Dominance hierarchy in nature and why asian is the most inferior race

In all animals among whom social groups arise, dominance hierarchy manifests itself. It creates a ranking system, a pecking order, according to which all members within this social group coexist. It is a way of avoiding conflict, and, moreover, it is the direct result of violent conflicts. In human terms, war and conquest are what establish this current dominance hierarchy. In the animal kingdom, the inferior must show deference to the superior, allotting food and mating opportunities to the alpha male, and, similarly in human societies, the defeated must give away their resource, their land and their women as tributes to the conquerors.
It is therefore natural that females of the inferior race willingly mate with males of the superior race. And that is precisely why Asian women are so particularly fond of White Men. In fact, all females of all inferior races prefer White Men as potential mates, but only Asian females are reciprocated for their feverish love for the superior white race.
Not only that but furthermore, Asian females are the only females that overwhelmingly prefer males of all other races to their own, and in the market of sexual selection, Asian females can be paired with males of every other race, except for asian males, and males of every race also prefer asian females as potential mates.
What this means in no uncertain terms is clear as day: asian males are the most inferior race of males, even rejected by their own females. Asian males are born to be eunuchs. Their existence is merely a way for the conquerors to humiliate their defeated enemy, to show off their superior genetics in front of the degraded subject, and of course, most asian males are actually happy in this role; they relish the opportunity to just be alive, and prostrate and beg on their knees for their white conquerors to spare their lives, and they enjoy getting fucked by white cocks just as much as their asian female counterparts.
So in essence, we can conclude, asians in general are the most inferior race, the most feminine race, the most defeated and subjugated race. Its hyper-femininity is the necessary evolutionary adaptation which ensured its degrading survival, as eunuchs, concubines, and sex slaves to the ruling conquerors. Its culture, which emphasizes harmony and obedience, is nothing but another manifestation of its submissive genes, acculturated through centuries of defeat, slavery, and subjugation, and passed down by men of the conquering race and women of the conquered race. Asians are the ultimate slave race, Untermenschen, subhuman. Asians are born for slavery. Asian women are born to be prostitutes, whores for men of all races. Sure, Asians are clever, even intelligent, but their intelligence is once again the necessary byproduct of being weak, slavish, sick, and subjugated, like the wandering Jews of Europe, but without the genius of Jews, nor the racial purity of the Jews.
There is nothing more humiliating than being asian.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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