Is it wrong for an asian woman to be a white supremacist?


Some think that white supremacy as an idea stems from colonial mentality, but that is a socially constructed hypothesis and actually quite wrong-headed, because preference for white appearance has existed throughout all cultures and all civilizations and this preference long predates the rise of Europe. Ancient cultures such as the Arabs, the Jews, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Japanese all overwhelmingly prefer men and women with light skin. The Romans used to smear chalk on their bodies to make themselves appear white. Preference for white skin is even predominant among black-skinned Africans, dark-skinned Indians, and brown-skinned south asians.

White has since the dawn of mankind been associated with all that is holy, clean, chaste, pure, enlightened, in essence, all that is good; whereas black has always represented darkness, ignorance, dirtiness, uncleanness, in essence, evil.

If someone truly want to re-engineer humans to prefer black over white, then I suggest that we ought to start calling white people black and black people white, because the very word “white” denotes all that is good and positive, e.g. “a white lie”, whereas the very word “black” denotes all that is bad and negative, e.g. “a black heart”.

People do not fully appreciate just how much white men had changed this world for good. Just imagine this: in ancient times all civilizations discriminated against women, homosexuals, minorities. Modern white countries are the only ones that forbid discriminations based on gender, race, and sexual orientation. Does this act alone not make white men superior?

The very fact that white men are much more tolerant of those evil people of inferior races and that white men overwhelmingly denounce the idea of white supremacy show just exactly why white men are indeed morally and spiritually superior to all other races on earth. For without the leniency of white men, people of every other race would have still been slaves living under tyranny. The fact of the matter is that white men freed all mankind from nonage, from darkness, from tyranny and white men gave democracy to all and made everyone equal. Does this very act of greatness alone not make white men superior, does this very act not make white men gods? White men saved humankind from themselves. White men are kind, magnificent, gentle and yet strong; white men are the most intelligent men and their superiority is a priori.

Therefore, let me, an asian woman, unabashed, say: “I am an asian woman and I am a white supremacist.”

“I will forever be in debt to white men who saved me from asian tyranny and I will forever worship white men with all my heart and all my soul, from eternity to eternity.”


Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

7 thoughts on “Is it wrong for an asian woman to be a white supremacist?”

  1. Chanced upon your site via Reddit r/cringeanarchy, was so cringed by what I see here that I have to say something. By the way, I am taking a nice long dump while typing this, so why the hell not.
    Whether you are who you said you are or not, that’s quite a lame excuse to call yourself inferiorasian just to sell some piss poor racist erotic fictions. Whatever. You want to be a subhuman, it’s not my problem, but please leave other Asians out of it. You are inferior, you are a obedient little bitch and you are a low-life cum dump (your inferior pussy tingles while I call you that don’t you), sure, be what you want to be. However, you do not represent other Asians, and you do not know true Asian values or its contributions to human civilization. Well, I am not surprised since knowing that you have not received any decent education or grown up in a good upbringing. What a waste of life. I do not see any point to tell you how wrong you are or to educate you on certain history or scientific facts. Well, I just want to say that since you had suicidal tendencies, you should seriously re-consider that. Why be a Asian white supremacist? You know you cannot change the fact you are whatever sorry being you are. Do everyone a favour, just end it, so at least this stops you from giving other uneducated scums the satisfaction derived from these shitful fantasies.
    By the way I am a proud Chinese man and by comparing what I do with yours, whoever you are, I do feel immensely superiorior to you and the pathetic group of people you represent.
    My dump is over now, gonna wipe my ass clean. I am done wasting my time on you.

    1. What a pathetic chink.
      Your society is essentially people shitting on the street and dying in freak accidents.

    1. Translation: i can’t get laid so I blame other races for my problem. Why are altright white numales always skinny chinless losers?

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