Excerpts from POST COLONIAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS and White Sexual Imperialism

Isn’t it weird that nearly every Asian female professor who writes and studies about white sexual imperialism is actually married to a white man, a race of men whom she allegedly abhors? I had often wondered the question myself until I actually started reading some of their writings. Every book and every essay is filled with key words like “war”, “sexual violence”, “inferior”, “dominance”, “imperialism”, “conquer”, “subjugate”, etc. it’s almost as if they were writing those words while humping themselves on a big white dildo, and knowing that most of them are actually married to white men, they might have been sitting on a real thing, as well.

I have excerpted a few of the juiciest parts from those books and essays for you to enjoy!

Due to the limited amount of White men in the marriage market in Asia, a majority of Asian women will still settle for Asian men, but the dynamics of the relationship become completely different. This is in part due to the shift in power dynamics under Colonial White Rule and a rampant change in Asian women’s sexual attitudes.

White colonialism has always excluded Asian women from the rest of Asia and considered them as something that needs rescuing from the oppressive “Orient” (e.g. China, Japan, Korea). As a result, today’s job market strongly favors hiring Asian women over Asian men, with the latter earning 39% less in the same position. White men earn the most, averaging around twice the salary of Asian men.

Though Asian men earn less than Asian women, as men they are still expected to be the bread winners. This means, to find a wife, Asian men have to go the extra mile yet have very little say in the household. Most work longer hours, do all the housework, pee sitting down and have no say on how their children are raised. A common descriptor for Asian men among locals is that they are “men with no dicks”. (沒根的男人 in Chinese,ちんぽが無い in Japanese).

With Asian men seen as eunuchs it often leads to dysfunctions in their sex lives. Sex is infrequent and almost never happen after having children, and many Asian women struggle to stay faithful even if they love their spouses. Affairs with Western men are common among every Asian couple. Most husbands have no choice but to accept this arrangement for the sake of their marriage. Some even find their wives’ extramarital affairs beneficial to their marriage.

The history of Western imperialism in Asia and its lingering effects present the greatest source of inequality for diasporic Asian women today. White sexual imperialism, through sex and war, created the hyper-sexualized stereotype of the Asian woman. This stereotype in turn fostered the over-prevalence of Asian women in pornography, the mail-order bride phenomenon, the Asian fetish syndrome, and best of all, sexual violence against Asian women, from which Asian women greatly benefit and enjoy immensely, portraying themselves both as victims of white sexual imperialism and at the same time using white sexual imperialism as veil for their own lust for the superior white men and the open rejection and denigration of Asian men. These issues are each duly explored in the essay, drawing on Professor Catherine MacKinnon’s theory of sexual dominance hierarchy to support the white sexual imperialism principle.

One unwary weekend, a Korean American college female went clubbing downtown. She met a White male. He offered her a ride home, she accepted, and then he forced himself into her room and had sex with her in her own bed. All the while, he grunted the words “China doll,” “Asian whore,” and referred to her genitals as “sushi.’ [Source: This is an account of actual events that happened to the author’s close friend.] On Monday morning, in a lecture hall across campus, a world history class discussed Western imperialism. On Monday evening, the Korean American female masturbated herself while watching WMAF (white-male-Asian-female) porn. The next Friday evening, she went back to clubbing downtown and met another group of White males, who proceeded to gang bang her in the bathroom, all the while she was whimpering and goading her oppressors: “I want to be your china doll.” “Make me your Asian whore,” Fuck my sushi pussy.”

At first, those events may not seem related, but this Article posits a causal relationship between them, or more specifically, examines how sexual violence against Asian women perpetrated by White men results directly from the legacy of Western imperialism in Asia and how Asian women are immensely turned on by it.

This Article proposes a new framework for studying the intersection of feminist jurisprudence and critical race theory. It claims that the underlying cause of sexual-racial inequality between White men and Asian women is White sexual imperialism. This principle holds that the history of Western political, military, and economic domination of developing nations compelled women of these nations into sexual submission by White men. Moreover, at the global level, the vestige of Western imperialism has left Asian women subordinate to White men even today.

Oriental Girls, an article published in Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), described the Asian female as the perfect complement to the white male’s masculinity:

“When you get home from another hard day on the planet, she comes into existence, removes your clothes, bathes you and walks naked on your back to relax you … She’s fun you see, and so uncomplicated. She doesn’t go to assertiveness-training classes, insist on being treated like a person, fret about career moves, wield her orgasm as a non-negotiable demand. … She’s there when you need shore leave from those angry feminist seas. She’s a handy victim of love or a symbol of the rape of third world nations, a real trouper.”

“Small, weak, submissive and erotically alluring,” her “eyes almond-shaped for mystery, black for suffering, wide-spaced for innocence, high cheekbones swelling like bruises, cherry lips, “she not only exemplifies hyper-sexuality, but hyper-heterosexuality, in a white-male-centered and white-male-dominated world.

Asian Pacific women are particularly valued in a sexist society because they provide the antidote to visions of liberated career women who challenge the objectification of women. Their sexuality, viewed as naturally excessive and extreme against a white female norm, clearly exists not only within a sexual construct but within a racial construct as well. Furthermore, this sexual-racial stereotype emerged as a direct result of the colonial encounter of war, presenting the Asian woman as an object for western consumption and the satisfaction of western desires.

While contemporary media and the arts portray women generally as objects for consumption, they cast Asian women into the most inferior of all positions, below the white woman. Portrayals of the interrelationships between white American Gis who go overseas, the Asian women they meet there, and the white American women back home show this dynamic.

The 1989 musical Miss Saigon epitomizes the subordinate and objectified position of Asian women. In the musical, an American marine arranges a one-night-stand with Kim, a Vietnamese bar-girl in Saigon shortly before the fall of the city. After the destruction of her village, Kim flees to Saigon fantasizing about finding a “strong GI to protect her.” The American marine then leaves Vietnam, stranding Kim in Ho Chi Minh City with their son, Tam. The marine returns home to the United States where he marries a white woman. He continues with his life happily. Meanwhile, Kim tries to escape and reunite with the marine. She ends up in Bangkok, Thailand with her son, where she works at a massage parlor, a consistent affirmation that Asian women in her position have no more function than to provide sexual services to white men. The marine and his white wife meet Kim in Saigon. When Kim realizes her American lover has no intention of marrying her, she commits suicide, leaving Tam under the care of the marine and his new wife, quietly suggesting, perhaps, that Kim represents an unfit mother while the marine’s wife, a white woman, is better suited to raise Tam.

Miss Saigon became an icon—an icon of the sex tour industry that sprouted in Asia as a result of American military presence.

Asian women are usually the creatures of a white-male power-fantasy. They express unlimited sensuality, they are more or less stupid, and above all they are willing. Moreover, when women’s sexuality is surrendered, the nation is more or less conquered. Thus, the sexual conquest of Asia’s women correlates with the conquest of Asia itself.

One former U.S. President took this message to heart. From 1894 until his presidency in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt wrote and lectured widely on taking up Kipling’s “White Man’s burden. He called imperialism a “manly” duty that American men must take up. Civilized men had a “manly duty to ‘destroy and uplift’ lesser, primitive men,” namely Asians, “for their own good and the good of civilization. Roosevelt’s express and blatant collocation of colonizing Asia and labeling that act as “manly” illustrates how throughout American history imperialism in and even Western scholarship on Asia has been viewed in a sexualized context.


Cho, supra note 3, at 192 (“The Oriental Woman is therefore available to satisfy desires that would normally otherwise be socially and morally unacceptable if acted upon the bodies of white women.”); see also Kwan, supra note 3, at 101 (“The Oriental Woman, for example, normatively permits acting out such desires such as sexual aggression and sexual violence upon the bodies of Asian women.”)

Celine Parrenas Shimizu, Queens of Anal, Double, Triple, and the Gang Bang: Producing Asian/American Feminism in Pornography, 18 YALE J.L. & FEMINISM 235, 239 (2006) (“Asian/American women’s hypersexuality, viewed as ‘naturally’ excessive and extreme against a White female norm, directly attaches to a specific race and gender ontology.”). 29 Id.

While occupying the [Philipines] islands, the American soldiers referred to the Filipinas as “little brown fucking machines powered by rice.” A sex industry sprang up to cater the U.S. military men, offering “a girl for the price of a burger.” It was the imperialistic conquest of the islands by the Americans that jump-started the sex entertainment industry in the Philippines. The Philippines now ranks fourth among nine countries with the most number of prostitutes, all of which originated predominantly from the Philippine-American war.

During the Vietnam War, five U.S. military bases stationed in Thailand sheltered 40,000 to 50,000 American GIs at any given time. Between 1966 and 1969, as many as 70,000 U.S. soldiers came to Thailand for “Rest and Recreation” (“R&R”) and ignited a sex industry. R&R facilities have been, and continue to be, a vital component of the U.S. military policy. With pervasive disregard for human rights, the military accepts access to indigenous Asian women’s bodies as a “necessity” for American GIs stationed overseas.

After the Vietnam War ended, “there was a major campaign on tourism” targeting White men to sustain Thailand’s sex industry. By the early 1990s, several million tourists from Europe and the United States visited Thailand annually, many of them specifically for its sex and entertainment industry. In 1995, for example, a study reported that sixty-five percent of tourists to Thailand “were reportedly single men on vacation. The White conquest of Asia is “far from being ‘a thing of the past’ but is a lived experience of many. As result of White imperialism, “Asians and members of the Asian Diasporas have existed and still exist through a colonized experience.

Section C. Pillars of White Male Domination:

This section comments on the present-day ramifications of White male exploitation and domination of Asian women and the feminist issues raised by the grievous legacy of White sexual imperialism left in both Asia and Asian America.

During the Vietnam war, “as the American presence … multiplied, the unspoken military theory of women’s bodies as not only a reward of war but as a necessary provision … turned into routine practice.”

Although prostitution around any U.S. military base is commonly seen, “military prostitution around Asian Pacific bases occurs in a colonial context, which largely distinguishes it from such prostitution in the U.S. and Western locations. Western societies often view Asian societies as less developed and sophisticated, and therefore inferior. These perceptions color the interactions of U.S. servicemen and Asian women, a problem “further exacerbated by the sexually denigrating stereotypes of Asian Pacific women. Filipina sex workers, for example, frequently report “being treated like a toy or a pig by the American [soldiers] and being required to do ‘three holes’- oral, vaginal and anal sex.”

The systems of prostitution perpetuated around U.S. military bases in Asia reaffirm the West’s perception of Asian women as sex objects. In these contexts, Asian sex workers are registered and tagged like domestic pets, further relegating them to a less-than-human status.

In regards to Okinawa Incident

First, the legacy of imperialism explains why the U.S. servicemen occupied Japan. After the Allies defeated the Axis powers in World War II, the United States decided to meddle in East Asian political affairs: Namely by regulating Japan to prevent it from engaging in imperialism. A sense of White supremacy meant the world could fall complacent to the idea that White imperialism was somehow “better” than Asian imperialism. Thus, while Japanese military presence in East Asia posed a world threat, American military presence would not. Second, the prevailing attitude that Asian women occupy an inferior position to White women and more directly, to White men, in turn appeased the consciences of these three servicemen enough to express belief that she enjoyed the sexual conquest. This underscores the idea that in the eyes of White men, Asian women seem to exist solely for their sexual gratification as hyper-sexed and unconditionally submissive creatures.

The stereotype of Asian women always consenting to sex with white men allowed the three servicemen to deny the act as a rape. It is this potent tripartite combination of imperialist thought, racial inequality, and sexual inequality that perpetuate violence against Asian women by White men.

in regards to Comfort Women …

Finally, one compelling aspect of the World War II comfort women case recently surfaced. In the aftermath of the war, when American troops entered Japan, the U.S. soldiers used the same comfort women stations Japan had set up. The “GIs paid upfront and were given tickets and condoms. … The charge for a short session with a prostitute was fifteen yen, or about a dollar, roughly the cost of half a pack of cigarettes.” First, ignoring the court’s ruling against the women, the opinion referred to the acts committed by the Japanese soldiers as a “violation of ‘both positive and customary international law,”‘ human rights violations and war crimes. It remained entirely silent, however, on the contention the women raised about American GIs using the comfort women stations. What the Japanese men did to the plaintiffs seemed patently abhorrent to the women; however, when American soldiers were charged with the same crime against the same women, the court declined to find a violation of either customary or international law.

Section I: Asian Women in American Pornography

American military men stationed in Asia brought back to the United States their stereotypes of Asian women as “cute, doll-like, and unassuming, with extraordinary sexual powers,” which then became an expectation White men had of all women of Asian descent. This section addresses the negative, and often dark, ramifications caused by the hyper-sexed stereotype has caused.

Few mediums reveal the White sexual imperialistic exploitation of Asian women more so than pornography. In a 2002 study conducted by Jennifer Lynn Gossett and Sarah Byrne, out of thirty-one pornographic websites that depicted rape or torture of women, more than half showed Asian women as the rape victim and one-third showed White men as the perpetrator. The study further uncovered a strong correlation between race and sadomasochism. … images of Asian women in pornographic forms consistently came up through a keyword search for “torture.”

White men’s fascination with Asian women in pornography stems from early nineteenth century Western imperialism. To colonize the Asian nations, countries such as the United States flooded Asia with military forces. As an inevitable result of military presence, prostitution centers consisting of local civilian women sprung up to cater to the White servicemen. With these sexual experiences as their main, if not only, encounters with Asian women, White servicemen returned home with the generalization that Asian women are hyper-sexualized and always willing to comply with White man’s prurient demands. This germinated even more interest in Asian women as sexual objects. To sustain this increased interest, the Asian sex tour industry developed. Asian sex tourism further perpetuates the stereotype of Asian women as hyper-sexualized and always willing. If Asian women are perceived as hyper-sexual, it understandably follows that sexually explicit materials, pornography for example, would include a preponderance of Asian women. The next two subsections on the Asian fetish syndrome and mail-order brides will discuss how depictions of Asian women in pornography have produced greatly advantageous consequences on the Asian and diasporic Asian woman’s experience.

Bartering for Mail-Order Brides

In the 1970s when conservative White men grew discontent with the American feminist movement and White women’s ensuing push for liberation, they turned to the mail-order bride industry in East Asia. Believing American women to be too radical and career-oriented, many American men turned to mail-order bride companies for Asian wives who are “loyal and undemanding.” Guided by sexual stereotypes of Asian women as subservient, these men saw Asian mail-order brides as the much-welcomed antithesis to the White American woman. Where the White feminist woman actively resisted subjugation, the Asian woman was portrayed as enjoying it.

Aftermath: The Korean American college female went on to exclusively date white males throughout her entire four year in college; after graduation, she landed a job in finance, and seduced her boss, a multi-millionaire white male in his fifties. She became a kept woman who stayed at home most of the time. With the goading of her former boss, who is now her boyfriend, she started a career in BDSM porn, where she was featured being tortured. She enjoys every aspect of her subjugation to her white conquerors and has been fucked to multiple orgasms nearly every night. She is in white-heaven.

How White Cocks dominate Asian Women throughout our entire lives.

The term “fetish” to describe this immense sexual attraction is as accurate as the weather forecast. For a white man, if “Asian fetish” is appealing to you, though irresistible, you still have the choice to turn it off, or ignore it, by moving away from the computer and going about your day.

But, for us Asian Women, who live in the United States and who have been conditioned from a young age to lust after White Men, we simply don’t get to do that.

Our lust for White Men is constantly being provoked, impossible to avoid, because White Men dominate our lives. White Men are our bosses, our supervisors, our colleagues, our professors, our teachers, our classmates, our superintendents, our neighbors. White Men are everywhere.

We can’t walk down the street without constantly feeling little pangs of arousal at the sight of white men.

Imagine, as a man, if the one thing that turns you on more than anything else in the world is around you constantly. This one fetish that worms into your brain and makes it impossible for you to concentrate on anything else is a person you have to deal with and interact with everyday. That’s the state of Asian women in America. We are in a sea of White Cocks and there’s nothing we want to do more than to just submerge ourselves in it. We are in a constant battle against the urge to drop everything and retool our lives around our love for White Cocks.

I masturbate to the thoughts of being enslaved by superior White Man everyday.

I long for nothing more than to behold the stormy sea, less as a mighty spectacle than as a momentary revelation of the true nature of Superior White Man.

An Asian whore like me should be forced to push half-white babies out of my well fucked and abused cunt every nine months, he told me, as I listened to his words with a palpitating heart. The pronunciation of each syllable was sufficient to provoke in me a complete change in key of my sensibility, a modulation of my bodily clime without the external seasonal change. I felt cold at one instance, then hot at another, then warm, then tepid, then freezing, then scorched almost to the point of heat-exhaustion.

You should never be without a big round swollen belly, with big heavy tits filled with milk, big swollen nipples leaking milk onto the floor, he told me. The images associated with his words, cartoonish, Faulkner-like, appear with their associated syllables, lingered in my head,drawn-out, drooled and slurred, gradually merged with an inspired longing, a yen, a pine for fantasy.

Not only would I be bred, but I would be bred by at least six different white men simultaneously at a time, so that I would never be able to know who the father is, as befitting an Asian whore, according to him.

“You’ll probably be the kind of whore that will squirt and cum all over yourself in front of the doctors when giving child birth pushing our bastard out of your cunt. His head pushing against your cunt walls and clit, stretching your hole wider and wider will make you orgasm for sure. He’ll enter the world with your cum all over him. His mother is a breeding whore, and I hope he leaves your pussy all swollen and sore after he enters the world,” he continued.

Those words present to me a little picture of things, bright, familiar, eerie, strange, creepy, and grotesque, like the pictures hang on the walls of a school’s classroom, like the posters of horror movies plastered in subway stations, like the obscene advertisements of pornography. It robs me of my humanity, my womanhood, my dignity, my most cherished aspect of life as a female.

“That’s how it should feel all the time. It should hurt when you walk from being used and abused. Hurry up and push this bastard out of your hole just so we can put another one inside of you again. You should be bred until you are completely barren inside. After that, you should spend the rest of your days caged, collared and leashed, both holes plugged up at all times in chastity belt, waiting to be fucked and used as the fuck toy you were born to be. Hand spank your pussy and clit for me until you squirt tonight, dreaming of my superior half-white baby kicking inside your womb. Breed every nine months slave.”

Instinctively I felt my hand reaching for the forbidden fruit, my face blushing, my heart at my throat, a ghost dancing up and down inside me, clapping its hands and kicking its legs.

Those words magnetized my secret yearnings, waves of forbidden desires surging around me—those words to me were not merely an inaccessible ideal, but an imaginary, enveloping oasis into which I plunged to dream of a life not lived, to escape the anvil of a harsher reality of boredom, death, and loneliness.

For several nights I was unable to sleep, haunted, harrowed, insulted by those words. And the associated images of those words, unreal, fixed, always alike, filled my nights and days, touching my sexual organs as elaborated by the spell of my dreams and not perceived by my other senses at all.

And whenever I woke up in the morning, I felt shameful, guilty, and remorseful, troubled by the reality of those visions that most inflamed my lustful desires, humiliated that those words raised me to a midnight ecstasy, as an imagined reality, more painful than reality—something that I had until then deemed impossible—penetrated deep within my soul, held, restrained, and immobilized me between rocks of amethyst, like a reef in the Indian Ocean, by a supreme muscular effort, in an supreme excess of my strength, diverting me, as if a man sucking the clam-meat out of my clam-shell, leaving me with no purpose, lost in the indescribable and peculiar realm of dreams.

I listened but did not respond. I wished he would have spoken more. But I have never heard him speaking ever again. A few weeks afterward, I remembered those words again, and that night, I dreamed, that the white man who spoke those words put his words into action, came to my house, kidnapped me, and enslaved me, kept me in the condition as he had described. In that dream, I felt myself undergoing a dis-incarnation to a previous life. It was accompanied by a strange and vague desire to vomit, as one feels when one has developed a sore throat, and a persistent fever that had to keep me in bed.

Ever since, I masturbate to those words every night before bed, lusting for his power, his strength, his courage, his madness, his zeal, his tenacity, his superiority.

Love is a disease.

your inferior asian slave

Chinese Women in Prison: 糯美子


Currently, all online accounts of hers that you find are made by impostors.

The real name of 糯美子 is 黄佳丽.

In August of 2021, she has been sentenced to one year in prison for disseminating lewd photos and pornographic videos of herself by the Chinese Criminal Court.

Prior to her arrest, she had been active in numerous gigs for the entertainment industry. In 2019, she participated in the TV show “Chinese Style Dating” (中国式相亲) and introduced herself as an “independent, modern Chinese woman-entrepreneur living in Shanghai looking for true love with a western gentleman”.

Being described by fans as having “baby face and big breasts”, she quickly gathered over a million followers online. Through the use of Chinese dating apps and other social media channels, she started to charge money for fans who wanted to see more explicit photos and videos of her that included full nudity and masturbation. Pornography is illegal in China.

Excerpts from the Chinese Female Prisoner Narrative

Forced labor and abuse are rampant in Chinese prison systems. Officially, prisoners are not allowed to participate in forced labor. And of course, corporal punishments of prisoners are forbidden as well. In practice, the exact opposite happens. Female prisoners are required to get up at 5 AM in the morning, and start to work at 6 AM. Work consists mostly of low-tier manufacturing of clothing such as sewing, needle-work, etc. Except for half an hour for lunch and half an hour for dinner, prisoners are required to work nonstop until 10 PM. Sometimes prisoners are required to work overnight and are forbidden to sleep. Attempted suicides are very common. However, actual suicides rarely happen. Every guard keeps watch over 40 prisoners. Every four prisoners are grouped together as one unit. If one prisoner commit suicide, the other three prisoners will be subject to the same punishment: denial of food for three days, an arbitrary increase in length of sentence, and corporal punishment. The prison guard will be punished as well, such as decrease in salary and benefits, demotion in ranking, verbal abuse and beatings from superiors. The prison guards who are punished by their superiors will take out their frustration on the prisoners. Female prisoners who are young and beautiful are especially likely to be targeted by prison guards for abuse.

During official visits from higher-ups in the government, prison guards are told ahead of time and will hide the work activities that those prisoners do. One official, who is completely unaware of the true situations, once commented, upon seeing prisoners watching TV and reading books, that “Our penal system is so good those prisoners are living better lives than most people outside.”

The most feared punishment, according to Chinese female prisoner narrative, is actually solitary confinement. “Just 72 hours in solitary confinement can feel like it’s been years, and you will start to lose your mind. I can’t imagine those political prisoners who have been confined for an entire year.”

“In the kind of environment that we are in, it’s normal to want to be feel intimacy. Most prisoners are not lesbians at all, but due to loneliness, many of us are forced to become lesbians. … The worst people are those who are not lesbian but out of hatred and despair of life make sadistic entertainment of their fellow prisoners. A beautiful woman here is like a lamb being fed to the wolves. Dozens of prisoners would take turns forcing her to perform cunnilingus and if she refuse they would beat her until she complies. The prison guards are supposed to stop such abuse, but they actually don’t care, because there are too many such cases and it’s impossible to put a stop to all of it. In the words of one guard, ‘it’s not like they are going to make a baby out of it.'”

sources and references:



The Complete Version of Chinese Female Prisoner Narrative











打毛衣这样的活要说起来是最苦的,因为不需要工具。里面所指的工具是针和剪刀之类的铁器,毛衣针是竹子做的所以不算在内。监狱里对于工具的管理是相当严格的,所有“新收”一进监狱就受到过这样的教育:工具就是你的生命,人在工具必须在,人不在工具也要在。刚开始很不明白为什么会对工具这么紧张,后来看的多了才知道。里面有许多人无法承受身体体力的高度透支,更重要的是精神上的巨大压力,从而会想到自杀自残。自杀自残是监狱里的头等重大事件,如果有这样的事情,上至监狱领导、大队中队干警,下至大队所有的犯人都要受到很严重的处理。在我服刑期间只有一个女犯自杀成功了,结果她所在的大队大队长、中队长、小队长通通调离,整个大队当年的“改造积极分子”指标减半,自杀女犯所在的中队每一个犯人当年的争取都做废。要知道,犯人在里面拼死拼活地干无非是希望能争取到减刑,而因为别人的事情使的自己一年的努力化为泡影,这是一件多么让人痛心的事 儿。故此,犯人之间也有一个制度就是互相监督,说实话,想自杀也不是一件容易的事情,但自杀事件依然屡屡发生,只不过难以成功罢了。如果有工具的活,晚上值班队长是要来收工具的,至于几点收要看活儿的数量还有值班干警的心情。但打毛衣这样的活就没人管了,打到几点都行。晚上睡觉是不许关灯的,所以我们经常是通宵地做。即使当天的指标完成了,也希望能多做一点,只有产量超过别人才有可能争取减刑。














去超市每人能买多少东西是由各自的处遇来决定的。日常用品是不限制金额的,只有食品有限制。A级的可以买100元,B级买80元,C级买60元,D级和E级买50元。每月一次的接见,探监者也是按照同样的规定给探望的对象买食品。所以如果是A 级,并且每个月都有人来接见的话,那她就可以有200元的食品了。只是,每个大队能享受A、B级待遇的人只有几个,有条件的人也舍不得乱花钱,毕竟这钱都是父母家人的钱,何况里面家庭条件好的并不多,表现好的家里穷的叮当响,家里有钱的又不一定能争取到A、B级,所以浪费“配额”的事情比比皆是。














自从监狱有了晚上8点以后不能干活的规定,不但没有让人感到轻松,反而更加紧张了。8点以后的时间很多人没干完的活怎么办?继续干呗,可监狱真是要做婊 子又要立牌坊,又下了一道新规定,8点以后干活的犯人抓住了就扣分。弄到我们搞不清楚干还是不干。可笑的是经常发生这样的场景:8点过后,犯人继续干活,值班干警替犯人望风,如果监狱值班干警来巡视,还没进门冈,我们的干警就迅速跑进来通知,快把劳役收起来,坐好看电视!我们手忙脚乱地把手里的活塞到床底下,一本正经地坐着看电视,等监狱干警一走,警报解除,继续吧!


















快乐的日子总是短暂的,三天的假期一眨眼就过去了,接下来的又开始了永远也做不完的劳役,曾经有一个暴力犯开玩笑说,姐妹们,为了你们的幸福,我出狱以后一定要把这个厂家给炸掉。我们在笑过之后谁都清楚,炸掉这家有那家,这就是我们为自己犯下的错应该要付出的代价。我们只有从现在开始在心里数着日子,希望着下一个节日的来临。而日子也就在我们如此微不足道的小小期盼中一天一天地过去了服刑人员群体原本就是个特殊的群体,但在这样的一个群体中还有一个更加特殊的小群体,那就是政治犯。她们这些人有一个专门的大队关押的,但在刚入监时也是同样需要在“新收”中队待三个月。我在看守所就接触过一些邪教分子,她们对自己的信仰都是特别的坚定。而且逮着机会就要宣传邪教。进入监狱以后,大部分人都不服法,她们认为自己并没有犯罪。在“新收”的三个月里她们也是和其他刑种的犯人关在一起,但绝不会让两个邪教分子关在一个监室。每个干警都要找两个犯人来24小时看着她,这个任务基本都是四犯或是有文化的犯人担当,并且是干警完全信的过的人。 白天寸步不离,晚上两人轮流值班,每人一本小本子,24小时记录被看护人的一点一滴。主要是不让这些邪教分子互相之间传递消息,不允许她们练功。进到监室之前干警要事先通知,不允许我们和她讲话,在里面胆小的犯人还是比较多的,所以大家基本上都不和她们说话。所有的邪教分子刚开始都是要练功的,可没有一个能够练成,一练就有人报告,有的邪教分子等大家睡了练,看她的犯人如果阻止不了,就隔着铁门报告警官,干警的办公室在监区的最外面,所以要报告就得扯着嗓门大叫,这样一来全监区的人都醒了,就因为这一点,犯人们都很讨厌邪教分子,认为她们是吃饱了撑的。她们自认为没犯罪,不是犯人,开始时不肯穿囚服,不肯戴番号牌子,不肯干活,不过坚持的时间都不会很长。一个人在那样的环境里的确很难坚持什么,即使你是个很有毅力的人。






















The girls who disappeared



“But going back to the subject of Chinese cruelty, overwhelmingly evident every day everywhere in the country, a few samples of regular practices are illustrative. For instance, a man who falls overboard from a boat not manned by members of his family or close friends need not expect to be picked up. Falling overboard, it may be mentioned, is not an infrequent occurrence among Chinese. Almost any veteran foreigner who has traveled up and down the rivers of China will be able to recount one or more cases where he has personally observed a man drown without efforts to save him by other Chinese a few feet away on shore or in a boat. …

“An American Consul related to me a personally witnessed occurrence at a place up the Yangtze where he was stationed, one that strikes a westerner as incredible, but which would not impress a native Chinese as anything remarkable. It happened that a sampan loaded down with a cargo of live pigs, and crowded also with Chinese, was caught in a treacherous current and overturned a little distance from the shore. The Chinese and pigs aboard were spilled out into the water. A number of other Chinese along the shore, seeing the upset, immediately put out to the scene in their own boats, and began greedily picking up the live pigs swimming about. The drowning and pleading humans who wailed to be taken aboard were knocked on the head as fast as they swam to the arriving boats, and were all washed downstream and drowned. The Chinese minute men of the sampans returned in high glee with their unexpected catch of fresh pork and life went on as usual. …

“Once I was present at a Chinese dinner, the main guests at which were several high ranking officers in one of the Chinese royal armies. Those officers were vastly above the common run. As I recall, two or more of them had been educated in Japan, up till recently the main training ground for educated Chinese officers. Several of the Chinese present spoke English and as my knowledge of Mandarin was feeble, they put in an explanation of the conversation now and then for me in English. It appeared that in a recent campaign a group of higher officers had been captured, and a colloquy followed to decide how they should die. The means finally chosen was that each of the captured officers should be forced to eat a handful of loose needles. After this relish, they were lined up for their captors to watch the effects of this diet. They died in about two hours.”

Ways that are Dark, Ralph Townsend


In 2003, Senior Zhang (“Zhang Gaoping”) was 38 years old, previously divorced and just recently remarried in 2002. In order to make a living, he brought a truck to do inter-province transportation of goods, similar to inter-state truck drivers in the US. He hired his brother’s son, Junior Zhang (“Zhang Hui”), who was 27 years old at the time, as his assistant. Junior Zhang was young and aggressive, and had previously been arrested and imprisoned for aggravated assault. After serving his sentence of one year and a half, he swore to change his way of life and became obedient and hardworking. He had a girlfriend and they were ready to marry.

They were seemingly ordinary men living their ordinary lives, but disaster soon fell and their lives were changed forever.

May 18 2003, as usual, the Zhangs planned to drive their truck from their provincial home of Anhui to Shanghai for business. Due to lack of transportation in their provincial home, many of their fellow villagers would hitch-hike their truck to go to big cities. Sometimes the hitch-hikers would give them some small gifts as payments, but most other times, due to their close connections as fellow villagers, the Zhangs never accepted any payment. The Zhangs were in fact quite famous in their hometown, since they were the only ones who owned a truck around that area, and as their reputation grew, as well as their reputation for hospitality, more and more people started to hitchhike their truck. And on this day, an 18 year old girl from the same village found them through connections with relatives to hitchhike their truck to go to Hangzhou.

According to the recollection of Senior Zhang, at the time, because they were actually going to Shanghai, and going to Hangzhou would require them to make unnecessary adjustments to their travel arrangements, initially they were hesitant to let her hitchhike, but, after seeing that she was just a girl, they decided to send her to the East Train Station of Hangzhou, at which place her uncle was supposed to pick her up.

Once they were at the East Train Station, they found out, the uncle had changed plans and decided not come to pick her up. After contacting this uncle, the girl was told to call a taxi and go to the place on her own. Being kindhearted, in addition to being fellow villagers from the same province, the Zhangs decided to drive her closer to where she was supposed to be, and, on the way, brought her dinner before sending her off. In order to be extra careful, the Zhangs wrote down for the girl their phone numbers, including their work phone, their home phone, and the phone of the Zhang’s supervisor.

At 5 AM, the Zhangs arrived at Shanghai for their business.

“The last time I saw the girl was looking at the silhouette of her back, standing by the sidewalk, waiting for taxi.” Senior Zhang recalled.

Which taxi did she get on? No one will ever know.

For the next ten years, both senior Zhang and junior Zhang expressed some remorse and guilt. “Only if we had watched her get on the taxi, then write down the plate number of the taxi. But at the time we were in a hurry to go to Shanghai. Being late would incur penalties.”

But everything is all too late.

The next day, around 10 AM, the girl’s corpse was discovered.

An old man strolling around Qianjiang Third Bridge, in the Xihu district of Hangzhou, found a completely naked girl, lying face down in the shallow water in a sewage pump. The police were called and after examining her body and finding tearing of the hymen, it was determined that she was raped before being killed.

Because the number she called around 1 AM was to the work number of Zhang, and because the Zhangs were the last two persons who had seen the girl alive, the police firmly placed their suspicion on Zhang.

May 23 2003, after their return trip from Shanghai, the police arrested the Zhangs at their homes in Anhui on suspicion of rape and murder.

After seven days of interrogation, the Zhangs confessed that, indeed, they were the ones who raped the girl on their truck, then killed her and dumped her corpse.

The police actually did not have any direct evidence. At the crime scene, they did not find the fingerprints of Zhang on the clothes of the girl, the backpack and other luggage of the girl, or any part of the body of the girl. Also, they did not find any sperm inside the vaginal tract of the girl’s corpse. It was conjectured that the sewage water might have washed away any potential incriminating evidence such as Zhang’s sperm.

Zhang’s truck had also been thoroughly searched and there was no evidence of any bodily fluid, any bodily hair, or even any evidence of fighting that had occurred inside the truck.

Even without any direct evidence, the police was still convinced that the Zhangs were indeed the ones who committed the crime. Why? Because they had the time and the opportunity to commit the crime. But the Zhangs insisted they didn’t. The last phone call the girl made was at 1 AM in the morning. But Zhang said they sent the girl off at 1:30 AM, and then hurriedly went to Shanghai, arriving in Shanghai at five in the morning.

“There are many people who can testify! We arrived Shanghai at 5 AM. At 1:30 AM, she was still alive!” Senior Zhang protested.

It was also possible to calculate based on the speed of their truck the approximate location of the Zhangs relative to Shanghai, and the conclusion was that it was not possible for the Zhangs to have the time to commit the crime, were they able to arrive Shanghai at 5 AM.

But the police did not believe the Zhangs were in Shanghai at 5 AM, and they had even conducted an experiment by driving from Hangzhou to Shanghai with the same model of truck that Zhang had. The attorney for Zhangs said during the trial, that that was not the case, because Zhang’s truck was over load limit at the time. “It’s equivalent to a man walking while carrying 200 pounds of equipment. The experiment you conducted was with an empty truck, while my client’s truck was dangerously over-loaded. So the truck speed was very very slow. ”

But, unfortunately, the police did not take it into consideration.

At the time, the Zhangs and their attorney had also demanded that the police take into evidence the surveillance camera footage at the highway entrance station from Hangzhou to Shanghai. This would also be able to exonerate the Zhangs, according to Zhang’s attorney, since it would show that the Zhangs did not have the time to commit the crime. Again, this plead for evidence had been denied.

Nine years later, the attorney Li, who was able to finally exonerate the Zhangs, said that, “The police never bothered to look for the camera footage. There were lots and lots of surveillance cameras along the high way from Hangzhou to Shanghai. If the police had bothered to take the time to look for those footage, it wouldn’t have ended this way.” Attorney Li himself had tried to locate the footage, but since it had been nine years, the footage had long been erased.

The second evidence that the police used was from another prisoner by the name of Yuan. According to Yuan, he heard senior Zhang confessing to him the crime and Zhang even voluntarily wrote down a confession.

“This confession was not obtained through torture.” The District Attorney said during the trial.

In March of 2008, however, in an unrelated incident, the suspect who had been convicted of killing an entire family in Henan has been exonerated in court. When being asked why he confessed to the killing in the first place, the suspect said that he was tortured by a fellow prisoner while being jailed, and this prisoner was also Yuan, the same prisoner who overheard and helped write down the confession of Zhang.

Senior Zhang said, “As soon as we were in jail, the fellow prisoner Yuan came to us and said he already knew everything about our crimes, and even described to us many details about our case that we did not already know. Then he said we need to feel remorse and he wrote down a confession for us and told us to copy his confession in our own writings.”

But why did you do it?

Senior Zhang continued: “Yuan started beating me almost immediately after I went inside. He said my presence ruined his appetite. And he had made many rules for me, such as, when he urinates, I have to get down our knees near the toilet and in the morning, I have to get on my knees and pray to Buddha.

Junior Zhang also said that similar things happened to him as soon as he went in jail. The same fellow prisoner Yuan started beating him as soon as he saw him.

Did you not ask for help? The reported asked Junior Zhang. “Of course we did, but no one paid any attention to us. Yuan and his goons were not making any sense to me. They just kept on beating me until I felt like death was better than being tortured like this.”

Senior Zhang said that this Yuan prisoner was not most definitely not an ordinary prisoner. “I could never figure out how he was able to know so much details about our case, even more than I did. He wrote a confession for me, detailing how we raped the girl in our truck, and then killed her, and forced me to copy everything down in my own handwriting. ”

After being forced to write down his own confession, senior Zhang, being more experienced, actually tore off a piece of the confession that was written by Yuan, but when a police guard came by and saw it, he took it away from him and never came back. After Yuan found out, he gave senior Zhang another round of severe beating. Yuan and some other prisoners dragged him into the restroom and kicked his groins until he blacked out.

In addition to constant beatings, both Zhangs were subject to other methods of torture. Junior Zhang, for instance, was handcuffed for seven days straight, and he had defecated and urinated in his pants and were never allowed to use the bathroom. Both Junior Zhang and Senior Zhang were not allowed to sleep. They must remain standing at all times and if they fell to the group or dozed off, they were given beatings until they woke up or got on their feet again. Nor were they given much of anything to eat in those seven days. They only had eaten some leftovers discarded by the police guards.

Other forms of tortured included: being stuffed in all orifices with burning cigarettes.

They were indeed never tortured by the police. They were tortured by fellow prisoners.

“Given the way they were beating me, I would not survive even if I were sister Jiang [Jiang Zhuyun, Communist spy who were tortured to death by the Chinese nationalists during the Chinese civil war].” Senior Zhang said.

Given the account above, it became obvious that there was no other solid evidence than the alleged confession, that was “voluntarily” written by the Zhangs.

The confessions that were written by both Zhangs have staggeringly wild disparities. For instance, Senior Zhang writes that he alone carried the corpse of the girl into the sewage, while Junior Zhang says that both of them carried the corpse into the sewage, “Senior Zhang holding the feet and I holdig the girl’s head.” There were also glaring disparities as to where the rape happened. Senior Zhang says it happened at the front seat. Junior Zhang says it happened at the back seat. Inconsistencies also consisted as to when the girl died. Even for logistics. The truck allegedly drove onto a very narrow road that was even hard for smaller cars to pass, but the Zhangs were driving not just a truck, but a heavily loaded car. What would happen if their car were stuck? Would they discard their truck and flee on feet? Not to mention the fact that the Zhangs knew the girl through a relative. If they really did had intentions to rape and murder the girl, they would become the immediate suspect. Would anyone be really this dumb? Suppose the Junior Zhang was indeed so rash, but Senior Zhang was already close to 40s, recently married and his wife was six months pregnant, what he really risk such a happy life to assist Junior Zhang in this crime, which is punishable by death in the Chinese justice system?

And what about DNA evidence. “I have never even touched her. There is definitely no DNA of me on her.”

The police in fact found some DNA evidence. In the fingernails of the girl, there was DNA evidence belonging to a fourth person that did not belong to the girl, Senior Zhang or Junior Zhang. Who is this fourth person? Would Zhangs have committed the rape and murder with this fourth person? Even if it were indeed the Zhangs who committed the rape and murder, the police should have been obligated to find this fourth person. However, the police ignored this DNA evidence, and the judge during the trial refused to admit DNA as evidence.

April 21 2004 Hangzhou Supreme Criminal Court sentenced Senior Zhang to death and Junior Zhang to life sentence in prison. Both Zhangs refused to accept the sentence and appealed to higher appellate, and in court, they took off their shirts to show the scars they had accumulated on their bodies while being imprisoned, demonstrating to the judge and everyone else present that they were tortured and their written confessions were involuntary.

However, the court refused to admit this as evidence.

Half a year later, October 19 2004, the higher appellate court Zhejiang Supreme Criminal Court determined the case lacked solid evidence and re-sentenced Senior Zhang to suspended death penalty and Junior Zhang to 15 years in prison.

According to what we know now, it’s actually still impossible to determine if indeed the Zhangs were absolutely innocent, but the lack of evidence, and the carelessness of the police overwhelmingly support our suspicions.

And while the Zhangs were serving their sentence in prison, at almost the exactly same location, another rape-murder case had occurred.

January 8 2005, Miss Wu, a graduate student at ZheJiang University just finished her English final exam and was calling her mother asking about the schedule of the last bus to Hangzhou Train Station. Her plan was to take Route 151 bus to Hangzhou Train Station and then change to other transportation to her home in Shuidian New Village. Traveling from the northside of the city to the southside of the city takes at least one hour, and she would also need to go cross Qianjiang Third bridge. Her mom suggested that she takes a taxi instead. On the phone she told her mom, “I will consider,” and then hung up. And this was the last conversation between the mother and the daughter.

In a dumpster near ZheJiang University, police found a red handbag belonging to Wu. Inside was her student ID and other items. Her body was found near along Qianjiang river, inside a sewage dump that was filled to the brim with waste water. Her body was completely naked. She had been lying inside the 3 meter deep sewage for eight days. Her clothes were found nearby her naked body.

The suspect was Mr. Gu, a Taxi driver from Jilin province, 35 years of age.

After obtaining the testimony from Gu, the Hangzhou police issued a statement to the Hangzhou media stating that Miss Wu was not raped, dispelling the rumor for the general public. “She was killed only because she had an oral argument with the taxi driver Mr. Gu,” the press released claimed.

According to the testimony by Mr Gu, Miss Wu got off Route 151 bus at Flowery Garden Hotel and was waiting at the Route 505 bus stop. But she had missed the last Route 505 bus and so she decided to get on the Taxi of Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu drove her to Shuidian New Village. She was supposed to pay 14 RMB (around 2 USD) to Mr Gu. But when Miss Wu saw the number 14 on the meter, she said, “Impossible. I take Taxi from Hangzhou Train Station to Bing River all the time and it takes only ten RMB.” Afterward, she started cursing at Mr. Gu and they began to bicker. On that same day, Mr. Gu had been having arguments with his wife in Jilin, due to money issues and not being able to go back to Jilin for the up-coming Chinese New Year. He was despondent and his heart was filled with frustration and resentment. When Miss Gu opened the door of the taxi cab and was preparing to take off, Mr. Gu got out and kicked her back into the cab. Miss Wu started to yell and curse even harder. Filled with rage, Mr. Gu grabbed her throat and choked her to death. Now, filled with terror, Mr. Gu drove back to ZheJiang University and discarded her red handbag inside a nearby garbage dumpster. His intention was to trick the police into thinking that she had been murdered near the university campus. Then he drove to the downstream of Qianjiang River and dumped her corpse inside a sewage dump. And in order to make it appear that she was raped, he took off all her clothes as well. He also took Miss Wu’s laptop and MP3 to a relative as personal gifts.

In Mr. Gu’s testimony, he emphasized again and again that he did not have a plan to kill her, nor did he have intentions to rape her. He clearly understood that, according to Chinese Justice System, premeditated killing and rape could mean death sentence, but if he only acted on impulse, which would be considered manslaughter, and for that, at most, he would be sentenced to life in prison.

The media stepped in after his testimony went public, and there were in fact many people who sympathized with Mr. Gu. The claims were that Miss Wu were condescending to the people who toiled at the bottom of the Chinese society and her arrogant behavior was the cause of her own death.

However, some were skeptical. Miss Wu was a college student in her twenties. She was found completely naked inside a sewage. Even though there was no DNA evidence found inside her vaginal tract, that could be due to the fact that she had been immersed in water for eight days straight. Her belongings were meager, with only a handbag, a laptop and a MP3, so that should not have been any motivation for robbery. As for impulsive killing, many noted, Gu was from North East China, a province near Mongolia noted for producing strong men mixed with Mongol breed, and over 1.8 meter tall (around 6 feet). If he had wanted to teach a lesson to Miss Wu, he could have easily overpowered her and given her a drubbing without her being able to resist.

Giving her a beating would cost him some money in court and only 15 days in jail. So why kill her?

Another point that many made was, Gu was able to rationally and systematically process the corpse after killing Miss Wu, driving his Taxi, with her dead body inside, back to Zhejiang University, and then taking off her clothes and dumping her body in a sewage, all of which seem to indicate that he must have had some “experience” in such matter. If he had killed a person for the first time, the logic went, he would have been scared out of his mind, and the first thing he should have done is to flee, but this was not what Gu did.

Yet more mystery was, around the same place, just a few meters away from the same sewage system, over a year ago, the police had found the corpse of another girl, Wang, who had been raped and murdered.

It should have been so obvious, some pointed out, that in a span of two years, at the same location, using almost the same method, two girls were murdered. Why did the police not investigate more?

And yet the police insisted that this case did not involve rape. According to the police who spoke to the newspaper at the time, “Because Miss Wu was very beautiful, and the fact that she was completely naked, many people in public thinks she was raped. But according to the testimony by the suspect, we have eliminated this possibility.”

Even more strange things happened next. In the Chinese Justice System, what Mr. Gu did was manslaughter, and the district attorney had only charged him with the crime of manslaughter, but within three months, Mr Gu went though hearing, trial, and death-penalty audit, and was immediately executed. The speed with which all those things happened was quite abnormal. Ordinarily, the whole process should take at least six months to over a year, but Gu went from being arrested to being executed in only three months.

Back to the story of Senior and Junior Zhang.

While serving their sentences inside prison, they continued to try to appeal their case and had never given up. The brother of Senior Zhang traveled to Beijing to appeal their case to the supreme court of the Chinese capital, Due to the impoverished economic state of Zhang, his brother could only afford 5 RMB (less than 1 USD) hostels for sleep. In his recollection, he said, there were more than dozens of people all crowded in one room, all of them were in the capital appealing for justice, and “on this road to appeal, I have traveled for the last ten years.”

Due to the notoriety of being rapists and murderers, the wife of Senior Zhang divorced her husband and aborted her five months old fetus. The girlfriend of Junior Zhang had also broken up with him and canceled the wedding. Senior Zhang has two daughters from the previous marriage, and because of their father, both of them had been ridiculed and bullied in school. According to Chinese traditions, the sins of the fathers must be carried out on their children. The relatives of the dead girl had instructed other school children to beat and humiliate Senior Zhang’s daughters by stripping them naked in public and torturing them by sticking small tree branches inside their vagina and pouring hot coffee inside. “Your father is a rapist and a murderer. You deserve it.” Unable to endure the torture and humiliation, both daughters quit school and went to work in factories. And at work, they were still constantly being harassed and bullied by other coworkers who had heard about their father’s story, and eventually they were forced to resign their jobs. Even though they were very pretty, no man dared to have romantic relationships with the two sisters, because of their father’s reputation for being a rapist and murderer. Both daughters ended up being sold to a brothel in Shanghai and became prostitutes. Their grandmother and grandfather died of heart attack within a few days after they were sold.

The lives of their father Senior Zhang and their uncle Junior Zhang were even worse in prison. Because they were rapists, fellow prisoners disdained them and found many ways to torture them, numerous tortures were administered daily, such as sticking cattle prods inside their rectums and electrocuting their gentials. Junior Zhang had become resigned to life and decided not to fight the government, even though he was still trying to appeal his case. Senior Zhang, however, could never let go of this injustice. Everyday he said, “I’m innocent,” and when the prison guard called out his number, he replied, “I’m innocent,” instead of repeating his prison number. He became such a headache to the prison guards that during administrative meetings the prison guards would especially raise issues regarding Senior Zhang to their supervisors.