the story of a White American master who trained a cheap Chinese whore as his sex slave

Lin was just a typical Chinese hooker before I brought her to the United States. She was a student at a local college and during her spare time she worked as a prostitute in a five star hotel. A lot of Chinese female college students consider prostitution as a legitimate way to make a living, because prostitution in China does not bear the same stigma as it does in the west, and believe or not, prostitutes are more accepted over there than in the west. Also it provides a way for those young girls to gain financial independence from their tradition-minded parents. Chinese parents can be very manipulative and patriarchal toward their daughters. Lin used to tell me her parents made her kneel in front of them and her mother hit her bare buttocks with a broom stick. It was not only commonplace, but also widely accepted, to punish children, especially female children, with medieval torture methods. Girls are treated far worse than boys because, according to the Chinese understanding of biology, females are capable of bearing more pain than males because they are biologically designed for childbirth, which is more painful than any corporal punishment administered by humans. Since God, or what the Chinese called “old heavenly father”, has no mercy on women, then it is only right for patriarchal Chinese to have no mercy on their daughters. So prostitution becomes a means to rebel against Asian patriarchy, for those young Chinese women. While those factors are indeed important—money and rebellion are not the only things—from my experience at least, and especially from my experience with Lin, Chinese prostitutes in general are genuinely interested in sex, especially with foreigners. Most young Chinese men have no sexual experience whatsoever and combined with small penises (unfortunately it is not just a stereotype that Asian men have small penises; it’s quite true, and even Chinese condoms are small, you can trust me on this), they provide zero pleasure to Chinese women, and you can imagine how sexually starved those young Chinese women are. When a beefy White man with a swagger comes along, those girls will easily be swooned, and this is precisely what happened with Lin.

I still vividly remember the first night we spent together. I was about to go to sleep in a five star hotel, (which only cost about 70 dollars) and then suddenly the phone rang and a girl with a very sweet voice asked me in heavily accented English whether I wanted massage.

I knew that it meant more than massage and I very gently refused her. I had never ever paid for sex in my life and I wasn’t about to change that principle. But apparently, in China, if you want to refuse sexual favors from prostitutes you got to do it with a stern voice. The next thing I knew—someone was knocking on my door and when I went to open it I saw a petite, slim, cute-faced Chinese girl, wearing a tight short blue skirt and a low cut uniform standing in the hotel hallway. I thought she looked a little too coy to be a whore, and it was love at first sight for me. I was quite taken by her exotic beauty, her soft creamy skin and her long silky hair. She was a little too skinny for my taste but then all Chinese girls were skinny by western standard. Well not always. Correct that. Actually I once had sex with a Chinese housewife who had quite a voluptuous figure. Her ass and legs were perfectly luscious like lamb chops. Anyway … But still, I was a man of principle as all good honest western men should be. I had never in my life paid for sex and I wasn’t going to break that principle no matter what. In fact, I was getting laid so often with so many Chinese women who were not prostitutes I had no need for this.

I told her in a very calm voice:”Look, you are very beautiful, but I don’t want to pay for your service. It’s my principle. I don’t pay for sex.” Then the truly amazing thing happened. That prostitute looked at me in the eyes and said:

”No! I no prostitute. I sleep with you tonight. You no pay money. I give you money.”

“No, no-no-no, you can’t do that. I don’t want you to pay me. What?”

But then she took out a wad of red Chinese bills and stuffed in my hand and said: ”Please. I like Western men.”

I was stunned and disgusted and then I thought I was being ensnared. I have never in my life before met a woman who would pay me to have sex—with me! That movement was surreal.

I asked her if indeed she was not a prostitute and she said she only charged Chinese men to have sex with her, but when she saw I was White, she wanted to have sex with me so bad “I do everything for you”. She said she made a lot of money from Chinese clients but she never liked any of them. And ever since she was a little girl she had dreamed of meeting a foreigner of European descent who can marry her and take her to Europe or America, especially to America. To Lin, America was the greatest country in the world, the Christian paradise promised for the world to come, the elysian field where awesome white gods roamed and beautiful white goddesses sung, where streets were paved in gold and milk and honey like rivers flowed. It was the most lovely description of America I have ever heard and it was the description reiterated to me by a Chinese hooker.

Very reluctantly, I took her money and let her into my hotel room. I tried to look calm, but I was boiling inside and I was scared too. I was scared that it might have been a a snare or worse. The Chinese are a very sneaky people and there are con-arts on every corner of Chinese streets. On the other hand, I thought Lin was really hot and I was going to fuck the shit out of her, no matter what the consequence. I used to be more prudent and cautious but something about Lin made me wild, made me crazy, and she was so beautiful. You see, I’m not one of those white guys that have some sort of “Asian fetish”. I don’t really like Asian girls. I am not one of those weird White guys who sees Helen’s beauty in the flat face of a gook. No, I fuck those Aasian women because they let me. No white girls would ever demean themselves in front of me like that. Well, anyway Lin was different. She had high cheek bones, a sign of Mongolian ancestry, a straight narrow nose, like a Caucasian woman’s and very white skin, like a fair Elizabethan lady. I asked her if she was from Northern China, and she said no and I asked her if she was Mongolian or Manchu or maybe Russian and she said she was just regular Han Chinese. It was impossible. Han Chinese, the majority of modern Chinese, are a very nasty looking bunch of people with short statues, ugly faces, and nasty jaundiced skin tone, but Lin was very beautiful, almost like a white girl that I can be attracted to. Her ancestors must have been raped by Mongolian conquerors.

I already had a hard-on before Lin even took her clothes off, and her beautiful legs kicking around my arms just made me go crazy. I had so many great sex in China but the night with Lin was still one of the highlights. I had always been very gentle but that night I had become different. Lin had re-awakened the beast inside me. I was slapping her, biting on her tits, pinching her clit as hard as I can, and as I pounded into her pussy, I spit in her face. It was the most violent sex I have had with a woman and Lin said she absolutely loved it. She said she had never met anyone who fucked her the way I had fucked her. She said she was fucked to paradise. In my fucking of her, she said, she felt like she was already taken to America, the most beautiful country in the world. Lin said the Chinese words for America, “mei guo”, meant “the most beautiful country in the world”.

I didn’t believe her. I was no idiot. I knew she was a whore, and whores lie, but something in her eyes just made me think she was sincere, and of course I knew she was indeed sincere since I owned her as my personal sex slave later on. It was hard to believe right? That a Chinese prostitute had never had met a man who can sexually satisfy her like I did, and I was no young stud myself. I was old enough to be her grandfather. But she was telling the truth, and she honestly never experienced orgasm from sex before she met me. As you can see from her pictures [note by Jennifer Suzuki: pictures withheld for confidentiality], she was quite innocent looking, though I knew she was already a very experienced little cock sucker. I asked her how many cocks she had sucked, and she said she lost count how many. I asked her if she ever had sex with western men and she said I was her first.

You know why Lin enjoyed sex with me? As I could only find out later that it was because Lin was a masochist. She had always fantasized about BDSM and it had always been her dream to become a sex slave to a white man. She said all Chinese women worshiped white men and she felt deep inside she was the descendant of a white man but misplaced into Asia. She wanted to be my sex slave and she loved being degraded, and in her sick, twisted oriental desires that no good Christian white man would ever have, I was aroused to become sick and twisted. She changed me. She had orientalized me!

To be honest, I didn’t know what to believe at the time because in the back of my mind I kept on reminding myself that she was just a whore and she was just flattering me to make me take her to America. As that night dragged on, she repeatedly asked me if I can take her to America. I told her if she behaved nice and do everything I asked I would consider it. I told her once in the States I would make her a whore just like she was in China. Not only was she OK with this, she was actually very turned on by the idea. Because to Lin, that meant she would only be having sex with White men and she was very pleased with that idea. She repeatedly begged me to take her to the States and even when I rammed my cock deep in her pussy; and she would moan and groan and murmur “Oh fuck me to America.” I told her if she were serious then she must do everything I asked her. I told her all the things that she must do for me, and she was completely OK with it.

I did all the nastiest things I could think of with her that night. She licked my anus and after I came in her cunt I made her eat my semen out of her own cunt by scooping out my semen with her own hand. I pissed in her mouth. I had never pissed in another human being’s mouth. I felt sick of myself, and yet Lin was completely OK with everything I did to her. She placed her head next to the rim of the toilet with the seat up and her hair was cascading down on the side. Her soft yellow body, naked body, leaning next to it. Why would anyone, especially a woman, and even a superbly beautiful woman, degrade herself like that? I didn’t understand and I felt disgusted on the inside. I felt contempt for her. I let rip of my yellow piss and Lin eagerly opened her mouth with her tongue sticking out and lapped at the stream of piss. I felt pitiful for her. Those Chinese men have thoroughly degraded their women. I made her kneel by my side like a slave and she gave me massage from evening until the next morning. She licked my feet as well. She licked my feet for about an hour or so until her tongue became dry because all her saliva was used up. That was after I made sure she thoroughly brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth of course—because she had drunk my piss.

At the time, honestly, I was just kidding about bringing her to the United States, and I didn’t expect her to take the whole thing so seriously.

I even told her my grandfather used to be a plantation owner in the deep south and we had many African slaves. I wanted her to be my Asian slave just like those niggers were. I was, again, just joking and I am sorry for the n-word, which I never dare to utter in America, but since I was in China and no one knew what it meant, so I thought it was OK. My grandfather was not a slave owner. My grandfather was an immigrant from Italy. I was just trying to offend her and turn her off, and I was pretending to be a bad person, quite honestly, but apparently she was taking everything very seriously. We exchanged numbers and she told me to call her or text her. (You wouldn’t believe how many numbers I get in China; sometimes just walking down the street young pretty Chinese girls would approach me and give me their numbers. Not all of those encounters lead to sex, but the attention I get from Chinese women is amazing. I have never had so many women chase after me my whole life and in China I felt like I was being treated like a movie star. How often do women in the west eagerly give you their numbers and ask you to call them? And I am just a slightly overweight old fart.) We continued to talk and text for the next few days and inevitably, once again, the conversations ended up being about taking her to America.

I told her “But what if you are a gold digger?” And she really wasn’t. I asked her how would I be able to know? She became a little indignant and she said she was willing to pay for all my living expense in order to be with me. She was very insistent that she really wanted to get out of the country. And quite honestly no one can blame her. For those who have never been to China, the Chinese air was barely breathable; the Chinese people extremely brutal toward their women. I have often witnessed public beating of women by their fathers and husbands. Chinese men demand their wives to kneel before them and publicly humiliate them, and Lin was adamant that she rather be a slave to a White man than to being betrothed to an Asian man. I once saw a Chinese woman being stripped naked by her angry husband and he kicked and punched her like a punching bag.

Marriage for a lot of Chinese women meant being slaves to their Chinese husbands and life was brutal for those women. Being a slave to a White man, in the words of Lin, was joyful and glorious; it even meant being a superior person in China, but being the wife of a Chinese man meant being a slave betrothed to another slave, someone being treated worse than a dog, a slave’s slave, “nu xia nu”. She told me the story of a woman in her hometown in Hunan about a Chinese man who gouged out the eyes of his wife because he suspected she was unfaithful to him, and the police didn’t even arrest the man because the police said the man had acted “righteously”. Now I don’t know if what Lin told me was real or not, but it was her words, and it expressed the reality of life in China in that it is really extremely hard and brutal for Chinese women. China is the most unfortunate place to be born a woman in the world, in the words of Sheryl WuDunn and her husband Nicholas Kristof, and that explains why so many Chinese women, and Asian women in general, will do anything to escape and we White men have the responsibility to accept them. To those hapless Asian women around all of Asia, we White men represent the faint dim hope of mankind, the lighthouse for poor souls enslaved under savage beasts. We must save those Chinese women and accept them into our country. I demand that all Asian women be emigrated to the United States and then we nuke China and kill all the Chinese men in China. We must do everything we can to save those women.
I told Lin if she were sincere then she better start to act like she was sincere. First of all, she would have to pay for my living expense as she had promised. This way I would determine that she was not a gold digger. And she was okay with that. As a matter of fact, from that instance on, I had never again paid for anything. We had sex at night, and then we would go out to eat during the day, and I had never spent a single dime. She paid for all the expense, to the point that I was becoming embarrassed. I was a man, for god’s sake. I was supposed to pay for dinner. And yet she insisted on paying for everything, eve fighting with me to pay the bills. I was never pampered like this by a woman in my entire life and I was really liking it.

After our little agreement, the first two things I asked her to do was to shave all her public hair and prepare herself to have anal sex. Shaving was easy, and I told her she must be completely smooth at all times. Butt fucking was a little harder. She had never been fucked in the ass before and she didn’t even know how to do it. I told her to buy an enema bag and give herself an enema first and then we would discuss. And I warned her that she better be completely douched. If my penis went in and got stained with her shit, she had to lick the shit off my penis. And the third thing I asked her to do is to never use a condom again. I was never fond of condoms anyway.

Some of you might wonder, “Hey, aren’t you afraid of catching AIDS or STDs. She is a prostitute after all.”

Well, believe it or not, I have had enough experience to know that Chinese women rarely have any disease. Even prostitutes are mostly clean, unless they are from Henan province, in which case one should avoid having sex with them at all. But most prostitutes in China are clean because, well, most Chinese women are prostitutes, so most prostitutes are actually just regular “traditional” Chinese girls. It was estimated by some western scholar that 70% of all women in China has at some point in her life prostituted herself out of desperation. Here, I must warn you, we should not jump to the conclusion that somehow all Chinese women are prostitutes because they are immoral. As I have said previously, prostitution is widely accepted in Asian culture as “normal” and “okay” and we should not carelessly place our own western moral standards on those Asian women. And besides, as I have said, Asian men are extremely misogynistic; other than prostitution, Asian women have literally no other means to gain independence from Asian patriarchy. And now back to the problem of condoms. Actually, in Japan, Japanese women never use condoms. And neither does the Philippines. That the Japanese doesn’t use condoms is because they believe condoms are unnatural and Japanese men would never have sex with any women using a condom, not even prostitutes. So, yes, Japanese prostitutes don’t use condoms and if you don’t believe me, go to Japan and try it yourself. The Philippines, on the other hand, has this idea that it is a sin to use a condom. It’s some exotic religion that forbids women from using condoms. Anyway, so I persuaded Lin from ever using condoms on me again and I had bareback anal sex with her. It was the most awesome sex I have ever had and I was sure Lin felt the same. She said her legs went numb afterwards. She was screaming from both pleasure and pain at the same time and I shot my cum right into her rectum. And the best of all things, I never paid her a single dime.

Another funny thing I ordered her to do was to never wear panties or bras again. And when I went out with her in public, I would order her to wear very tight and short miniskirt and you could almost see her bare pussy when she walked on stair elevators. Not only that, she made all the little dicked Chinese men so jealous, seeing her with me, and it was hilarious, as we sat in a coffee bar, when I saw several little Chinamen staring at us, I tugged her in my arm and fingered her bare pussy under her skirt. Initially I was afraid some of them might get angry and come over to fight me, but very soon I realized all Chinese men were whimpering pussies. I had this feeling that Chinese men were more pussies than their women. I just stared at those little Chinamen like I was angry and eventually they just backed down. They were pathetic. Nevertheless I had great fun and as time progressed I got even bolder and I started to flash her naked pussy in public, sometimes just lifting her skirt a little or pinching her nipples underneath her blouse.

We spent several months together and I became her exclusive client. I forbade her to fuck anyone else and soon enough she was running out of money because I was fucking her for free and taking all her money. Again and again she asked me if I would bring her to the United States. Well, bringing a live human being into the United States was going to be a long and arduous task and although I had in my mind already decided to bringing her back home, I wasn’t going to make it easy for her. For one thing, she really started to annoy the shit out of me. Almost every day she would text me and talk to me and ask me where I was. I was pissed that she was so distrustful of me. So I was going to make it a little more difficult for her just for fun. Besides, at the time I was employed as an English teacher and I had to wait until my contract expired to go back to America. I had plenty of time to get to know Lin a little more before I commit myself to the complex process of getting an America visa for a third world whore.

Since she was in college still, and she was running out of money, and I wasn’t going to give her any, I told her she needed to go back to being a whore, but now, since I owned her, I was her pimp and she had to bring the money back to me, and in return I was going to let her live in my luxury apartment which was inside a gated community open exclusively to foreigners. (“Foreigners” meant white people in China.) Now I know what you are thinking, if what I have been telling you is the truth, which I swear on my father’s grave that it is the truth and nothing but the truth, then I must be the biggest asshole out there. The fact of the matter was—I was doing it on purpose. The fact of matter was, yes I know, I was a big fucking asshole to Lin and I was exploiting her, but what you don’t understand is that I was trying to get rid of her and I was thinking of all kinds of ways to get her to hate me and it was simply impossible. She loved me. She truly did. She was mad in love with me, and I had a hard time believing it. I never even planned to go back to America because my life as an expat in China was so great. I got paid a lot of money for doing very little work and I got laid like I had never been laid before in my entire life. I had sex with different college girls every day and I had never paid a dime for any of them. Now, some of them might have been whores, but not always, and Chinese girls all have the tendency to “hook”, just simply because of their Chinese upbringing, but almost all of them want to get out of China and go to America with me. But even if they hook, they never charge me money. They only charge little dicked Chinamen and I get to fuck the best Chinese pussies for free. The funny thing is, everyone of them who sleeps me will eventually ask me to marry her and take her to America, and quite honestly if I didn’t tell Lin that I was going to bring her back to the States, she would not have been so libertine with me.

You know what, I will be damned. I had simply never met a girl like Lin, who had absolutely no self respect, who was willing to do everything I asked her, and who volunteered to be my sex slave.

When I just came to China, the first month, I was going to a local bar every Friday night. I went there, quickly met a local Chinese girl, took her home and fucked her, kicked her out, went back to the bar; met a second girl, took her home and fucked her. Kicked her out. Went back to the bar. Met a third girl, took her home, fucked her. Kicked her out. Went to sleep. It was my true story and I told this story to Lin as well just wanting to see her reaction and, you wouldn’t believe what she said—she said, ”It show you have alot chaaaris—ma.”

So when I told her that if she didn’t go back to being a whore, I would kick her out of my apartment, she was in tears but she didn’t refuse me. She was going to be a whore for me because she loved me. I told her to lick my feet like a dog and she did. I told her to crawl around in my apartment like a dog and she did. I took naked pictures of her and tied her to a leash and she was OK with it. I had never met a woman as submissive and slavish as Lin, not even in China and I felt I was truly blessed. Although there is the general notion that Chinese women are stereotypically submissive, I had met some very aggressive Chinese women, but once in a while you do get the impression that Asian girls are more submissive and docile compared to western women, simply because of their submissive culture. And by submissive culture, well, you really have to be here to notice, I mean, when you go out and you see a father hitting a daughter, then you ask him why, the father says, “Because she’s disobedient.” And for a Chinese father, it’s okay to punish her. It’s a culture unlike our individualistic rebellious western culture. And it’s absolutely true that Asian culture tend to produce more submissive women. Of course, I am not saying that all Asian women are submissive, but I am saying that there are more submissive Asian women than there are submissive White women.

So, Lin was on her hands and feet crawling naked beneath my shaggy legs and licking my feet, I picked her up, threw her on the couch and fucked her. She weighed only about 100 pounds and no more than 5 feet 2 while I was over 6 feet and 300 lb, so it was an asymmetrical struggle as I overpowered her and fucked her senseless. I had fucked her numerous times but it was the first time that I fucked her while she was crying and I got to tell you it was great. I had never fucked a girl while she was crying because it was something that a western man should never do, but I was getting accustomed to the Chinese culture in which men abuse women regularly. I felt I was becoming Chinese for god’s sake. I felt like a conqueror fucking a little Asian trophy wife. As I fucked her, I whispered in her ears, ”This is just a temporary solution. You go back being a whore and get fucked, while I plan on bringing you to America. I promise you. You love getting pounded by big White men don’t you? I will make sure you only get fucked by foreigners like me so you don’t have to fuck tiny Asian dicks.”

I don’t know if I come off sounding like a hateful person or not but she agreed to my plan and from then on I would help her post ads on websites catering to westerners and help her make some extra money. I also put in the ad that she enjoyed bdsm, bondage, humiliation and some other nasty stuffs just to make it more interesting.

I swear to you I am not a bad person, but something in China changes you once you are there. It’s like in the Congo river in Heart of Darkness. Something about China just changes you and you become yellow, sick and male-chauvinist just like those Chinese men, you become Chinese!

So every night I took Lin to see clients and I would wait in the hallway or by the door of the apartment while Lin was getting fucked on the other side and I would hear Lin being fucked hard inside and she was whimpering like a pathetic little chink bitch. There was one time when I walked in on them and they were just finishing up and Lin was sitting on the floor with her legs spread apart and the two French guys was drinking beer and played beer pong by placing a small cup right in front of her cunt. I swear I was so turned on by the scene, seeing that little chink whore being humiliated and degraded. Every time after we went home I would fuck her senseless again all the while calling her nasty names. And she loved it.

It’s funny, how, one time, when I took her home and was about to fuck her, as I thrust my penis into her cunt, I caught a huge blob of semen in her pussy and when I took my penis out, all the cum just oozed out of her pussy. It was nasty as fuck and needless to say, I gave Lin a sound thrashing with my belt to teach her a lesson: never bring another man’s semen back into my house. It wasn’t so funny then, because I was grossed out, but now thinking back all those years later, it was a strangely sweet moment.

Sometimes I felt Lin was a worthless piece of shit, because I saw how easy she was and I felt she deserved everything that I did to her. As a western man, I never understood how any woman could be so servile and slavish. As a western man, I could never understand, I guess. I could never understand why those Asian women would rather be whores, how any people, especially the Asians, would endure despotic tyrannies without rebellion, how anyone could rather be slaves than free men, how any people can be trained to be so obedient and docile, how any people would want to live in tyranny rather than democracy. I am not Asian, and I would never understand. But sometimes I also felt sad, because Lin was nothing more than a victim, a victim of thousand years of tyrannical rule and despotic Asian patriarchy. And it was my duty to save her, to save those Asians from themselves, to save their souls, if they indeed had souls. Once I even tried telling Lin that, perhaps, just perhaps, out there in the distant stars, there might be a God and he cared deeply for her, so deeply that he sacrificed his only son to save her. And then she blinked, a blinkering nothingness on a blank expressionless flat face.

In the next few weeks Lin kept on complaining of stomachaches and she was having menstrual cramps. I took her to see a doctor and was told that there was excessive damage to her vaginal linings. That was ridiculous. How could that be?

Then the doctor looked at me and said to me in broken English: “Her vagina too small for you. You too big.”

I didn’t know if I should have been proud or embarrassed. There was the general notion among the Chinese that their women are designed for small penises. I had been told this numerous times by colleagues, Chinese friends and of course Chinese women. I was average as well but in China I was huge. Almost every time I took off my pants those Chinese women would compliment on my well endowed penis. It was ridiculous.

In just a few months she was damaged beyond repair. She said: ”My vagina can no longer take cock.”

It was so funny how she said it. And her anus was constantly bleeding as well. But when she refused to serve clients, I beat her. I had never beaten a woman before in my entire life, but something in me changed as I constantly beat Lin ever since the first time we met. I had become oriental! I had become ruthless and tyrannical like a little Asian man and I was getting scared. I whipped Lin with my belt because she deserved it. When several young White travelers called and asked for Lin, she was shivering and simply refused to go to the hotel. I was irritated more than I was angered. I had never before in my life felt this way. To me, Lin had become a piece of property, my property, my slave, and I totally owned her in every sense of the word. She was financially dependent on me. Emotionally she was completely relying on me as well. She would never leave me no matter what I did to her. I simply lost my mind and I slapped her across her face and told her to get on her hands and knees as I took off my belt and whipped her. I was no longer surprised that she never dared to disobey me. I had long since come to realize that submissive instinct was inside every Asian woman’s genes. In order to please Asian men, only the most submissive women were impregnated, while those who showed disobedience were tortured and slaughtered, so the descendants of those submissive women were naturally selected to be submissive and slavish. And confounded with the Confucius philosophy of obedience, you got the most perfect slaves in Asian women. Lin’s puny limbs looked so pathetic; it looked as if she had been malnourished since childhood. She had small tits, no ass, and all her bones showed under her skin. But she had really nice skin and silky black hair. I didn’t care if this third world whore hadn’t eaten in three days, I stepped my big boot on her back and whipped her with my leather belt. And when she tried to cover her ass cheeks I twisted her arms behind her back with one hand and tied her arms with the belt, and I continued to slap her ass with my bare hand. Her legs were kicking and jerking around too. I flipped her over on her back, grabbed both of her ankles with one hand and punched her right in her vagina. Repeatedly. I punched her pussy until she was coarse from screaming. I was losing my mind. Her screams and tears didn’t mean shit to me. I was angry and I got up to smoke a cigarette while she was lying on the floor a slobbering mess of tears and saliva and phlegm and I burned her pussy with my cigarette.

Then I stepped on her pathetic chest with my boot, and I said: ”Don’t ever disobey me again or I am going to kill you.”

She just murmured softly, “Oooo-kay.”

I felt a little ashamed of myself uttering those words today. I didn’t even bother to ask whether she changed her mind. I dragged her by her hair, washed her face in the sink and carried her over to my car and drove her to meet her clients. But as I was driving I suddenly realized she was completely naked. I mean, China was and still is a pretty lawless country. Although people tend to think that China is a dictatorship, but as long as you don’t challenge the central government, you can pretty much do anything you wanted, but still, I can’t have a completely naked woman in the back of my car. So I took out a long brown leather coat for her to wear and she was wearing her slippers which was fine. As long as no one knew she was completely naked underneath, it was perfectly fine. I escorted her into the hotel to meet her clients. But before I was going to go inside, I was a little worried about the marks on Lin’s butt. I mean, some prudish fellow might think Lin was sex-trafficked and report me to the police, so I told Lin that if they asked you what those marks were just tell them you enjoy bdsm, and be sure to have a big smile on your face when you say it.

Once we were inside the room, as Lin took off her brown coat, three big Germans greeted us and they simultaneously gasped as they were amazed that she wore nothing underneath. I explained to them that Lin here was a masochist whore and enjoyed being spanked and humiliated.

“As you can see from the fresh marks on her butt, she enjoys a beating quite often.” I said it with a big grin on my face. Looking back now, I felt really ashamed of my behavior then. I should have never done those things, but again I tell you, China changed me. Once you are in China, you will be changed too. Something in the air, in the food, in those cheap Chinese whore’s pussies, just change you, make you yellow, sick, brutal, stunted, sinicized. You become the monster you fight; you become Chinese. Lin was cooperating with me as well. When I pointed at her ass, she smiled back at her clients, showing them that indeed she enjoyed it. I was not lying. Lin was truly a masochist. Lin got off of being treated like a slave. And when I said that, those Germans all had big smiles on their faces, and said,”That’s exactly what we have been looking for.” One of them opened a big suitcase and all the leather gears fell out, whips, ball gags, chains, etc. It was nasty as fuck. I still remember Lin’s reaction when she saw that suitcase with all leather gears falling out: her eyes got big and she gasped a little, then she just lowered her head and her closed her eyes and swallowed a little bit. I swear to god she looked so vulnerable and sexy.

In addition to Lin, right next to the wall of the hotel room, I saw about 10 or 12 Chinese girls standing by all completely naked and were looking at us. I asked those Germans who those were and they said those were all the prostitutes provided by the hotel. They were quite a sight to look at. I didn’t know if those Germans were planning on fucking each one of them, in addition to Lin. All those prostitutes just silently watched me and the three Germans as we conversed, and they looked pitiful. I felt a little sad for them, to be honest, but then again, it was their culture. We White men can’t change it and not only that, we had to respect other people’s culture.

I patted Lin on the head and left the room. In China you only collect money after sex, never before. Even while I was in the hallway I could hear Lin’s sweet soft voice conversing with her clients. Her voice was so elegant, high pitched, and still somewhat barbaric, like something both terrible and terrific was going to be done to her. I was getting so horny just listening to her moaning and when I got back home I immediately called one of my other Chinese girlfriends to come over and I fucked the shit out of her imagining what was happening to Lin.

Lin spent the entire night in the hotel and when she finally came out, she could barely walk. When I went to pick her up at the hotel, she looked exhausted and I had to carry her the entire way back to my home. And her little fist was grabbing a dozen green bills. They paid in dollars. I asked her how it was and she told me they made her drink her own piss.

“That’s bad. What else did they make you do.”

“They deeeeeep-sssroat me.”

“Did you gag or throw up?”

“They cum in my sssroat. Then I go to bathroom and sssrow up.”

“Good girl.”

:”They cum in my anus.”

“Those bastards. Well, at least they paid you. That was worth it.”

As she was lying on the couch, she was sobbing a little and then she said, “I love you. Please. No hurt me.” I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I gently smiled at her and told her to get some sleep. On the inside I was trembling. I was trembling because I had found a Chinese love slave and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should bring her to America or leave her in China. I was wavering in between whether I should ditch her or save her. Another thing that worried me greatly during that period was Lin’s health. She was constantly complaining of vaginal crimps so we went to see the doctor again and Lin was suffering from uterine prolapse. Well, I guessed Lin must had seeing it coming since she was getting fucked so brutally by so many men. Lin was seeing, on average, 5 or 6 clients per day. And it had been 3 months, so she had been fucked by no less than 500 men already, and we are not talking about tiny dicked Asians. We are talking about all beef Americans, Greeks, Germans, Russians, all with huge dicks. It might sound unusual, but I have heard Chinese women who took on 200 western men in one day. Those Chinese pussies might seem soft and vulnerable, but they can be very tough and they can endure a lot of pain. It was truly admirable how durable they were. And Lin was especially tough.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I started to see that my White complexion had started to look yellowish, sickly; my hair were becoming dark and stiff, I felt I was becoming a nasty Chinaman. I felt terrible.

The inevitable eventually happened. Lin needed to have surgery to surgically remove her uterus. It was devastating news for Lin and I felt terrible for her. And she was alone in Guangzhou. Both her parents were in Hunan and she had one brother working on a farm in Hebei. She was completely dependent on me. She didn’t even dare to tell the news of her surgery to her parents and I felt really bad. I paid for all her medical expense and told her that nothing bad would ever happen to her. The surgery was a success but she will never be able to have children, and, for those of you who don’t know, not being able to have children is a literal death sentence for women in China. The main function of a wife in traditional Chinese culture is to obey the husband, obey the father, and give birth to male children. So that meant now Lin had no plan B and I was all she had. I asked Lin for forgiveness that night because I felt I did something wrong, and I asked her if she hated me. And she said no. She said I was the best thing to ever happen to her because she loved me. I was a fat old piece of White trash and yet she said she loved me. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was having sex with so many Chinese women besides her and I was abusing her and yet she loved me. I was moved to tears. I told her I would bring her to America and make sure no man would abuse her again and I would love her with all my heart. I felt at the time she was sincere, and I was absolutely committed to do whatever it take to bring her to America, to escape the Chinese nightmare, the Chinese heart of darkness , the weird Konigsbergian Chinadom that turned a decent White man such as myself into a devious Oriental tyrant. After my encounter with Lin, and all that I went through with her, I hated China with a red hot hatred. We—both Lin and I—were nothing but the victims of our culture, tradition and religion, and the Chinese culture turned men into tyrants and women into slaves. After another three months I decided to cut short of my career and move back to America. During my brief stay in China of no more than 6 months, I had fucked 280 Chinese women, and I have all their names as well as pictures permanently stored in my computer. I used to feel proud, but after the 279 th Chinese woman that I fucked, I felt ashamed. I felt like a little Chinaman. No Christian White man should have done those nasty things.

Ever since I was divorced twenty years ago I have never imagined I would be able to find love again, and yet I found it, with a cheap Chinese whore. I don’t even believe my own words as I uttered them.

I have never felt more manly than when I was with my little Chinese whore. With Lin I had become more manly than I have ever been all my life because I had a woman who knew what it meant to be a woman and she was completely subservient to me or else I showed her the whips and gave her a sound whipping. And given her naturally feminine asian genetics even when she turns 40 she would still look like she is in her 20s.

That was my plan for her all along. I felt very happy of course, but a little ridiculous too because, well, I did bring her to the United States eventually and that was all she wanted from me. That was the reason why she loved me. She loved the power that I represented; she loved my country more than I did; she loved my passport, to be more direct. We spent two years together, and oh it was the best two years of my life. We did everything together, and I felt like I was born again in those years, (you see, I lived in a small town in Colorado and most of my folks had never seen an Asian woman before in their entire lives and we arranged so many gang-bang sessions with Lin. She was the most popular girl at the local bar. We used to tie up her puny limbs, lock her in the back room and take turns gang banging her for days feeding her nothing but our cum and piss and she absolutely loved it.) But the day after she got her green card, she just disappeared. And I have never seen her again, ever again. She just evaporated and gone and gone forever. I have no idea where she is now, whether she is still alive or dead, and I have lost all connection with her. A few weeks after she disappeared I received a divorce letter in the mail and that was that. It was a beautiful dream that I awoke from 10 years ago and almost every night I still cherish her lovely image in my dream.

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