Chinese Female Training by Mistress Right

Hello, I am Mistress Right, Wendy Wen Li.

I am a Chinese Female Trainer. I take those lowly disgusting Chinese females and train them according to Western manners and standards. The Chinese people love me so much for civilizing those disgusting savages that they refer me as “Mistress Right”.

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. I am originally from Taiwan. I went to America when I was a little girl. I went on to study in an American college and studied English Literature and European manners. I am now residing in Beijing, China and work as a free lance writer, professor, TV show host, Ms Manners and Ms. Educator.

Additionally, I am also a Chinese Female Trainer. Most of those Chinese women you—I am assuming you are a Westerner if you are reading this—will meet are uneducated, uncouth, and uncivilized by Western standards. So I take those barbaric Chinese women and civilize them by taking them through a rigorous training program; I make them accustomed to Western culture and make them adopt Western manners. For the great public service that I do, the people in China fondly called me “Mistress Right”.

Make no mistake, the Chinese is a very inferior and rude people. You will often find Chinese people spitting on the street, cursing, watching pornographic material, cutting in line, etc., etc. I left America and decided in live in this filthy dirty disgusting excrement-filled country some call China not because I was crazy. No, but because I want to turn those rude disgusting pieces of yellow meat into civilized slaves for Westerners. I make sure they adopt everything Westerners do and when they don’t, I will punish them using Western disciplinary methods, the same methods that noble Americans used to train those African slaves.

Someday when China becomes civilized, cultured, and clean enough by the Western standard, the Chinese people will thank me profusely and they will understand how much I have sacrificed, how selfless I am, how magnanimous I am. They shall call me the Mother of Chinese Civilization Reborn.

Further Contact

If you are a Chinese female wishing to learn more about my training program, I am accepting applications right now.

I reside in Beijing and will be able to interview you once I have sent me your resume and 4 pictures of yourself completely nude.

And if you are a Western man in need of Chinese servants, you can contact me as well. I will make sure that you get the most civilized and Western acculturated Chinese servants. And if you already have Chinese servants and you are in need to get them trained or disciplined to become properly mannered, I am very eager to help you as well.


Mistress Right, Wendy, Wen Li

Chinese Female Training Program

I take lowly Chinese females into my luxury 3 million dollar home in Beijing and employ them as my personal servants/housemaids. They are paid 2 dollars an hour, and they must abide by all the rules that I have set for them.

Body requirement:

Now in order to qualify as my personal servant she must have a pretty face, slim figure, white skin, 160 cm to 170 cm in height, no tattoos, no piercings and no body hair. All of them must have all their pubic hair and armpit hair waxed, shaved, or permanently removed before starting to work for me. I personally interview all of them in my home. When they enter my house, they must show deference by bowing deeply, with their body forming a 90 degree angle, their eyes fixated on the tips of their toes. They are not allowed to raise their heads without my permission. If I am pleased, then they will proceed to strip off all their clothes and I will exam their bodies personally. I do not allow a single string of human hair inside my home—at least not the disgusting thick ugly Chinese human hair; the fair hair of a blonde man, on the other hand, I do tolerate—so before they come, they must go to a spa or a salon to remove all their body hair and they must wrap their head-hair up as well. Not only do I check their pubic hair, arm pits, and legs, but also their anus and nose. I will pry open their anus with pliers to make sure their anuses are clean and I will use the same pliers to check their noses and make sure their noses are clean too. Westerners have no idea how dirty and disgusting those Chinese women are. This is just the first round of examination. They are to remain completely naked throughout the interview. Once they pass, they can go to the next round.

Physical requirement:

If they are found to be employable, they will be required to demonstrate their physical fitness. They must walk, crawl, bend over, and do several other stress postures. Because I do not want a lazy housemaid, I make sure they can bear the physical stress of being worked hard. They are required to kneel on the hard floor for 50 minutes with their hands outstretched without moving while I place a 10 pound book on each of their palms. Then they must crawl from the main entrance of the hallway all the way to the master bedroom in 1 minute. They must also be able to walk on their tiptoes , without their heels ever touching the ground for 2 hours, and finally, bend over for 20 hours with their heads between their legs without moving while I apply various punishment to their bodies. Usually I will have Chinese women crying by the second round and that’s when I knew they are not fit for the job. They will be escorted out of my house by my private security guard.

Memory and Discipline requirement:

Once they pass the physical examination part, they are nearer to being employed, but not yet. First they must memorize the house rules:

The golden house rules of Mistress Right

1. never leave a single string of hair in my house .

2. never eat any Chinese food in my house.

3. never misplace any candle in my house (for I have many candles in house).

4. never use cell phones in my house .

5. never eat gum in my house .

6. never use the bathrooms in my house. If you need to go to the bathroom, you need to go downstairs and use the public restroom.

7. always keep a distance of at least one foot when talking to me .

8. never speak to me using your Chinese dialects. you must speak standard Taiwanese Mandarin .

9. always walk on tiptoes and do not make any noise with your feet .

10. must always show respect to anyone in my house by bowing deeply when greeting them .

11. must always present a smiling face .

12. must always say “sir” or “mam” after each sentence .

13. must never sit or lay down on any part of my house without my permission .

14. must never run in my house unless there is an emergency .

15. must never curse or use any expletives in my house .

16. must always kneel in front me when I tell you to .

17. must always kowtow to me when I tell you to .

18. must accept all forms of punishment with grace and gratitude .

19. must always speak in a soft voice .

20. must never argue with me or anyone in my house .

21. when stripped naked, must never try to cover your private area.

22. my house must never have a single piece of dirt, and I find a dirty spot after you have cleaned, you must clean it using your tongue.

23. my toilet must be spotless at all times, and if I find a dirty spot on my toilet after you have cleaned, you must clean it using your tongue.

24. must be subservient at all times, and if you ever object or even hesitate to obey, you will be punished.

25. must never speak up unless spoken to, and if you ever speak out of turn, you will be punished.

26. must never interrupt when someone else is speaking. Speak only after everyone else has finished speaking.

27. never eat with your mouth open.

28. never cough in my presence.

29. never spit in my house, not even in the toilet. If you need to spit, you must go down the building and spit outside.

30. all items in the house must be placed in their exact position.

31. stealing anything from my house and you will be fired on the spot and police will be called immediately.

32. when stepping on my bed to clean, you must wash your feet with alcohol first.

33. do not make excessive noise when cleaning and if I can hear you banging and knocking stuffs over, you will be severely punished.

For every time you break any of the above rules, you will be punished.

Types of Corporal Punishment:

1st type: kneeling on concrete, kneeling outside my door, kneeling outside my building, slapping your face with your own hands, slapping your breasts, slapping your cunt, pinching your mouth, pinching your nipples, pinching your cunt lips.

2nd type: caning, spanking, whipping on your bare ass with rolling pin, spatula and broomstick,

3rd type: caning on your bare ass with a bamboo stick, whipping on your bare ass with a horse whip, kneeling naked, kneeling naked outside my door,

4th type: caning on your breasts with bamboo stick, whipping on your breasts with a horse whip, placing clamps on your nipples and cunt lips.

Every housemaid that works in my house must not only obey the above rules and accept all forms of punishment, but must also memorize every single word of the rules listed above. Before you start working, you must be able to recite all the rules I have written here or else you will not be hired.

After Acceptance:

Do not think that after being accepted you will find working for me easy. Far from it, I will make sure from now on your life is in miserable hell.

Now, besides cutting your salary and corporal punishment as mentioned above, I have other out of the rule book methods to maintain obedience. One time I had a Chinese servant knocking down a candle in my bathroom, I ordered her to strip naked, told her to get out of my apartment to kneel in front of my door for an entire hour, with her dirty socks stuffed in her mouth and clamps on her cunt lips. I didn’t care who saw her disgusting body or who passed by, and no Chinese dare to speak up either, because they know this is good for them. And those disgusting yellow pigs deserved this kind of treatment.

Another incidence that I should mention is a Chinese housemaid who had a very well developed body. Well, she was only 18 years old but her breasts were very big, and when she was cleaning my house, her boobs actually fell out of her blouse, and my friend, who was a White man from America, happened to catch a glimpse of them. I was furious that she could embarrass me in front of my Western friend and so I decided to punish her severely after my friend was gone. I ordered to strip by the door of my kitchen and I took out two 1 centimeter long silver barbecue sticks, tied two rubber bands on each sides and squeezed her nipples between the two sticks and fixed the barbecue sticks by stowing them into the door frame. In order to heighten her level of discomfort, I tied her hands to her feet behind her back. I kept her like this for several hours. I warned her if she dare to show off her perky breasts in front of my Western friends again I will stick a barbecue stick through her breasts. It was the right thing to do, because she should learn to never cross her superior.


I am not a cruel mistress as some in the Chinese media makes me to be. When my Chinese servants behave and pleases me, I have rewards for them as well. I recommend them to White men who need servants and housemaids. Since most superior cultured people find Chinese women horrendously savage, they will only accept them with my recommendations. I once had a very beautiful and elegant Chinese servant recommended to an American man. Before I gave her to him, since I knew he probably wanted to have sex with her, I made sure she got used to a White man’s penis, so I used a baseball bat to loosen her vagina and anus. Let’s face it, those yellow pigs had never seen a penis as big as a White man’s, and their vaginas were incredibly small as well, so I had to fix her so she would be able to accept him with her full heart.

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