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To feel a big hard cock spanning the length of your face is only possible with a white cock.

Only white cocks have that power to render an asian girl completely in subservience. It’s funny how—no matter how much she claims that “I like asian guys just fine”, or “I don’t have a preference for white guys”, will always so easily acquiesce to a white man’s demands within just minutes. Asians just naturally know to get on their knees and worship once they see a white cock. It’s almost as if submission to white cock is written in their culture, their history, their DNA, the the kanji for emperor (”皇”) is literally the combination of the ideographs white (“白”) and king (“王”).

They have never felt any cock as heavy and thick on their chink faces until their first encounter with a white cock, and they instinctually know how to serve. Only then does a chink slut realize the greatness of serving a white man. How they can slowly scroll their eyesight from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. How it feels incredibly imposing when you have the big white cock right in front of you.

You lay there, breathing in the musk of a white man. Feeling the weight of the hard cock pressed down on you. It is intoxicating and it is deadly. You know that this piece of white meat is a weapon, a physical weapon that will tear open your cunt and wreck you. It will hurt you in ways you’ve never felt before. The white man will use it, and he will use it with glee.

But that doesn’t matter for now. All that matters is that you have the white cock caressing your face and you are finally home.

Confession of an inferior Asian slave

This inferior Asian whore knows she was born to worship big white cocks with her mouth, pussy and ass.

For a sadistic and cruel white master, petite East Asian females are the ideal types of slaves he should look for.”

There is something unique about East Asians that makes dominating them iressistable and incredibly exiciting.”

I had been owned and collared for over a year now. My white master had been involved in D/S relationships for 15 years and had owned and trained over dozens of female slaves/submissives, mostly of whom were Asian. While living in Singapore, he had kept several 24/7 live-in Chinese slaves/servants, the longest of those lasted for more than three years.

He was very selective with the women he would get involved with, by choosing only women who are capable of following rules, protocols, guidelines, and rituals, and who understand the importance of slave training and conditioning (both psychological and physical).

Of my accepttance of my place, as his subjuguate, as beneath him, as nothing more than an inferior servant whose only place is to serve, please and be used and trtured for his benefit; and of my rejection of the misnotion of equaity, and the lies of modern social norms, in that I understood it would take hard work, dedication and a good deal of pain and suffering to be molded into the best possible slave—for certain people—East Asian people—are better suited to live as slaves and servants; their lives should and are better served to revolve around pleasing their masters—white men of European descent; and Asians are the epitome of such slave material, and so should be rightfully owned controlled and trained by their superior white owners—I’m proud to say, as a Japanese woman who is capable of deep submission, obedience, respect and capable of surrendering herself as property to a white man, I was chosen.

She is inferior in every way and she needs daily ass beatings to remind her who’s the superior white master and who’s the inferior asian cum dump.

My white master began by having me wear a modified underwear with a built-in vibrator that he controlled remotely through an app on his smart phone.

I wore this all day and all night and he controlled the vibrations at his leisure throughout the day … no one knew I was wearing it but it did take a lot of practice to get used to it at work and in public. It was my first step in experiencing being owned and losing control on a physical level, knowing that I had to completely surrender my sex, my pleasure, and my orgasm … to be completely at the mercy of someone else.

Administering physical and psychological training in different aspects of service and submission

Almos everyday I received heavy punishment in the form of bondage, humiliation and beatings. I was given training in domestic servitude, cock-sucking, sex-slavery, and ritualistic worship. When expectations and requirements are not met, cruelty were doled out.

Once we met in his office, I was stripped naked.

And I changed into my slave attire, which included a leash, a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, nipple clamps, and a custom fitted female chastity belt where he could insert dildos and vibrators in my ass and pussy with remote controls. The ankle and wrist cuffs were so I could be conveniently put into shackles and stockades, or be chained in cages, or restrained to other torture devices.

Then, I spent an hour kneeling on the floor, bowing and reciting my slave mantra like a monk who had forsaken the world to live in a self-imposed cloister …

For an entire week we focused on domestic training. I had to rehearse various tasks of cleaning, folding clothes, serving drinks, cooking and being used as a human furniture. During a party, my master had a serving tray strapped to my body, and put a gag in my mouth that was actually a cup holder. I would stand in the center of the room, silent, with perfect posture holding everyone’s drink on the tray.

“There is nothing more important to an object than the need to serve.”

Not onlyd did I just do cleaning, cooking, and other domestic chores, but I also practiced posture-training to different slave positions, monitored my reponse time to verbal cues/orders, when and how to speak, attitude, eye-contact, crawling and kneeling. I was trained hard to his satisfaction that they became a second nature to me. I did everything while demonstrating deep respect and gratitude knowing that oterwise I would suffer consequences of punishment that included whipping, caning, slapping, bondage, humiliation and many other different torture methods.

I understood it was for my benefit and it ws my only chance to serve an experienced white master.

This inferior Asian whore has no right in the home of her superior white master, and will remain naked at all times except for a collar and leash.

After domestic training, I was given cock sucking training, according to my master, this was the same kind of traiing that’s given to Asian prostitutes in brothels.

On the first day, contrary to what I had expected, I wasn’t even allowed to be sucking on a real cock. I spent hours just practicing on a dildos. I was taught how to deep throat, controlling my gag reflex, demonstrating enthusiasm; verbal praise of penis, sucking with gags in my mouth, various cock-sucking positions to control the length of time for a cock to ejaculate, “hand techniques/no hand, ball sucking technique, licking your lips, swallowing with attitude …”

The next day I spent a few hours watching videos of other Asian slaves sucking cock. I was chained to a chair with headphones strapped to my head and forced to watch these videos on repeat. Likewise at the end of the day, I had to watch some videos of extreme BDSM and hardcore torture. With his other live-in slaves, he had actually made them watch video recordings of him beating them. They were forced to watch themselves screaming, crying and begging for mercy on repeat for hours on end. This was done regularly to remind them what happened when they did not follow rules and to remind them of their place.

Only after I had meticulously honed my skills, which lasted for days, was I given the permission to suck on a real cock. And my dom was ruthless. He made sure to make my throat the most miserable.

Ahis cock sucking training involved quite a bit of humiliation, verbal humiliation, face slapping, hair pulling, and the like. For instance, in the coursework description, which he had given to every Asian slave he owned, it was written: “Your white master has ruthless inhibition when it comes to making the most miserable littel throat doll I can. That means there will be some very sloppy wet face fucking with you gagging, drooling, and slobbering all over my cock. You will learn to beg like a hungry animal for my cock and you should know I’m meticulous about having my shaft and scrotum licked until it’s glistening. I am also meticulous about how you lick the thick mess up and how you tell me it is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.”

She will get chastity piercings so you can lock up her sweet Asian pussy while you are at work. I would not be expected to masturbate myself. When my white master is horny, I’m horny.

I crossed the bridge and it was very different than anything I’ve ever imagined or known in my life until that point. There was no limit, no safe word … I lived every second of my life from that point on as a domestic servant, a sex slave, and a whippint post that was used and abused for his and his (white) girlfriend’s pleasure.

In addition to being owned by my white master, I had to report to his girlfriend. She was my mistress, “a white goddess”, in the words of my white master, and she had final say over everything and oftentimes even over my white master. I followed her orders, learned to worship her, serve her, please her, just as I served my white master

She was an extreme sadist, even more sadistic than my white master, but at the same time she was classy, elegant, sophisticated, and smart. She greatly enjoyed humiliating her Asian slaves. But, most important of all, my white master did whatever she demanded.

For instance, if she want me beaten for several hours until I am screaming, crying, and beggin for mercy then my white master would carry out whatever punishments she decided for me. I learned to worship her feet deeply as I had often spent long hours rubbing lotion on her feet, massaging her feet and washing her feet. Sometimes I also had to lick her feet, an “oral foot bath,” according to my owners.

As their live-in slave, I was never allowed to eat with my white master and white mistress. I would server them dinner and only eat after they were done and I was never allowed to eat from the table, but only from a dog bowl on the floor.

After dinner, the rest of the night included more chores, more slave-training, and whatever other chores they had at their disposal. For example, when my white mistress got back form the gym, I was required to bath her in the shower and then give her foot massage. I was given extensive training to become her pesonal foot slave, as all their previous Asian slaves were specifically trained in this regard. Trainings included not just foot worship, such as the aforementioned “oral foot bath”, “foot massage”, but also general foot care, such as toe-nail polish, nail clipping, being used as a foot stool, washing and bathing her feet, foot soaks using pedi-eggs, drinking her foot bath water; bowing, kissing , praying at her feet, cleaning her shoes, etc. etc.

My white master would stand behind me and whip me with his leather belt night after night until I have learned to suck, clean, and woship every inch of her gorgoues lily-white feet with all proper protocols and demonstrating deep respect, passion, and gratitude.

I will get laser hair removal so my Asian pussy will be permanently smooth and hairless.

As a fellow female, I had nothing but deep appreciation of my white goddess’s flawless and stunning looks. Her absolutely perfect legs and feet deserved to be worshipped and I was so blessed to be worshipping her.

Later during the night, when I had done with all my chores, work, service, clean up, and foot massage/worship I may be privileged to spend the evening with my white master and my white goddess.But I was let allowed to sit with them on the couch. I was kneeling at their feet or serving both of them as their foot stool.

Another part of my slavery that I would love to share with you is that I was required to wear a chastity device that had actually been pierced in. There is some company that does the design and the piercings. It was called a clitorial shield, and it was designed to prevent female orgasm while still allowing vaginal penetration. I was often fucked mercilessly for hours and be on the verge of orgasming but never be able to have one. The only way I would have one is if my white master removed the barbells that he had a key for. Once the bars were removed I would be able to have the contractions necessary to have an orgasm.

You can not imagine what it was like to always be on the verge of orgasm … wanting so badly to have one but your body simply cannot have one. Of all the methods of cruelty, my white master says and I agree, this is actually the most effective at instilling obedience in Asian slaves, by liberating their sexualilty, turning them into wanton sluts, and then curtailing their sexual freedom and transforming them into volunatary sex slaves.

My white master says, “I have seen some of the sickest crying, moaning, screaming, tantrums and desperate begging to be released as they are fucked into oblivion. Any Asian slave I have kept in this has learned to provide impeccable service and deep worship that is almost spiritual … they have truly been molded into slaves in every sense.

After wearing the clitorial shield for a month, I was upgraded to the second device, which was a female chastity device with multiple labia piercings. The device was pierced in over my entire pussy to prevent access with a master padlock that kept everything securely in place. With this there was not way to access to my pussy at all and so in stead my white master would simply fuck me in the ass.

And this was how I was used … after that I never experienced any penetration in my pussy ever again as long as I was his slave. Everytime I was fucked, I was only fucked in the ass as I watched my beautiful white mistress having the best sex of her life.

I will get tattooed with my master’s name so everyone will know this inferior asian slave is owned property belonging to a superior white master.

Feeling a white cock …

Feeling a White cock slowly slide out of your Asian cunt can be the worst feeling in the world.

It’s the feeling of all those inches that you’ve been craving for your whole life slowly exit your body. It feels like an eternity, but, just like that, you feel empty again. You’re hollow without a big White cock inside you and your Asian cunt feels too loose and wide without it.

He puts you on your stomach and fucks you doggy style. Your pussy is now a tailored glove, made to only fit his massive White cock. Nothing else will be able to fill you up as good as His cock.

Now he lays on your back and pounds you hard. You’re keenly aware of your inferiority and you feel ashamed but he reassures you by saying it doesn’t matter if you are Asian. All Asians are meant to be fucked by white men, and you’re no different. It gives you relief to be reminded of what you are.

Then he cums and breeds you. You feel the warmth seeping inside your inferior Asian pussy. You’re filled up and it’s like taking a dose of heroin. You’ve been drugged up with a dose of superiority all thanks to this White Man. It’s perfect bliss and you know you won’t even have the urge to masturbate tonight because nothing will ever match the ecstasy of being fucked and bred by a White Man.

Deflowering Asian Virgin Lili

White Masters Aaron and Nick were happy to help Judy, the white mistress who owned three Asian sluts Lili, Stephanie and Sue. They got up from their chairs and followed her into the hallway.

Ron, Derek and David continued to talk and eye the two helpless Asian sluts. Nearly everything had been eaten from around Sue, allowing everyone to see her naked form on the turntable. Stephanie was squirming now, because the dildo and butt plug in her were making her hot and she wanted to cum. But the way she was positioned, she wasn’t able to get to the point of no return. God she needed to get off.

The three men discussed the things that had happened at the Japanese bondage club and Ron grew angrier and angrier as they described the way Hec had acted. Clearly Victor used his head, but Ron knew he would have to have a very one-sided discussion with Hec as soon as possible. Hec would no longer play any role in Sue’s enslavement, nor in this town.

​Lili had been shocked to see both Nick and Aaron with Judy. Her heartbeat immediately raced above 100, seeing the two men that occupied her dreams and desires. Her cunt began to juice.

Judy had released Lili from the cage, and she had crawled out. The chains were removed from her wrists and ankles. Her eyes stared straight ahead.

“KNEEL,” ordered white mistress Judy, and Lili immediately took the position, legs spread, hands locked behind her neck, tits out, wanting to make white Master Aaron proud, wanting to show white Master Nick what she had become.

Judy had reached inside her mouth, locking it in the open position. At Judy’s direction, Aaron had pulled a hood out of the cupboard, and strapped it about Lili’s head. Nick had clipped a leash on her collar, and ordered her to crawl along as he led her to the living room.

When they got to the living room, Judy had opened the sofa into a bed. She had placed Lili in the middle with her legs wide open, showing off her young virginal Asian cunt, ankles chained to the legs of the bed.

All conversation stopped when Judy came to the door and announced, “It is now time for the special surprise of the night. You ready Ron?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied. “I do hope it’s good and won’t take too long. I’m so horny that all I want to do is fuck. And our little sluts look like they are ready, too!”

Sue and Stephanie were removed from their positions, led into the living room, and ordered to KNEEL beside the sofa, facing the wide open cunt of Lili. They obeyed immediately with the hopes that they could get some relief soon. They both noticed the young girl, but had no idea who she was. They also saw the other guys standing close by and already naked with their cocks fully hard. Sue licked her lips wanting them and Stephanie eyed them with wanton lust.

​Once everyone was prepared, Judy brought Ron in. His eyes went right to the spread open cunt of Lili and his cock grew hard in his pants. God how he wanted some pussy and here was one ready for him.

​Judy said to him, “Honey, I have always known how much you like young Asian pussy and tonight, you are going to get one. And not only is this cunt young, it is still a virgin.”

“MMMMMMM, and it looks so inviting Judy, who is it?” he asked. The yellow-tanned, taut body, with belly chain, anklet, and an S dangling from her bellybutton ring, begged to be fucked.

“You will find out soon enough, but I want to be sure she is ready for you. So Susie slut is going to get her nice and wet for you while you get undressed,” Judy said, then turned to Sue and said, “Get between those legs, cunt, and lick. Make sure it is nice and wet, but you better not make her cum!”

Sue knew better than to disobey and had become a very obedient slut, so she got up from the floor and crawled between the young girl’s legs and began to lick the cunt that would soon be fucked by Master Ron. she licked and sucked it like a pro, making the young girl squirm.

The Asian slave Lili had heard everything, but during her training, she had learned not to speak unless she was told to. Besides, hooded and gagged as she was, speaking clearly was out of the question. she knew it was her older sister licking her hot cunt, but really didn’t care! All she wanted was to have a big hard white cock in her tight virgin hole. She pushed her pussy into her sister’s face, trying to get more of the tongue that was teasing her so much.

Everyone watched as Sue ate out the young Asian pussy and knew it wouldn’t be long and they would watch as Ron deflowered her and then everyone else would get the chance to fuck it too. Ron was naked now, standing beside Stephanie, watching his former chink whore lick the pussy he would soon be fucking. He was stroking his white cock and getting so hard that he had to stop so he wouldn’t cum too early. While Sue was licking her sister, Judy said, “Steph, why don’t you help Ron with that cock. Suck it for him!”

​Stephanie had also learned that when given an order she must comply, so she turned just enough to take Ron’s hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked him. She knew she had better not make him cum and she didn’t want to, either. She wanted to see this young Asian girl getting fucked for the first time.

​They watched as Sue licked her little sister’s pussy and saw that she was doing a great job. Lili was squirming now and shoving her bald little pussy into Sue’s face, wanting more. Judy kept a very close eye on her little slut, making sure she didn’t cum until Ron got his big white cock into her. She had made Lili wait to cum ever since she had taken control of her. She wanted this little whore to beg for cock and knew that she would be begging hard very soon.

​It got closer and closer to Lili cumming and Judy would stop Sue very soon. Judy was getting hot from watching all the sex around her and removed her clothes as well. David and Derek had never seen the white goddess Judy naked before and loved the sight before them. They both stepped over to her and helped her get naked, and had some good feels while doing it. They even got their fingers in her pussy and she didn’t stop them either, since she was really enjoying it.

​But she kept a close eye on her little slut, making sure to stop Sue before Lili got off. And she was getting really close now. Judy stopped the guys and said,

“Susie slut, stop, NOW!”

Sue tried to continue, wanting to get this young Asian cunt off in her mouth. The girl tasted so good and kind of reminded Sue of her own taste. It was so familiar tasting, she thought for a moment that it was her own cunt she was licking.

Judy reached over and grabbed a handful of Sue’s hair and pulled her back, twisting her hair viciously. “I said stop, chink slut!”

​Sue cried out. she just wanted to get back to that sweet little Asian pussy. But she knew better. Sue got off the bed and automatically resumed her KNEELING position beside the bed.

​”OK, it’s time to fuck the cunt. Ron, are you ready?” Judy asked.

“You bet I am. I have never had a tight little Asian virgin before and it looks so damn good. But Judy, who is it?”

“You will see who she is very soon. But I want to tease you just a little more. How’s slut Stephanie doing with your cock?” asked Judy.

​”MMMMM, she is one good cocksucker and if she keeps it up, I’m going to shoot into her mouth.”

​Judy walked over to Lili, reached down and pinched her pointed nipple, and asked, “Are you ready, slut?”

Lili nodded her head immediately and a muffled groan could be heard from behind the hood.

“Then it is time for the deflowering. Ron, the virgin slut is all yours!”

​”Great!” said Ron, “But I want help getting my cock into this cunt. Sue, please help me!”

​”Yes, Master,” Sue said, “Ill be glad to help.”

​Sue was thinking that if she pleased Ron that he would enjoy this little slut so much he would release her and keep this one instead. Little did she know that the slut she was going to help him fuck was her own sweet, little sister.

​Ron got into position and Sue took his big cock in her little hands and guided it toward the virgin cunt laying before him. She stroked it for a short time and then put it up to the lips of the spread-eagled girl, forcing the head into the opening.

​Ron wanted to go slow, so he held back even though Sue was trying to get his cock into her tight pussy. He said, “Now, Susie slut, you know we can’t just ram it into a virgin hole. We need to go slow, so make sure I don’t pop the cherry right away. Let’s take our time with this slut.”

​”Yes, Sir.” she whimpered as she held back on his cock.

​Sue wanted it over with and then maybe if he liked this little cunt, she would get to move away and be with David, which she really wanted. He had shown her he was dominant and possessive but also very caring toward Sue. Ron rocked back and forth with just the head of his cock in the tight cunt, enjoying the feel and tightness of her. But he wasn’t going to hold out for much longer. Not after slut Stephanie had been sucking him and now this cunt that was as tight as Stephanie’s mouth. He was going to ram it home very soon, but for now he just enjoyed the feeling and knew that once he fucked her, she would be begging for more.

​Then it happened! He said, “Sue let go of my cock, now.”

​Sue released his cock and he pulled out until just the very tip of his cock was at her entrance. Then he howled and drove his cock deep inside the virgin cunt.

​Lili gasped with the shock of her cherry being busted, but at the same time thrust her hips up to meet him. She wanted to be fucked so much and maybe she could finally cum.

Ron began to fuck her with long deep hard strokes. Lili met his every thrust with her hips rising to meet him. Both were in pure ecstasy as they fucked in front of everyone. Ron rode the little Asian whore hard and because of the tightness of her pussy and the control she had with her muscles, Ron took one last plunge, driving himself deep into the ex-virgin cunt and shot a huge load of cum deep inside her womb.


At the same time, Lili finally got what she had waited for so long.


The two rested for a moment, catching their breath and panting very heavily. It was time to move on to other things.

“OK,” said Judy, “Nick and Aaron would you please reveal the identity of this hot little slut?”

​”Oh, yes,” they replied, “Happy to.”

​Nick put his hand under Lili’s sweaty back and lifted her to a sitting position. A quiet moan could be heard from behind the hood. Aaron began to unbuckle the hood and slowly lifted it over Lili’s head.

Sue and Stephanie had their eyes glued to the naked Asian girl, wanting to find out who they had tricked this time. Both of them had been blackmailed into being sex slaves and now it was someone new. Maybe they would get some of their freedom back if this little cunt was good enough and was willing to take over for them.

David and Derek were also watching with anticipation. They both wanted to fuck her and have Sue and Stephanie watch them. They had turned into very demanding Masters, especially Derek. David was a little different than Derek because Sue was not his. At least not yet. He was planning on trying to get her away from Ron and Judy so he could have her for himself. Now, with a new slut on the scene, this might happen.

The rising hood revealed a collared, petite neck, then a mouth, open about an inch, as though anticipating a cock. The ears were pierced, with large hoops and a ruby red stud in the right earlobe.

With a final tug, the hood was released. Sue saw it was Lili immediately. It took Lili a second to focus on the group that surrounded her, until her eyes finally met Sue’s.

​”Lili!” exclaimed Sue, unable to be silent, and breaking her KNEEL position. David was swift, slapping Sue’s ass and forcing her back into position.

“Yes, slut Sue, she was your sister. Now she is just another slut, owned body and soul,” triumphantly declared white mistress Judy.

Ron was speechless, standing to the side of the sofa, cock at attention. What a sight! He had seen Lili months ago, had wanted her the very moment he had seen her sensual body.

Lili gave a quiet moan through her opened mouth. It was a moan of pleasure, of delight, and of release. It was a moan that Sue readily recognized, knew how her sister felt, knew that she wanted the same.

​”Aaron, you’re next. This gorgeous piece of gook slave meat,” she continued, nodding at Lili, “is a direct result of your training!”

​”I’d be glad to, Judy, but I don’t want to fuck a cummy cunt!” Aaron replied.

​”No problem. Sue, lick Master’s cum from your slutty sister’s cunt!” she ordered.

​Sue did not move. She was still in shock from knowing that she helped deflower her own little sister. But she didn’t hesitate for long. Judy slapped her hard across the face and said, “I told you to suck her cunt, NOW, do it cunt!”

Sue quickly got between her sisters legs and began to suck Ron’s cum from her young pussy. As she sucked, tears streaked across her face like rivers.

Stephanie was still kneeling beside the bed and Judy said, “Well, slut, don’t just sit there, clean Master’s cock!”

Ron laughed and stuck his cock into Stephanie’s mouth. She could taste the young pussy that he had just finished fucking. It did taste quite good, she thought to herself. Kind of like Sue’s cunt, but kind of different too.

​As she sucked his cock clean, she watched Sue finish up on Lili and then Aaron took his turn with the young one he had trained. He had wanted to fuck this little Asian girl for so long now and it was going to be so good having his hard cock into the young hole. Even if he wasn’t the first inside her.

​Stephanie continued sucking Ron, making him hard again, hoping that someone would fuck her soon. Her cunt was so wet, the juice was running down her legs, but She couldn’t say anything because she had her mouth full of cock and she was taught never to speak without permission.

​Aaron was fucking Lili hard and fast now. She met his thrust with her cunt and begged for more. “Asian sluts are such natural whores. I guess that’s why we all love fucking Asians.” Aaron said as he laughed.

​Suddenly Ron pulled his cock out of Stephanie’s mouth and pulled her onto the bed next to Lili. He pushed her legs apart and drove his cock into her cunt. He was so hot from watching the new slut with Aaron, he needed some more pussy and Stephanie was available. He had always liked her tight little cunt and he was going to get as much as he could before everyone left.

Sue was still kneeling beside the bed and David stepped over her and pushed her upper body to the bed. Their eyes met, and Sue silently begged him to fuck her. He pushed his cock into her pussy. David was in love with Sue, but right now he just wanted to fuck the little asian slut. Aaron finished off with Lili and Judy saw that Sue was getting fucked, but she could still lick all the cum from her sister’s well-fucked cunt. She repositioned Lili right at Sue’s face and said “Suck it out, bitch!”

Sue had no option at this point. She was being fucked and now was licking and sucking her little sister’s cunt again. When would this ever end, she wondered. David was pounding her hard now and she knew he would cum soon.

Ron was fucking Stephanie like he had never fucked anyone before. He was going to get his fill of pussy tonight. Nick had stepped over and had put his cock into her mouth so she was getting it from both ends.

Sue sucked all the cum from her sister’s pussy and Judy said, “Ok, Nick, your turn to fuck the new cunt. That is if you can get out of Stephanie’s hot mouth.”

​Nick pulled out, climbed over Sue, and pushed his cock into Lili’s pussy, right in front of Sue’s face. She had a close-up view of her sister being fucked.

Ron had finished fucking Stephanie and David finished fucking Sue. But Judy hadn’t been fucked yet. Aaron’s cock was getting hard again and he walked over to Judy and forced her to bend over the chair next to the pulled out sofa. Once she was over, he plunged into her hot cunt. She groaned with pleasure and while he fucked her, he whispered, “You’ll be mine someday Judy!”

​She looked over her shoulder at Aaron and gave a smile that said, “Yes.”

​The night went on with all four women being fucked over and over and over. The four women also sucked cocks and ate each others’ cunts. That is, all but Judy. The only white woman of the group, Judy loved to have her cunt licked, but didn’t like to lick any herself. But she got her share of cocks in her cunt and mouth, just as the three Asian sluts were getting.

Everyone was covered in cum and it seemed like the more they were used, the more they liked it. Derek was fucking Lili while she was sucking David and Ron were fucking her again. Sue was licking her clit and David’s cock as he fucked Stephanie.

It was one big orgy and no one could stop fucking.

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This inferior Asian whore is fucking insatiable. She has constant updates of her begging to be fucked by white men, and only white men.

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