The white woman-black man question

People ask me this question frequently enough and I think it behooves us all to put this myth to rest once and for all and elucidates the following factors contributing to the phenomenon.

First of all, 98% of all African Americans are actually descendants of white men and female black slaves, so in essence when a white woman is sleeping with a black man, she is really sleeping with the DNA of her white man ancestor. I do not deny that race is more or less a social construct (you can have a white father and if you don’t look white, then you are not considered white; or maybe you might be asian but look white, than you can probably “pass” as white, sometimes), but just because something is a social construct does not mean that there is no basis for some grain of axiomatic truth in the social construct, on which topic I will save for later and not digress now.

There is also something called “white guilt” that confounds the issue. Some white women do enjoy humiliating themselves by sleeping with black men, but that is only because they do so to atone for the sins of their fathers. We have such phenomena all over the world. A few years ago a Japanese AV actress came out and said that she sleeps with Chinese men because she feels guilty for Rape of Nanking. However, those few exceptions hardly speak for the general trend.

Statistically speaking, actually very few white women marry or date black men; though white woman/black man relationship is statistically more significant than some other interracial pairings, it is palled by the fact that, in fact, significantly more white women still prefer to date or marry white men,. As a matter of fact, and it is a quite widely known fact, white women carry the most in-group discrimination against men of other races, i.e. more white women prefer to date men of their own race than women of any other race. Divorce rate among white women-black men couples is also significantly higher than the national average.

But, whenever a white woman dates or marries a black man, her relationship is of such a big deal and importance that the media would rush in to eulogize her and with eager fingers to point out that indeed all men and women are created equal, that everyone can love anyone, that we are all living in a perfect world where there is no such a thing as difference between any race or any sex—we are all just bland, dark, and indistinguishable shadows of the human race.

Another factor is that African Americans, well, really don’t have anything to do with Africans. Africans from Africa are very different from the African Americans you see in America. I have always thought that Africans are very aggressive, mean and stupid, but only recently I have come to the conclusion, after meeting several African scholars from Africa, that it is the ruthless white genetics—the same genetics of the Vikings, the Homeric heroes, the Germanic barbarians—that make African Americans so muscular, so strong, so tall, so handsome, and that it is the resentment of slavery that makes them acting out in such a destructive manner. The actual Africans are all quite skinny and a lot of them are very weak in comparison to white men or African American men.

I hope that clears the air a little. There are distinct biological differences among races, no matter how hard the media tries to portray otherwise. The Northern Western European race is the lighthouse of this cruel, ruthless world, that they are genetically endowed by their superiority in strength, both mental and physical, and that it is historically and genetically inevitable that they become the masters of earth. The east asian race is evolutionarily developed to be the servile and submissive race, that no matter how hard we want to pretend otherwise, the natural world order of race has its own destiny and it will take us to where we are heading. It’s a matter of simply accepting its inevitability. We are all merely our genetic destiny. Those who fight it will be miserable; those who embrace it will feel fulfilled; but in the end, those who fight it and those who embrace it will all fulfill their destiny, willingly or unwillingly, happily or unhappily.

I will never argue with you

If you say something to me, I will be polite. If you are rude to me, I will just be quiet. If you say something I don’t agree with, I will never argue, because I find most people have already made up their mind before they speak, so even if I try to argue with them, they will always be convinced they are right, and my arguments just provide new incentive for them to counter-argue. If you don’t agree with me, I will not defend my position. I will just be quiet and subservient; I will even admit I am wrong and you are right, because you have already made up your mind.

Why asian women prefer white men: the root of all answers

There can be many extraneous answers to the question, but the root of all answers lies in this: progress.

It is precisely because there has been so much progress made in which asian women have become more educated, more attuned to the western standard of beauty, and more liberated that they started to have a higher standard in men. And here again we enter into a little controversial topic: white men are superior to asian men, black men, hispanic men, etc. That’s the fact. And even if it were not the fact, does it really matter? Remember, women choose their mates. So the fact that the most beautiful, feminine, and universally desired women—east asian women—overwhelmingly prefer to mate with white men needn’t even be pronounced. It will simply become a unspoken truth, the kind of truth that you carry stealthily with you over the night, the kind of truth that you hold your hand over her mouth, lest she screams too loudly, the kind of truth you dare not shout in a public square or a crowded theater, the kind of truth known to all but uttered by none. Asian women and white men are natural fits for each other; they together represent the progress toward the next stage.

And this is where progress pushes to a biological end. Despite all progress by feminism, women still overwhelmingly tend to mate with males who are superior to themselves, so you see why female Ph. D.s marry male professors, female CFOs marry male CEOs. Women in all cultures and races still tend to marry up, so that means if a woman is highly educated, she would not want to mate with someone who is less educated; if she is very powerful, she would not want to mate with a man who is less powerful than she is. So progress has pushed asian women to the frontier of power: she has become more powerful than asian men; she has become better educated than asian men; she is more attuned to the western standard of beauty than asian men, and naturally as a biological rule she would not want to marry down and mate with some ugly dirty asian men.

Since White men are by far the most superior males, and therefore the most desirable to mate with, then naturally every woman would want to mate with a White male. And since asian race is inferior to white race, since asian race is the submissive race complement to the dominant white race, then naturally asian women, who are superior to asian men but inferior to white men, will choose to mate with white men.

Herald shall they one day with flaming tongues, the future belongs to white men and asian women. This is the trend of the 21st century and those degenerate races that cannot embrace this trend will simply be eliminated.

There are so many asian women desperately seeking white men to marry

It always astonishes me when white men complain that there are not enough asian women living in their neighborhoods or that they have trouble finding asian women to marry or to be their girlfriends or just to fuck for one night. Well, the fact of the matter is—there are literally nearly 2 billion asian women and so many of them are so desperately seeking white men to marry! If tomorrow every American male regardless of age were to take one asian woman, then there would still be 1.85 billion asian girls left. And not only that, all the asian girls I know from my American college either secretly have white boyfriends, some of their boyfriends are actually quite old and ugly and not wealthy at all, or openly engaged or already married to white men. A lot of those girls are very pretty, and they are willing to settle with partners who are unattractive and short, as long as they are not asian men; some would rather marry black men or hispanic men. And in asian countries, the situation is even better. As long as you are a white man, you can really be pampered like an emperor, with throngs of asian women fighting over each other to be with you, and many of them are will to do everything to satisfy you, bdsm play, anal sex, or any type of fetish you may want them to perform. When I was in Asia traveling on business trips with my boyfriend, it was a very common occurrence that the asian women who work as secretaries or receptionists in the company would ask the white expatriates out to dinner and literally just throw themselves as their feet, begging to be their girlfriends. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a white man in asian countries and what my boyfriend is doing right now in Asia. I try not to think about it as long as he is still in love with me and he calls me every night. I mean, I don’t mind him fooling around with other women, after all, he is a man, and a white man to be sure, so he has the biological need, as a genetically superior alpha male, to fool around with conquered women, but I would be upset if he starts to have romantic feelings for another woman. That would be unacceptable.

So the issue for me has always been the other way around. It is asian women who cannot find white men. I have a cousin who lives in Texas and she often complained to me that she couldn’t find a white man who is interested in her because, in her words, “white men in general are not interested in dating asian women.” And she was so jealous of me because my boyfriend is a true blood full American white man. Every time we talked, and we didn’t talk that often, she just repeated over and over how lucky I am, how unbelievably blessed I am, and she was just so insecure because she couldn’t find a white man to marry and eventually she had to settle with an asian man with whom she is now married, but she says that secretly she would rather date a black man than an asian man, and it just has been so hard for her to find a white man who is interested in her, or even a black man.  And by the way she is not unattractive in any shape or form.

And from my personal experience, this is really just the general consensus among almost all my asian girlfriends, both Chinese and Japanese, many of whom complain of not being able to find white boyfriends and how hard it is to attract them, and in the end have to settle with something less desirable. Even when I was in Japan, where I used to know many Chinese girls living in Japan either as students or working full time, they all desperately wanted to find white men to marry and they felt very resentful that so many white men only seem to be interested in Japanese women.

So, I think my suggestion to those white men who say they can’t find asian women would be this: put down that nacho cheese bowl, get off the couch, go out and hunt for them. Or maybe just wait for those asian women to be delivered to your doorstep.

Of course there is a small number of racist asian women who never date white men.

Just like there are racist white men who would never date asian women, so there is in fact a very small minority of asian women who, due to racism and entrenched asian male patriarchy, would never date white men. But I must stress, very emphatically, that those asian women represent a very small minority, just like every other fringe group within a large population that acts contrary to the predominant consensus, like neo-Nazis, pedophiles, etc. One should actually pity those asian women because they are nothing but the victims of their own ignorance; they are still oppressed by asian men and asian pure race ideology that was originally borrowed from the Nazis and through their anti-miscegenation behavior they want to preserve the purity of the asiatic race, which doesn’t even exist. Those particular asian women, brewing in their own resentment, live terrible, miserable lives, consumed with hatred, racism, and bigotry against white men and everyday of their lives they wish they were dead. Those asian women who refuse to date white men solely because they are white are pathetic excuses of human beings.

Again, I must point out, that the overwhelming majority of asian women are not like that. Asian women in general are not just very open to interracial dating, but actively seek out white men to marry, date, have sex with, etc. And to be honest, from my personal observations, I see that asian women who are involved in interracial relationships with white men are in general much more confident, happier, and simply more satisfied with their lives than asian women who date asian men. Sometimes I feel sad for those asian women who date asian men, because I know how much it pains them to settle with asian men, and how much they actually like to be with white men better, but because so many white men are not interested in asian women or simply because there are just not enough white men for every single asian women, they are stuck with those disgusting low lives you call asian men.

On the other hand, let’s not chastise that small fringe group of asian women who don’t date white men, because I do believe women have the right to choose, and if some women choose to be miserable, then it is their choice. In biological terms, female choice represents a very heavy component in the preservation of a species, in addition to male competition. And from all that we observe, the overwhelming majority of asian women would choose to mate with white men than men of any other race, thereby proving in fact that white men are genetically superior as potential sexual mates.

White men are genetically superior. And it’s really not had to see why white men are genetically superior. White men in general are taller, which is always highly desirable, and they have white skin, which is another feature highly desirable to asian women. Furthermore, white men are more muscular, and have bigger genitals, indicating stronger sexual stamina and possibly higher sperm count. White men are by large far more intelligent, more creative–all the geniuses in world history were white like Newton, Euler, Mozart, etc. Just look at all the inventors and Nobel laureates and just about every man and woman who left their names in history. Which one of them is not white? In terms of cultural aspects, white men are more sensitive and also white men do not treat women like slaves. White men have a culture based on equality and freedom for women, as well as tolerance and acceptance. Ipso facto, white men are superior.

In stead of resenting white men, I think all the other races of human beings should love, worship and protect the white men as if they were an endangered species, because they have contributed so much to human progress. Without white men, none of us would be watching TV or using a microwave even. White men give the entire world a glimpse of godliness and it is only natural and right that asian women, as the most desired and feminine female type, worship white men.

asians who resent white men are not really asian

First of all, if you call yourself an asian, then you are probably not really an asian. No asian would ever call herself “asian”; only Asian Americans or Asians living in White countries refer to themselves as “asian”. On the other hand, “we”—the real ones—only refer to ourselves by our nationalities or ethnicities, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Manchu, etc. I have never heard anyone who lives in Asia actually calling herself asian. Unlike the Europeans, “Asian” as a continental identity simply doesn’t exist. The whole continent of Asia is China, if you do not include India as your typical North East Asia, everywhere else islands and seas.

So if you call yourself “asian”, without feeling weird about it, then you are probably not asian at all. You are most likely an American or an European, a freak of nature, actually, to be more exact, an individual who doesn’t belong anywhere and yet believes herself to be the member of an invented group and of an invented race that doesn’t even exist outside the European conception, and who can only imagine vain hardships to alleviate her pain of being actually nonexistent.

Now that we have cleared the air a little, then let me say this, asians are probably the most racist people on earth, not just against blacks, hispanics, but also against themselves. Asians absolutely hate other asians and sometimes their own ethnicities as well. So if you actually speak an asian language, then you would have known how much we actually hate one another. To be honest, without white men, asians would have still been as backward as middle east; yet you resent white men, who brought advanced civilization to you.

While we do hate each other, asians all tend to agree upon one thing, that is, white is superior, so that is why asians tend to move into white countries and white neighborhoods, try to marry into the white race, mingle with the white society, squeeze into white corporations, etc.  Asians implicitly know that they are inferior; they know without the superior white men and white men’s creative genius and technology, asians would not, and will not, survive in this world. However, being asian, they are incapable of explicating such an obvious assumption in their thinking. Only people with white genes, however small amount there may be in them, can see through the thick gluey layer of Confucian grease. So you will know—and since you are not really asian, you probably won’t know—how much real asians savor every drop of white blood and every small amount of white genes among themselves.  Asians who show some slight manifestation of white genes, such as maybe having very white skin, are highly prized, and treated like gods and goddesses. It is an irrefutable fact that white is superior. White man creates and dominates the world, whereas asian submits and worship white man’s world.

Does the truth hurt then? Does the truth seem too brutal, too harsh, too politically incorrect, that your genetics determine your social status seem too fatalistic, too impossible, that you will never be able to fight your genetic destiny and become something else too painful? Perhaps you can take some opium such as a religion or the secular progressive sect to alleviate your pain.

Whenever someone find out I am not really white

Sometimes I can pass off as a white woman. Sometimes people will think I am from Russia or some former Soviet satellite country, but when they look at my name they realize I am east asian, and it’s so humiliating, to be ousted as an asian woman, like being stripped of my clothes in the middle of the street. I would fain rather roll my eyes, show them the white of my eyeballs and walk away when they say “Oh! So, you are asian!”

Sometimes I am tempted to check the little box that says “white”, but then the inevitable humiliation of being exposed as an asian woman overcomes me like a dark cloud. I wish I could drown in a bathtub full of white men’s semen—let their White cum wash over me—from which I would emerge, reborn, with a high nose bridge, naturally blond hair and blue eyes, and no epicanthic fold, like a pure white woman. On the other hand, if I were fully asian-looking, I would probably have an easier time as well, because everyone will just think I am asian and would never ask me dumb questions, but the problem is that people sometimes mistake for being white, and somehow when I reveal to them that I am actually Japanese I am almost immediately brought down a peg. People started to think less of me; they never say it out loud but—I am not stupid!—they would very subtly hint at it, through their slightly changed attitude, a little relaxation of their facial muscles, or the slightly raised voice, or the innocent little remarks with smirks on their faces that just drive me crazy. People would start to question me, quietly in their hearts, whether I am not the product of an American GI Joe and a Japanese comfort woman, or perhaps whether I went through thousands of cosmetic surgeries to achieve my white appearance like those Korean women do, and it’s so hard for them to believe, “No! No! No! I was born this way.” I am indeed just a White-looking Japanese woman, but the inevitable questions, especially from the lesser humans would ensue: “Who are your parents? What about your grandparents?” And the final “ah-ha” movement. It’s so exhausting. But it’s too late for me now. Hopefully my children will have better lives than I had.