The white woman-black man question

People ask me this question frequently enough and I think it behooves us all to put this myth to rest once and for all and elucidates the following factors contributing to the phenomenon.

First of all, 98% of all African Americans are actually descendants of white men and female black slaves, so in essence when a white woman is sleeping with a black man, she is really sleeping with the DNA of her white man ancestor. I do not deny that race is more or less a social construct (you can have a white father and if you don’t look white, then you are not considered white; or maybe you might be asian but look white, than you can probably “pass” as white, sometimes), but just because something is a social construct does not mean that there is no basis for some grain of axiomatic truth in the social construct, on which topic I will save for later and not digress now.

There is also something called “white guilt” that confounds the issue. Some white women do enjoy humiliating themselves by sleeping with black men, but that is only because they do so to atone for the sins of their fathers. We have such phenomena all over the world. A few years ago a Japanese AV actress came out and said that she sleeps with Chinese men because she feels guilty for Rape of Nanking. However, those few exceptions hardly speak for the general trend.

Statistically speaking, actually very few white women marry or date black men; though white woman/black man relationship is statistically more significant than some other interracial pairings, it is palled by the fact that, in fact, significantly more white women still prefer to date or marry white men,. As a matter of fact, and it is a quite widely known fact, white women carry the most in-group discrimination against men of other races, i.e. more white women prefer to date men of their own race than women of any other race. Divorce rate among white women-black men couples is also significantly higher than the national average.

But, whenever a white woman dates or marries a black man, her relationship is of such a big deal and importance that the media would rush in to eulogize her and with eager fingers to point out that indeed all men and women are created equal, that everyone can love anyone, that we are all living in a perfect world where there is no such a thing as difference between any race or any sex—we are all just bland, dark, and indistinguishable shadows of the human race.

Another factor is that African Americans, well, really don’t have anything to do with Africans. Africans from Africa are very different from the African Americans you see in America. I have always thought that Africans are very aggressive, mean and stupid, but only recently I have come to the conclusion, after meeting several African scholars from Africa, that it is the ruthless white genetics—the same genetics of the Vikings, the Homeric heroes, the Germanic barbarians—that make African Americans so muscular, so strong, so tall, so handsome, and that it is the resentment of slavery that makes them acting out in such a destructive manner. The actual Africans are all quite skinny and a lot of them are very weak in comparison to white men or African American men.

I hope that clears the air a little. There are distinct biological differences among races, no matter how hard the media tries to portray otherwise. The Northern Western European race is the lighthouse of this cruel, ruthless world, that they are genetically endowed by their superiority in strength, both mental and physical, and that it is historically and genetically inevitable that they become the masters of earth. The east asian race is evolutionarily developed to be the servile and submissive race, that no matter how hard we want to pretend otherwise, the natural world order of race has its own destiny and it will take us to where we are heading. It’s a matter of simply accepting its inevitability. We are all merely our genetic destiny. Those who fight it will be miserable; those who embrace it will feel fulfilled; but in the end, those who fight it and those who embrace it will all fulfill their destiny, willingly or unwillingly, happily or unhappily.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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