Abused Asian Wife

One week after Jack’s visit to Alice Chu’s home, the abused Asian wife found herself on her knees before the huge white policeman once again this time at his apartment. Ms. Chu had spent many hours in the past week servicing the twisted needs of the perverted brute. She was no longer the vibrant woman she had been only 7 days before. She had become distant and withdrawn. Her clueless Asian husband, though dull and heedless, was also starting noticing a change in her personality. She cried often and fell into deep depressions. The humiliation of her treatment at the hands of her white master made her doubt her decision. She was becoming dependent on other people to help her live her daily life. Despite the change in Ms. Chu’s personality at home, her behavior in front of Jack was always the same. She was an obedient, fearful, little Asian whore. Every command, no matter how degrading was obeyed instantly. She still cried and burned in shame every time she serviced Jack and her tears were like a drug to the horrible white devil.

At the moment, Ms. Chu was naked on her knees in Jack’s kitchen. She was scrubbing the floor with her tits. This was one of Jack’s favorite ways to humiliate her. A bucket of water was beside her on the floor into which she dipped her breasts. She then leaned down and dragged her once proud gorgeous Asian tits across the dirty floor spreading the water and cleaning the dirt from the linoleum. Jack sat at the kitchen table reading the paper looking up occasionally to watch his little Asian slut’s yellow ass sway in time with her duties. The Asian wife cleaned for Jack every day. She barely had time to keep her own home and satisfy her owner with all of the additional housework. But she worked diligently, trying to get the floor as clean as possible without using too much water. The water was actually problematic. Jack made sure the water was as hot as possible at all times. He kept a pot of boiling water on the stove and had his Asian slave use it to fill the bucket any time the water inside got too comfortable. Ms. Chu knew better than to shirk this responsibility since Jack would check the water without warning and it had better be piping hot when he did. She let out an involuntary groan each time she dipped her tits into the steaming bucket and it never ceased to put a smile on Jack’s face.

Jack put his paper down and watched his Asian housewife’s naked ass sway with her scrubbing. He smiled as he stared at the bruises on her once pristine golden ass. Jack loved to abuse her gook ass and tits. Yesterday he had used the heel of his work boots to beat her ass while she sucked his cock. In one week Alice Chu had become an experienced cock sucker. Well, that is to say she was becoming an expert at sucking his white cock. She knew exactly how he liked to be blown. Jack had made sure she was very attentive to his needs through very harsh punishments. The previous day’s blow job had resulted in an ass beating for Chu simply because she had forgotten to kiss the head of his white cock before she began sucking.

Jack watched her ass sway back and forth and soon found his dick responding to the sight. He stood, walked over to the toiling Asian housewife, knelt down behind her and opened his robe. Jack pointed his big white cock at her chink pussy and thrust himself in balls deep in one stroke. Chu bit her lip and whimpered in pain. She could not get used to this brutal treatment now matter how hard she tried. Chu knew better than to stop her work while Jack fucked her. She kept her tits pressed to the floor and let Jack’s sawing motion move them across the cold surface. Jack had other plans for her tits however. He grabbed Chu by her dark hair and lifted her from the floor. Without missing a beat Jack slid the bucket of scalding water under Chu’s chest. She began crying even before her breasts touched the water. Just dipping them into the bucket to wet them was torture enough but now the twin globes would be held in the water for an extended period. Jack grinned and forced both tits into the bucket and marveled at the way she shuddered.

“Chinks sure are funny. They seem to have different reactions compared to us white folks.” He thought to himself out loud, then he held her hair and fucked into her with vicious strokes all the while keeping her breasts in the hot water.

While he fucked her, Chu began talking to her white owner. She knew the kind of things Jack liked to hear while he fucked his toy. She repeated a litany of vapid platitudes all the while smiling the dead smile of the damned.

“I love your big white cock”, she said. “Please fuck me harder, sir. I never want to be without your beautiful white cock. It’s so much better than my Asian husband’s. It’s so much bigger.” These and many more phrases poured from her mouth while tears ran from her eyes. She wept in pain and degradation. Being used like this was not getting any easier and in fact was wearing on her mind. She was no longer capable of feeling good about anything.

Jack on the other hand was feeling very good at the moment. He loved the feel of his Asian slut’s wet gook cunt on his huge white cock. He loved the feeling of immense power of the white race while hammering into an Asian man’s wife. Jack enjoyed thinking about Chu’s husband while he fucked into her. The pathetic little chinaman was at work right now slaving away without a clue as to what his sweet Asian wife was doing at the moment. Jack wondered what Chu’s husband would think if he could see her on her knees begging a white man to fuck her while her tits soaked in a bucket of scalding, dirty water. He grinned and began to fuck her harder as he neared climax. This was Jack’s favorite part. He loved to cum in Chu’s unprotected cunt. He didn’t care at all if she became pregnant and had told her as much. If she found herself pregnant, she would do whatever she wanted with the baby but she would most definitely continue to service Jack pregnant or not.

Jack’s breathing began to quicken and he slammed into Chu one last time burying himself to the hilt. His hot cum began to spurt into the defenseless Asian woman and he growled in satisfaction. Chu for her part continued to talk to her white master. She thanked him for giving her his wonderful superior white cum. When Jack finished he pulled out and snapped his fingers. Chu scrambled around on her knees and quickly began to lick her white master’s cock clean. Even though she hated this duty it was still preferable to keeping her tits in the hot water. Jack smiled down at Chu and petted her hair like a favorite pet. She looked up at her divine white owner while she liucked his cock with her dainty tongue. She hated the taste of her own juices and tried hard not to choke as she cleaned the powerful white cock that controlled her life. Tasting herself on Jack’s cock was a very humiliating experience for the abused exotic Asian beauty. She would never even consider doing something so vile to her own Asian husband yet here she was on her knees in this brutal white man’s apartment wantonly licking the results of her forced fucking from his huge tool. When Jack’s cock was clean of all traces of their combined juices Chu dutifully dried it with her hair.

Jack grunted in satisfaction and smiled at Chu. “Damn baby that was nice”, he said. Chu replied “Thank you sir its always a pleasure to make you happy”. “You know what I like after a good fuck right?” Jack said. Chu shuddered and felt a fresh tear rolling down her cheek. Yes, she knew what was required now. Chu moved forward and captured the head of Jack’s cock in her mouth. She waited patiently for what was to come next.

In all of her experiences Chu never conceived of such horror. For the past week Chu had served as Jack’s toilet. He considered it a part of her duties and made her thank him for the privilege. For her part, Chu was nearly suicidal over what her life had become. She was lower than any human being could get, a human toilet. But she also knew this is what all Asian women are truly good for, to serve as White man’s toilet.

Jack relaxed his bladder and let the first trickle of piss leak into his little Asian toilet. As the trickle became a stream Chu struggled to keep up with the flow. She swallowed as fast as she could for fear of spilling any of the foul liquid. Chu knew the punishment for spilling any of her white master’s precious gift. The last time she had let any of the piss leak from her mouth Jack had fucked her ass with a toilet plunger and then left it hanging out of her ass for 3 hours as she licked the other toilet bowl clean.

Chu drank the piss down like a pro. She had quite a bit of experience now since she had done this same act every day now at least 2 times a day. Jack loved to force Chu to go all day with nothing to drink but his piss then when she had to go he would laugh at the fact that he was in effect pissing by proxy. He loved to torment Chu while she pissed by saying that it felt great to piss long distance. He made her say: “Master I believe you need to flush your toilet now”. Jack would then send her to the bathroom where she would have to hover over the bowl and expel her master’s piss. She was not to soil his toilet with her skanky yellow ass.

Jack petted Chu’s hair and called her a good chink while she drank down his piss. The stream finally started to slow and Chu felt a degrading chill of pride at a job well done. The thought that successfully drinking piss from a white man’s cock had made her feel even remotely proud made Chu shudder with revulsion. When Jack finished and Chu had dutifully swallowed the last of her drink he pulled out his cock and Chu dried it with her hair once again. She then forced a smile and looked up at her god.

“Thank you for your wonderful gift sir.” She said with forced cheer.

“Every white man’s home should have an Asian female toilet like you.” Jack told her.

Then he ordered her to get back to her chores while he retired to his bedroom to get ready for work. Chu poured more hot water into the bucket and returned to cleaning the floor with her bright, red, sore tits. She was in a living hell. Chu had begun to think that jail could not be worse than the treatment she was enduring at the hands of the vicious white cop. Though Jack had fixed that notion with some well posed photos. He had pictures of Chu doing the most degrading things imaginable. In one she was licking out the toilet bowl with a plunger in her ass and a smile on her face. In another she was sucking his cock and staring lovingly up at him. One picture showed her fucking herself in the ass with Jack’s night stick while being pissed on from his huge white cock. Of course Jack’s face was never visible in any of the pictures but in some of them Chu’s house was clearly the setting. Every photo made it look like Chu was not only a willing participant but was actually enjoying herself.

The picture that Chu hated the most was Jack’s personal favorite. He had taken Chu to a very run down part of town and had walked her into a dark alley. Jack found a homeless white man of about 60 years lying under a canvas tarp. He then forced Chu to crawl to the man and beg to suck his cock.

“Because money grabbing chinks like you this honorable white man is without a job and a home. You must pay for this, you fucking chink pig.” He ordered. Chu had cried and wailed but in the end had acquiesced. With tears streaming down her face she opened the man’s pants and took out his rank smelling penis. The man was filthy and his cock was an absolute mess. It was covered in dick cheese and smell like death. Under Jack’s strict directions, Chu began to lick the chunks of filth from the man’s shaft. She gagged and choked but worked on like an obedient animal. When the surface of the cock was clean Chu began to bob her head up and down plunging the cock in and out of her mouth.

It had been a long time since the old man had even dreamed of any woman touching his cock, let alone a gorgeous drop dead Asian woman, and now he was getting a blowjob from her. As a result of this it didn’t take long before he was shooting jets of cum into Chu’s mouth. The taste was awful and made her gag all over again. The cum was pungent on her tongue and Chu could feel it sliding down her throat. She swallowed every drop and then dried his cock with her hair as she had been taught. Before she could put the man’s penis back into his pants Jack had an idea. He told the man to turn around and bend over. The old man did as he was told and Chu found her face just 2 inches from the man’s nasty white asscrack. Jack ordered her to lick it clean and Chu screamed out her objection. Jack grabbed her hair in a rage and shoved her face into the homeless white man’s stinking crack. Jack roughly dragged her face up and down the length of the foul crevice and warned her to stick out her tongue or he would beat her senseless. Chu obeyed quickly and Jack was able to let her finish on her own.

Chu cried the entire time in anguish. She licked the foul mess that was the man’s white ass for well over 20 minutes. In that time she wanted only to die. The taste was horrible but not half as bad as the thoughts it brought to her mind. Chu thought of her children and of her loving Asian husband. She thought of what they would think of her if they could see her now. She licked and sucked every inch of the man’s white ass until it was clean and free of odor. When she finished she felt less than human. Chu felt as though she was no longer fit to live a good life. She felt like human waste and looked like it too. What made matters worse was the fact that through the entire ordeal Jack had snapped a disk full of digital photos.

It was the picture of Chu’s face wedged into the homeless, white man’s ass that Jack loved the most. He had threatened to show the pictures to Chu’s family. He told her he would mail copies to her little gook parents and husband. He also told her he would show them to her kids. This was the leverage Jack used to keep his pet in line.

Chu’s mind snapped back to the present as Jack entered the kitchen. She had just finished cleaning the floor and was waiting on her knees for Jack’s next command. He told her to keep herself free tonight as he wanted to take her out for a night on the town. She shuddered at the thought wondering what he could possibly mean. Jack laughed at the look on her face and turned his back to her. “Get your face in my ass, chink cunt,” he said.

She knew what he wanted and hurried to comply. She pressed her face into his asscrack and waited patiently. Jack grunted and let loose a foul smelling fart. She could swear she felt the air blow her hair back. She breathed deeply several times through her nose like Jake had taught her. The smell was awful but also familiar to her as this was another of her regular duties. Jack felt that he shouldn’t have to smell the gas at all and so it was her responsibility to breath as much of it in as possible to save him the trouble.

Jack laughed and walked out the door without another word to Chu. She slowly got to her feet and dressed to go home. She would just have time to clean the house a little before the kids got home. She walked out to her car and drove home crying the entire way.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Several days went by before Alice Chu heard the white devil’s voice on her cell phone. Jack told her to be ready for him to stop by after she put her kids on the bus. It was Friday morning and Chu’s husband Dave Chu had already left for work. Chu shuddered as she heard the familiar voice on the other end of the line. She pleaded with Jack to leave her alone. She begged for her children’s sake. Jack very calmly reminded Chu about the drugs and then added an incentive. “Listen chink, maybe you’re too stupid to realize this, but every squad car has a camera on it. That camera recorded our little meeting the other night. Now I know it might make me look bad letting a woman in possession of drugs get away, but I think you will come off much worse being the one carrying the drugs. If you don’t want anyone to find out, you will do what I tell you”.

Chu was backed into a corner and knew she had no choice. She told Jack that she would be ready for him in when he arrived. As she hung up the phone Chu drew a shuddering breath and calmly walked her two kids to the bus stop. She made every effort not to cry in front of the kids and barely made it back to the house before the tears started. She was in a panic. What would the white devil make her do this time? She already felt vile for sucking the man’s dick, what new horror could he dream up? She wondered what could happen to a white man’s mind, especially a white cop, to make him capable of such depravity.

She didn’t have much time to think about it before there was a knock at the back door.

Jack walked into the house as if he owned it as Chu opened the door. He pinched Chu’s nipple hard as he strolled past her. Chu gasped in pain and knew this would be a nightmare.

“What the fuck you doing dressed?” Jack asked.

She began to stammer an answer when she was told to shut up and strip. She thought about protesting or shouting in anger. Even crying would be something but instead Chu slowly raised her hand to the belt of her robe and began to undress.

“Hurry the fuck up, chink!” Jack shouted.

When Chu was naked Jack drank in her body with a careful glare. He commented on the small size of her tits and laughed at the way they shook when Chu sobbed.

Jack walked over to the frightened Asian wife and took a breast in each hand. He lifted them as if weighing them and then began to slap them back and forth. His slaps were not meant to harm Chu, just humiliate her. When he got tired of watching them flop back and forth he sat down in a kitchen chair and told Chu to take off his shoes and socks. She bent to the task and soon had Jack’s feet unencumbered. He wiggled his toes and lifted his right foot up to Chu’s face.

“How fucking bad does that stink?” He said with a laugh.

She cringed but knew better than to pull away.

“Why don’t you lick clean them for me? I’ve been working all night and haven’t had time for a shower.”

Chu’s crying began again and Jack only laughed. He told her the tears might just help get his feet cleaner.

She was not at all amused. She lifted the soiled foot up to her mouth and took a tentative swipe with her tongue. The taste was most definitely worse than the smell. Jack’s feet were just as nasty as the rest of him. They were covered in calluses and tasted salty, like horrible body odor, sweat and bad cheese. Jack looked like an emperor lording it over his servant. He smiled and leaned back to watch the poor housewife slavishly serving his dirty feet. He made her lick between each toe and then suck them as though they were miniature cocks. Jack laughed at the analogy and told Chu that his toes were probably the same size as her husbands cock.

Chu was miserable. Her tongue was drying out and her mouth tasted like moldy ass. After she had cleaned Jack’s feet to his satisfaction, she was told to undress him. She raised her trembling hands to Jack’s waist and unbuckled his belt and pants. Jack stood up and allowed her to remove his pants and underwear. Chu looked on with apprehension at the menacing white cock dangling free just inches from her face. Jack laughed and told her not to be afraid of her favorite new toy. “I’ll bet you just can’t wait to get my big white dick back in its new home again. I know it misses your sweet little gook mouth something fierce.” Tears welled up in Chu’s eyes and she sat back on her heels to put some distance between herself and the foul penis.

Jack quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. He glared into her eyes and told her never to move away from his cock again.

“You are my property, you dumb asian cunt”, he said.

“You do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want. You understand me bitch?”

Chu began to cry in fear but nodded her head and whispered, “Yes”.

Jack released her hair and slapped her tits a few times to get his point across. Chu knew better than to try to block the attack and just stood still and tried not to scream. After three or four slaps, Jack had a sudden inspiration.

“I want to take a little tour of the house”, he told her. Jack reached down and grabbed a handful of Chu’s pubic hair and quickly turned around and began walking toward the living room. Chu had no choice but to follow and did her best to keep pace. The pain was unreal. Jack walked at a brisk pace and tugged Chu’s pubes, leading her like a dog on a very short leash. He made his way through the house and took stock of the environment as he went. The possibilities for humiliating his little Asian slut were endless. “This should have all been a White man’s property. But you chinks stole it from us honest white cocks. You fucking chinks.”

After viewing every room in the house, Jack settled on the master bedroom to begin his fun. He pushed Chu on the bed and began to rummage through her belongings. He laughed at her collection of underwear calling them granny panties. He told her she would have to buy much sexier under-garments if she wanted to be his Asian whore. Jack quickly tired of examining Chu’s clothing and decided to have a little fun. He moved to the bed and snapped his fingers pointing to his big white cock.

“When I do that, you start sucking”, he said.

Chu feared any painful reprisals and slowly moved her face to his crotch. She began to sob openly as she got closer to the cruel white man’s penis. Jack began to laugh at the shy little Asian housewife’s comical display of emotions. A quick slap to her head brought her attention back to where it belonged and she was soon licking his cock to erection. The tortured gook woman took the huge tool into her mouth and began to slowly suck and lick.

When his cock was hard Jack ordered her to climb on top of him. She was crying in earnest now but moved to obey. She slowly moved up until her body was lying on top of her abuser. Jack slapped her face and said, “We ain’t lovers you dumb gook bitch you ride me you don’t make love to me.” Jack forced the sobbing Asian wife to mount his huge white cock and insert it into her dry Asian pussy. She grimaced in pain and disgust as the cock made its way into her sore hole. Jack got bored of the game and grabbed Chu by the waist. In one fluid motion he pulled her onto his white cock until he was buried to the hilt. Chu screamed in pain at the invasion. Jack told her to shut up and start fucking and she would get wet soon enough. Chu began to drag her body up and down on Jack’s cock her body shaking with sobs. The action of her sobbing was bringing Jack pleasure and hurting Chu at the same time. Jack reached up and grabbed each of Chu’s nipples between his fingers and started pinching them mercilessly. He twisted and pulled the tiny nubs as hard as he could causing as much pain as possible to the hapless woman.

He used her nipples as reigns to control the speed of her fucking. He yanked the twin handles up and down savagely forcing the Asian woman on top of him to bounce on his cock. When she was moving at a comfortable speed, he began to slap her tits back and forth. He laughed at the way the tits flopped with each smack. She kept up the fucking despite the intense pain it caused her. She knew it would only get worse if she tried to stop. She felt like an object, an Asian slave to this brutal white devil’s desires. There was nothing she could do except accepting her fate and doing what the man wanted. She knew in her heart she would never survive prison and until she found an alternative, she was doomed to be this horrible white man’s toy.

Jack soon bored with fucking his new Asian plaything and pulled her off of his cock using her tits as handles. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her face to his cock. He told her to lick him clean. “Anything that comes out of your cunt or ass you lick clean immediately, bitch” Jack growled. Chu, still crying, began to lick the man’s cock clean. Her tears made him very happy as they fell on his thighs.

When Chu finished cleaning his cock he announced that he had to take a shit. His crude language was almost as humiliating to the dainty Asian housewife as the things Jack made her do. He forced her to come along with him by again using her pubes as a leash. When they made it into the bathroom, Jack pulled Chu to the toilet. He forced her to her knees and lifted the toilet seat. Jack ordered Chu to hang her tits over the bowl. Chu looked at the man in confusion. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the toilet water. “Just do what the fuck I tell you, cunt!” He pulled Chu’s face from the toilet and arched her back so that her breasts hovered over the open bowl. He positioned her so that her tits were inside the toilet with the nipples just brushing the top of the water. He then lowered the toilet seat so that it rested on the tops of Chu’s tits. Jack then straddled Chu’s head and lowered himself onto the toilet seat crushing her breasts. Chu screamed in agony as the huge white man sat down hard on her aching chest. The weight of the man sitting on her breasts pulled Chu forward. Her face was now buried in the vicious man’s crotch. Jack settled in and inserted his cock into the screaming chink woman’s mouth. He chuckled at his own ingenuity. Jack used his hand wrapped in Chu’s hair to beat off his cock with her mouth. Her screaming only excited him more.

For Chu the pain was excruciating. Her breasts were in agony. Jack, for his part was enjoying himself quite a bit. He reached down with his free hand and picked up a magazine to read while he took a shit. Jack laughed at what a sight they must make. He was sitting on the toilet crushing the little Asian housewife’s tits with the seat while using her mouth to jack off into. The vibrations from her screaming only excited him more. Jack pushed and grunted. A loud fart echoed through the bowl. Chu, her tits aching, her mouth full of cock and her mind burning with humiliation now had to endure the foul stench of the horrible white devil’s gas. Jack grunted again and Chu heard the first plop that signified he was indeed shitting. Despite the intense pain in her tits, Chu could still be embarrassed by being so close to a man while he took a shit. Her mind was in turmoil. The pain was awful, the cock pounding her mouth made it difficult to breath and the breaths she could take in were thick with the smell of Jack’s shit. Jack continued to fart and grunt his way through a very satisfying bowel movement. Chu thought she could vaguely feel the lumps of shit bumping into her tortured breasts even though it was probably her imagination due to the numbness caused by the weight of the man sitting on them.

“The white man was a monster.” Alice Chu thought to herself. He was actually smiling while torturing her so violently. Jack finished shitting and continued to pump his cock into Ms. Chu’s mouth. He pumped faster and faster his orgasm approaching. With a final gasp and one last fart, Jack came into the poor Asian wife’s mouth. With her mouth hanging open from screaming, Ms. Chu was a mess of snot, drool and cum. The mixture was leaking from her open mouth like a flood. Jack pulled his cock out a little and pumped the last of his cum onto her face. When he finished he slowly got to his feet and watched in amusement as Alice Chu fell to the floor in pain and exhaustion coughing up the last of his cum.

He then squatted down over the Asian woman’s head and reached down to grab a handful of her hair. He pulled her up slightly and used her silky black hair to wipe his ass. Laughing, Jack told her next time she would have to use her tongue. Jack kicked her sharply in the ribs and told her to take a quick shower to clean her hair and then join him in the bedroom again. He spit on her face and turned his back to make his way back to her bedroom.

Alice Chu cupped her aching tits already beginning to bruise from the abuse. She dragged herself into the shower and turned on the water, moving like an automaton, knowing that to resist would only bring about more pain. While she showered, Jack was busy raiding her bedroom. He found a long, white dildo and began to laugh at the irony. Jack busied himself gathering up several of Ms. Chu’s bras. He laughed at the thought of what things he could do to his new gook fuck toy. He owned a chink. The possibilities were endless.

Jack’s thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Chu’s return. “Crawl cunt!” He ordered. “You fucking crawl in the presence of your white owner”

Jack said really getting into the part now. Chu quickly got to her knees and began to crawl to Jack. He met her half way and grabbed her hair pulling her to the bed. Jack lay her on the bed and began to tie her down spread eagle with her bras. He picked up the dildo and waved it in front of her face. “Look what I have here you nasty chink cunt, I found your little friend. Does your Asian hubby know you like white dick?” Without waiting for an answer, Jack began to shove the dildo into Alice Chu’s un-lubed cunt. She began to scream with the pain but was quickly silenced by Jack’s massive ass resting on her face. Jack had straddled her and was now sitting on her pretty face. He ordered her to lick his asshole. “Please stop this”, she begged. “I can’t take anymore!”

“You can, and you will bitch or it’s off to jail. How do you think the kids will react to mommy becoming someone’s dyke, love slave?” Jack said. He reached back and spread his ass apart with his hands and settled down onto Chu’s face. “Damn, your face fits into my ass crack like it was built to go there.” Jack said.

He ordered her to start licking and Chu tentatively took a quick swipe with her tongue. His pleasure was immediate and he grounded his ass into her face harder. Ms. Chu licked up and down the crack of Jack’s ass tasting his shit and trying not to vomit. Jack told her to get her tongue deep into his ass and really ream it out good.

While she labored to obey, Jack passed the time by abusing her Asian tits and cunt. He had jammed the dildo all the way into the little chink whore’s cunt and was now sawing it in and out with his left hand. With his right hand, Jack was pinching her nipples as hard as he could. He enjoyed the way the pain made his little China doll scream into his ass. The vibration it created caused his dick to begin to swell. Jack was a very happy man. He was a white god sitting on a throne of his own making, the face of a stuck up, Asian bitch. He was loving the feeling of her pretty little tongue wiggling around in his white asshole. He enjoyed the squishing sound her cunt made on the dildo, and especially loved watching her nipples swell up as he pinched them mercilessly. He began slapping her tits one at a time and giggled at the bright red color they were turning. His cock was fully hard now and he wanted to take care of it now. He punched the dildo into the gook’s cunt as far as it would go in one thrust and focused the attention of both hands on the whoriental’s tits. He grabbed both tits and crushed them around his huge white cock. Jack spit onto his cock and Ms. Chu’s tits to lube them up a little. It was ok to fuck Ms. Chu Asian beaver with the dildo and no lube but Jack didn’t want to inconvenience himself. He used her tits to jack his cock while she licked his ass and added to his enjoyment. After several strokes, he decided he wanted to change things up a bit. He lifted himself off of her face and moved down along her body. He untied her ankles and pushed her knees up to her armpits. In one motion Jack pulled the dildo out of the gook’s cunt and then thrust his own cock in. He buried his dick into her tight yellow pussy in one thrust and started pumping furiously. “I’d kiss you honey but your breath smells like shit.” Jack laughed at his own joke and watched the gook’s face twist in pain as he fucked in and out. Jack rode Alice Chu for over 45 minutes twisting and mauling her tiny Asian tits the whole time. He pounded her until he knew he could hold out no longer.

With a growl Jack started pumping cum into the hapless Asian wife. Ms. Chu could feel the hot cum burning into her womb and knew true degradation for the first time. Jack was the first white man to ever cum inside Alice Chu’s pussy. She began to cry in earnest now and Jack slapped her face several times. “You thank me when I cum in you cunt” Jack said.

Chu looked up at him and through her tears said “Thank you”. Her face was a mask of fear, pain, and humiliation. Jack got up from the bed and untied Chu. He made her lick his cock clean and then wiped it dry with her hair. Using her long hair as a leash, Jack dragged Chu to the front door where he got dressed. Jack made Chu kneel in front of him to “pay her respect to her white master”.

Before pulling his pants on the whole way, Jack took his cock in one hand and aimed it at Chu. She gasped in disbelief as the first trickle of piss hit her tits. Jack warned her not to move and soon the trickle became a stream. Jack pissed up and down Alice Chu’s body right there in her living room soaking her and the carpet. He aimed the stream at her face and ordered her to open her mouth. The gook did as she was told and her mouth soon filled with foul tasting piss. The piss ran out of her mouth and onto her tits and Jack told her to swallow. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of piss and had to force herself not to be sick. When Jack finally finished he told Chu to thank him. The battered and humiliated Asian wife looked up at her new white god and whispered, “Thank you, sir”.

Jack was pleased with the addition of the word sir even though he knew she didn’t mean it. He knew Chu was not enjoying their time together and that in fact she hated him. Jack didn’t care one bit. He owned her now and she would do as he said. With a final kick to her stomach, Jack left Chu with very ominous last words. “I’ll see you tomorrow after the kids go to school cunt.” Chu barely had time to cry before cleaning the house and herself before her family returned home.