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Feeling a White cock slowly slide out of your Asian cunt can be the worst feeling in the world.

It’s the feeling of all those inches that you’ve been craving for your whole life slowly exit your body. It feels like an eternity, but, just like that, you feel empty again. You’re hollow without a big White cock inside you and your Asian cunt feels too loose and wide without it.

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Now he lays on your back and pounds you hard. You’re keenly aware of your inferiority and you feel ashamed but he reassures you by saying it doesn’t matter if you are Asian. All Asians are meant to be fucked by white men, and you’re no different. It gives you relief to be reminded of what you are.

Then he cums and breeds you. You feel the warmth seeping inside your inferior Asian pussy. You’re filled up and it’s like taking a dose of heroin. You’ve been drugged up with a dose of superiority all thanks to this White Man. It’s perfect bliss and you know you won’t even have the urge to masturbate tonight because nothing will ever match the ecstasy of being fucked and bred by a White Man.

Deflowering Asian Virgin Lili

White Masters Aaron and Nick were happy to help Judy, the white mistress who owned three Asian sluts Lili, Stephanie and Sue. They got up from their chairs and followed her into the hallway.

Ron, Derek and David continued to talk and eye the two helpless Asian sluts. Nearly everything had been eaten from around Sue, allowing everyone to see her naked form on the turntable. Stephanie was squirming now, because the dildo and butt plug in her were making her hot and she wanted to cum. But the way she was positioned, she wasn’t able to get to the point of no return. God she needed to get off.

The three men discussed the things that had happened at the Japanese bondage club and Ron grew angrier and angrier as they described the way Hec had acted. Clearly Victor used his head, but Ron knew he would have to have a very one-sided discussion with Hec as soon as possible. Hec would no longer play any role in Sue’s enslavement, nor in this town.

​Lili had been shocked to see both Nick and Aaron with Judy. Her heartbeat immediately raced above 100, seeing the two men that occupied her dreams and desires. Her cunt began to juice.

Judy had released Lili from the cage, and she had crawled out. The chains were removed from her wrists and ankles. Her eyes stared straight ahead.

“KNEEL,” ordered white mistress Judy, and Lili immediately took the position, legs spread, hands locked behind her neck, tits out, wanting to make white Master Aaron proud, wanting to show white Master Nick what she had become.

Judy had reached inside her mouth, locking it in the open position. At Judy’s direction, Aaron had pulled a hood out of the cupboard, and strapped it about Lili’s head. Nick had clipped a leash on her collar, and ordered her to crawl along as he led her to the living room.

When they got to the living room, Judy had opened the sofa into a bed. She had placed Lili in the middle with her legs wide open, showing off her young virginal Asian cunt, ankles chained to the legs of the bed.

All conversation stopped when Judy came to the door and announced, “It is now time for the special surprise of the night. You ready Ron?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied. “I do hope it’s good and won’t take too long. I’m so horny that all I want to do is fuck. And our little sluts look like they are ready, too!”

Sue and Stephanie were removed from their positions, led into the living room, and ordered to KNEEL beside the sofa, facing the wide open cunt of Lili. They obeyed immediately with the hopes that they could get some relief soon. They both noticed the young girl, but had no idea who she was. They also saw the other guys standing close by and already naked with their cocks fully hard. Sue licked her lips wanting them and Stephanie eyed them with wanton lust.

​Once everyone was prepared, Judy brought Ron in. His eyes went right to the spread open cunt of Lili and his cock grew hard in his pants. God how he wanted some pussy and here was one ready for him.

​Judy said to him, “Honey, I have always known how much you like young Asian pussy and tonight, you are going to get one. And not only is this cunt young, it is still a virgin.”

“MMMMMMM, and it looks so inviting Judy, who is it?” he asked. The yellow-tanned, taut body, with belly chain, anklet, and an S dangling from her bellybutton ring, begged to be fucked.

“You will find out soon enough, but I want to be sure she is ready for you. So Susie slut is going to get her nice and wet for you while you get undressed,” Judy said, then turned to Sue and said, “Get between those legs, cunt, and lick. Make sure it is nice and wet, but you better not make her cum!”

Sue knew better than to disobey and had become a very obedient slut, so she got up from the floor and crawled between the young girl’s legs and began to lick the cunt that would soon be fucked by Master Ron. she licked and sucked it like a pro, making the young girl squirm.

The Asian slave Lili had heard everything, but during her training, she had learned not to speak unless she was told to. Besides, hooded and gagged as she was, speaking clearly was out of the question. she knew it was her older sister licking her hot cunt, but really didn’t care! All she wanted was to have a big hard white cock in her tight virgin hole. She pushed her pussy into her sister’s face, trying to get more of the tongue that was teasing her so much.

Everyone watched as Sue ate out the young Asian pussy and knew it wouldn’t be long and they would watch as Ron deflowered her and then everyone else would get the chance to fuck it too. Ron was naked now, standing beside Stephanie, watching his former chink whore lick the pussy he would soon be fucking. He was stroking his white cock and getting so hard that he had to stop so he wouldn’t cum too early. While Sue was licking her sister, Judy said, “Steph, why don’t you help Ron with that cock. Suck it for him!”

​Stephanie had also learned that when given an order she must comply, so she turned just enough to take Ron’s hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked him. She knew she had better not make him cum and she didn’t want to, either. She wanted to see this young Asian girl getting fucked for the first time.

​They watched as Sue licked her little sister’s pussy and saw that she was doing a great job. Lili was squirming now and shoving her bald little pussy into Sue’s face, wanting more. Judy kept a very close eye on her little slut, making sure she didn’t cum until Ron got his big white cock into her. She had made Lili wait to cum ever since she had taken control of her. She wanted this little whore to beg for cock and knew that she would be begging hard very soon.

​It got closer and closer to Lili cumming and Judy would stop Sue very soon. Judy was getting hot from watching all the sex around her and removed her clothes as well. David and Derek had never seen the white goddess Judy naked before and loved the sight before them. They both stepped over to her and helped her get naked, and had some good feels while doing it. They even got their fingers in her pussy and she didn’t stop them either, since she was really enjoying it.

​But she kept a close eye on her little slut, making sure to stop Sue before Lili got off. And she was getting really close now. Judy stopped the guys and said,

“Susie slut, stop, NOW!”

Sue tried to continue, wanting to get this young Asian cunt off in her mouth. The girl tasted so good and kind of reminded Sue of her own taste. It was so familiar tasting, she thought for a moment that it was her own cunt she was licking.

Judy reached over and grabbed a handful of Sue’s hair and pulled her back, twisting her hair viciously. “I said stop, chink slut!”

​Sue cried out. she just wanted to get back to that sweet little Asian pussy. But she knew better. Sue got off the bed and automatically resumed her KNEELING position beside the bed.

​”OK, it’s time to fuck the cunt. Ron, are you ready?” Judy asked.

“You bet I am. I have never had a tight little Asian virgin before and it looks so damn good. But Judy, who is it?”

“You will see who she is very soon. But I want to tease you just a little more. How’s slut Stephanie doing with your cock?” asked Judy.

​”MMMMM, she is one good cocksucker and if she keeps it up, I’m going to shoot into her mouth.”

​Judy walked over to Lili, reached down and pinched her pointed nipple, and asked, “Are you ready, slut?”

Lili nodded her head immediately and a muffled groan could be heard from behind the hood.

“Then it is time for the deflowering. Ron, the virgin slut is all yours!”

​”Great!” said Ron, “But I want help getting my cock into this cunt. Sue, please help me!”

​”Yes, Master,” Sue said, “Ill be glad to help.”

​Sue was thinking that if she pleased Ron that he would enjoy this little slut so much he would release her and keep this one instead. Little did she know that the slut she was going to help him fuck was her own sweet, little sister.

​Ron got into position and Sue took his big cock in her little hands and guided it toward the virgin cunt laying before him. She stroked it for a short time and then put it up to the lips of the spread-eagled girl, forcing the head into the opening.

​Ron wanted to go slow, so he held back even though Sue was trying to get his cock into her tight pussy. He said, “Now, Susie slut, you know we can’t just ram it into a virgin hole. We need to go slow, so make sure I don’t pop the cherry right away. Let’s take our time with this slut.”

​”Yes, Sir.” she whimpered as she held back on his cock.

​Sue wanted it over with and then maybe if he liked this little cunt, she would get to move away and be with David, which she really wanted. He had shown her he was dominant and possessive but also very caring toward Sue. Ron rocked back and forth with just the head of his cock in the tight cunt, enjoying the feel and tightness of her. But he wasn’t going to hold out for much longer. Not after slut Stephanie had been sucking him and now this cunt that was as tight as Stephanie’s mouth. He was going to ram it home very soon, but for now he just enjoyed the feeling and knew that once he fucked her, she would be begging for more.

​Then it happened! He said, “Sue let go of my cock, now.”

​Sue released his cock and he pulled out until just the very tip of his cock was at her entrance. Then he howled and drove his cock deep inside the virgin cunt.

​Lili gasped with the shock of her cherry being busted, but at the same time thrust her hips up to meet him. She wanted to be fucked so much and maybe she could finally cum.

Ron began to fuck her with long deep hard strokes. Lili met his every thrust with her hips rising to meet him. Both were in pure ecstasy as they fucked in front of everyone. Ron rode the little Asian whore hard and because of the tightness of her pussy and the control she had with her muscles, Ron took one last plunge, driving himself deep into the ex-virgin cunt and shot a huge load of cum deep inside her womb.


At the same time, Lili finally got what she had waited for so long.


The two rested for a moment, catching their breath and panting very heavily. It was time to move on to other things.

“OK,” said Judy, “Nick and Aaron would you please reveal the identity of this hot little slut?”

​”Oh, yes,” they replied, “Happy to.”

​Nick put his hand under Lili’s sweaty back and lifted her to a sitting position. A quiet moan could be heard from behind the hood. Aaron began to unbuckle the hood and slowly lifted it over Lili’s head.

Sue and Stephanie had their eyes glued to the naked Asian girl, wanting to find out who they had tricked this time. Both of them had been blackmailed into being sex slaves and now it was someone new. Maybe they would get some of their freedom back if this little cunt was good enough and was willing to take over for them.

David and Derek were also watching with anticipation. They both wanted to fuck her and have Sue and Stephanie watch them. They had turned into very demanding Masters, especially Derek. David was a little different than Derek because Sue was not his. At least not yet. He was planning on trying to get her away from Ron and Judy so he could have her for himself. Now, with a new slut on the scene, this might happen.

The rising hood revealed a collared, petite neck, then a mouth, open about an inch, as though anticipating a cock. The ears were pierced, with large hoops and a ruby red stud in the right earlobe.

With a final tug, the hood was released. Sue saw it was Lili immediately. It took Lili a second to focus on the group that surrounded her, until her eyes finally met Sue’s.

​”Lili!” exclaimed Sue, unable to be silent, and breaking her KNEEL position. David was swift, slapping Sue’s ass and forcing her back into position.

“Yes, slut Sue, she was your sister. Now she is just another slut, owned body and soul,” triumphantly declared white mistress Judy.

Ron was speechless, standing to the side of the sofa, cock at attention. What a sight! He had seen Lili months ago, had wanted her the very moment he had seen her sensual body.

Lili gave a quiet moan through her opened mouth. It was a moan of pleasure, of delight, and of release. It was a moan that Sue readily recognized, knew how her sister felt, knew that she wanted the same.

​”Aaron, you’re next. This gorgeous piece of gook slave meat,” she continued, nodding at Lili, “is a direct result of your training!”

​”I’d be glad to, Judy, but I don’t want to fuck a cummy cunt!” Aaron replied.

​”No problem. Sue, lick Master’s cum from your slutty sister’s cunt!” she ordered.

​Sue did not move. She was still in shock from knowing that she helped deflower her own little sister. But she didn’t hesitate for long. Judy slapped her hard across the face and said, “I told you to suck her cunt, NOW, do it cunt!”

Sue quickly got between her sisters legs and began to suck Ron’s cum from her young pussy. As she sucked, tears streaked across her face like rivers.

Stephanie was still kneeling beside the bed and Judy said, “Well, slut, don’t just sit there, clean Master’s cock!”

Ron laughed and stuck his cock into Stephanie’s mouth. She could taste the young pussy that he had just finished fucking. It did taste quite good, she thought to herself. Kind of like Sue’s cunt, but kind of different too.

​As she sucked his cock clean, she watched Sue finish up on Lili and then Aaron took his turn with the young one he had trained. He had wanted to fuck this little Asian girl for so long now and it was going to be so good having his hard cock into the young hole. Even if he wasn’t the first inside her.

​Stephanie continued sucking Ron, making him hard again, hoping that someone would fuck her soon. Her cunt was so wet, the juice was running down her legs, but She couldn’t say anything because she had her mouth full of cock and she was taught never to speak without permission.

​Aaron was fucking Lili hard and fast now. She met his thrust with her cunt and begged for more. “Asian sluts are such natural whores. I guess that’s why we all love fucking Asians.” Aaron said as he laughed.

​Suddenly Ron pulled his cock out of Stephanie’s mouth and pulled her onto the bed next to Lili. He pushed her legs apart and drove his cock into her cunt. He was so hot from watching the new slut with Aaron, he needed some more pussy and Stephanie was available. He had always liked her tight little cunt and he was going to get as much as he could before everyone left.

Sue was still kneeling beside the bed and David stepped over her and pushed her upper body to the bed. Their eyes met, and Sue silently begged him to fuck her. He pushed his cock into her pussy. David was in love with Sue, but right now he just wanted to fuck the little asian slut. Aaron finished off with Lili and Judy saw that Sue was getting fucked, but she could still lick all the cum from her sister’s well-fucked cunt. She repositioned Lili right at Sue’s face and said “Suck it out, bitch!”

Sue had no option at this point. She was being fucked and now was licking and sucking her little sister’s cunt again. When would this ever end, she wondered. David was pounding her hard now and she knew he would cum soon.

Ron was fucking Stephanie like he had never fucked anyone before. He was going to get his fill of pussy tonight. Nick had stepped over and had put his cock into her mouth so she was getting it from both ends.

Sue sucked all the cum from her sister’s pussy and Judy said, “Ok, Nick, your turn to fuck the new cunt. That is if you can get out of Stephanie’s hot mouth.”

​Nick pulled out, climbed over Sue, and pushed his cock into Lili’s pussy, right in front of Sue’s face. She had a close-up view of her sister being fucked.

Ron had finished fucking Stephanie and David finished fucking Sue. But Judy hadn’t been fucked yet. Aaron’s cock was getting hard again and he walked over to Judy and forced her to bend over the chair next to the pulled out sofa. Once she was over, he plunged into her hot cunt. She groaned with pleasure and while he fucked her, he whispered, “You’ll be mine someday Judy!”

​She looked over her shoulder at Aaron and gave a smile that said, “Yes.”

​The night went on with all four women being fucked over and over and over. The four women also sucked cocks and ate each others’ cunts. That is, all but Judy. The only white woman of the group, Judy loved to have her cunt licked, but didn’t like to lick any herself. But she got her share of cocks in her cunt and mouth, just as the three Asian sluts were getting.

Everyone was covered in cum and it seemed like the more they were used, the more they liked it. Derek was fucking Lili while she was sucking David and Ron were fucking her again. Sue was licking her clit and David’s cock as he fucked Stephanie.

It was one big orgy and no one could stop fucking.

This is what reading your comments about me makes me do …

This inferior Asian whore is fucking insatiable. She has constant updates of her being begging to be fucked by white men, and only white men.

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As a white guy who’s just moved back to Europe from Asia I have to say I’m missing it. The girls back home are mostly fat and stuck up with big gaping pussies. Not like it was when I was out in East Asia, there all the girls were petite, loved getting on their knees and doing exactly what they were told, and cried like virgins the first time they got split open with a real man’s cock (i.e. not a little yellow dick) and came over and over. I kinda want to get a little Asian slut imported over here to keep in my house to use whenever I get home, that or find one over here. Maybe a traditionally brought up second generation immigrant. One still nice and meekly submissive but who has seen enough white guy’s to know she wants them. Any idea where I could find something like that?

Most Asian women seem to drop their panties and bend over just at the thought of my white cock filling up every inch of their cunts, shooting jets of hot cum into their fertile bellies, and breeding them full of white babies. Even just texting them, telling them how hard I am going to fuck them while I mock their FOB-speak is usually enough to make them start playing with themselves as they reply with the most demeaning things, beggingfor my superior white cock.

What I find funny is how many girls I meet who are Asian and say that they like Asian men just fine. Then two months go by and they’re telling me that they’re my Asian slut and how much they love white men and that I can do anything to their body. Even the virgins.

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Reading Excerpts from My Sexual Submission to White Power by Claire Liu

I need a White owner. I need a White Man to own me, use me and fuck me. I need a White Man’s discipline and I need to be used by him, tortured by him, and sexually abused by him. I need to receive daily beatings as all the other Chinese girls owned by White Men must receive, the strong hand of a dominant white god punishing a little Chinese whore, who ought to be always naked, always on her hands and knees, collared and leashed like a bitch, exhibited to strangers, shared by his friends, sexually humiliated at all times, become a White Man’s semen urinal, and bear his children for him.

It’s amazing how sexually aroused I am when I’m around White Men. Every time when I walked down the street and I saw a White Man looking at me, it was like electricity shooting through my body. I wanted to tell him that I wanted him so bad, I wished he would come up to me, talk to me, seduce me, take me to his home, fuck me, use me, and shoot his cum into me, breed me like a cheap Chinese whore, and then tie me up and put me in a garbage bag, and dump my naked body to the dumpster. My naked yellow flesh is for White Men’s consumption. Bite into me, slap me, and treat me like a cheap Chinese slut. Use me in anyway as you wish.

— My Sexual Submission to White Power: The Diary of an Ordinary Chinese Woman’s Transformation from an Obedient Asian Wife to a Masochistic Chink Slut by Claire Liu

Asian Women & White Men — A Place to Meet and Submit.

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great time. And thank you all for contributing and making this a safe place for Asian girls who loves white cocks!

I’m not sure how successful this will be, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try.

As you all are aware, male personal ads online are–while not forbidden–highly discouraged; only Asian women are encouraged to post personal ads.

So I think there should be a place available where men (white, dominant and love Asian women) can leave ads for themselves and hopefully, make some connections with potential Asian women who want to be slaves.

So please, if you are a sadistic white man who enjoys dominating Asian women, feel free to post your ads in the comment section.

Asian women are encouraged to reply!

Asian Cravings

Would you like to tie me up and use my tight Asian pussy to satisfy your thick white cock, sir? I know it’s too big and I know it’s gonna hurt but it’s okay.

You know that I’ve been craving your big white cock for a long time. I think about it whenever I close my eyes. I want to feel your big white cock stretching my tiny Asian pussy until I break, until I can’t take it anymore, until I’m crying from both ends.

You know there is nothing that makes an Asian whore like me wetter than thinking about how you will put my legs over your arms and fuck me against the wall. I go crazy just thinking about it.

I get so horny knowing I’m just another cheap Asian whore being put in her place, on her knees, collared and leashed and pumped full of my white master’s cum.

Do you want to beg and plea for it, white master?

I bet you’ve fucked enough Asian girls to know, that I can’t help myself. The second a white man approaches me, the image of his big white cock enters my mind and I start to get wet. My brain goes blank and all I can think about is his cock inside me. Thrusting deep in my tight little Asian cunt.

I cried like a little virgin the first time I got split open by a real man’s cock (that is, not a tiny Asian dick) and came over and over. Now, I can never go back.

It’s only natural. Asians were born to be slaves for white cocks.

It’s only natural. Asian cunts crave the attention of white men.

It’s only natural, as you pin me down and drill my wet asian pussy until I’m a screaming mess, impaled on your big white cock as I beg for more, slapped, beaten, degraded, humiliated, my asian hole burning with lust and shame, as you ram your cock back inside me; until you have forced more orgasm out of me than I had previously thought possible; until I’m completely vanquished and conquered, laying prostrate, at your mercy, turned into your obedient asian slave.

A Dream of White Man

Your asian boyfriend is calling you for the 10th time. It’s 3 AM and you haven’t come home from the club. You don’t care though, not after tonight.

You went out with your asian boyfriend to this new club in the city. Your boyfriend heard that the DJ was good and he loves to dance, so he wanted to go. You heard from a friend that a lot of the hot white guys have been going to the club, and that’s all the reason you needed to agree to go too.

You and your boyfriend had a great time dancing and drinking, but eventually he started to get really drunk. He tells you that he needs to go home and lie down and you dejectedly agree to leave the club. You call an Uber and the two of you head your way to the exit, and that’s when you locked eyes with HIM.

White, tall, muscular, attractive, and confident. HE was standing by the bar as you walked past. HE looked at you and immediately you felt your pussy clench. You’ve never been with a white guy before; you’ve been with your asian boyfriend since high school, and you’ve always been content at just admiring the white guys in the clubs or watching them in porn. But the way HE looked at you felt different … something awakened inside you. HE was still looking at you, steel-faced and expressionless, as you led your boyfriend to the exit.

You see the Uber parked outside and you put your boyfriend in the backseat. You tell him that you didn’t feel like going home yet, and you give the driver instructions to your boyfriend’s apartment. You shut the door and hurriedly went back into the club. You scan the club and you find HIM, still standing by the bar and still looking at you. You tentatively make your way to HIM until you’re face-to-face. You’re surprised at how tall HE is, you’re almost two heads shorter and had to strain to look up.

Before you can say anything, HE says “I knew you’d be back.” HE smirks cockily and puts his hand at the nape of your neck. HE grips it firmly and starts to lead you back to the exit. HE says in a deep, manly voice, “Let’s go.”

HE takes you back to his place and rips your clothes away. You take off his clothes and you’re in awe. To see a naked white guy, every part of him brimming with testosterone and masculinity, You realize how feminine your asian boyfriend looks compared to HIM. HE carries you to the bed and lays you on your stomach. HE doesn’t waste time and immediately slides his cock inside you. You scream and moan. You’ve never felt a big cock before and it is amazing.

HE holds you by the neck, the same way HE did in the club, and pins you down as HE pounds you deep. Your asian boyfriend starts to call, wondering where you are but you ignore it. HE fucks you hard until he breeds your chink pussy and you feel his warm cum inside you. Afterward, HE tells you to fuck off and you leave in a daze of post-White-Man ecstasy.

You come home and your asian boyfriend has sobered up and he’s furious. He demands to know where you were. You tell him to leave and that you’re breaking up with him. He asks you why and all you reply is, “I’ve had white cock. You’ll never be enough now.”

Later that night, while you lie on your bed alone, you feel HIS cum finally ooze out of your wrecked Asian cunt. You catch it with your hand and eat it all up. You fall asleep and dream of getting fucked on a sweaty, dirty club dance floor. The lights are pulsating and the music is loud and the men are WHITE.

Snapshot of a White God

He looks at you with disdain as you kneel in front of his big white cock. He’s gruff, reticent, and barely acknowledges your presence as you suck his cock.

You slobber all over his cock like the hungry asian slut you are as he watches a movie. Every so often, as you look up to him with your slant eyes hoping for any sort of recognition or approval, he looks down at you and slightly smirks.

His flatmate comes home but you know you shouldn’t stop unless he tells you. His flatmate takes one look and smirks too, and makes a snide comment on how he can’t tell if it’s a new asian or the same one from last week since all asians look the same. The White man looks down at you again, shrugs his shoulders, and grunts in reply. You realize he’s already forgotten that you were here last week sucking his cock and you just lucked out in getting a second hookup with him since he forgot what you looked like.

You don’t care though. You look at his handsome hairy face and continue deepthroating his big white cock and hope that he keeps forgetting your bland asian face so you can have another opportunity to suck him in the future.

Meditation 29

She sucks your big white cock with her cute tiny asian mouth. Her cherry-red lips are pursed around your thick shaft and you can’t help but to grab her hair and shove her small head balls deep until she gags.

You whip out your big white cock and slap her flat asian face with your heavy member. You thought her slant eyes couldn’t get any smaller, but she squints even more from being hit by your big cock.

She deepthroats your big white cock and you watch her lips slowly slide up your shaft. She struggles with the size like they always do but you know all the tricks. You call her a “chink” to encourage her.

You laugh as she starts crying from gagging too much on your big white cock. You pat her on the head and call her a “good asian whore”. She looks up to you in shame and rests her nerdy asian face on your cock.

It’s comfort to her to be this close to such a superior being, and in a rare moment of kindness, you let the chink be a chink as her tears drop onto her cheeks and down your thick white shaft.

To All the White Boys I’ve Loved

People say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die. For a chink whore who has dedicated her life to the service of white cock, it’s a bit simpler. The hottest white men that have fucked her throughout her life flashes before her slanted eyes.

He was the school jock, surrounded by beautiful white girls, while she–the chink–was the nerdy, quiet asian girl who just came from China. The white girls teased and bullied her, but no one hated her more than Dylan, the white boy whose grandfather fought in the Korean war. “The chinks were so cruel to us,” he said and rightfully so. White men were going to set all of Asia free and the chinks decided that slavery was better than freedom and fought against the brave white soldiers on the battlefields, and cast the entire continent of Asia under the spell of slavery, oppression and poverty for the next 100 years; and Dylan, the descendant of the white god, seething perilous rage from his pure blue eyes and seeking revenge, picked on the little chink girl mercilessly with his taunts and jeers; and he was the first person ever to call her a “chink” and he did it in front of everyone in class.

That was when the entire class burst out in laughter.

The submissive chink was humiliated. She lowered her head, hot shame in chiaroscuro of pink and red flushed her yellow face, and yet she took it stoically like a typical submissive chink. The white girls, smirking, and laughing, walked over in wavy staggering forms, and slapped the chink girl hard across the face. “This is what you get for being a chink,” the white girls laughed, and the little chink girl cried.

The little white gods and goddesses didn’t stop torturing the poor little chink there, especially not Dylan. Dylan was cruel, and devised a plot to hurt her in ways no white girls could.

He started being nice to her, and even actively befriended the shy, coy chink girl, who always had a secret desire for white guys, because, back home in chinkland, even her grandparents encouraged her to date white boys; and her mother, a well educated Chinese woman who worked for the Communist Propaganda department of the Central Government of China, actually forbade her to talk to other chinks in America, and instructed her to solely focus on making friends with white American folks, and, she even said, “If you could not find a white boyfriend on your own, then I will either help you find one, or, failing the first option, I will marry a white man myself, and divorce that useless chink father of yours.”

The naive chink girl started to fall in love with the first white boy who ever flirted with her. She was a virgin and, he told her that he would be gentle with her, as she let go of her white panties and bra, exposing her naked oriental flesh before her ruthless white conqueror, all the while staring at his godlike white physique. She couldn’t believe how handsome he was, how masculine and powerful he was. No little chink boy could ever grow to such enormous size. Ever. He pinned her down and pounded her tight virgin asian pussy with his big white cock, and she cried and screamed while he laughed and taunted her, and after his conquest he waved his big white cock stained with her fresh virginal blood like a glorious sword and slapped it against her face. No longer on the battlefield, the mighty white soldier had still conquered Asia, through the conquest of Asian pussies. The little chink was in hot shame of ecstasy and gave her heart to him. Afterward, he broke up with her and broke her heart into a million small pieces.

Back in school, all the other white boys now knew the little chink girl was easy prey for white meat, and it didn’t take long for all of them to have their turn with her, using her to clock up their first fuck. That was when she realized how powerful white cocks were, how much she loved white cocks, and how much she worshipped white men.

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Age 21: Wyatt
Wyatt was her roommate’s boyfriend in college. Her roommate was a typically tall, blonde, slim white girl and the white bitch had nothing but contempt for asian girls, whom she saw as a race of whores who are so eager to sell out their own souls to pollute the white gene pool by dating and marrying white guys. The moment the little chink whore moved in, she saw the white girl with her godlike white boyfriend laying in bed. They never acknowledged her presence, and made no effort to befriend her. It may have been the way she looked at him—it had given him cues—that the quiet and coy asian girl, though not curvy with big breasts and wide hips, but more than make up for it by being extremely submissive, having a round, porcelain face and soft yellow skin—was actually a real slut for white cock, just like all the other asian girls in their dormitory. She could tell he enjoyed teasing her, even when his white girlfriend was present. He would take off his clothes while all the asian girls of the dorm were present and they couldn’t help but stare, the godlike white man, the symbol of power, wealth, and beauty, the light of every asian womb, the fire inside every chink pussy. “WHITE-GOD,” she said under her breathe. Those words sounded so natural, so right, so instinctive as she uttered in a hushed voice. After he had stripped out of his clothes, he walked back to their room and had sex with his white girlfriend, and the sex was loud with moaning and groaning, and he didn’t give a fuck if any of those little chink whores were present or if they were all trying to sleep, and the chink girls knew better than to complain. Sometimes, while the white god and goddess were having sex, the pitiful chink secretly masturbated herself under the sheets.

One late night, the dorm room door was unlocked. The white goddess’ white boyfriend stumbled in and shook the little chink awake. She woke up in a daze and she could smell the strong stench of alcohol in his breathe. He told her he would fuck her that night. He didn’t ask. It was a matter-of-fact. He flipped the horny little chink over on the bed and fucked her doggy style. She screamed so loud all the other asian girls in the dorm heard, and of course, the white goddess too was rudely awakened.

“I can’t believe the little chink whore fucked my boyfriend.”

The chink was so ecstatic with pleasure that she couldn’t help but cry and even begged for second rounds, but the white god realized his mistake and retreated. The next morning the white goddess flipped the chink out of her bed, slapped her hard across the face. That afternoon she moved out with her white boyfriend to an off-campus address. The Asian girls in the other rooms, however, were jealous.

“She got a taste of white cock,” they whispered.


The little chink whore has now become a working professional and a full blown white-cock-crazed slut. She has stopped pretending that she is anything other than white-only. Like all the other asian girls who grew up in America, she knew she only liked white men and would only date white men, and she would never ever even look at an asian guy, let alone date one. Looking at a disgusting chink man, knowing that she is of the same race as a chink, made her want to vomit. All she ever wanted now was to be cleansed and baptized by white sperm, to be reborn again into the white race.

Matt was the nerdiest and least attractive white man there was, and even for a white man who was otherwise a complete loser and had no chance with an attractive white woman, he has had a series of the most drop-dead gorgeous asian girlfriends, and she—our little chink protagonist—was his fifth asian girlfriend in the last two years, and even though he wasn’t physically rough as her previous white boyfriends, he was emotionally the most cruel. He didn’t even refer to her as his girlfriend and merely told everyone that she was merely his fuck buddy, and when he was not having sex with her, he left her naked with a dog collar and on a leash like a puppy and made stringent rules for her to follow in his house, such as not being allowed to use the toilet in the house, and must pee in the backyard, not being allowed to eat at the table, but must eat from a dog bowl, and even made her present herself as a naked dog to her white colleagues from work when they came for visits. She couldn’t tell if he had any feeling for her; sometimes he would be romantic but then ignore her for weeks. He would message her late at night and ask her to come over, and he’d fuck her silly like he hated her. He almost never took her out on dates and even when he did, she never felt that he was in love with her, but she was never more in love than when she was with him. For the first time, she finally had hoped that a white guy would want to settle down with her, even if he were a bit abusive.

It all came crashing down when he started to ignore her again. It had been months since she heard from him and she had been trying to call and message him. No replies. Eventually, he blocked her number and unfriended her on Facebook. He had ghosted her and left her for the dogs.

Her little chink heart was broken once again.

The next time she saw him, across the street from where she was getting her sushi takeout, she heard his deep laugh and she saw him with a different asian girl wrapped around his arm.


The chink slut knelt in front of him and stared up at his massive hairy chest. Even though he was 60 years old he was still incredibly fit and strong. At the age of 29, the chink whore felt she was getting too old to look for white guys her age to fuck, because it made her feel self-conscious, to know that she has passed the prime of her age and was yet still unable to fulfill her life long dream of marrying a white man. So in stead she settled with older white men nowadays, and she hit the jackpot with Logan.

He was gruff and masculine. Every hair follicle on his broad chest excreted testosterone. She knew he liked to fuck asians and he never fucked the same asian twice, but she didn’t care. She has given up on any fantasy of finding a white husband and all she cared now about getting as much white cock in her asian cunt as possible, before she became too old.

With an endless supply of asian whores throwing themselves at his feet, Logan knew he could be as cruel as he wanted. The white god pinned her down and shoved his big thick cock down her throat until she couldn’t breathe. He fucked all his asian whores bareback and made sure he cummed inside each one of them. He said this was what he used to do in the Philippines too. And after getting fucked, before she was allowed to leave, the pathetic chink must give her white master a foot massage, with her mouth. She slobbered all over his manly white feet and she was mesmerized by the power, the superiority that the white man represented. The little chink whore has devoted her life to serving white men and was willing to be dominated and humiliated just like every other asian whore.

After she was thoroughly fucked, she picked up her belongings and left. When she exited his apartment, in the elevator, she saw a beautiful young Korean woman with permed hair, wearing bright red heels, and skin-tight miniskirt, getting off on the same floor. Instinctively she knew Logan’s next asian girlfriend has just arrived, waiting for her turn to be fucked and bred with superior white sperm.


Before the chink whore went back to jail to report to her parole officer, she knelt down again before her white god and received her beatings. After she was thoroughly beaten, she was fucked, not in her pussy, but in her ass.

“White cock hurts so good,” she murmured, teary-eyed as her white god dominated her.

The little chink whore got into a failed marriage with a loser chink husband who was completely unaware of her sexual escapades with many white men before marriage, and she had even given birth to an ungrateful chink pig daughter who was a pure bred chink. Unlike all her Asian girlfriends who gave birth to half-white babies, the chink slut, troubled by the sight of a pure bred chink husband and its demon-spawn chink babies from her own womb, was filled with resentment, anger, and despair, and everyday she wished that she could leave her pathetic chink husband. It was at the restaurant that they worked in she met Angus, a pure-white 19 years old college student who was willing fuck a mature asian mother, provided that she was also willing to be fucked by all his white friends. The chink slut was in ecstasy and relived her childhood dreams. Flashbacks brought her memory to high school, where she was humiliated, beaten, and eventually fucked and dumped by the white guys at her school, and she felt so happy, so at ease, and she was willing to live the rest of her life worshiping her white gods. She showered Angus with gifts and even paid his bills; on weekends she went over to his apartment and cleaned his room like a cleaning lady and if she pleased him well enough, he would let her lick his asshole after he worked out.

In order to remain with him, she agreed to let him and all his white buddies fuck her as much as they wanted, and it almost drove her crazy, from being fucked so often, but she had no power to complain. She knew her life was at the very edge. She was a cheap washed-up asian slut and Angus was her last hope of ever being able to get fucked by white guys. He even whored her out to other white men and turned her into a full-blown prostitute, charging clients only 20 dollars for a blowjob and 40 dollars for full service. Not satisfied with turning her as a whore, Angus and his white buddies set up online cam profiles for her and made her perform for money, and Angus kept all the profit.

Soon her chink pig husband found out about her infidelity and had a mental breakdown. He tried to kill her and she called the police and now the chink loser is in a mental hospital, and a divorce settlement is still under deliberation after a lengthy trial that ate away almost all their savings. With nowhere to go, the pitiful chink whore turned to Angus, who introduced her to his sadistic grandfather, who was a Vietnam-war veteran and was very skilled in torturing chinks and gooks and had turned the chink whore into what she was always destined to be, a sex slave for white cock. She received beatings everyday and must do everything her white master ordered. It was like being in a training camp for soldiers. The chink must learn to be completely obedient and she was to be so broken until she realized she was completely worthless without her white god. After her training was complete, she was willing to eat her own feces if her white god had ordered her, and she was kicked out of his house to become a BDSM prostitute, where she was arrested for prostitution and sentenced to seven years in prison …


And there ends the sad life of a chink. And no, she didn’t die at 38. She lived, and would probably continue to live well into an old age. But that was the last time she got fucked by a white man, and a chink’s life isn’t worth living–it’s not really a “life”–without white men. A chink’s life ends when she loses favor with white men, and when her body finally passes away, as this warm sensible motion becomes a kneaded clod, the chink will be blessed with that quicksand of memories, memories of the all white men that made her poor sad life worth living, of all the white boys she has loved.