The Many Faces of an Asian Slut


The expressions of chinks are quite limited due to their slant eyes and formless faces. Without big eyes and angular features that White Men have, it can be quite difficult to tell what they’re feeling. Well, there are five main expressions that gooks usually have when they’re with a White Cock, and one is AWE.

This is probably the most common facial expression encountered among chinks. They can’t help but show it whenever they have a big white cock in front of their faces. Their tiny chink eyes suddenly bulge wide, ‘cause you know they want to see your big cock in its entirety. Their mouths are agape and they start breathing heavily. They’re completely transfixed and they never take their eyes off your white cock.

A chink in AWE is good reminder for White Men of how superior they really are. Being born with money, wealth, immense height, white skin, and big cocks can sometimes make white men forget how special they are and only when you see an tiny asian slut going completely crazy over your cock that you remember yout status in the world.

When you see them stuck in AWE over your big hard cock is the best time to suddenly strike them hard across the face with your cock to wipe that stupid look off their faces.


After the awe of seeing your big white cock and the bliss of having it in their mouths, comes the favourite chink expression and that’s their looks of PAIN. After all their fun at sucking and gagging at your cock, it’s time to show them what your cock is truly capable of. These chinks have no idea how much pain they’re in for, how much they’ll have to pay for being a slut, and how much suffering they’ll have to endure.

But you’ll show them. You’ll use all your strength in ramming your massive cock up their cunts. They will scream and cry. They will howl and moan. And you can see their faces just contort in the most hilarious ways. They will beg for mercy. Their tiny eyes are wincing and their noses are scrunched up. And you will fuck them harder and harder until their facial muscles are tired and aching. Until their looks of PAIN are permanently stuck on their numb, sobbing faces.


After the awe, bliss, and pain they’ve endured, you can see it after they hungrily suck your big white cock. You’re getting close to cumming and the chink is sucking you off so well. You say you’re close and you notice the slut starting to pull away to avoid the cum hitting her, but you’re not having any of that. You hold her head down and you blow your load all over her face. She tries to struggle and winces as the cum covers her eyes, nose, and mouth.

She sits up and you look at her. You think to yourself,“Man, what a fucking whore. Look at her cum-covered face.” You’re pleased with yourself and smirk. And you see the SHAME all over the chink’s face. How she just sits there in shock as the cum slowly drips down her mouth and face. How she remembers that you didn’t give her a choice and used her like a cum-rag. How you called her all those slurs ‘cause you knew you’d get away with it. She’s ashamed of being an inferior asian. She’ll go home and hate herself… but you know she’ll be back for more White Cock.

SHAME. It’s more common in beginner chinks … when they’re still struggling with their inferiority. Eventually you’ll see it less and less, but it’s always a delight to see it on a young virgin asian that’s just been subjected to her first racial abuse.


This is the most subtle of chink expressions. It’s the only expression that you don’t normally see after their first time with a White Man. Sometimes, it takes longer for you to see this, but all chinks eventually show this expression.

After all the abuse and slurs they’ve endured, after all their awe and bliss at experiencing white cock, after all the pain and shame they suffer just for white cock, after all the self-loathing and telling themselves they’ll never go for White Men again, after all their failed resolve as they come back after a week and beg you to fuck them, you’ll finally see it in their eyes. That quick look of RESIGNATION. It’s a flitting moment, but it’s the most profound of all the expressions. It’s their RESIGNATION to being an asian slut. That they have finally accepted being a chink and that they’re obsessed with White Men. They have resigned to their inferiority and know they are meant to be fucked and abused by superior men. They have resigned to the fact that they’ll never be anything else but a slut, and no one can ever fulfil their lust other than White Men.

It’s a vacant look. The knowledge that the rest of their lives will be defined by their inability to achieve contentment by themselves. That White Men hold the key to their personal happiness with their big cocks. That they will have to do whatever it takes to get fucked by a White Man and hope they please them well enough to be fucked regularly.

AWE, BLISS, PAIN, SHAME… it’s all a journey to RESIGNATION.

the three magic words

Most people say that the three magic words are “I Love You”. But for Asian girls? It’s different.

The three magic words for Asian girls is BIG WHITE COCK. Nothing can ever compare to that feeling of lust an Asian girl experiences when she hears those three words. It stirs a primal need in her, a need for a supreme being. It awakens in her an innate need, a need to serve a superior being.

An Asian girl’s first White Cock will always be seared in her memory until she dies. That awe at how massive White Cock is. That feeling of having the weight on its tiny pursed lips. Grasping the thick shaft and playing with it like a toy. Seeing how the Big White Cock spans the length of her face.

Go ahead and try it. Walk up to an Asian girl and whisper “Big White Cock” in her ears. Watch as her knees immediately go weak, her eyes moisten and her tiny mouth gasp for a moan. It’s like an incantation, the magical spell that will put any Asian girl into a trance and do whatever you say.

The White Badge of Honor

Asians love to wear White Man’s cum like a badge of honor.

It’s their way of showing off to other Asians that they are the lucky ones to serve and suck white cock. They feel the sticky cum dripping down their cheeks and into their mouths as they taste every drop of superiority in that big load.

A happy Asian is an Asian who serves the superior White Cock. She smiles and revels at the amount of superiority present in her face. She will let it dry up and hope every pore of her face absorbs the White Man’s cum.

The epitome of the inferior Asian race, with a thick sheen of superior White Man’s cum all over her face, is finally meant to look the way she’s supposed to look.

Degraded, subjugated, and always so happy to serve.

How to become A Good Asian Slut for White Cock

1. A good Asian slut deepthroats White Cock no matter what.

No matter how big that is or how deep it goes down your throat. You better suck it balls deep. Your ching-chong eyes will start to water and you’d have to squint. You’ll barely see anything so just feel that long thick White Cock sliding down your throat.

2. A good asian slut loves bondage.

It can be tempting to touch yourself as you pleasure a White Man with your mouth. You’re horny and in lust, it’s understandable. But you have to remember, you mean nothing. Only the White Man’s pleasure matters so you better beg to be tied up. Have him handcuff your hands behind our back. Or use some traditional Asian bondage to show your appreciation of your own Asian culture.

3. A good asian slut spreads her pussy wide and takes White Cock raw.

No condom bareback.” You know that’s how White Man likes it. And you know White Man wouldn’t be gentle. You know He wouldn’t care if He hurts you. You know he might even do anal. You’ve seen how often Asian girls in western porn are being anally penetrated. So for you all you really have to do is make it easier for him to penetrate your tight pussy or ass. Spread your holes wide because you know he’ll completely wreck it. Condoms? Forget about it. You need to be bred by a real man.

4. A good Asian slut moans and whimpers for White Cock.

The whimpering of an asian slut in pain is music to a White Man’s ears. He loves hearing how much power His cock can exert on you. How He can dominate you just by his big cock. The more you moan , the harder He will fuck. He wants you screaming and sobbing, He wants to punish you for being a chink.

5. A good Asian slut learns to take White Cock deep without complaining.

It’s a difficult life when the one thing you need in your life is the one thing that gives you the most pain. You are constantly craving for White Cock, but the moment you get it, you are subjected to the most intense pain in your life. But you learn to shut up if it hurts, you know better than to tell the White Man to stop, because you know how much worse they can get if you try to resist. You remember what it was like when they got angry and completely dominated you. You remember the suffering you had to endure. You remember what it was like when he told other white men to not talk to you as punishment and you went for months without white cocks.

You know better now. You’re a good asian slut.

The Asian Slut A Poem

You kneel before him in awe.

Your White God. Your White Master.

He’s dominated and fucked you raw.

But He tells you that it’s only getting harder.

He wraps you in dog collar and chains,

Looks down on you and scoffs.

He says, “Get ready for the pain.”

You can’t help but stare at his scruff.

He’s so masculine and superior,

White, confident, hung, and tall

He’s everything you wanted and more,

And you’re his little China doll.

He calls you a whore and names you a chink,

turns you over and fondles your tit.

You can’t breathe and you can’t think,

But it doesn’t matter, ‘cause you’re an asian slut.

A Feast for White Conquerors

After pillaging their village and raping their women, the White conquerors feasted with their comrades. The young daughters of the slain Asian soldiers were told to cook for and serve the White Men, and they quickly did so without any resistance.

The asian servants served them delicacies and dishes from the Orient. They kowtowed to every whim and demand of the White Men as the White Men drank their wine and got intoxicated. Soon, the Men stripped their clothes and the asian slaves were in awe. They had never seen what real men looked like before and now they are acutely aware. They got on their knees and began to suck the White Men’s cocks. They lost any qualms they had on being conquered by the superior White Men, because after seeing their massive cocks and hairy masculine bodies, they realized their race stood no chance in fighting against those white gods.

After the White Men have used the asian slaves, they burned the village down to ashes. The boys were left behind to live in the rubble, while the best asian daughters were selected to come with the White conquerors as their permanent slaves. The asian girls who weren’t selected wailed in anguish and killed themselves in despair and disappointment.

The asian slaves traveled with the White Men as they continued their pillaging and conquering. They were tied to horses like cattle and treated like chattel, but they did not mind those hardships.

Soon, they returned to Caucasia, the illustrious city of White Men. Here, the asian slaves completed their transformation: they were beaten, whipped, branded, pierced with rings, and chained in the Chamber of Chinks. Deep in the bowels of this gilded temple, they are kept in squalid cages and trained to be the perfect slaves. The Master of Chinks observes their progress and selects the best ones to join the harem in the Chamber above where White Men can come freely and use asian slaves however and whenever they want, without repercussions or judgement on their actions or treatment of the asians.

And this is how the asian villagers spend the rest of their lives: in servitude of the Superior Ones as the White Men continue their conquering and enslavement of asian slaves for their glorious empire.

White Master is abusing me every morning before going to work to make sure I’ll be a good chink.

This asian slut is terrified, no doubt about it.

She has finally realized, to borrow an American expression, of which she to this day is still only learning, that she’s in over her head; this being owned by a White Man is not a joke.

It involves work, abuse, and torment. So much torment. And pain.

She has been fucked every day by Master’s big white cock and her pussy is legitimately destroyed. It has become loose and torn and it hurts when she sits down. But her White daddy doesn’t give a fuck. And after her pussy has been completely destroyed, he wants her ass.

The chink needs to be trained, and training a chink is like domesticating a horse, you have to break it first.

So the chink is about to burst into tears and beg for mercy. But mercy will never come. And you know what? The chink could probably leave at any time, but the funniest part is that she’ll never even consider it. Because the chink is a good slave and she loves white cock too much, and to have the opportunity to serve a White Man 24/7 is a dream come true for most asian sluts. So the chink sucks it up and thinks about how lucky she is. To be owned by a white master.

Because, really, what’s the alternative? What Asian wouldn’t want to be owned by a white man?

This Asian loves her white meat.

Look at the way her slant eyes squint in pleasure.

Look at the way this massive white cock spans her yellow face.

Look at the way she sucks it like she needs it to survive.

Look at that unmistakeable look of desperation and worship. Of losing all trains of thought.

Of focusing all she has on serving the White Man.

Who is her God.

That’s what an asian slut is.

And always will be.

To Please a White Man

You’ve only just begun and you know it’ll take a lot of work.

Your lips are on his cockhead and you can see all the other inches left to go. You tell yourself you can do this … that you’ve wanted to please your white man for so long and you can take all of it down your throat. You’ve watched hours of deepthroat porn and even researched articles on how to deepthroat.

He tells you you’re a “good asian slut!” That his white cock will feel so good once you deepthroat it. You hold his thick shaft and wonder how the girth can even fit in your trachea. So you slowly slide your lips down … and feel his thick cock stretching your mouth. You feel the inches slowly going down your throat and you can feel it completely blocking any air to your lungs. It’s so big and wide and your eyes start to water. You look up to him and wonder if he’ll take it easy, but he just shakes his head and you understand you have to take more inches.

So you take every painful inch. Your tears are dripping and your throat is aching. You tell yourself you can’t breathe and you want to give up, but then he calls you a “Good chink!”, and you find your inner strength again … to be a good asian slut for white men.

A Meditation on Asian Women and White Cocks

Why are asian women so grateful to be treated like whores? To be degraded and humiliated? To be owned and enslaved by White Men?

It’s because it’s the only thing in our lives that give us our purpose. The moment we realize that White Men would never be attracted to us the same way they are attracted to White Women, the moment we realize, no matter how beautiful we are, how accomplished we might be, we would never be as good as “White Girls”; so we resort to whoring ourselves out to attract dominant White Men.

And when we’re bestowed upon the privilege of serving one, no matter how much pain or humiliation we are forced to endure, we will accept it with the utmost gratitude.

Because, deep down, we know we are merely horny Asian bitches for White Men’s pleasure, we know we are merely sluts and fuck-toys to White Men and we love it, we thrive on the fact, and we even masturbate ourselves to those thoughts.

We whimper and shake in front of the Big White Cock, eternally grateful that White Man took pity on us and fucked us.

Call me a whore? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a bitch? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a slut? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a chink? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

The inferior asian race—will always be there to take our abuse from White Master’s whip and say “Thank you”.

The Size of White Cock

Every Asian slut is guilty of this when we first see a white cock. The shock and awe of the incomprehensible size leaves us flabbergasted that we try to look for a frame of reference. We compare it with our ex-Asian BF’s tiny asian cock, our tiny Hua-Wei phones that are cheap knockoffs of Apple, our tiny Asian hands and feet, and we are left incomprehensive as how our tiny vaginas are going to even accommodate such a monster.

But the best way to grasp the true size of a white man’s cock is, obviously, to measure it.

It needs to be quantitated into a number. And once we find out the actual size, it surpasses our expectations and proceeds to blow our minds once more. We measure it again and again, looking at how it spanned to digits we never realized could be possible for a cock. We imagine the tiny Asian cocks of our fathers and brothers (whom we are so used to) being juxtaposed to the measuring tape, and we count how much bigger the white cock is down to the millimeter.

We memorize the number, like every Asian who is good at math does. It becomes seared in our head, and catalogued in our memory. With every white cock that we encounter, we place their measurements in our mental folder: 8 inches, 9 inches, and some truly massive ones.

And during the moments we are fucked, as the pain and pleasure spasm through our whole bodies, the number replays in our heads over and over. Reminding us of the size we are taking and our own inferiority, knowing that we can never go back to Asia again and yet we can never fool people into believing we are white, but that we can only take white cocks in our holes and hope to give birth to half-Asian babies that are slightly superior to ourselves.