I fully embrace my inferior asian status to the superior White Male. The countless facets of White Male superiority are far beyond the limited constraints of my comprehension. Yet the certainty and vast magnitude of White Male superiority are beyond question.

I want to completely surrender to the leadership of White Men. Obedience and service to my superiors is not a gift that i give to Them. It is a privilege that They afford to me. To sacrifice my comfort for Theirs is inconsequential recompense for the gracious benefit of White leadership.

As a servant to the superior White Men i aspire to be obedient, attentive, efficient, and unobtrusive. My service must be a net benefit to the White Men that i serve. This means that i will comply with Their orders and rules without resistance or hesitation. i will be alert for opportunities to be of service. The work that i perform in Their service will be done with the utmost effort and highest quality that i am capable of delivering. My service will be rendered in a manner that will maximize Their convenience and minimize unnecessary distractions.

As a servant i aspire to avoid punishment. This is not for my benefit but rather for the benefit of my White Male superiors. Their time is of the utmost value. Should i require discipline then i am wasting Their time and i am able to devote less time to Their service. While i am completely subject to the punishment of my White Male superiors and am grateful for Their discipline and guidance, my goal is to offer obedient, attentive, efficient, and unobtrusive service.

As an asian female my words and actions will always be respectful and courteous, making evident my recognition of White Male superiority.

He held me by my pussy and said he wouldn’t fuck me unless I got wet

I was a 19 year old 5’1 Asian girl and was at a college party with my bf at the time (also small and Asian). I entertained myself at the start of the party by losing my bf and coyishly flirting with a white frat guy. We were alone in a random bedroom and I got to play dumb when he made a move on me. This was the type of thing I loved doing at parties. I’d get drunk, start to get horny, and grab the muscular arms of taller guys while giggling at their dumb jokes. Then, when they’d make a move, I’d act offended and tell them “I have a bf” etc.

Well… this guy didn’t respond like the others. Instead of walking away dejected like most guys, he cupped me by my pussy underneath my dress and with one arm lifted me up against the wall. OH. MY. GOD. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so his large fingers were right against my pussy. I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything—I just looked up at him and stared. He looked amused as he eyed down my body. Even though my feet were off the ground I was still well below eye level. He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry baby, we’re going to find out how coy you really are. If you’re a good girl and your pussy stays dry while I hold you, then in one minute I’ll let you go. But if you’re the dirty little slut I think you are, and you start to drip over my fingers … well … either way you get what you want.”

Now in my defense, I wasn’t used to such a big height and strength difference with guys. It was overwhelming, scary, and very very hot. Secondly, I was drunk and already borderline “ready to go” from flirting. Finally, I never had seen a guy so confident he was going to get me wet. He just held me there with a smirk on his face like it was the easiest thing in the world. I felt myself gush all over his fingers almost immediately.

He laughed out loud. “That was quick. I guess that’s why you were so quick to ditch your bf and flirt with me. That’s ok baby, I’ll give you what you want. I’ll even let you call me daddy while we do it. That’s what you sluts like, right?”

I was extremely embarrassed and needed him to know I didn’t want it. “If you fuck me I’ll call the cops!!!” I said it loud but knew no one else could hear over the party music.

“In that case baby” He said with a smirk, “Let’s make sure they have video evidence.” He grabbed my phone out of my pocket and held it up to my face to unlock it. He then set it on the nightstand facing us and pressed record.

At this point I was scared but very wet. He was slowly moving his hand rhythmically around my pussy and I had to fight the urge not to gyrate with him.

With his other hand he undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was the biggest I had ever seen and the shock was all over my face. “Don’t worry baby.” He said taking a glance at the camera. “I’ll be gentle.”

He put both his hands on my hips underneath my dress and placed me right onto his cock. With how wet I was it slipped right in. I immediately let out a loud, humiliating moan. I couldn’t believe myself since I was normally pretty quiet during sex. “Good girl—nice and loud for the camera.”

It was then I realized why he was so comfortable filming me. He knew I was going to look like I was enjoying it. He knew I was going to moan for him just like he knew I would get wet for him.

He started slow like he said he would. I moaned with every thrust. He had pulled his hands away from me so I wrapped my arms around him to keep my back from scraping against the wall. It didn’t hurt like I thought it might. In fact, it felt amazing. I had never felt a dick hitting the back of my pussy before. It had been maybe two minutes since he entered me and I already felt my orgasm starting to build. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, something that only happens to me when I think of this experience.

Out of nowhere he stops thrusting and holds me still on his cock. I had NEVER felt that good before and couldn’t help myself from moving my hips back and forth. He laughed at me again. “If you want to come you’re going to have to beg.” At this point my rational brain was completely gone. I never thought I would beg to come on any cock other than my small Asian bf’s. But here we were.

“Please” I muttered.

“Please what?”

“Please daddy let me cum on your cock UGH”

Just the words leaving my mouth brought me right to the edge.

“Louder for the camera,” he said sternly as he started bouncing me on his cock again. He held his hand over my mouth for 30 seconds as he brought me closer. He then moved his hand and told me to beg one more time like I meant it.


My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I orgasmed harder than I had in my entire life. I squeezed him tight as my legs shook uncontrollably and my pussy came all over his white cock.

I held onto him exhausted as he finished recording on my phone. “Saved for whatever you might need the footage for in the future.” He said with a smirk. I collapsed onto the floor and my phone began to ring. It was my boyfriend. “You better get that.” He said, as he zipped up his pants and left.

I’ve watched the video many times since then and it never fails to get me off. I guess I am the Asian slut he knew I was.

Asian slut turns 30

It felt weird, stressful, and anxious, to know that I am going to become old, knowing that I have never had children and that I was not going to be getting married anytime soon. I used to not think about sex at all, but for some strange reason, ever since I hit the age of 30, I have been thinking about sex non stop. I ached for the feeling of a cock inside me, punishing me, hurting me …

I need a cock inside me almost everyday. The various men I have been seeing are not always available. They have their lives, their jobs, and sometimes their wives and families, so I had to remain in contact with over dozens of different men. I tell my parents that I have to work overtime when in fact I went to the various different men’s apartments to suck their cocks.

My mind is a mess right now. I can’t even think straight as I type those words. Even though I work in a bank and I make 100k a year, I still live with my parents. I have never had a boyfriend. But I am not a virgin. This is the sad reality of being an asian girl.

I have had sex with only white men, to make no mistake about it. Some of them are wealthy bankers, some are professors, and some are doctors and engineers. I choose my partner very carefully, but none has been able to connect with me romantically.

I hate my life so much. I don’t know how long I can keep it this way. I want to cry but my eyes are dry. Sometimes I feel I might go crazy.

I hate my dad so much. He is a typical asian man, patriarchal, effeminate, and just plain stupid. Everyday he plays with his phone and watches Asian movies and listen to Asian music. I hate him so much. He ruined my life.

I need a white man to save me. I need a white man to destroy me. I need a white man to put this little chink whore in her place. My life can’t go on like this.

I have swallowed every drop of cum from every single white man who has ever fucked me.

Since day one of my sexual activity, as a dedicated Asian slut who has only dated white men, I’ve dutifully swallowed all the cum that’s been deposited in my mouth, and licked up and swallowed all the cum that was smeared somewhere else on my body.

This all started, perhaps, because it’s the way I was “taught” to have sex—when I gave my first blowjob, the white guy, who was a farm boy from the mid-west, said something along the line of “Oh yeah baby. Swallow my cum,” when he was about to orgasm. And so I did. I felt impolite to do otherwise. I did the exact same thing the next several times when we got together. And then we started having sex, and whenever he was about to cum, he would, more often than not, pull out, pull off the condom he was wearing, straddle over my face and jack off into my mouth. Sometimes, when some of it dribbled out to the side of my mouth, he would wipe it to my lips and made me swallow that too.

It just seemed like a natural way to clean up.

And so this practice continued over the course of the new few boyfriends I had. At one point in my life I was with a guy (who was half Italian and half-Irish and worked in New York) who especially liked to cum on my face, my tits and so on, and which made it a little more of a process. One night as I was doing cleanup, he told me how much he loved the way I swallowed all his cum, because all his previous Asian girlfriends had wiped it off with a towel or some facial tissue.

He said he was so turned on every time he had sex with me because he knew when it was over I would swallow all his cum.

I guess I didn’t fully realize until then how much of a turn-on this was for guys, so I leaned into it more, and whenever we were making plans to get together I would say stuff like “I really need your cum tonight, can you come over?” or something to that effect, and he loved it.

And I would beg for his cum while he was fucking me and I would say “Thank you!” after I was done swallowing. It became a real turn on for me as well, so I have pretty much kept on with all that for every white guy I’ve been with since.

Now I’m in my early 30s and sometimes when I masturbate, I visualize all the cum I’ve ever swallowed, collected from all the white guys who’ve fucked me, and their cum are in like a big jug sloshing around, and I feel like a completely worthless yellow cum dump because I’m getting off not on images of white guys or their white cocks or being fucked but just of this big pool of semen from all those white guys.

It makes me orgasm really hard.

More Asian women are having sex with white men than with Asian men, study concludes.

In a study on interracial relationships, researchers David R. Harris and Hiromi Ono found statistical evidence for what most already know intuitively, that Asian women (primarily of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent) are having sex with white men more than with Asian men.

According to the study, at least 45% of sexually active Asian women cohabit with White men, and less than 43% with Asian men, as of the year 2000.

Given that white-male-Asian-female relationship is the most popular and fastest growing interracial coupling in the world and that the study was conducted over 20 years ago, the number of Asian women who cohabit with white men in the current year is very likely to be much higher.

Further evidence the 45% figure significantly under-estimates the real number comes from the fact that most Asian women who cohabit with Asian guys are likely to be recent immigrants. Due to language barriers, sometimes not all Asian women who prefer white men would be able to date white men. Research on dating preferences overwhelmingly support the claim that a vast majority of Asian women prefer white men.

If the sampling in the study had included only Asian women born in the U.S., the number would be much higher. Other reports show 80 percent of America-born Asian female figure-skaters marry white men, and nearly 100 percent of America-born Asian female politicians marry white men.

Anecdotal evidence, though not scientific, abound in the real world. It’s hard, if nearly impossible, not to encounter white-male-Asian-female couples everywhere one goes. And in some cities, such as New York City, Los Angels, or Chicago, the number of white-male-Asian-female couples one observes on a daily basis is significantly higher than Asian-male-Asian-female couples.

Over the past 20 years, stigma attached to interracial relationships had been permanently cast into the dustbin of history. East Asian countries, which once embraced some form of pure race ideology, have all but forsaken its shameful past. Many local governments now actively encourage such pairings, through commercials, movies, and television programs. Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and even China, which is nominally still a Communist country, fully embrace the sexual union between white men of European descent and its local women so much so that it has now been ingrained as part of the pan-Asian culture.

Asian Cravings

Would you like to tie me up and use my tight Asian pussy to satisfy your thick white cock, sir? I know it’s too big and I know it’s gonna hurt but it’s okay.

You know that I’ve been craving your big white cock for a long time. I think about it whenever I close my eyes. I want to feel your big white cock stretching my tiny Asian pussy until I break, until I can’t take it anymore, until I’m crying from both ends.

You know there is nothing that makes an Asian whore like me wetter than thinking about how you will put my legs over your arms and fuck me against the wall. I go crazy just thinking about it.

I get so horny knowing I’m just another cheap Asian whore being put in her place, on her knees, collared and leashed and pumped full of my white master’s cum.

Do you want to beg and plea for it, white master?

I bet you’ve fucked enough Asian girls to know, that I can’t help myself. The second a white man approaches me, the image of his big white cock enters my mind and I start to get wet. My brain goes blank and all I can think about is his cock inside me. Thrusting deep in my tight little Asian cunt.

I cried like a little virgin the first time I got split open by a real man’s cock (that is, not a tiny Asian dick) and came over and over. Now, I can never go back.

It’s only natural. Asians were born to be slaves for white cocks.

It’s only natural. Asian cunts crave the attention of white men.

It’s only natural, as you pin me down and drill my wet asian pussy until I’m a screaming mess, impaled on your big white cock as I beg for more, slapped, beaten, degraded, humiliated, my asian hole burning with lust and shame, as you ram your cock back inside me; until you have forced more orgasm out of me than I had previously thought possible; until I’m completely vanquished and conquered, laying prostrate, at your mercy, turned into your obedient asian slave.

The White Farm

I’ve got an opinion: we should consider making a place called “White Farm” in all the major cities around the world, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, where Asian sluts can be used as accessories for white men. I do believe every white man will need to get a free sex toy, a servant, a cleaner and a washer if he live in those places for business, studying or anything else. And he only needs to feed those Asian sluts with his cum, or even piss.

And every white man could own more asian slutsthan he ever has the time for, so we should have some rules, such as if she’s a slut in the farm, she cannot leave without the permission of her owner.

But in reality, we won’t really need such a farm for Asians. The whole world already is. Watch how Asian sluts throw themselves at the feet of White Men and do whatever it takes to please white men. They’ve always existed for the pleasure and sadism of white men. And they love it and will never leave.

The Asian Slut A Poem

You kneel before him in awe.

Your White God. Your White Master.

He’s dominated and fucked you raw.

But He tells you that it’s only getting harder.

He wraps you in dog collar and chains,

Looks down on you and scoffs.

He says, “Get ready for the pain.”

You can’t help but stare at his scruff.

He’s so masculine and superior,

White, confident, hung, and tall

He’s everything you wanted and more,

And you’re his little China doll.

He calls you a whore and names you a chink,

turns you over and fondles your tit.

You can’t breathe and you can’t think,

But it doesn’t matter, ‘cause you’re an asian slut.

A Feast for White Conquerors

After pillaging their village and raping their women, the White conquerors feasted with their comrades. The young daughters of the slain Asian soldiers were told to cook for and serve the White Men, and they quickly did so without any resistance.

The asian servants served them delicacies and dishes from the Orient. They kowtowed to every whim and demand of the White Men as the White Men drank their wine and got intoxicated. Soon, the Men stripped their clothes and the asian slaves were in awe. They had never seen what real men looked like before and now they are acutely aware. They got on their knees and began to suck the White Men’s cocks. They lost any qualms they had on being conquered by the superior White Men, because after seeing their massive cocks and hairy masculine bodies, they realized their race stood no chance in fighting against those white gods.

After the White Men have used the asian slaves, they burned the village down to ashes. The boys were left behind to live in the rubble, while the best asian daughters were selected to come with the White conquerors as their permanent slaves. The asian girls who weren’t selected wailed in anguish and killed themselves in despair and disappointment.

The asian slaves traveled with the White Men as they continued their pillaging and conquering. They were tied to horses like cattle and treated like chattel, but they did not mind those hardships.

Soon, they returned to Caucasia, the illustrious city of White Men. Here, the asian slaves completed their transformation: they were beaten, whipped, branded, pierced with rings, and chained in the Chamber of Chinks. Deep in the bowels of this gilded temple, they are kept in squalid cages and trained to be the perfect slaves. The Master of Chinks observes their progress and selects the best ones to join the harem in the Chamber above where White Men can come freely and use asian slaves however and whenever they want, without repercussions or judgement on their actions or treatment of the asians.

And this is how the asian villagers spend the rest of their lives: in servitude of the Superior Ones as the White Men continue their conquering and enslavement of asian slaves for their glorious empire.

Remembrance of my mother’s, my sister’s and my life in Japan

The Secret Diary of A Submissive East Asian Girl

“Chink pigs die!” I still vividly remember those words spoken by my sister’s Japanese husband. At the time my Japanese was not as fluent as it is now, and those words were the first ones I learned when I arrived in Japan. So it’s true, you always learn swear words more quickly.

Some other Japanese words that I still vividly remember was when he called my sister “shallow, materialistic, gold-digging.” He had a special nickname for my sister. When I heard it for the first time, both me and my mother thought it was a nickname of endearment, like darling, sweetheart, etc. Only later did I learn that my sister’s nickname meant “Anal Slave”.

Initially, right after my sister married her Japanese husband and moved to Japan, my mother and father were of course very proud and bragged to our neighbors about the extraordinary wealth their son-in-law had, “He can…

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