an epistemological proof of white man superiority

How superiority is manifest in men:

War and conquer are the only ways by which superiority in men, or masculine superiority, is manifest.  Everything else is barely tangential.

In terms of intelligence, certainly, the Jews are probably most clever, most cunning, but hitherto Jews have failed to occupy even just a tiny land mass for a nation state, whereas men of the Nordic European descent dominate the entire globe.  Jews, despite of all their stunning achievements in arts and science, engineering, literature, and just about any other European invented endeavor, are mere followers, imitators of the truly superior race; Jews still live in shadow and awe of those who dominate and conquer, whether it be the Greeks, the Romans, the Germanic conquerors, the Anglo-Saxons, or their White American saviors; despite all their creative genius, Jews are mere subjugates, slightly above the orientals, but far below the true masters of the world.

In terms of physical strength, African Americans are by far the most well endowed, but that also means they are quite inferior.  Certainly lions and cheetahs are physically more well endowed than African Americans, but those animals do not dominate the world.

White men, on the other hand, dominate the world’s food chain at the apex of evolution, above everything else, above every other human being.  How did it come to be?

What truly makes White man superior is his conquest, military conquest, to make no mistake about it. He conquered the world as no other human being has conquered the world before, not Alexander the Great, nor Genghis Khan; White man’s dominance is unheralded and unprecedented, and there is no non-White country or race that dare to wage war against the White man.  The downfall of White man will only come from White man himself.  No other man has the capacity to challenge him.

War, as the means of conquest, is, I’m afraid, the only way a man can be proven superior.  War is terrifying.  War is evil.  But war is that by which those who are genetically inferior are naturally deselected, eliminated, so that the genetically superior type can without hindrance propagate his superior genes.  War, as Machiavelli might say, is simply inevitable and will only be delayed to the advantage of your enemy.

Military conquest is inseparable from sexual conquest.

War is the evolutionary competition among males that separates that which is superior and most fit to breed and pass on his genes.  A cursory glance through history quickly reveals that only White men, men of the Northern European descent, have never been conquered by any other race and it is the only race that has come to dominate every other race.

Culture, civilization, inventions are important, but all palls in comparison to the psyche that is imbued in military conquest.

In summa: world-conquering.  If that doesn’t prove superiority, nothing will.

Another way masculine superiority is determined: female choice.

Any woman of any race, if given the opportunity, will not hesitate to choose a White man as her sexual mate.  It is a truth non plus ultra that all women prefer White men, and what’s more, that the most aesthetically appealing, most feminine, and most intelligent type of women–asian women–overwhelmingly prefer White men as sexual mates; this very fact, that asian women, the most highly prized and most sexually desirable females, not only prefer but even adore and cherish white men over their own men, speaks in volume louder than Stentor’s voice, proves in fact that White men are the most superior type of men.

Ipso facto, eo ipso, fas et lura sinut, White men are genetically, biologically, rightfully superior.


Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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