Actually most asian women enjoy being sexually humiliated and degraded.

Because having sex with a man not of your own in-group is inherently degrading and humiliating, for any woman, not just for asian women, but the dilemma for asian women is that asian men are all such pathetic losers and wimpish weaklings that us asian women don’t really have a choice, so that is why we rather degrade and humiliate ourselves than dating those disgusting little asian men.  At least, if I am being impregnated with superior strong-type genes, I have the possibility of giving birth to more masculine sons, but if I am being impregnated by a little effeminate asian man, Lord save me!
And another reason that most asian women enjoy sexual humiliation is that it’s actually very empowering, in a way that men simply wouldn’t understand, because it reaffirms my feminine power as a woman, that I actually arouse men to do such violence to me that it’s actually very fulfilling.  You have to be a woman to understand this.  In a twisted and esoteric way, sexual humiliation actually does empower asian women and make us feel fulfilled and valuable, even if it might seem degrading from a man’s perspective.

In the end, all this really does is benefiting asian women, however degrading it might seem, because, unlike men, women—well I don’t know if all women do this but asian women certainly—revel in being inferior, and it is the case that the more inferior a woman is, the more sexually attractive she is, and that is why you will see very successful and accomplished women pretend to be less powerful than men, and that men who are married to women who are superior to men feel very insecure, and so being racially inferior makes asian women that much more desirable than any other type of women and which in turn boosts our confidence that much more (trust me, it’s good to feel like you are the most desired type of woman in the world even if it means your race, represented by your men, is inferior to other races) and last of all but not least of all, while a lot white men know that asia is the paradise for white men, do you know how many asian women consider the United States and European Union as the paradise for asian women?  For so many asian women, a country full of white men is the ultimate paradise, the elysian field, and so many asian women would do anything just to be here. There is a very wealthy Chinese banker’s daughter, her name is Jessica (I don’t know her Chinese name), who stole all her father’s money and transferred it to her father’s rival company, owned by her white boyfriend, and she eloped with him and the father almost committed suicide, and she is now happily married to her white boyfriend and even converted to Christianity.  I have hundreds of similar stories like this I wouldn’t be able to tell all of them as Scheherazade in a thousand night.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

4 thoughts on “Actually most asian women enjoy being sexually humiliated and degraded.”

  1. Make difference between typical East Asians from Central Asians and Siberia. Besides, we don’t promote hierarchy in any forms such as social, racial or gender. This is a scheme that Lucifer first introduced to us in order to make us divided and weak. You are spiritually so retarded and it might take you billions of incarnations before you snap out of your soap opera.

  2. I am Eurasia. I have dated so many Asian girls and shared them with my friends. They are far more easier to use than more dominant white girls. White girls can be real sluts but in a selfish way. Asians allows you to use them for your pleasure. No matter how many times I bring my friends to have sex with my girl friends, they never say no. They cry and shout afterwards and the next day they open their mouth for a fresh cock. That’s the turn on factor.

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