Preparation for asian woman’s total obedience: disciplinary education


A good asian slave was always also an obedient asian. A Confucian education intermingled with white worship that demands her absolute obedience to her White teacher, her White philosopher, and her White scientist, forms the ideal foundation on which to build absolute obedience to her White master.

The wisdom of ancient Oriental sage consciously links Asian woman’s obedience in society to obedience in the bedroom. The obedient Asian woman “will stand well in the heart of the White conqueror, for her action will be guided by the language of his whip.” In Japan, the demand for asian woman’s subordination to White authorities is reinforced by the demand for subordination in her personal spheres of life. “If White Man demands an asian woman to be naked in public, she dares not disobey. Punishment such as public pillory, flogging, bondage and other forms of torture are used to tame and rectify insubordinate asians.”

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

3 thoughts on “Preparation for asian woman’s total obedience: disciplinary education”

  1. I love your posts/ essays. As a white man I am glad to hear that you understand the Power of white men. I used to have a Chinese girlfriend who left her boyfriend because I had established my dominance over her.
    I taught her how to serve me and enjoyed using her in every way.

    1. To say more, I had stolen her away from her previous white boyfriend who was much taller but didn’t know how to dominate her correctly. Eventually he impregnates her and I expect he still takes a strong role with her. Hopefully, he still drills her as punishment for her time with me.

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