Reading Excerpts from My Sexual Submission to White Power by Claire Liu

I need a White owner. I need a White Man to own me, use me and fuck me. I need a White Man’s discipline and I need to be used by him, tortured by him, and sexually abused by him. I need to receive daily beatings as all the other Chinese girls owned by White Men must receive, the strong hand of a dominant white god punishing a little Chinese whore, who ought to be always naked, always on her hands and knees, collared and leashed like a bitch, exhibited to strangers, shared by his friends, sexually humiliated at all times, become a White Man’s semen urinal, and bear his children for him.

It’s amazing how sexually aroused I am when I’m around White Men. Every time when I walked down the street and I saw a White Man looking at me, it was like electricity shooting through my body. I wanted to tell him that I wanted him so bad, I wished he would come up to me, talk to me, seduce me, take me to his home, fuck me, use me, and shoot his cum into me, breed me like a cheap Chinese whore, and then tie me up and put me in a garbage bag, and dump my naked body to the dumpster. My naked yellow flesh is for White Men’s consumption. Bite into me, slap me, and treat me like a cheap Chinese slut. Use me in anyway as you wish.

— My Sexual Submission to White Power: The Diary of an Ordinary Chinese Woman’s Transformation from an Obedient Asian Wife to a Masochistic Chink Slut by Claire Liu