This is a story about the downfall of an upper class Chinese woman, born in Shanghai, educated in the elite institutions of the United States, and married a middle class white man in America. Due to her haughty attitude, however, her white husband divorced her, and sold her to a wealthy white master who is apt at training Asian women. She lost her American permanent residency, was expatriated back to Shanghai, where she was trained as a sex slave. Her name was permanently changed to Chinky. After seeing the amazing progress her White master had done to his ex-wife, her husband decided to take her back, but in exchange, he had to give to the white owner his beautiful Eurasian daughter as a sex slave in exchange for his wife.

# # # # # # # # # #

“She doesn’t seem very happy to see me,” Kaufman said.

“Let’s work on that,” Rafer said, and he punched the petite Asian woman in the belly.

She doubled up and then fell to the floor, writhing and trying to suck in air. The two white men watched her. A bulge formed at the front of Kaufman’s trousers as the choking, gasping Asian woman twisted at their feet. She was wearing a halter top and shorts, and she was in her early thirties. Her hair was bleached blonde and shoulder-length. From a distance one might have mistaken her for her white girl. But her eyes are dark, and her figure petite and skinny, too frail to be a white woman.

“Show Mr. Kaufman how happy you are to see him, Chinky,” Rafer said.

Still gasping and breathing with difficulty, the small Asian whore rolled onto her hands and knees, trying to get her feet under her in order to stand up. Unable to do this, she whimpered with fear and began to crawl toward Kaufman on all fours. When she reached him she rubbed her face against the bulge in his trousers, then put her mouth on it, as if to suck him through the material. She still whimpered slightly between her heavy panting.

“Chinky doesn’t mean to be impolite,” Rafer said. “It’s just that sometimes when I bring home guests her fear gets the better of her. With good reason, of course. So I have to remind her of her manners.”

“I’ve been thinking about her all day,” Kaufman said. He stepped away from the Asian woman and sat down in a chair. Chinky followed him, crawling. She reached for his zipper. “No,” Kaufman said. “Just keep doing it through my pants, bitch. I don’t want to come too quickly tonight.” She lowered her head to his lap.

Rafer had sat down also. “I’m sure you have,” he said, smiling.

“Yes. As I always do when I’m invited here. It’s hard for me to work, thinking of the night to come. Of Chinky. And the things we will do to her.”

There was a muffled whimper from the Asian woman’s busy mouth.

“And, of course, the things she will do to us,” Rafer murmured.

“Yes. Do you remember the last time I was here? What was it, about a month ago?”

“Was it that long? We really should invite you more often.”

“I wish you would,:” Kaufman said. “Anyway, remember, we sat outside, and you made her run around the pool. Around and around and around. Until she–“

“Naked, I believe,” Rafer said.

“Yes, naked. God. What a sight that was. With her breasts bouncing and rolling, and her whole body–Jesus. Until she couldn’t run any more, couldn’t get her breath. But you made her keep running. On and on, and she was crying and practically choking to death. Until finally she fell down, and you told her not to stop, and she tried to crawl, but soon she couldn’t even do that, she just collapsed, heaving in these terrible big breaths. And you kicked her into the pool. God, she almost drowned.”

“But she didn’t,” Rafer said. “Because you were so excited you couldn’t wait to fuck her, and you pulled her out by her hair. And you got down on top of her and screwed her right there by the pool.”

“Oh Christ, yes, and it was fantastic, fucking that gasping, choking, half-dead chink body. Fantastic. No strength at all, and yet she was jerking and twitching and heaving, just instinctively trying to stay alive, and when I kissed her mouth and she struggled because she could barely breathe, I fucking came like twenty cannons. Christ!”

“Yes,” Rafer said. “I’m sure Chinky remembers it fondly too. Although actually it was relatively tame, as our guest sessions go. No really severe pain, no bondage, no actual torture.”

“Well,” Kaufman said. “Maybe we can make up for that tonight.”

Chinky made a noise again. Rafer smiled. “I dare say you have something in mind,” he said.

# # # # # # # # # #

Cassie screamed when she saw her mother Chinky in Rafer’s bedroom. Chinky was bound to the foot of his large bed, facing outward this time, her arms and legs stretched taut, wrists and ankles lashed to the bedposts, her body a straining X. She was stark naked, and covered with angry-looking marks. Rafer led Cassie into the room, holding her tightly by the arm. Chinky’s eyes widened when she saw her own daughter, her precious Eurasian daughter, but she said nothing. She just continued to moan softly. After her initial scream of surprise and horror, Cassie just stood there staring at her bound and tormented mother for a long moment, as if paralyzed by the sight. Then she screamed again and instinctively began to struggle, frantically trying to pull away from Rafer’s grip. But he was much too strong for her and simply held her more tightly, sinking his fingers savagely into the flesh of her arm until she stopped struggling and began to whine softly, bent over a little with the pain. “That’s your future, Cassie,” Rafer said, nodding toward Chinky. “You’re going to be my little fuck toy, just like your mother here. Unfortunately, your mother is just temporary, but not you, Cassie, you will be my permanent slave. And the more you fight it, the worse it will be for you. Do you understand?” Cassie began to sob.

# # # # # # # # # #

       Chinky’s cries and pleas were so loud that it made it almost impossible for the two men to converse. She was tied on her stomach across Rafer’s coffee table, stark naked. Her arms were spread out on either side of her, elbows crooked painfully over the table edges. Underneath the table, each of her wrists was tied to one end of a tight rope which kept them immobile. Her legs were stretched in a similar manner, pulled obscenely wide, bent at the knees, her ankles fastened beneath. Her long brown hair was held by a clamp that was attached to another rope, the other end of which was fastened at the far end of the table. This rope was stretched so taut that the pull on her hair forced Chinky’s head up and back as far as it would go, straining her neck in a futile effort to relieve the agony in her scalp, her eyes staring at the ceiling, the tension on her hair so great that she was scarcely able to close her mouth, which emitted a continuous series of squalls, groans, yelps, and incoherent begging which she must have known was useless. The two men sat looking at her, smoking cigars and drinking brandy. They were both naked. They had already made use of her body several times earlier in the evening, in various unpleasant positions, and had then released her to make them dinner. After that meal, in which Chinky had not been allowed to participate, they had secured her in her present position in Rafer’s living room. Both their cocks were hard now as they gazed at her writhing, straining, tormented Asian body.

“I’m not sure that would be a good idea,” Rafer was saying, raising his voice to make himself heard over Chinky’s cries. “I mean, I understand your desire to own her for yourself, but–“

“Just temporarily,” Kaufman put in. “And with adequate compensation, of course.”

“I understand, but–Christ, this bitch is loud, isn’t she? Why don’t you try putting something in her mouth to tone her down a bit.”

“Great idea,” Kaufman said. He rose and moved over to the coffee table. Standing at one end of it, his crotch was just level with Chinky’s face as it was pulled up and back. “Shut the fuck up, you sweet suffering gook cunt,” he said, and rammed his cock hard into her open mouth. He pushed it in all the way and kept it there, jamming it into her throat, arcfhing his hips as his groin pressed against her face. Chinky’s head was forced so far back by the strain on her scalp that she couldn’t pull back any further. She began to choke on his cock, trying frantically to breathe through her nostrils, her stifled but unstoppable sobs and moans making it more difficult. Only when she began to turn purple and showed signs of passing out did he ease himself back enough to allow her to take in some air around his thick member. Her bound, helpless body was wracked with her desperate gasping and panting.

“Suck it, bitch,” Kaufman said. “Suck it, I said!”

The fact that Chinky could not move her head either forward or back made it virtually impossible for her to obey, but she tried, although she couldn’t stop the muffled sobs and sounds of pain that still escaped around his white dick. She flexed her lips like a calf nursing on its mother’s tit, and she used her tongue, sliding it over and around his staff in a frantic effort to compensate for her immobility. Kaufman urged her on by holding his cigar close to her neck and touching the glowing tip lightly to her flesh if she showed signs of slackening her efforts. Each touch brought a scream from her, which he choked off by shoving himself back into her throat. Eventually he got tired of this and began to fuck her face brutally, thrusting back and forth in her helpless mouth as she gagged and mewled and squalled in terror and pain, until finally he pressed forward one last time and shot his sperm into her choking throat, holding himself there until she had helplessly swallowed it all.

Chinky was coughing and fighting noisily for breath as he pulled away from her. “Shut her up a little bit, anyway,” he said, contemplating the pain-wracked Asian woman, her neck still straining as her head was forced back by the awful pressure on her scalp. “You want to try it now?”

Rafer shook his head. “No, I’ll wait. Let’s leave her that way for a while. We can go out and talk by the pool, where it’s quiet.”

Before leaving the room, the two men put their cigars out on Chinky’s inner thighs. Her screams followed them out the door.

# # # # # # # # # #

Cassie tried to say something, but she was crying too hard. Kaufman pulled hard at her arm, jerking her off balance, and then let go, so that she fell to the floor, sprawling there.

“Strip,” Kaufman said then. “Take your damn clothes off for me, gook bitch. And hurry it up.”

The sobbing half-Chinese-half-white girl curled herself into a ball on the floor, rocking a bit, as though trying to escape somehow from the reality of this unexpected hell. Rafer unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his pants.

“Let me show you what happens when you don’t do what I tell you, bitch,” he said, and with that he began to whip the girl with the belt, flailing it viciously back and forth over her body. Cassie screamed and turned onto her back, trying to protect herself with her hands from the flying strap, to little avail. It lashed into her stomach and her thighs, and when she lowered her hands to protect them, it slashed into her breasts. Screaming, she rolled away, her hands scrabbling at her blouse buttons. Rafer gave her a few more lashes for good measure, then paused, breathing heavily, as he watched the writhing, squirming, squalling girl pulling frantically at her clothes. The blouse came off, then the skirt. In a pink bra and panties, she hesitated for barely a second before the sight of Rafer raising the belt again made her continue. She was shaking so hard that she had trouble unfastening the bra, but she managed finally, baring her breasts to him. Still on the floor, too weak or fearful to try and get up, she scrunched herself up again and reached for her panties, pushing them down, sliding them over her legs, kicking them off her feet. Then, at a command from Rafer, she lay down again on her back, spreading herself out for him.

His eyes devoured her nakedness: her firm girlish breasts, perhaps not yet as full as they would be, but sweetly formed and delightful to the eye, moving up and down with her continuing sobs, the pink nipples distended with fright; her creamy belly, almost flat, with just the slightest trace of lingering baby fat which only added to its erotic allure; the gentle but definite curves of her hips; her smooth, shapely legs.

“Nice body, bitch,” he said then.

Still gazing down at her avidly, he began to take off his clothes. Cassie moaned and turned her head away. Rafer laughed. “Don’t act like a scared virgin, you little whore. You’ll have had plenty of white cocks inside you.” As he continued to undress, his eyes moved from the girl’s body to the fuller, more voluptuous form of the woman stretched between the bedposts. Suddenly he grinned. Naked now, he reached down and grabbed a handful of the girl’s hair, then dragged her by it over toward where Chinky hung at the foot of the bed, as Cassie shrieked with pain. He then forced her up onto her knees in front of her outstretched mother and forcibly thrust her face between the widespread legs.

“Do it, chinks,” he commanded. “Eat each other’s pussies.”

# # # # # # # # # #

       “Think of it as a business deal,” Kaufman said. He and Rafer were seated by the pool with fresh drinks in their hands. It was a pleasant night. They could still hear the sound of Chinky’s torment, but now it was an unobtrusive background noise, like pleasant music. “You would simply be leasing her to me for a few days–say a week. You would get her back in the same condition–well, perhaps a little the worse for wear, but nothing permanent–and you would reap a handsome profit. I’m willing to meet your terms, and I certainly realize that for such a precious piece of equipment you would wish to make those terms exorbitant. Nonetheless–“

“I don’t think so, my friend,” Rafer said, taking a sip of his drink. “As I say, I understand your wish to possess her exclusively for a period of time–“

“A week, that’s all I’m asking,” Kaufman said.

“A week during which she will belong to you as she now belongs to me, to be in your possession and at your disposal twenty-four hours a day, there whenever you want her, obedient to your every whim, punishable whenever the need strikes you, yours to torment and degrade and show off to your friends. . .”

“Exactly.” Kaufman’s voice sounded a little hoarse. “Just for one week. That’s all I ask. And I would pay you whatever you ask.”

“I don’t think so,” Rafer said again.

“Why not? Surely you can spare her for a week. It’s not as though you don’t have other Chinese women to enjoy yourself. Here in Shanghai you can–“

“Exactly,” Rafer said. “In Shanghai, as a White Man, I can buy just about anything I want. The financial considerations do not tempt me. And I’m sure you know the old saying: ‘What is it the vintner buys quite so precious as the thing he sells?'”

“You wouldn’t be selling her. Just leasing.”

“The principal is the same,” Rafer said.

Kaufman slumped back in his chair. Rafer took two more cigars from his pocket and offered one to Kaufman, who shook his head. Rafer lit one of the cigars and took another sip of his drink.

“Of course,” he said after a minute. “There are some things money cannot buy. Even mine.”

Kaufman said nothing at first, but then something in Rafer’s tone caused him to look over sharply at the other man. “You mean there’s something else you want?”

Rafer exhaled a plume of smoke.

“Something you would trade even Chinky for?”        

Rafer said nothing.

“If I can–” Kaufman broke off, then started again, more calmly. “You know, of course, that I have connections. I have a good deal of influence, I know a lot of Chinese people. If there’s something I can get for you–something I can do–“

Rafer took another puff on his cigar before he spoke. “I wouldn’t even ask, my friend,” he said then. “It would be asking a price that you could never bring yourself to pay, even for the delectable Chinky. Let us drop the matter and go inside to see what further delights we can persuade the dragon lady to offer us.”

“Wait,” Kaufman said. “What do you mean? There is something you’d consider? Look, just tell me what it is. Anything. If I can do it, it’s yours. Just tell me.”

“There would be no point,” Rafer said. “It is beyond the realm of possibility that you would even begin to consider it. And even my mentioning it might well be injurious to our friendship. And I certainly wouldn’t want to risk that. So, as I say. . .”

“Please,” Kaufman said. “Just–just tell me what it is. If I can do it I will. If I can’t, I won’t. But at least give me the opportunity. Our friendship will remain as it is. And as a friend, I’m asking you. Just give me the chance.”

Rafer finished his drink. Then, slowly, he turned his head to look straight into Kaufman’s eyes. There was a small, strange smile on his face.

“Chinky has a daughter with you,” he said.

# # # # # # # # # #

Eat each other’s pussies, you gook whores.” Chinky and her daughter were stretched on top of each other, with Chinky on the bottom, and her interracial daughter Cassie tied on top of her. Rafer had set up a camera in the corner. He was completely naked except for a white hoodie covering his face. He stood on the edge of the bed with a whip, and as the mother and daughter licked each other’s pussy, he swinged the whip across their bodies.

# # # # # # # # # #

       Kaufman stared wordlessly at Rafer. He looked stunned. Several moments went by as the two men gazed at each other, unmoving. Finally Rafer shrugged his shoulders and took a puff on his cigar. He started to say something, but then stopped, waiting for the other man to speak first.

When Kaufman spoke his voice was a barely audible croak. “My daughter?” he said, then paused. “My–Cassie is… she’s just a teenager.”

“Well she just had a birthday two weeks ago,” Rafer said.

“Oh. Right,” Kaufman said, still sounding dazed.

“Yes.” Rafer took another puff. “After the divorce she used to live alternately with you and her mother, Chinky, until Chinky came to Shanghai and met me. Now she lives with her grandparents and goes to an international school.”

Kaufman nodded.

“I am partial to Eurasian women,” Rafer said. “An Eurasian daughter combines the devotion and obedience of an Asian female with the physical beauty of the white race. They are the ultimate pleasure of a white man”

Again there was silence. “I can’t believe it,” Kaufman said then.

Rafer nodded. “I did warn you that the suggestion was inappropriate, to say the least. I hope you will forgive my mentioning it. Let us put this discussion behind us and enjoy the remainder of the evening. Just listen to how shrill Chinky is getting,” he added. “Shall we release her and make her run around the pool again? In her present condition it should be a most stimulating experience.”

Kaufman didn’t move. “You want to … you want to use Chinky’s daughter for–you want to put her in Chinky’s place?”

“Just temporarily,” Rafer said. “Say an even exchange. You take back your Chinese wife for a week, as you requested, and I’ll take Chinky’s daughter. With the same guarantee that you offered to me–she will be returned in substantially the same condition…with perhaps a little wear and tear.”

“It’s–it’s monstrous!” Kaufman said.

“I don’t deny that. But then, we are monsters, aren’t we? White men like us. In this case the monstrousness just strikes closer to home for you. And I understand that, of course. I only made the suggestion because you insisted, and I withdraw it completely. Whether we can still be friends is your decision. I certainly hope we can–although I’m sure Chinky wishes otherwise,” he added with a smile.

“Jesus,” Kaufman said. “My daughtger Cassie is–I mean, she’s only–she’s never–she’s a virgin, she’s–“

“Oh, so what,” Rafer said.

“What are you saying?” Kaufman demanded. “How could you–“

“She has to lose her virginity sooner or later.”

“But Cassie–“

“Cassie, as a product of a white man and a chink, is bred to be inferior to pure white males. She is destined to serve superior white males as her mother Chinky. She will be the perfect sex slave for White men.”

“I don’t believe it!”

Rafer shrugged. “Well then, forget I said anything. And now we really must go inside. I have to pee rather badly, and I wish to use Chinky’s lovely mouth as my toilet bowl before I release her for further adventures. Care to join me?”

# # # # # # # # # #

“Let’s leave the chink mother and daughter alone for a moment,” was the last words they heard as Rafer left the room to get a glass of wine.

Chinky and her daughter Cassie were left lying on the bed looking into each other’s pussies with teary eyes. They were quiet for a long time, feeling their naked bodies pressing against each other.

Finally, her daughter Cassie said almost in a whisper, “Mom, what’s happening to us?”

“I don’t know,” Chinky said, blinking back fresh tears. It was the first time she had called her mom since they left the United States. “I promise you we’ll make it through this somehow. Everything will be OK, I promise!”

Then her daughter swallowed and opened her mouth to say something, but then shut it again. After a moment, she did speak, closing her eyes, ashamed of what she was about to say.

“Mom … I think … I think I liked it!”

She broke into sobs at the revelation. Her mother wanted to hug her, her darling girl, but could only rub her cheek against her thighs. “I know baby. I know. Mommy did too.”

“What’s wrong with us, mom?” She asked, and Chinky was lost for an answer.

At that point Chinky so desperately wanted to hug her daughter. She was silent after her question, and was so silent for a long time. Then, as if it were understood, Chinky lifted her head and started to lick her daughter’s pussy. It was slow, at first, tenderly and softly. After a few moments, Chinky felt her own pussy moistening. Her daughter had parted her lips, and hesitatingly slipped her tongue into Chinky’s pussy. She didn’t know why she was doing this, but at the moment they both knew they wanted it. Chinese mother, and her Eurasian daughter, tied together in bed, began to moan softly as they continued to lick each others’s pussies, and it became more passionate as their bodies started to heat up.


# # # # # # # # # #

       Chinky sat beside Kaufman in the front seat of his car. She was wrapped in a voluminous robe that covered almost all of her body and hid the fact that she was naked beneath it, with her hands bound behind her, and that she was tightly trussed up with rope from her calves to her shoulders. The rope wound around and around her body, sinking into her flesh, crushing her legs together, constricting her stomach, compressing her breasts, wound so cruelly tight it was hard for her to breathe. That difficulty was compounded by the fact that her mouth was filled to bursting with an inflatable rubber gag which kept her jaws widely distended and was held in place with strong tape. A scarf around her neck had been discreetly arranged to cover the lower part of her face, so that the gag too was hidden from sight.

“I’m really looking forward to this next week, chinky” Kaufman said. “Oh, we’re going to have such fun, you and I. Well, I am, anyway. You can’t imagine the fun I’m going to have. The things I have in store for you.”

A tiny muffled whimper came from the stopped-up mouth.

Kaufman smiled. He took one hand off the wheel and reached forward to press in the old-fashioned cigarette lighter on the dashboard of the car. But he made no move to produce a cigarette or a cigar. Chinky looked over at him fearfully.

“You know, a lot of cars don’t have these handy little gadgets in America anymore,” he remarked. “What with the decline in smoking and all. But here in China I still find it useful now and again. Do you still remember the good’ol days back the in States. I would never imagined in a million years to be able to do what I do here. Here, let me show you what I mean.” After a moment the lighter gave a little click as it popped out again, and Kaufman reached for it, pulling it out all the way. Chinky shrank back a little as he contemplated the glowing red tip of the lighter, but there was not much room for her to move. Kaufman smiled again. With the hand that held the lighter he reached out and found the opening at the front of her robe. His hand went beneath it, finding her leg, his fingers searching for a space between the tightly wound ropes large enough for the lighter to insert itself. He found one high on the inside of her left thigh. Chinky was shaking her head and whimpering frantically. Kaufman carefully maneuvered the tip of the lighter between the ropes and pressed it firmly into the trembling flesh, holding it there. The convulsive stiffening and jerking of her body, along with the muffled, high-pitched wail of agony that came through the stifling gag made his cock throb painfully and strain against his pants. He held the lighter where it was long enough for it to begin to cool off, then removed it and replaced it in its holder. Then he put both hands on the wheel and pressed down harder on the accelerator. He couldn’t wait to get home.

# # # # # # # # # #

It was their deal, that Kaufman was to spend a week alone with his Chinese wife, now trained fully as a sex slave, and in return, Rafer will take his precious virgin daughter and turn her into a sex slave.

# # # # # # # # # #

       “This is it,” Kaufman said as he unlocked his front door. He had removed the ropes binding Chinky’s legs, to allow her to walk, which she did very stiffly and painfully. He had removed the gag too, but beneath the robe her arms were still tied behind her. “This will be your home for the next week, Chinky, just like in the good’ol days when we were married, but this time, you are not in charge anymore.” He ushered her in and closed the door behind them. “Take that thing off,” he said.

The robe was loosely tied and wrapped, but with her pinioned arms Chinky still had to struggle a bit to work it off her body. It finally fell to the floor, and Kaufman surveyed her familiar voluptuous nakedness with a glint in his eyes that brought a tiny whimpering sound from her throat. Kaufman heard it and smiled. He reached down between her legs, his fingers finding the spot on her thigh where he had burned her with the cigarette lighter and pressing it hard. Her cry of pain and the quick flinching of her body made his smile grow wider.

“A whole week,” he mumured. “I have you all to myself for a whole week, as a sex slave. It’s just too delicious. But I have something for you, Chinky. Come with me.” Taking one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulling on it, he led her that way out of the room and up a flight of stairs to his bathroom, Chinky gasping all the way.

“This will be your room,” Kaufman said. “I’m sure you’ll find the accommodations…stimulating. You and I will have some good times in here, Chinky. Among other places. But let me show you how comfortable it is. Lie down, girl. On the floor. On your back. Get down.”

Slowly, awkwardly, Chinky lowered herself to her knees. From there she allowed herself to topple onto her side, then straightened her legs and rolled onto her back, lying on her bound arms. The position made her body arch slightly, as if offering itself up to him.

“That’s fine,” Kaufman said, standing over her. “That’s fine. Just stay still now.” He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. “This is what I have for you, Chinky,” he said. “I’ve been saving it up for you all day.” And he began to urinate on her.

Chinky knew better than to try to roll away. She stayed as she was, merely closing her eyes as the stream of his piss moved up and down her body. Hitting her breasts, her stomach, her crotch, her legs. Moving up again.

“No, open your eyes, Chinky,” Kaufman said. “I want to piss in them.”

Chinky opened her eyes.

“And your mouth,” Kaufman said.

Chinky opened that too.

Kaufman pissed into it. Obedient Chinky swallowed what she could and choked on the rest, but she didn’t move. He pissed into her eyes. And in her hair, and all over her face. He pissed on her for a long time, and when he stopped he put his cock back and zipped himself up, looking down at her sodden figure. Much of his piss had rolled or splashed off her, making little yellow puddles on the floor.

“Look at this mess,” Kaufman said. “It’s disgusting. The color of my urine looks exactly like the color of your race. I am filled with revulsion looking at you now that I was once married to you, you disgusting yellow piss whore. I want you to clean it up, Chinky. All of it. I will come back in an hour, and I expect to find this place spotless. Absolutely immaculate. If I don’t you will be one very sorry young lady. Do you understand me?”

Chinky nodded wordlessly.

“Use your tongue,” Kaufman said. Then he went out and locked the door behind him.

# # # # # # # # # #

In addition to Cassie, Rafer also obtained her best friend, Delilah Wong. It all happened as part of an elaborate hoax. Cassie’s father Kaufman had said that an American expat invited all of them to attend a party in his private mansion, and Cassie brought her friend Delilah Wong with her. Once they were there, they were drugged, raped, beaten, and enslaved. In exchange, Kaufman got what he wanted, a week alone with his ex-wife, Chinky. It was his revenge all along, one supposes.

# # # # # # # # # #

       Kaufman, with Chinky beside him, drove through narrow, potholed streets in the rundown countryside of Shanghai. They passed boarded-up store fronts, husks of burned-out buildings, abandoned, trash-strewn lots. For the most part the only people to be seen were obvious derelicts, some shambling aimlessly along the sidewalks, some sitting or lying on the ground. Some were unconscious or asleep. Kaufman slowed as they passed an alleyway in which, a few yards down, two middle-aged men in torn, raggedy garments were sitting on the ground, leaning against the back of a building near a couple of overflowing garbage cans. They looked as though they were sleeping. Kaufman turned into the alley; it was barely wide enough to admit the car. He drove slowly down the alley until he reached the two men, then stopped. “These men look like they could use some pleasant recreation, don’t you think?” he said to Chinky.

Chinky said nothing. For a moment she looked as though she was about to plead with him, but then her expression showed that she knew it would be of no use, and she remained quiet.

Kaufman turned off the engine and gave two quick blasts on the horn. The sound reverberated loudly in the narrow alley and startled the two homeless Chinese men, who woke and stared at the car as if they were still dreaming. Kaufman rolled down his window and beckoned to them.

One of the men slowly got to his feet and shambled over to the car. He was dirty-looking, unshaven and wild-haired. It was hard to tell his age, but he might have been in his early forties. He was short and skinny, and he scratched at his stomach as he approached Kaufman’s window. The other man, equally unkempt, now started to get up also. He looked a little younger than the first man, even thinner, but noticeably even dirtier, and he had a squint in one eye.

“Congratulations, you dirty chinks,” Kaufman said, smiling at them. “You men are the lucky winners of today’s grand prize.”

The first man stared at him uncomprehendingly. His bleary eyes widened a little as he saw the extremely atractive Chinese female sitting next to him. Her face and manners showed elegent sophistication. “Huh?” he grunted. The other man, standing now, a little unsteadily, called out, in Chinese, “Yang Da Ren, xing xing hua, gei dian qian ba!” (Western master, please do some good, and give me some money.)

“I can do better than that,” Kaufman said. “As I said, you guys are lucky winners, and I am here to give you your reward. Chinky, show them what they’ve won.”

Chinky hesitated. As before, she looked like she wanted to say something, but decided against it. After a moment she opened the door on her side of the car and got out. She was wearing a simple red dress, short enough and snug enough to show off her rather spectacular figure. She moved around the front of the car so that she could be fully seen by the two men, and stood there quietly. Her expression was a mixture of apprehension and resignation. The two men stared at her.

“This is your prize, gentlemen,” Kaufman said. “She is yours to enjoy, right here, right now. What do you say?”

The first man simply continued to stare, his mouth falling open. The second man after a moment grinned hugely. Several of his teeth were missing, the rest yellow and crooked. Kaufman looked around to see that they were not being observed from either end of the alley. “Chinky, take off the dress.”

Chinky, with no change of expression except for a slight tightening of her lips, pulled up the dress and slipped it off over her head. She wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Both men made noises of surprise and disbelief. The first one was breathing audibly. Both of them stood as though petrified, their eyes glued to the naked body. Chinky stared straight ahead, not looking at them.

“Get in the car, Chinky,” Kaufman said. “In the back.” Chinky moved to the rear door of the car, opened it and got in.

“All right, guys, which of you wants to go first?” Kaufman said.

For a moment neither of them spoke. The first man was still standing as if poleaxed, his mouth open. Without speaking, the second man lurched toward the car. He got into the back with Chinky who didn’t look at him. He began awkwardly to pull off his ragged garments.

“Help him, Chinky,” Kaufman said.

Chinky helped him. When he was naked he threw himself at her and bore her down to the seat. She didn’t resist.

“Kiss him,  Chinky,” Kaufman said.

Chinky threw him a glance. What he saw there made him smile. “Kiss him good,” he told her.

Chinky put her arms around the naked derilict Chinese man’s neck and pulled his face down to hers. She made a sound of disgust as she did so, but she kissed him. She pressed her mouth against his scabbed, slobbering lips and held it there. At another word from Kaufman, she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue between the man’s lips. Little whimpering sounds came from her throat, but she didn’t break the kiss until Kaufman told her to help the man, who had pushed his way between her legs and was now fumbling at her crotch, trying to find her with his very hard penis. She reached down and grasped him, then guided him to her. Her sobbing cry was almost drowned out by his loud groan as he pushed his way inside her.

“Make it good for him, Chinky,” Kaufman said. “Fuck him good. Put your legs around him.”

Chinky obeyed. She continued to sob as she did so. She wrapped her legs around the tramp’s waist and her body moved strongly beneath him, moving up and down, imparting a forced rhythm to his erratic strokes. The man was gasping and emitting cries of pleasure and disbelief. He didn’t last long. He shouted as he came inside her, then collapsed on top of her, panting for breath. Chinky turned her face away to avoid his foul breath. She was still sobbing.

“Hao! Hao!” (Good, good) the man said.

“You want to do it again?” Kaufman asked him.

“Wo ye lai!” (I want too!) the other tramp had been watching his friend through the car window, his eyes wide, his mouth open. Little bubbles of saliva trickled from the corners of his lips.

“You’ll have your turn,” Kaufman told him. “Don’t worry. Isn’t that right, Chinky?”

Chinky moaned.


“Yes,” Chink got out.

“Tell him.”

Chinky raised her damp eyes to the second man. “You’ll have your turn,” she said brokenly. In Chinese, you stupid fucking cunt!”

Hui lun dai ni.” Chink said to the other tramp.

“So what do you say, buddy?” Kaufman said to the first man. “You want to go again? Chinky, ask him in Chinese if he wants to go again.”

He said yes but he didn’t know if his cock could do it again. His cock had slipped out of Chinky’s pussy and was hanging limp, shiny with traces of semen and other effluvia.

“Chinky will see that you can,” Kaufman said. “Chinky is very good at that. Aren’t you, Chinky?”

“Please,” Chinky breathed softly. Helplessly.

“Suck him, Chinky,” Kaufman said. “Suck his dick till he’s hard again.”

The man gasped.

For a moment Chinky didn’t move. Kaufman reached over to the dashboard and pressed in the little cigarette lighter. Chinky made a sound and slid off the seat, going to her knees on the floor of the car. Then she leaned over and brought her face to the Chinese man’s crotch. Lifting his flaccid penis with her fingers, she took it into her mouth. The man moaned. His fingers tangled in her hair as her lips and tongue began to work on him. Soon he was gasping continuously, the sound mingling with her now muffled sobs as her head began to move up and down. When she heard the sound of the cigarette lighter clicking out, she moved faster. She didn’t stop until he was as hard as before.

“Good girl,” Kaufman said. “Now you fuck him this time.”

Chinky got up onto the seat and straddled the man as he lay on his back. She adjusted his cock between her legs and gradually sank down on it, taking him inside her. The man groaned. When she had taken it all she began to ride him slowly. She never stopped sobbing.

“Go faster, Chinky,” Kaufman ordered. “Make those boobs bounce.”

Chinky obeyed. The man now reached up with both hands and put them over her bouncing breasts. At first he just held onto them, and then he began to squeeze. She cried out as his fingers dug into her flesh, but she didn’t stop moving. The man pulled at her breasts to bring her upper body down on top of him, then moved his hands to her hair and forced her mouth to his again, kissing her and panting. His hips began to buck in rhythm with her movements. Chinky’s breasts were mashed against his chest and she was crying into his mouth as he continued to hold her head in place.

“wo ye yao!” ( I want too.) the other derelict said. He fumbled at his ragged fly and pulled out his stiff, dirty-looking little Chinese cock, which he began to stroke as he watched the pair in the back seat.

“Why don’t you join them?” Kaufman said. “You can both fuck her at the same time. Isn’t that right, Chinky? Tell him in Chinese.”

Chinky was unable to answer; her mouth was still pressed forcibly against the first man’s. Sensing what Kaufman said, the second man quickly opened the rear door of the car and squeezed himself inside, still fully dressed. But it was a tight squeeze, and with all three of them in the back seat there was not much room to maneuver. The second man cursed as he attempted to position himself behind Chinky, with little success.

“It’s too crowded back there,” Kaufman said then. “Why don’t you guys take it outside.” Waing and directing them to get out of the car.

Sensing what was being said, the second man backed out of the car, taking hold of Chinky’s arm and pulling her with him as he did so. The first man made an angry sound of protest and tried to hold on to her, but the other man was stronger. Chinky cried out as she was ripped away from the man beneath her and pulled forcibly out of the car. The first man scrambled out after her, and Kaufman got out also, looking quickly up and down the alley to make sure no one was in sight.

The second man, still holding Chinky’s arm, propelled her with him around the car. When he let her go she stumbled and lost her balance, and with another loud cry she fell to her hands and knees. Gasping, she started to get up, but Kaufman stopped her. “Stay right there, Chinky,” he told her. “Just like that. That’s perfect.”

Chinky’s head dropped and she moaned, but she stayed as she was. The second man moved to stand in front of her, then reached down to take hold of her hair and pull her head up. His dirty cock still stuck out of his soiled pants, and now with a gap-toothed grin he jammed it into her moaning, gasping mouth. Holding on to her hair he began to fuck that mouth, moving strongly back and forth and making little sounds in his throat.

“You know what to do, Chinky,” Kaufman said. Chinky was choking and gagging, but she closed her lips around the man’s cock. The other man was staring at her luscious naked body, on all fours, her mouth full of cock, her breasts swaying beneath her as that body was jolted with every thrust of the second man’s hips. He quickly moved behind her and got to his knees. His cock was still hard. He tried to get it into her pussy, but her legs were too close together. He pulled at them, cursing, and managed to pry them apart a little, her knees scraping on the rough asphalt. She was sobbing and gagging around the other man’s cock, but still sucking him as best she could as he rammed it in and out between her lips.

“Gang Jiao geng hao!” (anal is better) Kaufman muttered out in Chinese, speaking to the first man. “Ta de pi yan fei chang jin” (her anus is very tight.)

Surprised that the White man spoke such good English, the tramp put his hands on Chinky’s buttocks and spread them apart, revealing her small anus. Chinky made a sound of terror around the cock in her mouth and quickly moved her knees further apart, as if offering him her pussy instead. But he ignored it now. His cock was still wet from having been inside her, but that did not seem to help much as he brought his rampant member to her asshole and without pause forced it into her with a mighty push. His cockhead disappeared inside her, and Chinky’s mouth opened wide as a shrill scream escaped her throat.

“Don’t stop sucking, Chinky.” Kaufman said.

Chinky tried to obey, but she couldn’t hold back the cries of pain and anguish that issued from her as the man behind her forced his way into her tight rear passage. Both men were grunting steadily now as they fucked her from both ends. The first man’s cock pushed deeper and deeper, ramming its way past her sphincter and finally burying itself completely in her clenching tunnel, while the other continued to fill her gasping, squalling mouth and thrust into her throat. Kaufman looked on with a smile as her body was battered back and forth, her breasts juddering and bouncing, her hands and knees scraping continually against the filthy floor of the alley.

“Oh!” the second man shouted finally, and he grabbed her hair with both hands now, pulling her head hard against him. His body shuddered and then jerked repeatedly as he shot his come into her throat. Chinky choked and gagged, but he held her that way until she managed to swallow it down, her throat working convulsively. He pulled away from her then and fell back, gasping so hard he had to bend over to catch his breath.

Chinky was crying hard now. The man behind her was fucking her ass with short but forcible strokes, and now he reached around to take hold of her breasts, squeezing them hard as he increased the tempo of his pounding. Her arms gave way and her upper body collapsed, her shoulders and her face now resting against the ground. A few moments later the man behind her came also, spewing his jism deep into her rear passage.

Chinky toppled over onto her side, then curled herself into a ball on the ground, sobbing and moaning.

“Chinky?” Kaufman said.

# # # # # # # # # #

But Rafer wanted more than just a week. He wanted to invite Chinky and Kaufman back for another session, so they can exchange the progress they each had made with their respective slaves. Cassie, her mother Chinky, and Delilah Wong, one Eurasian and two Chinese girls.

# # # # # # # # # #

       Kaufman awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of Chinkys moans. Even before he opened his eyes he smiled at the thought of what he would see when he did. He rolled onto his back and let them open slowly. There was not much light in the room, but he could see her well enough. Chinky was naked, hanging upside down at the foot of his bed, her arms and legs tied taut, wrists and ankles bound together in a uncomfortable inverted C shape. The tall bedposts at the corners acted as a lever and hoisted up the chink up toward the ceiling. There were nipple clamps on each of her breasts, and a large steel clamp on her on her clitoris. Her hair was clamped and fastened to a rope that hung from the ceiling, pulling her head backward and keeping her body from sagging in its bonds. Kaufman’s smile grew wider and his cock grew stiff. He thought of how pleasant it would be to take her that way, right now, in all that pain, maybe go around behind her, give her a whipping withs his belt, and fuck her in the mouth. But no, he decided, he was too comfortable to get up right now. It could wait till the morning.

“Chinky!” He said. “Stop that noise.”

Chinky stopped moaning immediately. But her heavy, rapid breathing was still loud in the room, much as she tried to control it.

“If you wake me up again with that moaning and groaning, you’ll regret it,” Kaufman said. “Tomorrow night I’ll make it even worse. Understand, Chinky?”

With her hair pulled tightly as it was, Chinky couldn’t even nod. But she made an inarticulate sound of assent. Kaufman turned over and went back to sleep.

The next morning Kaufman kept his promise to himself, whipped her with his belt, and fucked Chinky’s mouth in her inverted position, just as she was. She looked so horribly anguished after hanging there all night that he decided to leave her there when he went to work. Chinky couldn’t keep herself from begging him to let her down, even if only for a few minutes, just to let her go to the bathroom. She badly needed to use the bathroom, she pleaded. Kaufman listened to her pleas for some time. They made him hard again, but he refused to take her down. He told her he would be gone all day, and that she had better hold it in. He told her that if he found she had made a mess on his floor, any kind of mess, while he was gone, he would punish her very severely. Then he left.

When he got home that evening, somewhat to his surprise, there was a big mess. Chinky had urinated all over herself. In her upside down position, the urine and feces had traversed along the curve of her body and dripped onto the floor. There was a stream of piss running from her pussy, which was still clamped together with a big steel clamp, all the way down to her lips. Some seem to have dripped into her nostrils. The urine meshed her hair and dripped to the floor. She was nearly out of her mind. As soon as she saw him she began to beg, The begging was nearly incoherent, broken up by sobs and moans and cries of agony and sounds that were indescribable, sounds that might have been screams except that she was too weak to scream, so they came out as gurgles or rasps or terrible choking noises. And it made him hard again. He considered fucking her, but decided that in her condition it might be too disgusting. So he left her there, enjoying the frantic sounds of her suffering as he changed unhurriedly from his business suit into a comfortable dressing gown. Then finally he took her down. He cut her feet free first, allowing her to revert back to a upright position, to stop the blood from flowing to her head, and as soon as her feet had a purchase on the floor, he released her hands as well. Her legs were too stiff and weak and painful to hold herself, and she collapsed in a heap. Somehow, though, she managed to get herself onto her hands and knees and immediately began to crawl, with painful slowness and obvious torment, toward the bathroom. Every move made her cry out, but she forced herself onward. Kaufman followed her.

He followed her right into the bathroom and watched without offering to help as with great difficulty she pulled herself up onto the toilet and got herself seated. Immediately, with a great sobbing cry, she began to relieve herself. The unmistakable sounds of urination and defecation mingled with her moans and her heavy rapid breath.

Kaufman moved toward her then, parting his dressing gown. Standing in front of her as she continued to do her business, he brought his very stiff cock close to her open, panting mouth. “Suck me, bitch,” he demanded. Chinky, with a terrible sob but without stopping what she was doing, leaned forward and took him in, and he fucked her face until he came down her throat.

“God, you’re disgusting,” Kaufman said as he pulled away from her. “You’re lower than a pig, Chinky, did you know that, you slime-sucking yellow cunt? And to prove it, here’s what you’re going to do when you finish pissing and shitting your guts out. You”re not going to flush this toilet. You hear me? You’re going to clean it out by eating and drinking everything that’s in there. And then licking it clean. I want that bowl to be shining, Chinky. Clean and shining. You got that?”

Chinky nodded, sobbing. The sounds of her voiding herself were still going on, but lessening now, and finally they stopped. Chinky continued to sob and moan, and her breasts heaved with her heavy, irregular breathing. Kaufman sat down on the edge of the bathtub. “Go ahead, Chinky,” he said. “I’ll stay and watch, just to see that you do a good job and don’t cheat or anything.” When Chinky hesitated, he smiled at her. “You want to be persuaded, Chinky, is that it?” he said softly. “I’d enjoy persuading you, if that’s what you want.”

Chinky made a sound and shook her head. She slid herself painfully off the toilet and went to her knees. She lifted the ring of the seat to better access the porcelain bowl. As she looked into it she made a little retching noise.

“Don’t forget to wipe yourself, Chinky, you filthy chink pig,” Kaufman said.

Chinky reached for the roll of toilet paper on the side of the commode, tore some off and wiped herself with it. Then she hesitated.

“Into the toilet, Chinky,” Kaufman said.

Chinky dropped the paper in the toilet. Kaufman waited. Chinky swallowed hard. Then she slowly lowered her head into the bowl. Her long hair fell into the water, and she quickly tried to brush it back. “No hands, Chinky,” Kaufman said, and she let it go. She hesitated for another moment, then with a tiny whimper she plunged her face into the foul water.

She then proceeded to obey Kaufman’s orders as best she could. She ate what was in there. Her head rose and fell again and again as she came up for air, gasping and retching and forcing herself to swallow, gasping and retching some more, and then plunging back in. She ate the soiled toilet paper, and she swallowed her turds. All of them. It took her a long time. Once, early on, she vomited into the bowl, and Kaufman made her eat that too. She retched constantly after that, but somehow kept herself from actually throwing up. When the solid matter was gone she drank the remaining water until it was gone too. Then she licked out the entire bowl with her tongue, until Kaufman was satisfied that it was clean.

When she finished she fell back onto the floor, still retching, her face dripping, her hair wet and foul, her whole body heaving as she gasped for breath. Kaufman was hard again. He picked her up and, lowering the seat, laid her over the toilet bowl face down and proceeded to fuck her violently in the ass.

# # # # # # # # # #

       When everyone arrived at the party, Rafer met them at the front door. He was naked and was holding two leather leashes, each of which was attached to a collar worn by one of the girls who stood behind him. Both Chinky and Delilah also wore a brief sarong-like garment, obviously designed for easy removal. Both of them had their hands tied behind them.

Delilah made a soft whimpering sound as she saw the naked man. Rafer smiled. “‘Good to see you, my friend,” he said to Kaufman, standing aside for his guests to enter. Kaufman led the girls into the spacious foyer, and Rafer closed the door behind them. Then he turned and approached the older girl. “I missed you, Chinky,” he said to her. And then, without warning, he drew back his leg and aimed a vicious swiping kick at her ankles. It knocked her legs out from under her, and she cried out with fear as she went down hard, unable to protect herself with her bound hands.

“You know better than to stand in my presence without permission, Chinky,” Rafer said to her. “Do I have to teach you all over again?”

Chinky had landed on her side, bruising her arm and part of her body on the hard floor. She seemed stunned for a moment, but then, moaning with pain, she managed to turn herself over and to maneuver herself, with some difficulty, onto her knees.

“That’s better,” Rafer said, then turned to look at the other girl.

“This is Delilah Wong,” Kaufman said. “The Daughter of the Chinese ambassador I told you about.”

Rafer looked her up and down. “Nice and young,” he murmured. “But a bit scrawny, isn’t she?”

“She looks better naked,” Kaufman said, and brought his hands to the back of her garment. Delilah whimpered again as he unfastened it and pulled it off, but she didn’t move. There was nothing beneath it.

“Yes, she does,” Rafer agreed. “I’m sure she’ll do fine. How’s her mouth?”        

“Getting better all the time,” Kaufman said. “She was kind of amateurish at first, but I’ve teen training her. Why don’t you test it out?”

“Good idea,” Rafer said. “On your knees, girl.” He reached out to tangle his fingers in Delilah’s long black hair and gripped it tightly as he pressed down. Delilah gave a cry of pain and despair, and her knees buckled under her. She would have fallen harder if Rafer had not held onto her hair, slowing her descent but bringing more pain to her tormented scalp. She was whining softly as she knelt before him, but when he brought his now semi-erect cock to her panting mouth, she opened it obediently and took him in.

“That’s the girl,” Rafer said. He kept both hands in her hair, holding her head still as he slid himself slowly and deeply into her mouth. When she started to choke he withdrew most of the way, then pushed in again. He did this several times, deliberately fucking the girl’s face, making her gag each time he pushed in. “Sweet young mouth,” Rafer said. “Use your tongue, girl.” He showed no expression as he continued to move in and out between her clasping lips, without speeding up or varying his tempo, until finally he thrust himself into her mouth all the way and held himself there, pulling her head hard against him, her lips jammed against the flesh around the base of his cock. Delilah choked and tried to pull away, but she could not. A strangling sound came from her throat as she tried frantically to pull in air through her compressed nostrils. Still he held her there as she gagged and retched, literally strangling on his white cock. Her restrained hands pulled vainly at their bonds, the fingers clawing the air. It was not until her eyes had begun to roll back in her head  that Rafer let her go. She fell back, toppling over and writhing on the floor, heaving great gasping breaths of air into her wide open mouth. Rafer’s cock was still hard and straining as he looked down at her twisting naked Asian body.

“Yes, she’s got a lot to learn,” he said to Kaufman. “But it will be fun breaking her in. Shall we go out to the pool now? I’ve arranged a special treat for you, my friend.”        

“On your knees, bitch,” Kaufman said to Delilah, and when the still gasping, squirming girl did not respond quickly enough he reached down with one hand to pull her up by her hair, adding further torment to her already aching scalp and bringing a shriek of agony from her as she clambered onto her knees. Rafer now stripped off Chinky’s sarong so that she was as naked as Delilah, and Kaufman picked up the two leashes and tugged at them as Rafer led the way to the back of the house. Chinky and Delilah were forced to follow, shuffling slowly and painfully on their knees with their hands bound behind them.

As they approached the door leading to the terrace, they could hear sounds coming from the pool area. They seemed to be female cries of terror and distress, interspersed with frantic sobs and pleas. Kaufman cocked an ear.

“Would that be my daughter, by any chance?” he said to Rafer.

“It would indeed,” the other man replied, smiling.

As he opened the door to the terrace the sounds got louder. Stepping through it, Kaufman stopped short for a moment, his eyes going wide at what he saw. His daughter Cassie was hanging upside down at the deep end of the pool, her ankles bound with a stout rope, the other end of which was tied around the green-painted diving board that projected over the water. She was stark naked, but for a thin chain around her waist, to the back of which was attached a pair of handcuffs that kept her wrists imprisoned, immobilizing her arms. She had been hung in a way that left her shoulders just clear of the pool’s surface, so that she had to make a continuous effort to keep her head out of the water. It was this that was bringing the frightful, unearthly sounds from her throat as she strained and twisted in a desperate struggle to raise her head, to hold it clear of the water, to keep herself from drowning. She was obviously tiring, her neck muscles giving way, her body trying helplessly to pull itself up somehow, arching and straining, then falling back. Her upside down breasts bounced and rolled with her struggles, and the tendrils of her long hair floated on the surface of the pool.

“Lovely sight, isn’t she?” Rafer said.

“Jesus!” Kaufman said hoarsely.

“Would you like her to demonstrate that for you now?” Rafer said. “Her sexual prowess, amazing under any circumstances in one so young, tends to reach even greater heights when she is terrified in this way. Or would you prefer to wait and let her–“

“I’m not–I can’t–” Kaufman said, his eyes still on the weakly flailing girl. “I told you I won’t–do anything sexual with her. Not with my own daughter. Jesus!”

“How righteous,” Rafer said mockingly. “How moralistic of you, my friend. But if you–“

At that point a particularly loud cry came from Cassie as in the midst of her struggles she now caught sight of the two men standing just outside the doorway of the house. “Daddy!” she screamed, straining her neck as hard as she could to keep her head up, her eyes filled with horror and pleading. “Daddy, help me! Please! Oh god Daddy please! Help me!”

“Well?” Rafer said to Kaufman. “Your little mongrel daughter is calling for your help. Do you want to rescue her? Or would you like me to release her? It’s your call, my friend.”

Kaufman said nothing at first. His eyes were still on the girl. Then he said, “No. Not yet. Leave her there.”

Rafer smiled. Cassie continued to plead frantically, but her shrieks got weaker and more despairing as they went unheeded. “In that case,” Rafer said, “since you will not take advantage of this delightful opportunity, I assume you will not mind if I do so. Your presence will give it an extra bit of zest, as I’m sure Cassie would agree.”

Kaufman looked at him then. “Why not?” he said. “You’ve been fucking her all week long, why stop now?”

“Indeed,” Rafer said.

Kaufman shrugged. “That girl is going to drown in a minute,” he said, nodding toward Cassie, who was having an increasingly difficult time keeping her face out of the water. Her cries came intermittently now, insterspersed with gurgling sounds and desperate gasps for air.

“Oh, I won’t allow that,” Rafer said. “But I’ll have a little more fun with her before I stop it. Watch this.” He moved across the patio to the deep end of the pool and swiftly climbed the steps to the diving board. He stepped out to the end of the board and then began to bounce up and down on his toes, as if preparing to dive. Each time he came down the flexible board dipped under his weight, lowering Cassie’s suspended body so that her head was plunged under the water, in spite of all she could do to avoid it. Again and again Rafer bounced on the board, and again and again the girl’s face and head were submerged before the board sprang back again, pulling her up as before, gasping, shrieking and choking.

Finally Rafer arced himself off the board, executing a graceful dive into the water, several yards from the hanging body. Coming up, he turned himself onto his back and, without haste, propelled himself toward her. Cassie gave a gurgling cry of relief as he maneuvered himself beneath her, inserting his body between her head and the water. Floating easily on the surface, he grabbed at the hanging strands of her hair and pulled her face to his crotch. “Suck me, girl,” Rafer said. “Show your daddy what a fine little cocksucker you are. And do it good, or by god I’ll let him watch you drown.”

Cassie was still gasping hard and sobbing with terror and pain, but she managed to take him into her open mouth and, with him holding on to her hair to keep from floating away, use it to pleasure him as well as she could. “That’s the girl,” Rafer said, above her muffled whimpers. “Look at this, Daddy!” he called to Kaufman. “Look how obedient she is now. Doesn’t this give you some ideas?”

Kaufman cursed. He was still dressed, but there was an undeniable bulge in his pants as he watched his tormented daughter desperately pleasuring his friend. “Yes,” he replied then, and began swiftly to strip himself. “Let me help you out there,” he called to Rafer. When he was naked he turned to Chinky, still on her knees with Delilah beside her. He moved to her and unclipped the leash from her collar. “Come on, Chinky,” he said, pulling her up by her hair. “One last fuck, you and me. Let’s go.” Holding her by her hair and one arm, he pulled her with him across the terrace to the end of the pool where the diving board stood. “Up on the board,” he told her, pushing her toward the steps.

It was difficult for her to negotiate the steps with her hands lashed behind her, but Kaufman steadied her from behind as she slowly climbed up. Following his instructions, she walked gingerly out onto the board, struggling to keep her balance, and then turned to face him. With Kaufman’s help, she lowered herself to her knees on the board, then managed to lie down on her back as he lowered himself on top of her. “Spread, Chinky,” he said harshly, and she opened her legs for him, raising her knees, her feet sliding off the sides of the board as she tried vainly to get purchase, her body in a painful arch as she lay on her bound hands. Kaufman found her opening with his stiff cock and moved into her hard. He then proceeded to fuck her as hard as he could, each fierce stroke causing the diving board to bounce, which of course impacted Cassie’s hanging body and drove her mouth down further on Rafer’s cock, making her choke and gag even more. Rafer laughed.

Kaufman battered at the moaning woman again and again, often peering over the side of the board to watch his daughter’s plight. His thrusts became even wilder, crushing Chinky’s hands beneath her and causing her body to slide about on the slippery board. Finally he got so carried away that both of them slipped off the board and, with him still inside her, plunged into the water. Chinky screamed as they fell, but the sound was cut off as they sank beneath the surface, not far from where Rafer was floating as he enjoyed the hanging girl’s ministrations.

The impact drove them apart, and also caused Rafer to let go of Cassie’s hair and drift away from her, treading water. Kaufman came to the surface immediately and with a quick look around, swam toward his daughter, who was once again fighting to keep her head above water. Chinky came up more slowly. She was experienced in the water, but with her hands immobilized behind her she could not do a great deal to keep herself afloat. She kicked out with her legs, but with minimal effect; she was barely able to keep herself from sinking. With a little cry of apprehension she aimed her body toward the side of the pool that was closest and thrashed wildly with her legs, managing to propel herself forward only very slowly and with great effort.

Rafer, seeing this, now moved to place himself between the struggling woman and the poolside. “Where you going, Chinky?” he called to her. “You just got here. Why not enjoy a little swim for awhile?”

Chinky continued her efforts, making slow progress but obviously tiring rapidly, until it became clear that Rafer did not intend to allow her to get past him. Another cry escaped her as she turned in the water and made even more slowly for the other side of the pool. Rafer, without haste, swam in a semi-circle around her and again placed himself between her and her destination. There was real fear in her eyes now as in desperation she tried to move to the other end of the pool, the shallow end. But Rafer moved to block that escape also.

Chinky was panting now, obviously exhausted.  Not much more than her head was above water as her legs continued to thrash weakly. “Please…” she gasped out. “Please…”

Kaufman was treading water close to the hanging body of his daughter, who was trying as hard as she could to use his shoulder as a resting place for her head, an endeavor which was only intermittently successful. “Hey, what are you doing, man?” he called to Rafer. “Damn, we don’t want Chinky to drown. Lot of good fucking in her yet!”

“You know what?” Rafer called back. “I’m tired of fucking her. Too fucking long. I’m sick of her. Besides, she blabbed. She told what she swore she’d never tell. She’s gone.”

Chinky screamed. “No!” she shrieked. “He made me! He made me, please, god, please…” She was blubbering with terror, gasping and sobbing. Thrashing her legs, pulling with futile desperation at her pinioned arms, she turned herself to face Kaufman. “Help me! Help me help–” Her head sank under the water, but she managed to pull herself back up. Her words became incoherent sounds of primordial horror. She made another superhuman but hopeless effort to get to the side of the pool. Unhurriedly, Rafer moved to cut her off.

“Ever watch an Asian whore drown?” he said to Kaufman. “It’s a stimulating experience, isn’t it? Like drowning puppies when you’re a kid, only better, because a human is so much more aware of what is happening to her. Isn’t that right, Chinky?”

Chinky couldn’t catch her breath anymore. She was hyperventilating and making choking sounds. In a last ditch resort she turned again toward Kaufman, trying with her last ounce of strength to reach him. Kaufman’s cock was hard beneath the water, hard and throbbing as he took in the utter horor and panic on the face of his struggling Chinese ex-wife. “Oh, Christ!” Kaufman said, and when she managed somehow to bring herself within arm’s reach of him, he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her strongly away.’

“Goodbye, Chinky,” Rafer said.        

Chinky gave one last strangled scream as her head now sank below the water. She bobbed up once, briefly, her eyes and mouth wide with unspeakable terror, then sank again. Her body convulsed beneath the water, her legs still moving spasmodically, but she continued to sink until she hit bottom. Bubbles came up and broke the surface of the water. Then they stopped.

Cassie was screaming now. So was Delilah, from where she still knelt in the doorway. Now the other Chinese girl, with a frantic scramble, attempted to get to her feet, bound hands and all. She fell over twice before she managed it, and then, still screaming, turned and ran back into the house. Kaufman, himself breathing so hard he could barely speak, called Rafer’s attention to this by gesturing wildly toward the doorway. Rafer seemed unperturbed.

“Don’t worry,” Rafer said. “She’s not going anyplace. I’ll bring her back.” He swam to the side of the pool and pulled himself out, then walked to the house. He went in, but returned after a moment, carrying a large utility knife, which he placed by the edge of the pool. “Better cut Cassie down now, if you don’t want her to drown too,” he said, and went into the house again.

Cassie’s screams had died down, but she still made panicky sounds as she continued to strain her exhausted neck muscles to keep her face out of the water. Kaufman, still treading water, now reached out with one hand and took hold of her hair, pulling her head up hard. She cried out with a mixture of pain and relief.

“Why shouldn’t I let you drown?” he asked her. He was still panting hard. “Why not, you filthy whore? Christ! My fucking slut daughter! Why shouldn’t I–” He suddenly tugged harder at her hair, pulling her face toward him, and savagely jammed his mouth against hers, holding it there for a long minute before pulling back. “Oh fucking Christ!” he gasped. “Why shouldn’t I fuck you too? My own Eurasian whore daughter. Why not, damn you! Damn you to hell!”

Cassie was gasping too. “Anything you want, Daddy!” she cried out. “Daddy, god, please, anything…Daddy…”

“A gook whore just like your mother!” Kaufman shouted. Releasing her hair, he swam to where Rafer had placed the knife. He clambered out of the pool and picked it up, then moved to the diving board. He swiftly climbed the steps and moved out on the board, lowering himself to lie down on his stomach, so that he could reach underneath to cut the rope from which his daughter was suspended. He did so quickly, and Cassie barely had a chance to scream before her body was submerged, her hands and ankles still bound. Kaufman rolled off the board and let himself fall into the water. Reaching his daughter’s helplessly writhing body, he again clutched a hunk of her long dark hair with one hand, pulling her along that way as he struck out for the steps at one corner of the pool.

As he did so, Rafer came out of the house, pushing Delilah roughly in front of him. The Chinese girl was crying. Her hands were still tied, her leash still hanging from her collar. When Rafer saw Kaufman trying to haul Cassie out of the water, he pushed Delilah onto her knees and quickly moved to help him. Together the two men dragged the half-drowned girl out onto the tiles, where she lay retching and gagging and coughing up water, her body jerking spasmodically in its bonds.

“You ready to fuck her yet, my friend?” Rafer asked.

“Damn you,” Kaufman said, panting. “Yes. Yes. Christ, yes!”

“I knew you’d come around,” Rafer said.

“Fuck you. Get the goddam ropes off her.”

“Where’s the knife?”

“Oh shit. Probably in the pool.”

“Well, that’ll have to wait. Use her mouth. Or her ass. I’ve got some business to settle with little Chinky #2 over here.”

“Make her run around the pool,” Kaufman said.

Rafer grinned. “You mean like Chinky.”

“Yes. Like Chinky.”

“So you can watch while you’re fucking your mix-breed daughter.”


“Fucking her up the ass.”


“You want to drown her afterward?”

“No,” Kaufman said.

“What about Chinky #2?”

“Why?” Kaufman said.

Rafer shrugged. “She’s too skinny. And it would be fun. Don’t tell me you didn’t get off on watching Chinky.”

“Damn you.”

“Yes,” Rafer said. “Damn us both.”

“I want to keep Delilah,” Kaufman said.

“Then I get to keep Cassie,” Rafer said.

“Jesus! You–you can’t. Her mother…”

“Her mother already disappeared at the bottom of the pool.”

Cassie was moaning.

“I get to visit,” Kaufman said.


“Any time I want.”

“Within reasonable limits,” Rafer said.

“You hear that, you filthy slanted yellow whore?” Kaufman said to Cassie, who was still gasping for air between moans. He crouched down beside her and took hold of her arm, pulling her over onto her back. His hands moved roughly over her body, squeezing her breasts, slapping, pinching, worming between her thighs to finger her crotch. “You offered me this body before,” he choked out. “Remember, whore? But you were my daughter, and I couldn’t…” He slapped her face suddenly, hard, and Cassie cried out. “But you’re not my daughter anymore,” Kaufman panted. “You’re my fucking yellow whore just like your mother. My fuck toy. My piece of shit mongoloid slut, and I’m going  to–Oh Christ!” He turned her over again, then grasped her hips and pulled her lower body up till she was on her knees, her rump in the air, her face again pressed against the tiles. Crouching behind her, he placed his hands on her buttocks and spread them apart. His cock was very hard.

“Daddy!” the bound girl cried out as her father slowly forced his penis into the her tight rear entrance, grunting and panting. “Oh Daddy oh god…Oh Jesus Daddy…” She continued to squall and moan as Kaufman pushed deeper, his hands moving around to clutch at her hanging breasts, squeezing them hard.

Rafer watched as the other man began to fuck his Eurasian daughter’s ass with short, punishing strokes. Then he turned and moved toward where Delilah was still kneeling a few yards away. She had stopped crying, but a sound of terror came from her throat as Rafer approached her. “Get up, Chinky #2,” he said, and pulled her to her feet by her hair. He then unclipped the leash from the collar at her neck. “Now I want you to run around the pool, bitch,” he said to her. “I want you to run as fast and as hard as you can, and I don’t want you to stop till I say you can. You understand me, bitch?”

Delilah whimpered. Rafer doubled up the leash and slashed it hard across her buttocks, making her shriek. “I asked you a a question, cunt. Do you understand?”

Delilah’s head bobbed frantically. “Yes…” she gasped out.

“Fast as you can,” Rafer repeated. “And don’t stop. All right, go.”        

Delilah just stood for a moment, as if paralyzed. Rafer raised the leash and whipped her with it again, this time on her thighs. Delilah screamed again and began to run.

With her arms pulled behind her by her pinioned wrists, and her bare feet slapping at the hard tiles, it was difficult for her and she ran awkwardly, breathing heavily almost from the first moment. Her small high breasts bounced and bobbled with each step, her buttocks flexing as her thighs pumped doggedly. By the time she had made her first circuit of the pool she was already gasping for breath and slowing down. Kaufman watched her exertions avidly as he pumped away in his daughter’s ass. Rafer encouraged her by whipping at her with the leash as she passed him. “Don’t slow down, bitch, keep going,” he yelled at her, and she forced herself to increase her pace again. When she came around the second time she was heaving in great gulps of air and seemed about to collapse. Again Rafer slashed at her with the leash. “You stop before I tell you, cunt, and I’ll toss you in and watch you drown, just like Chinky,” he threatened.

They could hear her sobs and cries of exhaustion mingling with her heaving gasps as she forced herself onward around the far side of the pool, and when she came around once more it was obvious that she could push herself no further. She was stumbling and retching, her eyes glazed over, sweat pouring down her body. As she passed Rafer again her legs finally gave out, and she fell forward with a fearful cry, landing on her front. Rafer was at her immediately, swinging the doubled-up leash. “Don’t stop, girl,” he snarled, slashing it back and forth across her back and buttocks, leaving angry-looking welts. “Don’t you ever fucking stop!” Delilah, squalling with pain, managed to get her knees under her, and though she could not stand up, forced herself to crawl forward on those knees, trying with pathetic desperation to do what he wanted. But even that effort could not be sustained for long, and after a moment she collapsed again, sobbing brokenly and trying futilely to get enough air into her exhausted lungs.

Rafer stopped whipping her and, standing over her, rolled her heaving body over with his foot. “Yes,” he said huskily, looking down at the naked, spasming, writhing yellow form. “That’s about right.” And he lowered himself quickly on top of her. His knees parted her thighs like two matchsticks, and he rammed himself into her with one hard thrust.

As he did so, Kaufman came with a shout inside Cassie’s anus. Having emptied himself, he pulled out, got to his feet and, still breathing hard, walked over to where Rafer was pounding at Delilah’s tormented body. He crouched beside the girl’s face and lowered his now limp, soiled and sticky cock into her gasping, moaning mouth. Delilah gagged and reflexively tried to turn her head away, but Kaufman grabbed her hair with one hand and kept it where it was. “Lick it clean, Delilah,” he panted. “Get it hard again, so I can fuck you too.”

“Make it a good one,” Rafer grunted, still thrusting hard into Delilah’s body, “because it’s going to be her last.”

A muffled scream came from the girl.

“No way!” Kaufman said. “I told you, I’m keeping her.”

“And I told the cunt I’d drown her if she stopped running. You wouldn’t want me to…go back on my word…now would you, my friend?” His voice became strained as he neared his climax, and he cried out in triumph as he shot again and again into the helpless girl. Delilah, in her fear and horror, inadvertently clamped down for just a moment around the cock that filled her mouth, her teeth sinking into the slowly stiffening flesh, not enough to actually break the skin, but enough to cause pain. Kaufman jerked his cock out of her mouth with a shout, and his free hand shot out to slap hard across her face, back and forth, while the other still clutched her hair. Delilah screamed again.

“All right,” Kaufman said hoarsely, releasing her hair and standing up. “All right. Do it. Drown the little whore. I want to watch her die. Just like Chinky.”

“Great idea,” Rafer said. He was still on top of her and inside her, and now he grinned down into her wide-eyed, terrified face. “Hear that, girl?” he said to her. “We’re going to watch you die. Won’t that be fun?” Delilah tried to beg, but she could not form words, only incoherent sounds. “Look how frightened she is,” Rafer panted. “God, I could almost fuck her again.”

“Never mind that,” Kaufman said. “Let’s do it before I change my mind. In fact I’m changing my mind already. Why would I give up a sweet little fuck slave like this? Why?”

“So you can watch her die,” Rafer said.

“Yes,” Kaufman said. “But I could watch her die slowly too. Over the years. Of torture. Of torment. Of agony. Of degradation. Of slavery. Wishing to die long before she actually does. All those years of screaming, of suffering, of unending pain and horror and despair. I could watch that. You could watch it too. Like with Chinky.”

“No,” Rafer said. He pulled himself out of Delilah’s body and got to his feet, then reached down and picked up the girl’s legs, holding an ankle in each hand. “Get her shoulders,” he said.

Kaufman hesitated for a long moment. Then he sighed. “I’m going to regret this,” he murmured. Bending down, he took hold of Delilah just under her pulled-back arms and lifted her up. Now she hung like a sack between the two men. “On three,” Rafer said, and they began to swing her back and forth, standing there by the edge of the pool.

Delilah, who throughout this colloquy had been moaning and whimpering in a strangely subdued manner, as if lost in a smothering daze of terror, now began to scream as she had never screamed before, shrill, ear-splitting, unearthly shrieks that seemed to displace the air and reach to the sky. Rafer had to raise his voice to make himself heard above them. He waited until they had swung her back and forth a few times to build up momentum. “One,” he said then, as they swung her in the direction of the pool. They swung her back, then toward the pool again. Her body swinging further, faster each time. Back. Then toward the pool        

“Two,” Rafer said.

Back she swung. Then toward the pool. Back. Then toward the pool.

“Three!” Rafer said. The men let go.

Delilah’s body flew out in a graceful arc and dropped into the middle of the pool. Her screams rose to an almost deafening shrillness and then were cut off by the water.

Rafer and Kaufman both jumped into the pool a second later, Rafer swimming around to the far side, so that each of them was positioned between the girl and one side of the pool. But it was hardly necessary. Delilah bobbed to the surface, but it was obvious that, in her exhaustion and panic, she was not going to last nearly as long as Chinky had. Her body flailed futilely, her legs kicking like mad, but she was unable to make any real progress through the water, even if she’d had anyplace to go. Her throat was trying to scream some more, but her mouth was too full of water, and she could only choke and try desperately to breathe.

“Look at her eyes,” Rafer said. “Cassie’s eyes look almost like that, when I was playing with her in the water. Almost, but not quite. Isn’t that right, Cassie?”

Cassie, still bound hand and foot, was lying on the patio where Kaufman had left her, watching the scene with wide, horrified eyes, soft moaning sounds coming from her throat. She did not seem to hear Rafer’s question.

“Christ, I’m so hard,” Kaufman said, watching Delilah’s weakening struggles. “Who would believe it?”

“You’d be surprised, my friend,” Rafer replied.

Then they were silent, watching as Delilah struggled her last and slipped beneath the water for the final time.

When the bubbles had ceased, they made their way out of the pool. As they did so, Kaufman’s foot came in contact with something at the bottom, and he submerged himself to see what it was. It was the utlilty knife he had used to cut Cassie down, which had fallen into the water when he had followed her in. He picked it up and took it with him as he climbed out of the pool. He moved immediately to where his daughter lay and swiftly cut the ropes binding her ankles.

“Oh Jesus, I have to fuck you now, you chink whore #3,” he said hoarsely. “I have to fuck the shit out of you.’ And he proceeded to do so, forcing her legs apart and coming down on her like fury as she lay on her back, her still cuffed hands crushed beneath her. “Ahh Christ ahhh…” he rasped, ramming his turgid cock up inside her with one brutal lunge. “Yes! Yes! Fucking my daughter! My filthy…filthy…whore…daughter…” He pumped strongly in and out of her with all his force, panting heavily. Cassie was moaning. Her eyes looked glazed.

“Have fun, my friend,” Rafer said, heading for the house. “I will join you shortly.”

“Filthy…shit…slut…cunt…gook daughter,” Kaufman gasped. Still thrusting hard, he raised his upper body and began to slap Cassie across the face, back and forth, hard, as she cried out. Then he moved to her breasts, hitting them with both hands, and when he tired of that he took her nipples between his fingers and twisted them viciously, squeezing and turning them back and forth, continuing to fuck her steadily all the while.

“Daddy!” Cassie shrieked out, her body arching beneath him. “Yes! Yes Daddy! Yes!”

Kaufman spat in her face.

He was still battering at her and mauling her breasts when Rafer came out of the house and made his way toward them. He was still naked, and he was carrying a pistol in his hand.

Kaufman’s movements stopped when he looked up and saw his friend standing a few feet away. His cock was still inside his daughter, his hands still on her breasts. But he stopped moving. HIs eyes were on the gun.

“What the hell are you doing?” he demanded, still breathing hard.

Rafer raised the pistol and pointed it at him. Cassie gave a cry of fright.

“Jesus Christ!” Kaufman yelled, starting to pull away.

“No, stay right there,” Rafer said. His voice was calm. “Just stay right where you are. You should be enjoying this. Don’t you want to finish?”

“Put it down,” Kaufman said. His voice was not very steady. “What the hell is this? I’m your friend!”

“You didn’t really think I was going to let you survive after what you’ve seen tonight, did you?” Rafer said.

“But–but we both–“

Rafer shook his head. “It’s too dangerous,” he said. “You’re too weak. And besides, having tasted Cassie’s charms, I don’t really want to share her with you anymore. I want her all to myself.”

“You can’t–“

“Goodbye, my friend,” Rafer said, and shot Kaufman through the head.

Cassie screamed as her father’s blood spurted from his temple to spatter on her body, and she screamed again when he toppled over on top of her. Rafer tossed the gun aside, then reached down to drag her away from him. She was still screaming.

“Shut up,” Rafer said. “Or I’ll by god hang you from the diving board again.”

Cassie stopped screaming. But she was shaking, and little mewling sounds came from her throat.

“It’s just you and me from now on, Cassie,” Rafer said, smiling at her. “You and me and our nice little swimming pool. You’re going to get to love the water, Cassie. You’ll see. You will be the new chinky from now on.”

“Oh Jesus,” Cassie whimpered. She was shaking harder. “No, please, please god, please….”

“God won’t help you,” Rafer said.

Cassie began to cry helplessly. Tears ran down her cheeks.

“Kill me too,” she whispered finally, between sobs. “Please. Please. Just kill me too.”

“Not for a while, Chinky.” Rafer said.