There are so many asian women desperately seeking white men to marry

It always astonishes me when white men complain that there are not enough asian women living in their neighborhoods or that they have trouble finding asian women to marry or to be their girlfriends or just to fuck for one night. Well, the fact of the matter is—there are literally nearly 2 billion asian women and so many of them are so desperately seeking white men to marry! If tomorrow every American male regardless of age were to take one asian woman, then there would still be 1.85 billion asian girls left. And not only that, all the asian girls I know from my American college either secretly have white boyfriends, some of their boyfriends are actually quite old and ugly and not wealthy at all, or openly engaged or already married to white men. A lot of those girls are very pretty, and they are willing to settle with partners who are unattractive and short, as long as they are not asian men; some would rather marry black men or hispanic men. And in asian countries, the situation is even better. As long as you are a white man, you can really be pampered like an emperor, with throngs of asian women fighting over each other to be with you, and many of them are will to do everything to satisfy you, bdsm play, anal sex, or any type of fetish you may want them to perform. When I was in Asia traveling on business trips with my boyfriend, it was a very common occurrence that the asian women who work as secretaries or receptionists in the company would ask the white expatriates out to dinner and literally just throw themselves as their feet, begging to be their girlfriends. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a white man in asian countries and what my boyfriend is doing right now in Asia. I try not to think about it as long as he is still in love with me and he calls me every night. I mean, I don’t mind him fooling around with other women, after all, he is a man, and a white man to be sure, so he has the biological need, as a genetically superior alpha male, to fool around with conquered women, but I would be upset if he starts to have romantic feelings for another woman. That would be unacceptable.

So the issue for me has always been the other way around. It is asian women who cannot find white men. I have a cousin who lives in Texas and she often complained to me that she couldn’t find a white man who is interested in her because, in her words, “white men in general are not interested in dating asian women.” And she was so jealous of me because my boyfriend is a true blood full American white man. Every time we talked, and we didn’t talk that often, she just repeated over and over how lucky I am, how unbelievably blessed I am, and she was just so insecure because she couldn’t find a white man to marry and eventually she had to settle with an asian man with whom she is now married, but she says that secretly she would rather date a black man than an asian man, and it just has been so hard for her to find a white man who is interested in her, or even a black man.  And by the way she is not unattractive in any shape or form.

And from my personal experience, this is really just the general consensus among almost all my asian girlfriends, both Chinese and Japanese, many of whom complain of not being able to find white boyfriends and how hard it is to attract them, and in the end have to settle with something less desirable. Even when I was in Japan, where I used to know many Chinese girls living in Japan either as students or working full time, they all desperately wanted to find white men to marry and they felt very resentful that so many white men only seem to be interested in Japanese women.

So, I think my suggestion to those white men who say they can’t find asian women would be this: put down that nacho cheese bowl, get off the couch, go out and hunt for them. Or maybe just wait for those asian women to be delivered to your doorstep.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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