The adventures of Professor Mr. White in Asia

By Jennifer Suzuki:

My boyfriend and I have a mutual friend—let’s call him Mr. White—who had worked as a trader on Wall street, lost his job during the financial crisis and was unable to find another job, so he decided to become an English teacher in China. During the interview with the Chinese principal of a high school, he told her that he studied Mandarin Chinese in college and he spoke fluent Chinese, but the principal retorted: “That’s good, but do not ever mention you speak Chinese to anyone. If they find out you speak Chinese, they might even ask me to fire you.” And from then on he pretended to not know a single word of Chinese beyond “ni hao” and he was so good at pretending that people in China even thought he was a deaf-mute white man. He taught at a very prestigious high school in Shanghai which was affiliated with a university, but he was in fact affiliated with neither the high school nor the college, and in stead a for-profit private company paid his salary. But all the lectures were in a college classroom so all his students thought he was a professor and everyone dutifully referred to him as “Professor —“ and for the sake of confidentiality let’s not reveal his last name and so I will just call him “Professor Mr. White”.

His students consisted of high school students, college students, white collar office workers, and even housewives; and more than half of all his students were girls. It seemed to him that Chinese girls were in general much more interested in learning English than boys. And because he pretended not to know a single word of Chinese, those Chinese girls spoke all kinds of nasty things to him without ever realizing that he understood every single word. They literally treated him as a deaf-mute.

In addition to normal lectures, he also gave private tutoring to some of the students. Every weekend he went to one of the students’ home and there were always a gathering of six Chinese girls who were there for the private tutoring. One time he went there, while he was tutoring, he overheard two of the girls chattering among themselves. Both of them were very young, most likely only in high school, and they were very pretty. Here was what they said to each other.

“I have often heard from Chinese women overseas that all the pleasures in the world are mere trifles compared to the experience when a white man goes into you. I have been thinking, since it’s so hard to find a white man in China, so I would like to discover this pleasure with this dumb laowai.”

“But what if after you do that, he goes around badmouthing about us.”

“He doesn’t speak a word of Chinese. It’s pretty hard for him to try to say anything even if he wanted. I mean, not many people can understand him.”

“Or what if you get pregnant?”

“Oh dear. You are worrying about the things that haven’t happened yet. And besides, what would be even better than having a mixed-race baby? Look at his dumb face. He does everything we ask him and let’s take him to my bedroom and we’ll see if it’s indeed as pleasurable as it has been rumored.”

All the while Mr. White just pretended to not understand a word of what they said and continued to teach his English, but by then all six of the Chinese women have joined in on the conversation about sex with laowai and they were completely immersed in talking to each other rather than listening to the lecture. And eventually the six of them agreed that they would try to see if Mr. White were interested, and the boldest one among them would lead him by her hands to the bedroom and have sex with him, and see if it was indeed pleasurable, and then they would take turns having sex with him after the first one.

So before the private tutor hour was up, one of the girls stood up and took Mr. White’s big hand and led him into the bedroom. All the while Mr. White just pretended to not have a clue about what was happening, but he was smiling from ear to ear in his heart. Once inside the bedroom, without saying a word, the girl started to undress before him, and gestured to him what she wanted to do like she was gesturing to a deaf-mute person, and so Mr. White, knowing full well what was happening, started to undress as well, and soon he was riding her like a raging bull and the bed was rocking back and forth along the motion reverberating the entire luxury apartment with a squeaking sound. She was moaning very loud as well so all the other ladies in the other room were listening in intently. After about 15 minutes, the girl came out and said it was the most incredible sex she had ever had and it was every bit as good as it was rumored. At this point all the other five ladies were unable to control their desires anymore and, just as Mr. White came out of the bedroom, they all thronged to him, grabbing both of his hands, tearing at his clothes which he had just put on. They pushed him back into the bedroom and started to kiss over all his body. They all took off their clothes at the same time, and fought among themselves to put their bodies on him, but Mr. White was just one man. He was unable to have sex with all of them at the same time, so he told them that he wanted them to lay on the bed in a straight line with their legs up and he would have sex with each one of them one by one.

Even as they all lay on the bed, the ladies were still chattering among themselves wondering who Mr. White was going to pick first, and they were still referring to Mr. White as a “dumb laowai” not knowing that he could understand them.

From then on every weekend Mr. White had sex with all six of them, but it didn’t stop there. Words quickly began to spread and more women were coming to ask Mr. White for private tutoring, and soon enough he was “tutoring” at least a few female students every night. Even during class they would talk among themselves about how unbelievably good the sex was with Mr. White. Some of the students were not even out of high school, and were Mr. White to do the same in the States Unites, he would have certainly been sent to jail, but in China there was no law against sex with minors. After a month or so Mr. White was asked by the principal to see her in her office, and he thought he might have gotten in trouble and was really nervous. When he went to see the principal, he was told that someone reported that he had been having sex with the female students, and Mr. White very strongly denied those allegations. But the principal told him to relax and she started telling him her life story, about how she had been married to a worthless Chinese husband for ten or fifteen years, had a daughter that was not as hard-working as she wanted her to, and about how much pressure she felt everyday. The conversation was leaving Mr. White totally confused until all of a sudden she stood up, flung herself into his arms and started to kiss him vigorously. Mr. White said that at that moment he felt like he was a rape victim. She kissed him, then unbuckled his belt, got on her knees and groped for his cock; it was as if she hadn’t had sex in a long time and she was so hungry for a good cock. They had sex right there in her office and when he went into her she almost screamed but she bit on her own fingers. Mr. White was even a little intimidated at how passionate she was during sex. From then on everyday during lunch hour he had to go see the principal and have sex with her in her office. And not only that, but every night he had to give “tutoring” to no less than 4 or 5 female students.

After about six months, he told the principal that he wanted to quit. She asked him why and he told her that he had been just too exhausted. And he told her in Chinese: “I just have one cock and there are too many Chinese hens.” He transferred to another college in Hangzhou, and after another six months, he went to Guangzhou, and later to Thailand. He has been a English teacher in Asia for the last three or four years now and though he complained about how exhausted he was, he kept on going and was really enjoying his job. The last time I heard about him, he was planning on getting married, presumably, to one of his students.

And I can’t emphasize it enough, everything written here within is the truth and nothing but the truth. None of this is made up.

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