A free man

How can you call yourself a free man when you constantly worry about the consequences of your actions or about what might happen tomorrow, when you live in perpetual fear of, not just “consequences”, but punishment, losses, bad fortunes, disasters, accidents, poverty, or even death? How do you call yourself descendants of the noble Greeks, those fearless free men who never give ground to oriental despots? How do you call yourself sons of Vikings or Celtics or Germanic barbarians who never fawned to the laws of Roman tyrants? Surely slaves and women live in perpetual fear as well, and how can anyone be able to tell the difference between a free man and a slave then?

But am I asking you to be criminals? Of course not! I’m asking you to live fearlessly, like a real man, a free man, a white man. Any man can be violent, even slaves, but a free man’s violence will always be justified, and a free man has not only the courage, but the cunning and eloquence of Odysseus, to always justify his violence.

Am I asking you to live as if animals in jungles without morality or laws? Of course not! I’m asking you to live by the natural laws of a free man’s heart, and to follow the noble morality of a natural master.

The first sign of a truly free man: He laughs. His laughter is loud and resonant, with just the hint of barbaric viciousness. His laughter terrorizes his enemy and humiliates his subjects. His laughter fills the abyss like torrents and its echoes like waves ebb and flow within the great dark abyss.

The second sign of a truly free man: He is irrational. He does not explain his action to others, not because he does not have his reasons or that he is inherently irrational, but because he finds explanations beneath him. He does not need to express his reasons or to seek others’ approval, because he is too exalted to explain, just like a great physicist who might jut down a few equations without showing any mathematical derivation, and which would after laborious efforts by others to prove only amazingly correct, so a truly free man would seem irrational to slaves. And any free race would by the same idea seem irrational, chaotic, and even somewhat lawless, and the slave races would be by reciprocity the most rational, lawful and orderly. Case in point: asians are the most rational.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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