A Good Asian Wife

A white American businessman’s submissive Asian wife is methodically transformed into a pet dog by her step son, with the full knowledge and consent of the dominant boy’s dad. She is trained, subjugated, and dehumanized by her sadistic master. Subsequently he takes full and legal ownership of her on her husband’s untimely death. This is her true story.

Chapter 1

My white stepson takes ownership of me

“Come on, dad. You know as well as I do that your Asian wife is only cock meat to you. You still love mum. Your new wife from China is just a piece of yellow cunt. You enjoy showing her off in public to impress your business clients. You know your clients love seeing her on your arm, you know they enjoy ogling her big juicy tits and flirting with her.”

“Dad, I’m eighteen and I need a fuck badly and all I’m saying is I want to dip my cock into your sexy asian wife as my first fuck. I want my asian step-mom to be my first piece of cunt. None of the girls at school are ready to fuck. They are all stuck up white girls, but your wife is different. She worships your white cock. I have a white cock too, so I figured, I could ride your wife to clock-up my first cunt. Well it’s an asian but it still counts, right? Go ahead dad, it is really quite harmless what I’m suggesting to you. She’s just a yellow cum dump. She’s not even human like a white woman. She is a yellow slave and you know it. From Hong Kong or somewhere, wherever you found her. And I know she is hot for me. I have seen the way she looks at me, at my bulging crotch. She will suck and fuck any white guy. I know this but I just need you to agree. Come on, dad. I know she is only an ornament for you, a piece of fruit, a cheap Made-in-China fucktoy. I know you don’t love her and I know you don’t even ride her regularly anymore.

“Dad, you know what it’s like at my age. My balls are bursting. I need a cow, a cum dump. Let me use your sexy gook wife. Be a pal, let me ride her, let me ream the slut’s slanted cunt, mouth and ass.”

Jack’s father smiled and looked at his son. He was very proud of his son, and really pleased that Jack was so open and honest in articulating his needs. Dan realized that Jack was a young man who knows how to get what he wants in life. He realized this because his son is a pure white son from a white mother. Dan was delighted at this, as proud and pleased as a father could possibly be. His son, Jack, was very much like his first wife, a white woman, who had given birth to a real man, unlike those pathetic yellow women who gave births to wimp half asian mongrel sons. Dan’s first wife had been highly assertive, and strong-minded, qualities which Dan himself enjoyed and needed in a woman. His new wife, an asian woman, was indeed only a piece of fruit for Dan. Yes, his son was absolutely right about Chink, his sexy young Asian wife.

Dan had started dating Chink four years ago and married her very quickly after his wife died. Chink was still young, her 27th birthday was coming this October.

“Jack, Chink is my wife, but you are right. She is only a plaything to me, a cum dump as you call it. I still love your mother, a white woman of pure European stock, and a good Christian, God bless her soul. But like any man, I need a cum dump in my life, and that is what this yellow cunt is, a sexy, voluptuous yellow cum dump. And I certainly understand your needs, son. You need to fuck an asian female, just like every white man. You need it badly, but you also have to realize she’s just a gook, she is not good for passing down your white genes, she is only to be used as a cum dump, nothing more. So yes, Jack, go ahead. Go ahead, son, use her. Ride her as much as you want. But don’t tell her I gave you permission. Fuck the gook cow, but don’t let it know I allowed you. OK?”

“Thanks, Dad. You are a pal, a real buddy. Thanks. I’ll start riding Ms. Chink tomorrow when you leave for your business trip.”

“OK, son, do that. I am proud of your determination and clarity of purpose. Enjoy!”

This was a conversation which I had overheard two years ago. Jack, Dan’s son, my stepson, was still only in his teens. I had been standing at the top of the stairs, in the hallway in our home, ready to go down and join them, when I overheard them talking about me. Then I crept closer and listened intently. I was shocked and amazed at the content of their conversation. Hearing that conversation immediately changed my relationship to both of them in an instant. On hearing them talk, a switch immediately took place in me and I actually became Jack’s plaything, his toy, his piece of chink cunt, as he liked to say. And I in the same instant stopped being his father’s wife, partner. I was reduced to a whore!

I should have been appalled, angry, disgusted at the way two white men were talking about me, about Jack being allowed to, even being warmly invited to use me as his cum dump by his father. I should have been disgusted, even furious, but the reality was that I was deeply excited by their chat, excited to my core. I was totally turned on by the idea, by the way they talked about me as if I was a piece of meat, cock meat, as Jack had said. And yes, I had always found Jack attractive. I had only met him a year earlier, just a few months before his father Dan had asked me to marry him. Jack was completely different to his father. This white American teenager was very assertive, arrogant, and proudly dominant. And yes, I have always found him much more exciting than his father, who is gentle and not very demanding in bed. Jack has—ever since we first met—groped me very often, in fact at every opportunity, ignoring my complaints and attempts to push him away.

He has on hundreds of occasions felt my big tits and made really crude remarks to me. He has called me “Ms. Chink”, “Gook Cow”, “Cheap Slut”, “Asian Cum Dump”, and many other degrading things, so much so that he had nicknamed me “Chink”, which he casually used among his friends, with his father and even while talking to me. Occasionally I had complained to Dan about Jack’s attitude and behavior towards me, his asian stepmom. Dan has always told me not to bother him and that his son is just a normal healthy white man growing up, and that he needs to be able to freely express himself, and that even includes feeling me up and abusing me from time to time. And this was my dilemma. I was in turmoil since I had met Jack. In fact I knew that I actually enjoyed Jack’s way of treating me. I got turned on incredibly by his manner with me. I realized that I really came alive, was happy and vibrant each time Jack visited his father at the weekend. The honest reality was that I actually craved Jack’s touch. I craved and adored of being humiliated by him.

I hardly slept a wink that night. After hearing their conversation, that Jack was going to fuck me the next day, knowing that Jack was intending to seduce me, or better said, dump his superior white cum in me, ride me—I was to be “reamed, used as an asian cumdump”, the following day by my husband’s son—I had not been getting enough sex at all from my husband Dan; Dan was approaching 60 and much more interested in his business than in me; in fact, Jack was right about his father; I knew Dan did not love me, which made me very sad, as my love for him was taken for granted by him … And yes, he liked to show me off to his clients. Like a piece of furniture, or a piece of yellow cunt, to use the language which Jack frequently used to describe me. I realized that both father and son must knew that I actually get very turned on when white men treat me like a cheap asian whore. It makes me so wet to be handled, talked to, and dealt with as if I am a piece of property, an object, owned by my white owners. I really adore being treated just as a piece of cheap asian meat. I have never actually told my husband this. But I am sure that he had noticed how excited I very often got when he took me to social events and deliberately put me into embarrassing situations where I had to stand beside him and listen to blatantly sexist and racist comments about me, as if I was some kind of cow. I remember on one occasion I got incredibly flushed and embarrassed at what one of Dan’s older business partners had said right to my face at a party: “I bet your asian cow loves having those juicy udders slapped hard, Dan. Let me have a go at her.” To my amazement Dan just laughed at this as I got deep red in the face, my head swimming after hearing this. All I could do was standing there awkwardly, blushing heavily, at a loss for words. And Dan simply answered in a white-man-to-white-man manner: “Yes indeed, those chink udders do get a good thrashing from time to time.” My vagina actually went into heavy spasms as Dan said this. I was speechless, dumbstruck, confused, embarrassed, and incredibly turned-on. And, to be honest, I actually wished that Dan would really thrash my “chink udders” more often. He had only ever done that two or three times since we had met, which was a great pity.

I knew I would offer no resistance to Jack fucking me. I had in the past very often been very unhappy with myself, torn between the strong need and wish to be dominated, controlled, and even abused and, on the other hand, scolding myself for being such a dirty woman for having these thoughts, wishes, cravings. But amazingly, as a result of hearing that conversation, between Jack and his father, about Jack’s needing to use me sexually, all my thoughts about this being right or wrong completely disappeared. Dan, Jack’s father and the man who until now had been the absolute male authority figure in my life, had approved of me becoming Jack’s slut. That made Jack’s behavior suddenly OK, acceptable, even right and appropriate in my mind. I knew my reaction was naïve. But still, my struggle with my conscience, my upbringing, my education and social values stopped. It was suddenly completely OK for me to be a cow, a lowly gook cow for Jack’s superior White Cock. Even more than that, it was expected by my white husband and his pure white son. My husband had given his permission, as I saw it. I felt a tremendous sense of relief at this. And a surge of raw excitement pulsed through my body in the recognition, knowing that Jack was about to take full advantage of me, as a submissive Asian female. I almost fainted at the thought. I felt dizzy, and extremely happy. My cunt spasmed and I orgasmed, without even touching myself. During the orgasm I had highly erotic visions of how Jack would make me live out my perverse, masochistic needs.

Jack and I first met when Dan’s wife was still alive then and I was his personal assistant at his company. Dan had invited me to a garden party at his home. Even then, Jack had squeezed my tits and slipped his hand up my skirt, feeling my pussy and pinching my cunt lips hard. For a teenage boy, he was very pushy. I knew Dan had no objection to Jack groping me, in fact I later discovered that Dan actively encouraged his son to feel me up. This explained Jack’s manner with me to a degree. And as Jack developed as a teenager, so did his outrageous treatment of me. When I became Dan’s second wife after his first wife’s death, things got much more intense. On many occasions, Jack had caused me to be highly embarrassed, extremely humiliated by his behavior. The strange thing was that I always secretly adored his way of treating me. I was always delighted when Jack was able to visit us, to get away for his boarding school, knowing full well that he would find ways of compromising me, embarrassing me and expertly humiliating me in front of everyone. Dan even told me a few times, right in the middle of situations where Jack was squeezing my big tits, or even fingering my cunt, that I should learn to accept his son’s advances. Dan always repeated: “Don’t resist now, be compliant and docile towards my son. He is a white man just like me, and as a chink, you should obey him. Be a good asian girl. Jack is a white boy. Let the white boy have his fun with you. It’s a White Man’s right to use you. He simply needs full access to you. It is simply part of his growing up, to have access to a female of your kind. And I know you enjoy it. So be docile, girl. Learn your place in the world. You are a chink. You ought to be honored to be touched up by my son.” This was the kind of thing Dan had been saying to me since I had met his son, Jack. But I never dreamed where all of this would finally lead to.

I got up on Sunday very early. My husband Dan was still fast asleep. He had fucked me the evening before, but it was a typical quickie, Dan then fell asleep minutes after he had emptied his balls into my eager slit. I was in so much need to talk to my husband about Jack and his intentions with me. I was willing to admit fully and to reveal that I was happy to become his son’s cum dump. I wanted to confess this to Dan, to simply admit it openly and honestly to him.

At 8:30 in the morning I had a long and soothing shower, my pussy tingling and my tits absolutely aching in anticipation of Jack, knowing he was going to, so to speak, seduce me today. I was ready to be his asian cum dump. More than that, I was desperate for it. I even fantasized about both of them fucking me at the same time.

I took a long time to decide what to wear. I chose a low cut white T-shirt and tight fitting sport shorts. I knew the T-shirt made it easy to see through my nipples. I knew that the blue sports shorts were so skin-tight that my cunt lips could be easily seen through them, camel-toe style. And I also wore my black, broad belt which I fastened very tightly round my waist to emphasize my curves. What I didn’t realize was that, by the time Jack would appear, my cunt was going to be so wet that he would instantly see how wet my shorts had become at my cunt and that he would also be able to smell that I was highly excited. In fact this was exactly what happened.

Unbeknown to me, what was about to happen was being recorded on Jack’s video camera, which he had hidden in a corner of the kitchen, pointed towards our kitchen coffee bar. And, unbeknown to me, Jack had had a second conversation about his intention to seduce me, or rather fuck me, with Dan. Jack had put on a wager with his dad. If Jack won, Dan was to allow Jack to spend a whole week here in the house alone with me. Dan was to leave the house for a week, go on a business trip and leave Jack with full access to me to do anything he wanted with me, or to me. And Dan had immediately agreed to this. The wager was that if, on Sunday morning, I walked into our bedroom naked and with Jack’s cum on my face and dripping from my cunt, then Jack had won the bet. If Jack lost, meaning if I did not appear naked in our bedroom and covered in the boy’s sperm then he had to stop feeling me up at every opportunity and humiliating me all the time.

Jack appeared in the kitchen where I was sitting by the counter having a coffee. My vagina was soaking wet, wetter than it had been for a long time. My blue shorts had a big wet patch at my crotch and I could strongly smell my own odor, as I was sure Jack also could. And my heart was beating fast. And my heartbeat got even faster when I saw Jack was holding the dog collar and leash which I had seen hanging in the hallway a few weeks ago. My pussy spasmed as I saw him carrying the leather collar and leash. I just knew they were for me. My god, he really was going to collar me. I was right about the dog collar and leash. They were for me. I trembled uncontrollably at the realization of this. I could hardly stand. My legs were shaking. I remembered while I was cleaning Jack’s room I saw some Japanese magazines of nude women in very vulgar poses. The photos were of Asian women being treated as dogs, crawling, begging, and eating from dog bowls. They were beaten, whipped, put into various stress position in cruel torment, pilloried, stretched on rack, hanging upside down, hogtied, etc. All those Asian women wore dog collars. In one picture the woman held the leash out as if offering it to her owner, her Master. The very same night in bed I had fantasized about the collar and leash. Somehow I knew that they were intended for me, and in the safety of my bed I fingered myself to a powerful orgasm as the thoughts washed over me that Jack really did intend to collar me.

In the kitchen Jack casually poured himself a coffee and sat across from me at our coffee bar.

“Good morning, Chink. How are you today? Mmmm. You look and smell good. I can tell from your smell that you are excited. That’s good. I like that.”

He nonchalantly placed the black leather collar and leash in front of me, right beside my cup of coffee, smiling from ear to ear as he did. He positioned the collar and leash in such a way as to make it absolutely clear to me that they were for me.

Before I had a chance to say anything, he continued: “You look so lovely. You are very sexy for a chink. My dad is a lucky guy to have a lovely Asian wife like you. Do you know how difficult it is for me to look at you? I get an instant hard-on just looking at that piece of chink cunt of yours. Look at my crotch, sexy chink. You see, my hard-on is very visible. I need to squeeze and tug and torture those big ripe yellow melons; I need to ream your pussy and ass with my big cock.”

I knew my face was deep red. I was secretly really delighted that he was telling me these horny things, but also highly embarrassed. I was shaking with anticipation and raw excitement. Since I had met him those four years ago, he had made many dirty, smutty comments about me in moments when he was alone in the house with me, and sometimes even insulting me, humiliating me in front of his dad, which both males seemed to enjoy immensely. But Jack had never been this blatant with me before. Obviously it had been important for Jack to get his father’s permission to fuck me. This clearly excited Jack a lot.

“Chink, a white man like me has a really high sex drive. You might not be familiar with this since you are used to tiny chink boys who have very low sexual drives, but white males like me and my dad are real men with large balls and higher testosterone level. See? My balls are busting right now. My balls are full of hot manjam. And looking at a ripe piece of yellow cunt like you makes it even worse. I need relief, I need a fuck. I need to release my load into you. I am going to fuck you, chink. I need to spurt my fresh, hot white god cum into your pussy. I need to empty my balls into you, chink cow. I need to use you as my personal chink cum dump.”

I couldn’t speak. My whole body was shaking. I just sat there and looked at the big bulge in his shorts. I could not look at his face. I knew my face was deep red with embarrassment.

To my amazement, Jack just stood up and slipped his jockey shorts down, revealing the most beautiful sight I have ever seen: his rampant, throbbing, white cock. It was so big, even larger than his father’s, much bigger and thicker. It stood to attention, proud, erect, vibrant. It was so incredibly beautiful. There was precum leaking from the beautiful cockhead. Jack arrogantly stroked his proud cock right in front of me, only inches away from my face.

“Get naked now, chink.” He told me. “And get your sweet lips on my cock. Do it, now.” Jack’s voice changed at that moment. He growled more than spoke. He snapped his fingers, as if to emphasize his instruction, or rather his command. And of course I obeyed him. How could I resist. I was of course his to do with as he wished. I had no choice. After all, Jack’s father had agreed to this. Jack’s father had agreed that Jack can have me as his asian cum dump. Jack knew that and so did I. The dominant teenager had, so to speak, permission from his dad to use me, his asian step mom. I stripped quickly and squatted and took his wonderful cock into my mouth, sucking greedily. It tasted wonderful. The precum was nectar to me. I lovingly sucked and licked and worshipped his lovely manhood. Jack started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face, gripping my head and pushing my head onto his manhood, going deeper and deeper into my throat each time. He moaned loudly. Suddenly he drew his cock away from me, turned round and presented his ass to me. It was clear what I had to do. I started to lick his anus. Jack moaned loudly again. And again he reached for my head, this time pushing it towards his rosebud. My tongue found his manly hole and I sucked and licked vigorously, as expected. I tongued his ass lovingly and lustfully for what seemed like ages. I was in heaven. His smell and taste were intoxicating to me. I am his now. I knew and understood this.

Jack pulled me up roughly by my hair, pushing me onto the dining table, grunting and mocking me. “OK, now take the biggest cock of your life up your hot chink cunt.”

Jack fucked me hard, taking his youthful rage out on my willing body. Jack reamed my cunt harder than I have ever experienced before in my life. Jack fucked me so hard, pumping in and out like a wild man. It felt wonderful. He growled loudly like a bear, suddenly spurting his full load into me, his hot cum flooding into me. Jack grinned looking into my eyes, then did something I really didn’t expect. He grunted, clearing his throat and then he spat right in my face. Then he slapped my face, hard. I don’t remember how many times he had slapped me on the face. It hurt. Jack slid out of me, laughing. He got up, ordering me to squat in front of him again. He was hard again, to my amazement, and he commenced to fuck my face again, this time with a vengeance, as if my mouth was just a wet cunt. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head back and forth on his rampant cock. He was wild with excitement and youthful energy. Amazingly, Jack spurted again, grunting really loudly, another explosion of cum, this time partly down my throat and partly over my face and hair.

“Stay squatting, chink. I will be back soon.” Jack was gone only a few minutes. I did not move, remaining in a squatting position. I also did not dare to try to do anything about his lovely cum covering my face.

Jack returned with his digital camera and told me to smile for the camera. He took a lot of pictures of me, some very close to my cum covered face. Then he simply said “Stay” and went to collect something. I didn’t move from the spot. Jack put the camera on the chair and grabbed the collar and leash laying on the coffee counter. He put the collar on me and clipped the leash to it. He ordered me to hold the leash in a pose as if I was handing it to him, from my squatting position. I hoped my hair didn’t look too messy. Then Jack took a lot more pictures before he told me to get up.

“OK, chink. Here’s what I want you to do now.” He said I had to take to my husband his morning coffee upstairs to his bedroom so that he could see his son’s cum leaking out of my cunt and running down my legs as well as splattered in big blobs on my face. Jack said that this was a sign to his dad that he had taken ownership of me. I was to learn very quickly what he meant by “taking ownership”.

“By the way, don’t call my dad by his first name any more. Don’t call him Dan, call him only SIR from now on, at all times. And knock on the bedroom door; don’t go in until dad gives his permission. And don’t make eye contact with him, keep your eyes averted.” Jack did not even ask me if I had an issue with any of this. He simply assumed that I would follow his instruction.

I become a dog to my White stepson.

I walked to our bedroom, naked except for my stiletto heels, wearing my dog collar and leash. My husband had obviously been informed by Jack that this would happen. He stared at me in amazement when I walked into our bedroom, after having knocked on the door to get permission to go in. I walked over to our bed, carrying his breakfast tray. I carefully avoided eye contact with my husband, and kept my head bowed. I was completely naked. The bite and slap marks on my face and tits could not be overlooked.

“What happened here? Well, well, well, what a lad is my Jack. He is a fast worker, my boy.” Dan, my husband, did not actually talk directly to me. It was as if he was only thinking aloud, as if I could not even hear him, or more to the point, as if he did not even have to acknowledge me. Being humiliated in this way made me tremble with sheer raw erotic excitement. Never before had Dan created such a powerful erotic reaction in me. I realized again, in the surge of raw humiliation and excitement, that this is exactly what I needed, this is exactly how I adore being treated by white men. This is what I crave, to be treated just as a piece of meat, a bitch, a slut. I felt like I had become an object for him, a different creature than his wife. I could not speak. I was dumbstruck. I put the coffee tray down on the side table and made sure I did not have eye contact with my husband. I could not look him in the eye. At that point, Dan threw back the bed covers revealing that he was naked with a strong erection. He jumped out of bed, stood in front of me.

“Squat and suck my prick, bitch. Get started, now.”

I had never heard Dan talk to me in that way. I heard myself say “Yes, Sir.” It felt appropriate and right to say.

Dan fucked my mouth with a vengeance. He pumped his stiff cock in and out of my mouth, pushing it viciously down my throat in a way he had never done before. And he quickly exploded, moaning loudly and spurting his thick cum into my mouth and onto my face. I had never in our married life experienced my husband like this before. I was amazed. To be honest, I was highly delighted to have experienced his sexual rage in this way. I knew I wanted more, much more.

My husband’s new behavior was a huge erotic turn-on for me. I need to be treated roughly, crudely by white men. I have never felt good about being treated as a lady. I am not a lady. To be honest, I am a submissive Asian woman and I know I need and crave domination at the hands of strong white men who know what they deserve from a chink slut like me. I need white men to simply use me. I have always been intensely attracted to racist white men who treat me like dirt, who have no respect for me. I adore this kind of treatment. And I realized that my husband was now proving himself to be an expert at treating me like a piece of shit. He was learning from his son, Jack.

Dan, after spurting his load into my mouth and all over my face, simply walked out of the room and into the bathroom in the hall, without saying a word to me. I waited for him to come back into our bedroom. He didn’t. I heard the familiar sound of the house door opening downstairs and then a moment later Dan’s car driving away from our house.

I was still very light-headed and shaky after the events of the morning. Here I was, naked in our bedroom, covered in cum which my stepson and my husband had spurted into me and onto me. Jack’s cum was still oozing out of my cunt and I had smears of it on my face as well as the lovely sperm on my face deposited there by Jack’s father. And I was still highly excited. I started to rub my clit and with my other hand, fed myself the lovely sperm, scooping up the globs in my hand and eating it. I came violently, collapsing on the floor.

After a few minutes I recovered. I wondered if Jack was still downstairs. I decided not to dress, but simply stay in my stilettos. This was probably what Jack would expect, and I didn’t want to upset him in any way. So I didn’t wash, leaving the remains of the cum on my body.

When I went back downstairs I immediately found a letter from Dan which was addressed to me, which was lying at the inside of our front house door. When I read Dan’s letter I was dumbstruck.

My dear Chink,

“I left this morning on a business trip for a week, just shortly after our fun in the bedroom this morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can look forward to more of this on my return.

“On my return I will be examining the progress Jack makes with you. Be a good girl and respect his authority. Comply fully with all his demands. It is very important that my son is happy and content in his new relationship to you. And I know you are capable in every way of accommodating young Jack and his healthy attitude towards you.

“I know you will accept your new status with grace and develop well in the new situation my son is creating for you. Be aware that Jack and I have discussed fully and agreed with every detail of what he will do with you in the next seven days. I know what Jack will do to you and I approve fully. I am absolutely delighted with his plans for you. I am very, very proud of my son Jack.

“My good friend Dr. Kaufman has agreed to write a note for your boss at the office, excusing you from going to work the whole of the coming week. He will give the note to Jack tomorrow to send to your boss.

“I want this to happen. Jack will transform you. Again I stress, my son has my full approval to do anything he wants with you. Just do as you are ordered. Jack’s happiness and pleasure is your top priority.

“Sincerely yours, Dan.”

I heard Jack calling me from the kitchen. “Chink, get your fucking ass over here immediately.”

I obeyed, running to the kitchen. He was still naked, stroking his proud manhood. Snapping his fingers, Jack ordered me to bend over the kitchen table, face down. I knew what was coming. As soon as I was in position, I felt the head of Jack’s lovely manhood at my ass cheeks. He penetrated me anally, quickly, and painfully. He simply ignored my whimpering. He reamed my virginal asshole viciously with his big, rampant white cock. He took his youthful rage out on me, pounding at me like a machine once again. At the same time he slapped my ass cheeks brutally, in rhythm with his plunging in and out of my hole. I started to object, shouting, wishing him to stop, in abject despair of pain and humiliation. But he only pounded at me even harder.

“Don’t talk. I do not allow you to talk. You are only allowed to bark and whine, just like a dog. Because as of now, you are a dog, you are my pet dog and my pet dog doesn’t speak.”

I felt my face burning. I must have been deep red with shame and humiliation. I could not believe what Jack was saying to me. My stomach was churning and my head was swimming as I started to comprehend his words.

“Bark, doggy, bark.” He continued to ream my ass, shouting loudly at me, ordering me to bark like a dog. I did. I started to bark and bark and bark. Jack came again,in an explosion. This time he did not pull out. His big cock stayed in my asshole.

Then Jack started to speak very slowly, his whole body on top of me, crushing me. He spoke into my right ear: “As long as you are in this house, you will obey me completely. As of this moment, you are not allowed to speak. You are allowed to write questions to me, which I may or may not give you an answer to. My father knows what I am doing to you. He knows and he fully approves of all that I will do to you. In fact he is very pleased that I am transforming you into a dog. He knows as well as I do that you are much better suited to being my pet than to being his wife. You are not his wife anymore. He’s divorcing you. He’s got his lawyer preparing the divorce papers now. I will be taking my rightful ownership of you. You are my property. I am not asking you to agree, I am telling you that you have no choice. Otherwise you can leave now. In fact, let’s just make it very simple for you, doggy. Either bark your agreement of my ownership of you and acceptance that you are my pet woman, my pet dog, squat at my feet and bark your acceptance of your new life. Or, tell me to fuck off. Tell me to fuck off and go pack your things and go back to China. You have two minutes to decide. No questions, no talking, no discussion. Just decide on your future now, doggy.” His mouth was still at my ear. He sounded so powerful.

Jack got up, pulling his cock out of my ass with an audible plop.

“Get up, dog woman, stand up and face me.”

I was trembling visibly. I could not return his gaze. I lowered my head, looking at his throbbing white cock. It looked so magnificent. Incredibly, it was erect again. Jack was obviously highly aroused. I realized that Jack was so magnificent in the way he was handling me, breaking me to his will, so to speak. I knew within my self that he already was my Master.

“Squat at my feet and bark your acceptance of your new life, dog.”

I knew that I could not walk away from him and this new situation. Jack started to stroke his wonderful cock again in front of my face. I knew that I was now his—his property, or more specifically, his dog. I couldn’t help myself. I dropped down to a squatting position and started to bark. I barked my acceptance of my new status. At the realization of my new subhuman status, the most incredibly violent orgasm erupted in my cunt. I gasped for breath, unable to bark, shuddering at the feet of my Master.

Clearly that was the moment I became a dog. My transformation had begun. My transformation from being a married Asian wife with a very comfortable lifestyle into becoming a subhuman animal, a pet dog, had started.

“Good dog, good dog.” Jack patted my head. “Now listen, I will say this only once: Never attempt to speak again, bitch. If you ever speak as of now, you will be put to death, immediately.“

That was how it started, my life as a dog.

My transformation happened rapidly after that event. Jack became my owner, Dan divorced me but Jack allowed him access to me as a dog.

Jack’s ability to mold me was incredible. I was totally unable to resist. I could not have gotten away in that moment. He had me trapped in his sheer power. His domination of me was breathtaking. I knew I wanted it. I had been craving this for a long time. I could not resist Jack. He was totally in control of me.

That evening, as I lay there on the floor at the foot of Jack’s bed, as his dog, I realized that in many ways Jack had been prepping me for this since I had gotten married to his father. It became clear to me that Jack had been manipulating both Dan and me in this direction over the past four years. And his plan had worked well.

Jack had come a long way from the times he would fondle me when he would be feeling me up at every opportunity. Jack had been allowed by his father to access me each time he visited me from his boarding school. And he had taken full advantage of this. Over time he had become more blatant in his treatment of me, almost raping me on several occasions. One time, at Jack’s birthday party, I had made the mistake of letting him French-kissing me. In fact I had enjoyed it immensely, but the teenager was kissing me frantically and before I knew it he had my black panties pulled down and three of his fingers in my soaking pussy. Then he had made me suck him off, as his birthday present, he had said.

And now Jack is my master. And I am his obedient dog.

Obviously Dan had not only agreed to this, but actually encouraged Jack to “transform” me, as Dan put it. And for myself, over the four year period since I had known Jack, I had become more and more addicted to his touch, to his way of humiliating me and to his domination of me. I secretly adored his visits and his rough way of dealing with me. I always felt very alive and vibrant when Jack visited. And I always missed him terribly when he left. And over the last year or so I had been fantasizing more and more about Jack, fantasizing about him brutally dominating me, using me, and abusing me.

I lay there on the floor at the foot of the bed waiting for Jack. Jack had led me upstairs by my dog leash after our intensive session in the kitchen. He had made me his pet animal. I had to crawl on my hands and knees behind him, barking. He had told me to keep barking until he allowed me to stop. Only as we got to his room and he told me to lie on the floor and wait for him was I allowed to stop barking. “Stay”, Jack said, and went for a shower.

My husband is delighted

Dan came home on Sunday morning. I had been Jack’s dog now for just over a week. Last Saturday I had been transformed forever into a dog. And Jack, my Master, had trained his dog intensively during the past week. I now had gotten comfortable with never being allowed to speak. I had become much better at barking and whining, eating and drinking from my dog bowls on the floor. I was only allowed to sleep on the floor at the foot of Jack’s bed. He always snapped his fingers in the morning when he wanted to use me. I had to jump up onto the bed and dutifully lick his face to show my joy at being with my Master. I had done this every morning and I noticed in a perverse way that I really enjoyed this ritual. I licked my Masters face obediently, cleaning his nose, his nostrils, his lips with my doggy tongue. I have to admit, I am really enjoying Jack’s artful mastery of me, his total control of me, and his magnificent power over me. And every morning licking Jack’s face obediently was followed by sucking his lovely big cock, being allowed to receive his first load of hot sperm down my accommodating and greedy throat.

So when Dan, Jack’s father and my ex-hubby, returned home on the following Saturday afternoon, the first thing he was greeted by was his son’s pet dog, naked, barking and on all fours, wearing its collar and leash.

Two years later

I have now been a dog for two years. My owner Jack and his new girlfriend Janie Wong have created a business of renting me out to businessmen who are into perverse abuse of petgirls with other animals. They make a lot of money from this. They have me advertised in an internet forum, stating that I can be rented for training and abuse.

To be continued …

Chapter 2 They took me to Dan’s partner’s farm. He has five horses and three rotties.

Chapter 3 French kissing the Doberman: Sucking off the horses

Chapter 4 My brand mark

Chapter 5 Jack owns me, legally

Chapter 6 Toilet training: becoming Jack’s full toilet slave.

Chapter 7 Jack invites Alex, the guy with the big fist and Alex speeds up my behavior modification

Chapter 8 Guest masters from Japan and their healthy virile male dogs

Chapter 9 Chinese celebration dinner. Roasted delicacy: I am on the menu