asian neonazis hate me for preferring to date white men

I know for a fact that there are Japanese neonazis who would love to hang me by an iron hook and have me skinned alive, for no other reason than the fact that my mother is Chinese—I am half Japanese, and so I am not really Japanese by Japanese standards; I would be considered a subhuman, more looked down upon than foreigners because I have tainted the pure blood of Japanese; and I know there are also Chinese neonazis who would fain have me lingchi’ed, all for no other reason than the mere fact that my boyfriend is white. Average westerners think nazism is a relish only practiced by Germans, the fact of the matter is that there are far more nazis in east Asia than there are in the west; and another fact of the matter is that, in all honesty, asians are far more nazi than the real nazis would have ever been. Though by appearance asian men seem gracile, weak, effeminate, like pygmy chimps or bonobos, their value-judgements are those of the common chimps: cruel, vicious, predatory, pure evil. While white men can be violent, white men are never cruel, and there is a big difference between being violent and being cruel. I feel it is probably not that bad being a jew killed by a German nazi. I personally prefer to be a jewess slaughtered by a German white man than being an asian woman tortured to death by an asian man. A white man might kill me, with a bullet straight to my temple, but an asian man will maim me, slice off my breasts, cut off my limbs, and make me beg for death. Asian men are evil bonobos and white men rightfully govern them with enlightened laws. In fact, asians didn’t even have a word for morality before the 1900s. The Japanese word for morality, which is also used by the Chinese, whose concept was actually borrowed from the west, was originally coined by Japanese using kanji characters, and which word along with its concept was in turn adopted by the Chinese. Without the west, asians would not even have an idea of what is to be moral. Is it too critical of me to call asian men amoral nazis?

Even when I was in college, I never really had any asian friend; though I had acquaintances from both Japan and China, I belonged to neither group. Both feigned friendliness to me but none really accepted me, and it was white men who truly accepted me, embraced me, and treated me as if I was one of their own.

Were it not for white men, asian women today would have still been dog-slaves owned as property and tortured by asian men as if we are lower than insects. And even to this day, so many asian women still live under cruel asian patriarchy which threatens and oppresses them and forbids them from marrying white men; deep down in their desires, most asian women prefer to date, marry, and simply have sex with, white men. It is better to be the sex slave of a white man than to be the wife of an asian man.

I have personally never experienced any racism in America, though I know that there are racist people in America who would want to kill me for dating white men as well. But I live in a very liberal and tolerant American metropolis so that is probably why I am so sheltered from those people, but I know there is hatred out there; though I feel I have never really been scared of them because I know my white man will protect me. Those people who hate me are racists, neonazis, feminist white women, and asian men, but I have never experienced any form of racism from white men. White men physically resemble strong and dominate chimps, but they have the hearts of soft and weak bonobos; all in all and by the by they represent a higher form of mankind, and I feel it is just so natural for me to belong to a white man. Even if my white boyfriend never marries me, I still live a far happier life being with a white man than being with an asian man. He knows how to respect me, pamper me, treat me well, pays my rent, takes me to Europe, buys me gifts, and I feel quite content with my life even if I were just a sex slave to a white man.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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