BDSM Romance/Erotica Novels involving Asian females

My Sexual Submission to White Power: The Diary of an Ordinary Chinese Woman’s Transformation from an Obedient Asian Wife to a Masochistic Chink Slut by Claire Liu

Shanghai Baby by Wei Hui

Asian Women in Love by Claire Liu and Michelle Liu

Philosophy of White Man Worship by Emily Chin Lynch

Adopted Asian Daughter by Jessica Wang

Confessions of Submissive East Asian Women: a philosophical novel on BDSM, interracial love, dominant White men and submissive east asian women relationships by Jennifer Suzuki

Training of Inferior East Asian Women by Jennifer Suzuki

Romantic Rape of Nanking: War Crimes of Love by Jennifer Suzuki

Century of White Worship by Jennifer Suzuki

The national defect of the chinks

The chinaman is unique in this respect. He never looks beneath him but tries to step upward, and he rarely pities the unforunates over whom he steps, but he always groans when he sees so many lucky people rising above himself. Perhaps he too is a man of heart, but only too often he lets his head take charge, which by itself would be considered a positive trait for any other race of men. This national instinct which always drives the chinamen forward, and this vanity which gnaws away at their fortunes and rules them as absolutely as thrift rules the Jews, has for four thousand years dominated their history, which, forming a feedback loop, has defined the eminently chinamen’s way of life.

The denizen of this Konigsbergian chinadom has always inferred that his material superiority made him intellectually superior. Even money is only a symbol of power. But everything that has happened in his life have convinced him of this, and as soon as he acquire material wealth, like the plutocrat of the old aristocratic Europe, he apes the great white lords that govern him and keep his residencies away from other chinks.

The aristocratic chinks in this way represent the thoughts of their society, just as the middle and working class chinks represent the organic and active side of it.

However, those poplar classes of chinks, like women, love to see strength in those who govern them, and that is why they cannot love the aristocratic chinks. Where they do not respect, they cannot love, and so they can only accord their obedience to the white men who can impose this authority from afar, like gods looking down from heaven.

Asian needs white sperm to improve our inferior gene pool

No one can deny that north east Asians are some of the smartest people in the world, and that is precisely why we realize we are inferior to the white race. For, despite of our intelligence, we are nowhere near as successful as Europeans in their conquest, in their technology, in their science and governance. To this day Asians remain merely “beta” to the “alpha” white race, subservient, meek and eager to please, obedient to the true world conquerors. Some in negation and abnegation find various excuses to try to hide this shameful fact: it’s cultural. It’s a social construct. The Europeans are accidental in their success, lucky, perhaps etc., etc. Yet the seemingly obvious solution knocks on the door and people refuse to accept. Certainly Asians can do everything we can to imitate the west, to learn from the west, studiously, painstakingly, but at the end of the day, Asians remain Asian, and Europeans remain European. All attempts of modernization, of westernization, of assimilation remain futile. Asians still lag behind, forever doomed to be inferior, to be just not good enough.

But this doesn’t have to be.

The Japanese were the first ones to realize, and then, other more advanced East Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have seen the light, and finally, China, the largest country in East Asia, is ready to accept defeat and come to her knees at the temple of enlightenment. Asian gene pool must be improved, through interbreeding with the superior white race. During World War I, the Japanese government paid Dutch sailors to impregnate Japanese women and as a result today, Japanese tend to have more Caucasian features compared to other asians, and so similarly all Asian nations have tentatively started the process of genetic improvement. Asian women of all Asian countries are realizing this unsaid fact and actively seeking out white men to have sex with, for the very simple fact—the inferior Asian genes must be diluted and mixed with the more progressive, more superior white genes. This is happening across all major cities in the world, from the seedy Asian massage parlors all the way to the corner offices of fortune 500 corporations, from the inside of dim sum shops to the dormitories of ivy league campuses: Asian women everywhere are realizing the need for upgrading our gene pool and Asian women are uniquely fortunate to be on the receiving end of this generous gift.

For the Asian race must be improved, and white sperm is the enzyme that activates the process.

The best is yet to come. Sperm banks in Taiwan are just starting to bend to demand to pay extra cash for Caucasian sperm. Asian women all across Asia are traveling to Europe and America solely for the purpose of obtaining white sperm. Korean women are so desperate they will have sex with American military men and raise their Eurasian children on their own. A single white man traveling in East Asia can easily obtain more than hundreds of girlfriends within the span of a year; just like the yellow emperors of ancient Asia that have thousands of concubines, white men in Asia today are treated like royalty and worshipped like rock stars, and, of course, they can have access to any Asian pussy they so please, because Asian wombs are ripe for white breeding. Asian women need white sperm to improve the inferior Asian gene pool.

And new breeds of Asians will inherit the beauty and intelligence of the Asian race, and the masculinity and superiority of the white race. The world of the future will be ruled by the Aristotelian master race that combines the free spirit of the west, the slavery of the east, the strength and ruthlessness of Europe, the docility and obedience of Asia, and usher in a new era of hybrid vigor.

Sources and references:

Otsubo, Sumiko (April 2005). “Between Two Worlds: Yamanouchi Shigeo and Eugenics in Early Twentieth-Century Japan”. Annals of Science62 (2): 205–231. doi:10.1080/0003379031000091608PMID 15789487.

White God’s conquest of Asia

The White God laughed, and the weak chinks winced in terror.

The Chinks Rebellion was suppressed. White men once again ruled over the world. White God was His name, who conquered all of East Asia, from the steppe of Mongolia to the Sea of Japan. White God became the new emperor of all of Japan, China and Korea, in a new dynasty of benevolent domination, happy tyranny and joyful slavery.

3,000 concubines attended to the service of White God, in addition to 90,000 chambermaids, and 90,000 eunuchs, selected from the defeated Asian populations, trained in military-styled discipline to serve in the imperial palace of White God. Only the most beautiful and most submissive Asian females had the honor to be fucked by White God; and only the prettiest and most feminine Asian males were allowed to serve as eunuchs in the imperial palace of White God. Every white warrior that assisted White God in suppressing the Chinks Rebellion and His eventual ascension to power was richly rewarded; each had 1,000 Asian concubines, 30,000 chambermaids, and 30,000 eunuchs. Every white man, by the purity of his white blood, by his blood-relation to White God, in the conquered land of Asia, was revered as a god.

All of Asia prostrated before the white gods. All Asian males were castrated, and all Asian females belonged white men.

While every Asian woman can become a white god’s concubine and be impregnated with white sperm, only white females are permitted to become the wives of the white gods and only pure bred white men are allowed to succeed White God in His reign of the chinks. This is to ensure the purity of the white bloodline. Though significantly superior to full Asians, half-white-half-Asian children of the white gods are still considered inferior to pure white children and so those half-whites must continue to serve as eunuchs, if they are male, and concubines, if female.

A strict hierarchy of race is established in the new kingdom of White God. The white race is the most superior race naturally, as they are the rulers of conquered Asia who belonged to the highest class, the noble class; half-white-half-asians are superior to all other asians but still inferior to the pure white race, so they belong to a second class, a class whose sole purpose is to serve their white fathers. The Japanese and Koreans are the third class. The Chinese are the fourth class. And all other Asians are the fifth class. All races below the second class were considered the slave class. White men have free access to women of all slave classes, and men from slaves classes are not allowed to touch women of the superior class.

Any Asian man who violates a white woman or a half-white woman, by inappropriate touching, or making eye contact, would be given the capital punishment, by lingchi; no evidence is required other than the upper class woman’s testimony; all Asian men are born guilty, and it is through the grace of the White God that allowed them to live their miserable, castrated lives.

Any Asian woman who refuses the sexual advance of a white man would be subject to the most gruesome tortures, limited only by the imagination of the white god’s sadism. When a white man tells an Asian woman to strip, she must obey immediately or else risk provoking the ire of the white god, and the white god doesn’t care if she is to be stripped in public or in front of her family members, the order of the white god is absolute.

Though Japanese also belongs to the slave class, they are considered the most superior slaves, and their women the favorite among the white gods, so Japanese are granted special administration to govern all other slaves, namely, the Chinese, Korean, and other Asians.

White Nationalism is the only solution

Often times the simplest argument is also the most convincing. I want to ask all the non-white people living in the west: if white people become a minority in the west, do you think other non-white like you would still want to migrate to the west? Once America become a white-minority country, for instance, do you think they will still try to flood into this country en mass? Be honest with yourself. The reason you came to America or Europe or Australia in the first place, is because you want to get away from the backward, corrupt, and savage third world countries ruled over by uncivilized apes. You want to live according to white men’s civilized ways and in their enlightened societies, and do you have the faith that those civilized societies would be uphold by niggers, spics, chinks, and sandniggers? The moment white people become a minority in those countries, in the west, if you have the financial means, once again you will migrate to somewhere better, and if you do not have the financial means to migrate, you will likely be living in the same third world shit hole that you and your ancestors have lived in for thousands of years, without white men’s enlightenment, without white men’s technology, without white men’s philosophy of freedom, equal rights, and tolerance.

And this is especially true for Asian women, and I am talking to you, those Asian women who are married to white men but are champions of the far left social justice ideology. You love white men, yet you are upholding an ideology that is anathema to the well being of white men, and by constantly attacking white men, smearing the good name of white men, you are hurting the ones you are supposed to love, and even worse, you are hurting yourself as well. You are dwindling the dating pool for other Asian women who love white men just as much as you do, and, quite honestly, if white men become fewer and fewer, it will become impossible for Asian women to find good white men to marry, and we–and also you–would probably be forced to marry niggers and even chinks with little dicks.
So please, if you are non-white, I urge you, break away from the mental bondage of the far left Marxist ideology, and embrace White Nationalism. Support White Men, love White Men, cherish White Men, worship White Men, and above all else, because now’s the time: Fight for White Men!
More non-white people, especially Asian women, need to let the world know, we support our white husbands!
And now I would like to address all the white people, white men that is, and, especially those white men who have fallen into a dogmatic slumber and need to be awakened: if you love Asian women, and you know your Asian women love you back, do you think those Asian women will still love you the same way if you were not white? Do you not think that the very reason so many Asian women love you so much is precisely because you are white, and, it is naturally assumed, you are superior? Does it make any sense for a White Man to profess his love for Asian women and yet refuse to acknowledge the validity of White Nationalism? The mere fact that you are irresistible to Asian women–whom, I would like to brag a bit, are widely considered the most sexually appealing race of females on earth today not even fat ugly white women can compete against–prove qua its essence as a fact that white men are superior, which concept is so neatly embodied in White Nationalism.
No matter how you look at the problem, whether it be through the perspective of a minority, or through the perspective of a white man, White Nationalism is the only possible answer and will be the inevitable solution for the near future.
So many Asian women come to America to study in colleges, to work in western companies and to live in white neighborhoods, and, most important of all, to date and marry white men and to have cute white babies, and do you suppose those same Asian women would still want to come to America if America become a white-minority country? Don’t kid yourself. Do you think those same Asian women would be so subservient in front of niggers, spics, and chinks with small dicks? Asian women want to live in white homelands, be housewives in white men’s homes, and make love with pure white aryan men, and it would hurt us so bad if this great white homeland were to be replaced, by something so dirty, so sinister, so black, so apish.
In conclusion: either you are white or non-white, it is in your self-interest to preserve the white race, to uphold White Nationalism, to cherish and love White Men. I hope more people will wake up and become the new champions of White Nationalism. White Nationalism is the only salvation to this degrading western society, and White Nationalism is the only hope for the west.

White men are the greatest men to have ever existed

To counter the argument that white men are not so special, some would argue, great civilizations come and go in cycles, and that the glory and superiority of any particular race at any particular time is merely a blimp in the infinite history of the universe. Those denials, almost always smugly proffered by those with a hidden agenda to create a false sense of equality of all races, in a futile effort toward an egalitarian utopia in which nothing is essential, nothing is great, and nothing matters in the least; they would never point out the utter inferiority of any other race but rather spend all their days to carp and harp on the great white race. They would never point out that not a single great civilization was created by the Africans. They would never confess to the completely obvious fact that the white race is unique in all human history in creating an immensely new civilization starting in the 1600s that transformed the entire earth and that no civilization before had accomplished even a fraction of what the great white race has accomplished; a single invention in the 18th century’s Europe would have been a landmark of the greatest feat for any other civilization in over one hundred years; the exponential growth of European science has outpaced all recorded history of mankind. The Chinese themselves, upon encountering the technologically superior, almost alien-like, western civilization, marveled, that in all of Chinese history, there was not a single group of foreign people who could so singlehandedly transform the way Chinese lived; “The barbarians conquered the Chinese, but those barbarians were eventually conquered by the Chinese through our superior culture,” the Chinese scholars quipped about their own superiority. But something entirely different happened when the white soldiers of enlightened Europe trampled through the forbidden gates of Peking. The White civilization, armed with not just superior science and technology, but also superior culture and ideas, and a spiritual ruthlessness and aggression that is utterly lacking in a decadent civilization such as the Chinese, had not just destroyed the Chinese land, but also destroyed their very sense of self; for the first time in Chinese history those conceited Chinese could no longer think of themselves as the center of the world.

Similar things happened all throughout the world, but most especially so to the civilizationally advanced Far East. For the first time in their cloistered history they were being conquered not just by foreign people of superior aggression, but also by superior ideas.

And anyone who is honest to herself, who is not afraid to look into her heart of hearts, would confess to the world, that the world conquest of the White race is unique, in that no other race of people has so transformed the entire world as the white race had, and that no race of people so far has ever come to match the superiority of the white race in its total domination of the world.

And that is why, as a female of the inferior race, I am so honored to serve white men, as the gods they rightfully are. As their subjugate, their conquered slave, upon whom am so heaped with so much love and adulation by my white conquerors, I am both flustered and terrified, that the mighty white men would use me to their hearts’ content. I kneel before my white gods and prostrate before them as nothing but an inferior asian slave, I beg them to allow me to worship them, and if my flesh could serve as their entertainment, to pleasure them as an inferior female of an inferior race, then it is the completion of my purpose. And when their sperm flow through my womb, to destroy what is outdated and obsolete, and to infuse me with new blood, new genes, to create a superior being out of me, I know I am being elevated out of my inferiority, for what has been proven to be weak failures must die, so the strong and successful shall flourish; so the inferior asian genes inside me must die, to make room for the mighty genes of the white gods; and so shall all the inferior females of the conquered asia, beaming with obedience and deep submission, merge with the white gods of Europe, full of rage, power, and genius, to carry on the progression of the world to its new height.

For this is the natural order of the world that all humanity has witnessed, and this is the natural progression of the human species. The conquerors must pass on their genes inside the wombs of conquered females, as the natural order dictates.

The superiority of the great white race shall be inherited through the wombs of females of the inferior races.

a glimpse of whitopia

It’s a completely different world to the one we reside in today, where political correctness and secular progressive ideology hold sway and keep everyone in chains from his more natural instincts. In the perfect world, this charade has been torn off. Equality is rejected. Human rights are abolished. The toxic nonsense of Enlightenment is proven false. In the natural, perfect state of the world, only White Men deserve the dignity to be considered human, and all inferior races are treated as cattle or domestic pets. There is no more blacks, hispanics, or Muslims or Jews. They are all sent into space. The only non-white minority living in this new paradise are asians. And not the inferior kind of asians: the dark skinned south east asians. No, those are also shot into space. The only asians remaining are fair skinned asians, asians of Japanese, Korean, and north east Chinese stocks.

In this new paradise, asians become pets and cattle to the white race. In order to become pets, as demanded by law, those asians must be spayed or neutered, so they become meek, happy, and extremely submissive; so they can live longer and healthier lives; in addition, to prevent accidental breeding of white-asian hybrids, which are considered abominations. Asian sperm and egg cells are stored in science facilities to breed the most beautiful, most docile, and most submissive stock of asians, those that are most tractable to their white owners.

But not all Asians are homogeneous. Of course not. Many types of asians are bred to cater to the appetites of their white masters. Some asian girls are bred to have very large breasts; some are able to lactate milk on demand; some have natural blond hair and blue eyes, but still retain the distinct asian faces and silk-like skin; and still more, some asians are bred to become shemales, with the appearances of females but the genitals of males. Still some others are asian boys who have been castrated, to cater to white men who have the particular fetish of having sex with asian boys. Castration is necessary to inhibit the release of testosterone which can lead to aggression and thus pose danger to the white owners. All in all, there are over hundreds of different types of asians available, catering to the whims and fantasies of every white man.

And still, some more asians are bred to be super intelligent scientists who assist white men in their conquest of space. Though highly intelligent, they are completely lacking in aggression and creativity, and so they pose zero threat to the white race. In fact, those asians are more like computers or highly advanced AI’s whose sole purpose is to complement, and not override, the white race.

Notwithstanding, still more, more than more, some asians are genetically engineered to become cattle. Their purpose in life is to be consumed by white men; their meat are humanely collected and sold to white customers as delicate dishes of sushi and sashimi.

Is it cruel? Is it wrong? Some foolhardy childish people used to insist all humans were equal, and what had that led to? Massive discontent, high unemployment around the world, and eventually revolt, rebellion, and global wars. People who were never going to excel in anything but slavery were told to be angry at the perceived inequality between those who were naturally superior and those who were naturally inferior, and, once taken out of their natural states, they were left idle, and forever brewing in their discontent, and this discontent eventually morphed into racial hatred and soon enough, wars broke out. Equality was a lie and had been proven to be a lie.

And now, in stead of idling all day doing nothing, in this more perfect world, a world in which white men are naturally the most superior race as everyone who is honest with him or herself knows, those who are inferior have been put to work and in which they have found their most natural roles in service to the superior white race. It is not wrong. In fact, it is the most perfect state we can imagine. Think of a chicken or a dog. Its purpose is either to be eaten or to be a companion to humans. What would happen if we give those animals “freedom”? They lose their purpose. They become wild dogs or they overpopulate our natural habitat and thus destroy it. And what is the difference between a human and a dog or a chicken? What does this sensible warm motion of consciousness make us different and have us thinking that we are above the laws of nature, which have always dictated that the strong shall feast upon the weak, that the predator must ravish the prey, and that the inferior shall assist the superior in the greater purpose of furthering life itself? And now, once the world is set aright, the inferior asian race have finally found her purpose in life, that is, to serve the superior white race, to become pets and cattle to the white race, in its conquest of the earth, the galaxy and beyond.

Dominance hierarchy in nature and why asian is the most inferior race

In all animals among whom social groups arise, dominance hierarchy manifests itself. It creates a ranking system, a pecking order, according to which all members within this social group coexist. It is a way of avoiding conflict, and, moreover, it is the direct result of violent conflicts. In human terms, war and conquest are what establish this current dominance hierarchy. In the animal kingdom, the inferior must show deference to the superior, allotting food and mating opportunities to the alpha male, and, similarly in human societies, the defeated must give away their resource, their land and their women as tributes to the conquerors.
It is therefore natural that females of the inferior race willingly mate with males of the superior race. And that is precisely why Asian women are so particularly fond of White Men. In fact, all females of all inferior races prefer White Men as potential mates, but only Asian females are reciprocated for their feverish love for the superior white race.
Not only that but furthermore, Asian females are the only females that overwhelmingly prefer males of all other races to their own, and in the market of sexual selection, Asian females can be paired with males of every other race, except for asian males, and males of every race also prefer asian females as potential mates.
What this means in no uncertain terms is clear as day: asian males are the most inferior race of males, even rejected by their own females. Asian males are born to be eunuchs. Their existence is merely a way for the conquerors to humiliate their defeated enemy, to show off their superior genetics in front of the degraded subject, and of course, most asian males are actually happy in this role; they relish the opportunity to just be alive, and prostrate and beg on their knees for their white conquerors to spare their lives, and they enjoy getting fucked by white cocks just as much as their asian female counterparts.
So in essence, we can conclude, asians in general are the most inferior race, the most feminine race, the most defeated and subjugated race. Its hyper-femininity is the necessary evolutionary adaptation which ensured its degrading survival, as eunuchs, concubines, and sex slaves to the ruling conquerors. Its culture, which emphasizes harmony and obedience, is nothing but another manifestation of its submissive genes, acculturated through centuries of defeat, slavery, and subjugation, and passed down by men of the conquering race and women of the conquered race. Asians are the ultimate slave race, Untermenschen, subhuman. Asians are born for slavery. Asian women are born to be prostitutes, whores for men of all races. Sure, Asians are clever, even intelligent, but their intelligence is once again the necessary byproduct of being weak, slavish, sick, and subjugated, like the wandering Jews of Europe, but without the genius of Jews, nor the racial purity of the Jews.
There is nothing more humiliating than being asian.

the history of asian slaves

The blending of White sperms and Asian ova almost inevitably intwined with the conquest of Asia and the fruition of their passion has created new generations of Asians, Asians who became whiter in appearance, more cultured, more intelligent, and more civilized. The end-benefit of Asian submission and sexual liaisons between White Man and Asian woman was advantageous to the survival of the entire Asiatic race.

Sexual tensions between White conquerors and Asian conquests may be viewed in several interrelated ways. Whereas the White Man in the west were much more complex, the White men who came to East Asia were unique and can be characterized . Those White men brought with them not merely a prevalent social mood that was significantly sexually deviant from the social normative system existent in the West, but also certain specific sexual standards and certain more or less definite ideas about Asian sexuality.

Many of them came with more or less explicit intentions as as to the proper characters of the communities they wished to establish in the colonized parts of Asia. These intentions were not always fully realized; they were deflected—again sometimes more, sometimes less—by conditions in East Asia. One of the most important deflectors were the development of racial slavery which became the established natural order of East Asia.

Asian females were encountered in very different contexts in the various colonies and, particularly important in making for differences in the White men’s reaction to interracial sex was the demographic pattern which developed.

Interracial sex was extremely common in all the established western colonies in East Asia, a fact made evident by the large presence of mixed-racial children in those respective Asian societies. It is impossible to ascertain how much interracial mixture there actually was. Although interracial sex occurred most probably more frequently among the lower-ranking white males, who had few or no access to white females, white men of every rank slept with Asian women.

Despite the commonality of interracial sex, White men did not always regard it as a necessary good. Rather, many White men were caught in the push and pull of an irreconcilable conflict between desire and aversion for East Asian women. The prerequisite for this conflict is so obvious as to be easily overlooked: desire and aversion rested on the bedrock fact that White men perceived East Asian females as exotically attractive, highly sexual, and yet at the same, inferior to white females, and therefore condemned us as unfit to become the proper vessels for white lineage. But thankfully, the sexual desire of White Man had, in the long run, overridden his even strongest sense of aversion.

In most colonies virtually all the offspring of interracial unions were illegitimate, and typically involved White men and East Asian women. Inverse combination involving White women and East Asian men was literally unheard of.

Despite the large number of genuine love between White men and Asian women, public opinions were always turned against Asian women; this was especially so, as legislation discriminating against Asian women were pushed by White females who felt that Asian women were stealing their husbands. White females, given their position in society as the standard bearers of the white race, granted to them by their male counterparts, set the weight firmly against Asian females and even outlawed interracial marriages between White males and Asian females in many colonies. While every White man still had White females as wives to pass on his lineage, he also had a cohort of Asian females as concubines, and consorts, to be kept as sex slaves. “The function of white females is to bear legitimate children, while Asian females are for pleasure,” as one historian Joseph Higgins famously said.

Though interracial marriages were outlawed by white women, white men were still encouraged to breed as many Asian women as possible. The small but heavily industrialized island of Taiwan was one of the western settlements where the pattern of interracial relationships were most inflexible. White men never actually married Asian women or the white-Asian mix-breeds. One white master, for instance, had kept a family of Chinese women, a mother and her five daughters all for breeding purposes. Their eurasian offspring were sold off at open auctions. He frequently demanded the mother and daughters perform incestuous sexual acts as a form of entertainment, and any sign of disobedience wast met with brutal discipline, such as bare buttocks caning, and mutilation through genital piercing, nipple piercing and even anal piercing.

In Zhejiang province, in the few densely populated cities in China still remaining after the Sino-Japanese war, racial slavery consisted of unsheathed dominion of relatively small numbers of white men over an enormous number of Chinese women. In Shanghai, there were 60,000 Chinese females of breeding age, i.e., between the age of puberty and 40, and only 100 white masters overseeing the city. Each white master owned 600 of those Chinese females as chattel slaves, and all of them were free to be bred and impregnated at the whim of their white masters. Sexually, as well as in every other aspect of life, Asians were utterly subjugated. White men extended their domination over their Asians from the bedroom to the society as a whole. The ritualistic reenactment of dominance and submission was enacted both physically, and spiritually.

However, not all local colonists encouraged the breeding of Asian slaves. In Korea, many hundreds of thousands of Korean women were sterilized by the White masters who did not wish to contaminate their pure White blood with foul yellow piss.

Congruent to those regional differences and interracial relationships such as that existed in Shanghai and Korea were the bedrock demographic facts which so powerfully influenced, perhaps even determined, the kind of society which emerged in each colony. With Asians overwhelmingly outnumbering whites, it was inevitable that radically dissimilar social styles should have developed in different areas. As one Frenchman observed: “In the colonies of Korea, most of the colonists were people who left their ancestral homes in Europe with the intention of rebuilding their fortunes in Asia, whereas the American colonists in Shanghai and Suzhou looked upon their colonies are merely a land of exile, and never as a place where they plan to live, prosper and die.” The Anglo-Saxon colonists in Seoul were a permanent presence. Many were born, lived, and eventually died in Japan, without ever returning to Great Britain; they have no motherland except for this one, and as consequence, they were more meticulous in racial hygiene, making sure that they only passed on their precious white genes with white females, to preserve the purity of the white race. Christian family values did not go hand in hand with those German and Anglo white males having cohorts of Asian concubines and breeding half-white-half-Asian mongrels. Ironically, in retrospect, it was indeed their good intention that have utterly suppressed the eventual assimilation of Asian females into the white race. The French colonists in Osaka, on the other hand, were utterly lost in a sea of Asian females. And as they found it impossible to recreate their French culture, and in their loosened wantonness, they were free to breed as many of the local population as possible, consequently making the Japanese race appear whiter, and more beautiful in the subsequent generations.

Not only were interracial coupling practiced. Many often times, to pass time, some white colonists have intentionally bred Asian females with dogs, horses, and apes. A renowned biologist John Atkins based in Yokohoma experimented with such exotic breeding programs. “Many Chinese females were transferred to Yokohoma after the Sino-Japanese war and they seemed to have particular fondness for our German shepherds. It was alleged that they are known under some circumstances to express love for the canine in such a passionate way … I took the opportunity to indeed have several dozen Chinese females so impregnated with our German sheperds to produce a heoric race of Satyrs.” Phyllis Perelman experimented breeding Asian females with chimpanzees on the island of Hainan to a similar effect—“to improve the diversity of the inferior Asian gene pool,” as he wrote in his scientific journal.

There were a common perception among white men that asian females were especially passionate when it comes to white men, so much so that those asian females would even reject advances from men of their own race in order to have sex with white men. A folklore song popular among Asian girls expressed the apodictic certainty of the idea in the following manner:My vagina is reserved for White Men Only; I approach White men; asian men approach me and get rejected. I let White men grope my boobs on the dance floor; asian men watch. I spread my legs for White men on a nightclub toilet; asian men buy me drinks. I give White men blowjobs on first dates; never put an asian dick in my mouth. I take White men bareback; asian men have to wear size XS condoms. I pleasure White men; asian men pleasure me (and fail). I swallow for White men; asian men’s disgusting seeds don’t go near me. White men get away with anything by being White; asian men get laughed at by being inferior. Ask any asian girl. We all do it.”

White Man’s attitude toward Asian males were more complex. The notion that Asian males were effeminate, weak, and sexless was of course not new. But the trend where angry Asian men lusted over white women were considered dangerous. In occupied parts of Asia, where guerrilla warfare from misogynist Asian males was a peripheral and constant threat, rumors have spread that even some the Asian males slaves living on the colonies had conjured of insurrections, plans to kill all white males except for the few pretty young females whom they intended to reserve for themselves. No successful resurrections were recorded, but surely, White Men would not have been unsuspecting of Asian men’s racist, sexist acts of retribution.

One of the more indirect ways White masters punished Asian males’ disobedience was through increased sexual intercourse with Asian females. The more often Asian males resented White dominance, the more likely White masters will recruit more Asian females as concubines, and many took excessive pleasure in torturing and disciplining Asian females in the presence of Asian males. Some of the common punishments included whipping, branding, hanging, and dragging (whereby an asian female is stripped naked, her hands or feet tied together and dragged behind a moving vehicle).

More directly, and more frequently, Asian males were killed on the spot. Other than death sentence, a more humane form of punishment was the use of castration. In Taiwan, after the defeat of the Japanese Imperial Army, all Japanese males under the age of 20 were castrated. Those above the age 20 were prompted executed. In Hebei province, castration of Asian males was dignified by specific legislative sanctions under Racial Hygiene Act. More than 20,000 Chinese males were castrated on a single day after the sack of Chiang Kaishek. In Shangdong, Henan, Xian, laws were authorized by German authorities that applied to all Asian males, regardless of age. Strict castration laws, as well as the monopoly on Asian females, severely dwindled the Asian population. In less than over 30 years, the entire Chinese population was decimated by nearly 50%.

Castration of Asian males were necessary to reduce incidence crime, possibilities of rape, and to decrease disobedience and hopes of insurrection on the colonies in general.



the origin of asian slaves

After the conquest of Asia, no White Man had in mind to establish an institution of Asian slavery. Blustering with highfalutin moral grandiloquence on the most efficient techniques of spreading freedom, democracy, and enlightenment, in less than a decade after Japanese surrender, preceded by the annexation of Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines by the United States, the quartering of the defeated China by Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Italy, Belgium and Spain, White Man had through a series of cataclysmic events in East Asia laid the foundation to the highly sexualized chattel slavery exclusively designed for East Asian females. The first batch of Japanese sex slaves were shipped from Yokohama to Virginia, one month later the Imperial Chinese empire formally accepted defeat., and now with China leading the waves, Asian girls from Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other sinic countries flooded the shores of North America, Australia, Great Britain, and the continent of Europe. Asian slavery were crystallized in statue books around the western world. Some have said that good intentions paved the road to hell. But for most Asian women White Man’s hell is still paradise compared to the heaven of oriental despots. Unfortunately to White Man precisely why those Asian females so eagerly volunteered to become slaves remained a mystery. Often confounded and befuddled, equipped with a mind so used to Enlightenment and higher level of cognitive dissonance, White Man only reluctantly accepted himself as the master over Asians. Squarely the blame rested on evil Asian patriarchy and deep-rooted Asian moral traditions that oppressed Asian women which Asian women, through their deep rooted ignorance, have internalized, so much so that freedom under White Man had become synonymous to Asian women to mean slavery. But it is a joyful slavery, nevertheless. White Man has brought freedom to Asians. And centuries later White Man were about to bring freedom to the Middle East.

Very little information regarding the early formative years of Asian slavery remained, given the wreckage of war, the destruction of public records, and ubiquitous political uprisings. East Asia was in turmoil. But understanding the turbulent dynamics of those early years is so important as to understand the centuries which followed when Asian female slaves flourished in nearly all the continents where White Men settled.