Confession of an asian cum bucket

The words “asian cum bucket” were tattooed to my chest by my previous owner. I met my owner from this website about three years ago. I called myself an “asian cum bucket”, and my owner decided that since I liked the name so much, he had the words tattooed across my chest, just above my breasts. It’s so humiliating and so painful because I can’t go out wearing anything revealing my chest. I can’t even go swimming. But my owner told me I should be proud of who I really am. I do enjoy showing off my tattoo to people occasionally.

My owner was horribly abusive. He beat me everyday even when I used the safe word he would not stop beating me. I was constantly kneeling on the floor. My knees have become all bruised from constant kneeling and crawling.
He made me perform at a local strip club and when I didn’t bring in enough money he threatened to slice off my nipples with a kitchen knife. I was very scared of him.
Initially he wanted to brand me with a hot iron, because he liked to have his property marked, but I begged him and I cried and cried to convince him otherwise and in the end I told him I will get a tattoo in stead. He wanted to pierce my nipples and pussy lips with golden rings also, but I left him before he disfigured me. When I told him I wanted to leave him, he took out his shot gun and stuck it inside my pussy. He said before I leave his gun wanted to have sex with me and if his gun is not pleased he will pull the trigger inside my pussy. It was the scariest sex I ever had. I literally pissed myself as he repeatedly shoved the gun barrel into my pussy.
After I left my owner I moved in with my ex-boyfriend from high school, but he is getting married and you can imagine how awkward and unwelcome I am. The situation is horrible and he and his fiancée wants me out as soon as possible, like by the end of this weekend.
So here I am. I want someone who can accept me into his home right away so I can live in a strict, secure, and stable new home and start a new life. I don’t want to work outside the home either but be with you all the time, naked and collared. I will be your good wife or girlfriend and dutifully receive your cum. I can clean, cook and do your laundry too. I can take a lot of pain and humiliation as long as you don’t mutilate me or make me work as a prostitute.

I don’t want to do this but there are too many rude and evil people who curse at me and call me nasty names. Just because I have a hideous tattoo on my breasts doesn’t mean you have to treat me like shit. And they curse me and call me a dumb cunt and expect me to answer them. Does this all make sense?

I think someone has asked me why I don’t go back to my parents’ house. I didn’t reply to you, and I don’t remember who you are anymore, but here is the answer. The reason I didn’t reply was because it was too complicated.
The fact of the matter is, I rather die than go back to my parents’ place. After my mother and my father divorced, my mother got remarried and I stayed with my mother and my step father, Steve. I will never call him father because he is not. I have never seen my real father since. I heard from my mother he’s remarried too.
Steve loved to have “rough sex”. And he had incredible sex drive as well. He had sex with my mother everyday and not just at night, during day time as well and they had sex everywhere, in the kitchen, in the living room, and even in the woods or on the front porch. And the most horrifying part was when Steve did “sessions” on my mother. He would make her wear a dog collar and beat her with a whip like she was a dog. And when she resisted he tied her up or put her in a cage—as he called it—”on time out”.
Once he tied her to a tree in the woods. After he had enough “fun”, he simply left her hanging there for an entire night. I cried terribly when I realized what had happened. I was afraid wolves might come and eat her alive. We lived on a farm and our house had a big ranch with fences and outside was surrounded by forests and mountain. I tried to help. I begged him to show mercy, but he told me my mother actually loved it, it was her idea, and what they were doing were not only completely consensual, but legal because she had signed a “contract of consent”.
Steve did “session” on her in front of me; they did it in their bedroom or deep in the woods where I cannot see them, but I can almost always hear my mother’s screams or sometimes her muffled screams like she was screaming through a piece of cloth. Initially I was very scared, but as I grew older I began to understand what Steve was doing.
Even when she became pregnant, she had to clean, cook, serve and be sexually available. In some way she has become his sex slave. During the 8 years I was with them before I wen to college my mother has given birth to three boys. So I have three half brothers. I rarely talked to them. Two of them are teenagers now and when I went back to visit, I always heard them discussing the videos they discovered from our father’s bedroom. Apparently father videotaped his “sessions” with mother and kept them hidden under his mattresses. They referred to their own mother as “pain slut”, “chink whore”, “nasty cunt”, or “cum bucket”. They even told me in my face they think “all Chinese women are disgusting whores”. Even though they are both half Chinese themselves, they absolutely hate Chinese and have no respect for me. They would ask me if I like to have my cunt tortured like my mother. “I saw your mother’s cunt being spanked with a cane the other day. Her cunt became all red and she was screaming like a pig too.” “Hey, I saw your mother wore a dog collar and it was an electrified dog collar too! Can we try it on you?” “Daddy put her Chinese whore in a dog cage today and shocked her tits with a cattle prod. It was so awesome man!” They do not even seem to realize that she is their mother too!

Apparently Steve had also turned the basement into a dungeon and he regularly invite guests into his dungeon to “train his Chinese wife together” (in the words of my half brothers). They tied her on a table, stuck an electrified cattle fence wire into her pussy and turned on the charger. Every one just laughed as her ass bounced up and down on the table. She pissed all over herself. They even did the same thing to her anus. My brothers and I all saw it.
Eventually they put their moves on me as well, make me clean the house naked and forcing me to crawl on the floor …

At first I was angry, very angry, but after I dropped out of college and found true love with my first owner, all my anger faded and I finally understood what it all means, and I can find more appreciation for this lifestyle but I never want to see my mother again. I never want to go back to that family ever again, and I never want to see my parents or my half brothers ever again.

Just because I am not replying you after I read your message doesn’t mean I am not interested! It just means I haven’t had time to reply. I am sorry, but please do not then send me another message and tell me how offended you are or to think I am not interested. I don’t want to say this, but it makes you sound like a little bitch.

So maybe I should update you on what happened with me in the last few weeks. After I was kicked out of my ex-boyfriend and his fiancée’s house, I went back to my previous owner. After I went back to him, he said I mus be punished for leaving him in the first place, and so he put this big bull nose ring in my nose. He said I have to understand I am nothing but one of his livestocks and he may beat me, mutilate me and send me to the slaughterhouse whenever he wanted to, but he also said he love me and will never do that to me. He realize I have been flirting with other owners on this website and since he said I enjoyed myself so much, he doesn’t want me to stop either. He wants you all to come up with new ideas to torture me but without physically disabling me or permanently damage my body. Those of you who have the best ideas might even be invited to my owner’s ranch and see me being tortured in person. I will post pictures of myself being tortured per my Master’s permission. My master says I am nothing but a big tittied milk cow and if I ever try to leave him again he will slice off my nipples and cunt lips. He said the reason he is so cruel to me is because he truly loves me and cares for me. I trust him and that’s why I decided to remain with him. I know he may seem very cruel to me but that’s because he really cares about me, and I love him now even more deeply than I did before. I am his livestock and I will serve him and be with him until he decides to put me to death, and I will pray for him in Heaven.

Someone asked me why I didn’t find a new owner from this website and he was furious at me for not giving him a chance. I got similar messages for like at least 10 times an hour right now so here, I answer all of you once and for all.

No not that. Don’t you think I would have not wished I found not someone better? I tried. But most of the people are this site are either too far away or too insane and some don’t even live in America. How do you expect me to travel across a half a country to meet someone from online or even go to another country? That would be crazy, and there are lots of crazy people on this website too it’s almost impossible to meet anyone real. You know, I was talking to one guy and he seemed nice and we even talked on the phone several times and we decided we will meet in a public place first. But then I waited for him for like an hour and he never showed up. I tried to call the number he gave me and no body answers. When I got home I turned on my computer and that guy sent me an message and he says he thinks I am a undercover cop and has since blocked me from the website. It’s so difficult to find anyone who is not either schizophrenic paranoid or has autistic down syndrome in America, do you know what I’m saying? My current master has his shortcomings, sure, he’s a farmer, a red neck and he owns about 50 fire arms, but he is just so honest and so down to earth unpretentious. I lived in a big city before and I prefer the simple country life like that in the South, he is my owner and I am his loyal slave. It just feels life is so much simpler this way. I don’t have to make up my own mind, my owner will do that for me and I don’t have to work and worry about money. It’s just so much better. I love him and I will always be with him, even if he disfigures me or mutilates me. All my life no one has cared about me as much as my owner had. No one has ever shown me any love, not my mother, not my step father, and certainly not my half brothers. My only friend growing up was our family dog and my owner was the only one who cared for me and was the only one who was willing to take me in after I was kicked out of college for stealing. I am not a bad person I promise but I just didn’t know what I was doing. Anyway, I will stay with my owner and I will always love him, cherish him and I made the decision out of my own free will, if you have a problem with that, then good day to you sir.

The nose ring is put on by my owner after I returned to him. He says it is to show everyone that I am a livestock and not a person.

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