Freedom:—What is freedom? A word repeated ad nauseam. And yet everyone is shocked, shocked!, when she realizes that the Arabs and the Muslims have an entirely different understanding of the word freedom. What is freedom? No one dares to utter the all apparent truth, as everything else is under the dome of Roman Empire. To speak the truth is to be chastised, through alienation, imprisonment, torture and death, being committed to a mental asylum or being ostracized as “ignorant” (ignorant of what?) and ultimately thorough reeducation and lobotomy until one is a mere shadow of one’s former self, nothing but a drooling vegetable, incapacitated, and dis-invigorated; and to lie, on the other hand, is to be honest and truthful: thus speaks the state—and no less than the most powerful state entity on earth that speaks, and who dares to disagree, to be nailed to the cross, thrown onto the pyre and burned alive like a witch in Puritan New England.

Freedom is submission. Freedom is tyranny, is realizing one’s order of rank and to submit to the higher will. For Muslims, their freedom is to serve Allah, and for Christians, their freedom is obey the words of God, and for western liberal progressives, their freedom is to mindlessly repeat:”we are all equal. We are all equal. We are all equal. Racism is bad. Sexism is bad. Discrimination is bad. Freedom is a human right of everyone.” Anyone dare to disagree! Freedom is to force everyone in the world to submit to your will, which you preach with the same Evangelical zealotry that you did 200 years ago, and everyone to be mindlessly and tirelessly enslaved by your mind-forged manacles and forced to repeat:”I am free!” Freedom is slavery.

Your freedom forces your enemy to become your slaves, yet at the same time being called brave, “good”, and emancipated. Yes! I am so free! I am finally free now to adopt to your world values, to practice your religion or to join your secular progressive utopia and to be free!, to become a slave to your world order of “against tyranny, against dictatorship”, freedom for everyone, democracy or tolerance for all, “say no to racism”, (and dare anyone ask, what is racism?), and finally, repeat!, I am free! Free to join, to love, not hate (whoever on earth first invented the fission of love and hate deserves a Nobel prize in physics!), to celebrate, to strive for freedom for all. Free! Free at last, free at last!

Tortured soul, injured soul, tamed soul—you call freed, liberated, emancipated soul.

Equality and freedom are inherently good, never bad; equality and freedom are something that all human beings were universally born to pursue, to strive, to yearn for; those are ordained by God, a Christian God no less, a Jesus or a Paul perhaps, laying tributes to the corpse of your God. Alas, thought crime now I commit. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts. How dare a slave to question your wisdom.

Examples of freedom

The self imposed censorship, the politically correct mind forged manacles, the implicitly assumed Christian moral value judgement disguised as western secular progressivism, the mind bugling laws and ethics, and all the social engineering and mind control, you know, just your typical freedoms.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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