A Dream of White Man

Your asian boyfriend is calling you for the 10th time. It’s 3 AM and you haven’t come home from the club. You don’t care though, not after tonight.

You went out with your asian boyfriend to this new club in the city. Your boyfriend heard that the DJ was good and he loves to dance, so he wanted to go. You heard from a friend that a lot of the hot white guys have been going to the club, and that’s all the reason you needed to agree to go too.

You and your boyfriend had a great time dancing and drinking, but eventually he started to get really drunk. He tells you that he needs to go home and lie down and you dejectedly agree to leave the club. You call an Uber and the two of you head your way to the exit, and that’s when you locked eyes with HIM.

White, tall, muscular, attractive, and confident. HE was standing by the bar as you walked past. HE looked at you and immediately you felt your pussy clench. You’ve never been with a white guy before; you’ve been with your asian boyfriend since high school, and you’ve always been content at just admiring the white guys in the clubs or watching them in porn. But the way HE looked at you felt different … something awakened inside you. HE was still looking at you, steel-faced and expressionless, as you led your boyfriend to the exit.

You see the Uber parked outside and you put your boyfriend in the backseat. You tell him that you didn’t feel like going home yet, and you give the driver instructions to your boyfriend’s apartment. You shut the door and hurriedly went back into the club. You scan the club and you find HIM, still standing by the bar and still looking at you. You tentatively make your way to HIM until you’re face-to-face. You’re surprised at how tall HE is, you’re almost two heads shorter and had to strain to look up.

Before you can say anything, HE says “I knew you’d be back.” HE smirks cockily and puts his hand at the nape of your neck. HE grips it firmly and starts to lead you back to the exit. HE says in a deep, manly voice, “Let’s go.”

HE takes you back to his place and rips your clothes away. You take off his clothes and you’re in awe. To see a naked white guy, every part of him brimming with testosterone and masculinity, You realize how feminine your asian boyfriend looks compared to HIM. HE carries you to the bed and lays you on your stomach. HE doesn’t waste time and immediately slides his cock inside you. You scream and moan. You’ve never felt a big cock before and it is amazing.

HE holds you by the neck, the same way HE did in the club, and pins you down as HE pounds you deep. Your asian boyfriend starts to call, wondering where you are but you ignore it. HE fucks you hard until he breeds your chink pussy and you feel his warm cum inside you. Afterward, HE tells you to fuck off and you leave in a daze of post-White-Man ecstasy.

You come home and your asian boyfriend has sobered up and he’s furious. He demands to know where you were. You tell him to leave and that you’re breaking up with him. He asks you why and all you reply is, “I’ve had white cock. You’ll never be enough now.”

Later that night, while you lie on your bed alone, you feel HIS cum finally ooze out of your wrecked Asian cunt. You catch it with your hand and eat it all up. You fall asleep and dream of getting fucked on a sweaty, dirty club dance floor. The lights are pulsating and the music is loud and the men are WHITE.

Snapshot of a White God

He looks at you with disdain as you kneel in front of his big white cock. He’s gruff, reticent, and barely acknowledges your presence as you suck his cock.

You slobber all over his cock like the hungry asian slut you are as he watches a movie. Every so often, as you look up to him with your slant eyes hoping for any sort of recognition or approval, he looks down at you and slightly smirks.

His flatmate comes home but you know you shouldn’t stop unless he tells you. His flatmate takes one look and smirks too, and makes a snide comment on how he can’t tell if it’s a new asian or the same one from last week since all asians look the same. The White man looks down at you again, shrugs his shoulders, and grunts in reply. You realize he’s already forgotten that you were here last week sucking his cock and you just lucked out in getting a second hookup with him since he forgot what you looked like.

You don’t care though. You look at his handsome hairy face and continue deepthroating his big white cock and hope that he keeps forgetting your bland asian face so you can have another opportunity to suck him in the future.

Meditation 29

She sucks your big white cock with her cute tiny asian mouth. Her cherry-red lips are pursed around your thick shaft and you can’t help but to grab her hair and shove her small head balls deep until she gags.

You whip out your big white cock and slap her flat asian face with your heavy member. You thought her slant eyes couldn’t get any smaller, but she squints even more from being hit by your big cock.

She deepthroats your big white cock and you watch her lips slowly slide up your shaft. She struggles with the size like they always do but you know all the tricks. You call her a “chink” to encourage her.

You laugh as she starts crying from gagging too much on your big white cock. You pat her on the head and call her a “good asian whore”. She looks up to you in shame and rests her nerdy asian face on your cock.

It’s comfort to her to be this close to such a superior being, and in a rare moment of kindness, you let the chink be a chink as her tears drop onto her cheeks and down your thick white shaft.

To All the White Boys I’ve Loved

People say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die. For a chink whore who has dedicated her life to the service of white cock, it’s a bit simpler. The hottest white men that have fucked her throughout her life flashes before her slanted eyes.

He was the school jock, surrounded by beautiful white girls, while she–the chink–was the nerdy, quiet asian girl who just came from China. The white girls teased and bullied her, but no one hated her more than Dylan, the white boy whose grandfather fought in the Korean war. “The chinks were so cruel to us,” he said and rightfully so. White men were going to set all of Asia free and the chinks decided that slavery was better than freedom and fought against the brave white soldiers on the battlefields, and cast the entire continent of Asia under the spell of slavery, oppression and poverty for the next 100 years; and Dylan, the descendant of the white god, seething perilous rage from his pure blue eyes and seeking revenge, picked on the little chink girl mercilessly with his taunts and jeers; and he was the first person ever to call her a “chink” and he did it in front of everyone in class.

That was when the entire class burst out in laughter.

The submissive chink was humiliated. She lowered her head, hot shame in chiaroscuro of pink and red flushed her yellow face, and yet she took it stoically like a typical submissive chink. The white girls, smirking, and laughing, walked over in wavy staggering forms, and slapped the chink girl hard across the face. “This is what you get for being a chink,” the white girls laughed, and the little chink girl cried.

The little white gods and goddesses didn’t stop torturing the poor little chink there, especially not Dylan. Dylan was cruel, and devised a plot to hurt her in ways no white girls could.

He started being nice to her, and even actively befriended the shy, coy chink girl, who always had a secret desire for white guys, because, back home in chinkland, even her grandparents encouraged her to date white boys; and her mother, a well educated Chinese woman who worked for the Communist Propaganda department of the Central Government of China, actually forbade her to talk to other chinks in America, and instructed her to solely focus on making friends with white American folks, and, she even said, “If you could not find a white boyfriend on your own, then I will either help you find one, or, failing the first option, I will marry a white man myself, and divorce that useless chink father of yours.”

The naive chink girl started to fall in love with the first white boy who ever flirted with her. She was a virgin and, he told her that he would be gentle with her, as she let go of her white panties and bra, exposing her naked oriental flesh before her ruthless white conqueror, all the while staring at his godlike white physique. She couldn’t believe how handsome he was, how masculine and powerful he was. No little chink boy could ever grow to such enormous size. Ever. He pinned her down and pounded her tight virgin asian pussy with his big white cock, and she cried and screamed while he laughed and taunted her, and after his conquest he waved his big white cock stained with her fresh virginal blood like a glorious sword and slapped it against her face. No longer on the battlefield, the mighty white soldier had still conquered Asia, through the conquest of Asian pussies. The little chink was in hot shame of ecstasy and gave her heart to him. Afterward, he broke up with her and broke her heart into a million small pieces.

Back in school, all the other white boys now knew the little chink girl was easy prey for white meat, and it didn’t take long for all of them to have their turn with her, using her to clock up their first fuck. That was when she realized how powerful white cocks were, how much she loved white cocks, and how much she worshipped white men.

It had become an open secret that the asian girl was an easy whore for white cocks. When the white girls went out for pizza party, they ordered her a special “white cocks lovers’ pizza” just for her, with the cum of all the white boys from the football team as her special toppings …

Age 21: Wyatt
Wyatt was her roommate’s boyfriend in college. Her roommate was a typically tall, blonde, slim white girl and the white bitch had nothing but contempt for asian girls, whom she saw as a race of whores who are so eager to sell out their own souls to pollute the white gene pool by dating and marrying white guys. The moment the little chink whore moved in, she saw the white girl with her godlike white boyfriend laying in bed. They never acknowledged her presence, and made no effort to befriend her. It may have been the way she looked at him—it had given him cues—that the quiet and coy asian girl, though not curvy with big breasts and wide hips, but more than make up for it by being extremely submissive, having a round, porcelain face and soft yellow skin—was actually a real slut for white cock, just like all the other asian girls in their dormitory. She could tell he enjoyed teasing her, even when his white girlfriend was present. He would take off his clothes while all the asian girls of the dorm were present and they couldn’t help but stare, the godlike white man, the symbol of power, wealth, and beauty, the light of every asian womb, the fire inside every chink pussy. “WHITE-GOD,” she said under her breathe. Those words sounded so natural, so right, so instinctive as she uttered in a hushed voice. After he had stripped out of his clothes, he walked back to their room and had sex with his white girlfriend, and the sex was loud with moaning and groaning, and he didn’t give a fuck if any of those little chink whores were present or if they were all trying to sleep, and the chink girls knew better than to complain. Sometimes, while the white god and goddess were having sex, the pitiful chink secretly masturbated herself under the sheets.

One late night, the dorm room door was unlocked. The white goddess’ white boyfriend stumbled in and shook the little chink awake. She woke up in a daze and she could smell the strong stench of alcohol in his breathe. He told her he would fuck her that night. He didn’t ask. It was a matter-of-fact. He flipped the horny little chink over on the bed and fucked her doggy style. She screamed so loud all the other asian girls in the dorm heard, and of course, the white goddess too was rudely awakened.

“I can’t believe the little chink whore fucked my boyfriend.”

The chink was so ecstatic with pleasure that she couldn’t help but cry and even begged for second rounds, but the white god realized his mistake and retreated. The next morning the white goddess flipped the chink out of her bed, slapped her hard across the face. That afternoon she moved out with her white boyfriend to an off-campus address. The Asian girls in the other rooms, however, were jealous.

“She got a taste of white cock,” they whispered.


The little chink whore has now become a working professional and a full blown white-cock-crazed slut. She has stopped pretending that she is anything other than white-only. Like all the other asian girls who grew up in America, she knew she only liked white men and would only date white men, and she would never ever even look at an asian guy, let alone date one. Looking at a disgusting chink man, knowing that she is of the same race as a chink, made her want to vomit. All she ever wanted now was to be cleansed and baptized by white sperm, to be reborn again into the white race.

Matt was the nerdiest and least attractive white man there was, and even for a white man who was otherwise a complete loser and had no chance with an attractive white woman, he has had a series of the most drop-dead gorgeous asian girlfriends, and she—our little chink protagonist—was his fifth asian girlfriend in the last two years, and even though he wasn’t physically rough as her previous white boyfriends, he was emotionally the most cruel. He didn’t even refer to her as his girlfriend and merely told everyone that she was merely his fuck buddy, and when he was not having sex with her, he left her naked with a dog collar and on a leash like a puppy and made stringent rules for her to follow in his house, such as not being allowed to use the toilet in the house, and must pee in the backyard, not being allowed to eat at the table, but must eat from a dog bowl, and even made her present herself as a naked dog to her white colleagues from work when they came for visits. She couldn’t tell if he had any feeling for her; sometimes he would be romantic but then ignore her for weeks. He would message her late at night and ask her to come over, and he’d fuck her silly like he hated her. He almost never took her out on dates and even when he did, she never felt that he was in love with her, but she was never more in love than when she was with him. For the first time, she finally had hoped that a white guy would want to settle down with her, even if he were a bit abusive.

It all came crashing down when he started to ignore her again. It had been months since she heard from him and she had been trying to call and message him. No replies. Eventually, he blocked her number and unfriended her on Facebook. He had ghosted her and left her for the dogs.

Her little chink heart was broken once again.

The next time she saw him, across the street from where she was getting her sushi takeout, she heard his deep laugh and she saw him with a different asian girl wrapped around his arm.


The chink slut knelt in front of him and stared up at his massive hairy chest. Even though he was 60 years old he was still incredibly fit and strong. At the age of 29, the chink whore felt she was getting too old to look for white guys her age to fuck, because it made her feel self-conscious, to know that she has passed the prime of her age and was yet still unable to fulfill her life long dream of marrying a white man. So in stead she settled with older white men nowadays, and she hit the jackpot with Logan.

He was gruff and masculine. Every hair follicle on his broad chest excreted testosterone. She knew he liked to fuck asians and he never fucked the same asian twice, but she didn’t care. She has given up on any fantasy of finding a white husband and all she cared now about getting as much white cock in her asian cunt as possible, before she became too old.

With an endless supply of asian whores throwing themselves at his feet, Logan knew he could be as cruel as he wanted. The white god pinned her down and shoved his big thick cock down her throat until she couldn’t breathe. He fucked all his asian whores bareback and made sure he cummed inside each one of them. He said this was what he used to do in the Philippines too. And after getting fucked, before she was allowed to leave, the pathetic chink must give her white master a foot massage, with her mouth. She slobbered all over his manly white feet and she was mesmerized by the power, the superiority that the white man represented. The little chink whore has devoted her life to serving white men and was willing to be dominated and humiliated just like every other asian whore.

After she was thoroughly fucked, she picked up her belongings and left. When she exited his apartment, in the elevator, she saw a beautiful young Korean woman with permed hair, wearing bright red heels, and skin-tight miniskirt, getting off on the same floor. Instinctively she knew Logan’s next asian girlfriend has just arrived, waiting for her turn to be fucked and bred with superior white sperm.


Before the chink whore went back to jail to report to her parole officer, she knelt down again before her white god and received her beatings. After she was thoroughly beaten, she was fucked, not in her pussy, but in her ass.

“White cock hurts so good,” she murmured, teary-eyed as her white god dominated her.

The little chink whore got into a failed marriage with a loser chink husband who was completely unaware of her sexual escapades with many white men before marriage, and she had even given birth to an ungrateful chink pig daughter who was a pure bred chink. Unlike all her Asian girlfriends who gave birth to half-white babies, the chink slut, troubled by the sight of a pure bred chink husband and its demon-spawn chink babies from her own womb, was filled with resentment, anger, and despair, and everyday she wished that she could leave her pathetic chink husband. It was at the restaurant that they worked in she met Angus, a pure-white 19 years old college student who was willing fuck a mature asian mother, provided that she was also willing to be fucked by all his white friends. The chink slut was in ecstasy and relived her childhood dreams. Flashbacks brought her memory to high school, where she was humiliated, beaten, and eventually fucked and dumped by the white guys at her school, and she felt so happy, so at ease, and she was willing to live the rest of her life worshiping her white gods. She showered Angus with gifts and even paid his bills; on weekends she went over to his apartment and cleaned his room like a cleaning lady and if she pleased him well enough, he would let her lick his asshole after he worked out.

In order to remain with him, she agreed to let him and all his white buddies fuck her as much as they wanted, and it almost drove her crazy, from being fucked so often, but she had no power to complain. She knew her life was at the very edge. She was a cheap washed-up asian slut and Angus was her last hope of ever being able to get fucked by white guys. He even whored her out to other white men and turned her into a full-blown prostitute, charging clients only 20 dollars for a blowjob and 40 dollars for full service. Not satisfied with turning her as a whore, Angus and his white buddies set up online cam profiles for her and made her perform for money, and Angus kept all the profit.

Soon her chink pig husband found out about her infidelity and had a mental breakdown. He tried to kill her and she called the police and now the chink loser is in a mental hospital, and a divorce settlement is still under deliberation after a lengthy trial that ate away almost all their savings. With nowhere to go, the pitiful chink whore turned to Angus, who introduced her to his sadistic grandfather, who was a Vietnam-war veteran and was very skilled in torturing chinks and gooks and had turned the chink whore into what she was always destined to be, a sex slave for white cock. She received beatings everyday and must do everything her white master ordered. It was like being in a training camp for soldiers. The chink must learn to be completely obedient and she was to be so broken until she realized she was completely worthless without her white god. After her training was complete, she was willing to eat her own feces if her white god had ordered her, and she was kicked out of his house to become a BDSM prostitute, where she was arrested for prostitution and sentenced to seven years in prison …


And there ends the sad life of a chink. And no, she didn’t die at 38. She lived, and would probably continue to live well into an old age. But that was the last time she got fucked by a white man, and a chink’s life isn’t worth living–it’s not really a “life”–without white men. A chink’s life ends when she loses favor with white men, and when her body finally passes away, as this warm sensible motion becomes a kneaded clod, the chink will be blessed with that quicksand of memories, memories of the all white men that made her poor sad life worth living, of all the white boys she has loved.

The White Farm

I’ve got an opinion: we should consider making a place called “White Farm” in all the major cities around the world, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, where Asian sluts can be used as accessories for white men. I do believe every white man will need to get a free sex toy, a servant, a cleaner and a washer if he live in those places for business, studying or anything else. And he only needs to feed those Asian sluts with his cum, or even piss.

And every white man could own more asian slutsthan he ever has the time for, so we should have some rules, such as if she’s a slut in the farm, she cannot leave without the permission of her owner.

But in reality, we won’t really need such a farm for Asians. The whole world already is. Watch how Asian sluts throw themselves at the feet of White Men and do whatever it takes to please white men. They’ve always existed for the pleasure and sadism of white men. And they love it and will never leave.

Promoting WMAF (White male Asian female) Relationships: Reframing Asian identity

This is a real challenge . Why it is so challenging? Because there are many psychological factors at play. Would you really be keen—in this dogmatic day and age—to expose your wife/girlfriend in full display, out in public, of her obedience and subordinance to you? I am sure many would hesitate. Not only will such behavior be frowned upon by the general public, but those Asian females will experience intense shame when their private sub-ordinance is displayed in front of all.

But what we really have to look at is the huge amount of positives that we are going to gain if we do small sacrifices from our part. When more Asian women and White men start embracing this lifestyle slowly and gradually the fingers that are pointing towards us will drop. So how we are going to go about it?

I have divided this essay in three parts. In the first part we will analyse some patterns of Asian behavior. In the second part we will discuss the psychological factors at play, to give you a deeper understanding. Finally, in the third part we will present reframing Asian identity as a powerful behavior altering tool.

It is natural that many Asian women become interested in WMAF relationships by witnessing their girlfriends, observing their handsome godlike white sex partners, their lovable manner, their respect of women and their moral authority.

When they ask for an explanation, their friend is usually glad to describe her experiences with WMAF relationship and her obedience, and how she has learned to love his domination and its many benefits. Many times, a woman will be so excited during the first stages of her obedience that she will be unable to discuss anything else, and soon enough all her acquaintances will know. This is contributing to a large extent to the rapid spread of WMAF households and circles.

Indeed, it is highly therapeutic for an Asian to sit silently while her husband or boyfriend proudly discloses the most intimate details of her subordination, among his usual manly guffaws and laughters, as if showing off his latest trophy.

The female is usually very tense when her subservience is being publicly discussed, especially when in the presence of other Asian females. During the initial stages she will feel a sense of fear. After the fact, however, many women notice a definite softening in their own mannerisms and behavior, which is quite pleasant. Though most men ignore the psychological mechanisms at play most intuitively understand that showing off Asian female’s passivity enhances the white male ego.

Interestingly, the tension vanishes after the female’s condition has been exposed a few times before the same individuals. All is out in the open now, and she has nothing further to fear from the group. Suddenly, another type of behavior is observed, provided the man keeps talking positively about her manners and progress. When fear has subsided, Asian women generally try to live up to the reputation you have created for them, and try to display their best behavior in front of guests. This sort of voluntary compliance is a primary objective in any type of WMAF relationships.


Pride and shame are emotions that were engineered by nature with the sole purpose of allowing an individual to be alerted to sudden changes of status and popularity. Pride alerts one that one’s popularity is on the rise; it is a pleasurable sensation because it indicates that one should repeat whatever one has done. Shame alerts one that one’s popularity is declining; it is an unpleasant sensation because it indicates that the current behavior will be deleterious, hence one should cease this activity .

Pride and shame can be real or imagined; it is possible to envision a particular situation and gauge whether this will result in pride or shame or neither. Again this is nature’s way of allowing us to navigate the social landscape creating alliances and avoiding ostracism and isolation, an event which evolutionarily had a high rate of fatality.

Training of your Asian female should be based on exploiting such existing emotions, not changing them or blocking them, as this is never possible. Emotions allow us to interact directly with lower brain layers and bypass the rational mind. Controlling a woman’s emotions means controlling her behavior.

Psychological Effects:

Making a display of Asian female’s submission formalizes it by integrating it into a real racial social isomorphism. As in any racial social isomorphism many emotions kick in, including pride and shame. Although Asian submission is becoming increasingly popular among white males, in most racial social settings it is still not customary to make an overt display of it. Therefore the first mechanism that will be triggered in the Asian’s mind is anxiety. Anxiety will slowly turn into shame, because of fear. Red cheeks and giggles, which signify that the object of anxiety has been singled out for attention and is being closely scrutinized, will also contribute to precipitating anxiety into shame.

It is common for Asians to become completely silent at this point, especially if it’s their first time; your Asian may even “freeze” or become unresponsive. This is not a problem, because the real goal is not to obtain any cooperation on her part. The important point is that while your Asian is experiencing intense shame her subconscious mind will be totally occupied with the social consequences of her exposure. Therefore any other stimulus will be registered without any filtering.

The stimulus that a shamed Asian will absorb without any filtering in this case is her objectification. As her subconscious mind tries to process the ramifications of her exposure, she will be completely oblivious to the fact that she has become a mere object. An object of display, of curiosity; she is helpless – by actions or words – to change the focus and object of everyone’s attention and remains there, silent and helpless, like a newborn child surrounded by curious and intrusive adults.

This results in a “loss of agency”, that is, a situation in which she is no longer an agent in the world but a thing which is acted upon. The psychological effect of this loss of agency is a kind of identity change. The reason this effect is so intense is because this is not happening in an ordinary situation, in which the logical mind would retain a sense of agency and try to cope with the circumstances. Rather, it all occurs in the midst of a highly emotional state, which tags the experience as very relevant and promotes its integration at deep levels of the mind. This sudden change in the Asian’s perceived role in the world, together with a certain manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome, explain why most white men experience a pleasant afterglow of deference and affection from their Asians after they have taken them through a traumatic moment of anxiety by making their condition public.

The Asian loses her fear when her submissive status has been thoroughly exposed, understood and acknowledged.

I do not recommend interacting with your Asian during an exposure episode. Do not ask her to do things, nor request her opinion or a verbal confirmation of what you are saying. Remember: she is the object. Be completely oblivious of her presence as you disclose intimate details of her training and condition. Her silence will be understood to imply agreement. Let the feeling sink in, and do not distract her. This is an intense moment for her though you can’t see it.

With regards to the “switch” that happens in the Asian once she has gotten used to being displayed in front of a certain group, it is interesting to note how one powerful emotion gives way to another. The Asian loses her fear when her submissive status has been thoroughly exposed, understood and acknowledged. When this element of shame has been overcome, pride will take control, and the Asian will go to great lengths to live up to the reputation you have given her. It was shameful enough to be exposed as a servant. It could be even more humiliating to be later found to be a mediocre one!

Make Her Proud to Serve:

It goes without saying that, given the many beneficial effects, you should aim at letting everyone know about your Asian’s obedience. Create a formidable reputation which she will be afraid of ruining by being rude or uppity. Present her as the most helpful, well mannered wife/girlfriend you have ever met.

As the Asian learns to fight to preserve her reputation as the “most obedient”, “most attentive” slave, or the “girlfriend who never ever talks back to you”, something important will happen. The Asian will begin to associate her sense of pride to the quality of her service, which is key to long-lasting obedience.

As you reveal your Asian’s subordinate role, you should not be afraid of embarrassing her. She must confront her fears and come to terms with the reality of her condition in order for reframing to happen. Although there is no harm in inflicting on your Asian a very high degree of humiliation, you should never talk about her submission in terms which may be regarded as derogatory or diminishing of her status. This would be against training principles, because the Asian would register submission as a negative trait and try to avoid it, or at least hide it in public. Instead, make it clear to your Asian that her submission is enhancing her social status and is something to be proud of.


You met on OkCupid.

You’re sick of all the guys who are only after sex on Tinder. You’ve been longing for a boyfriend for so long and you’re tired of being alone and feeling lonely. You saw his profile … and he was everything you ever wanted for in a boyfriend. White, tall, attractive, great smile, masculine, funny bio, and even common interests! You nervously swiped right.

All day, you kept checking your phone hoping for a match, and a few hours later … you matched! You’re over the moon. You sent an emoji and he quickly replied back.

He doesn’t talk about sex right away; you have funny conversations and get to know each other. And just like that, you have a crush on him. Hell, you think you might be in love. No White guy has ever been this nice to you, the ones that don’t ignore or block you on apps are just after quick sex, but he’s the first one that actually wants to talk to you. You ask him out on a date that night, and he agrees and you just can’t believe it.

A little later you meet up after work. You have some drinks before going to a nice dinner. He looks so dreamy wearing a nice long-sleeved shirt, chinos, and brown shoes. You can tell he works out and is very athletic. The night goes by so fast and you can’t help staring at his blue eyes. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and every time he smiles or laughs at a joke you make, you feel your heart skip a beat.

You finish dinner and you have a nice romantic walk around the city. Nowhere in particular but just aimlessly walking around. He holds your hand. You talk about family, friends, careers, and just life. You pass by a lake and the street lights and moonlight just hit the water exactly right that there’s a twinkle in the air. He leans down and kisses you gently on the lips. He whispers, “I’ll walk you home.”

He takes you home and you kiss again, this time for longer, maybe a minute but it feels like an eternity. You ask him if he’d like to come up to your apartment. He says, “I thought you’d never ask.” And he flashes his smile again.

Both of you get on the bed and take off your clothes. You run your palms all over his large muscular body. He’s the first really fit white guy you’ve been with. He grabs and plays with your ass. You realize you two didn’t talk about sex the whole night and you quickly tell him, “I’m submissive.” He replies, “I know.”

He takes his underwear off and you see his cock for the first time. You’re speechless. It was bigger than you fantasied. Long, thick, and white. You quickly put your lips on it and feel how wide it stretches your mouth. He grabs your hair and guides your head up and down his massive shaft. You love how in charge he is, how even if he’s a nice guy, he’s instinctively dominant as well. He tells you he wants to fuck you. You nod and try to grab a condom from your bedside table but he stops you.

“No. I only like to fuck bareback.” he says.

You hesitate. You’ve never been fucked bareback before, you’re too scared of the risk. But you’re in lust and you don’t want to lose this chance with the man of your dreams. You ask, “Are you clean?”

He replied, “Yeah, don’t worry.” He smiles at you and you melt inside.

And just like that, you get back on the bed and bend over for him. “Do it,” you say.“But pull out when you cum, ok?”

“Sure,” he says.

He fucks you doggy and then on your back. He fucks you really hard. His massive cock fills you up so much and you’re moaning so loud. He’s strong and dominant, but then he goes tender and kisses on your lips. He whispers in your ear and tells you how good your pussy feels on his big cock. He keeps pounding and pounding and you feel him hitting your spot. He’s going really fast now and you’re just in a whirlwind of ecstasy. He tells you he’s close and that he wants to cum inside you. You feel too good to care and you just tell him to do it. You moan so loud and tell him to breed you. He grunts and kisses you hard while you feel his warm cum shooting up your cunt. You cum at the same time and both of you fall over in a slump on the bed. It was the best fuck you’ve had.

After, you guys cuddle and talk. He tells you he has to leave since he has an early day at work tomorrow. You ask him if he’d like to go out again at the end of the week and he agrees. You tell him that you really like him and you had fun tonight and he tells you he had fun too, smileing his perfect smile; and kisses you for the last time that night. And he leaves.

All night, you lay in bed and think about him. You fantasize about all the dates you’ll go on and eventually settling down with him. You’re in love. You message him good night before you go to bed and dream about him.

The next morning, you check your phone but he hasn’t replied. You message him good morning and ask what his plans after work would be. A few hours later, he still hasn’t replied. You go check OKCupid and you discover you can’t see his profile or messages anymore …. now you try calling his number and all you get is a busy tone. You’ve been blocked and you’re in shock. You can’t help it and you burst into tears. You feel sick inside and you go home in a daze. You thought he was the one, that you’ve finally found a White Man who would love and care for you, but now you realize, he was just being nice to you so he could fuck and breed you. You don’t know how long you cried and sobbed that night.

A few weeks later, you’re walking around the city. Then you see him. Across the street like a mirage. He still looks as perfect as the night you first saw him. You feel your heart skip a beat. You hurriedly try to walk towards him and confront him. Ask him what you did wrong. Then you notice who he’s with, it’s another young asian woman like yourself. They’re on a date. You realize you were never special, you were just one of the many asian sluts he seduces and throws away after sex.

You stop in your tracks and see them getting on a taxi. As he enters the back seat, he looks up and your eyes lock.

He doesn’t recognize you.


The asian slut knelt in front of the big white cock and waited.

She’s waited all her life to worship a white man. She hated living in China being surrounded by her own inferior ilk.

Everyone around her knew she wanted to leave China and marry a white guy, but what they didn’t know was that she was a virgin. People just assumed that she was just another easy slut for foreigners.

Because she didn’t want to lose her virginity to a Chinese man, she would rather die. So she waited and waited, until she finally saved up enough money to travel. Being stuck in the middle of China, all the superior White nations were so far away, but she decided to go to Australia, it was reasonably close and she couldn’t wait another wasted hour in a plane for white cock.

The moment she landed at the airport in Sydney, she gawked at all the White Men that surrounded her.

Just like in the movies.

Superior, attractive white men in every direction. The plane must have crashed on the way and now she’s in heaven. Quickly, she opened her tinder and messaged all the White Men she can see, she can’t wait to taste white cock. Soon enough, she realized it wasn’t as easy. Rejection after rejection, being ignored, “No Chinese”…

She got them all. She discovered that she wasn’t the only one who hated her own inferiority, even White Men knew and despised Chinese.

She waited for hours in the airport, slowly losing hope and on the verge of breaking down. So she decided to change her nationality from Chinese to Japanese, and hope that some credulous white guy would pick up her and fuck her.

She finally got a reply. An older, white man wanted to dominate and fuck her. He’s only a few kilometers from the airport. Hurriedly, the asian slut hailed a cab and in her broken English told the cab driver to take her to the address.

She arrived at the White Man’s apartment and immediately knelt down. She was shaking, it’s the culmination of everything she’s worked for and now she’s finally at the feet of a superior White Man. The White Man didn’t say a word, he just unzipped his pants and took out his massive white cock.

And the asian sucked it like her life depended on it.

It could have been a few minutes or several hours, the asian slut lost track of time serving the White Man. It felt like an eternity until the White Man finally moaned and said he was about to cum.

She was so eager to take it all at first and she kept her mouth open … then the very first shot blew and she took a mouthful of the White Man’s cum. But it kept coming and coming until it covered her whole face and shot over her shoulder. She cleaned the cock straight after the White Man stopped cumming. Her eyes were blood shot but she didn’t care.

She’s done her waiting and now she’s finally happy for the first time in her life.

The Many Faces of an Asian Slut


The expressions of chinks are quite limited due to their slant eyes and formless faces. Without big eyes and angular features that White Men have, it can be quite difficult to tell what they’re feeling. Well, there are five main expressions that gooks usually have when they’re with a White Cock, and one is AWE.

This is probably the most common facial expression encountered among chinks. They can’t help but show it whenever they have a big white cock in front of their faces. Their tiny chink eyes suddenly bulge wide, ‘cause you know they want to see your big cock in its entirety. Their mouths are agape and they start breathing heavily. They’re completely transfixed and they never take their eyes off your white cock.

A chink in AWE is good reminder for White Men of how superior they really are. Being born with money, wealth, immense height, white skin, and big cocks can sometimes make white men forget how special they are and only when you see an tiny asian slut going completely crazy over your cock that you remember yout status in the world.

When you see them stuck in AWE over your big hard cock is the best time to suddenly strike them hard across the face with your cock to wipe that stupid look off their faces.


After the awe of seeing your big white cock and the bliss of having it in their mouths, comes the favourite chink expression and that’s their looks of PAIN. After all their fun at sucking and gagging at your cock, it’s time to show them what your cock is truly capable of. These chinks have no idea how much pain they’re in for, how much they’ll have to pay for being a slut, and how much suffering they’ll have to endure.

But you’ll show them. You’ll use all your strength in ramming your massive cock up their cunts. They will scream and cry. They will howl and moan. And you can see their faces just contort in the most hilarious ways. They will beg for mercy. Their tiny eyes are wincing and their noses are scrunched up. And you will fuck them harder and harder until their facial muscles are tired and aching. Until their looks of PAIN are permanently stuck on their numb, sobbing faces.


After the awe, bliss, and pain they’ve endured, you can see it after they hungrily suck your big white cock. You’re getting close to cumming and the chink is sucking you off so well. You say you’re close and you notice the slut starting to pull away to avoid the cum hitting her, but you’re not having any of that. You hold her head down and you blow your load all over her face. She tries to struggle and winces as the cum covers her eyes, nose, and mouth.

She sits up and you look at her. You think to yourself,“Man, what a fucking whore. Look at her cum-covered face.” You’re pleased with yourself and smirk. And you see the SHAME all over the chink’s face. How she just sits there in shock as the cum slowly drips down her mouth and face. How she remembers that you didn’t give her a choice and used her like a cum-rag. How you called her all those slurs ‘cause you knew you’d get away with it. She’s ashamed of being an inferior asian. She’ll go home and hate herself… but you know she’ll be back for more White Cock.

SHAME. It’s more common in beginner chinks … when they’re still struggling with their inferiority. Eventually you’ll see it less and less, but it’s always a delight to see it on a young virgin asian that’s just been subjected to her first racial abuse.


This is the most subtle of chink expressions. It’s the only expression that you don’t normally see after their first time with a White Man. Sometimes, it takes longer for you to see this, but all chinks eventually show this expression.

After all the abuse and slurs they’ve endured, after all their awe and bliss at experiencing white cock, after all the pain and shame they suffer just for white cock, after all the self-loathing and telling themselves they’ll never go for White Men again, after all their failed resolve as they come back after a week and beg you to fuck them, you’ll finally see it in their eyes. That quick look of RESIGNATION. It’s a flitting moment, but it’s the most profound of all the expressions. It’s their RESIGNATION to being an asian slut. That they have finally accepted being a chink and that they’re obsessed with White Men. They have resigned to their inferiority and know they are meant to be fucked and abused by superior men. They have resigned to the fact that they’ll never be anything else but a slut, and no one can ever fulfil their lust other than White Men.

It’s a vacant look. The knowledge that the rest of their lives will be defined by their inability to achieve contentment by themselves. That White Men hold the key to their personal happiness with their big cocks. That they will have to do whatever it takes to get fucked by a White Man and hope they please them well enough to be fucked regularly.

AWE, BLISS, PAIN, SHAME… it’s all a journey to RESIGNATION.

the three magic words

Most people say that the three magic words are “I Love You”. But for Asian girls? It’s different.

The three magic words for Asian girls is BIG WHITE COCK. Nothing can ever compare to that feeling of lust an Asian girl experiences when she hears those three words. It stirs a primal need in her, a need for a supreme being. It awakens in her an innate need, a need to serve a superior being.

An Asian girl’s first White Cock will always be seared in her memory until she dies. That awe at how massive White Cock is. That feeling of having the weight on its tiny pursed lips. Grasping the thick shaft and playing with it like a toy. Seeing how the Big White Cock spans the length of her face.

Go ahead and try it. Walk up to an Asian girl and whisper “Big White Cock” in her ears. Watch as her knees immediately go weak, her eyes moisten and her tiny mouth gasp for a moan. It’s like an incantation, the magical spell that will put any Asian girl into a trance and do whatever you say.