Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Mr. Cohn, a white man in his late fifties, opened the door to his adopted Asian daughter Cindy’s bedroom as she was talking to her school friend Rachel on the phone. “What a loser!” she was saying. “Can you imagine him having the nerve to ask me to the dance? God! I wouldn’t go out with him if he was the last boy on earth!”

“Who’s that?” her father said.

Cindy caught her breath. “Rach, I’ll call you back,” she said, and hung up.

“Who, Cindy?” her father said. “Who wouldn’t you go out with if he was the last boy on earth? Who?”

“Just–just some guy, daddy. He’s a jerk, that’s all.”

“I see. This jerk, this loser, asked you to the dance?”

“Yes.” Cindy looked a little apprehensive, though she tried to hide it.

“And you said no.”


“And not very politely, I suspect.”


“Aren’t you supposed to be studying, Cindy?”

“I am, Daddy, I was just–”

“Aren’t you supposed to be grounded? Including no telephone privileges for the next three days? Didn’t I make that quite clear?”

“I was just talking to Rachel, Daddy, I wanted to get the assignment for–”

“I heard what you were talking about. You need more punishment, Cindy.”

Cindy went pale. “Daddy, please–”

“What’s this boy’s name?”

“The–the boy who–”

“Yes, that boy. What’s his name?”

Cindy swallowed. “Chad. Chad Rosen.”

“Chad Rosen. The loser. Who asked you to the dance. Who you sneered at. Maybe even laughed at to his face. Because he’s a loser, and you’re the wonderful Cindy Cohn. Is that right, Cindy?”


“Call him up.”

“Daddy, please…”

“I think Chad Rosen would enjoy seeing you taken down a peg or two, don’t you, Cindy?”

“Daddy, for god’s sake …”

“Call him up and tell him you want to go to the dance with him.”

“Daddy, listen, please, I’m sorry, I’ll…”

“What are you, Cindy?”

Cindy bit her lip.

“Say it, Cindy. What are you?”

Cindy swallowed. “I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” she said. Her voice was barely audible.

“What? I can’t hear you, Cindy.”

Her voice was louder this time, but unsteady. “I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave.”

“Call Chad Rosen. Now.”

“I–I don’t–I don’t have his number.”

“You’re stalling, Cindy,” her father said. “You shouldn’t do that. The more you stall the worse it will be. The more you stall, the happier Chad is going to be when he comes to pick you up. You know that, Cindy. Don’t you?”

Cindy was crying now. “Daddy, don’t. Oh god, don’t, daddy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I’ll do anything, Daddy, please don’t do this again. Please, Daddy. I’m sorry. Please.”

“Call him, Cindy.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


When Chad Rosen called for Cindy on the night of the dance, her father opened the door for him.

“Ah, you must be Chad,” he said, smiling. “Do come in.” He led the youth into the living room and offered him a seat. “I’m afraid Cindy’s not quite ready yet. You know how women are. Would you like something to drink?”

“Uh…No thanks,” Chad said. He was nervous. He still could hardly believe that Cindy Cohn had called him up and told him she wanted him to take her to the dance. Especially after the cruel, snotty way she had turned him down when he had finally gotten up the nerve to ask her. Of course he hadn’t expected her to say yes, but he hadn’t been ready for that kind of humiliation either.

Being one of the few Asian girls in her school, Cindy was probably the prettiest and most popular girl. Her long silky black hair and her beautiful baby face, combined with her stunning figure, had all the white guys falling all over themselves just to look at her. Cindy’s father was talking about what nice weather they were having. But Chad also heard something else. It was coming from upstairs, and it sounded like somebody moaning. Moaning and … and pleading. He couldn’t make out any words, but it definitely sounded like someone was begging. And then moaning again.

Cindy’s father talked on. And then there was a scream. A loud, definitely female scream that sent chills through Chad’s body.

“Ah,” Cindy’s father said. “I think Cindy is ready now.”

And then Cindy was coming downstairs. Chad started to stand up, but what he saw made him fall back again into his chair, his eyes wide, his mouth open, looking like a poleaxed steer. For one thing, Cindy wasn’t walking down the stairs. She was crawling. Crawling slowly, painfully, awkwardly, on her hands and knees, down the stairs. And for another thing, she was naked. Stark staring naked. Her beautiful full firm breasts swayed and jiggled beneath her as she made her painstaking way from step to step. Her rounded rear stuck up provocatively into the air, and the muscles of her luscious shapely legs flexed and rippled as she crawled. Actually she wasn’t entirely naked. There was a thin leather collar around her neck. Attached to this collar was a leash, the kind used to walk dogs with. And holding the other end of the leash was a young White man Chad recognized as Cindy’s younger brother, Raymond, who was one year behind Chad and Cindy at school. Cindy younger brother is a white boy, the biological child of Mr. Cohn, whereas Cindy is Asian, being adopted from Korea. Raymond was naked too. He was scrawny and pimple-faced, but his cock was big enough. It was standing up at full attention as he led his crawling, whimpering Asian sister down the stairs.

“Really, Raymond,” his father remonstrated. “You might have put some clothes on for our guest. You must forgive my son, Chad. He tends to become overly excited when I give him the chance to discipline his sister. I believe you overheard some of the results of his enthusiasm just now. But I’m glad to see he hasn’t gotten too carried away. As you can see, there are no marks on Cindy’s body. As yet.”

Chad couldn’t begin to answer. His head was swimming with confusion, and with the unbelievable sight of the naked body of Cindy Cohn, crawling and on a leash. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Raymond led her, still crawling, to the center of the room, where she remained on all fours, breathing heavily, not looking at Chad or at any of them, but at the floor. Little whimpering sounds still came from her throat at intervals. Chad could not tell whether they were sounds of pain, fear or humiliation, or of some combination of all three. Raymond let go of the leash and stood back.

“My Asian daughter, as you know, Chad, has a tendency to be headstrong, and even arrogant at times,” Cindy’s father said. “Since she has no Asian mother to instill into her the values of proper feminine submissiveness, I must do my best to try to set her straight. Occasionally this requires some rather severe correction of her attitude. I must tell you that her going out with you, Chad, is a part of that correction. This is really no reflection on you, my boy; Cindy, being Asian, looks upon most of the world as her inferiors. But since she seems particularly to dislike you, and since apparently she treated you rather shabbily when you did her the honor of asking her to the dance, I thought it only fitting that you should not only have your wish about that, but that you should also be able to witness some other aspects of her correction.”

“Daddy–” Cindy said pleadingly.

“Be quiet, Cindy,” her father said. Then he said, “On second thought, you may speak, Cindy. You may tell your friend Chad what you are. Tell him, Cindy.”

There was a pause. ‘

“Tell him, Cindy. Now.”

Cindy did not look up, and when she spoke the words were soft and mumbled. “I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” she said.

“Now Cindy, I could hardly hear that, and I’m sure Chad could hardly hear it also. I want you to look at him, Cindy, and speak up so he can hear you clearly. Go on.”

Cindy slowly raised her head. Her silky black hair fell raggedly about her face. She looked at Chad now, but her eyes were opaque and expressionless. “I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” she said again. Her voice now was clear but flat. Then she lowered her head again.

“That’s better,” her father said. “Now, Cindy, it’s time to pay the toll for your evening out.” He unzipped his fly. “Usually she pays this toll before her escort arrives,” he explained to Chad. “But tonight, as I say, I thought you deserved to watch as she does it.” Then he pulled out his cock, which was semi-hard.

Cindy made a sound. Until now, Chad would never have thought the haughty, self-confident, supremely superior Asian girl Cindy Cohn capable of making a sound like that.

“I’m waiting, Cindy,” her father said.

Chad saw Cindy swallow. Then she very slowly began to move, crawling to where her white step father was sitting. He spread his legs and Cindy crawled between them. Chad could hardly believe what he was watching. He saw Cindy’s father’s white cock hardening as the petite Asian girl Cindy approached, her breasts swaying and her mouth half-open with her labored breathing. He thought he might faint as Cindy, with only the briefest of hesitations, took that cock into her mouth. Then her head started to move, up and down, up and down, as she sucked her father’s cock.

“Not too fast, Cindy,” her father said, his voice as calm and even as before. “Don’t rush it. I’m sure Chad is enjoying this almost as much as I am. Let’s give him some time to savor it, shall we? How about it, Chad? Does watching Cindy do this help to make up, to some extent, for the way she treated you?”

Chad could barely think, let alone speak. “I–” he stammered. “I-I don’t–I can’t–I mean…”

“I understand,” Cindy’s father said. “I think he means yes, Cindy. Keep it up, dear. Use your tongue a little more. That’s it.” And then he fell silent, and the only sounds in the room were the faint moist sounds Cindy’s mouth made as she sucked, the occasional muffled whimper that escaped her throat, and the heavy, open-mouthed breathing of both Chad and her brother as they watched what she was doing. Finally her father stiffened and drew in his breath sharply, and then he was coming into his Asian daughter’s mouth. She continued to suck him as he came, as though from previous experience she knew what he wanted her to do.

“Swallow it, Cindy,” he said as his climax subsided. “Do it for Chad. Show him how you swallow all my cum.”

Cindy drew her mouth from his now limp cock and turned her face to Chad. Her eyes were terrible. She tilted her head back so he could see her throat move as she swallowed, which she did slowly, three or four times, until she had ingested all her white father’s sperm. Then she collapsed onto the floor, panting and shaking.

“Dad?” Raymond said. “Me too, Dad? Please? Okay?”

Cindy mewled softly.

“Why not?” her father said. “Cindy, pleasure your brother now.”

Cindy raised her head. “Daddy,” she moaned. “Daddy, please. Please not him. Please…”

“I think you need further punishment, Cindy. To make you more responsive. Hand me the leash.”

Cindy made that sound again.

“Dad?” Raymond stepped forward. His eyes were shining. “Can I do it, Dad? Let me do it, okay? I’ll do it good.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, Raymond. You enjoy it so much. Too much, perhaps. But all right. Give him the leash, Cindy.”

Cindy was shaking her head, perhaps unconsciously. She started to say something, but her father’s expression evidently persuaded her that it would do no good. Her panting breath now rasped softly in her throat. Her hands were shaking as she raised them to unhook the leash from her collar. It took her several attempts. When she had done that, her brother walked over to her and took the thin leather leash from her hand.

“Lie down, Cindy,” her father said. “And keep still, or it will be worse.”

A sob came from her mouth as she lowered herself onto her stomach and stretched her naked, trembling body out on the floor. Her arms were spread out on either side of her, her legs tightly together, her face turned to one side and pressed against the carpet. Chad was panting almost as hard as she was, and his cock was achingly hard and throbbing in his pants. A part of him wondered insistently if this was all a dream. Raymond now raised his arm over his head, the smooth, slender leather leash trailing from his hand. With a swift, sudden movement he brought it down, sending it cracking loudly against Cindy’s upper back.

Cindy screamed.

Raymond’s cock, which had scarcely diminished since he had brought Cindy downstairs, was now more rigid than ever, and twitching dangerously. His tongue came out to lick his lips as once more he brought the leash down onto his Asian sister’s body, this time onto her sweetly curving golden buttocks. Her scream was louder than before. Her body twisted with pain, and now she started to sob.

Raymond grunted as he gave her a third blow, again on her back, but lower than the first. Cindy’s body bucked, and her shriek hurt Chad’s ears.

Again the strap came down on her buttocks, harder now. Cindy’s father’s cock, which still protruded from his fly, was now hard again, and Chad was on the verge of coming in his pants. Cindy began to beg her father to make it stop, but he only watched impassively as Raymond lashed her back again, and then her thighs, and then her buttocks, until she was screaming almost continuously, her body rolling and twisting with the pain.

Finally her father said, “All right, Raymond. That’s enough.” Raymond looked like he wanted to argue, but he stopped, reluctantly dropping the leash. He was panting as though he had just run five miles.

“Now, Cindy,” her father said. “Perhaps you will obey with more alacrity. Now do as I told you. Pleasure your brother.”

Cindy was crying hard, and it was obviously painful for her to move, but she didn’t hesitate now. She pushed herself onto her knees, gasping with the effort, and grasping her brother’s thighs for balance as he stood in front of her, she opened her sobbing mouth and closed it around his cock. Raymond moaned and tangled the fingers of both hands in her long silky hair. “Oh, yeah!” he gasped hoarsely. “Christ, suck me, chinky!”

Cindy sucked him. She was still sobbing, and still panting hard enough so that she had to struggle to take in enough air through her nostrils, but she sucked him steadily and well, taking in almost all of his sizeable cock with each downward movement.

“Oh, Jesus!” Raymond husked. “Oh damn, you’re so good, gook sister.

Christ, yes, do it, oh my god … Such a great chink cocksucker, yeah, that’s it, do it, chink, take it, shit, here it comes, I’m gonna…yeah….take it all…NOWWW…”

And as his climax hit him, Raymond clutched her hair even more tightly and pulled her head off his cock, then spurted his cum all over her face.

Holding her there so she couldn’t move away, he sent jet after jet of sperm shooting across her eyes, her nose, her mouth, and into her hair. He seemed to go on cumming for a very long time. When he was finished he let her go and collapsed into the nearest chair. Cindy fell back onto the floor.

“All right, Cindy,” her father said. “I’m tempted to have you do me again, but that can wait until you get back. Go clean yourself up now, and get dressed for your date. And don’t take longer than ten minutes. You’re making Chad miss the dance.”








Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Cindy came back wearing a lovely blue dress which showed off her excellent figure without being blatant about it. She was perfectly though not ostentatiously made up, and she looked as pretty as ever. Cindy’s father had been engaging Chad in a friendly discussion about football to pass the time, while her brother had gone off about his own business. Now Chad stood up, hoping that his hard-on had diminished enough not to be obtrusive. Cindy’s father showed them out the door, cautioning Chad to have his daughter back by one o’clock. Chad promised he would.

Neither of them said a word until they were in Chad’s car and he had started the engine. Then Cindy turned to him. “Listen,” she said fiercely. “If you tell anybody about this, I’ll kill you. You understand? You say one word to anyone–ever–I swear I’ll get back at you, I swear it!”

Chad blinked. “Okay,” he said. He was still staggering mentally under the impact of the scene he had witnessed. He hadn’t thought about telling anyone. He hadn’t really thought about anything. “Okay, I won’t.” They did not speak again until he was turning into the school parking lot. Then Cindy turned to him again. “I mean it, Chad, okay? You can’t tell anybody about–what you saw. It was just–it was something that–that’s nobody else’s businesss, okay? So just keep your mouth shut. All right, Chad? Promise me.”

There was something subtly different about her manner this time, less threatening, more anxious. But her tone was still snotty, and even condescending, being an Asian woman, who thinks she is the most prized race of females on the planet. Chad did not answer immediately as he searched for a parking spot. He was thinking that he wished she would be nicer to him. After all, she was asking him for a favor, even though the way she put it sounded more like a demand. But still …

He found a spot and turned the car in, then turned off the engine. “Hey, Cindy?” he said.


“I’m not gonna tell anybody, okay? I mean, I told you that, right? But listen–don’t you think–I mean, especially since you want me to keep my mouth shut and all–don’t you think you could be…like…kind of nicer to me, instead of–you know…”

In the dim light from the parking lot lamps her face suddenly hardened, her eyes narrowing. “What do you mean?” she demanded.

He shrugged. “I just mean I think you should be nice to me,” he said simply.

Cindy’s body stiffened. Her voice, when it came, was a cold, harsh whisper that startled him almost as much as her words. “You filthy fucking white son of a bitch! All you white guys are the fucking same.” she said.

He looked at her in surprise. “What?”

“You think you can blackmail me?” she went on. “You think I’ll go down for you like I did for them, just so you won’t spread that around? You think you can have me that easily? Is that what you think, you little feeble-minded white trash dweeb?”

He was so astonished that it took him a minute to absorb what she was saying. She thought he wanted to blackmail her for sex! For a moment the idea stirred something in him, making his mouth dry. But no. It was obvious that that wouldn’t work. Besides, it had been so far from his mind that he couldn’t even consider it seriously.

“Hey!” he said, shaking his head. “Hey, no–wait a minute–Jesus, Cindy, I don’t–that’s not what I’m talking about. Come on! Listen, all I meant–I just mean, you know, you always, well, you’re always so snobbish, you know? When you–when you talk to me, it’s like I’m a bug or something. Especially in front of everybody, it’s–well, it’s embarrassing, you know? Now you–you’re so–I mean, I thought maybe you didn’t know what it was like to be embarrassed, but–but now–well, I guess you do. Okay, I’m not going to embarrass you more by telling people what you don’t want me to tell them, but I just thought–you know, we’re on this date here and all, and I just thought instead of treating me like crap, you might just act a little nicer, that’s all. Like maybe you really wanted to be out with me. Like maybe I wasn’t such a terrible guy. Such a loser. That’s all I meant. You know?”

Cindy looked at him in silence for what seemed like a long time. “Okay,” she said finally. “Let me get this straight. You’re saying if I don’t put you down in front of the other kids–if I play up to you tonight, and act all lovey-dovey and make believe you’re like some cool stud and all–then you’re giving me your word you’ll forget about what happened at my house, and you’ll never say a word about it. Is that what you’re saying?”

Of course that wasn’t what he was saying at all, really. For one thing, he still hadn’t meant to threaten her with telling; he hadn’t been trying to make a bargain. For another, he hadn’t wanted it to be an act–he had wanted her to be genuinely nice to him, to look at him as though he were a person, not an inferior object. But he knew in his heart that this was the best he was going to get, and he decided he would be a fool if he didn’t settle for that.

“Well, yeah,” he said, shrugging. “Something like that, anyway.”

Cindy nodded slowly. “Okay, Chad,” she said. “You got a deal. Let’s go.”

And she opened the car door and got out, heading for the school building. Chad hastily locked the car and followed her. As they entered the gym, where the dance was in progress, Cindy took his hand. She smiled brilliantly as they came through the door, and she turned to him to include him in her smile. Chad felt overwhelmed. He knew that a lot of eyes would be watching as the pretty and popular Asian girl Cindy Cohn made her entrance, with Chad, the nerdy white loser, and she was already playing her part, showing him off as her escort. She continued to hold his hand as they moved slowly through the crowd, greeting friends and stopping to chat briefly here and there. Many people seemed surprised to see her with Chad, especially displaying such apparent intimacy, but no one said anything. Now they were approaching a group of Cindy’s closest friends: Rachel Harris, Melanie Bryan, Norma Veney, Sallie Jussel, Armina Banks–the reigning clique of adopted Asian daughters, the most popular girls in the school. All of them, Chad saw, were looking at him in more or less obvious disbelief. Some of them were openly staring. Melanie Bryan didn’t bother to stifle a giggle as they approached.

Cindy’s smile never wavered. “Hi, guys,” she greeted them. “Chad, you know everybody, right?” To his astonishment, she released his hand to snuggle closer to his side and slip her arm around his waist. “Chad’s my guy for tonight,” she said brightly. Most of the girls looked as startled as he suspected he did. Cindy turned to him then, smiled into his eyes and said in a soft, intimate voice, “Dance with me, honey, okay?”

“Sure,” he managed, and a moment later they were on the dance floor, though he could barely hear the music over the pounding of his heart. Cindy moved close to him, taking his hand, he was moving somehow. She was still smiling up at him. “How am I doing?” she whispered. “Fine,” he said. It came out as a croak, and he had to swallow before he could continue. “Fine, Cindy. You’re doing just fine. Great.” She laughed softly, as though he had said something really amusing, and then as the music segued into a slow ballad, she moved even closer to him, her body melting into his.

He was dancing automatically, still not sure of the beat but instinctively following her movements. He could feel the soft swaying of her body, the pressure of her breasts pushing into his chest, the movement of her thighs against his. Her head was against his shoulder, and he felt her warm breath on his neck. His own breathing was rapid, and he could feel his cock getting hard. He couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Cindy felt it too. He heard her low, soft laugh again. She didn’t move away; if anything, she pressed herself more firmly against the hardness. But she whispered in his ear, “Remember this is all make-believe, Chad. Okay?”

He nodded. Of course it was. It was all an act, and she still thought him a white dweeb and a nerdy loser. Afterwards she would probably giggle with her girlfriends, explaining to them what a great act she put on, what a sucker he was. Though of course she wouldn’t tell them why. And he suddenly remembered her as he had seen her earlier that evening, on her knees, naked, crawling, sucking her step father’s white cock. Being whipped. Screaming. Sucking her step brother’s cock. Sobbing.

He was almost panting now, his cock was throbbing as it rubbed against Cindy’s body. And Cindy was laughing, saying, “Hey, you don’t want to come right here on the dance floor, do you, Chad? We better sit down for a while.”

He could barely walk, and his erection embarrassed him. As they came off the dance floor he excused himself to go to the men’s room. There he shut himself in a booth and jerked off. He thought of Cindy, of course. Naked and sucking and sobbing. It didn’t take long. The rest of the evening was a blur. Cindy continued to act as though she was really attracted to him, and he could see that a lot of people were changing their opinion of him, setting him higher in their estimation, simply because he had the stamp of Cindy Cohn’s approval. His whole life at school could well change because of this evening. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He danced with Cindy some more, and at one point had to jerk off again. He also danced with some other girls, including several of Cindy’s special friends. It was funny to see them sizing him up, trying to see what had sparked Cindy’s sudden interest. Again, he supposed they, at least, would learn the truth soon enough. Or part of the truth.

They left the dance about twelve-thirty. Outside her house, Cindy bid him goodnight. “I’d ask you in,” she said, half-jokingly, “but I think my father has plans for me.” Chad thought he heard a note of real fear under the joking tone. Surprisingly, it thrilled him. Then she said, “Well, I kept my part of the deal, didn’t I, Chad?”

“Yes, you did, Cindy,” he said. “You surely did.”

“And you’ll keep yours, right?”

“I will,” he said. “I promise.”

He really meant it too. But he didn’t count on Jenna Wang.




Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 3

Chapter 3


She approached him after the last period at school, the Monday after the dance. The story of how he had been Cindy’s date at the dance, and how she had acted toward him, had gotten around, and he had already noticed that some of the guys, and some of the girls too, had been looking at him a little differently. People greeted him in the halls who had never bothered to greet him before. Some of the boys he was friendly with asked him about Cindy–how he had managed to get a date with her, what she was like, how come her attitude toward him had changed so much, and, of course, how far he had gotten with her. To all the questions Chad just shrugged and smiled and said stuff like, “Hey, I’m a bad dude, what can I tell you?” It made him feel terrific.

He wasn’t exactly friendly with Jenna Wang, but she was in several of his classes, and they had worked on a science project together and gotten along okay. He had even thought about asking her out, but never had, although unlike Cindy, she had never put him down or made him feel inferior in any way. She didn’t have Cindy’s radiant beauty, but she was attractive enough, for an Asian girl, with long dark hair, dark eyes and a body that was slender but well-rounded in the right places. She didn’t have a boyfriend, but she had the vague reputation of having been around, of being experienced. That was one of the reasons Chad had thought about asking her out, and also probably one of the reasons why he hadn’t done so.

She caught him at his locker as he was packing up to go home. “Hi, Chad,” she said.

He was surprised. “Hey, hi, Jenna. How you doing?”

“Pretty good. Talk to you a minute?”

“Um…sure. I’m just leaving. You leaving?”

“Yeah.” They walked toward the main door together.

“So I saw you at the dance with Cindy Cohn on Friday,” Jenna said as they left the school.

“Oh, yeah.”

“You two seemed to be getting along great. I mean, hey, she was all over you.”

Chad shrugged, blushing a little.

“I didn’t know you were such a stud, Chad,” Jenna said.

He wasn’t sure what to say. This wasn’t like the guys questioning him, this was different. He wondered if Jenna was jealous. No, probably not. Just curious or something. “Hey, come on,” he said, trying to sound modest. They were at the bottom of the school steps now. “Hey, listen, Chad, could you give me a ride home?” Jenna asked. “Phyllis is out today and I usually ride with her, and I don’t really feel like taking the bus. Can you?”

“Oh, sure,” he said. “Sure, come on, my car’s over here.” They began to walk toward the parking lot.

When they were in the car Jenna said, “Wait, Chad, don’t start yet, okay? I want to talk to you.”

He turned to her, puzzled. “What’s this about, Jenna?”

“It’s about Cindy. I want to know what’s going on with her. I mean, I’ve seen the way she usually acts with you. Just like she acts with most guys–most people, really–mean and nasty, right? And with you maybe even more so, because you’re–well, she thinks you’re a real jerk, right? A white dweeb. At least she did. And now all of a sudden she goes out with you and she acts like she’s crazy about you? Come on. It doesn’t make sense. And I want to know the real story.”

Chad was taken aback. “I don’t–I mean I don’t know what–I mean, she just–”

“She just what? Did she find out you have a real big white dick or something? Is that it? Because I don’t know what else would make an Asian girl like her–Do you, Chad? Do you have a big one? Come on, you can tell me.”

“No! I mean, I–Christ, Jenna! I mean it’s not small or anything, but it’s just a regular–oh shit. What are you–what do you–”

“Show it to me,” Jenna said.

Chad stared at her.

“I mean it. I want to see it. It has to be pretty good to turn Cindy around like that.” She looked at him intently. “Or is it something else?” she asked.

“What do you mean? And hey, why are you so interested in Cindy, for god’s sake? Why do you–” A thought suddenly hit him. Maybe she was jealous, not of Cindy, but of him. “Hey, you–are you hot for her or something? Jenna? Are you–I mean, you like girls or what?”

“No!” Jenna said. “No, I don’t, Chad. That’s not it. And,” she added after a pause, “if you show me that cock of yours I’ll prove it to you.” She paused again. “And if you tell me about you and Cindy.”

Chad’s cock started to get hard.

“But–but why, then?” he said weakly.

Jenna tossed her head impatiently. “Look,” she said. “I heard some things about Cindy once, okay? Some stories. I don’t know how true they are, but when I went to visit my uncle in Ohio last summer, I met somebody who knew her at the last school she went to, before she moved here. He told me–well, it might have been bullshit, I don’t know. But I want to find out. I really want to find out, Chad. So tell me what’s going on here, and you won’t be sorry, okay?”

Chad swallowed. “Jenna, Jesus,” he said. “I can’t–I mean, even if I had anything to tell you, I couldn’t–but there’s nothing …”

“Well, it must be your big white cock then,” Jenna Wang said. “Take it out for me, Chad.”

Chad stared again. “Right here?” he said. “Are you crazy?”

“Most everybody’s gone by now,” Jenna said. “Nobody’s gonna see us here.”

He took a deep breath. “I’m going to take you home,” he said, and he put the key, which he had been holding in his hand, into the ignition.

Jenna reached over to his fly and pulled down his zipper.

“Jesus!” Chad said. But he didn’t stop her.

Her fingers dipped into his fly and quickly pulled out his cock, which was throbbing into complete erectness under her touch. Chad looked around wildly. There was no one in sight, and the parking lot was behind the school building. He could only hope nobody came along.

“You’re right,” Jenna said. “It’s not huge or anything. It’s not bad though.” Her fingers stroked him. He stiffened.

“Jenna, for god’s sake. Listen, I can’t tell you about–I can’t tell you anything. Okay? I’m sorry. I–I promised, okay?”

Jenna shifted on the seat, getting her knees under her and crouching over him, lowering her head so that her mouth was close to his penis. She blew on it softly. He felt her warm breath.

“You can tell me, Chad. I won’t tell anybody. I just have to know. Tell me, Chad.” She breathed on his rod again. Chad moaned.

“For Christ sake, Jenna…I can’t…I promised…please…”

Jenna stuck out her tongue and, using just the tip, very gently and slowly licked the underside of his cock, from base to tip. Chad let out a hoarse groan and his bottom arched off the seat.

“I’ll do anything you want, Chad,” Jenna whispered. “Anything. Just tell me.”

Chad was only human, and he didn’t get a lot of chances like this. He told her.

Jenna listened to every word, her fingers stroking his cock, her mouth still close enough for him to feel her breath. That breath became more and more rapid as his story went on, until when he finished she was actually panting.

“Oh god!” she breathed, raising her head. Chad saw that her eyes were gleaming strangely. “Oh Jesus god. It’s true. I-Oh Christ. Chad. Christ. Move over.” She was tugging at him, urging him out from behind the steering wheel. He slid over on the seat, and as he did so Jenna reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, hastily working them off over her feet. Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist, and he was able to get a quick glimpse of dark pubic hair before she was on top of him, straddling him, her hand grasping his white penis and guiding it into her Asian beaver, which was damp and ready. He gasped loudly as she slid down over him, taking him in until he was buried inside her and she was sitting on his thighs. Immediately she began to move, hunching herself up and down, her ragged breathing loud in his ear.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh god…oh yes…oh do it…oh god…they did that to her…they beat her…they made her suck their cocks…oh Christ…her white step father…. Jesus… Ohhh…unnnhhhh….aahhh….”

Chad, totally unprepared for this passionate onslaught, had a struggle to keep from coming almost immediately. Though he succeeded, he knew he couldn’t last long with this moaning, writhing, twisting girl humping away so abandonedly on top of him. When the first paralyzing shock of her attack had passed, he reached for her blouse and pulled it open, careless of the popping buttons. Her brassiere hooked in front, and he managed to get it open in spite of the eager clumsiness of his hands and the bouncing and twisting of her body. Her full round breasts filled his hands, and when he pulled her to him and sucked one of them into his mouth, Jenna screamed and climaxed. Her wildly spasming vagina took him over the edge as well, and he shot his seed up into her twisting body. They rested for a moment, panting hard. Neither of them said anything. Then Jenna slowly and carefully pulled herself off him and settled herself back on the seat, reaching down to find her panties and slip them back into place. Chad stuffed his sticky cock into his pants and zipped his fly, looking around apprehensively to make sure they were still unobserved.

“Okay, Chad,” Jenna said. “You can take me home now.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Raymond Cohn, Cindy’s stepbrother, had just come out of the boys’ room during the lunch hour when Jenna stopped him.

“Hi, Ray,” she said.

Raymond scowled at her. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Jenna. Jenna Wang. I’m a sophomore. I’m–I know your sister. I mean–sort of.”

“So what?” Raymond said.

“Well, I’d–I’d just like to talk to you for a minute. Okay?”

“I gotta go eat,” Raymond said.

“But you might find this interesting, Ray. It’s about Cindy, okay? Cindy and–and you.”

Raymond frowned darkly. “What about Cindy and me? What are you talking about?”

Jenna took a breath. “Listen, Ray. Just listen, okay? I’m not–I don’t want to make any trouble, all right? I mean it. That’s not what–”

“Hey!” Raymond said. “What the fuck are you getting at? You think you got something to say, fuckin’ say it, okay?”

“Okay. Okay. Just let me–it’s just that I–I’ve heard…things…that I’m–that I want–”

“Things?” Raymond looked around. There were only a few people in the hallway, most of the students being in the cafeteria or eating their lunch outside. He took Jenna’s arm and drew her to one side of the corridor. He opened a door and pulled her into an empty classroom, then shut the door behind them. “Things?” he repeated. “What kind of things? What the fuck you mean?”

“Well, things,” Jenna said, a little breathlessly. “I mean, interesting things. Stories. About–about you and Cindy…and…and your father…and what you…”

Raymond was staring at her, his eyes burning. Suddenly he grasped both her arms, clutching them tightly, and shook her slightly. “Bitch!” he exclaimed.

“You fucking gook bitch! Who–what are you–”

Jenna gave a low cry of pain, then began to breathe heavily. “You’re hurting me,” she gasped. But it wasn’t a complaint. “You’re hurting me.” It was a moan. Of pleasure.

Ray only dug his fingers harder into her arms. “Ohhh,” Jenna breathed.

Her eyes closed. “Ray,” she gasped. “Ray….” Her body arched toward him, only his grip on her arms keeping her from pressing herself against him. Raymond scowled at her. “What the hell’s the matter with you?” He flung her away from him, and she stumbled back against the wall. “Are you some kind of freak? You get off on being hurt, or what?”

Jenna Wang crossed her arms in front of her, her hands rubbing the places where Roy’s fingers had bruised her flesh, rubbing them hard. “That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Ray,” she said breathlessly. “If you’ll just listen. Those things you do to Cindy…hurting her…” Her voice got hoarser. “Whipping her…”

“Goddam it!” Raymond lunged toward her and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back brutally. Jenna cried out. “Who told you about that?” he shouted. “Who the fuck told you?”

“Ray…” Jenna’s voice was full of pain, and of passion, but Raymond did not notice.

“Tell me, goddam it! Was it that Chad Rosen asshole? I’ll kill him.”

He yanked harder on her hair. “Was it?”

“Aaahhh! Yes!” Jenna cried. “But I–I made him. It was my fault, Ray. Honest!”

“I’ll kill the fucking bastard,” Raymond repeated. He let go of her hair now and pushed her away. Jenna was panting hard, letting out little whimpers between breaths. Her hands reached for him now, scrabbling at his trousers. “Ray,” she moaned. “Ray, please. Let me–” Before he knew what was happening she had pulled down his zipper and released his cock.

“What the fuck–” Ray said, but her mouth was on him now, taking him in, devouring him, and her lips were sucking him up and down, her tongue stroking the hardening flesh, her throat producing a series of muffled moans, whimpers, gasps, and mewling noises as she took him deeper and deeper. Her hands clutched at his buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper into her frenziedly sucking mouth.

Raymond, in the midst of the incredible pleasure her mouth was giving him, came dimly to realize what was happening. This Asian cunt also got off on being hurt! To test this theory, he took her hair in his hand again and twisted sharply. Her mouth opened to let out a shriek of agony; but a moment later, although he did not lessen his grip on her hair, she was sucking him harder than ever, her moans louder, her movements more wild. Within a minute Raymond let out a roar and shot his cum uncontrollably into her throat, still not letting go of her hair. Jenna Wang swallowed it all down and sucked for more. Even after he had given her everything he had, she still kept sucking on his softened cock, moaning and gasping and clutching him to her. When at last he pulled away from her and stepped back, releasing her hair, she fell to the floor, taking in great rasping breaths, her body still trembling with passion. “Jesus H. Christ!” Raymond said. “Fuck, you give one hell of a blowjob, girl, but what the fuck is your problem?”

“Please–” Jenna gasped, almost sobbing now. “Please, Ray–oh god, please…”

“Please what?” Raymond demanded. “What is this all about anyway? What the hell do you want?”

Jenna lowered herself further against the floor, her body writhing, literally grovelling at his feet.

“I want to be your Asian slave, just like Cindy.” she said. “All gooks are meant to be enslaved by white gods.”




Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Raymond didn’t tell his sister how he found out that Chad had let out the story of what he had witnessed that night. He just told her it was true, cursing at her all the while for being careless enough not to make sure Chad’s lips were sealed. Cindy didn’t pay him much mind. He had no power over her, except through their father; it was only at his orders that Raymond would dare to molest her in any way–which was why, when he did get that chance, he was so eagerly enthusiastic about it. But Cindy was also angry to hear that Chad had broken his promise to her, although as far as she could see the story had not gotten around. She sought him out and said she wanted to talk to him alone. Chad somewhat nervously went with her to her car.

“You white devil cracker son of a bitch!” was the first thing she said to him. “You promised me you wouldn’t tell, you piece of shit! We had a deal. Don’t try to deny it, asshole, I know you told somebody. My brother knows too, and I’m surprised he hasn’t beaten you up already.”

“Cindy, I–I’m sorry,” Chad replied humbly. “Look, I only told one person, and–and I really couldn’t help it. Nobody else knows, and I’m sure–”

“I don’t give a crap if you only told your dog!” Cindy blazed. “You weren’t supposed to open your stupid mouth! After what I did–Christ, showing myself off with you and pretending to even like you! What a laugh! I had to force myself through every minute of that dumb act. I could hardly stand to look at you, if you want to know the truth. Every second I was dancing with you I wanted to throw up! Because you really make me sick, you shithead loser dork! If you ever so much as talk to me again I’ll spit on you! You got that? Now go back to the cesspool where you belong.” And with that she got into her car and drove away.

Chad went back to school. He didn’t really care if Raymond did beat him up. It couldn’t make him feel worse than Cindy had.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“That jerk guy Cindy went out with told somebody about what happened,”

Raymond said as he, Cindy and their father sat around the dinner table.

His father looked up sharply.

“Yes, but I don’t think it’s gotten around,” Cindy said quickly.

“Me neither,” Raymond said. He had not told either of them about Jenna Wang. “I got it covered okay. Nothing to worry about. But I’m gonna have to deal with him.”

“I already did,” Cindy said. “I told him off good. Really let him have it. I don’t think he’s going to say anything more.”

“Wait a minute,” Cindy’s father said, in a tone that for some reason made Cindy stop eating and freeze. “You told that Chad boy off? You were rude to him? Is that what you said, Cindy?”

Cindy swallowed. “Daddy, he shot his mouth off! He promised me he wouldn’t, he gave me his word, and he told!”

“Cindy,” her father said. “Didn’t I tell you to be nice to that boy?”

“But–but Daddy, that was–”

“Didn’t I, Cindy?”

“Yes, but–”

“And you disobeyed me?”

Cindy started to speak again, but then fell silent. She understood that no logic, no explanation, no appeal to reason would avail her now. She had turned very pale.

“I think you will have to make it up to him, Cindy.”

“Daddy, please–” Cindy whispered.

“After dinner you will call Chad up and invite him over this evening. Then we will see if we can’t think up a little entertainment for him.”

Cindy was unable to eat any more. In fact, she had to excuse herself to go into the bathroom and throw up.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Chad, of course, was quite surprised when Cindy called him and invited him over. He didn’t know what to expect when he showed up at Cindy’s house, but whatever it was he didn’t expect to enjoy it very much. Still, he hadn’t been able to bring himself to say no.

Cindy’s father answered the door and let him in. When they were seated in the living room he offered him a drink, which Chad declined.

“Well, Chad,” Cindy’s father began. “I expect you were rather surprised to hear from Cindy tonight, after the way she treated you earlier today.”

Chad swallowed. “Well, yes, sir, I was.”

“Of course. Cindy is really such a headstrong girl. When I heard about it, I thought it would be only right if she could make it up to you in some way. Actually, I’ve decided to let you choose the way yourself. She’s waiting for you upstairs, Chad. Why don’t you go up and see her now? You may have an hour with her. And you may do anything you want with her in that time.” And with that Cindy’s father leaned back in his chair, picked up a newspaper and started to read.

Chad stared at him for a long moment. Finally Cindy’s father lowered his paper. “Well, Chad? Is there anything else?”

“I–uh–no, sir.”

“Then go ahead. Cindy’s waiting,” Cindy’s father said, and raised his newspaper again.

Chad got up slowly. His knees felt wobbly. He made his way to the stairs and started up.

He didn’t know which one was Cindy’s room–assuming Cindy was in her room–and he was about to knock on the nearest door when he heard sounds coming from a room down the hall. The sounds were of heavy breathing, labored and interspersed with whimpers. The door to the room was open, and he stepped up to it and looked in. And nearly fainted.

Cindy, stark naked, was hanging by her wrists in the middle of the room, her body suspended by a stout rope from what looked like a pulley set into the ceiling. Black leather manacles were fastened around her wrists, and the rope was secured to the short chain that ran between them. She was hanging free, with her toes several inches off the floor, her arms stretched high over her head and pulled taut by the weight of her body. That body was straining in every inch, the flesh tight over her ribs and torso, her breasts pulled high on her chest, almost flattened under the strain. Her curvy legs dangled helplessly, her feet reflexively but vainly reaching for the floor they couldn’t touch. Her head was hanging back, her long black hair falling almost to her ass, her mouth open and gasping, emitting the agonized sounds he had heard in the hall. He made some kind of sound himself, and Cindy, hearing him, raised her head. Her eyes were indescribable.

“Chad…” she gasped. “Take me down. For god’s sake take me down.”

Chad moved slowly into the room. His first impulse was to do as she asked, but something held him back. He stood for a moment, just staring at her.

“Chad, please. Get me down. There’s–there’s a switch over there. On the wall. Just–just turn it on. Please Chad, I can’t take any more, please!”

Chad looked. There was indeed a switch by the door, evidently some kind of control for the pulley. He moved toward it. Then he stopped and turned back to her.

“Chad, damn it! Oh god, I can’t–Please. Oh please.”

Chad was suddenly aware that he was hard.

“Wait,” he said. He moved to the bed at one side of the room and sat on the edge of it, not taking his eyes from her. From her dangling, helpless, agonized body. Her breath was coming harder than ever, and she was moaning now. Her rope-suspended body turned slowly, back and forth, giving him views of her from different angles. He was fascinated. And very aroused. “Oh god, Chad, I can’t stand it! Please, I’m begging you, please! How can you do this to me?”

His own breath was quickened now. “Hey, Cindy,” he said finally. “Don’t you remember what you said to me this afternoon?”

“Chad, listen–”

“You know, how I make you sick and all? How I’m such a white loser and a white dork, and how you wanted to throw up when you were with me? Remember that, Cindy?”

“Chad, I-I’m sorry, Chad, I’m sorry, honest, I didn’t mean it, please

Chad, I’m–”

“Oh, I think you meant it all right,” Chad said. “You sounded very sincere, Cindy. You said you never wanted to see me again. So why should I do anything for you, Cindy?”

“Chad. Jesus. I can’t stand it. I’m–I beg you. I’ll make it up to you,

Chad. I swear. I’ll–I’ll do–”

“What?” Chad said. “What will you do, Cindy?”

Cindy closed her eyes. Tears ran down her face. Her voice, hoarse and breathless, sounded strangled. “I’ll do anything,” she got out “Anything, all right? Just get me down, for god’s sake!”

“Well that sounds good, Cindy, but you know what? Your father already told me I could do anything I wanted with you. Anything, he said. So why should I bargain with you, Cindy?”

Cindy began to cry in earnest. Agony and despair were mingled in her sobs. Chad wondered if his cock had ever been so hard before. He stood up, with the idea of releasing it from his pants, maybe even taking his clothes off.

After all, if he could do anything with Cindy…the possibilities crowded his brain. As he stood his eye lit on a low table near the bed. His eyes and his mind had been so full of Cindy that he had not paid much notice to his surroundings. Now he saw that there were a group of objects laid out on the table. They had evidently been placed there for his possible use. One of them was the leash Cindy had worn the other night. The one Raymond had beaten her with. Next to it was a small whip that looked like a riding crop. There was also a rubber paddle, and several clamps of various sorts. In addition there was an instrument Chad didn’t recognize. It was a cylindrical device with a pronged tip and a button on the side. He picked it up curiously. Whatever it was, it looked wicked. He held it away from him and pressed the button. It made a loud zapping sound, and the prongs vibrated and sparked.

Cindy heard the noise and opened her eyes, which widened with fright as she saw what Chad was holding. She shook her head from side to side instinctively while she tried to form words.

“Some kind of an electrical thing,” Chad said. “I bet it really hurts, right, Cindy?”

“No,” Cindy said hoarsely. “Chad, no. No, you can’t. Please, Chad, for god’s sake please. I’ll do anything you want, I swear.”

“You said that already, Cindy. But I’m kind of curious now.” He moved toward her.

The pulley creaked as she reflexively tried to pull away from him. Her useless struggles only increased the strain on her arms and shoulders. “Chad no, Chad I beg you, don’t do that, listen, Chad, please, I swear, I’ll be so good to you, I’ll be good to you always, no Chad, no, Christ no…”

“Damn, this must really be something,” Chad said. “Let’s just see.” He was close to her now. He reached out and placed the tip of the device on the side of her upper thigh and pressed the button. He didn’t know what to expect, but her reaction exceeded his wildest imaginings. She gave an ear-splitting scream and her whole body convulsed, curling up on itself in the air, her legs, bent almost double, rising up to her waist, her upper body twisting and hunching. The spasms lasted for several moments as the pulley creaked wildly, and then she was hanging again, shaking and twitching, groaning and sobbing, her legs still kicking faintly.

“Wow,” Chad said.

He unzipped his pants now, and freed his rigid cock. “Look what you do to me, Cindy. Look what all your pain and your suffering does to me. I didn’t know I was like that, Cindy, but you bring it out in me. You sweet suffering gook bitch. You gotta do something about this, Cindy. But first I want to zap you again.”

Cindy gave a shout of terror. “NO!” she cried. “No, Chad, no more, Chad, god…” He was standing in front of her now, and with a tremendous effort she swayed her body toward him, raising her legs and hooking them around his hips, arching as close to him as she could. The strain and pain on her shoulders and arms must have been intense, but she held herself that way. Chad stepped closer to her, letting her press herself against him, letting her squirming body rub against his. “Chad, please. I’ll be yours, I’ll be anything you want, don’t do that, I can’t stand it, I beg you, I beg you…Chad…take me, do anything to me…oh god please….”

“But you said you can’t stand me, Cindy,” Chad said. “I’m a white loser. I’m an asshole. I make you throw up, remember? You don’t want to throw up, do you, Cindy?”

Her legs clutched him harder, her voice a continuous pain-filled gasp. “I’m sorry, god, I said I’m sorry, Chad, I’ll make it up to you, I’ll–”

Since she was several inches off the floor, and since he was a bit taller, her mouth was on a level with his. “I want you to kiss me, Cindy,” Chad said, interrupting her babbling. “You hear? I want you to kiss me good. Real good. And try not to throw up, Cindy, because I won’t like that. Kiss me like you love me, Cindy. Like you can’t wait to fuck me. And don’t stop till I tell you. You understand, Cindy?”

Cindy nodded spastically, her eyes wild with fear and desperation. She brought her head forward and pressed her mouth to his, her open, quivering, panting, gasping, moaning mouth, and she did her best to kiss him as he wanted. Her head rolled from side to side as she plastered her trembling lips against his, and her tongue went into his mouth. She still sobbed and made inarticulate sounds in her throat as she struggled to take in air through her nostrils, but her tongue snaked against his, writhed in his mouth, probed it searchingly, then reached as far as it could, as though trying to slide down his throat. All the time she held onto him with her clutching legs, her groin rubbing against his hard-on and her tautly straining breasts heaving against his chest. He let her go on kissing him for a full minute, loving her enforced obedience and the sounds of her agony almost as much as the pleasure she was giving him with her mouth and body. But when he felt that his cock was ready to erupt from the rubbing of her squirming torso, he pulled away from her and stepped back. Cindy gave a cry of anguish as her full weight fell once more upon her exhausted arms.

“That was nice, Cindy,” he said. “That’s a great mouth you have. Really great. I want to fuck it, Cindy. Just like your father did, and your brother. Fuck it and come in it and watch you swallow my cream. Just for starters. Okay, Cindy?”

Cindy again nodded her head and began to beg him to take her down.

“But first,” Chad said, “another little zap.” And he raised the electrical device and placed it against the underside of her breast. Cindy screamed frantically. Again she tried desperately to pull herself away somehow, anyhow, tried to pull herself up by her now useless arms, but there was nowhere to go, she had no strength left, and Chad kept the instrument where it was, his hand on the button. “NOOOO!” Cindy shouted, her voice hoarse with terror, trying vainly to pull herself up by tugging against the rope. “NO NO PLEASE Chad NO GOD NO I CAN’T NO Chad NOOOOOO…”

He pushed the button.

“NOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Cindy howled, and this time Chad wondered if she might break the rope, stout as it appeared, with the convulsive gyrations of her body, which thrashed and flailed and flopped about for a good thirty seconds before again hanging helplessly. Streams of sweat rolled down her skin, and she sounded as though she was strangling for real as she fought to get breath into her lungs through her wide-open mouth. Her head hung back limply, as it had when Chad first entered the room, her face now twisted with an agony that made her at once ugly and beautiful. Her contortions had left her body swinging from side to side, and Chad reached out to stop it. Not that he wanted to ease her pain, but he couldn’t keep his hands off her any longer. Her taut, damp flesh felt wonderful under his hands. He slid them up to her breasts, cupping the slightly flattened but still luscious mounds, then took her nipples between his fingers and twisted them hard.

This new torment had its gratifying results in a further cry and an almost incomprehensible plea from the hanging Asian girl, but Chad’s lust for sexual gratification was finally growing stronger than his pleasure in her pain. The cries and sobs and whimpers emerging continuously from that lovely open mouth further inflamed his desire to fuck it. He went over to the wall control, prepared finally to let her down. It was a two-way switch, with no indication of which end was which. He pressed one end experimentally. There was a hum of machinery and the pulley started to turn, but it was the wrong way. Cindy moaned piteously as her body rose slowly, heading for the ceiling. Chad took his hand off the switch and the movement stopped. He pressed the other end, and the rope slowly played out as the hanging form descended. Cindy gave a cry of relief as her feet made contact with the floor. She was unable to stand, however, and she continued to hang by her arms as the rope lowered her further, finally falling onto her knees. Her position gave Chad a sudden idea, and he took his finger off the switch again, leaving Cindy kneeling upright, her arms still stretched tightly over her head, her breasts still pulled up, her body virtually unable to move. Cindy cried out again, this time with apprehension, as Chad came over to her.

“That’s perfect, Cindy,” he said. “The perfect position.” His cock was still sticking out of his pants, still rigid, still throbbing. He stepped as close to her as he could and jabbed it at her face. “Suck me, Cindy,” he said.

“Suck the white loser who makes you throw up. Suck him good.”

And Cindy did. She still emitted the occasional sob, the frequent moan, the almost continuous panting. But she took him into her mouth and gave him the best blow job she was capable of, and by far the best that Chad had ever experienced. She used her tongue and her lips and her throat, and she sucked him so well that, although he tried his best to make it last, he was unable to hold out and it was over far too soon. He came so violently that instead of making her swallow his sperm, he inadvertently pulled out of her mouth and shot it all over her face and her hair. But that was fine too.

He was still recovering from his orgasm when he heard Cindy’s father calling from downstairs. “Chad? Your time’s up, I’m afraid. Finish up and come downstairs now, please.”

“Yes, sir,” Chad replied, hastily stuffing himself back in and zipping up his fly.

“Thanks, Cindy,” he said.. “Just one more thing before I go.” As he headed for the door he stopped to press the control switch. The rope pulled up again, taking Cindy’s body with it. Cindy cried and begged and pleaded, but Chad waited until she was once again hanging from her wrists before taking his finger from the switch and going out the door. Her moans followed him downstairs.

“Well, Chad,” Cindy’s father said. “I hope you enjoyed yourself this evening.”

“Yes, sir. I did, very much,” Chad replied.

“Good.” Cindy’s father showed him to the front door. “I hope Cindy won’t give you any more sorrow. But if she does, you’re always welcome to come back again. Would you like that?”

“Yes sir, I surely would.”

“Fine.” He opened the door, and as Chad stepped through it he added, “On the other hand, Chad–if you ever again say a word to anyone about anything that has happened in this house, whether the other night or this evening, or any time in the future–if you do that, Chad, I promise you that you will not live to graduate. Do I make myself clear, Chad?”

Chad swallowed hard. He felt cold. “Yes, sir,” he said sincerely.

“Good,” Cindy’s father said. “You have a good night now.” And he closed the door.




Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Raymond did not quite know what to do about Jenna Wang.

It was nice having her at his beck and call, being able to bang her whenever he wanted, being able to slap her around now and then when he felt like it without worrying about her complaining to somebody. And she was useful for things like doing his homework for him and washing his car and stuff. But she was always wanting more. Wanting to be whipped, for instance. Well, he could whip her all right, and he did, but the trouble was that she liked it so much. It really wasn’t that much fun hurting a girl who WANTED to be hurt. It got boring. Besides, she wanted other things too, wanted to be mistreated in other ways, ways that were not just physical. Her idea of being his Asian sex slave involved things that he wasn’t sure how to bring about; him being a white man, he wasn’t as intricately trained in the slavery of Asian females. He realized dimly that she was giving him the opportunity to use her for anything his imagination could conceive of. But his imagination was not that fertile.

He finally decided to consult his father, Mr. Cohn, a white man who has lived for many decades in Asia and who spoke fluent Chinese.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“So you’re an Asian slave,” Raymond’s father said.

“Yes,” Jenna Wang said. Her voice was a little unsteady. Though she was fully dressed, she felt exposed under this white man’s steady, penetrating gaze. It seemed to bore right through to her soul. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly under the blue summer dress she wore as she stood before him.

“And you belong to my son. You are my White son’s shina slave.”

She cast a quick glance at Raymond, who was standing to one side. His father was the only one who was seated.

“Yes,” she said.

“And since you are evidently too much for my son to handle, he has passed you on to me. So now you are my shina slave, is that right?”

“Yes,” Jenna said. “Yes, sir.”

His eyes never left her. “Indeed,” he said. “Very well. Go into the kitchen and carve the words ‘chink’ on your arm.”

Jenna’s eyes got very wide. She stared at him, her face pale. “Wh-what?”

“I think you heard me, Jenna. The kitchen is through that door. In it you will find a chopping block and a meat cleaver. Lay your arm on the chopping

block, take the cleaver in your other hand and slowly carve the words on your arm. Then come back.”

Her mouth worked, but for a moment she couldn’t speak. “You–you’re crazy!” she gasped.

“You are not my shina slave,” Raymond’s father said. “Shina slaves obey. I have lived in China for many years. Get out of here.”

“But I–I–”

“Just get out,” Raymond’s father said. He picked up his newspaper and began to read.

Tears came to Jenna’s eyes, and she turned and fled from the house, sobbing.

“Damn it, Dad,” Raymond said. “You chased her away!”

“She’ll be back,” his father said.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Cindy was always nice to Chad now when they encountered each other at school. She was, of course, anxious to avoid giving her father a reason to discipline her for disobeying his instructions, whether or not that discipline might include a return visit from Chad himself. So whenever he saw her she spoke to him in a polite and even friendly manner, forcing herself to smile at him. Even in the presence of her girlfriends, who found her new attitude puzzling. She may have set them straight after the dance, but now she had reverted again, and she had no real explanation to give them. Chad found this pleasant, of course, but at the same time, ironically enough, a bit disappointing. He had vivid memories of the hour he had spent in Cindy’s room, and of what had happened there. His mind was full of images of her naked body, hanging so painfully, or writhing and convulsing in agony. He could hear the sounds of her screams, of her begging and pleading and crying, and he could recall the sensations of her breasts in his hands, her body against his, and her sweet sobbing mouth around his cock. Not surprisingly, he got hard every time he thought of these things; and even less surprisingly, he had a very strong desire to experience those sights, sounds and sensations again. And he remembered vividly how her father had said he would be welcome to come again if Cindy gave him any more sorrow. Which, of course, was why she was doing her best to avoid doing that. He began to wonder how far she would go.

It was difficult to find Cindy alone; she was usually surrounded by her girlfriends or various admirers and hangers-on. But he finally managed it one afternoon after the last class period, as she was heading from her gym class to her homeroom.

“Hi, Cindy,” he greeted her.

He thought he caught a brief flash of something in her eyes when she first saw him–fear? Anger? Hatred? Or all three. But it was gone in an instant, and her mouth curved itself into a smile. “Hi, Chad.”

“Talk to you a minute?”

“Um–okay. I mean, sure.”

He drew her aside. “You’ve been real nice to me lately, Cindy.” he began.

Her smile was strained, but it was there. “Well, of course, Chad,” she said.

“And I guess we both know why, don’t we?” Chad said. “Because your father told you to, and if you don’t he’ll punish you again. Maybe even let me punish you again. Right?”

Her hesitation was brief. “If you say so, Chad.”

“Yeah, I say so. But what I’m wondering is–well, just how nice to me

you’re prepared to be, you know what I mean?”

He saw the flash in her eyes again, but only for a second. “No, I don’t Chad. Not really.”

“Well, you obviously don’t want me to feel that you’re not treating me right,” Chad said. “You don’t want me to be able to tell your father that. So I’m thinking, if I want you to do some things for me–you know, personal things–you wouldn’t want to turn me down, you know? Because then I might feel bad. And that’s what you don’t want. Right, Cindy?”

He saw her swallow. But she still retained her smile, and her voice when she spoke was still pleasant, if a bit strained. “Listen, Chad,” she said. “I’m saying this nicely, okay? I don’t want to hurt your feelings, and I don’t mean to insult you. All right? But the fact is, I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to get sexual with me without my father’s permission. I’m telling you nicely, Chad. I don’t think he would like that.”

“Is that right?” Chad said. “Why would he mind? He seemed just fine with it the other night.”

The mention of the other night made her smile disappear. But her manner was still friendly enough. “That was because it was his idea,” Cindy said. “But this isn’t, is it, Chad? I don’t think he’d want you to make me have sex with you so he won’t punish me. I really don’t. You understand, don’t you, Chad?”

The memory of Cindy’s father’s words as he had left her house now gave Chad pause. But he hated to give up the idea of forcing Cindy to give him her body. “Well, I don’t know,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to get your father mad at me, for sure, but I’m not so sure he would object, Cindy. I’m really not.”

Cindy took a breath. “Do you want to take that chance, Chad?”

“Not really,” Chad said. “But I think we should find out how he really feels about it, Cindy. Don’t you? Then I would know which way to go.”

“How would you find that out, Chad? Are you going to ask him?”

“No,” he said. “You ask him, Cindy.”

She stared. “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Chad said. “He won’t get upset if you ask him that, will he? You’re just trying to be an obedient daughter. And if you’re right, then you won’t have to fuck me. At least not unless he tells you too. And if you’re wrong, what have you lost? So you ask him, Cindy, and let me know what he says. Otherwise I’m going to feel very insulted.”

The flash in her eyes this time was definitely fear. “All right,” Cindy said. “I’ll ask him.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“I’d like to ask you something, Daddy,” Cindy said.

Her father put down his newspaper. “What is it, Cindy?”

She took a breath. “Well … it’s about Chad. You–you know how you told me to be nice to him–treat him respectfully and all …”

“I certainly hope you have been doing that, Cindy.”

“Oh yes, Daddy. I am. I am, really.”

“Good. Then what’s the problem, Cindy?”

“Well, he wants…I mean, what I’d like to know, Daddy, is…is how far you want me to go. In being nice to him, I mean.”

“How far?”

“Yes. I mean, I know you want me to be friendly and not insult him or make him feel bad or anything, but–but do you want me to do what he wants, Daddy? I mean–everything he wants?”

Cindy’s father smiled. “I take it this young man is importuning you for sexual favors. Or I should say, further sexual favors.”

Cindy was looking at the floor. “Yes, Daddy.”

“And who can blame him?” her father said. “And as a white man, he expects you to grant these favors as part of your new program of enforced amicability, is that it?”

“Well, he–he asked me, and I–I said I would have to ask you, because of course I’ll do what you say, Daddy, but I thought you might not want me to–to have sex with him without your knowing about it, you know?” Cindy’s breathing was a bit ragged and her face was flushed, but not with excitement.

“I see,” her father said. “That’s interesting, Cindy. An enterprising young fellow, our Chad, isn’t he? I rather admire him. I’ll have to consider the situation. Perhaps talk to Chad about it directly. Why don’t we invite him to come to dinner tomorrow evening? Then we can all talk about it and see what happens. All right, Cindy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cindy said, and she began to cry softly.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“Damn it, Ray, why are you doing this to me?” Jenna Wang said.

“Hey, come on, Jenna,” Raymond said. “I told you, my father says I can’t have anything to do with you any more. He says you’re a phony. He says–”

“Oh Christ!” Jenna said. “You know better than that, Ray. Haven’t I done everything you wanted? Didn’t I let you hurt me–hell, I begged you to hurt me! You know how it turns me on! You could do anything to me! You know I’m not a phony. I mean, Jesus, just because your father–god, he–he didn’t really want me to disfigure myself, did he? I can’t believe–I mean, that’s so– He didn’t mean that, did he, Ray?”

Raymond shrugged. “I dunno. He usually means what he says, all right. And you know what happened when you didn’t do it. You kinda blew your chance there, didn’t you? And you blew it with me too, looks like. Sorry, babe. It’s over.”

“No,” Jenna said. “No, Ray, please. I need this. I need to have this. Please.”

“Damn it, I can’t!” Ray said. “Why don’t you get somebody else? Hell, there’s lots of white guys around who like to hurt puny Asian girls, I bet. Find one of them to be his chink slave to.”

“It’s not–” Jenna started. Then she stopped, and went on in a lower tone. “It’s not the same,” she said. “I’ve tried. You don’t know. I need someone who knows. Someone who is really into it. Like I thought you were. Like–like your father is.” She shivered. “Oh god,” she said. “He scares me, Ray. He really scares me. But–but he–he makes me feel–”

“Shit, you hardly spoke three words to him,” Raymond said.

“I know,” Jenna said. “I can’t help that. I know what he is. And he

knows what I am. He knows, damn it. I need to be his, Ray. I need it like–like

air. I need it to live.”

“Well,” Raymond said. “You know what you have to do for that to happen.”

Jenna shivered again. “Yes,” she said. “I know.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


They ate dinner around the table in the Cohn kitchen. Cindy’s father sat at the head of the table, with Chad opposite him, and Cindy and Raymond on either side. Cindy was on Chad’s left, Raymond on his right. Cindy had prepared the dinner, which was delicious.

Throughout most of the meal they talked of general subjects. Cindy’s father guided the conversation, drawing Chad out and appearing to be interested in his life, his plans for the future and his opinions on the issues of the day. Chad was a little nervous, but he did his best to hold up his end of the conversation. Neither Cindy nor Raymond spoke very much. Especially Cindy. It was only when they had nearly finished and were sitting over their second cups of coffee that Cindy’s father brought up the reason Chad was there.

“So, Chad,” he said, leaning back in his chair, “I understand you have been trying to coerce my daughter to fuck you.”

Chad swallowed. Raymond grinned, and Cindy looked down into her coffee cup. There was a brief silence.

“I–I’m not sure I would put it quite that way, sir,” Chad said haltingly. “I mean–it’s just that, well, since she’s been being so nice to me and all–”

“On my orders,” Cindy’s father put in.

“Yes, sir. I understand that,” Chad said. “So I just thought–well–”

“You thought you would see how far she would go in following those orders,” Cindy’s stepfather said. “Well, I can’t blame you for that, Chad. My adopted daughter is a very attractive Asian girl. Ripe, nubile and sexy. And of course she is a gook bitch and a gook sex slave, as all Asian women are born to be, as the cum dump for the superior white race. Isn’t that right, Cindy?”

Cindy closed her eyes, but opened them again quickly. “Yes,” she said flatly.

“Say it, Cindy.”

“I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” Cindy said.

“Yes. And of course, you have already sampled some of her charms, and it is only natural that you should wish to avail yourself of them further. The question is whether I should give you the authority to sample them whenever you please. This is not an easy decision, Chad. I generally prefer to keep Cindy’s coercion under my control, and to have it take place in my own house. You have no objection to fucking my gook daughter in my house, have you, Chad?”

“Well–no, sir. Not at all. I just–”

“Good,” Cindy’s father said. “Would you like to do it now?”

Cindy went pale.

Chad blinked. “Now?” His voice sounded strange.

“Yes, here and now. Stand up, Cindy.”

Cindy looked at her father, her mouth opening as if she were about to say something. But she evidently thought better of it. Her eyes returned to the table, and for a short moment she sat motionless. Then, slowly and not very steadily, she stood up. Cindy was wearing a blue dress with a lace collar. It fit snugly over her high round breasts and brought out the curves of her waist and hips, coming down almost to her knees.

“She looks good, wouldn’t you say, Chad?” Cindy’s step father said. “Extremely fuckable, don’t you think?”

“Yes I do,” Chad said.

“And would you agree with me,” Cindy’s father went on, “that her obvious reluctance–actually, repugnance–in the face of this situation, gives her an extra measure of desirability? That it acts as a further stimulus, as if any were needed, to the lust for her sweet young Asian body?”

Chad looked at her. She was holding on to the table as if for support, her knuckles white, her face pale and rigid. She did not look at him.

“Yes,” he said finally. “I–I have to say–Yes.”

“Then fuck her, Chad. Bend over, Cindy.”

A tiny sound, barely audible, came from Cindy’s throat. Then she bent over the table. Her father reached over and with a sweep of his arm cleared the dishes and other obstacles away from the surface in front of her. “All the way down, Cindy,” he said. “Raymond, hold her hands.”

Cindy closed her eyes as she lowered her upper body onto the table. Her brother caught at her wrists and pulled on them, holding her arms straight out in front of her, so that she lay flat against the hard surface, her face lying on the tablecloth, her breasts mashed beneath her, her rear end thrusting out sharply as she bent at the waist.

“All right, Chad,” Cindy’s father said. “Fuck her in the ass.”

Cindy gave a moan of fright and despair.

Chad’s mind was reeling. He felt himself suddenly thrust into a situation which he had never imagined. He had not expected to be fucking Cindy in front of her father and brother. He had never had sex with people watching before. Nor had he ever fucked anyone in the ass. But he couldn’t deny that his cock was hard, as hard as he could ever remember it being. And there was no doubt that Cindy’s horror and helplessness, as her white step father had said, was pouring gasoline on his already raging desire.

He stood up. He knew there was a very obvious bulge in his pants.

Raymond was grinning lubriciously at him as he kept up his tight grip on his Asian sister’s straining arms. Her father was watching calmly. He reached for the cream pitcher and placed it within Chad’s reach. “You can use this for lubrication,” he said. “Not as effective as some, perhaps, but I’m sure you’ll manage.”

Chad’s legs felt unsteady, but he moved behind the pinioned girl, his breath coming fast. He reached out to pull Cindy’s dress up, hoisting it to her waist and tucking it beneath her so that it stayed in place. Then he grasped the waistband of her panties with both hands and pulled them down, down over her magnificently curved ass, down over her smooth shapely thighs, down past her knees until they fell around her feet. His mouth went dry as he looked at her round bare buttocks, thrusting out at him and squirming slightly as her body tried to adjust to her uncomfortable position. He unzipped his fly to release his aching cock. Then, with a sudden boldness, he opened his pants completely and let them fall. He pushed his shorts down to his ankles also, and now he, like Cindy, was naked from the waist down.

He saw Cindy’s father nod slightly.

Chad put his hands on Cindy’s ass, thrilling to the feel of the smooth firm flesh of her buttocks. They twitched a little under his palms. Then with one hand he scooped some of the cream out of the pitcher and spread it into the crack of her ass. His breath became faster as he worked a cream-covered finger into her anus. Cindy gave a low, anguished groan and reflexively tried to squirm away, to raise her body from the table, but she could not. Her asshole was very tight and resistant, as though fighting him every inch of the way. He pushed his finger in as far as it would go, and listened with an unholy joy to the sounds she was making.

He withdrew his finger now and with both hands spread her buttocks wide apart, exposing that small anal opening, which with its spastic twitching almost seemed to be winking at him. He wasn’t sure he could actually fit his cock in there, but he was damn sure going to try. And he did.

Cindy’s groans got louder, and then turned into cries of pain as Chad pushed himself forcibly into that narrow passage. His head was spinning now, and he nearly forgot about Cindy’s father and brother as his cock tasted the warm clutching of her asshole. He had to work himself in slowly, inch by inch, and the resistance of her tightly clenched sphincter muscles almost made him despair of getting into her fully. But he pushed ruthlessly on, grasping her hips, pulling back slightly to batter at the obstacles she presented. Cindy was yelling now, her helpless body twisting with torment. Chad was relentless, and he felt a burst of triumph as with a savage lunge he breached her sphincter muscles and slid further into her spasming passage. Now, though she was still tight and narrow, the going was easier, and he thrust on and on until his cock was completely buried in her ass.

God, what a feeling! He had to struggle to keep from coming right then, because he wanted to last long enough to give that ass a good fucking. Cindy was sobbing now, between her cries of pain, and the sound was music to him. He looked down at her twisted face, which was turned to one side, her cheek lying against the table. Her black hair was plastered against the side that was visible, and he reached down and pushed it aside with a curiously tender gesture.

“God, I love your ass, Cindy,” he breathed, stroking her cheek. And then he brought a finger to her mouth–it was the one that had been in her ass–and traced her quivering lips with it. “Suck my finger, Cindy,” he said, and pushed it into her sobbing mouth. Then he began to fuck her. Between her sobs and cries and moans of anguish she wasn’t able to actually suck his finger, but he didn’t really care. The tightness of her ass as he pumped vigorously in and out of it, the squirming body bucking with pain as much as it could in its restricted position, and the astonishing fact that this was Cindy Cohn, the Asian goddess who despised him, that he was fucking in the ass, in her own house and in front of her step family, made him so hot that it was a miracle that he lasted as long as he did. Harder and harder he moved, joyously ravishing that tortured asshole, glorying in the sensations she was giving him and the agony he was giving her, until he couldn’t hold in any more and, with a cry, let himself fall on top of her bending body as he sent spurt after spurt of come up into her backside.

“Good,” he heard Cindy’s father say. “A good performance, Chad. I congratulate you.”

Panting hard, Chad slowly pulled himself off Cindy’s body and stood up, his now limp cock sliding slowly out of her ass. Cindy was still sobbing and moaning softly. Raymond continued to hold her wrists, keeping her as she was. He had obviously been aroused by watching Chad fuck her. Now he looked anxiously at his father.

“Dad?” he said. “Can I have her now? Can I have her mouth? Please?”

His father looked half exasperated, half indulgent. “All right,” he said. “I suppose so, if you must.”

“Oh, yeah!” Raymond said. He released one of Cindy’s arms just long enough to unzip his fly and take out his long hard cock. Then, grasping both wrists again, he pulled her toward him strongly. Cindy cried out as she was hauled across the table until she was lying on it full-length. Raymond continued to pull at her until her head lay over the edge of the table on his side, just above his lap. Then, grasping her hair, he forced her head down to him, feeding his erect cock into her sobbing, panting, moaning mouth.

“Oh yeah, gook sister,” Raymond groaned. “Oh god, that mouth! Do it, gooky, suck it for me. Come on.” He held her with both hands in her hair, twisting it painfully, hunching up at her face. Cindy’s sounds were muffled as she struggled to do what he wanted, closing her mouth around him, but she still cried out as he jerked her head up and down by her hair. “Oh shit, my big gook sister, I love this, keep it up, ohh yeah, god, sweet sucking cocksucking gook sister, take it, baby, take it all, take it NOWWWWWW….”

He held her hair tightly, preventing her from pulling away from his cock as he spurted into her. Cindy swallowed most of his sperm, but some of it spilled out of her still crying mouth. Raymond rubbed it over her face.

“Raymond is always so vocal, but at least he doesn’t take long,” Cindy’s father said. “Well, since you have pleasured everyone else this evening, Cindy, you might as well finish the job, don’t you think?” He opened his pants as he spoke. “Just turn this way, Cindy. And do try to stop crying. I do love to hear you cry, as you know, but enough is enough. Don’t you think so, Chad?”

“Actually, sir, I’d like to hear her cry forever,” Chad said boldly.

“Ah, a man after my own heart,” Cindy’s father said. “But as you get older, Chad, you will find that even the greatest delights tend to pall if they become too familiar. However, for Chad’s pleasure, Cindy, you may continue to cry if you wish.”

Cindy did seem to make an effort to stop crying, although it was not completely successful, as she slowly and painfully turned herself on the table in obedience to her white step father’s command, until she faced him as she had faced her brother, with her head above his lap. “All right, Cindy,” her father said. “First tell me what you are.”

Cindy stifled a sob. “I–I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” she said brokenly.

“Good. Now you may proceed.”

Cindy lowered her head to his lap and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him for a long time. Her father seemed to have the ability to hold out for as long as he wished to, and to come only when he decided the time was right. Cindy still gave out the occasional sob or moan as she sucked him, but she never stopped. Her father directed her performance by murmuring softly to her whenever he wanted her to go faster, or slower, or to use her tongue more, or to stop and lick his balls, and so on, and she of course obeyed every instruction. When he finally came down her throat she swallowed every drop.

“Thank you, Cindy,” her father said, zipping up his pants. “And now I have come to a decision on the question that you asked me. Chad seems to me a fine young fellow, Cindy. His…shall we say, affection for you is obvious, and I believe he is indeed qualified to assume a certain amount of authority in my absence, where you are concerned. So the answer is yes, Cindy. When you are outside this house you will do anything Chad asks you to do. Anything and everything. To put it more plainly, Cindy, you will fuck for him any time he wants. Any time, any place, and in any manner he wants. Do you understand, Cindy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cindy said. Her voice was very small and tight.

Watching Cindy suck off her white step brother and white step father, as well as hearing her father’s decision in his favor, had made Chad hard again. So, at her father’s order, Cindy sucked him off too before he left the house.


Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 6

Chapter 6


“Jenna Wang wants to see you,” Raymond said to his father.

“Indeed.” His father put down his newspaper. “Very well. Bring her in.”

Jenna was wearing a green and white print blouse and a pair of jeans. She was very pale, and she was trembling. But her face was determined.

“Yes, Jenna?” Raymond’s father said.

Jenna took a deep breath. “I’ll do it,” she said.

“Really?” Raymond’s father said. “Do what?”

“What–what you said. I–I’ll carve ‘chink slave’ into my arm.”

“I see. And why would you do that, Jenna?”

Jenna stared at him. “You know why,” she said. “Because I–I want to belong to you. I want to be your Asian slave. You said that’s what it takes. I was scared, okay? I–I’m still scared, but–but if that’s what it takes–I’ll do it.”

“That’s not exactly what I said, Jenna, but close enough,” Raymond’s father said. “And so you are ready to do it. Right here, right now. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” Jenna said. Trembling harder.

“Look at this, Raymond,” his father said. “This is a rare and beautiful sight. A pretty, sexy Asian girl who is ready to do anything we want. A sweet young shina woman who is willing, even eager, to put herself utterly in our power. That is the power of the white race. Be proud to be white. Be proud of our ancestors. Look how afraid she is right now, how beautifully, arousingly afraid, and yet she is prepared to mutilate herself for our enjoyment. Because, as a chink, she is a slave at heart. She longs to crawl and serve. She longs to be used, and to be hurt. And we can use her, and hurt her, and do anything we want with her. Anything. Isn’t that exciting, Raymond?”

“Yeah,” Raymond said. “But will she really cut herself?”

“Of course she will. Show him, Jenna.”

A tiny sound came from the girl. But she began to move toward the kitchen. She moved as if in a trance, trembling harder than ever, her legs barely able to hold her. Raymond’s father got up and followed her into the kitchen, and Raymond came after them.

There was indeed a wooden butcher block on the table, and a meat cleaver hanging nearby, among other implements. Jenna’s movements were stiff and mechanical, as if they were disconnected from her brain, but she didn’t allow herself to pause. With a palsied hand she took the cleaver from its hook. Then she moved to the table and placed her left hand on the block. She was panting hard, and she gave a wild, mindless little cry as she raised the cleaver above her shoulder, ready to strike.

“Stop,” Raymond’s father said.

His voice was not loud, but it was sharp, and it was enough to stop her even as she was bringing the cleaver down. She looked at him, her eyes wild.

“I have no intention of having a disfigured slave,” Raymond’s father said. “The willingness is enough. Put the cleaver down.”

The instrument dropped from her nerveless hand and clattered onto the table. A moment later her knees gave way, and with a soft moan in which relief was only one of several elements, she fell to the floor, almost fainting.

“You see, Raymond?” his father said. “Completely in our power. This fine young Asian girl is our possession. Like a useful gadget, or a handkerchief we blow our noses on. A toy for us to play with. An object for our pleasure. That’s what you are, isn’t it, Ms. Wang?”

“Yes,” Jenna breathed.

“Let me show you. Come with me, Jenna. No, don’t bother to stand. I want you to crawl. On your hands and knees. I like to see Asian girls crawling. Come.”

Jenna, still breathing hard, got onto her hands and knees and crawled behind Raymond’s father as he led her out of the kitchen. Raymond followed, watching Jenna’s ass moving in her jeans as she crawled. Raymond’s father led her down the hall and stopped at the door to the bathroom. “In here,” he said, and stood there as Jenna crawled past him. “Go over to the toilet,” he told her. “And kneel upright.” He followed her in, and Raymond stood in the doorway, watching.

Jenna’s expression was a mixture of puzzlement and apprehension as she crawled over the tiled floor. When she reached the toilet she turned and raised herself into a kneeling position.

“Fine,” Raymond’s father said. He stepped over to stand in front of the trembling girl. “Don’t move, Ms. Wang,” he said. Then, not hastily but with a deliberate flow of motion, he unzipped his trousers, took out his cock and began to piss into her face.

Jenna cried out and instinctively turned her head away. “No!” Raymond’s father said sharply, and she turned it back again. Her eyes were closed. “Open your chinky eyes,” he said, still pissing, and Jenna, whimpering, did so. Raymond’s father pissed into her eyes. He pissed into her nose and all over her face, and into her hair. Then he told her to open her mouth, and he pissed into that too.

When he finished Jenna was choking and crying. Her face dripped with piss, her hair was soaked, and most of her blouse was drenched as well. It stuck to her skin and showed the outline of her brassiere straps.

“Yellow Piss,” Raymond’s father said. “That’s your name from now on. Yellow Piss. Remember that. Now clean this up. Not yourself, just the room. Then go home. Come back tomorrow.” He turned and left the bathroom.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Chad was in a perpetual state of excitement, thinking of how he now had Cindy at his beck and call. For a week or so he walked around school exulting in this knowledge, and the feeling of power it gave him was so heady that that in itself, at first, was enough to satisfy him. It was enough to know that he could fuck Cindy Cohn any time he wanted to. It was enough to see the apprehension in her eyes every time he saw her, in the halls or the cafeteria or the classrooms. The fear that at any moment he might come up to her and demand that she give him her body. The knowledge that when and if he did, she would have to comply.

Yes, it was exhilarating. But of course the day soon came when it ceased to be enough. He had to put his power into effect. He had to have Cindy again.

He saw her in the cafeteria, eating lunch at her usual table, with three of her girlfriends, Rachel Harris, Norma Veney and Armina Banks. His first instinct was to wait until he found her alone. But then he reconsidered. His sense of power overcame his caution. Why not show it off? It would be so much more humiliating for her. And Cindy’s humiliation was his pleasure.

He went directly over to her table and sat down opposite her. “Hi, Cindy,” he said.

He loved what he saw in her eyes. It was more than fear–it was more like terror. And pleading. Not here, her eyes said. Not now. Not in front of my girlfriends. Please, her eyes said. And they also said, I hate you. But of course she had to be nice to him.

“Hi, Chad,” she said. And she tried to smile.

Rachel and Norma and Armina had seen Cindy being nice to him before, but it still puzzled them, and they were looking puzzled now. Well, they were going to have more than that to puzzle over. “It’s time, Cindy,” Chad said.

Cindy went pale. She put down the fork she’d been holding, and he noticed that her hand was shaking a little. She gave a swift reflexive glance to either side of her to take in her friends’ reaction. She smiled weakly again, but her voice was unsteady. “Time for what?” she said.

“You know what, Cindy,” Chad said. And when she didn’t say anything, still hoping to salvage something of her self-respect in front of her friends, he looked right into her pleading, agonized eyes and said clearly, “Time for you to fuck me.”

Norma Veney gasped. Rachel’s mouth dropped open, and Armina looked frozen. Cindy looked down at her tray. “Chad, for god’s sake,” she whispered shakily. “Please …”

“Come on, Cindy,” Chad said. He leaned back in his chair, gazing around the table at her unbelieving girlfriends, then bringing his eyes back to the object of his lust. She was sitting with her shoulders hunched, shaking her bowed head slowly as if in unconscious denial. “I want to do it now, Cindy,” he said. “I haven’t really fucked you properly yet, you know. I mean I’ve had your mouth, and I’ve had your ass, but I haven’t actually fucked your sweet slanted pussy yet. That’s what I want to do now.” Another gasp from Norma, and sounds of astonishment from the other girls. Chad stood up. “Let’s go, Cindy.”

There were tears in Cindy’s eyes, and they began running down her cheeks as she slowly pushed back her chair and got to her feet. She did not look at any of her friends. Chad could feel their amazed stares at his back as he led her away. Some of the other people in the cafeteria were staring too, though they had not overheard the conversation at Cindy’s table. But the sight of Cindy Cohn, in tears and obviously miserable, going off with a white nerd like Chad Rosen was enough to cause a murmur to fly around the large room.

Since it was lunchtime there were many empty classrooms, and Chad quickly found one. He closed the door and locked it. Cindy turned on him, her face twisted with shame and rage. “You son of a bitch!” she shouted. “Why did you have to do that in front of my friends? Oh god, you filthy miserable bastard! You–you–”

“Hey, you’re forgetting yourself, Cindy,” Chad said. “You’re supposed to treat me good, remember? You want me to tell your father about this?”

For a moment his words silenced her. He saw the realization in her eyes, the new fear of the possible consequences of her outburst. She struggled with herself for calm, but her anger and misery were too much for her, and she burst out again.

“I don’t care!” she shouted, crying full-out now. “I don’t care, tell him, I hate you! Oh Jesus, I hate you! You filthy slimy piece of white trash shit! Why did you do that to me? You–you’ve–you’ve ruined me! You–” And she broke down, sinking into a chair and sobbing her heart out.

Chad took his clothes off. His cock was very hard.

As her sobs began to diminish somewhat, he went over to stand in front of her. When she had regained enough control to become aware of him standing there in his nakedness, she gave an anguished groan and turned her head down and away from him. Chad reached out, took a handful of her long black hair and pulled on it, forcing her to look back at his crotch. She was still crying, but softly now. Holding on to her hair to keep her head still, he leaned forward and let his cock brush her cheek. Then he began rubbing it over her face, moving his hips so that his dick moved slowly back and forth and up and down, over her cheeks and her lips and her eyes and her chin, occasionally leaving a small trail of pre-cumeon the smooth flesh. Cindy made small sounds of pain and of anguish.

Finally he let go of her hair and crouched down so that he could talk to her face to face. “Now listen, Cindy,” he said. “You don’t really want me to tell your father about your behavior here, do you? I mean, I think you know what he would do to you for disobeying him and yelling at me like that. Right, Cindy? He and your brother would really have a ball with you. More whipping, I bet. And other things too. Maybe some of that electric thing you hate so much.”

A involuntary whimper of fear escaped Cindy’s throat.

“And maybe he’d let me watch, you know? I’d really enjoy that, Cindy. But you wouldn’t, would you? So like I said, you don’t really want me to tell him about this, do you? Do you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “No,” she whispered.

“I didn’t think so. So now I think you’re gonna be real good to me, Cindy, and give me the best fuck I will ever have in my life. Right? I mean, I know you have to fuck me and try to make me happy and all that anyway, and that’s great, Cindy, but now you really have some extra incentive, you know? You make it extra good, Cindy, and give me everything I want, and I won’t say anything to your daddy. Okay, Cindy? Do we have a deal?”

Her eyes were still wet, but as she looked at him he could see that the hatred for him was still there. Hatred and contempt. But the fear was still there too, and that would drive her actions, he knew, in spite of her other feelings. This excited him tremendously.

She nodded jerkily. “Yes,” she got out. “All right. All right.”

“Good,” Chad said. “Now I want you to start out by kissing me, Cindy. You remember how you kissed me in your room, when you were hanging by your wrists and you were so scared that I was going to shock you again? That was a great kiss, Cindy, maybe the best one I’ve ever had, but you know what? I want this one to be better. I want it to be twice as good. You understand, Cindy? I want to be able to cum just from this kiss alone. I want it to blow me away. You’ll do that for me, won’t you, Cindy?”

Cindy nodded, wiping at her eyes.

“Tell me, Cindy. Say, ‘Yes, Chad, I will kiss you and fuck you and do anything you want.’ Tell me that, Cindy.”

In spite of herself her eyes spilled over again. “Yes, Chad,” she said in a low, gasping voice. “I–I will kiss you and–and fuck you and do anything you want.”

“Right, and tell me what you are, Cindy. Just like you tell your daddy.”

“I–I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” Cindy whispered.

“Right. Now kiss me, Cindy.”

He would not really have thought that Cindy could improve much on the kiss she had given him in her bedroom, but he had to admit that she did her best. Her lips covered his as she bent forward in her chair, and her tongue was a wild, slithering, caressing, searching, probing, stroking, tickling animal with a life of its own. The fact that he knew how much she hated what she was doing, and who she was doing it to, redoubled his pleasure in her enforced ardor. She still sobbed softly from time to time, but without letting it interfere with her ministrations. The fervor of the kiss upset his balance and he fell back onto the floor, pulling her with him, their mouths still fused. Now she lay on top of him, and he felt her body twisting against him as her tongue twisted in his mouth, felt her breasts rolling on his chest and her legs moving over his, and he would indeed have come from that kiss alone if he hadn’t broken it in time. He broke it by grasping her hair and pulling her head back and away from him.

“Good, Cindy,” he panted, gazing at her pain-filled eyes. “That’s real good. But you still hate me, right?”

“Chad…” she groaned, trying to ease the pain in her scalp by pushing her head back against his hand, but he only pulled her hair harder.

“Tell me, Cindy,” he gritted. “Tell me the truth. I won’t tell your daddy, okay? Not this time. I just want to hear it. I want to know, so it will be more fun to fuck you. Tell me how much you hate me.”

“Yes!” she cried, sobbing again. “Yes, damn you, I hate you! I hate all you white people. I hate you like poison! You little white bastard! Oh god! You white pig piece of shit! Yes!”

“Good,” he said, suddenly letting her go. “Now take your clothes off, Cindy.”

She gave a little cry of relief as he released her hair, then rolled off him. He watched as she pushed herself onto her knees and then got unsteadily to her feet. Chad got up too. He started to sit in one of the classroom chairs, then changed his mind. He pulled the teacher’s chair out from behind the desk at the front of the room and seated himself in it. It was roomier and more comfortable, and better for what he had in mind.

Cindy, still crying softly, began to unbutton her blouse. Instinctively she turned away from him as she did so, moving toward the far wall.

“No, no, Cindy,” Chad said. “You know better than that. Come on over here.”

She turned and moved toward his chair.

“Come closer, Cindy,” he ordered. He pointed to a spot about two feet in front of him. “Stand right here. Right in front of me. I want to get a good view.”

Cindy stood in front of him.

“Now strip for me, Cindy,” Chad said. “Strip that Asian body naked while I watch you.”

Cindy’s head was bowed as she resumed the unbuttoning of her blouse.

Chad’s cock was throbbing so hard that he again felt himself in danger of exploding. Of course he had seen Cindy naked before. But still, there was something intensely arousing about having her stand there and take off her clothes for him, reluctantly laying that body bare to his eyes once again. He watched avidly as she pulled her blouse off, revealing her firm round breasts encased in a flimsy black bra.

Next her shaky fingers fumbled with a button and zipper on the side of her skirt, and then the skirt was around her feet. Her panties matched the bra. He almost reached out to put his hand on a smooth shapely thigh, but he held back.

After a brief hesitation, Cindy reached behind her back to unhook her brassiere. Her head was stlll bowed.

“Look at me, Cindy,” Chad said.

Her head rose slowly, until her damp, anguished eyes were looking into his. They stayed there as she unhooked the bra and took it off.

“You have great tits for an Asian girl, Cindy,” Chad said. “I don’t know why you bother with a bra. In fact, I don’t think you should wear one any more. Or panties either, for that matter. So from now on you come to school without underwear. Okay, Cindy?”

Her eyes widened. “You–you can’t–you can’t make me–”

“Can’t I?” Chad said. “Can’t I, Cindy? What do you think your daddy would say about that? You want to ask him, Cindy? Maybe he’ll invite me to dinner again, what do you think?”

“Chad, please–”

“Take the panties off, Cindy. Look at me while you do it.”

Cindy did. Chad let her stand there for a little while as he gazed at her naked body, his eyes moving up and down over every mouth-watering inch of her flesh. “All right, Cindy,” he said finally. “I want you to fuck me now. Right here in this chair. Come on, get up here.”

He reached for her as she moved reluctantly toward him, and with his guidance she climbed onto the chair, straddling his legs, kneeling over his thighs with her breasts practically touching his chest. He lowered his head to take one of those breasts in his mouth. He sucked on it, then bit down on the nipple, not fiercely, but hard enough to bring a cry of pain from her mouth.

“Sweet Cindy,” he muttered, a little breathless now. He slipped his hands under her haunches and lifted her just enough to position her over his cock. “Take it in, Cindy.” he rasped. “Fuck me good.”

Cindy was breathing hard too, but not from excitement. She made a choking sound as she reached down to place his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she began to sink down on it, but Chad, grabbing her hair threateningly, told her to open her eyes and look at him, and she did. His dick twitched dangerously as she slowly took it into her, and what he saw in her terrible eyes was almost as stimulating to him as the sensation of her tight warm Asian cunt.

“Oh, that’s good, Cindy,” he panted. “Shit, your cunt is just as tight as your ass, you know that, Cindy? All the way in, baby, that’s it.”

Cindy continued to lower herself until she was sitting on his thighs, with his cock buried inside her reluctant pussy. “Oh, goddam!” Chad moaned. “I’m inside your cunt, Cindy. I’m actually fucking Cindy Cohn. Who’da thought it, huh, Cindy?”

Cindy’s damp eyes blazed at him, and her mouth opened as if to say something, but she quickly shut it again.

“Go ahead, Cindy,” Chad said. “Say it. You have a free pass right now. You can say whatever you want as long as you fuck me good. That’s our deal, remember? So say it.”

Cindy’s voice, though unsteady, was low and full of loathing. “I fucking despise you,” she said. “I fucking hate your guts. I’d like to kill you. you fucking white devil turd.”

“I know,” Chad said. “And I make you sick, right, Cindy?”

“God, yes!” Cindy said.

“Good,” Chad said. “Now fuck me, Cindy.”

Cindy’s eyes still blazed into his for a brief minute. Then, her face twisting with a mixture of disgust and despair, she began to move slowly, her body rising and falling over his cock. Chad moaned. He put his hands on her breasts, kneading the high firm mounds, then squeezing them until he brought a soft cry from her. But she continued to move up and down.

“A little faster, Cindy,” Chad panted. “Not too much, just a little. That’s it. Oh, that’s good, Cindy. Don’t stop.” He clamped her breasts harder, listening to her squall of pain, loving the way it made her body jerk as she went on fucking him. Then he released her breasts and slid his hands down to her rhythmically flexing thighs, feeling the working of the muscles beneath the soft smooth skin each time she pumped herself up and down.

“Tell me how you hate me, Cindy,” he said breathlessly. “Go on. Fuck harder, Cindy, and tell me all about it.”

Her movements quickened. Her breasts bounced on her chest as her body rose and fell. Her hair was disordered, falling over her shoulders and clinging to her face, and she was panting now with her exertions. “I–I hate you,” she breathed. “I hate you…I hate you…” Moving up and down, fresh tears in her eyes now, she hissed it out again and again, each time she lowered herself around his straining cock. “I hate you…I hate you…I hate you…”

“Oh, Christ!” Chad couldn’t hold back the explosion that overcame him.

His head fell back, his haunches actually lifting off the chair as he spewed his cum wildly into Cindy’s moving pussy. He grabbed her hair and forced her face to his, kissing her panting mouth and raping it with his tongue as he finished cumming. Then he let her go.

“Good girl, Cindy,” he gasped. “You can get dressed now. You did good, Cindy. I look forward to doing this a lot from now on. Maybe every day, how does that sound, Cindy?”

Cindy gave a small involuntary whimper as she struggled to her feet and began to gather her clothes.

Chad had another idea. “And you better make sure I keep enjoying it, Cindy, because you know what? If I start getting tired of you, maybe I’ll pass you on to some of my friends.”

Cindy looked at him, startled. “No!” she said.

“Sure, why not?” Chad said. “Other white loser types like me, you know? All the white geeks and nerds that you like to laugh at, you and your friends. They’d all give just about anything to be able to fuck Cindy Cohn.”

Cindy swallowed hard. “You can’t do that, Chad,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm. “That’s not–my father would–”

“Well, maybe that’s another thing we can ask your daddy about,” Chad said. “Will you ask him, Cindy, or should I?”

“Chad, please. Chad, for god’s sake…please…”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Cindy,” Chad said. “Don’t forget to leave off your underwear.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Her name was Yellow Piss. Nobody knew that but herself, Raymond, and Raymond’s father. Everyone else thought her name was Jenna Wang. But she knew. She was Yellow Piss. And she belonged to Raymond’s father. And to Raymond, by his father’s authority. But it was his father who owned her soul. And her body. And her mind. And whatever else she had. Owned her entirely. She was his Yellow Piss chink slave. She had gone home from his house still reeking with his piss, her hair damp with it, drops of it still on her face. She had gone home and gone into her bathroom to take a shower, but she hadn’t done that right away. She had lain down on the bathroom floor, in her piss-wet clothes, breathing in the smell of it. But it wasn’t really the piss that she was absorbing, taking into herself. Reveling in. It was the smell of her own degradation, the incredibly heady aroma of utter and complete debasement.

He could have done anything to her. She had been ready to mutilate herself. When he stopped her, knowing that she was ready and willing to be his Asian slave, she had expected to be taken, to be used sexually, perhaps to be tortured, whatever. And she had wanted it all. Instead, all he had done was to take her–no, to make her crawl–into the bathroom and piss on her. And he had named her Yellow Piss. It was doubly degrading, doubly humiliating, and doubly arousing. Lying there on the bathroom floor, she had put her hand between her legs and masturbated herself to orgasm three times within ten minutes.

The next day after school she went to his house again, as ordered. Her heart was pounding and she was actually shaking as she mounted the porch steps and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” came a voice from inside. His voice.

“It’s–it’s Jenna.” There were other houses only a few feet away on either side, there were people passing on the street; she didn’t want to use her real name.

“Who?” came the voice.

She knew he had heard her. She took a breath, looking around to see that no one could overhear. “It’s Yellow Piss,” she said, not very loudly.

“I can’t hear you,” came the voice.

She closed her eyes and said it loudly now. “It’s Yellow Piss!” She couldn’t look, she could only hope no one had heard her.

The door opened. “Come in,” Raymond’s father said. She followed him into the living room. He sat in his chair. “Did you forget your name, Yellow Piss?” he asked mildly.

“No. I–I’m sorry. I just didn’t want–”

“I don’t care what you want. What is your name?”

“Yellow Piss,” Jenna said.

“Say it again.”

“Yellow Piss.”

“We must make sure you remember that. Go into the kitchen and get me a glass.”

When she came back with the glass Raymond was there, having just come from school himself. Raymond’s father took the glass from her. He unzipped his fly and took out his cock. He held the glass underneath his cock and pissed into it. When he finished the glass was about halfway full. Then he handed it to Raymond and instructed him to piss into it too, which Raymond did. The glass was nearly full now. Raymond’s father took it from his son and handed it to Jenna.

“Drink it,” he said.

The smell was foul and made her gag, but again it was the aroma of her degradation. She put the glass to her lips and drank. She had to hold her breath, and even so she choked up at one point and had to stop.

“Drink it all,” Raymond’s father said.

She didn’t know if she could, but she kept drinking. She gagged several times, and once, with about a third of the glass still to go, she retched and thought she was going to throw up. She stood there, taking deep, rapid breaths, while Raymond and his father watched her, waiting for her to continue. Praying that she could keep it down, she forced herself to drink again, until finally she had swallowed it all. She retched again, her body twitching as she tried to control the roiling in her stomach. Somehow she managed to contain herself.

“What is your name?” Raymond’s father said.

“Yellow Piss,” Jenna said, gasping.

“You won’t forget that again, will you, Yellow Piss?” Raymond’s father said.

“No,” Jenna said. “No, I won’t.”

“Good. Raymond tells me you are a great lay.”

The suddenness of this comment took her aback, and she didn’t know what

to say. “I–thank you,” she said finally.

“Especially when you’re in pain,” Raymond’s father said.

Jenna was silent, but her heart quickened.

“Show me your breasts,” Raymond’s father said.

Jenna, her fingers shaking slightly, unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then she took off her bra.

“Fair,” Raymond’s father said. “Nice and firm, though. It should be pleasant, hurting them.”

Jenna made a small sound.

“Oh look, Raymond,” his father said. “Look how her nipples stiffen at the thought of pain. That’s very nice. I expect they’ll get even harder when confronted with a nice cold pair of pliers. Isn’t that right, Yellow Piss?”

Jenna’s knees almost buckled. “I–I don’t–I–”

“Well, perhaps we’ll find out,” Raymond’s father said. “In the meantime, I have an assignment for you, one that will allow you to live up to your name.

Tomorrow, when you arrive at school, you will go into the boys’ bathroom. Is there more than one, Raymond?”

“Yeah,” Raymond said. “There’s one on each floor.”

“Well, choose the largest one. You will go in there and stay there all day long. When someone asks you why you are there, you will say you are there to be pissed on. Then you will let anyone who wishes to piss on you. Anyone and everyone. All day long. Is that clear, Yellow Piss?”

“Yes,” Jenna got out. She felt numb.

“Raymond, you will see that she follows my instructions.”

“Hey, these guys aren’t gonna want to stop with just pissing on her,”

Raymond said. “Some of them are gonna want more, you know? If she’s right there in the can, letting herself be pissed on. They’re gonna want to fuck her and stuff.”

“That seems probable,” Raymond’s father said. “And I don’t suppose you would be able to stop them, Raymond. So there seems to be no help for it. So, Yellow Piss, if anyone wants to fuck you–and stuff, as Raymond so eloquently puts it–you will allow them to do so. Do you understand?”

Jenna thought she might pass out. “Yes,” she gasped faintly.

“Yes, sir,” Raymond’s father said.

“Yes, sir,” Jenna said.














Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 7

Chapter 7


“He wants to give me to other boys,” Cindy said flatly.

“I see,” her father said. “Tired of you already, is he? I hope you haven’t been doing less than your best for him, Cindy. That would displease me a great deal.”

“No, Daddy,” Cindy said, her voice shaking a little. “He’s not tired of me. He just said that if he ever does get–he might want to let his friends–Daddy, you don’t want that, do you?”

“Don’t I? What are you, Cindy?”

“I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” Cindy said in a low voice.

“Yes. I’ll have to think about it, Cindy. Meanwhile, come over here and show me just how well you’ve been pleasing Chad. Perhaps that will help me to make my decision.”

Cindy showed him.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“What in the hell do you think is going on with Cindy?” Rachel Harris said to Armina Banks.

“I don’t know, but either she’s lost her mind or this guy Chad has got some kind of a hold on her,” Armina replied.

“But god, he’s such a nerd! And Cindy always couldn’t stand him. So what in the world could it be?”

“Maybe she found out he’s got a really big one,” Armina said.

Rachel giggled. Then she said, “Well, I don’t think that’s it, because Cindy didn’t seem very happy about going off with him when he said he wanted to–you know.”

“Well, Cindy obviously isn’t going to tell us. So maybe we should ask Chad,” Armina said.

Rachel stared. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Why? I mean, Cindy’s our friend, right? If she’s got a problem with this white guy, I think we should try to help her out. Us Asian girls have to stick togehter like rice.”

“Yes, but–but we can’t just, like, go up to him and ask him, can we?”

“Why not? What can he do to us? Either he’ll tell us or he won’t.”

“Well of course he won’t. Duh,” Rachel said.

“Okay, probably not. But it won’t hurt to ask.” Armina grinned. “And maybe we can persuade him.”

Rachel stared again. “Get out of here! I wouldn’t touch that guy with a ten-foot pole.”

“I know, me too, actually. That’s why we have to help Cindy out if she’s in some kind of bind. You with me?”

“I guess. Shouldn’t we get the other Asian girls in on this?”

“Not yet,” Armina said. “Let’s see how it goes.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


When Raymond took Jenna into the boys’ room on the first floor of the school early in the morning, before the start of classes, there were half a dozen boys already there, most of them standing around and smoking. Jenna knew only one or two of them. They all stared at her in surprise and wonder.

“Hey, what the fuck?” one boy said finally. “What’s she doing here? This is the guys’ bathroom, for Christ sake!”

“Maybe she wants to see what a guy’s dick looks like,” another one said, grinning. “Maybe it’s research for biology class.” Everyone snickered. Bill Talbot, who was in Raymond’s history class, addressed him. “What’s going on, Ray? Why’d you bring her in here? You need a place to fuck or what?”

More snickers.

“Ask her,” Raymond said.

“Okay. What’s going on, babe? Lost your way?”

Jenna took a breath. “I’m–” She looked at Raymond, then away. She swallowed. “I’m here to be pissed on,” she said.

There was silence.

“Say again?” Bill said wonderingly.

Jenna said it again. Her voice shook a bit, but there was no mistaking the words. The boys just stared at her, apparently struck dumb. “What the fuck’s she talking about, Ray?” Bill demanded finally. “This some kind of stupid stunt or something Asian that we don’t understand?”

“No,” Raymond said. “It’s not a stunt. It’s like she said, she’s here to be pissed on. Any of you guys want to piss on a girl, this is your chance. That’s it.”

“It’s actually an Asian tradition. Every girl must be pissed on once in a while to heal herself spiritually.  It’s part of my discovering my indigenous Asian culture.” Jenna chipped in.

Somebody laughed. “Shit,” somebody else said. “Who the fuck wants to piss on a girl? What fun is that?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Bill said. “It’s sure to be more interesting than doing it in some old toilet, right?”

“That’s crazy,” someone else put in, a tall boy with a sallow face.

“Ask her,” Raymond said again.

“Okay. How about it, girl. What’s your name anyway?”

“Her name’s Jenna,” Bill Talbot said.

“No it’s not,” Raymond said, grinning. “Tell them your real name, baby.”

Jenna swallowed again. She didn’t know whether Raymond’s father wanted her to share the name he had given her with the outside world. But since Raymond had asked her, she had no choice. “My name is Yellow Piss,” she said in a low voice.

A few more boys had come into the bathroom by now. No one had left. There were murmurs and exclamations of surprise around the room.

“Nice name,” the tall boy said. “So how come you want to be pissed on,Yellow Piss?”

Jenna didn’t know what to say. She knew she couldn’t tell them about Raymond’s father. She closed her eyes. “I have to,” she breathed. “I–I just have to.”

“That’s enough questions,” Raymond said. “Any of you guys want to piss on her, or not?”

“Why don’t you do it, Ray?” Bill Talbot said. “Give us like a demonstration, you know?”

“Shit, what a bunch of wusses,” Raymond said. “Okay, sure. I’ll start it off. Why not?” There was a line of urinals along one wall. Raymond took Jenna Wang over there and placed her in front of the nearest one, pushing her back against it. “Kneel down, baby,” he told her.

Jenna sank to her knees, then at Raymond’s further urging sat back on her haunches, so that her face was just below the level of Raymond’s crotch. She was kneeling almost directly over the drain, her back to the curved porcelain face of the urinal, her knees on the hard tile floor of the bathroom. She was shaking a little, but beneath her blouse her breasts were rising and falling noticeably with her rapid breathing.

Raymond stood in front of her and unzipped his pants. There was a strained silence in the room as boys crowded around to get a better look. Raymond took out his cock, aimed it at Jenna’s face, and after a moment began to piss. Jenna gave a short, sharp cry as the yellow liquid hit her face, but then she was quiet. She kept her eyes and her mouth closed while Raymond continued to release a strong stream of urine all over her unmoving face.

As the stream died down, the tension in the room suddenly broke and the boys burst out into exclamations of awe, astonishment and delight. Now several others wanted to do what Raymond had done, and one after another they did. It was getting close to class time now, and more boys were coming in, all of them expressing their amazement at what was going on, many of them wanting to join in. Soon there was a line in front of the urinal in which Jenna was kneeling, and boy after boy released his piss happily into Jenna’s face, and on her body as well. The white blouse she was wearing was quickly soaked through, as was the bra beneath, and the shapes of her nipples could be seen clearly as the material clung to her body. They were stiff and hard.

Word of what was going on in the ground-floor boys’ room soon spread through the school, and more and more boys started coming in, until it got too crowded to hold them all. When the line at Jenna’s urinal began to snake out the door and down the hall, Raymond had to stand guard at the door and allow only a certain number of guys in at a time, so they wouldn’t draw unwanted attention from the faculty.

As Raymond had predicted, many of the boys wanted to do more than piss on her. Especially when her clothes got so piss-soaked and sodden that Raymond said she might as well take them off. Jenna wasn’t sure whether it was a suggestion or a command, but she was so dazed and so aroused by what was happening to her, by the continual stream of piss splashing into her face, and by the increasingly excited mob of white boys who seemed to find pleasure in her debasement, that she didn’t care. She took off her dripping blouse and then her bra, to the cheers and moans and catcalls of the watching crowd, and when Raymond asked her why she didn’t finish the job, she took off her skirt and her panties as well.

The crowd grew frenzied. Raymond had difficulty maintaining the line at the urinal, and finally he gave up. They crowded around her now, as many at one time as could fit in a tight semicircle in front of her kneeling figure, and all of them pissed on her at once. Jenna was crying now, although her nipples were still hard and she showed no desire to escape from her situation. But the sense of her utter degradation, while it excited her intensely, could not help but affect her in other ways as well. Her tears were overwhelmed by the rivulets of urine that ran over her face, but her mouth opened as she sobbed helplessly, and the boys pissed into it. She choked at first and tried to keep her mouth closed, but her crying had stuffed up her nose, and she couldn’t. The boys kept aiming for her mouth, importuning her to swallow their piss, and she swallowed as much as she could, the rest spilling out over her chin and onto her breasts and body.

Bill Talbot was the first one to go further. As one group of boys finished peeing on her and made way for another, Bill stepped in and called for a temporary halt. A few boys objected, but the protests died away when they saw Bill stepping up to her with his cock erect and stiff, and pointing at Jenna’s sobbing, quivering, half-open mouth.

“How about it, baby?” Bill said. “You only drink piss, or you like to drink cum too? Come on, sweetie, take it in.” He rubbed the tip of his cock against her full wet lips.

Jenna gave a short, low moan and opened her mouth wider. Bill sank his cock into it.

The room again filled with cheers and groans of passion as Bill began to fuck Jenna’s mouth. He put his hands in her hair, but there was evidently no need to force her as she sucked willingly, even avidly, at his pumping rod. It didn’t take long to finish him off, but instead of letting her drink his cum he pulled out at the last minute and shot it all over her face, letting it mingle with the piss and tears that continued to drip from her. The boys cheered again.

After that, of course, they all wanted to do what Bill had done. For a while there was no more pissing, as boy after boy presented his stiff cock to be sucked. Some of them came almost immediately, some took longer, although those who were waiting continually hectored them to hurry up and make way for the next guy. Some of them followed Talbot’s example and shot their jism into her face, but most of them cummed off in her mouth, and at their urging Jenna swallowed as much as she could. Often she gagged as the boys pushed their cocks deep into her throat, or retched with the surfeit of semen she was ingesting on top of the piss she had already swallowed, but the boys paid no attention, ravenously eager to take advantage of this exciting and astonishing sexual offering. She continued to suck and she continued to sob, and when she parted her knees to spread her thighs, and her hand slid as if with a will of its own into her crotch, a great yell of delight went up from the watching mob.

When the bell rang for the first class much of the crowd cleared out, though some of those who had not yet had their cocks in her mouth stayed to take their turn. But there was not a boy in the school who did not hear the tale of the crazy Chinese girl in the ground-floor bathroom who was there to be pissed on and to be mouth-fucked if they wanted, and there was a constant traffic to that location throughout the day. All day long there was hardly a moment when Jenna was not taking someone’s pee on her face, or in her mouth, or on her breasts, or sucking on some boy’s cock until he came down her throat or into her eyes or her hair or wherever he wanted. It didn’t matter to them that she was a dripping, stinking, sodden mess, her hair lank with urine and semen, her face and body running with it. Most of them got hard as soon as they saw her, and so would fuck her mouth first and then piss on her after they came, although some reversed the process. A couple of times throughout the day Jenna had to throw up, and Raymond would allow her to crawl to one of the toilets and regurgitate some of what she had swallowed by the gallon. Then she would crawl back to her urinal, the foul vomit taste soon replaced in her mouth by that of the never-ending piss. She still knelt there with her thighs open, and most of the time she had at least one hand between her legs, fingering herself slowly, and sometimes frenziedly, while subjecting herself to what was going on. She came quite often, and as the day wore on her climaxes became more frequent, but she never let them interfere with any boy’s pleasure.

Raymond stayed with her all day, using her himself when he wanted to piss, and on two occasions letting her suck him off as well. There were occasional suggestions from some of the guys that they put her in the shower and let her clean up, so that then they could actually fuck her, but they didn’t get around to doing that until the end of the day, because too many guys were constantly coming in to piss on her.

When classes were over, though, and the school was emptying out, about a dozen of them gathered in the bathroom to implement that idea. Two of them stripped naked and took Jenna into the shower, giving her a thorough washing. By the time they finished most of the others were naked too, and waiting. They laid Jenna down on the bathroom floor and began to argue about who would be first. Jenna settled that by tugging frantically at the leg of the first white boy she could reach, practically pulling him down on top of her. She gave a sharp cry of both pain and pleasure as he thrust his cock with brutal directness deep inside her Asian pussy. She climaxed almost immediately, and the boy didn’t last much longer.

After him the rest of them took their turns, each one battering her heedlessly against the hard tile floor, each of them coming quickly and shooting his sperm inside her, and Jenna matched almost every climax with one of her own. Raymond did not fuck her, but when the last of the boys had taken his turn and left, he stood over her and pissed on her once again, grinning widely as he sent the yellow stream all up and down her naked, writhing body. He did not let her wash off again, but told her to get dressed just as she was and then to go report to his father. Which Jenna did.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“Did you ask your daddy about me giving you to other guys, Cindy?” Chad inquired.

Cindy had to take his cock out of her mouth in order to answer him. She was kneeling at his feet as he sat in one of the chairs in a locked classroom at lunchtime. This had become almost a daily occurrence. Chad loved to see Cindy on her knees in front of him. He always had her kneel and suck his cock, no matter what else was on the agenda. Sometimes she was naked when she did it, sometimes he let her keep her clothes on. The clothes always came off eventually though. It didn’t take long, because in obedience to his order Cindy never wore underwear to school. This caused her a great deal of embarrassment, because try as she might, she could not keep her high, round, unfettered breasts from bouncing and swaying beneath her blouse or dress as she walked, and this brought her a great deal of attention, and some comment, particularly from the male half of the school population. In addition, Chad had commanded that she always wear dresses or skirts to school, never slacks or jeans, and he had stipulated that those dresses or skirts should never be long enough to fall below her knees. She had to be very careful when she sat down, especially in class, and she never felt safe in crossing her legs now. Her male teachers stared at her, and the females looked disapproving, although so far none of them had said anything. But she was afraid that Chad had further designs for her in this area. It was one of many things she was afraid of from him.

She smiled at him as best she could, but her voice was unsteady. “Yes, I did, Chad,” she said. “He–he said he wanted to think about it.”

“Oh, really?” Chad said. He put his hand in her hair and twisted, and Cindy cried out. “Well, I’d like you to persuade him, Cindy. You think you could find a way to do that?”

Cindy was whimpering slightly as Chad twisted harder. “I–I don’t know, Chad, I–Oh god, I mean, you know my father, he’s–AAHHH! God! All right, Chad, all right! I’ll–I’ll try to–but I–oh please, Chad, I’ll try, but I don’t see how I can–”

“Stupid gook,” Chad said. “Go back to what you were doing.” With his hand still twisted in her hair, he pushed her face back to his crotch, jamming her mouth down over his cock. He held her that way, not letting her move, his throbbing dick completely filling her mouth and reaching into her throat. Cindy gagged and mewled around his cock, struggling to take in air through her nostrils, her hands clutching at his thighs, but he kept his unrelenting grip on her hair until her sounds and struggles made him come hard, shooting his gism direclty into her gullet.

It was only after she had revived him, at his orders, and then bent over the teacher’s desk so he could take her from behind, that Cindy timidly but desperately brought up the subject again. “Chad,” she ventured as she was buttoning her blouse. “Chad, you–you wouldn’t really…give me to other guys…would you? I mean, Chad, I’ve–I’ve been good–I always do what you want, don’t I? I’m–I’m here for you whenever you want me, and I–I always–I mean, why would you want to see me–I mean–”

Chad never tired of the thrill of having Cindy Cohn, the most popular Asian girl in school, who had always treated him like dirt, pleading with him. Of seeing her fear and savoring her forced submission. Now he smiled. “Damn, Cindy, if you were a little smarter I think you would realize that seeing how much you hate the idea only makes me want it more. Don’t you get that, Cindy?”

Tears dripped from Cindy’s eyes. “Oh god, Chad, please. Please. I’m begging you. Please!”

“What are you so afraid of, Cindy? Jesus, it’s not like you’re a virgin or anything. I mean, you’ve not only fucked me, you’ve fucked your step father and your step brother god knows how many times, and I’m pretty damn sure we aren’t the only ones. How many others have you fucked, Cindy?”

“Chad, please–”

Very suddenly, Chad brought up his arm and slapped her as hard as he could across the face. Cindy cried out in shock and pain and staggered back, then fell to her knees, sobbing. As he looked at her, Chad realized that although he had tortured and brutalized Cindy in many ways, this was the first time he had actually hit her with his hand. A surge of excitement suffused his body, and his cock stiffened yet again as he looked down at her.

“I asked you a question, gook whore,” he said hoarsely. “When I ask you a question, you answer it. Immediately. Understand, Cindy?”

Cindy’s head jerked up and down. “Yes,” she whimpered. “Yes, Chad. I’m sorry.”

“Now answer me. How many guys have you fucked with your filthy gook whore’s body?”

“I–I don’t know, Chad,” Cindy replied breathlessly. There was fear in her voice. “I–I only did it when my father told me to. When he–he made me–with some of his friends. And–”

“How many, Cindy?”

She took a shuddering breath. “Three, I think. Three of his friends. And–and at my last school there was this boy, he–he made me–oh Christ–”

“Yeah, well, I want to hear all about your sad story, Cindy, but not right now. I’m gonna give you a little homework, Cindy. Tonight I want you to write me out a list of all the guys you’ve done it with. Every one of them, you got that, Cindy? I want names, and I want them all. Then we can go down the list and you can tell me all about what happened with each one of them. While I’m fucking your ass. Okay, Cindy?”

“Yes, Chad,” she whispered.

“All right. So anyway, Cindy, what I was saying was that since you have fucked all these guys, you can’t be worried about losing your virtue or anything, right? So what do you care if I lend you to some of my buddies, just like your father did? You’re a gook whore anyway, isn’t that right? Just like you always tell your father, a gook bitch and a gook whore. Isn’t that right, Cindy?”

“Yes, Chad.” She was sobbing softly.

“All right then. So what’s a few more guys?”

Cindy moaned. “I–I don’t–” She struggled to control her sobs. “I–I’ll be ruined, Chad,” she gasped out. “Oh Christ. Everybody will–will know about–I’ll be the school whore.” She couldn’t stop crying. “Oh, damn you, Chad!” she burst out heedlessly. “You–you’ve already shamed me with my girlfriends, they–they think I’m–Jesus, I don’t know what they think. And–and if–if the whole–” She broke down again. Chad watched her sobbing there on her knees, his cock harder than ever.

“It happened before, didn’t it, Cindy?” he said finally. “At your last school. I remember Jenna Wang said something about that. You had to move away. And now it’s happening again. Poor little gook whore baby.”

Cindy continued to sob.

Chad rested his buttocks against the desk, thinking for a moment as he gazed down at the crying girl. “The thing is, Cindy,” he said then, “like I told you before, I’m gonna need a little variety when I get tired of using your slutty cunt and your slutty ass and your slutty mouth. Something to keep me interested, you know? And I figure watching you degrading yourself for a bunch of my friends, fucking and sucking all the guys you’ve put down for so long, would be real stimulating. Didn’t I explain that to you, Cindy?”


“Answer me, whore.”

“Yes, Chad,” Cindy got out. “You explained that.”

“But I’ll tell you what, Cindy.” He considered for another moment as Cindy looked up at him with a faint glimmer of hope. “You mentioning your girlfriends has given me an idea. That snooty bunch of Asian girls you run around with all think they’re such big wheels. They’re almost as stuck-up as you, Cindy. As you used to be, I mean. All so full of themselves, and they won’t spit on white guys like me. You see where I’m going with this, Cindy?”

“I–I don’t–are you–”

“I’m thinking we might make a deal, Cindy. You don’t want to fuck my friends, maybe I can fuck yours, you know? That would provide some variety, all right. And god knows I’d love to stick my dick into one or two of those Asian bitches. Or all of them, for that matter. That Melanie Bryan, for example. She looks like she’d make a great fuck. Or Norma Veney, with the tits out to here. Or Rachel Harris, Armina Banks–damn, they’re all good-looking Asian cunts, and don’t they know it! So what I’m thinking, Cindy, is that you could do both of us a favor by maybe getting a couple of them for me, you know? You think you could do that, Cindy?”

Cindy was staring at him through her tears. “Chad, I–how could I–I don’t know how I could–they’d never–it’s–it’s impossible, Chad–”

“Really? Well, that’s a shame, Cindy. Then I guess you’ll just have to become the school slut. Too bad.”

“Chad, please! I’ll–I’ll do anything you want–”

“But I told you what I want, Cindy. I want your snotty-ass Asian bitch friends. At least one or two of them. Don’t you think you could persuade them somehow? Use your influence. You’re the big cheese, after all, aren’t you, whore?”

In spite of her distress, Cindy gave a bitter laugh. “I used to be,” she said, sniffling a little. “But you pretty much took care of that, you–” She cut herself off hastily.

“Well, I think you still carry some weight, Cindy. And a smart Asian girl like you should be able to figure out some way to use it. I don’t care how you do it. And I don’t care if the bitches like it or not. Matter of fact, I’d prefer it if they didn’t. Makes it more exciting, just like with you, Cindy.”

Cindy swallowed, trying to pull herself together. “But Chad, my father didn’t–he hasn’t said you could–”

“He will,” Chad said. “I’m pretty sure he will, Cindy. Especially if I tell him about this new plan. I think that would appeal to him, don’t you? So here’s the deal, Cindy. I’ll give you a week. You get at least one of your pals to fuck for me in that time, I’ll keep you all to myself, okay? Until I get tired of her, of course. Then we’ll go on to the next one.”

He could see that Cindy’s impulse was to curse him again, but she held herself back. She just shook her head helplessly, her eyes brimming with new tears.

“Do we have a deal, Cindy?”

“I–I’ll try,” Cindy whispered. “But I don’t see–I don’t think–”

“You don’t have to think, Cindy. You just do as you’re told. One way or the other. Now see, talking about those girls has made me all hard again. Crawl over here and suck me off again before you leave, Cindy.”

And Cindy did that.

Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Jenna Wang walked the nine blocks from the school to the Cohn’s house, shivering most of the way and trying to avoid the startled, curious glances of the people she passed. She knew she looked as though she had been caught in a rainstorm, drenched from head to toe, her clothes clinging to her, her hair lank and dripping, her face running with moisture. Unless people got close enough to smell her, they probably wouldn’t know it was urine she was dripping with–mixed with a little semen from the white boys who had jerked off on her face when they had finished pissing on her the last time. People usually avoided getting that close to her, but they stared and wondered. Jenna felt shamed and horribly self-conscious, but her nipples were hard, as they had been through most of the day, and the moisture between her legs was from a different source. Part of her hated herself for responding in this way to such degradation, but she knew she couldn’t help it. That was how she was, and who she was. That was what had brought her here. She was Yellow Piss.

At the Cohn house, she went up on the porch and knocked at the door. In a moment she heard Raymond’s father’s voice. “Who is it?”

This time she knew the correct response. “It’s Yellow Piss,” she said, quite loudly.

The front door opened and Raymond’s father stood there. He looked her up and down slowly. “You are a disgusting mess,” he said finally. Jenna swallowed. “Yes, sir,” she said breathlessly. “I did what you–I followed your instructions, sir. Raymond told me to report to you. Sir.”

“Good,” Raymond’s father said. “But you don’t expect me to allow you into my house in that condition, do you, Yellow Piss?”

“I–I don’t–I–”

“Stop stuttering like an idiot. You will remove those stinking rags you are wearing–all of them–before you enter my house.”

Jenna looked around fearfully. There were a few people passing on the other side of the street. A few houses down a woman was sitting in a porch swing reading a magazine. Other than that there wasn’t much sign of life, but she didn’t know who might be watching from the houses. Or who might come along the street at any moment. She thought of protesting, but she knew it was futile.

“Once you have done that,” Raymond’s father continued, “you will take that clothing to the garbage can there by the curb, and put it in. Then you may come back and knock again.” And he closed the door in Jenna’s face.

The people on the other side of the street had passed by, but there were a few more pedestrians now on both sides. It was late afternoon and people were returning home. A few cars passed by, and a man came out of the house directly across the street and began to water his lawn. Jenna wondered if she could put off what she had to do until there was less traffic, but she knew she couldn’t. Raymond’s father was waiting, and possibly watching. There on the porch she began taking off her clothes for the second time that day. She was breathing hard, and she was shaking. Unbuttoning and pulling off her wet blouse, she tried not to look out at the street, but she couldn’t help it. Nobody seemed to notice her at first. Then, as she pulled off her skirt, she saw the man across the street look up and then stare at her, his watering hose forgotten. She looked away, but a man passing on the sidewalk had seen her now, and stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide. A woman down the block seemed to be pointing her out to her companion, both with their mouths open. Oh god, she thought, what would happen? Would they call the police? What if someone she knew saw her? What if–

She was making a little sound with each breath she emitted as she took off her bra. A passing car stopped. Another came up behind it and stopped too, the driver honking his horn impatiently at first, until he turned to see what the driver in front of him was staring at.

Jenna took off her panties. There were tears in her eyes, but her nipples protruded from her breasts like tiny rocket heads, and she could feel them throbbing. Nevertheless she had to gather all her courage and will power to pick up her discarded clothes and carry them out to the curb where the trash can stood. She wanted to use them to cover her breasts and her crotch, but she didn’t. If Raymond’s father was watching he would not like that. So she just held them in her hands, her hands at her sides as she walked as steadily as she could off the porch and down the little path to the curb, her breasts bouncing nakedly with each step, her small brown patch of pubic hair glinting in the afternoon light. Then she deposited her clothing in the metal can, turned, and walked back to the porch. As far as she could hear, none of the people watching her made any comments. They just stared.

Shaking harder now, she knocked at the door again. “Who is it?” came the familiar voice.

Jenna swallowed. “It’s Yellow Piss,” she said. She wondered how many of the watchers could hear her.

Raymond’s father opened the door. “That’s better,” he said. “Come in, Yellow Piss.”

Jenna crossed the threshold, and Raymond’s father closed the door after her. He seemed unconcerned with whatever audience Jenna had collected. Perhaps he had reason to be. After closing the door he turned to the naked girl. Then, very suddenly and with no warning, he raised his hand and slapped her very hard across the face.

Jenna cried out and fell backwards, falling to the floor, as much from shock and surprise as from the force of the blow. “What–why–” she gasped out.

“Why?’ Ramond’s father said. “Why did I hit you? Because I wanted to. That’s all. It was a whim. You are here to satisfy my whims, Yellow Piss. I don’t need a reason for hitting you other than that. Isn’t that right?”

Jenna swallowed. “Yes,” she breathed. “Yes, sir.”

“Right. And also to get you off your feet. From now on you are never to stand upright in my presence, unless I order you to, or give you permission. As a chink slave, you will be on your knees to me at all times unless told otherwise. Is that clear, Yellow Piss?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m waiting,” Raymond’s father said.

Jenna, who had been sprawled where she had fallen, hastily clambered onto her knees. Nervous and quivering, she was uncertain whether to sit back on her haunches or to kneel upright. She chose the former.

“No,” Raymond’s father said.

Quickly she pushed herself up so that she was in effect kneeling at attention, her thighs at right angles to her calves, her weight pressing her knees harder against the floor.

“Straighten your back,” Raymond’s father said.

Jenna obeyed, holding her body as rigid as she could.

“Put your hands behind you. Crossed at the wrists.”

Again she did as he said. Her hard-nippled breasts thrust toward him, her taut body still glistening with moisture. She knelt there with her eyes cast down, not daring to look up at him.

“Good,” Raymond’s father said. “That is your slave posture. That is how you will present yourself to me at all times, and that is how you will remain in my presence when not under other orders. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now you may get on all fours and crawl into the bathroom, where you will clean yourself off. You still stink of piss, a natural state for a chink, but somewhat unsavory for the rest of humanity. When you have finished you will crawl into the living room, where I will be waiting. Do not be long.” He turned and walked away.

Jenna got on her hands and knees and crawled to the bathroom. She cried helplessly as she showered and washed out her hair. She didn’t quite know why she was crying. Or rather, she was aware that there were so many reasons that she couldn’t possibly sort them out. Part of it was shame. Part of it anger, mostly at herself. Part of it was simple relief at finally ridding her body of the noxious feel and smell of urine. Part of it was a kind of despair at the knowledge that she was giving up her life, her freedom, albeit willingly. And part of it, she knew–perhaps the biggest part–was happiness.

When she had finished she crawled into the living room. Raymond had arrived now and was sitting there with his father. Jenna crawled to Raymon’s father’s chair and knelt before him in her slave position, upright, her back straight, her hands behind her, her eyes cast down. Raymond’s father said, “Raymond has been telling me about your performance today, Yellow Piss. I am happy to hear that you carried out my orders to the letter, with no trouble. I am convinced now that you will make an excellent chink slave, and I have decided to take you on permanently.”

A surge of joy suffused Jenna’s body, so unexpectedly strong that it drowned out whatever other emotions she might have felt. She wanted to jump to her feet, but she forced herself to remain in position. “Thank you, sir,” she said breathlessly. She could not restrain herself from looking up at him for a moment, but his expression as he looked at her made her lower her eyes again.

“As my permanent slave,” Raymond’s father went on, “I will want you to live here, so that you will be available to me whenever I want you. I may have you leave school to serve me full-time, but I have not yet decided that. You will not have to bring any of your possessions when you come here. A slave does not have possessions.”

A startled Jenna looked up at him again, her mouth and eyes wide.

“But–but sir I–I can’t–I mean–I’m–my mother would–she wouldn’t–she would never–”

“Stop stuttering. Your mother would object to such a move. Of course. I understand that. Do you have other family as well? A father? Brothers

nnd sisters.”

“N-no, sir. My father’s living in China, and I’m–I don’t have any–”

“Well, that makes it simpler, doesn’t it? Don’t worry about your mother. I will deal with her. In fact, you need not go home at all. Now that you are here, you may as well stay. Raymond, show Yellow Piss to the spare room, where she will stay until further notice. She will crawl behind you, of course.”

“Can I fuck her?” Raymond said.

His father looked at him in a way that made Raymond blanch a little. “I thought you were tired of her, Raymond,” his father said. “Didn’t you have Yellow Piss at your beck and call, able to do anything you wanted with her? And didn’t you pass her on to me because she was too much for you to handle? Is my memory failing me, Raymond, or is that not the case?”

“Yes, sir,” Raymond said. “But hell, it’s not that she wasn’t a good lay, you know? And after watching her all day, with all those guys and everything, well–it’s made me horny as hell. You know?”

“Of course. But let us get one thing clear, Raymond. Yellow Piss is now my slave, not yours. You will do nothing with her without my permission. Nothing. At any time. Just like with your sister. You understand that, do you not?”

“Yes, sir. I’m–I’m just asking permission now, Dad, okay? I’m really hot for her now. Can I fuck her? Please?”

“Yes,” his father said.


Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 9

Chapter 9


After her conversation with Chad, Rachel Harris went straight to the principal’s office. She couldn’t get in to see Dr. Dalbeck, who seldom spoke to the students anyway, and when she tried Mr. Trask she was told he had gone home early. She wondered if she should go to the police, but she decided she didn’t really have enough information for them to be interested. She would talk to Trask the next day.

It wouldn’t have done her any good, because by then Trask had received a small packet in the mail. It contained a copy of an audio tape on which was recorded the whole of his encounter with Cindy in his office. Along with an anonymous letter stating that if he didn’t want the tape sent to the newspapers he would have nothing more to do with Cindy Cohn, or any of the other students for that matter; and in addition, any further sexual goings-on among the student body that might come to his attention were to be ignored as a matter of policy.

Trask didn’t bother Cindy again.

Rachel, however, didn’t actually approach him at all. Because that afternoon, on her way home from school, she was picked up on the street by two men, one black, one white. They forced her into their car with a swiftness and expertise efficient enough to attract little or no attention, and she found herself sitting between the two in the front seat, the black man driving. They drove her to a deserted spot in the woods outside the town. There they got out, taking her with them. They didn’t spend as much time and trouble with her as they had with Armina Banks; the setting was less comfortable, and Chad would not be joining them this time. As soon as she was out of the car the black man punched her as hard as he could, without warning, in the solar plexus. Rachel fell to the ground and they watched her as she rolled around there, clutching her belly and making choking, gurgling sounds as she struggled to get her breath back, which took a long time. They watched her skirt ride up on her twisting, flailing legs. As they watched they pulled down their zippers and took out their hardening cocks. They didn’t bother with the rest of their clothing———

After that they told her what she was going to do at school the next day. And in the days to follow. Then they took her home. They had even brought along a new dress for her to wear.

The next day, Rachel found Chad once again in the cafeteria. She sat down opposite him. She looked pretty good. She had covered up a couple of bruises with makeup, and she wore a high-collared blouse to cover the marks that the rope had left on her neck.

“Hi, Rach,” Chad greeted her.

Rachel swallowed. “Chad,” she said then, “I-I want to apologize for the way I spoke to you yesterday. I’m really very sorry, Chad. I’m–Of course I would love to have sex with you. It would–it would be an honor, Chad. I’ll be happy to have sex with you any time you like.”

“That’s good, Rachel,” Chad said. “That’s very nice indeed. And you’ll do it any way I want, right?”

Rachel swallowed again. “Yes, Chad,” she said.

“Yes. And you’ll do it real good too, right, Rachel? You’ll be just as good as you can be for me, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Chad,” Rachel said.

“Good,” Chad said. “Why don’t we start now.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


When Raymond’s father came home, he knew almost instantly what had happened. One look at his son’s quasi-innocent but self-satisfied face told him that Raymond had been up to something, and he suspected what it was even before he went into the kitchen and saw Jenna, who was still cleaning up. There were marks on her face and body that hadn’t been there before, and as soon as she saw him she began to tremble. Without a word, he marched back into the living room, went up to where his son was sitting and without warning backhanded him a savage blow across the face. Raymond cried out and tried to stand up, but his father hit him again. Raymond put up his hands to shield himself, cringing.

“You have deliberately disobeyed me, Raymond,” his father said. “I will not tolerate that, and you know it. How dare you go against my orders?”

“Dad, I was just–I mean, I couldn’t help it. It was her–she wanted it, Dad, and she begged me, she … I couldn’t …”

“You are contemptible,” his father said. “I am ashamed to think you are my son. You will be punished for this, Raymond. And you have lost any privileges you may have enjoyed in this house. From now on you will have nothing to do with Yellow Piss, or with Cock Sucker, or with any other Asian female under this roof. Including your sister. You will never touch any of them again. Is that clear? I have always instilled in my philosophy that every white man should have a few Asian slavesm, but you are not fit to be my white son.”

“But-but Dad…” He started to protest, but he could see in his father’s face that it was no use.

“Yellow Piss,” his father called. “Come in here.”

Jenna came in. She was still shaking. She quickly assumed the kneeling position.

“You have violated my trust,” Raymond’s father said. “You can no longer be my slave. You will have to leave here at once.”

Tears sprang to Jenna’s eyes, and she gave an involuntary cry. “Please, sir,” she whimpered through quivering lips. “Oh god, please don’t send me away.

Punish me, do anything to me. I didn’t mean to–I would never–I swear–”

“I realize that this violation was not completely voluntary on your part,” Raymond’s father said. “Nevertheless, it should not have happened, and I cannot condone it. Furthermore, no punishment would be sufficient to atone for this.”

“No…” Jenna wailed. Trembling harder now, she went to all fours and crawled across the room to him, sobbing, until she was crouched at his feet. “I beg you, sir,” she choked out. “I am your slave, I belong only to you. Oh, please let me stay with you. I will do anything. Anything…” She was crying too hard to continue.

“Indeed,” Raymond’s father said. He stood there looking down at the huddled, shaking, spasming figure, saying nothing more until her sobbing gradually subsided and her tear-streaked face turned up to him, her eyes red and fearful. Then he pulled down his zipper and took out his dangling penis. “Drink this, Yellow Piss,” he said. Jenna immediately raised herself on her knees and put her mouth around the flaccid phallus. Raymond’s father pissed strongly and steadily into her mouth, and Jenna expertly swallowed it all down as it came, in spite of the occasional residual sob that escaped from her mouth.

“Do you remember,” Raymond’s father said as he relieved himself, “when you first came to me, begging to be my slave, do you remember what it was that I asked you to do in order to prove the strength and extent of your desire? An action which at first you were unable to carry out, but which, when your overwhelming need for captivity and degradation compelled you to return, you then agreed to do. Do you recall that?”

Jenna’s face went pale, but she did not stop swallowing his piss. She made a sound around his cock, a sound that was both an affirmative answer to his question and a frightened reaction to it.

“Of course you do,” Raymond’s father said. “And when I, at the last minute, rescinded that demand, did I not inform you that I might, if circumstances warranted, renew it at some future date?” He finished pissing, and Janna dutifully milked the last few drops from his penis and cleaned off the tip with her tongue before letting it drop from her mouth. “Did I not?” he said.

Jenna swallowed once more, even though there was nothing left in her mouth to swallow. “Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“And now the time has come,” Raymond’s father said.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“Okay,” Chad said. “We’re doing pretty good here, Cindy. Let’s see, so far I’ve had you–” He reached out to tweak her nipple in appreciation–“then cute little Sallie Jing. Then Norma Veney, the gorgeous chink lesbian with the big tits. Then that cunt gook bitch Armina, and now even your best friend Rachel has come around. That’s not bad, Cindy, I have to admit you’ve done pretty well so far. And all to keep me from turning you into a whore.”

“You’ve done that anyway,” Cindy said flatly.

Chad took hold of her hair and pulled on it, wrenching her head back.

Holding her that way, he said, “Are you complaining, Cindy?”

“No,” Cindy said, forcing her words out through the strain in her neck and the pain in her scalp. “No, Chad. I’m not.”

“Good,” Chad said, letting her go. “And don’t exaggerate, Cindy. I know you fucked old Russ Kerstetter, and even what’s-her-name, Norma’s girlfriend, not to mention those two thugs of your father’s, but that was your own choice, Cindy. I didn’t order you to do that, did I?”

“You ordered me to get you my friends. That was the only way I could do it. You know that.”

“How you did it is your business,” Chuck said, grinning. “Anyway, that’s not as bad as what could have happened if you didn’t, right? Better that than having to fuck every guy in school, isn’t it, Cindy? Not to mention anybody else I might come up with. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Cindy said dully.

“Anyway, like I was saying, we’ve gone through most of your hoity-toity friends, and it looks like Melanie Bryan is the only one left in the big-wheel category. Who are you gonna fuck to get Melanie for me, Cindy? Or you gonna call on old Ben and Jack again?”

“Chad,” Cindy said, “Melanie is a virgin.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No. She says she’s saving herself for marriage. She’s kind of religious, you know? And she’s never done it. Really.”

“Well, that’s great!” Chad said. “I’ve never had a virgin. God knows you weren’t one.” And he reached over to tweak her nipple again, this time hard enough to make Cindy draw in a hissing breath. “How soon can you get her for me, Cindy?”

“I-I don’t know, Chad. I-I’ll have to …”

Chad tightened his grip. “Don’t take too long, Cindy. Make it soon. Okay?”

“Yes, Chad.” Her voice was thin and strained.

“Good. Now you can suck my dick.”

When she was finished, Cindy ventured a question. “Chad … after Melanie … when you’ve had all my friends … will you … I mean, that will … I mean …”

“You mean will you have to get me any more girls? Is that what you mean, Cindy? Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we? There are a lot of good-looking Asian girls in school, you know, even if they’re not in the fucking elite group. And you’re so good at pimping for me, Cin. We’ll just have to wait and see.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Cindy knew she had made a bad mistake by letting Chad find out about Ben and Jack. Actually, it was them she had told about him, since they had insisted on knowing all the details of what she wanted them to do, and it had been their idea to call him over to Armina’s house that night. Now she could only pray that Chad would say nothing about them to her father. Fortunately he and her father hadn’t been in contact lately, and she could only hope it stayed that way. Her father would not be happy with her if he found out, to say the least. The very thought of it made her weak.

But she had to see them at least once more. After they had finished with her the first time, they told her that she had just paid for their services for one night only. Each further service would require her to come back and do them again. There was no way she could argue with them. When Chad had called her about Rachel, she had gone back there. That time, because she wanted them to act immediately, they had used her twice as long as before, and twice as hard. Some of the things they had done to her made her shiver when she thought of them. And before she left they had made her drink their piss. She really didn’t want to go back a third time, but she had no choice. There was no other way she could possibly get Melanie for Chad.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Jack, of course, managed to fuck her in spite of his reservations. Both of them did, for a long time, and when they finished she told them about Melanie. She now regretted having told Chad that Melanie was a virgin, for now Chad was looking forward to taking her cherry, which meant she had to persuade Ben and Jack to keep her intact for him.

Jack was not happy with this. “Fuck that,” he snarled. “You want us to straighten out this cunt, we do it however we want. Take it or leave it, bitch.”

But to her surprise, Ben just shrugged. “Big fucking deal,” he said. “We did that with that first bitch, didn’t we? What the hell, we can just get ours afterward.”

“Yeah, well if it was up to me we wouldn’t have waited then either. I don’t like being told how to do my job. You put extra demands on us, girl, we do the same for you, you hear me? You’re not finished here yet, baby. Not by a long shot.”

“I thought you said you were tired of fucking her,” Ben said. “And that was before you practically wore out your dick on her just now.”

“So what?” Jack said. “We’re not the only dicks in the world. I think we should let her fuck some friends of ours too. Might be something to watch, don’t you think?”

Cindy closed her eyes.

“Like who?” Ben said.

“Like Warren,” Jack replied. “I’m thinking about old Warren and his pal, Fred. Wouldn’t that be interesting?”

Ben grinned. “Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, that should be interesting, all right. What do you say, girl? You ready to give it up to a couple acquaintances of ours?”

Cindy sighed wearily. “Do I have a choice?”

“Sure,” Jack said. “You got a choice, cunt. But you don’t do what we want, we don’t do what you want. Be a shame after everything you already did tonight. But it’s up to you.”

“You bastards,” Cindy said. “All right. But then that’s it, right?”

“Sure,” Ben said. “Make the call, Jack.”

They let her take a shower so she would be fresh for their friends, though they stayed with her as she did it, and they entertained themselves in various ways with her body, most of them painful, while they waited. It was half an hour later when the doorbell rang. “That must be Warren and Fred now,” Jack said, and he went to admit the new guests. He brought them into the living room and introduced them.

Cindy almost fainted.

Warren was a tall, broad man in his forties with long blonde hair, whose eyes glittered as he took in Cindy’s naked body.

Fred was a big black dog.





Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Chad and Cindy watched for the next hour or so as Ben and Jack had their way with the now half-crazed girl. At one point Cindy said she couldn’t watch any more. Chad made her. Cindy was crying by the time it was over. Chad was hard. So hard that he took Melanie once more before they let her go. In the ass. “What now, Chad?” Cindy said. She had to know what was going to happen to her now that Chad had gone through all the girls in her clique. Would he be satisfied? Would he let her off the hook? She didn’t think so. She had a terrible feeling that things were only going to get worse for her. But she had to know.

“I’ll think about it,” Chad said.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“Hey, man,” Raymond’s friend Bill Talbot said. “When are we gonna get another bathroom session with that Jenna chick? I’m really looking forward to doing that again.”

Raymond was not in a good mood. He was angry and frustrated at no longer being allowed access, even occasionally, to any of the Asian women in his father’s house, and he didn’t see anything he could do to change his father’s mind.

“You’re not,” he said shortly. “Forget it.”

“How come? Man, that was really–”

“Hey, can’t you hear?” Raymond burst out. “I said forget it, for Chrissake! That’s it, over and out, okay?”

Bill stared at him. “Jeez, what got into you?”

“Nothing. I got a class.” And he turned to walk away.

Bill gazed after him, shaking his head. “Christ,” he muttered. “I guess weirdness runs in the family or something.”

Raymond heard him. He stopped walking and turned back sharply. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Bill shrugged, unfazed by the other’s belligerent glare. “It means your sister’s not the only one who’s got some kind of bug up her ass, or whatever.”

Raymond frowned. “My sister? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Hey, come on, man, I’m just saying, you know. Everybody in school knows something’s going on with her. Her and her friends, the big wheels. Only they don’t seem to be such good friends any more.”

“What do you mean?”

“Christ, where you been? Like, they always ate together in the cafeteria, right? Only now they don’t. Your sister sits off by herself someplace, and the others are like they don’t want to know her, you know? Only they don’t seem to get along so good themselves either. It’s all weird, and Cindy was like the leader, right? So it’s gotta be something she did. Or whatever. I’m just saying.”

“Bullshit,” Raymond said, for no good reason, and walked away.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


But Bill was right. Raymond started observing Cindy around the school, and noted that instead of being constantly surrounded by her friends, as in the past, she now kept pretty much to herself. The table in the cafeteria which had once been the domain of the elite group of Asian girls, the object of attention and envy, was now sparsely populated at lunchtime by maybe two or three of them, without the sprightly chatter and laughter that habitually emanated from that location. None of them seemed very happy. Something was indeed up, and he would bet it had something to do with that asshole Chad Rosen. His first thought was of how he could turn this circumstance to his advantage.

Raymond, being a year behind his sister in school, and never one of the most popular boys, was not friendly with Cindy’s group, but he had met most of them at one time or other. Rachel Harris was perhaps the one he knew best, and he decided to approach her.

He found her at her locker between classes. “Hi, Rachel,” he said, coming up behind her.

She whirled on him, a sudden fear on her face, her body strangely tense. When she saw who it was, she relaxed a bit, but she was obviously still agitated. The fright in her eyes diminished somewhat, but was quickly replaced by wariness and suspicion.

“Oh, Christ!” she said. “Are you in on it too?”

Raymond frowned. “In on what? What the hell’s going on, Rachel?”

“Nothing,” the girl said quickly, turning back to her locker.

“Well, something is,” Raymond said. “What’s happening with you guys and my sister?”

Rachel shot him a look of hatred. “Your sister is a filthy rotten chink bitch!” she spat out. “And if you–” She stopped herself, closed her locker and began to walk away.

“Hey, hold on,” Raymond said, following her. “Does this have something to do with that Chad Rosen guy?”

Rachel stopped walking and turned on him again. “Just leave me alone!” she said in a quivering voice. “All of you! You and fucking Chad Rosen and your fucking sister and her two thugs and everybody else, just fucking leave me alone!” She seemed to be verging on hysteria. Luckily the corridor was by now almost deserted. “You hear me?” she said, almost shouting now. “Leave me alone!”

Raymond was frowning again. “Hold on,” he said. “Two thugs? What two thugs?”

But Rachel suddenly shut down. “Forget it,” she muttered, and walked away again.

“Wait, wait.” Raymond caught up with her and stopped her. “What about these two thugs?” he demanded. “What are you talking about?”

The fear was back in the girl’s eyes. “I can’t tell you,” she muttered.

“I can’t–I didn’t mean anything. I gotta go.”

“Rachel,” Raymond said. “Listen. I can help you, okay? If this is–If you’re in trouble, like with Rosen and my sister, I can do something about that, okay? Just tell me what’s going on. Tell me about these two thugs.”

Rachel was almost crying. “Christ, I can’t!” she said. “They said they’d kill me. They have tapes of me–oh Christ–”

“Who are they? The two thugs?” Raymond insisted. “Just tell me that, okay?”

“I don’t know! Just two guys–big guys–they just–they–”

“Just tell me one thing,” Raymond said. “Was it a black guy and a white guy?”

Rachel swallowed and nodded.

“Shit,” Raymond said, half to himself. “Jack and Ben. It’s gotta be. That sneaky little bitch.”

Rachel caught her breath. “Yes. I heard one of them call the other Ben. But for god’s sake–”

“I knew it!” Raymond breathed.

“For god’s sake don’t tell anybody I told you, Raymond, please! Please! They’ll–”

“Listen, don’t worry about it. I’m gonna take care of it, okay?” A sudden thought came to him. He tried to fight it off, to resist it, but it was too strong. He looked at her in a different way now. “And hey, Rach? If I help you out here–just how grateful will you be to me? Hmmm?”

Rachel began to cry. Her tears affected him in a way he wasn’t used to, and a part of him felt sorry for what he had said. But it was only a part. For a minute he considered telling her to forget about it. But he didn’t.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Cindy came home from school several days later to find her father and Raymond waiting for her in the living room. The expression on her father’s face made her turn pale and begin to tremble before a word was spoken.

“Good afternoon, Cindy,” her father said.

“What-what’s wrong, Daddy?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

“You’ve been a very busy girl, Cindy,” her father said.

“Well, I–what do you mean, Daddy?”

“What are you, Cindy?” her father said. “Tell us what you are.”

Cindy swallowed. I’m–I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” she whispered.

“Say it louder.”

“I’m a gook bitch and a gook sex slave,” Cindy said again.

“You’ve told me that many times, Cindy,” her father said. “And we both know it’s true. But even sluts have limits. Evidently you have not. Even bitches can be taught obedience. I have tried to train you to be obedient, have I not, Cindy? I have put a great deal of effort over the years into instilling that into you, have I not? You have suffered much pain, much torment, much degradation at my hands in that attempt. Evidently it has not been enough.”

Cindy could barely speak. “Daddy, I–I don’t know–I mean, I don’t understand–what–what did–”

“Sit down, Cindy,” her father said. “There is something I want you to see.”

Cindy sat numbly down into a chair as her father picked up the remote control for the TV in the corner of the room. He clicked it on, along with the VCR that sat on top of it, and a tape began to play. When she saw what it was, a sharp, involuntarily scream came from her throat, and she immediately clapped her hands over her mouth to stifle it.

It was, she realized with horror, a tape of her first visit to Jack’s house, when she had approached him with her offer. She recalled all too clearly the security camera he had pointed out to her. The tape was in black and white, and not particularly sharp, but there was no mistaking the fact that it was her, and the sound was clear enough so that she could make out every word. For a moment everything was a blur, her panicked mind unable to focus, to even acknowledge the situation. But then some words came through to her. She heard herself on the tape saying, “If you tell my father about this–if he finds out–he’ll kill me.”

“I especially like that part,” Cindy’s father said. He pressed the rewind button on the remote and reversed the tape for a few seconds, then let it play again. Again she heard herself saying those words.

“So it wasn’t as if you didn’t know exactly what you were doing, was it, Cindy?” her father said.


“Be quiet, Cindy. And watch.” her father said.

Cindy watched. She was trembling quite visibly now. She watched and listened to herself as she made her offer of herself to Jack, as she pressed him when he turned her down, as she tempted and tried to persuade him. And as he finally demanded that she strip for him. And as she did so.

“Oh god, turn it off, Daddy!” she cried finally. “Please!”

“Oh no, Cindy. We’re just getting to the interesting part,” her father said. Raymond was grinning. Cindy closed her eyes.

“No,” her father said sharply. “Keep your eyes open, Cindy. I want you to watch every minute.”

She watched herself strip naked, and a small whimper came from her throat as she saw herself going down on her knees before Jack and taking him in her mouth.

“Oh, you do that so well, Cindy,” her father said as the onscreen blow job went on. “My training has really been effective, I must say. In some ways, that is.”


“Be quiet, Cindy.”

The three of them continued to watch the scene in silence until Cindy, on the screen, swallowed Jack’s sperm and cleaned him off with her tongue. Still her father kept the tape running, until she left the room at Jack’s orders to go and pleasure his partner. Then he turned it off.

“That’s just one of several tapes I have seen, Cindy,” her father said.

“There are others, of subsequent visits. The scene with the dog, I think, is particularly compelling. Shall I play it for you, Cindy?”

Cindy could only shake her head. She was filled with dread, horror and an all-consuming fear. She tried to speak, but her throat was too tight. Her father watched her coldly, her brother grinningly.

“Daddy–” she croaked out finally. “Daddy, I–I was–I had to, how–how did you–”

“How did I find out?” her father said. “Did you really think you could hide this from me, Cindy? I would certainly have known sooner or later, but actually it was your brother who found it out first. However he discovered it, he was wise enough to tell me about it immediately. When he did, some other men and I paid your two friends a visit, and found this interesting evidence, among other things. I’m afraid Jack and Ben will no longer be available for your use, Cindy, or for that of anyone else. They, as well as you, knew that what they did would displease me. Their punishment was swift and final. Yours will not be.”

A brief but terrible moan came from Cindy’s throat. “Daddy–please…it was…I…”

“Your brother has redeemed himself with me by bringing this to my attention,” her father went on. “I had forbidden him any future use of any of the gook females in this house, but as a reward for his diligence I have rescinded that ban. Particularly as it applies to you, Cindy. From now on, Raymond will have unlimited access to you, at any time he wants and for whatever purpose. Is that understood, Cindy?”

Cindy glanced at her brother’s grinning, lust-filled face. “Oh my god!” she whispered. “He–Daddy, he’ll kill me!”

“No, he won’t,” her father said. “He is expressly forbidden to do that. But anything short of that is quite permissible. However, that’s only the beginning, Cindy.”

Cindy strove hard to bring herself under control. She was still shaking badly, and her voice was not steady, but she forced herself to speak.

“Daddy–Daddy, listen,” she pleaded desperately. “I had to do it. It was the only way, Daddy, because Chad was–You told me to keep Chad happy, Daddy, you told me I had to, and that’s what I was doing, because–because Chad wanted me to get him my friends, my girlfriends, and if I didn’t he–he was going to make me–to give me to other guys, to pass me around, and–I had to get them. Daddy, and I couldn’t, it was the only way, I had to keep him happy, Daddy, and you too, because you said I should, and he was going to make me a whore, Daddy, the school whore, and I–Oh god, please, Daddy, I had to do it, please …”

“So you made yourself a whore to keep from becoming a whore, is that it, Cindy?”

“But it would have been worse, Daddy. Chad would have made me do it with everybody, all the guys, and the whole school would–”

“Yes,” Cindy’s father said. “I understand that’s what you were trying to avoid, Cindy. And so that’s just what is going to happen.”

Cindy’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Reflexively, she shook her head. Sudden tears sprang to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

Her father’s voice was very hard and flat now. “You will drop out of school immediately,” he said. “And for the entire remainder of the term you will spend each school day, all day, in the boys’ room. The same one used by Yellow Piss before she was discovered. But in this case there should be no such trouble, should there, Raymond?”

“Nah,” Raymond said. “With that tape we have of old Trask with Cindy, he’s not gonna make any trouble at all any more. Not for us.”

“Good. Cindy will be at the disposal of any and all white boys who wish to use her. In any way at all. You will charge nothing. No, wait. In that case she would be only a slut, not a whore. You will charge one dollar. Is that clear, Raymond? One dollar.”

“Sure,” Raymond said. “Can they piss on her too? Like Jen–like Yellow Piss?”

“Any way at all, I said, Raymond. There are to be no limits.”

“Daddy–” Cindy choked out. “Daddy, for god’s sake…”

“I want every boy in the school to use her, Raymond. I am sure the word will spread rapidly, but you will do your best to let everyone know that she is available. If there are any boys who don’t want to make use of her, you will do your best to persuade them. Take pictures and show them around. I want everyone to have her. Do you understand?”

“Sure,” Raymond said again. “‘Course there are some guys that are gay, you know? Not much you can do about them.”

“Try,” his father said. “And by the same token there are undoubtedly some female homosexuals who will be interested. Don’t neglect them.”

“How about the teachers?” Raymond asked. “I know some of them would want to get in on it. Just like old Trask.”

“Of course. Any of them who will not make trouble. And Mr. Trask himself, by the way, if he wishes to participate. Why not?”

Cindy was sobbing. “Daddy, please…” she choked out. “Please no. Please. I’ll do anything…”

“Shut up, whore,” her father said.

“One other thing,” Raymond said. “What about this Chad Rosen asshole? He started this whole thing. You want me to kick his ass for him?”

“No,” his father replied. “I have nothing against the Rosen boy. I gave him more or less of a free hand with Cindy, and he merely took advantage of it in a fairly imaginative way, to get what he wanted. I rather admire him for that. In fact, I rather think he and Cindy might have something of a future together–if he is still interested in her after the end of the term.”

Raymond and Cindy both stared at him. Cindy was making little whimpering sounds in her throat, the tears coursing down her face. After a moment she slid from her chair onto her hands and knees and began to crawl across the floor to her father.

“Daddy, please…” she gasped out, placing her cheek against his leg.

“I’m begging you, Daddy, don’t…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’ll do anything to make it up to you…Daddy…don’t do this to me …”

“Raymond,” Cindy’s father said. “Take this gook whore up to her room and hang her up off the floor. You may whip her until I come up, at which point I will take over. After that you may do as you like with her until dinner time.”

“Yes, sir,” Raymond said.


# # # # # # # # # # # #


“I have good news and bad news,” Raymond said to Rachel Harris.

She looked at him apprehensively. “What do you mean?”

“Well, the good news is that those two thugs you told me about are not around any more. They can’t do anything to you now. You can forget them. And that means Chad Rosen doesn’t have a hold on you any more, right?”

Rachel slumped with relief. “Oh god,” she breathed. “That’s great!” Then she stiffened again. “What’s the bad news?”

“Well, you know that tape they made of you? The one that shows you doing all those things and saying how much you love it and all?”

“They made me, for god’s sake! What about it?”

“I have it now,” Raymond said.

“Oh Christ Jesus,” Rachel said.



“I have tapes like that of Armina Banks and Melanie Bryan too,” Raymond said.

“Yeah, well, I don’t think they’ll do you much good,” Rachel said.

“Armina’s moved away, and Melanie’s in some goddam mental institution. That’s what your fucking sister did.”

Raymond shrugged. “That still leaves you,” he said.

“You slimy son of a bitch,” Rachel said. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, Rach.”

“You want to fuck me. Just like Chad.”

Raymond grinned at her. “Just like Chad,” he said. “Any time I want, any place I want, any way I want.”

Rachel looked like she was going to cry again. But she didn’t. She bowed her head and hugged herself for a long minute, and then she looked up at him again.

“No,” she said.


“No,” Rachel repeated. “I won’t do it. I’ve had it with you guys. If you want to show that tape around, go ahead. You want to send it to my parents? Show it to the whole school in the fucking auditorium? Do it. Fuck you. I’ll take that rather than have to screw you whenever you want, you white filthy piece of shit! What else are you gonna do? Get some more goons to beat me up and rape me? You better have them kill me, ’cause I’ll put your ass in jail so fast you won’t know what hit you! And if you come near me again I’ll do it anyway. You got that?” She was panting hard and almost sobbing, but her eyes blazed and her face was full of fury.

“Well, shit,” Raymond said. “Calm down, for Christ sake. Jesus. What about one time then?”

“What?” Rachel said.

“A compromise,” Raymond said. “You fuck me just one time, real good, and I’ll forget about it. I’ll give you the damn tape, okay? That’s fair, right?”

Rachel stared at him. She almost felt like laughing.

“Okay,” she said finally. “One time.”

“Terrific,” Raymond said.

# # # # # # # # # # # #


Mr. Cohn’s adopted Asian daughter Cindy in the men’s room was even more popular than Jenna Wang had been. Jenna was just another Asian girl, albeit an attractive and sexy one, but Cindy was, or had been, the queen of the school. There were a lot of boys like Chad who resented and disliked her because of the disdain with which she had treated them personally, and there were many more who begrudged her just because of her high position and her generally snobbish attitude. Even those who did not feel that way had long felt that they would love to bring Cindy Cohn down a notch, and had dreamed of doing it by venting their sexual desires on her fine young Asian body. And now they had their chance. All of them. As often as they wanted. And for only a dollar a time.

Day after day, from the beginning of the school day to the end, Cindy lay or crouched or knelt on the hard tiles of the bathroom floor, beset by a never-ending line of white men, who fucked her in her vagina or in her mouth or even in her ass. Sometimes they jerked off on her, and often they pissed on her, and a few actually got off by defecating into her mouth or on her face, but mostly they fucked her. Many times their fucking was accompanied by taunts and jeers. “Not so goddam stuck-up now, are you, you chink bitch?”

“You called me a jerk, Cindy, now this jerk is fucking your ass, you like that?”

“Oh yeah, Miss Chinky, High and Mighty, I’m gonna piss in your face, you bitch!”

Cindy cried a lot, particularly the first few days, but after a while she seemed to run out of tears. But her moans and cries and sometimes her screams were in perpetual supply. Raymond was with her much of the time, monitoring her performance, as was Chad, who had been apprised of the situation by Raymond, at his father’s orders. Every hour or so one of them took her into the shower to clean her up. Even when neither of them was there, Cindy did not dare to try to leave, or to object to anything that anyone wanted to do to her.

Mr. Trask was a frequent visitor. He liked to get to her first thing in the morning, when she was still fresh, and to use her body to take out his anger at her for having secretly taped him. Several of the other male teachers came around, most of them more than once. As Cindy’s father had predicted, a few female students showed up too, but most of them only once; the wildly lustful masculinity in that bathroom was too intimidating. Among them was Norma Veney, who came mainly to gloat.

Cindy was the school’s Asian whore, and everyone knew it.

As the days lengthened into weeks the crowds thinned out a little, but never enough to give her much rest. And each afternoon, when she returned home, bruised, exhausted and aching in every part of her body, her father had her kneel in front of him and bring him off with her mouth while Raymond described the day’s action to him. After which she sucked off Raymond as well. By the time the end of term approached she had become haggard, pale and almost gaunt, a broken shadow of her former self, although her figure was still good enough to keep the boys coming, and her father insisted that she keep up her appearance as best she could, bathing, caring for her hair, making herself up each morning as if for a regular school day. Cindy went through the motions mechanically. Every day she begged her father to bring her ordeal to an end, but with less and less hope as time went on.

At the end of the final day of the term she found Chad waiting at her house along with Raymond and her father. Jenna Wang, as usual at that time of day, was in the kitchen preparing dinner, while Vivi Wang was upstairs doing the cleaning. As always, Cindy was required to suck her white father off, and then her white brother. She finished by doing it for Chad also.

“Now, Cindy,” her white father said when she had finished, “I have invited Chad here in order to make some decisions about your future. Now that you have dropped out of school, you are fit for nothing but to be a gook slave and a whore for the rest of your life. But you cannot continue to be a drain on me, particularly once you have reached your majority. Therefore I have decided at that time to pass you on to Chad here, who appears to be excellent white master-material. And of course I know how fond you are of him,” he added dryly.

Cindy, still on her knees, closed her eyes. Tears came from beneath her lids. She wanted to beg, but she knew it was useless.

“The question, however, is whether young Chad is still interested in you, especially after what he has witnessed during the past few weeks. What do you say, Chad? Would you like to own this sorry little Asian whore for the rest of your life?”

Chad didn’t hesitate. “I would,” he said. “Hell, yes, I most certainly would.”

“Good. Mind you, I would expect you to bring her around for family visits on a regular basis, so that her brother and I can still make use of her when the desire arises.”

“Of course,” Chad said. “That way I’ll be able to use that hoist in her bedroom. Until I can set up one of my own.”

Cindy let out a pitiful whimper and bent over until her head nearly touched the floor, hugging herself in terror and despair.

Her white father smiled.




The End