“My cunt is locked up because I disobeyed my master.”


On a dull and listless afternoon, after lunch and getting back to work, my supervisor and his secretary went together inside their corner office and shut the door, while I sat in my cubicle and was once again caught up with more meaningless and mundane paperwork. In a stupor I started to daydream. And intermittently I heard others exchanging typical office gossips and laughs and talking about the up-coming party, to which I still didn’t know if I was invited, or whether indeed I was invited and that they had already planned more ways to humiliate me this time.

Being the only Asian female in the office, where over 80 percent of my colleagues and superiors are white and male, I’m used to being treated like a pinata, being the butt of their jokes, and, more often than not, being the helpless victim of their multifaceted sexual innuendos and attacks.

I continued my daydream. I thought back to high school, to college, and to my first work experience. I thought back to all those years and the memory flashes before my eyes as if it happened yesterday. My entire life flashes before my eyes. Except I no longer feel anything. I do not feel joy. I do not feel sadness. I’m living and breathing still, but I do not feel alive.

“I just hope they don’t humiliate her too much.” My face started to blush as soon as I heard their remarks about me in a whisper, and out of the corners of my eyes saw their fingers pointing at me.

“They do so only because they are sexually aroused by your presence.” A white female coworker saw me and noticed that I was looking at her, and so she spoke loud enough for me to hear, her voice filled with jealousy and envy.

“We are ready to leave. Why don’t you go to the car and wait for us?” Judy, the secretary, a tall, overbearing blonde woman, who often jolted me from my somnambulistic tasks with her sharp voice, came to me and tapped me by the shoulder.

I was awoken from my daydream.

Quickly I put my things away and got up to walk out, but just as I was going by the corner office where my supervisor is, I was stopped. “While you are waiting for us, chink slut, I expect you to find a cock to suck. Don’t take too long finding one, since we’ll be right out. And don’t try to hide either. Just suck someone right there by the car!” My supervisor stared at me from his desk inside the corner office and shouted so everyone could hear.

My heart sank and my cheeks turned red and hot. I didn’t reply to them, and in a daze, just walked out to the car. I noticed they could watch me from the window and I knew if I didn’t do what I was told, I would be in big trouble. And I also figured they wouldn’t come out until I was on my knees sucking someone’s cock.

Getting to the car, I felt lucky, because Allen was just getting ready to leave too. He waved at me and with a bright smile said “Hi.”

I said back: “Hi. Allen … Can I ask you something?”

He came over to the car where I was standing. “Sure! Anything.”

With tears almost in my eyes, knowing full well this was going to be hard, if impossible, but I had to do it and since he had already fucked me once, sucking his cock would be easy. But it wouldn’t be easy right there in the parking lot.

“Allen, caaaaaan I suck you?”

He didn’t know what to say and was silent for a long time before he blurted out, “Sure, let’s find a place to go.”

“No. Right here. Right now.”

“But someone will see you doing it and you’ll get in trouble and I probably will too.”

Before he had a chance to finish the sentence I was already on my knees in front of him, unzipping his pants, and pulling out his gorgeous white cock. Once I had it out and in my mouth, he really couldn’t do anything but stand there and let me to suck him off.

My supervisor and his secretary watched me doing it and then went outside. Allen saw them approaching and tried to push me away, but I kept him right there in my mouth and wouldn’t let him move.

The pair came up to me and Judy said, “Chink, what are you doing?”

I didn’t remove my mouth from Allen’s cock, but managed to roll my eyes up to my supervisor, pleading with him to let me stop, but he just laughed when he saw the humiliated look on my face and said, “Oh I see. You are sucking a cock. Good little Asian slut. Don’t worry, Allen. She does this a lot.”

Just about that time, Allen pushed all the way into my throat and shot his heavy load down my throat. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and stuffed his shrinking cock back into his pants and tried to leave.

But my supervisor said to him, “Wait a minute. She has something else to show you!”

Allen just stood there, wondering on what earth was going on.

“Stand up, chink,” ordered my supervisor. “Now, show him what is under your skirt and tell him why it is like that.”

“Pleeeeaaaasseeee. Sir. Not that!” I begged.


I raised my skirt up to expose my locked cunt. I couldn’t look Allen in the eyes and just held my head down in hot shame, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Allen was staring at my bare pussy, seeing the tiny lock hanging from the rings in my pussy lips. He was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.

“Now tell him why!”

part 15 interjection

“Okay now go get a nice bath. You smell like a whore and we don’t want our guest to see you like this.” My owner told me.

I went to the bathroom to bath and I had to use the small bathroom in the hallway, since I was forbidden to use the my other bathroom off the master bedroom. That was now Judy’s private bath.

Running the water, I climbed into the tub and soaked. My pussy was sore and swollen. My ass felt it had been turned wrong side out and my jaws hurt. “I had been fucked so much last night, and I don’t know if I would ever be fucked again.” I thought to myself.

I was soaking my hurts away as my mind drifted back to my past. My family needed money and I only knew of one way to get it. I told them I was working, but they didn’t know that I was selling my body. I had been fucked by so many different men and got paid well for it. No one would have suspected that I was a whore. I got into the prestigious NYU, even earned my scholarships to pay for my tuition, and afterward I got an internship at a prestigious company and then immediately afterward a well paying job. I brought my own house and I was so feverishly pursued by so many different men who showered me with gifts and affection …

“Hurry up, slut! Our guest will be arriving soon and we still have to get you ready!” My thoughts were interrupted when Judy barked into the little bathroom and yelled.

I jumped when my mistress spoke and I wondered what was going to happen next. Even though my mind wanted everything to stop, my cunt had become moist again. I could only listen to my pussy and everything else in my mind was blocked out.

As soon as I got out of the tub and dried off, I was met by my owner who grabbed me by my arm and pulled me toward the living room.

I gasped when I saw my dining room table in the middle of the living room. Attached to each leg was rope and I dreaded being tied up again, especially after last night.

He took me to the table and said, “OK, slut, up you go. On your back. Legs spread. Move it!”

I hesitated, sensing that something terrible was going to happen, but my hesitation was short lived. With one hand, my owner grabbed the golden lock which hung from my ear, pulling my head down, and with the other slapped me harshly on my naked ass three times. “Slut! I said! On the table! Now! Do it!”

Having no choice, I got on the table, and lay down. My eyes were filling up with tears and I didn’t want anything else to happen. As soon as I was on my back, my owner and Judy grabbed my arms and secured them to the table legs. Then, moving down to my legs, they spread them apart and tied them to the table legs as well.

As I lay there dying, spreadeagled on my own table, in my own living room, the wood was cold on my naked skin, I felt so open. My pussy was in plain view for all to see. “I hate it.” My mind said. But my pussy continue to tingle. I sobbed and begged. “Please, don’t do any more evil things to me. I have done everything you wanted. Please let me go.”

My tormentors laughed and then my owner said, “No. You have not done everything I wanted. I told you that your cunt was now mine and no one else was to have it. But two times you fucked up and screwed someone else. So tonight we’ll fix it so you won’t fuck anyone again without my permission.

The door bell ran just then and Judy said, “I will get it.”

I was left alone on the table while Judy and my owner both went to the door. I heard them talking:

“Come in. Stephanie. Glad you could make it. Would you like a drink?”

“Sure, I’d love to. Where is the subject and what do you need me to do with her?”

“Oh, she is in the living room. Hopefully she is just the way you need her. We will explain what we want.”

They walked into the living room and Stephanie saw me spread out on the table. I was also able to see her–a petite Asian woman with long black hair, and pale white skin just like me; her face was ovid and her eyes were small–and I watched in silence and dismay as she burst out in laughter at the sight before her.

“Haha! Well! Oh mine. Haha! This is a first. No one has ever given me such a willing subject before! Haha! So, what is it you need?”

“Can we tell you in a minute? There is something else we want her to do first.”

“Sure, but you know my time here has to be paid for.”

“Oh, you’ll be paid well and even get something added to it.”

“Haha! Okay, what comes first?”

“You cum first. Stephanie, We would like you to sit on this little slut’s face and have her eat you.”

“You know I’m not into girls, but if the price is right, haha, I will allow her to eat me. But don’t expect anything like that from me. I don’t eat pussy.”

“No, we don’t expect that. If Judy wants her pussy licked, the slut will do it. We just want her to eat you. She doesn’t enjoy eating cunt, so that’s why we want ti. Besides, you let men eat you, right? It isn’t any different.”

“Well, haha, OK!”

Still laughing, Stephanie reached under her skirt and took her panties off. Judy took them over and pushed them into my mouth to “Just give her a little taste of what’s to come next.”

Stephanie got up on the table and stood right over my face. I looked up and saw her pussy. It was neatly trimmed, just like mine used to be, before I had laser hair removal. I didn’t want any of this, but I had no other choice.

She started to squat down on my face and just before she had her pussy there, she reached down and pulled the panties from my mouth, like I was her personal toilet. She sat down, smothering me with her open slit.

She slid back and forth on my mouth and tongue, and I put my tongue first into her hole and then on her clit and then back on her hole. I was in heaven and never knew that it would be so great being with another woman. Now I thought about all the other women I knew and wondered if they wanted me to suck their pussies too. I have always enjoyed sucking cock, especially big white cocks, but never realized that I might be bisexual. I could tell she was getting close and she rode me even more. She ground her cunt down on my face and forced me to suck in order to get air to breathe. The closer she got, the harder she rode and suddenly, she stiffened up and drove her cunt down hard, suffocating me.

“Haha! God that was great. I wouldn’t mind more of that!”

“Stephanie, you can have her whenever you wish. Just let me know when.”

Judy grabbed Stephanie’s panties and wiped up the woman’s cunt juice with them. Once they were soaked with her cunt juice, she wadded them up into a ball and shoved them into my mouth. “Don’t want her to forget your taste and we don’t want her screaming either.”

“Now that you are well satisfied, Stephanie. And Judy, you are well entertained. Let me tell you what we want.”

“Sure, Haha. I can’t wait to find out.”

“Well, you see, my asian slut here fucked two guys without permission and now I want to lock up her cunt so it won’t happen again. We figured that if you put rings in her pussy lips, two on each pussy lip, one pair toward the top the other near the bottom, I can put padlocks on her pussy so she can’t use it.”

I was stunned to hear this. I tried to protest, but the gag muffled all the meaningful sounds.

Stephanie thought for a moment and then said, “That may work, but three set would be better. Then she can be completely closed up and no one can get into her.”

“No, I think two set will be enough. Put one set about one-third the way down from the top and the other about one-third the way up from the bottom. Make sure she has the same two holes in each lip.”

“OK, but if it isn’t enough, I’ll do the third hole free.”

“Very good. Now let’s begin.”

Stephanie had all of her tools with her and laid them out on the table between my spread, open legs. Then she pulled her panties out of my mouth and wiped the juice and wetness from my cunt. Of course, they went back into my mouth as soon as she was done.

I tried to beg for mercy while the panties were out, “No, please. Sir, please don’t do that. I don’t want holes in my cunt. Please. I’ll do whatever you say, but please not that.”

Then the panties were back into my mouth. I couldn’t talk anymore and my owner merely laughed.

“Sorry, cunt, but you disobeyed me and I won’t have that.”

I was crying, tears running from eyes like rivulets, knowing how much it was going to hurt and that I would always be at my owner’s mercy.

Meanwhile, Stephanie started measuring the length of my cunt, taking a small marker to put a dot on each lip where she would put the holes. Satisfied that they were all even, she took an alcohol wipe and rubbed my swollen pussy lips, making sure they were clean.

The alcohol burned my lips and I was in agony, but soon it went away when the alcohol dried. I watched Stephanie as best as I could, even though I couldn’t see the area she was working. Stephanie picked up her puncturing tool and held it up as if she were inspecting it, but really she just wanted me to see it. She was enjoying this, I suspect.

Then I felt her fingers on my pussy. I tensed up, knowing what was coming, but I couldn’t get away. She pulled out a pair of gripping tweezers and attached them to my puffy lips on the right side. I mumbled “MMMMMM” as my lips were pulled out and stretched. The next thing I felt was the cold puncturing tool being placed on my stretched lip. Then it happened. She squeezed and even though I could not feel the hole being made, but I knew my skin was being punctured. I tried to scream but only muffled sound came out of my mouth as the first ring was installed. Stephanie was working quickly and it wasn’t long before the second hole was made in my tender pussy and now I had two rings attached to one side. I was sore from the abuse my cunt had taken over the past few days and now it was suffering more. I didn’t want anything near my pussy now, but she continued to work on my cunt. Finishing the right side, she moved to the left side and did the same. When she finished, I had four little golden rings danging from my cunt. She stood back to admire her work and Judy came over to get a closer look.

“Look Ron, we now have a place to attach all kinds of things to her. We can lock her up, but we can also put her on a leash or even put some weights on her.”

My owner laughed as he saw Judy playing with the rings. She pulled on them and twisted them. They were both enjoying the torment they were giving me.

“OK, Judy, time to lock up my little cunt. She’ll never fuck anyone again without permission.”

Judy went to the other room and got the locks that I had picked out in the mall the other day. She showed each of them to me, asking, “Do you like this on or maybe this one?”

I took my head and cried. They were serious about locking up my pussy. I now wished I hadn’t fucked Allen. “What am I going to tell him when we go to lunch again?” I thought to myself.

My owner picked out one stainless steel padlock with solid brass and showed it to me, “Now cunt, you are mine and only mine. Once I put this on you, you will never take a cock in my cunt again, will you?”

Then he reached down between my legs and played with the rings. “Judy, do you think one lock will do? We can put two locks through the two on top and the two on bottom.”

“I think we can put just one through all four rings and she’ll have the lock right in the middle of her hole. I think that will look cute.”

Then he started feeding the loop of the lock through the rings. I felt it going through the rings, knowing I would never be free again.

I dreaded the fact that my cunt would now be locked and the only one that could free me would be my owner, unless I went to someone to get it cut off, but that meant more humiliation for me, exposing my pussy to a stranger and having to explain to them how my cunt got locked up. I knew that once it CLICKED and shut, I would never be free.

My thoughts were interrupted by my owner when he said, “Okay, my little slut. It’s now time to lock you up. I want you to repeat after me.”

I mumbled something that he didn’t understand, so he removed the panties from my mouth and asked, “Do you understand.”

“Yyyyeesssss, Sir,”

“Good, now this is what you’ll say,” he ordered. “I am a slut, owned by my White Master, and to prove it, my cunt is locked and only my White Master can open it.”

I tried to say it just like him, but the words wouldn’t come out, so he said, “OK, let’s try it again.”

As he said the words again slowly, I repeated after him. He was laughing by the time he finished and just as I had said the last phrase, a very loud “CLICK” could be heard by the three people with me. I heard it and broke out in tears, knowing I would never be free again.

PART 17 continued

“Hurry up and tell him why your cunt is locked up!”

“Bbbbbeeecccaauuse I fucked you!”

“I don’t understand. Why would you have your pussy locked up like that just because we fucked?”

“Tell him, slut!”

“I was told not to fuck anyone without permission, but i was so horny, I fucked you. Now, he has my cunt locked up and won’t release me unless he wants to.”

“You see, Allen, she is my slut whore and will do what I say. But she disobeyed when she allowed you to fuck her. Now, she is locked up so no one can use that juicy Asian cunt except me.”

“Oh,” was all Allen could say.

“Don’t worry about your little girlfriend. She’s in good hands.”

Allen almost ran away, not knowing what was happening, but didn’t really want any part of it.

“Allen!” I cried out in desperation. Without even turning his head, he disappeared. My gut wrenched and I swore to never love again.

In addition to Allen, my master made me show off my locked cunt to several more people, most of whom were strangers, including a cashier at a fast food restaurant, two homeless men, and a group of young hipsters. And every time I had to explain to them why my pussy was locked. I told each of them in exactly those words: “My cunt is locked up because I disobeyed my master. It is his cunt and I fucked someone else, so he locked it up.” Sometimes the man would turn in disgust and walk away. Sometimes they would laugh. And sometimes they would ask to fuck me in the ass, while my pussy ached for release, and my master never allowed me to refuse any sexual advance from any white man. I was made into a cheap Asian whore, just as nature intended. I had lost count of the number of cocks I have sucked or that have been put in my ass, and I had lost count of the amount of cum I’ve swallowed. My life is filled with sadness, suffering and torment and I feel alive once again.

He held me by my pussy and said he wouldn’t fuck me unless I got wet

I was a 19 year old 5’1 Asian girl and was at a college party with my bf at the time (also small and Asian). I entertained myself at the start of the party by losing my bf and coyishly flirting with a white frat guy. We were alone in a random bedroom and I got to play dumb when he made a move on me. This was the type of thing I loved doing at parties. I’d get drunk, start to get horny, and grab the muscular arms of taller guys while giggling at their dumb jokes. Then, when they’d make a move, I’d act offended and tell them “I have a bf” etc.

Well… this guy didn’t respond like the others. Instead of walking away dejected like most guys, he cupped me by my pussy underneath my dress and with one arm lifted me up against the wall. OH. MY. GOD. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so his large fingers were right against my pussy. I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything—I just looked up at him and stared. He looked amused as he eyed down my body. Even though my feet were off the ground I was still well below eye level. He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry baby, we’re going to find out how coy you really are. If you’re a good girl and your pussy stays dry while I hold you, then in one minute I’ll let you go. But if you’re the dirty little slut I think you are, and you start to drip over my fingers … well … either way you get what you want.”

Now in my defense, I wasn’t used to such a big height and strength difference with guys. It was overwhelming, scary, and very very hot. Secondly, I was drunk and already borderline “ready to go” from flirting. Finally, I never had seen a guy so confident he was going to get me wet. He just held me there with a smirk on his face like it was the easiest thing in the world. I felt myself gush all over his fingers almost immediately.

He laughed out loud. “That was quick. I guess that’s why you were so quick to ditch your bf and flirt with me. That’s ok baby, I’ll give you what you want. I’ll even let you call me daddy while we do it. That’s what you sluts like, right?”

I was extremely embarrassed and needed him to know I didn’t want it. “If you fuck me I’ll call the cops!!!” I said it loud but knew no one else could hear over the party music.

“In that case baby” He said with a smirk, “Let’s make sure they have video evidence.” He grabbed my phone out of my pocket and held it up to my face to unlock it. He then set it on the nightstand facing us and pressed record.

At this point I was scared but very wet. He was slowly moving his hand rhythmically around my pussy and I had to fight the urge not to gyrate with him.

With his other hand he undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was the biggest I had ever seen and the shock was all over my face. “Don’t worry baby.” He said taking a glance at the camera. “I’ll be gentle.”

He put both his hands on my hips underneath my dress and placed me right onto his cock. With how wet I was it slipped right in. I immediately let out a loud, humiliating moan. I couldn’t believe myself since I was normally pretty quiet during sex. “Good girl—nice and loud for the camera.”

It was then I realized why he was so comfortable filming me. He knew I was going to look like I was enjoying it. He knew I was going to moan for him just like he knew I would get wet for him.

He started slow like he said he would. I moaned with every thrust. He had pulled his hands away from me so I wrapped my arms around him to keep my back from scraping against the wall. It didn’t hurt like I thought it might. In fact, it felt amazing. I had never felt a dick hitting the back of my pussy before. It had been maybe two minutes since he entered me and I already felt my orgasm starting to build. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, something that only happens to me when I think of this experience.

Out of nowhere he stops thrusting and holds me still on his cock. I had NEVER felt that good before and couldn’t help myself from moving my hips back and forth. He laughed at me again. “If you want to come you’re going to have to beg.” At this point my rational brain was completely gone. I never thought I would beg to come on any cock other than my small Asian bf’s. But here we were.

“Please” I muttered.

“Please what?”

“Please daddy let me cum on your cock UGH”

Just the words leaving my mouth brought me right to the edge.

“Louder for the camera,” he said sternly as he started bouncing me on his cock again. He held his hand over my mouth for 30 seconds as he brought me closer. He then moved his hand and told me to beg one more time like I meant it.


My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I orgasmed harder than I had in my entire life. I squeezed him tight as my legs shook uncontrollably and my pussy came all over his white cock.

I held onto him exhausted as he finished recording on my phone. “Saved for whatever you might need the footage for in the future.” He said with a smirk. I collapsed onto the floor and my phone began to ring. It was my boyfriend. “You better get that.” He said, as he zipped up his pants and left.

I’ve watched the video many times since then and it never fails to get me off. I guess I am the Asian slut he knew I was.

Asian slut turns 30

It felt weird, stressful, and anxious, to know that I am going to become old, knowing that I have never had children and that I was not going to be getting married anytime soon. I used to not think about sex at all, but for some strange reason, ever since I hit the age of 30, I have been thinking about sex non stop. I ached for the feeling of a cock inside me, punishing me, hurting me …

I need a cock inside me almost everyday. The various men I have been seeing are not always available. They have their lives, their jobs, and sometimes their wives and families, so I had to remain in contact with over dozens of different men. I tell my parents that I have to work overtime when in fact I went to the various different men’s apartments to suck their cocks.

My mind is a mess right now. I can’t even think straight as I type those words. Even though I work in a bank and I make 100k a year, I still live with my parents. I have never had a boyfriend. But I am not a virgin. This is the sad reality of being an asian girl.

I have had sex with only white men, to make no mistake about it. Some of them are wealthy bankers, some are professors, and some are doctors and engineers. I choose my partner very carefully, but none has been able to connect with me romantically.

I hate my life so much. I don’t know how long I can keep it this way. I want to cry but my eyes are dry. Sometimes I feel I might go crazy.

I hate my dad so much. He is a typical asian man, patriarchal, effeminate, and just plain stupid. Everyday he plays with his phone and watches Asian movies and listen to Asian music. I hate him so much. He ruined my life.

I need a white man to save me. I need a white man to destroy me. I need a white man to put this little chink whore in her place. My life can’t go on like this.

How an innocent straight-A student from rural China ended up becoming a gangbang slut for white cock.


This all happened a long time ago, I don’t live in China anymore. I went super deep down memory lane and wrote a lot, hopefully it isn’t boring. I included headings for the juicy bits if you don’t care about my life story.

I was born and raised in a small Chinese village in the countryside. I had a conservative upbringing, I didn’t lose my virginity until 18 when I was in high school to my first long-term boyfriend. My parents were typical strict rural Chinese parents, they were big on discipline and drilled the “education is everything” mentality into me and that’s how I viewed the world. I wanted to get the best grades and learn English fluently so I could get into the best college so I could get a good paying job. And maybe if I was lucky I would settle down with a nice guy and start a family.

After graduating high school I got into the best university in the country, in Beijing. I got into my second relationship for almost the entire duration of college before we broke up. I graduated at 22 with a great degree, a body count of 2 and an internship lined up at an international bank in Beijing. I had a new sense of sexual confidence from working out and eating right for the past 4 years in college (hello abs and big butt) but being newly single I didn’t have an outlet for my horniness. I did something very naughty by my standards: I bought a vibrator and a dildo. I had always been taught since I was a kid that masturbation was something that only immature boys do, and ”girls shouldn’t masturbate”, so this was kinda a big deal for me.

Aside from being horny most of the time and masturbating often for the first time ever, I was also curious about sleeping with a non-Asian guy. Both of my exes were Chinese. The difference between rural China and the big cities like Beijing is that there are no foreigners in the countryside. We only ever saw white people on TV. Throughout college in Beijing I had secretly found a lot of the foreign students attractive, but of course I had a boyfriend then so I never did anything about it.

The internship went great, I got the job. About 2 months into the job I had a water cooler moment with a white guy I had never met before. There were foreigners on my team but he wasn’t one of them. Turned out he was a new guy who had just arrived from the US a week ago. I would later learn that he was in his late 30s, but he didn’t look his age. I can’t remember exactly how, but we ended up talking about food and what we cooked for dinner, and I offered to go on a grocery shopping trip with him after work and he took me up on it.

We went to the store and we bought a bunch of ingredients. I was telling him how to prepare some of my favorite dishes and he told me he was going to forget everything and it would be easier if I showed him how to make it in person. What the heck, let’s just see where this goes. So we went to his apartment and surprise, he had two flatmates, both white guys. I was apprehensive but they stayed in their rooms and never bothered us. The meal tasted great (obviously, because I was the one who cooked it hehe) and we drank a few glasses of wine on the couch sitting next to each other chatting. As I got drunker and drunker I found myself giggling more at his jokes.


You can probably tell where this is going so I won’t drag it out any longer. We ended up making out on the couch. I remember his lips, hands and tongue were roaming around my body exploring me, exuding a sense of control I had never experienced from my exes. He had unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my skirt and was about to eat me out when I suddenly remembered his flatmates.

“Shouldn’t we go into your room?” I whispered.

He carried me into his room and set me down on his bed. He began to expertly explore my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I’ll never forget how it felt. After years of subpar oral from inexperienced boys my age, finally here was a man who knew what he was doing. He unzipped his pants to reveal his cock. It wasn’t massive by any means but it was still the biggest one I’d ever seen in person up to that point. Wordlessly and nervously, I sucked him. I had never given blowjobs to my exes very often, only on special occasions like on their birthday. I remember thinking he tasted different to what I had been expecting. More… manly.

He told me to use my tongue more so I did.

He moaned approvingly, which made me feel good, made me want to please him. As I sucked him I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

He put on a condom and started fucking me from behind. I gasped as he fucked me, his size hurt me a little. He gripped my hips and pounded me, much harder than my exes had ever done in the past. I started to moan too loudly so he put me on my back on the bed and put his hand on my throat and lightly squeezed every time I was too loud. I had never, ever been choked before yet I found it so hot. At one point he choked me a little harder than he had before as he buried himself in me and I came hard, my first ever orgasm. I was still processing how amazing that feeling had been when he pulled the condom off and erupted all over my stomach and tits.

This guy was new and exciting. Over the next month he did things to me I had never experienced before, like getting spanked, choked, having my hair pulled and getting my throat fucked (I almost puked the first time I tried it but I love it now, being throat-fucked is my ULTIMATE kink these days). This was a revelation for me. I never thought I would like being degraded like this but I couldn’t get enough of it. He taught me how he liked having his dick sucked and I would practice on my dildo at home when I had free time. When I played with myself I would relive my feelings of ecstasy from how he used my holes. It was less about him as a person and more about the degrading things he did to me that turned me on. We fucked mostly at his place because it was a lot nearer work and it was more convenient to walk a few short minutes there after work than drive all the way back to my place even though I lived alone. I started chatting to his flatmates more after sex and although it was an open secret that he was fucking me, I never talked about it with his flatmates.

We ended up going to a club together one night, the 3 of them, me and 2 of my girl friends in a big group. At the end of the night, my girl friends left, and I went to the guys’ place because I needed that post-club dick (I didn’t tell my friends that was the reason though). I don’t drink often so I was still quite tipsy when we got back to their place, and my workmate and I started making out on the couch in front of his friends. One of them lifted my miniskirt up and started feeling my ass and the other one scolded him for it, saying not to take advantage of me.

I said it was okay.


One of the two flatmates was a younger guy, his dick was quite average in size. The other was an older, shorter, chubby dude, his dick was at least an inch bigger than the other guys. I’d estimate 7 inches or so, probably more, and it was thick. I remember feeling equal parts amazed and intimidated by it. They spit-roasted me, taking turns fucking my mouth and pussy. They made me so wet when they talked about me in third person, saying things like (paraphrasing) “she’s such a pretty little thing”, “she takes dick so well”, and the one that turned me on the most, “she’s such a filthy Chinese slut”. As you can imagine Chubby’s dick in particular was painful to take. I was moaning so loudly it’s amazing that the neighbors on our floor didn’t hear us through the walls. My makeup was ruined from my tears streaming down my face and drooling spit from sucking sloppy dick. But I loved it. It was thrilling.

Picture me: a hardworking professional, a college graduate, an obedient straight-A student all my life, a good daughter who still regularly sent my parents money and called to check up on them, and I didn’t even dress slutty or flirt with guys. Yet here were 3 foreigners fucking me like I was some cheap whore, like I was just a set of holes to be used, and I was living for it. I took all 3 loads in my pussy. I don’t recall the first guy even asking if he could cum in me, he just did it and the other two took that as a sign that it was fine. There’s very few moments in life where I felt dirtier than when I was covered in sweat on my hands and knees, freshly fucked with 3 loads of hot gooey cum leaking out of me.

I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my friends. They didn’t even know I was fucking the guy from work, so they would have been mortified if I told them I had been in a gangbang. In China, as with some other conservative countries, there’s more of a shame culture than there is in the west so I’ve pretty much never talked to any of my Chinese friends about any of the slutty things I’ve done, I’m an angel in their eyes.

The guys hadn’t worn condoms so I had to get the pill the day after. I ached afterward and I was horrified when a load of the previous night’s cum oozed out of my pussy without warning while I was at work the next day. I had to clean up in the bathroom. But that night awoke a fire in me. Not only did I crave being used, I frequently found myself daydreaming about being gangbanged again. And oh boy did those daydreams became reality…

I have a LOT more stupid slut stories to tell, some involving those 3 guys, some of other guys I had flings with, and also some random slutty encounters. But this has gotten too long so I’ll leave it here for now.

So that’s the story of how I became a gangbang slut 🙂

I have swallowed every drop of cum from every single white man who has ever fucked me.

Since day one of my sexual activity, as a dedicated Asian slut who has only dated white men, I’ve dutifully swallowed all the cum that’s been deposited in my mouth, and licked up and swallowed all the cum that was smeared somewhere else on my body.

This all started, perhaps, because it’s the way I was “taught” to have sex—when I gave my first blowjob, the white guy, who was a farm boy from the mid-west, said something along the line of “Oh yeah baby. Swallow my cum,” when he was about to orgasm. And so I did. I felt impolite to do otherwise. I did the exact same thing the next several times when we got together. And then we started having sex, and whenever he was about to cum, he would, more often than not, pull out, pull off the condom he was wearing, straddle over my face and jack off into my mouth. Sometimes, when some of it dribbled out to the side of my mouth, he would wipe it to my lips and made me swallow that too.

It just seemed like a natural way to clean up.

And so this practice continued over the course of the new few boyfriends I had. At one point in my life I was with a guy (who was half Italian and half-Irish and worked in New York) who especially liked to cum on my face, my tits and so on, and which made it a little more of a process. One night as I was doing cleanup, he told me how much he loved the way I swallowed all his cum, because all his previous Asian girlfriends had wiped it off with a towel or some facial tissue.

He said he was so turned on every time he had sex with me because he knew when it was over I would swallow all his cum.

I guess I didn’t fully realize until then how much of a turn-on this was for guys, so I leaned into it more, and whenever we were making plans to get together I would say stuff like “I really need your cum tonight, can you come over?” or something to that effect, and he loved it.

And I would beg for his cum while he was fucking me and I would say “Thank you!” after I was done swallowing. It became a real turn on for me as well, so I have pretty much kept on with all that for every white guy I’ve been with since.

Now I’m in my early 30s and sometimes when I masturbate, I visualize all the cum I’ve ever swallowed, collected from all the white guys who’ve fucked me, and their cum are in like a big jug sloshing around, and I feel like a completely worthless yellow cum dump because I’m getting off not on images of white guys or their white cocks or being fucked but just of this big pool of semen from all those white guys.

It makes me orgasm really hard.

You should date an Asian woman.

Physically small, weak, slender, hairless, with perky tits and round ass, an Asian woman like me was built to be a little sex doll for a white man to pound and unload his semen into. Even if you’re not an ephebophile by nature, you will find yourself beginning to think like one as you grow to appreciate my supple, soft, neotenic body next to your hairy and well muscled form, and marvel how nice and easy it is to dominate me in bed and toss me around like a rag doll.

Looking into my cute almond eyes adorned on my silly pankcake moon face, you will read my submissive devotion. The alien-ness of my oriental features, the minimalism of that nose bridge, the femininity of those hairless and scentless limbs—you will feel captivated by me, who belong to this race of women that is so unlike you, yet so eager to tease and pleasure you; and you will become tremendously aroused by this set of circumstances, and you will feel like a king. You will be my emperor.

Mentally, I am inexperienced and naive about the world, naive about leading a feminist lifestyle although I may know its tenets. I am also introverted and shy, naturally intelligent yet submissive, eager to please because you will be my first white man and that means a lot to me, and I am overall very self-conscious of my race and its position in the world.

Literally, my frame of reference is a 5’5″ spiky haired asian nerd with a 4 inch penis. I will be so grateful that you are a 5’8″ white guy with a 5 inch penis that I will practically not see any difference between that and porn star proportions, because all I can discern is that you are huge and packing.

I’m accustomed to scrawny family members and asian friends with bowl cuts, so if you play in a sports league with friends you will seem like a thrilling alpha sports star. If you’re 5’10” I will think you’re a muscle man. if you dress reasonably well, I will feel like a village girl invited to be a princess. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, I will call you Ryan Gosling in front of my Asian friends as my pussy gushes at the aryan ideal.

Over the years I have been trained to differentiate between the asian and white guys, but not so much between different types of white men, so it’s unlikely for me to run off with another white man for trivial or whimsical reasons. As a chinky outsider, I will be naive to many of your personal flaws. I will have lower standards, and I will be unable to parse the social inadequacies that a white girl would easily pick up on. In sum, you have more slack with me than with any girl you have had previously.

Over time, you will notice, that I notice a difference between asian and white races, but, don’t worry, such comparisons will inevitably run in favor of the white race. As the white boyfriend, you will automatically benefit from the broad generalizing racial judgments that result from these frequent outbursts of neurotic self-hatred.

Just to let you know, your sexy asian girlfriend does have a chip on her shoulder and will vent about race a lot.

Realize that this is mostly to impress you. Pat me on the head and remind me that you are the white guy (not the bad guy). It will keep me content, and grateful.

You can get away with doing degrading things to me because although I put up a front like I’m a feminist and sick of white guys with yellow fever, but in reality I love to take abuse because I believe wholeheartedly in white superiority and feel most poignantly the inferiority of my own race.

Remember, my dear white lord, that this is a girl who has been obsessed with being owned and bred by a superior race of men since she was a 70 lb. middle school girl who had just talked to a white boy for the first time in her life.

I’ve shared these fantasies with my asian female friends, and even announced them around asian guys and adults, with the corollary that a full asian baby would be runty and undesirable and below what I know I deserve.

This is a girl who knows what she wants, and what she wants is your penis in order to have your seed, your seed in order to have a half-white baby, and that baby for the eugenics of her line and the purification of her womb.

I admire you more than just as any man, but as the benefactor of my future children, as the ticket to interracial bliss and my acceptance into a higher, white society.

My white king, an Asian woman has been conditioned to love the white man, to be caring and nurturing and supportive of the white man, to make him happy and satisfy his needs no matter what. By dating a white man, she is proudly rejecting her own race, and this is wonderfully good for you.

It eliminates or smooths over usual lines of conflict. Now you have something that binds me to you forever, that transcends petty squabbles and usual couples’ issues. It frames our relationship in a grander context and gives it a special narrative. The narrative is that I am fleeing my oppressive native culture, hounded by hateful asian men who feel entitled to enslave me, and you are my white knight savior who has dedicated his time to making everything right. This legitimatizes your feelings of lust when you’re pounding me in the ass and I’m squealing like a hello kitty toy. This makes you feel bigger and stronger than you normally would when manhandling a petite girl whose utmost desire is to please you. This makes you feel good about yourself, my white god, righteous even, and entitles you to make derisive statements about a group of people that you have long felt to be beneath your kind—asians.

Because you know, you know what it means to save a precious asian girl from that sinister race, and you know how it feels to sweep her up in your strong white arms as she mews appreciatively about your bravado and how different you are from every asian guy she’s met.

My White God, I’m here to indulge you in your asian fantasies and make your penis feel so BIG.

Date an Asian woman, my white king. Life’s too short to live any other way.

Chinese Woman becomes a Prostitute to save her husband, ends up getting herself killed.

True Crime Documentary

Chinese Woman becomes a Prostitute to save her husband, ends up getting herself killed.

original source in Chinese: http://news.sina.com.cn/s/2002-02-27/1105487281.html

During one of her many, and frequent arguments with her wimpish Chinese husband, she wailed and screamed that she would sell one of her kidneys so they would have money and not to live this egregious life of abject poverty and humiliating captivity.

In order to make money, according to her friends, she never refused any customer and often did everything to please them just for some extra cash. And yet, contrary to what the reader might think, she did not receive any gratitude for her hard work; she and her husband frequently bickered, and constantly fought, violently, viciously, and eventually, fatally. In fact, her husband had become involved romantically and sexually with one of her coworkers, another Chinese prostitute, and his justification was that, “Since you are having sex with many strangers every night, what’s with me having sex with one of your coworkers?”

During one of their many, many vicious arguments, she started to lose control and yelled at him with his real name, the name associated with a murder case seven years ago; and, frightened, and losing his own mind, he choked her and did not let go until she stopped breathing. Afterward, in order to cover up his crime, he had cut off her entire face so the police would not be able to recognize her.

The murder that had happened seven years ago was the reason she fell in love with her husband. She was 18 years old at the time, and, due to her beauty, she was harassed by several gangsters. The man who was to become her husband saw what was happening, and decided to get involved. During the ensuing fracas, he used a knife and stabbed one of the gangsters to death.

They fled and, enamored by his heroism, she lost her virginity to him. Together they started a life on the run, using aliases, hiding from broad daylight and only coming out to scavenge for money and food at night. Like rats they lived at the very bottom of the brutal and inhumane Chinese society, frightened, ostracized, estranged from home.

They have a daughter together, and that daughter was sent back to live with her grandparents. Her husband has another son with her coworker, and it was his relationship with her coworker that pushed her to the edge.

She became fiercely jealous of his womanizing, and his betrayal. He became extremely resentful of her being a prostitute. “Your cunt has been used by so many strangers. Your mouth reeks of cum. You cum slut. You cum dump. You disgusting whore.”

She had many opportunities to leave him. She was not a murderer. At most, she was complicit in his crime. And because of her extraordinary beauty, she had been offered to become the wife of many of her customers, and many times, even foreign men from western countries offered to take her out of China, and yet she refused. “So you prefer to live like a sex slave?” They asked her, and she nodded, for love. She only thought of her husband when customers gnarled her breasts with their teeth, and stretched her cunt which once, she promised, only belonged to her husband.

“Many of the foreign men have very large penises. Having sex with them feels like losing my virginity every time.” She complained. “My husband won’t even touch me anymore. He says my vagina is too loose. He only has sex with Feng (her coworker with whom her husband has a son). But I need the money. My husband needs the money. He killed a man for me. My love for him is forever. The only way I will leave him is if he kill me.”

More Asian women are having sex with white men than with Asian men, study concludes.

In a study on interracial relationships, researchers David R. Harris and Hiromi Ono found statistical evidence for what most already knows intuitively, that Asian women (primarily of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent) are having sex with white men more than with Asian men.

According to the study, at least 45% of sexually active Asian women cohabit with White men, and less than 43% with Asian men, as of the year 2000.

Given that white-male-Asian-female relationship is the most popular and fastest growing interracial coupling in the world and that the study was conducted over 20 years ago, the number of Asian women who cohabit with white men in the current year is very likely to be much higher.

Further evidence that the 45% figure significantly under-estimates the real number comes from the fact that most Asian women who cohabit with Asian guys are likely to be recent immigrants. Due to language barriers, not all Asian women who prefer white men will be able to date white men. Research on dating preferences overwhelmingly supports the claim that a vast majority of Asian women prefer white men.

If the sampling in the study had included only Asian women born in the U.S., the number will be much higher. Other reports show 80 percent of America-born Asian female figure-skaters marry white men, and nearly 100 percent of America-born Asian female politicians marry white men.

Anecdotal evidence, though not scientific, abound in the real world. It’s hard, if nearly impossible, not to encounter white-male-Asian-female couples everywhere one goes. And in some cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago, the number of white-male-Asian-female couples one observes on a daily basis is significantly higher than Asian-male-Asian-female couples.

Over the past 20 years, stigma attached to interracial relationships had been permanently cast into the dustbin of history. East Asian countries, which once embraced some form of pure race ideology, have all but forsaken its shameful past. Many local governments now actively encourage such pairings, through commercials, movies, and television programs. Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and even China, which is nominally still a Communist country, fully embrace the sexual union between white men of European descent and its local women so much so that it has now been ingrained as part of the pan-Asian culture.


Some men can only dream, and some men pursue their dreams.

Mr. Zau (赵富强) was such a man who had a dream and pursued what he dreamed.

Popularly known as the “Little Red House”, derived from the classic Chinese novel Chamber of Red Dreams, the apartment complex–otherwise ordinary and without remarkable distinctions from the exterior–situated at Shang Hai Shi, Yang Pu Qu–had over the course of 20 years housed over 100 different young Chinese females, all living as the personal sex slaves to Mr. Zau.

They were also coerced to have sex with Mr. Zau’s customers, friends, and high ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party. And Mr. Zau had pocketed all the money they had earned.

Any woman who dared to rebel, disobey or protest were dealt with threats, violence, corporal punishment and unlawful imprisonment inside his self-made cells in the otherwise exorbitantly decorated interior of the Little Red House. In one form of punishment,the female slaves were tattooed with the words “Personal Use by Mr. Zau” above their vaginal openings.

In 2000, Mr. Zau was still a poor broke man with an ordinary job, and an ordinary life. But in 2017, he became one of the most powerful man in Shanghai and had accumulated a wealth over 1 billion in RMB.

Not only did he coerce his sex slaves into prostitution alone, but he also started business in selling their eggs. Many of them were given fertilization shots to produce as many eggs as possible, which he then sold on the black market. One sex slave had been coerced to have as many as ten such shots in the course of 20 days. Her belly became bloated and consequently became infertile due to complications.

And though many of those sex slaves had chances to escape, nearly all of them, according to the Chinese source, were “brainwashed” and actually enjoyed the lifestyle that Mr. Zau had provided for them. Three of them were nominally married to Mr. Zau and a dozen more had given birth to Mr. Zau’s children, and to this day they love their children dearly, even after Mr. Zau’s death sentence in 2020.

He lived the life of an emperor. And the women whom he kept as his sex slaves loved him.

A woman doesn’t care about your race, your height, or your looks, but only your power. If you are a man with a vision, and the will to implement your vision, then you ought to have no compunction in regard to the weak masses, or of being viewed by the larger society as “evil”, “immoral”, “bad”, or “criminal”, and then you can conquer any woman. Think of all the white women who date black criminals. Think of all the women who write love letters to murderers and rapists. Think of all the Japanese schoolgirls professing their love to Japanese soldiers after the conquest of Nanking. Think of Genghis Khan and all his descendants today. What is evil? Weakness is evil. What is good? Anything that increases your power is good.





Asian Slave’s Punishment

I love big white cock. I love touching myself thinking about big white cock.

As my sister and I hung from our wrists, with our legs wide open, one of the men climbed up to remove our gags. They wanted to hear “the slaves’ screaming” when punishment was delivered. We worked to loosen our jaws and then begged to be let down. We had had enough of this humiliation and just wanted to leave.

But no one listened to our pleas.

Someone brought in paddles and whips, which were laid at my bare feet. Both my sister and I cried, knowing what was about to happen to us. We were going to get whipped and spanked for touching ourselves without permission.

“But why were these people doing this to us inferior Asian whores? Don’t they know if you showed Asian girls your big white cocks we Asian sluts simply woldn’t be able to control ourselves? Especially when it’s those big, muscular, superior white guys.”

Hector announced that everyone would take a turn and each person had five strokes apiece to “punish the sluts.” He would go first and he started with me.

“SSSSMAAAACK” as the first blow with a paddle landed on my naked Asian ass.

“AAAGH, NOOO!” I screamed, but it didn’t do any good as Hector continued his assault on my naked ass. He landed all five blows of the paddle on my ass cheeks and then moved to my sister. He did the same with her, using the paddle, swinging it hard.

“SSSSMAAAACK” came the sound, along with a loud “NO”,

Finally Hector had delivered his five to each one of us and put the paddle back. Next came Derek who started with my sister, but he picked the whip instead. He tested it in the air and made it SNAP right behind her naked ass. We both jumped as best as we could when we heard the noise, but nothing hit us.

Then my sister let out a blood curdling scream as the whip found its mark on her already sore ass. It sounded like a gunshot when it hit her.


Her screams cut off the sound of the whip, “OWWW, AAAGH!”

But Derek continued with the whip, placing the next three on her naked ass and then it stopped. He took careful aim and brought the fifth one right up between her legs, landing it on her wet pussy. Her screams were deafening to the ears.


“NO! NO! NO!”


“NOOO!” She yelled.

Derek just laughed and moved to me as I was crying from both ends. Tears running from my eyes and juice running from my hot Asian cunt. I didn’t know why, but this turned me on and I fought hard to keep from cumming again.

The whip found its mark on my bare ass and I also screamed when it kissed my ass. But I also came at the same time. I hoped no one noticed because if they did, they would probably continue with my punishment.

Derek did the same to me as he had to my sister. Four on my naked ass and the last one between my legs righ on my swollen pussy. God how that hurt, but I also came once again.




“Yes.” I murmured.

My sister heard what I had said and wondered how I could cum when being tortured. She didn’t understand, at least not yet. She hadn’t been a slave for as long as me, but would soon realize just how turned on an inferior Asian slave got from the pain inflicted by a superior white man.

David went next, using the paddle for three hits on our asses and the whip on our titties. They were getting red all over and had welts on places no one would ever thought possible.

After David finished, all the others took their turns with the paddle and whip and we both were screaming.

While my sister was screaming in pure agony, the other inferior Asian slave—me–was not just in agony and also in excruciating pain and humiliation of non-stop orgasm. Finally the punishments stopped and we hung from our sore wrists as we heard Derek, David, Hector and Victor talking.

They were talking about what to do with me, since they already knew what my sister was going to get.

Hector was saying, “I think her clit needs a nice ring in it so she can be led around by it.”

I could tell that his words were getting slurred. He had been drinking all evening and was now quite drunk. He might do anything to me in this condition.

Then David said, “Well, I was thinking of another area. You know that thin wall between her ass and cunt. I think that would look nice with a ring it, too.”

Derek stepped in and said, “But a nice nose ring would also be good. The kind you can put in and remove when you are done. Something like a metal sleeve that can be permanently installed, but you are able to remove the ring.”

I could not believe my ears. I would soon be a freak, unable to ever see my parents again. Unable to walk into my previous job. Unable to do anything but satisfy the wishes of those sadistic evil white men who owned, controlled, enslaved, and tortured me. And yet I was so horny. My Asian pussy was red and swollen and pulsated as juice continued to flow down my thighs.

Victor laughed and said, “Why don’t we do all of it before we work on the other whore.”

They all liked this idea of Victor’s and called Matt over to see if he could do it all. He listened to what they wanted and said, “I can do everything but the thing in her nose. But if you want to do it later, I know a guy who can do it for you.”

Hector and David looked at each other with big smiles. Hec said, “Is it OK if we do her clit first and then do the other part. Maybe we can connect the two together when it’s all done.”

“Great idea, Hec, let’s get started so we can enjoy watching this other slut get marked for ownership,” replied David.

“She is all yours now, Matt!”

Matt got out his tool and the next thing I felt was a clamp on my clit. He had put it right at the end and then added some weights to it so my clit was pulled out and down.

I cried out in pain as the clamp was put on as my engorged Asian clit extended even more. It had never been abused like this before and it hurt. But even though it hurt, my Asian pussy was dripping. The more horrible things they did to me, the hotter and wetter I got.

They left me alone while Matt got the rest of the tools ready and I started thinking back to what had happened to my life so far.

“First, the captain had me blackmailed. Then he had my precious Asian pussy lips pierced so he could lock them up so I couldn’t fuck anyone without his permission. Then I had to give my house up to that evil white misitress Judy and learn to eat another woman’s cunt. I had my ears pierced and a padlock installed to show that I was a slave. A collar around my neck and led by a leash. I had been forced to be out in public naked. I had been forced into an all male prison and was gangbanged by every male prisoner inside. Then I was sold like a piece of meea at an auction. Then they kidnapped my Asian sister. Just after I had my nipples pierced and enlarged, they made me orgasm from being whipped … and now, they plan on putting a ring in my clit … and even the thin membrane between my ass and cunt.”

But all of this thinking made me so hot that I had an orgasm without even being touched.

“What an inferior Asian slut I am. I will always just be a slut, a slave … “ I thought to myself.

Suddenly I was jolted out of my thoughts by someone pulling down on the weights attached to my extended clit. And then the pain hit me as Matt shoved a needle right through my clit.

And I came again.