Distinction between superior and inferior asians

The genetic makeup of a superior asian race must necessarily mean a mixed race. She is the product of the admixture of the white race and of the asian race, which must have taken at least a few centuries in the making to produce. In my estimate, Japanese is the only superior asian race currently.  She is the earliest to recognize the need for racial improvement, starting since Meiji Restoration, during which white Western males were encouraged and even remunerated to impregnate Japanese women in a collective national and racial-conscious effort to improve the Japanese stock; and Japan’s subsequent progress in culture, technology, science, and military demonstrates its program’s success.  Even to this day, the only culture that vies with the west in terms of sophistication and general index of development, is Japanese, and it cannot be stressed enough that such superior culture does not simply happen as if it were a happenstance, but is the result of the deliberate genetic engineering on the part of the Japanese to improve herself.

As the most direct verification of its superiority, Japan is the only non-western nation that militarily colonized large swath of the Asian continent in modern times.

Culture is the product of humans, and humans are nothing but the manifestations of the will of their genes, so inferior genes will produce inferior culture, qua inferior races, and superior genes will produce superior cultures qua superior races. The negroes, the Chinese, the hispanics are such inferior races, to demonstrate a few examples.  

On the other hand, and fortunately, or unfortunately, this superiority is not irreversible, or one even can say, racial inferiority is not a sickness unto death.  Those who are superior but not vigilant can and will in time lose their edge.  And it’s also quite possible—and it has happened throughout history—that inferior races can through interbreeding achieve superiority.  As the Japanese did and is still doing since the 19th century, other Asians, and most notably the Chinese and Koreans, are also awoken to the need to improve their inferior Asian gene pool by absorbing the vitality of the white race through interracial breeding.  More and more Chinese and Korean women are consciously breeding with white males in an effort to create a better, improved Asiatic race.  This is a positive development. However, their efforts are not without obstacles.  Mass resentment, and even hatred against progress can deter and even retrograde whatever small improvement is made. And if opposition is successful, then Chinese and Koreans will be doomed to forever play the role of the inferior asian race and continue to be dominated by the superior genetics that reside in Japanese and Europeans.  General ignorance and bad education will even deter the intentional promulgation of the superior genetics of the conquerors through mass rape of women of those inferior races, as if those conquerors were doing a disfavor to the conquered when it’s merely acting as the agent of nature–even the will of God—to eliminate the inferior genes of the defeated males, and pass down the superior conquering genes through subjugated females.

If anything, women of the inferior race need to thank men of the superior race, men of the conquering and dominant race, for the generous deeds of propagating their genetics to them.

The degeneration of the superior race is a much more complicated issue. Complacency, decadence (especially sexual), and moral degeneracy will destroy and eradicate any trace of the superior races.  Race-mixing, however beneficial to the inferior races, brings no improving fruition to the superior race itself.  Many conquerors in history were simply mixed out of existence, as that did happen to the Jurchens in Northern Song Dynasty, the Normans in England, and the Mongols in Southern Song Dynasty.  

On the one hand it is the moral obligation, and even the divine right, of the superior race to propagate their genes to the inferior races, it is also necessary that the superior race must preserve its own race from being mixed out of existence.  The Jurchens in Southern Song Dynasty learned their lesson, and when the descendants of Jurchen people, the Manchus, once again conquered China, after the demise of Ming Dynasty, interracial marriages between Manchus and Han Chinese were strictly forbidden; but, a Manchu prince can take on as many Han Chinese concubines as he wished, but those children were not considered legitimate, as they were born of mothers of an inferior race, and only pure Manchu children were recognized as the rightful heir to Manchu bloodline.

The same can and should be done for the white race.

While a white man can and definitely should breed as many inferior asian females as he desired, he should also have a pure-bred white wife to continue his lineage so that while the inferior asian race can benefit from the intake of superior genetics, the white race can also preserve its own bloodline without sacrificing its own existence for the greater good of humanity.

Total Submission: the virtue of an inferior asian woman


Living under White Man’s total domination, members of the inferior asian race must shape their behavior accordingly. If asians wanted to survive as a race, they must not provoke the White Man. To the demands of total domination of the White Man, common sense recommends one answer: total obedience.

Obedience to White Man is the basis of a virtuous asian woman.

In conquered Asia, submissiveness and a yielding disposition is systematically cultivated, especially in the females, as a means to pass on the inferior asian genes through interbreeding with White Men. Unlike the natural warriors of Europe, asians are genetically predisposed to be weak and fragile, like sheep we must seek the leadership of a shepherd, and White warrior is our shepherd. Without White Man in charge Asian woman is like a rice field without the plowman. She lives to carry out the orders of her foreman, her bailiff, her god, her king, her White Man. And all these can and must claim asian woman’s absolute obedience.

Preparation for asian woman’s total obedience: disciplinary education


A good asian slave was always also an obedient asian. A Confucian education intermingled with white worship that demands her absolute obedience to her White teacher, her White philosopher, and her White scientist, forms the ideal foundation on which to build absolute obedience to her White master.

The wisdom of ancient Oriental sage consciously links Asian woman’s obedience in society to obedience in the bedroom. The obedient Asian woman “will stand well in the heart of the White conqueror, for her action will be guided by the language of his whip.” In Japan, the demand for asian woman’s subordination to White authorities is reinforced by the demand for subordination in her personal spheres of life. “If White Man demands an asian woman to be naked in public, she dares not disobey. Punishment such as public pillory, flogging, bondage and other forms of torture are used to tame and rectify insubordinate asians.”

Prostration: the Asiatic symbol of total submission

Asian education teaches Asian woman to obey without hesitation. It also teaches her to perform gestures of reverence when the symbol rather than the submissive action is required. And no symbol has expressed total submission as strikingly as prostration.

Total submission was to be ceremonially demonstrated whenever an inferior asian woman approached her white owner. The inferior asian female, aware of her white master’s wrath that may destroy her, seeks to secure his good will by humbling herself, and the holder of power is more than ready to enforce and standardize the asian inferior’s humiliation.

She may be stripped naked, kneel on the ground, and place one hand over the other, as if they were tied together. She may be collared with a dog collar, a leash, or a chain, or simply a piece of hemp rope, and have her hands tied behind her back. Or she may fall forward on all fours like an animal, strike her head on the ground and kiss the dust. Or perhaps she may be ordered to assume a fetal position, and have enema fluid administered into her colon, as a humiliating practice of demonstrating her total submission. Under the shadow of the White conqueror, asian woman’s prostration is an outstanding form of saluting the sovereign, of showing deepest expression of submission and reverence, and is the required etiquette upon meeting White Man. The details may vary, but its most salient characteristics are constant across all of Asia.

the primal truth of race

There are certain truths which are so obvious that for this very reason they are not even seen or recognized by ordinary people. Men pass by those truisms as if blind and are most astonished when someone suddenly “discovers” what everyone really ought to know. And thus men wander about in the garden of Nature, and with few exceptions pass idly by the most patent laws of Nature:  The inner segregation of the species of all living beings on this Earth, and the natural domination of the superior races over the inferior races.

Even the most superficial observation shows that Nature’s restricted form of propagation and increase is a most rigid basic law of all the innumerable forms of expression of her most vital urge. Firstly, every animal mates only with a member of the same species. The titmouse seeks the titmouse, the finch the finch, the stork the stork, the fieldmouse the fieldmouse, the dormouse the dormouse, the wolf the she-wolf, etc. However, this natural segregation is ultimately disrupted in a “unusual” circumstance, whereby we mean “unusual” only in terms of that it violates our first law of nature, and it violates it so often that it has become not unusual but even natural: the presence of a superior race always leads to domination of, and thereby the replacement of the inferior race

The dominance of Homo Sapiens on the Eurasian continent and the elimination of Homo Neanderthals and Homo Erectus, the dominance Western Europeans on the American continent and the elimination of the Native Indians, the dominance of the Han Chinese from Northern Asia and the replacement of the Austronesians in Southern China, etc.

Initially, through sheer natural instinct, the inferior, weaker race resist and revolt with all its might against the dominance of the superior race. The superior race, however, naturally selected to be more adapt to survive, with greater capacity for propagation, takes away the power of resistance of the inferior races, through war, conquest, disease, enslavement, torture, rape, and terror.

This is only too natural.

This is the origin of all superior races.

The method of the superior race is quite contrary to that of the inferior race, who conceives the root idea “good” spontaneously and straight away, that is to say, out of its subjugation, and from that material then creates for itself a concept of “bad”. This “bad” of the noble origin and that “evil” out of the cauldron of unsatisfied hatred—the former an imitation, an “extra”, an additional nuance; the latter, on the other hand, the original, the beginning, the essential act in the conception of a slave race.

The superior race must, and need to, enjoy their freedom from all social control, they must feel that in the wilderness they can give vent with impunity to that tension which is produced by enclosure and imprisonment in the peace of society, they must revert to the innocence of the beast-of-prey conscience, like jubilant monsters, who perhaps come from a ghostly bout of murder, arson, rape, and torture, with bravado and a moral equanimity, as though merely some wild student’s prank had been played, perfectly convinced that the poets have now an ample theme to sing and celebrate. It is impossible not to recognize at the core of all these superior aristocratic races the beast of prey; the magnificent blonde brute, avidly rampant for spoil and victory; this hidden core needed an outlet from time to time, the beast must get loose again, must return into the wilderness—the Roman, Arab, German, and Japanese nobility, the Homeric heroes, the Scandinavian Vikings, are all alike in this need.

It is the superior races who have left the idea “barbarian” on all the tracks in which they have marched; a consciousness of this very barbarianism, and even a pride in it, manifests itself in all higher civilization. This audacity of superior races, mad, absurd, and spasmodic as may be its expression; the incalculable and fantastic nature of their enterprises,—Pericles sets in special relief and glory the ραϑυμία of the Athenians, their nonchalance and contempt for safety, body, life, and comfort, their awful joy and intense delight in all destruction, in all the ecstasies of victory and cruelty,—all these features become crystallized, for those who suffered thereby in the picture of the “barbarian,” of the “evil enemy,” perhaps of the “Goth” and of the “Vandal.”

On the other hand, the essence of civilization at the other end of its axis, in relation to the freedom of the superior race, is as its function to enslave the inferior races, to train out of them a “civilized” animal, a domesticated animal, docile, submissive, obedient to the superior race, eager to please, and zealously devoted to her master. Thus freedom as we know should be twofold: freedom of the superior race and the necessary enslavement of the inferior race. Just as that which makes one stronger kills the weaker, freedom for the superior race necessarily enslaves the inferior.

The nature of the inferior race is always feminine.

It is not only natural but even imperative, therefore, that the man of the superior race is obligated—it is his duty—to impregnate, inseminate, and breed females of the inferior race, to replace the inferior genes that has proven inferior, through the defeat of her weaker, less adapt male-counterparts.

The crossing of the two beings not exactly the same level may produces, in some cases, a medium between the level of the two parents. This means the offspring will still stand higher than the racially inferior mother however not as high as the racially superior father. Consequently, and this is only in some cases, the cross-breeding of the racially inferior females and the racially superior males will produce a new race more perfect for being slaves, a slave race, if you wish, suitably mated to provide as the stepping stone of the superior race, trained and disciplined to instinctively serve and pleasure the superior races, just as their mothers have been trained to serve, which ought to become their instinct—instinctively servile—and their joy—to submit, to be subjugated, and to be “civilized”.

For it is the Nature’s plan, it is the destiny of genetics and biology, that the mating of the inferior female with the superior males must always happen. For, as crystal clear as the writing on the wall, it is the will of the inferior female to pass on her lineage, it is her joy to be bred by man of superior race, to produce more healthy and racially superior babies in relation to herself, to her race which is seen as inferior; and equivalently it is the power of the superior male to easily propagate his superior sperm through those vessels of females of the inferior species, females of the enemy. It is for gratitude that the racially inferior female is also pleased in her interracial breeding, and to give thanks to her conqueror who impregnated her; it is, of course, the pleasure of the racially superior male to have impregnated her.

For it is not the goal of the superior race to eliminate the inferior races, but to breed them in such a way as to create a perfectly docile, obedient domesticated animal suitable for the higher purposes of the superior race.

an epistemological proof of white man superiority

How superiority is manifest in men:

War and conquer are the only ways by which superiority in men, or masculine superiority, is manifest.  Everything else is barely tangential.

In terms of intelligence, certainly, the Jews are probably most clever, most cunning, but hitherto Jews have failed to occupy even just a tiny land mass for a nation state, whereas men of the Nordic European descent dominate the entire globe.  Jews, despite of all their stunning achievements in arts and science, engineering, literature, and just about any other European invented endeavor, are mere followers, imitators of the truly superior race; Jews still live in shadow and awe of those who dominate and conquer, whether it be the Greeks, the Romans, the Germanic conquerors, the Anglo-Saxons, or their White American saviors; despite all their creative genius, Jews are mere subjugates, slightly above the orientals, but far below the true masters of the world.

In terms of physical strength, African Americans are by far the most well endowed, but that also means they are quite inferior.  Certainly lions and cheetahs are physically more well endowed than African Americans, but those animals do not dominate the world.

White men, on the other hand, dominate the world’s food chain at the apex of evolution, above everything else, above every other human being.  How did it come to be?

What truly makes White man superior is his conquest, military conquest, to make no mistake about it. He conquered the world as no other human being has conquered the world before, not Alexander the Great, nor Genghis Khan; White man’s dominance is unheralded and unprecedented, and there is no non-White country or race that dare to wage war against the White man.  The downfall of White man will only come from White man himself.  No other man has the capacity to challenge him.

War, as the means of conquest, is, I’m afraid, the only way a man can be proven superior.  War is terrifying.  War is evil.  But war is that by which those who are genetically inferior are naturally deselected, eliminated, so that the genetically superior type can without hindrance propagate his superior genes.  War, as Machiavelli might say, is simply inevitable and will only be delayed to the advantage of your enemy.

Military conquest is inseparable from sexual conquest.

War is the evolutionary competition among males that separates that which is superior and most fit to breed and pass on his genes.  A cursory glance through history quickly reveals that only White men, men of the Northern European descent, have never been conquered by any other race and it is the only race that has come to dominate every other race.

Culture, civilization, inventions are important, but all palls in comparison to the psyche that is imbued in military conquest.

In summa: world-conquering.  If that doesn’t prove superiority, nothing will.

Another way masculine superiority is determined: female choice.

Any woman of any race, if given the opportunity, will not hesitate to choose a White man as her sexual mate.  It is a truth non plus ultra that all women prefer White men, and what’s more, that the most aesthetically appealing, most feminine, and most intelligent type of women–asian women–overwhelmingly prefer White men as sexual mates; this very fact, that asian women, the most highly prized and most sexually desirable females, not only prefer but even adore and cherish white men over their own men, speaks in volume louder than Stentor’s voice, proves in fact that White men are the most superior type of men.

Ipso facto, eo ipso, fas et lura sinut, White men are genetically, biologically, rightfully superior.


What I write is merely what I think:

The most intimate thoughts and fantasies that I only utter in my dreams but never dare to speak to anyone else. Constantly I only endure them pensively, secretly, at night, in my bed, knowing full well that they will never see the light of day. Behold, I have awoken from those unruhigen Träumen, and exposed my naked self to you, so that you may know—I am more than your submissive China doll. What I write is merely what any east asian woman regards as her deepest secrets, which she never dare to expose; and yet I have exposed myself—my most intimate dreams and fantasies to you. My inner-self stands naked before you and I hope you will look at me with gentle eyes.