I’ll date any man as long as he’s not asian

There is this silly idea out there that asian women only like white men, and let me tell you that that is simply and totally not true and actually quite offensive to asian women, because asian women are really the most liberal and progressive group of people in the world today and we are much more open to interracial relationships than women of any other race and that is a fact: —walk down the streets in Boston, New York, Chicago or any other major city in the world and you will see (east) asian women hand-in-hand with not just white men, but also black men, mexican men, arab men, persian men, jewish men, hispanic men, just about any kind of men. So while alot of us are indeed attracted to white men, it doesn’t mean we are only attracted to white men; we are open to dating men of any race, because unlike those racist white women or black women who only date men of their own race, we asian women are just that modern and that cool, and for me personally I never judge a potential sex partner based on his race or skin color for—as long as he truly loves me for who I am but more importantly—true love knows no skin color or race or religion.
So to all you blacks, arabs, hispanics, mexicans, jews, peruvians eskimos, or any other weird ethnicity out there, if you love asian women and if you have an American citizenship, woah, don’t ever complain that you can’t score an asian woman.  Please, just stop lying to me.  I’m not really stupid.  No matter what you are—Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Scientologist, Jew, whatever, trust me, asian women don’t care, and if you love her, then, and if you are wealthy enough, you will be ascertained that she will love you back, but unless—Oh!—you are an asian man then in which case you are screwed.  You might as well just go kill yourself now.  Seriously.  Let me tell you, the reason why us asian women are so libertine with men of other races is because we are trying avoid you.  It’s actually very degrading for a woman to date out of her own race, and all those asian women who date out of their own race or ethnicity know that; it’s a matter of whether one wants to be honest with oneself.  You don’t know it’s actually very shameful? O please every woman of every race knows it’s shameful.  Secular progressive multicultural propaganda can mask the shame, but it is still very degrading, but we just don’t care and, let me repeat, we want to avoid having to date you—asian men. Around all those asian women I have met I can smell their self hatred from a mile away and they all absolutely hate asian men and a lot of them hate other asian women as well, and oh yeah, they are all married to white men or black men or mexican men or whatever.  Sometimes I just feel like why aren’t all those asian men killing themselves for shame?  Can you imagine, white men started the Trojan war over one woman while all you asian men just stand by and watch as everyone steals your women.  The more I realize just how pathetic all you asian men really are (and don’t even mention all those asian gays), the more I hate asian men and I’ m just glad that I jumped out of that ship a long time ago.  Sometimes I hate myself, but it’s your fault that I hate myself because the fact that I am genetically related to you makes me hate myself.  So if you are an asian man, you should go kill yourself.  No woman should ever be allowed to mate with you because you don’t even know how to protect your own women.

So yeah, as long as you are not an asian man, I’m open to dating you.  I actually don’t have any dating preference otherwise.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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