White female-asian male coupling: the ugly truth about asian men who fetishize white women

A few weeks ago at a very prestigious meeting one of our acquaintances, all of whom were ivy league graduates, came to our table and introduced his “financee” to us.  It was the third time that I have seen an asian man dating a white woman this year and I feel I need to explain something. First of all, the asian men in those instances were all very successful individuals, I’m talking about stock brokers who pull in at least 6 figure a year.  My experience might have had a sample’s bias because all of them worked in finance, but more likely than not, those asian men who can successfully date white women are in all likely cases exceptions, not the general rules.

Second, asian men who date white women are all extremely white washed; the only thing that’s asian about them is their last names, nothing else.  They are pretty much white men trapped in asian men’s bodies and there is a reason for that—a relationship is not something that just happens; it requires deep, intimate knowledge about another’s culture, background, and the ability to effectively communicate any cultural nuance to another person with precise diction, and given how difficult it already is to manage any relationship even within one’s own cultural group, most cross cultural relationships do not work in the end because two partners cannot effectively communicate with each other, so those asian men who date white women and can successfully make it to marriages are almost always so completely immersed in white culture that, from my experience, they have just about zero cultural knowledge remotely related to Asia, and none of them can speak an asian language fluently.  The Japanese guy who came to our table with his white girlfriend spoke Japanese with such a horrible accent that if I were on the phone with him, I would have surmised that he was a white guy who just learned Japanese.  Now, compare this situation to that of an asian woman who is dating a white man.  In most cases, the asian woman is at least partially knowledgeable about asian culture and those asian women are more likely to disseminate asian value to the white men through nuanced psychology, but this does not happen at all in a white female-asian male relationship.  And another thing that makes asian female-white male relationships more stable compared to other relationships is that the sexual power relationship fits into the stable forms in which the asian women are less powerful than, therefore subservient to, the white men, whereas in the white female-asian male situation not only is it completely reversed but so messed up that it will never work in the end.  (See last paragraph for statistics.)

Furthermore, those asian men who date white women are so insecure about themselves that seeing them walking down the street is likely looking at two criminals stealing away.  They know deep down inside that society does not condone them, looks down on them as freaks of nature, disgusting human garbage who should have been shot.  And they constantly look over their shoulders because they know, if they were in some other parts of America, outside of New York and California, a bunch of white men would have lynched that little asian man.  On the other hand, white men who date asian women are so common that it has long been accepted by society as normal and natural and there is no social stigma attached to asian women who date white men.  I have never met a white man who thinks that interracial marriages between asian women and white men are bad.  On the other hand, I know quite a few white men who seethe with anger when they see a white woman walking down the street with a black man or, worse, an asian man.  And I actually feel sad for those white women because they do not know that in actuality those asian men are not dating them out of love.

This is what I call “white fetish” among asian men; those asian men who have white fetish would only date white women and they are disgusted by asian women, and even in their relationships, they see themselves as revenging against asian women, so in essence, those asian men who date white women are fake white men inverted: they are fake white men trapped in asian men’s bodies with a raging “white fetish” for white women.  And how does one go about detecting such a “white fetish”?  Simply by talking to them, and you’ll immediately notice it: they would not stop talking about how “hot” white women are, how much “better” white women are, and how much asian women “suck”, and they are even physically repulsed by asian women. Because the very truth is that asian men who date white women are basing their relationships on hatred, resentment, and, sadly, racism and sexism. To those asian men, white women are not humans, but mere sex objects, symbols of power and white privilege; having sex with a white woman is an asian man’s revenge against asian women.  But none of this actually matters that much, because asian men and white women simply will never work out, given how asian men treat women and how white women treat men in general, which basically creates the perfect storm for a complete psychotic breakdown for both parties in involved.  In fact, last of all, but not least of all, the divorce rate among asian male-white female marriages is staggering 80%, whereas asian female-white male marriages only have a 54% divorce rate, which is about the national average in America.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

One thought on “White female-asian male coupling: the ugly truth about asian men who fetishize white women”

  1. First off, I want to thank you for the laugh lol. I happen to be a white woman who is engaged to an Asian man, with whom I have been living with for 9 years and we have a 4 year old daughter together.
    Regardless of moving from his home land as a child, my fiancée values his culture very much, as does his family. And all have taught me many things, and have always included me in all factors of their lives, and are more supportive and loving towards me than even my own family, which is the only reason I feel like I should comment on this ridiculous, racist, and ignorant opinions.

    My fiancée is very secure in his manhood and has no reason to ever be looking over his shoulder. In fact, it would be quite hysterical to witness a bunch of white men attempt to cause really any type of harm to my fiancée lol as he’s not little and he’s not worried about a group of insecure boys of any race lol see, he’s a wonder man, who treats myself and our daughter very very well. He puts our needs before his own, he is a wonderful provider (no, he does not make 6 figure salary) he works very hard for us. He is a wonderful partner, he listens, is supportive and protects his family. Most of all, and something that ALL women find attractive in any man, regardless of race or culture, he is confident and secure in himself, his beliefs and doesn’t pay mind to simple minded ignorance, or stress himself out over what race is dating what race, etc. He simply is happy being himself, a kind, caring, intelligent and confident man.

    I actually appreciate writings such as this, as it only reminds me of just how lucky and blessed I really am, not only to have fallen in love, and built a family and life with a man who is everything I could have ever wanted, but to welcomed into a family, who regardless of my race, allows me to participate and in their culture, and who have loved me and called me their family for 9 years, which I happen to be very proud to be apart of. I do feel sad for you, because your ignorance and lack of knowledge of the Chinese race, or Asian race as a whole, prevents you from experiencing the truth about Asian race, which is strong, peaceful and rich in culture. And it seams that is what you may be missing, a bit of culture.

    Thank you for another reminder of how lucky I am. 🙂

    With Love, and acceptance,

    A white woman in love with an Asian man.

    -Ashley L. Crowe (one day, Ashley L. Lie)

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