The noble bonobos and the common chimps

Just as there are two distinct species of the great apes, so I see two distinct species of humans evolving, but let us first examine what are the noble bonobos (i.e. pygmy chimps) and the common chimps: the common chimps and the noble bonobos are geographically and genetically isolated great apes that have evolved divergently. The common chimps evolved to become big, strong, dominant, predatory, carnivorous, violent, and male-dominated, whereas the noble bonobos evolved to be small, weak, submissive, peaceful, herbivorous, preyed-upon, and female-dominated.

So perhaps intuition tells one that, in this analogy, the European white race is the common chimp whereas the asiatic race is the noble bonobo, but that is wrong. What is happening, and has been happening over the last few thousands years, is a slow, gradual, but distinct inversion of values in which the strong, dominant white race has slowly come to adopt the noble values of the noble bonobos so that they have become not only just big, strong, dominant, predatory, but also peaceful, submissive, herbivorous, and female-dominated; whereas the small, weak, submissive noble bonobos have adopted the base or “common” values of the common chimps and thereby they have become violent, predatory, and male-dominated, even though they are still physically small, weak and submissive.

Hence what we have among the human species is analogous to a divergent evolution of two distinct species of humans, the western white race and the eastern asian race, in which the white race should rightfully be called the “noble chimps” and asians the “common bonobos”. Both the common bonobos and the noble chimps still posses the physical traits that were inherited and naturally selected through their environment. However, their value-judgements, which in the very beginning were congruent to their physical attributes, has now been inverted, so what we have in essence is a race of weak predator , i.e. the asian man, and a race of strong herbivores, i.e. the white man. Thus, that is why there is the general consensus that a white man is both dominant, aggressive, strong, as well as peaceful, compassionate and egalitarian; whereas an asian man is both weak, slavish, submissive, as well as aggressive, violent, sadistic, and male-chauvinist. There is only a seeming contradiction, but the contradiction is completely superficial because the first group of concomitant attributes (being strong or weak, big or small, etc.) is entirely physical, while the second group of concomitant attributes (being violent or peaceful, dominant or submissive, etc.) consist entirely of value-judgements. In this analysis, then, the noble bonobos and the common chimps resemble the primitive types from which current humans have evolved from, and so in one case, the white man has evolved from common chimps to noble chimps, whereas in another case, the asian man has devolved from noble bonobos into common bonobos.

And as a consequence what we mean by the word “noble” has also been inverted from meaning strong and dominant to meaning weak and submissive.

However, because humans are neither geographically nor genetically isolated, so the inevitable gene flow and social interaction ensued in which the big and strong noble chimps have come to dominate the weak and small common bonobos, but, due to the noble values that the noble chimps had adopted from the noble bonobos, the noble chimps do not exterminate the common bonobos as a humanitarian and, noble act.

Also note that all research indicates that in stead of evolving convergently, i.e. to become more alike, the human species have been evolving toward divergent paths, so we are actually becoming more and more different from one another. So my prediction is that in the near future, the noble chimps, i.e. the western white race, will slowly evolve into a distinct species of higher human beings who are not just strong, powerful, dominant, predatory, but also peaceful, herbivorous, and female-dominated, to become a race of gods; whereas the common bonobos, i.e. the eastern asian race, will devolve into a species who are not just weak, submissive, slavish, small, but also violent, aggressive, male-dominated, and they become not just a race of slaves, but a subhuman species of human waste.

Is there salvation for the common bonobos? There is, and that is what I term “enlightened common bonobos”. Those are asians who, through either self discovery or enlightenment thinking, discover the truth and they escape from Asia and interbreed with the white race. So in their case, as the white race evolves into the future, the asians who breed with white race will gradually become white and they will evolve convergently with the white race; on the other hand, asians who stay in Asia and choose not to breed with the white race, or simply cannot find white individuals to mate with, are doomed and will slowly devolve into a subhuman species.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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