Resentment against White man and asian woman

I am quite aware that there is a lot of hate out there, and resentment too, especially from angry asian men. When I walk down the street with my white boyfriend, those hideous, effeminate asian men stare at us like we were a couple from hell. No one can deny that there is a lot of hate and resentment out there, but perhaps, we—white men and asian women—as the more enlightened folks, as the future of America, as the future of the human race, in which the degenerate races will be eliminated, we ought to simply ignore them, yet those little asian men kept on coming back and howling at us, and sometimes it really bothers me.

There are some angry white women too, and they absolutely have no respect for my white boyfriend. They call my white boyfriend a loser, and sometimes they even dare to call him a homosexual. Not to mention how untrue that is, my boyfriend is not gay, but the fact that in this day and age there are still so much homophobia among white women show exactly how backward and unattractive they really are. Neither my white boyfriend is nor I am gay, but we think homosexuality is okay and we hold no one from expressing his or her love.

And then there are angry asian men who say I am racist. If I am racist against asian men, then so be it, but I am not racist against black men or white men or hispanics men. I am not racist against anyone except asian men, because asian men have persecuted asian women for thousands of years, and were it not for white men to save me, to this day I would still be terrorized by those little asian men.

The white man is simply so much more superior to due to their democratic tradition of freedom and individualism as well as his religion of pity for the weak, and especially for asian women, who, being the weaker race, are forever graceful to white men. Think about this, were it not for John Rabe, those little asian men would have raped and killed more asian women. And some angry asian men dare to say that American white men rape women as well. Let me tell those angry asian men, it is better to be raped by a white god than to be raped by a little cruel asian man. It is pure ecstasy when my white god rapes me day and night, when I am ravished in his firm muscular arms, when he pulls me down to his knees and asks me to worship his well endowed manhood. I’d rather be raped by a white man a thousand times than to be raped by an effeminate asian man even once.

Yes, there will always be resentment against progress because some simply refuse to grow up and accept the natural progression of the world, and those people think that it is wrong for two ordinary people to simply fall in love. But the tides of time will eliminate them; those angry white women and effeminate asian men will simply be eternally wiped off from evolutionary progress, into the past, become extinct species like the dinosaurs, and the future belongs to asian women and white men.

An asian woman will forever be royal to her savior, who saved her from asian tyranny; an asian woman will forever be his faithful subject, serving him, pleasing him, as an asian woman ought to do, and my white man is my lord, and his happiness my happiness; his sadness my humiliation; his displeasure my death.

White men and asian women represent the noontide of the future, and the bell tolls for those weak effeminate asian men and angry white women who shall perish from the surface of earth.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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