White man and asian woman: the new master race

It was postulated thousands of years ago by Aristotle that peoples of Europe were generally full of spirit, but lacked in intelligence and skills, which was the reason they remained comparatively free but attained no development. On the other hand, the peoples of Asia were endowed with skill and intelligence, but deficient in spirit, which was why they were still people of subjects and slaves. To Aristotle, the Greeks, being geographically in between Europe and Asia, were the people best suited to attain highest political development, and to govern every other races, being the combination of European spirit and Asiatic skill and intelligence. But it came not to be. By 146 BC, Greece fell to the hands of Roman conquerors and to this day has yet to achieve again its ancient glory.

On the other hand, there is a new master race beckoning on the door of human evolution, one that combines the noble spirit and dominance and freedom of Europe, and the skill and intelligence and submissiveness of Asia, as Aristotle postulated, a people most fit to govern all other races. And it took human evolution nearly two thousands years to finally attain the point where such cross-breeding to produce a master race possible, and it is so close at hand.

Whereas the white man continues to be the most dominant type, the asian woman, as his submissive subjugate, will complement him in his rule, as his royal subject, to assist him in governing all other inferior races and peoples, and also to receive his seeds for breeding and disciplining a new master race to rule over the world. The final coming of the true master race that surpasses all other races as much as gods and heroes once surpassed mortals in Greek mythology is at hand!

The ecstasy, the pleasure and the joy of being impregnated by a white man–it’s like a dream, like a flying unicorn taking me to empyrean realm of bliss, a river of happiness constantly flowing into my being and my heart is filled with joy every minute, every hour, every day.  It is the most wonderful bliss on earth that only a woman knows when that you are fulfilling your destiny.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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