observe that while we are indeed submissive, they utterly fail to observe the same behavior in east asian men. For example, while it is indeed true that submissive asian women are highly prized as sexual mates for straight men, submissive asian men are similarly high prized as sexual mates for gay top men. Lesbian females seem also particularly interested in asian men. asian men in general look much more feminine compared to men of other races and they can be similarly submissive. This would obviously impact the role of an asian woman since by default an asian woman must be more submissive and more feminine than an asian man.

So what contributes to an asian woman’s submissive behavior and most feminine physique?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I am not a scientist and this is just what I know and what I derived logically.

Diet: Rice as well as soy beans tend to have less protein and more estrogen, and if you are what you eat, then you will be more feminine in appearance because of the higher level of estrogen and less development of muscles. There are some debates as to whether or not it’s true … but look around, east asians, regardless of gender, are usually very feminine and usually shorter. If it’s not what you eat, then I don’t know what it is.

Culture: It certainly has to do with culture, i.e., Confucianism. Confucianism singlehandedly influenced not only China, but Japan, Korea as well as southeast asians. Confucianism is to Asia as Christianity is to Europe, and Confucian influence, whether good or bad, is enormous. However, the problem with Confucianism is that modern asians never quite grew out of it. For Christianity there are plenty of opponents since the 1500s from Martin Luther to Voltaire to Bertrand Russell. Fundamentally West’s gaining supremacy really stemmed from its departure from Christianity, and not because of Christianity. So the problem with Confucianism is that the Confucian set of beliefs has been so deeply rooted and ingrained for so long it had a corrosive effect on East Asia as a whole. Japan was the first one to escape from Confucianism starting with Meiji Restoration, though Japanese are not completely out of Confucianism. Actually the most dramatic departure from Confucianism came from within China, where during the Cultural Revolution Confucianism was denounced as reactionary and as the root of feudalism in China for the last 2000 years. Despite of Cultural Revolution’s violence, I suppose it was a good development. The Chinese today are always worried that their society has become too immoral, too materialistic, and too selfish. That’s not unlike the complaints we hear in the West, but then again it might not be a bad thing. However, Confucianism still remains a huge cultural imprint and one simply cannot ignore it.

So Confucianism teaches that subjects must obey rulers in a very strict hierarchy: sons obey fathers, fathers obey officials, lower officials obey higher officials, women obey husbands and fathers, etc. So you can see where this strict hierarchy of power might lead to problems. However, the concept that one must live in accordance to one’s social hierarchy has a profound psychological component to it and which is what made it so successful, that is, it felt “natural”. I use the word “natural” in the same sense as the Stoics used “natural”: according to Nature, or Human Nature, and Human Nature is rational. It therefore becomes natural for a woman who is lesser than a man to obey a man, a son to obey a father; and everyone obeys the Emperor, who was treated as a god, the supreme authority. Whether Confucianism is good or bad, I cannot judge; but it certainly has pre-established, as did Christianity and Islam, that a woman must submit to a man, and a subject must submit to the superior power. It is actually quite true that just about any major religion or culture regards female submission as natural.

On the other hand, Confucianism not only applies the strict social hierarchy to asian women, but to all asians and even to asian geopolitical powers.  I suppose Confucianism is the psychological cause behind the way why east asians are so deferential to their American and European conquerors, including why Japan has no self respect when fawning over Americans.  America is the most dominant country in the world, so those lesser asian nations all embrace America as the emperor of a divine entity. asians tend to worship America and treat Americans as kings and, to be honest, I don’t know which is worse, to be a rebelling race like the arabs who are independent and ferocious but poor and suffer from attacks on all sides, or to be an east asian who has no self respect, completely humiliated by Americans but live materialistically wealthy lives and envied by other more inferior races such as the hispanics, or blacks.

Hierarchy of race: And which now must carry us to the subject of the hierarchy of race of the world order. Asians, especially east asians, are NOT the most inferior race in the world. I think given our status in the world in terms of economy, soft power, etc., we should be ranked as beta, and other races are gamma, delta, epsilon, etc. The white race is the alpha race, and the alpha race dominates over all the other races, and east asians are the most beloved race by the alpha race because physically we resemble the white race the most in terms of skin tone, especially the Japanese (a lot of Japanese are very European looking compared to the Chinese and Korean, though Chinese are more complicated, because you have Chinese Mongols, Uighur, Chinese Turks, and some other Northern Chinese such as the Manchus that look very “Russian” in appearance because they are so near Central Asia). Furthermore east asians understand the role as the beta race, and we oblige to the demands of the alpha race. It certainly sounds humiliating, but only humiliating before the alpha race. In front of all other lesser races, the east asian race isn’t so bad. Just as there are different types of Jews, inferior Jews and superior Jews, so there are different types of asians, inferior asians and superior asians. So I think it is pretty rational that the following order would be true: Japanese as the most superior asiatic race, followed by Korean and Chinese, (the three of which comprise of East Asia) and after that the most inferior asian races are the southeast asians. A lot of the very white looking southeast asians are mixed blood with White or Chinese or Japanese, but when you look at the aboriginal southeast asians, you will realize why they are inferior.

Feminism: You will be surprised how many asian women actually think White women are the prettiest women in the world, and how many asian men actually secretly fetishize over white women. Remember the alpha race sets the standard of beauty, and certainly white women represent the standard of what it means to be beautiful. But the problem is that feminism causes white women to resent being women, and the first time feminism started, western men looked to Russia to look for brides who are submissive and feminine. It was not until the 1980s that western men started to marry asian women.

Personally I think feminism is completely wrong, and I can’t tolerate those feminists. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all women are into feminism. Feminism, in my opinion, will lead to unhappiness, depression and lonely lives, and no one need to tell the successful modern feminist white women those things, because they live their lives and they will die miserable bitches who hate their own gender. I have tried feminism when I was in college, and I realized that feminism just filled me with resentment and made me an angry shrew. After that I decided to never try feminism again.

Now, back to what I was talking about. Being more feminine and submissive is therefore measured in relation to the white women. Whereas most east asian women are still comfortable in their natural roles as women, it just appears that we are more submissive and more feminine, but it’s only because white women started to “unsex” themselves. Most asian women are actually very insecure about themselves and they are constantly worried that they are not as pretty as white girls or as civilized as the west.

I am not saying there is no feminism in East Asia. There is, but the funny thing is that most east asian women think they are revolting against patriarchy by marrying white men and they end up being treated as the subservient china dolls that they rebelled against. It’s actually quite hilarious. I will address the asian female-white male coupling phenomenon later on.

A misconception: Yellow fever does NOT exist. According to Columbia professor of economics Ray Fishman, a white male’s dating preference for asian females does not exist at all; on the other hand, it is the asian female who is preferential in mating with white men.

A pseudo response to Stuff Eurasians Like (SEL)


Stuff Eurasians Like (SEL) is a blog on wordpress that I stumbled upon a while ago and, despite the author’s extreme self hatred, tortured soul, and maniac depressive psyche, his blog apparently contains some very original and highly acute observations. For example, he coined the word “yellow feminism”. Now whatever stances and point views he has I do not agree with, I still find him very smart. I suppose being a hybrid between a European man and an asian woman is the secret. Though he openly hates himself, hates his own birth, hates his mother, and hates his very existence (which I suspect is the reason why he is no longer active: maybe he committed suicide, and if you read his blog you will understand that this is not a far fetched statement), he simply cannot deny that he is a very brilliant person, more brilliant than any blogger that I have ever met, and it is only the hybrid mind of a submissive asian woman and strong dominant white man that can produce such a brilliant mind. From his blog I elicited that he looked more asian than European, and that’s his woe, and I just wished that he could understand, even though he had an asian appearance, he should not stoop so low to start mingling with those inferior angry asian men because deep inside he is far more superior than those pathetic asian men. His blog is now infested with angry asian men and when I tried to comment, I was attacked from all sides, so I decided to never go back to that blog again. In stead I decided to publish what I wrote to him here in the hope that if the original blogger SEL is still alive, he will see this.

My first comment:

I hope you have not committed suicide by the time I published writing this comment. If you are still active or still alive, maybe you should contact me and you can talk to me. I understand what you are going through and I want to help you.

And please do not think that as a woman I would not understand what goes through your mind. I may be a woman, but I am also a human being. I have feelings too and as a woman my feelings are even more sensitive than yours.

I won’t lie to you. You probably hate me already when I say this because I only date white men. But I promise I am not what you think I am. I do not justify my actions like the other asian women. I know I am inferior to my white boyfriend and I enjoy being submissive to him, being subjugated and dominated by him. I revel in my own submission and I enjoy being abused and dominated. This is the way I have worked out my demons, by being physically abused and mentally subjugated.

I have carefully perused all your posts and almost all the comments and as a Japanese woman, who had white ancestry on her father’s side, and at same time who had a Chinese mother, I felt, on the one hand, insulted and angered by your fusillade of virulent remarks, slanders and abusive language, but, on the other hand, I do—I really do, believe or not—sympathize with you and I know what must have been going through your mind growing up. The humiliation, the shame, the self hatred, and the thoughts of suicide. I had all those. At the roots of all these feelings is your subconsciously knowing that you are inferior: your mother’s race is being dominated by your father’s race, and you are the living proof of that domination. And that seems unnatural in your mind. You seem to think racial domination is wrong; a man of dominant race should not subjugate women of inferior races. Can you imagine what Han Chinese people must feel like, since 98% of all Han Chinese were the descendants of Genghis Khan? Han Chinese as an ethnicity is distinct from Mongolians, Manchus, and Uighurs. So all the Han Chinese today are the descendants of Mongolian rapists. That is unnatural, unjust, and evil; that men of the dominant race conquer and enslave the women of the subjugated races is wrong. But that is all our history.

Do you think you are better off if a White woman loves you? She will still be superior to you even if she loves you. You will be her slave, not the other way around. My grandmother was a White woman, and my grandfather—who was a Japanese general—was completely obsequious to her and treated her like a royal mistress. Can you imagine a Japanese general who conquered half of Asia ended up being a slave to a White woman? And even if you eventually “end up” with a White woman, even though physically you look asian, you still carry the Y-chromosome from your White father and you are merely just passing on his genes, the genes of a White man, of the most dominant race of the most powerful country on Earth—a people who have conquered all corners of the world and enslaved all its women. A White man can get any woman he wants because he has the right to, not because of his own attributes, but because of his race, his shibboleth of power, his whiteness. And you are the living proof of his domination and it makes no difference if your wife were White.

On the other hand the way my father treated my mother was completely different from the way my grandfather treated my grandmother. My mother is a Chinese woman and my father knew she is inferior to him so he abused her; my mother, on the other hand, knew she is inferior and even enjoyed being dominated by my father. Do you know what it’s like to see your own mother naked leashed and collared like a dog? Have your White father done that to your inferior asian mother? If you haven’t then you didn’t have it as worse as I had it. And please do not refer to Japanese as asian. Please. Most Japanese think they are descendants of Germanic people.

Your mother had been a lucky woman to be able to marry a White man, a man of the master White race. She was blessed, and you should be happy for her. She could have ended up with an inferior asian man and you would not have been able to be born to the most powerful nation on Earth.

Growing up, I had always felt my Chinese mother was a shameless whore, and it makes me even madder because she was a masochist who enjoyed being beaten.

And please stop the silliness that is pan asian alliance. asian people hate each other and would rather be slaves to their White masters.

Your mother was lucky and you should be proud of her. And I know it’s very hard for you to do so right now but, despite your asian appearance, deep inside you carry the genes of the superior White race and you should be proud of that, the fact that your patriarchal ancestors traced back to a White man who conquered and pillaged all over the world during the 19th and 20th Century just as the Chinese are proud to be descendants of Genghis Khan today even though they are not even Mongolians.

On the other hand if you cannot locate the White dominant master inside you, you can always try to become a submissive gay asian boy for your White masters. Homosexuality is widely accepted now, and you can find a nice muscular White man to marry you and you will live with him happily ever after. I think that might be the best course for you now. asian men are very attractive to gay White males or gay black males. You will find much more acceptance as a homosexual “asian” male if you choose not to identify yourself as White.

I am sorry if I am of no help to you at all.

My second comment:

I was expecting some angry remarks, but I was still a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of vitriol directed at me. Do you realize that by attacking me you have shown to the whole world how bigoted, sexist, racist, narrow minded, and jingoist all you asian males really are? That’s just a rhetorical question; readers will decide for themselves. And I was not even being unsympathetic to the plight of asian males, but just by having a slightly different view, and just for proclaiming that I simply found white men to be physically, morally, and intellectually superior, and that in the process I felt myself inferior as an asian woman, all of a sudden now I am the enemy. I must be attacked from all planks. Should I even dignify a response to you? Do you really dare to say these kinds of things or do the kinds of things you threaten to do to me if you see me walking down the street with my white boyfriend? I highly doubt it. I live in New York City and I see the pathetic looks on all those asian men’s faces everyday and, to be honest, they make me laugh because they are so jealous and yet they are too scared to say something. They are pathetic losers and they understand why even their own women despise them. My White boyfriend would have easily manhandled any asian man but he is too exalted to deal with those disgusting low lives just as a heavy weight champion wouldn’t pick a fight with a feather weight amateur. And that’s just the physical aspect. Don’t even get me started on being samurai warriors. About the only thing a samurai warrior can do is raping other asian women and scurry away when a White American man shows up to protect her.

So since we have opened this can of worms, and your rude comments have erased my last thread of sympathy for you, let me make it clear once and for all why I only date white men:

1. White men are morally superior: when I was traveling with my boyfriend in Kentucky, he saw a middle aged black woman passed out in front of her house, and he stopped the car, got out and helped her up. Now be honest with yourself, would a Japanese man ever help a non-Japanese person in the middle of the street? Would a Chinese person ever help another human being without standing around and just gawking at the victim? And to think that the black woman was once merely a slave, and yet my White boyfriend stooped so low to help her. It just goes to show: asian morality is inferior; Confucianism is inferior. Face the facts or don’t and stew in your own smug sense of racial purity.

2. White men treat women better than any asian man ever would. My boyfriend respects my limit and no matter what I do, he will never threaten me with non-consensual physical violence. The reason why I am so open in expressing myself is exactly because I know no matter what my opinions or orientations are, my boyfriend will always love me, support me and never judge me. I have written, said, and even asked for, many politically incorrect, outrageous things, including sometimes appearing to be self-hating, but my boyfriend have always supported me and never judged me. I am even critical of him sometimes and he always listens.

3. Sorry guys, but size does matter. Most asian men simply have smaller dicks, and sorry to break it to you guys, it really does matter. Girls like bigger packages, and asian men, well, happen to have the smallest dicks in the world.

4. White men are physically strong. Did you know white men actually like to become strong and physically intimidating? Geez, what kind of woman doesn’t like it when a short skinny Japanese man who never plays sports and acts like a girl walks into a bar? Don’t get me even started on all you east asian men who want to look more feminine and womanly. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about, OK?

5. asian men, in all essence and form, are wimps, and to be honest, no women like wimps. We all want to feel protected, and secure, with a strong, masculine man; and asian men, well, are just too feminine and when they are not beating themselves up, they are beating their women. Sorry, that’s just disgusting.

6. Oh, and don’t pretend like all asians love each other. All of a sudden a Japanese person is happy to see a rising China. Please. Even oversea Chinese and Taiwanese hate mainland Chinese. Just about every other asian hates China and wish with all their might that they can lick the boots of America just a little longer. The last time I checked, prime minister Shinzo Abe was just about to kneel down and kiss Obama’s half black ass. Some asian countries such as the Philippines are so scared of China they even started to support the re-militarization of Japan. Two words: asians, pathetic.

On the other hand, do you see the same level of vitriol between, say, a British and a German? It seems to me that White people seem to get along with just about everyone. Is it perhaps because of their shared Christian morality? I don’t know, but it certainly seems the case that Confucian morality breeds very hateful people, And please, can someone scrap that racial purity concept the Japanese borrowed from the Nazis 60 years ago? Has someone told Koreans that they are still using the Nazi racial purity concept their Japanese masters gave to them? Nazism is widely condemned in the West, but if anything, Nazism is still quite alive in East Asia. Without America, all the East asians would have killed each other until nothing left, and maybe that would have been a good thing.

7. As for the asian Americans that I see in the States, they disgust me. They try to tan their skin, act all ghetto, and do everything possible to imitate being White, even all the while pretending to be creating their own identity. The mere sight of them makes me want to vomit, and any woman with any self respect would not want to mate with those disgusting low life forms. I for one can’t imagine myself being impregnated with those pathetic asian genes.

8. White men have bigger balls. What does that mean? Well it means they are overall more manly, more masculine, takes initiative, physically strong, and mentally tough. They are more adapt at socializing and knows more about courting females. As compared to all the asian men who are pathetic wimps and cry babies.

9. White men are intellectually superior. This you might find shocking. Surely east asians boast of being the smartest people. asians are so good at math! So let me ask you to name me just one great mathematician of Japanese or Chinese or Korean descent that can rival Einstein, Gauss, Euler, Newton, Fermat, Wiles, Poincaré, Perelman, Cauchy, Lagrange, Laplace, Hilbert, Riemann, Descartes, Pascal, Bernoulli, Dirac, Schrödinger, Leibniz, Galois, Abel. Can you me name one please? Oh, and can we name one that’s not an American citizen? Sorry, Terence Tao never even had a Chinese citizenship. He was Australian before he defected to America. Even if you can name a few, maybe the trite and ancient Chinese remainder theorem, ask yourself, how do you compare yourself to the west?

asians are only good at rote memorization while all the creative geniuses are European. I wish this was not true, but look at that list of names, and you want to convince yourself that that is not the case?

10. And this will be my last reason. I have to agree even if I don’t really want to. White men are simply the most dominant people on earth today and they have the right to have any woman they want. And I feel lucky as an asian woman that I am so adored by them. It’s a good thing for me, and I do not really feel ashamed to say that I am actually very flattered by their lavishing attention on me. Which one of you dare say that you never dreamed of being with a white woman? Do you not find White women superior to asian women? May I ask why? Because all our standard of beauty is White, and asian women simply are better at adapting or lucky I guess, being more White looking than asian men. Japan certainly had its chance to be the most dominating country in Asia at least, and I guess all the other asians really enjoyed that am I right? Finally an asian country can lead all of Asia to glory! And of course comfort women were volunteers and anything you heard about Japanese war crimes were just lies perpetuated by the West.

I am not coming back to this blog again, and you guys can curse, vent your anger, and hate me all you want. At the end of the day, you will just be embarrassing yourselves, and you asian men will still be the biggest losers on this planet. All my Japanese girlfriends are either married to White men or married to black men and I actually know one Japanese girl who’s engaged to a Mexican man. I guess just about any other man is better than a Japanese man. You guys are pathetic and just talking to you guys disgust me. Don’t bother to reply and even if you reply I won’t read it. Good bye.

Yellow feminism

I was so impressed by SEL’s ideas that I have reproduced in my own words what he meant by yellow feminism. Personally I do NOT agree with him, especially with the way he demonizes asian women but you can’t deny that he is very brilliant in his conceptualization.

Yellow feminism is the feminism particular to asian women. Whereas feminism in the West is expressed through a woman’s hatred for men and the general unsex of White women, yellow feminism is the idea that asian women should revolt against asian patriarchy by betraying the asiatic race, by sleeping with White men, by being prostitutes to foreign men, and by marrying into the White race. It is a form of feminism and a form of thought process common enough that it warrants its own name. Yellow feminism is not a nebulous concept out of the ivy tower. Its formation derives out of life experience. Ask any asian woman why she is so submissive toward the White men and so ruthless toward asian men, she will tell you that’s because she is a feminist. But when she says that she actually has no clue what she means. She is not expressing what a western feminist thinks she is expressing. She is expressing her unique yellow feminism and its unique characteristic is to be subservient to a White man. Being a White man’s submissive chinadoll is the essence of yellow feminism. Yellow feminism is the battle cry of an asian woman in revolt, against asian patriarchy, against effeminate asian men who oppress women, against stagnant asian morality and deep rooted asian misogyny. Yellow feminists purposefully bring shame upon the asiatic race not because she is ignorant; quite the contrary, she is very well aware of what she is doing and she refuses to stop because she is full of hatred against asian patriarchy and she releases her energy into being a better sex slave for her White masters. Yellow feminism is the feminism a White man loves and embraces. I was ambling around midtown Manhattan the other day and I saw a young pretty asian girl hand in hand walking down the street with a ragged middle aged white male beggar. Even I felt disgusted. That is the power of yellow feminism. Yellow feminism contributes to the submissiveness of asian women. In front of White men, an asian woman will always act gracefully and femininely. She will always be obedient toward her White master because deep inside she is revolting against asian patriarchy. She will go the extra mile to please a White man, the same she will not do for an asian man because deep inside she has not respect for—no, she hates—asian men. Hatred and resentment are as feminist as apple pies and hot dogs are American.

What is true love?

So much has been said about love—true love for that matter—: so trite, full of clichés, full of platitudes, melodrama, so sentimental, so vomit-inducing, so irrational and frivolous and full of hysteria. Plato’s Symposium, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Meredith’s Modern Love, D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite. Too much has been said. Too much. Yet never enough has been said. An eternal question mark hangs over each one’s head: what is true love?

Because true love is suffering.

True love is the most iniquitous torture, of the soul, of the body, of the spirit.

True love is the most feared punishment; it is Tantalus’ lake, Sisyphus’ boulder, Prometheus’ eagle. I know true love only when I experience the most excruciating pain. Love is being strapped to a whipping post and being mercilessly assaulted by my lover. Love is the unbearable feeling of trapped, wanting to escape but can’t. Love is a cruel and merciless cane, bruising my body for his pleasure.

True love is enslavement.

I am a mere puppet dancing and prattling according to the manifestations of my genes who desperately want to get out of me as I age and approach death while they attempt to replicate themselves onto the next reservoir host, that is, my children. I am merely a hallowed vase ready to be implanted: beautiful on the outside, but completely empty otherwise, without life, without soul. And my genes coerce me to seek my own degradation; they pry me open and fill me with life even when I know it’s wrong. I can’t help myself.

There is nothing more painful in this world than the labor of childbirth, and yet my child represents the ultimate entelechy of true love, the reification of abstract emotions and souls into a true and living being. Is there any wonder a mother love her children with unconditional love? She suffered the most horrendous suffering for them.

True love manifests itself through endurance and an willingness to suffer: the pain, the withering away, the gut wrenching feeling of being used up—my beauty is gone; my belly is bloated and then sapped and lost its shape; my once proud and firm breasts are grossly engorged and even my feet becomes flat and big. Why would any woman want to punish herself like this? True love is irrational.

True love is the destiny, and the meaning of life, without which mankind loses hope to live. True love, for all its terror, is a bridge to the future, ensuring survival of the entire species. Hiding behind true love is the ruthless and brutal drive to survive.

True love is terrible, painful, sadistic. True love hurts, and should.

What is morality?

Morality is a woman’s best friend, but she only likes him as a friend, never as a lover.

Because morality is really just a little faggot, always too afraid, too timid, too weak, too effeminate, too conservative, too boring, too coy, too clever, too mendacious.

Morality is a castrated male, a freak of nature, too ugly to be a woman, too weak to be a man, doomed to walk the earth as an abomination to God. No wonder the slave races love him: the Jews, the Chinese, and the French seem to be especially fond of him. In looking into morality the slave races have gazed upon themselves; in morality the slave races molded images after themselves. After all the slave races invented moralities.

I have always wondered if it is morality that made superior humans out of the ordinary humans. Quite the contrary, it is immorality that made superior humans out of the ordinary. Without the great immoralists of the past, Europeans today would have still lived in the medieval period.

Morality is a scalpel, and its function is to castrate the enemy, so they become weak and effeminate. Morality then becomes a tyrant after she has castrated all her enemy.

Who are sickest and most disgusting humans alive today? Those who have achieved the highest moral characters. In that case the Chinese undoubtedly takes the cake.

The white woman-black man question

People ask me this question frequently enough and I think it behooves us all to put this myth to rest once and for all and elucidates the following factors contributing to the phenomenon.

First of all, 98% of all African Americans are actually descendants of white men and female black slaves, so in essence when a white woman is sleeping with a black man, she is really sleeping with the DNA of her white man ancestor. I do not deny that race is more or less a social construct (you can have a white father and if you don’t look white, then you are not considered white; or maybe you might be asian but look white, than you can probably “pass” as white, sometimes), but just because something is a social construct does not mean that there is no basis for some grain of axiomatic truth in the social construct, on which topic I will save for later and not digress now.

There is also something called “white guilt” that confounds the issue. Some white women do enjoy humiliating themselves by sleeping with black men, but that is only because they do so to atone for the sins of their fathers. We have such phenomena all over the world. A few years ago a Japanese AV actress came out and said that she sleeps with Chinese men because she feels guilty for Rape of Nanking. However, those few exceptions hardly speak for the general trend.

Statistically speaking, actually very few white women marry or date black men; though white woman/black man relationship is statistically more significant than some other interracial pairings, it is palled by the fact that, in fact, significantly more white women still prefer to date or marry white men,. As a matter of fact, and it is a quite widely known fact, white women carry the most in-group discrimination against men of other races, i.e. more white women prefer to date men of their own race than women of any other race. Divorce rate among white women-black men couples is also significantly higher than the national average.

But, whenever a white woman dates or marries a black man, her relationship is of such a big deal and importance that the media would rush in to eulogize her and with eager fingers to point out that indeed all men and women are created equal, that everyone can love anyone, that we are all living in a perfect world where there is no such a thing as difference between any race or any sex—we are all just bland, dark, and indistinguishable shadows of the human race.

Another factor is that African Americans, well, really don’t have anything to do with Africans. Africans from Africa are very different from the African Americans you see in America. I have always thought that Africans are very aggressive, mean and stupid, but only recently I have come to the conclusion, after meeting several African scholars from Africa, that it is the ruthless white genetics—the same genetics of the Vikings, the Homeric heroes, the Germanic barbarians—that make African Americans so muscular, so strong, so tall, so handsome, and that it is the resentment of slavery that makes them acting out in such a destructive manner. The actual Africans are all quite skinny and a lot of them are very weak in comparison to white men or African American men.

I hope that clears the air a little. There are distinct biological differences among races, no matter how hard the media tries to portray otherwise. The Northern Western European race is the lighthouse of this cruel, ruthless world, that they are genetically endowed by their superiority in strength, both mental and physical, and that it is historically and genetically inevitable that they become the masters of earth. The east asian race is evolutionarily developed to be the servile and submissive race, that no matter how hard we want to pretend otherwise, the natural world order of race has its own destiny and it will take us to where we are heading. It’s a matter of simply accepting its inevitability. We are all merely our genetic destiny. Those who fight it will be miserable; those who embrace it will feel fulfilled; but in the end, those who fight it and those who embrace it will all fulfill their destiny, willingly or unwillingly, happily or unhappily.

I will never argue with you

If you say something to me, I will be polite. If you are rude to me, I will just be quiet. If you say something I don’t agree with, I will never argue, because I find most people have already made up their mind before they speak, so even if I try to argue with them, they will always be convinced they are right, and my arguments just provide new incentive for them to counter-argue. If you don’t agree with me, I will not defend my position. I will just be quiet and subservient; I will even admit I am wrong and you are right, because you have already made up your mind.

Why asian women prefer white men: the root of all answers

There can be many extraneous answers to the question, but the root of all answers lies in this: progress.

It is precisely because there has been so much progress made in which asian women have become more educated, more attuned to the western standard of beauty, and more liberated that they started to have a higher standard in men. And here again we enter into a little controversial topic: white men are superior to asian men, black men, hispanic men, etc. That’s the fact. And even if it were not the fact, does it really matter? Remember, women choose their mates. So the fact that the most beautiful, feminine, and universally desired women—east asian women—overwhelmingly prefer to mate with white men needn’t even be pronounced. It will simply become a unspoken truth, the kind of truth that you carry stealthily with you over the night, the kind of truth that you hold your hand over her mouth, lest she screams too loudly, the kind of truth you dare not shout in a public square or a crowded theater, the kind of truth known to all but uttered by none. Asian women and white men are natural fits for each other; they together represent the progress toward the next stage.

And this is where progress pushes to a biological end. Despite all progress by feminism, women still overwhelmingly tend to mate with males who are superior to themselves, so you see why female Ph. D.s marry male professors, female CFOs marry male CEOs. Women in all cultures and races still tend to marry up, so that means if a woman is highly educated, she would not want to mate with someone who is less educated; if she is very powerful, she would not want to mate with a man who is less powerful than she is. So progress has pushed asian women to the frontier of power: she has become more powerful than asian men; she has become better educated than asian men; she is more attuned to the western standard of beauty than asian men, and naturally as a biological rule she would not want to marry down and mate with some ugly dirty asian men.

Since White men are by far the most superior males, and therefore the most desirable to mate with, then naturally every woman would want to mate with a White male. And since asian race is inferior to white race, since asian race is the submissive race complement to the dominant white race, then naturally asian women, who are superior to asian men but inferior to white men, will choose to mate with white men.

Herald shall they one day with flaming tongues, the future belongs to white men and asian women. This is the trend of the 21st century and those degenerate races that cannot embrace this trend will simply be eliminated.