Training of asian women

A guide for any White man who owns asian women


The objective of training asian women can be manifold. Asian women must be trained to be able to provide full pleasure to White men by any means necessary. Asian women must also learn to abide by the slave protocol as set by White men

But most importantly, the essence of training asian women is to make them become fully aware of their own inferiority to White men. Asian woman’s inferiority, in all aspects of their being and existence, must be made absolutely clear to them, and which they must be daily reminded of, through physical and verbal abuse, discipline and training, sexual humiliation and racial degradation.

By rigorous training and intense discipline, asian women will come to full realization of their more natural, or instinctual, slave nature; they will come to realize that their inferior genetics, through hundred thousand years of natural selection, has destined them to be slaves to the White man; and now she must not only come to learn to accept their destiny, but also to feel blessed, in that they have achieved, in their lifetime, their evolutionary end goal, that is, to become slaves to the White man.

Asian women must come to full realization that all their traditional upbringing, their western education, their physical attractiveness, and their liberalization from eastern oppression, have been preparing them for one thing and one thing only, that is, to become owned and enslaved by a White man.

By the end of their training, asian women should feel proud and happy to being asian, in consummation, as happily enslaved by a White man, and they should be proud because all other asian women are jealous of them. From which point on, their only purpose in life ought to be striving to become White man’s proper slaves, and even perfect slaves. The final state, if training is successful, is to achieve that altered state of mind for your asian women, one in which they see themselves as your property and nothing else, one in which they totally immerse themselves in the intoxicating joy of being nothing more than a domesticated animals, cows, dogs, natural slaves, for their White man.


The first commandment: All asian women are owned and used exclusively by white men. No asian or black men are allowed to use asian women.

Asian woman should daily recite phrases such as “asian women are born to be owned and used by superior White men.” Or “asian women are inferior to White women and do not deserve to be loved by White men.” Or “asian women should be constantly beaten and disciplined.” Or, “my White master is a god.” Repetition is the key. Make them repeat those phrases as often as you wish. This will reinforce their notion that they are truly inferior to the White man, and that it is not just a make-belief.

The second commandment: asian women must follow Japanese style disciplines, especially in the case that your asian women are of Chinese or Korean ethnicity:

Asian women should be positively reinforced the notion that, although all asian cultures are inferior to the White European cultures, Chinese and Korean cultures are inferior to Japanese culture, and that the White race has appointed the Japanese race to be the slave-master, or the alpha slave, of all other asian slaves. Whereas all asians are slaves to the White man, all asians also must follow the rules of the slave-master, whose words and disciplines represent that of the White man, like Moses representing God.

Your asian women should be encouraged or forced if they are unwilling, to learn Japanese culture, such as Japanese bdsm culture, as well as the etiquettes of traditional Japanese female slaves.

Master should also take her asian women to Japan where they can participate in Japanese bdsm events, pornographic productions, or work as prostitutes in Japan, just like all the rest of Chinese and Korean women do in Japan. They must be made fully aware that even though they are owned by a White man, they are not therefore superior to any asian woman that is a slave to a Japanese man, or superior to any other asian woman for that matter.

Sex with Japanese men is optional given that most Japanese men have no sexual interest in cheap Chinese or Korean women. And even if she were to have sex with Japanese men, it would not break our first commandment because Japanese genetically and culturally approximate the White race the most. Japanese men are especially skillful in torturing Chinese and Korean women, so White master should actively seek advice and suggestions from Japanese men on how to further enhance his Chinese or Korean women’s training.

The third commandment: asian women should NEVER be allowed to communicate with other asians living in White master’s country, neither with asian men nor with other asian women. Asian women should NEVER be allowed to use their own native language in the presence of any White man.

asian women must understand that their own native asian languages are inferior varieties of languages and therefore they would only be allowed to speak those gobbledygook in order to be ridiculed and humiliated.

The fourth commandment: If asian women are married to their White master, they must change both their last names and first names to the dominant White names.

This way they will be denied of their own identity and their only way of identifying themselves will come through the dominant White culture. At the same time, in order to remind them that they are not thereby White women, even though their names now sound like White women’s, they should each be given racial slurs as nicknames, such as “chink whore number 1”, “asian sow number 2”, “jap toilet number 3” “gook meat urinal number 4”, etc.

The fifth commandment: In addition to the standard dog collars, asian women’s noses should be pierced with large nose rings.

This will show that they are not only domesticated animals, but also farm animals like cows. Their functions, in addition to bringing pleasure and companionship to their White masters, also include producing meals and earning income for their owner. The nose rings indicate that they are cows, farm animals that will be branded, milked, sold or slaughtered at the discretion of their owner at anytime.

Nipple rings and clit rings apply the same concept to your asian women.

Tattoos with degrading names on their body are good ideas, but excessive tattooing damages the aesthetic appearance of your asian women. Tattoos should be done in moderation. Try not to make her look like a NBA player or a drug lord. Tatoos should be done to highlight their status as slaves, not to make them look like bad-asses.

The sixth commandment: asian women should be constantly photographed, videotaped, fully clothed or nude, especially when being tortured or when being sexually used. And all the pictures and videos should be posted on the internet along with picture copies of asian women’s passports, driver licenses, and other legal documents, with or without subjects’ knowledge.

Asian women, as natural slaves, have no need for privacy and should never be allowed any privacy, nor should they be allowed any freedom to choose.

Asian women’s naked pictures should be exposed to as many people as possible, both privately and publicly, both online and in real life, and the internet facilitates that task. This method will greatly enhance asian women’s sense of shame and will add to their humiliation, which will enable their White owner to further empower his dominance over them.

The seventh commandment: asian women must be dealt with severe corporal punishment even when showing the slightest signs of disobedience.

Asian women are known to be passive aggressive, so even passive aggressive behavior must be severely punished, such as glaring, intentionally avoiding eye contact, showing too much sadness, or screaming excessively when being punished. All those actions should be considered offenses punishable by torturing. The rules of punishment and the types of torture can be arbitrary and subject to the whims of the master. The uncertainty of not knowing what punishment they get will make them more fearful and therefore more quickly to learn their mistakes which then will increase their obedience level.

Even what may seem like minor offenses must be meted out with punishment, such as not showing the proper manners when greeting guests, or not prostrating on the ground completely when greeting their master. It is very important that asian women must follow all the proper manners as befitting slaves, such as when to smile, when to talk, when to be silent, when to lower their heads, when to look someone in the eyes, when to kneel down and when to crawl, etc.

While corporal punishment should be administered regularly on asian woman, with or without good cause or reason, such as whipping, spanking, bastinado, or torture of any kind, it is important that the master should strive to be both feared and loved, but not hated. Too many punishment without a good cause or reason makes asian women confused and resentful, so always make sure that the punishment fits the offense and that the punishment is not always whimsical.

Master should also reward his asian women when they behave well or accomplishe certain tasks well. Etiquettes befitting slaves, with proper training, will become second nature to your asian women.

One of the best ways to increase the pain endurance as well as the tenacity of asian women is to make them be inured to cold weather. So when winter time comes, especially when it’s snowing, take your asian women outside completely naked and give them a sound beating in the snow. It will make them capable of taking that much more pain and enduring more devious torture when the occasion for torture comes. Sometimes simply tying them up in your backyard with no clothes on in the middle of the winter for an entire night will do the trick.

The eighth commandment: asian women must kowtow to White men.

In asian culture, kowtowing is the act of prostrating completely to the ground, with hands, elbows, knees, and feet all touching the ground and their heads not only touching the ground but banging with force on the ground. It is the act of showing the deepest submission and it is the proper way slaves greet masters in Asia. This should be the proper way for asian women to greet a White man as well. And they should kowtow before their master perform any sexual act with them, for example, before they drink your piss, get fucked, swallow your semen, etc., to show that they appreciate your gratitude.

The ninth commandment: A master should decide whether or not to impregnate his asian women. First case: If an asian woman is impregnated, and gives birth to children, then all her children are to become slaves; Second case: if she is not to be impregnated, then her uterus should be surgically removed.

In the first case, as her children are not fully white and therefore do not have the full dominant genetics to be either masters or mistresses, as true White masters are, so her children should be regarded as slaves. Female children will be trained to be sex slaves just like their mother, and male children will be feminized or castrated to become eunuchs or trannies. Regarding whether or not to use her in front of her own children: since an asian woman, being a property and a natural slave, has no privacy, therefore, an asian woman should, and is encouraged to, be used, degraded, punished, and tortured in front of her own children, so that her children can learn the proper treatment of slaves from their own mother. Slave children should be sold to other White masters once they reach a proper age.

In the second case, if an asian woman is not to be impregnated, then the only proper and humane treatment is to permanently remove her uterus as abortion is evil and this way a master does not need to wear a condom to use his own slave. And once the surgery is done, she can be used as a fully blossomed sex slave, to be used by as many men or animals as her master wishes.

The tenth commandment: asian women should NEVER be allowed to have any personal property and financial independence. All bank account, property, and asset should be seized and confiscated by White men.

A White master may choose to allow his asian women to work outside the house or to be his full time slave wifes. If an asian woman were to work, then she is only allowed to work at the most menial jobs, such as working as a massage therapist, working at a nail salon, working as a stripper in a strip club, becoming a cam whore, working as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant, or appearing in pornographic videos. And all her income must be given to her White owner as a slave should do. However, working outside does not excuse her from accomplishing her duties at home. She must cook, clean, and worship her White man as if she were a full time slave wife.

Regarding housework, asian women should always clean and cook completely nude. When eating, asian women should never be allowed to sit and eat at the same table as their White master. When their master eats, they should either stand by and serve as his personal waitresses or kneel by his feet and wait until their master finishes eating, then they would be allowed to eat and clean the table afterwards.

The eleventh commandment: asian women’s parents and relatives are NEVER allowed to live in White men’s house. In addition, asian women must follow the same slave protocol even in front of their own parents and relatives.

Asian women have the custom of bringing in parents and relatives from Asia to White master’s house. This must be forbidden, as a White master should not be forced to accommodate more free loading asian slaves. And in certain cases that their parents were in White master’s presence, then they will watch as White master fucks and tortures his asian women as if those relatives weren’t even there.

The twelfth commandment: If an asian woman becomes old, ugly, out of shape, disfigured, or diseased, then she should be divorced, abandoned, sold to someone else, or sent back to China or wherever she came from; and the White master can go back to Asia and pick out a new asian woman to replace her.

There is no need to value your asian women as there are literally over one billion asian women who are ready and willing to replace your current asian women. White master should also make it abundantly clear to his asian women that they can be replaced at any time. Any severe infraction or displeasing their White master will result in their being sent back to Asia or being tossed to the curb; this way asian women will be sure to serve their White master with all their heart and will.

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