Confession of Inferior Asian Male Series


While this website is and will always be committed to the discussion of and pontification on the social and sexual dynamics between superior white males and inferior Asian females, I cannot help but notice the trend of Asian males creeping into our discussion, and, despite of my willful and intentional ignoring their presence for a significant period of my observation, their growing presence is felt across all spectrum and their approval, while not needed, is still appreciated. Initially most of what I have observed from those inferior Asian males consist mainly of hatred, anger, frustration, and jealousy, over time, it seems, those feelings have morphed into acceptance, and even eager embrace.

The inferiority of the Asian race is not expressed through their females alone, but is significantly amplified by their inferior males, who are unable to compete with superior white males in mating and who are therefore sexually eliminated. The weakness, cowardice, lack of confidence, self-pity, and general submissiveness of the inferior Asian male is not just a turn-off to any self-respecting female; it’s out-right disgusting.

That said, I decided to venture to post some of what I have received via fan mail, to showcase to all the superior white men just exactly how truly, and categorically, pathetic most Asian males really are, and perhaps this will even foster more understanding among the befuddled as to why Asian females overwhelmingly prefer non-Asian men as mating partners.


Confessions of Inferior Asian Male #1

Hi, I’m an Asian guy. This is the first time I’m admitting this. I used to hate White man/Asian girl couples. It started as an annoyance but after seeing so many of them, I began having strong feelings of anger, worthlessness and defeat, especially after my girlfriend cheated on me and dumped me for a White guy. After many years, however, I have learned to accept that as a smaller, weaker chink, I cannot compete with White men. It even turns me on when I admit this.

Confessions of Inferior Asian Male #2

I’m an inferior gook boy living with a superior white man as a housemate. He has a hot gook girlfriend. Since our rooms are next to each other, I often hear them fucking at night which turns me on so much. I end up jerking off my tiny cock all night long listening to her moan in pleasure to his big white cock. As always my inferior gook seeds end up in trash bin and his superior white seeds end up inside a real pussy (granted inside of a racially inferior gook). Natural selection at its finest?

Confessions of Inferior Asian Male #3

Currently, as I’m writing this post, my little rice dick is hard as a diamond. I love WMAF (white male-Asian female) porn so much, it’s not even funny. I legitimately cum so much and so hard every time I watch an Asian girl take on a BWC. It also doesn’t take much long, it’s like my balls fill up so fast and are ready to explode in an instant. The absolute pleasure in their eyes as they let white men have their ways with them makes me so horny. I love race-play dialogue as well; being belittled for having a clit of a dick and, in a sense, being treated almost like an Asian girl makes me feel some type of way. WMAF makes me feel so submissive and I love how good it makes my body feel when watching it.

Confessions of Inferior Asian Male #4

It all started when I found out my girlfriend from high school had been cheating on me. … My girlfriend and I were both Chinese. We went to the same high school. We were both in the top percentile of our class. We pretty much were in all the same advanced or honor classes. After high school, we both went to top universities in different cities in America but we still met with each other every night on skype for almost 1.5 years.

The nightmare started when I visited her in the summer. She was out attending a group study and I waited for her in her dorm. Then, when I tried to use her birthday as password to login her laptop. In a folder with the name “my love”, I found something extremely shocking.

She was videotaped and, in the video, she was wearing silk pantyhose and high heel sandals. She was sucking a white guy’s cock! Later, that white cock was pushed and squeezed in her vagina and pushed back and forth! The video lasted almost 15 min. until the white guy cums his sperm inside her body completely! I was so angry, shocked, powerless and helpless …

Later, she dumped me and dated the white guy who was her classmate. Further later, she was dumped by that white guy. She continued to date several more white guys until she married a white guy.

Until now, I never really have had sex with a woman. I have never had another girlfriend. I have been masturbating everyday for the last ten years and I only masturbate to WMAF porn. Due to my addiction to masturbation, I developed erectile dysfunction. Whenever I see an attractive Asian girl, I can only imagine her being with a white guy. I do not feel good.

Conversation of Two Inferior Asian Males #5

Inferior Asian male number 1: I was talking to some friends (two white guys) at a bar and the topic of porn came up. Basically I had to say who my favorite porn stars were, and I started to get red because I thought this was their round-about way to make me admit that I’m addicted to WMAF (white male Asian female) porn. So I said “Vina Skye, Lulu Chu and a bunch of amateurs mostly”… These two white guys instantly knew what kind of porn those women do, and they figured out that WMAF was my favorite genre. I was so scared that they would ask me which amateurs I liked because those Asian girls all did white guys. Thankfully they just moved on and that was all I said on the topic.

Inferior Asian male number 2: To be honest white guys just see WMAF porn as normal Asian porn and won’t think twice about it. They never watch AMAF (Asian male Asian female) porn and therefore that wouldn’t cross their mind. I doubt they would’ve cared.

Inferior Asian male number 1: That in itself is kinda amazing too though, because it means they feel “entitled” to AF (Asian female) so much that it’s just normal.

A superior white man: It’s less that and more that this just doesn’t rise to most of our attention. Like I’ve fucked a lot of Asian girls, and it’s through them I discovered this. So unless your dude cruises kinky porn stuff or have had Asian girls who brought it up they probably don’t think about it.

Confessions of Inferior Asian Male #6

I am an enlightened east Asian male. I fully embrace my sexual and racial inferiority to the superior white race. I know my short scrawny stature, puny limbs, and tiny boiclit is no match for god-like White Men. Even in my younger days when I masturbated, to the images of girls I liked in school, I often fantasized them being fucked by bigger, taller and stronger White guys in my class, and I imagined myself to be one of those girls that I desired. For me, that was so natural I never even had second thoughts. In retrospect, even back then I naturally desired to be feminzed, to be fucked by the stronger White alpha males. Today I love watching White male/Asian female couples. It’s a turn-on to know that those Asian girls are being fucked by White men in ways an Asian boy like me never could, being touched deep inside their bodies. I also love the fact those Asian girls are naturally craving the seeds of superior White men over weak and inferior Asian seeds.


Epilogue: If you are an inferior Asian male who would like to express support for superior white males and inferior Asian females, please do feel free to comment.