Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Chapter 1

Stephanie Kwon sat at her desk in her real estate office at Oakland, California, going over some papers from a recent sale. Everything looked good to her and once again, she got her client a loan and sold the house. She made a good commission from it and which just added to her fortune.

She was barely 24 years old, a sexy beautiful Asian girl, intelligent and sociable. She was lusted over by men of every race. Since she has become a real estate agent at a prestigious firm, she has quickly sold a lot of properties and was well liked in her company. She became the company’s top producer and had just recently got her own private, plush office. Her next step would be to become the vice president of the firm and then, work toward taking over the whole company from the old white geezer who founded it. She was such a good agent, with a positive reputation. No one suspected her of doing anything unethical, even illegal. That is, until a man walked in and asked to see her. He said he wanted to buy a large piece of property, which had in fact been sold by Stephanie less than 6 months before.

The receptionist called Stephanie on the paging system and said a man was there to see her about this property. He said he would only talk to her and if she wasn’t available, he would go to another company to make the offer.

Stephanie heard all of this and jumped up, almost running to the main lobby to meet this man. She would do anything to make this sale and all she could see werr the dollar signs of what she would gain from the sale. She knew just how to market the property and also how to fix some documents if needed.

Stephanie came into the reception area, and introduced herself to the man standing there. He was a tall muscular white man, with a grey beard, and wearing rugged jeans. He introduced himself as Ron and said he was very interested in a particular estate, the largest one currently on the market. Stephanie knew about it and said that she could certainly assist in contacting the current owners and making an offer. Then she invited him into her new office. She just knew that she was going to make this work.

As they entered the office, she told the receptionist she didn’t want to be disturbed. That pleased Ron, because he had plans for this cheating little Asian bitch. Plans that would make her not only submit to his whims, but plans to make her submit to anyone he desired.

She asked him to have a seat as she got into the computer to bring up the property he had mentioned. She wanted to refresh her memory on the details of it and find the current value. Her mind was already working on different ways to fix the paperwork in her favor in order to make this important sale.

Ron sat and waited until she had her computer going and knew she had focused on the property. Unbeknown to Stephanie, Ron had known of Stephanie Kwon for some time, since she was the top agent in the city, and an extremely attractive Asian woman. He had been hired by the city’s largest bank to analyze all big sales before the final collapse.

Stephanie said, “OK, Ron, I have it all right here on the computer. I can tell you right now it is expensive, but I am sure we can make a deal. The previous buyer and I worked very closely on this sale, and for the right price, I am sure he will sell it.”

“Yes, I know it is expensive and yes, I can afford it,” said Ron. “But the question is, Stephanie, can you?”

She looked at him with a puzzled look, not really sure what he was talking about. She asked, “What do you mean? You are the one wanting to buy it, not me. I don’t have to be able to afford it.”

Ron laughed and handed her a large envelope. He said, “You’ll understand when you open this!”

Stephanie wasn’t sure what was on his mind nor what was in the envelope, but she took it and began to open it. Once it was opened, her eyes grew big and she kind of gasped for some air. Her hands began to tremble as she thumbed through the documents he had handed her.

She was speechless. It was all there. He knew. She tried to act confident.

“I’m sure you and I can come to some agreement on this. Let’s you and I split the 500,000 dollars and no one will be wiser.”

Ron said, “I don’t think so. Good luck. Enjoy your 20 years in prison.” And was about to leave.

Stephanie was near panic, but she realized something was being made available. “But then why did you come here first? Why not go straight to the bank and hand over your information?”

“OK, then look at the last page.”

The last page was an agreement, that basically said that she would do as he wanted, no matter what it was. She didn’t really know what he meant by that, but was soon to find out. She looked at him with a puzzled stare and asked, “Just what does this mean?”

Ron grinned and said, “It means just what it says, Stephanie. You will belong to me and do everything I say without question. It won’t matter what I ask for, you’ll do it.”

Stephanie’s mouth dropped open. “But what does that mean? Everything? You mean sex? What is everything?”

It was Ron’s turn to laugh. He repeated himself. “Everything means everything.”

She looked back at the documents in her hand and knew that if her boss or the authorities ever found out what she had done, she would definitely be in jail for a long time. And then she wouldn’t have a job or anything. She would lose her life style and everything she had worked so hard to get.

“So,” she said, “you expect me to do anything you want without question.”


“For how long?”

“One year.”

“What about my job?”

“Take a leave of absence.”

“Are you going to ask me to sell my house?”

“Anything is possible. In one year you will get your life back. You may not have many possessions at that time, but you will have your life. One year is a lot better than 20, I’m sure you will agree.”

“Can I think it over?”

“Sure. I will give you another 5 minutes.”

“Five minutes! But I need time to think about this!”

“And time to plan an escape from the country. I know you have family back in Taiwan. You could disappear into your old country, enjoy a year or two of vacation, get new documents, and be back in the U.S. with a different name in no time. No. Here is a pen. Sign it now, or I go straight to the federal authorities and this time tomorrow you will be in jail,” Ron asserted, and handed her a pen.

Stephanie knew she had no choice. As she began to sign her name, she paused one more time. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, knowing that a horrible darkness had just descended over her.

And she finished signing her name, handed Ron the documents, and slumped back in her chair.

“Fine,” he said. “Now, I suggest you type your letter for request of leave of absence, turn it in before leaving today, making any excuse you wish. Perhaps a sick parent in Taiwan, or something like that. Now, hand me the key to your house. I will be there at 6 pm. Be sure you are there. Obey all my orders or these documents will be immediately delivered to the police.”

“But …” There was no point in arguing. She had a spare key under the back door mat, anyway. She nodded her head in understanding. One year, one year, one year ran through her mind.

She wrote her letter, requesting a leave of absence. She couldn’t think of anything better than a sick parent, so she included that as her reason. She gathered her personal items, and made a list of things that her secretary needed to complete for certain deals currently in progress. She moved around her office in a state of shock.



Within an hour the shock had begun to wear off. She began to think of ways to protect her future. One year of being a sex slave was not the end of the world. The sale of her house could not be avoided, but she decided to transfer a significant portion of her accounts to a new bank, so that when a year was up, she would have money to restart her life.

She walked into the manager’s office and tearfully explained her situation. The tears and sorrow were real; the reason for the tears was not. But the manager was compassionate and hugged her as they departed. He said he hoped things would work out and that she would be back with them soon. She thanked him and left the office without speaking to anyone else.

The rest of the afternoon was spent opening a new account of $200,000 at a bank across town. She made arrangements that no monthly statements would be mailed, so even if Ron saw her mail, he would not have any idea that this account existed.

She placed some of her most important items, like jewelry and stock certificates in a safety deposit box in the new bank. She thought about ways to save her car and house, but she could not think of any solution.

She got home about 5 pm, took a warm shower, dressed in a relaxed way, with an attractive blouse, jeans and sandals. She turned on the TV, but could not concentrate. She was not hungry. she just paced around the house. She sent out a mass email to everyone in her address book, explaining that she would be gone for up to a year and the reason for it—her parents needed her.

Her stomach was in knots. The tears flowed easily. The clocked approached 6:00 pm.

The clock said it was now 6 and she still waited. He didn’t show up. Maybe it was just a hoax someone was playing on her. But those documents were real and she was sure it was all real.

About 10 minutes later the door opened. she knew is would be Ron. she just stared at him with hatred as he walked into the living room.

“Hello, gook slut. Aren’t you going to welcome me into our home?”

“Our home!” She shouted. “What do you mean our home. It’s mine!”

“Oh, but you are wrong, gook slut!” Ron answered back. “I now own half of everything you own and that includes this house. It’s in the contract.”

Stephanie grabbed the contract and began looking at it. At the bottom of the page in very small print, it said just that. She knew that she would be in big trouble now and may never get away from him. Maybe she should just go to jail and get it over with. But she quickly changed her mind, thinking of all the bad things that happen in jail.

She said, “Ok, so I didn’t read it.”

“Good girl”, Ron said, “Now I think you need to change those clothes. I brought what you are going to wear tonight.”

He tossed her a bag and it wasn’t very big either. She looked inside to see what it was and she thought she was going to faint. There was nothing but a pair of short denim shorts, that zippered up both sides of her legs and a skimpy tube top, which wouldn’t cover very much of her little Asian breasts. Finally, there were a pair a high-heeled, platform shoes, with clear plastic heals.

“I can’t wear these out,” she said. “You must think I’m crazy if you think you can make me wear them!”

“NO, I don’t think you are crazy, but you will either wear them or nothing at all. your choice, gook slut!”

“Don’t call me that! I’m not a gook nor a slut for you or anyone else!” Shouted Stephanie. She was trying to stand her ground, but shaking inside.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave then and go to the police!” Ron said as he started towards the door.

“No, wait, I’ll wear them and you can call me a gook slut if you want.”

“Good, now get dressed!” he ordered.

Stephanie took the clothes and started for her bedroom. She would wear them for now, but not for long. she would find a way to get out of this soon.

“Wait just a moment gook, I said to change into your clothes. I expect you to do it right here, right now!”

“i was going to my bedroom to change. i won’t run away.”

“No, here and now. Hurry up, we have an appointment to make!”

She just stared at him and was about to tell him no, until she thought again about prison. Slowly she stripped off her clothes and left her panties and bra on. Then she started to put the new clothes on. But he stopped her again.

“Take the panties and bra off, too. You won’t need them anymore. We are going to dispose of all your fancy lingerie very soon, but right now we have to hurry. Now strip, bitch!” Ron ordered.

Reluctantly, she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. She didn’t even try to cover her tiny breasts. Then she reached down and began to pull off her panties. She got them below her pubic hair and then to her knees. She held her legs together and they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. Then she quickly grabbed the shorts he had given her and started to put them on.

“Hold on,” he said, stopping her one more time. ” Spread your legs and let me take a look.”

she stared at him in disbelief, but did as he said.

“I don’t like that pussy hair. Go into the bathroom and shave it off. But leave the door open!”

Once again she started to tell him to fuck off, but thought better of it. She realized that for the moment, he held all the cards. She was his for one year and would do as he said to get through it, or until she could think of a way out. Dropping the shorts, she went to the bathroom. He followed a few moments later and she was sitting on the edge of the tub applying a shaving gel to her pussy.

Looking up at him, she said, “Can’t I at least do it in private?”

“No, you won’t do anything in private any more. you will do everything in front of me or anyone I say. I may only own half the house and half the car, but for one year, I own all of you.” His eyes bore into her soul as he spoke. She shuddered and lowered her gaze.

Stephanie picked up the razor and was going to shave her little black bush off. But once again she was stopped.

“Better yet, I will shave you and make sure it is as smooth as a new born baby’s ass,” said Ron.

“No way!” she yelled at him. He was going too far, now.

Ron stepped toward her and she was ready to fight. Stephanie wasn’t used to being told what to do but instead she told people what to do. She raised her hand with the razor, as if to hit Ron, but he grabbed it and twisted it around behind her back. Then he grabbed her other hand and did the same. He had the cuffs out of his pocket and onto her wrists before she realized what had happened.

“Now, that should keep you still, slut!” he laughed.

“No, you can’t do this to me. i won’t let you do it!” She cried.

“Such a mouth you have,” Ron said as he walked back into the living room and picked up her moist panties. He smelled the crotch and decided that the little cunt was really liking this. He could smell her sex in them and knew she had been leaking while she waited for him.

Walking back into the bathroom he saw Stephanie was struggling trying to get free from the cuffs. When she saw him walk back in, she stopped. She acted like a little girl with her hand in the cookie jar.

Ron walked over to her and said, “Open your mouth!”

“I will not!” She yelled at him, but that’s all it took. He grabbed her jaw, making a small opening in her mouth, and pushed the panties, crotch first, continuing to push until she had all of it inside.

“Mmmmmppppphhhhh,” was all she could get out.

“Now, let’s begin,” he said, as he picked up the razor she had dropped. “If you move, I might cut something very precious to you …”

He reached down and grasped a pussy lip, pulling it out a bit and giving it a slight twist. Stephanie moaned behind her gag.

He pulled her lips apart and out. “Looks like they will hold some rings real nice,”

“mmmmmmppphhhhhhh,” she tried to speak but couldn’t and her head was shaking back and forth trying to tell him no.

He flicked her swollen Asian clit to make his point.

Then he stuck a finger in her cunt and started shaving her pussy hair with his other hand. He used her pussy to control her and she was too scared to move.

Ron took his time to make sure he didn’t nick his money-making machine and when he was finished, he rubbed lotion all over her pubic area. But he continued playing with her pussy.

When he was finished with her pussy he also played with her nipples, making them stand out. “And some nice rings here, too,” he chuckled.

Then he uncuffed her hands with a warning that if she tried anything he would hurt her badly.

“OK, get dressed so we can leave!” he ordered her.

Stephanie Kwon walked naked back to the living room, grabbed the shorts and top and put them on. She noticed the shorts were a little small and hugged her crotch really tight, rubbing against her pussy lips as she moved. The top was also small and barely covered her little tits. She wobbled slightly on the high-heels.

Once she was dressed, he pulled the panties from her mouth with another warning. “Say anything out of the way and you’ll be sorry!”

“Here, prop this on your head,” as he handed her her sunglasses.

“Where are we going?” she questioned as they walked out the door.

“You need to expand your horizons,” was all he said.

Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon Chapter 2

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Asian Female Enslaved

He pulled out of the driveway and headed west, towards the interstate. she sat with her hands clasped on her lap, looking straight ahead. The setting sun was bright, so she pulled on her sunglasses.

He looked over at her, knowing she was intentionally ignoring him. That wouldn’t do.


“How can I relax? In the last few hours you have taken over my life. Everything,” she turned to look at him.

“Nobody’s fault but your own. you should be thanking me for keeping you out of prison. In fact, you should be so grateful that you would happily do anything to show your appreciation. you are thankful, aren’t you?” He smiled, somewhat sarcastically.

She just ignored him. His smile vanished.

They had been driving on the interstate only a few minutes, when he pulled over to a rest area. A large truck was at the other end of the area, the driver undoubtedly sleeping. “Get out. Get out, now,” he ordered.

“Follow me,” as he headed in the direction of the picnic tables, in a wooded area.

Reluctantly, Stephanie followed him. They arrived at a table, concealed by woods and he ordered her onto the table. “Stand up straight slut so I can see you.” He said.

she got on the table and stood straight. she had a little grin on her face, thinking that if this is all he wants, no problem.

Then he said to her, “Ok, slut, let me see how well you can strip!”

“Butt, we are out in public, I can’t do that!”

“You either strip now, or you’ll strip in a wide open area!”

Stephanie thought about what he said and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to strip here where she was at least hidden from view. She took her time, putting on a good show for him. She figured that if she did good, they would leave and then the worst that would happen is that he would fuck her.

Ron stood back and watched as she removed her blouse, showing her tiny Asian tits. Then she unzipped the side of her shorts, putting on quite a show. Then she went to the other zipper and pulled it down. she let her shorts fall on the table with her blouse. She stood naked before Ron, but didn’t expect anyone else to see her.

Just as she dropped her shorts, she heard, “Alright, I like that!”

Stephanie tried to cover herself with her hands, but Ron said, “Put your hands at your side slut and let’s see all of you!”

“NO,” she yelled and tried to grab for her clothes.

The truck driver had woke up and was watching the show. He was walking to the public toilets when he heard the conversation. He had never been so lucky! Waking up and finding a hot Asian chick stripping before his eyes.

Ron took her clothes and said, “Are you telling me ‘No’, slut?”

“Yes, i am. I don’t want everyone to see me. You have seen me, but not him.”

“Well, maybe he would like a closer look at your hot little gook body. How about it guy, want to get closer?”

“Sure,” said the trucker as he came up along side Ron. “Looks good to me. Does she fuck?”

“No, not right now. But maybe she’ll suck you off!” Said Ron with a big grin.

Stephanie couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He was telling someone they didn’t even know she would suck him. She glanced down at the huge bulge in the man’s pants. He was unzipping and pulling out his cock. To her, it looked huge and nasty.

Ron snapped her out of her thoughts. “Get down there, slut, and suck this nice white man off. He looks like he needs some relief.”

“I won’t do it!” she yelled.

Ron grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the table and with one swift movement, she was bent over and he slapped her hard across her naked ass. She tried to put her hands behind her to stop the sting, but Ron held her tight and administered several more stinging swats to her upturned ass.

Stephanie was crying and blurted out, “Ooookkkkk, I’ll do it!”

“That’s better, now get on your knees and make the white man feel better. I think you hurt his feelings by telling him no. Go ahead, you nasty chink slut, suck him!”

She opened her mouth and surrounded his cock. She moved her lips slightly and tried to keep her tongue in the side of her mouth.

“Not very good, if you ask me,” complained the trucker.

“Hm,” said Ron, and he leveled another powerful swat on stephanie’s upturned ass. She opened her mouth to yelp and began to rise. “If you can’t please this guy in the next two minutes, I am leaving you here naked and driving straight to the D.A.’s office.”

Stephanie had lost control of the situation and there was no choice. She diligently and energetically sucked the trucker and caressed his cock with her tongue. When he came, she swallowed it all and dutifully licked his cock clean.

“Oh, that was good. Should be able to drive another 600 miles on the memory alone,” he laughed, as he pulled on his pants. “Thanks a bunch, guy, and you too, little China doll,” and he ambled away back to the truck.

Stephanie looked at Ron for some words of praise or encouragement. He just tossed her her clothes and headed back for the car. She quickly dressed and returned to the car. her ass was sore from the spankings, but she didn’t want to let on, so she sat down in the front seat quickly, without a word or grimace.

He was about to start the car when he stopped, removed his hand from the key, and turned to look at her. “You have a sassy mouth, and it ends now. you now live to please me, not yourself. Every time you talk back, every time you fail to answer one of my questions, every time your answer is sarcastic or displeasing, you will be punished. I don’t care if we are in the middle of a crowded mall, or walking down the street, or in a restaurant. Is that clear, gook?”

With only a slight hesitation, “Yes, Sir.” There was no point in arguing now. Her red ass was painful enough, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. He could have allowed her to be raped by the trucker, but he didn’t. And he could have raped her, and he hadn’t. Maybe he was unable to hold an erection, she thought with a smile. If all she had to do was swallow some cum here and there, it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Hmmm. We’ll see if you understand, cunt,” and they headed back onto the interstate.

They drove for another 45 minutes. “We’re almost here. I want you to play with yourself. Tease your nipples with one hand and your cunt with the other.”

Stephanie just stared for a moment, but a mean look sent her into action. She reached under her top and into her tight shorts, and began to lightly brush her nipples and pussy lips. Ron saw that she was making a weak effort. “If that is the best you can do, we can look for another trucker.”

She immediately picked up the pace, and within moments was breathing more deeply and was lost in her private world. She often played with herself at home, and knew she could bring herself off if she wanted to.

“Stop, we’re here.”

Startled, by his words, Stephanie looked up. They were at the bank she had just put the extra money in. Her heart raced, but her hands stayed on her nipple and wet pussy.

“Ok slut, we need to take care of some business. Follow me!”

They got out of the car and she followed Ron into the bank. They were greeted at the door by the man she had done business with earlier, trying to make sure she had some funds left when her year was up.

“Oh, back so soon. How you doing, Ron?”

Stephanie was scared now. They knew each other, but she didn’t say anything. Maybe Ron had an account here too. she couldn’t let on that she had hid the money here.

“We have a little business to take care of John. Can we go to your office?”

Ron and stephanie followed the other man into his office. Ron shut the door behind them and sat down. Stephanie started to sit also, but was stopped.

“Gooks don’t sit! They kneel! Now, get down where you belong!”

Stephanie, afraid of getting her ass spanked again, followed his instructions. Kneeling before Ron she held her head down in shame. She had just done some business with John and now she was kneeling in the very office she had been in earlier.

“John, I need to withdraw some money, say about $25,000.”

“Ok, Which account would you like to take it from Ron?”

“The one she just set up, of course!”

“NO, you can’t do that! I won’t sign the withdrawal slip. That’s my money!” Stephanie was in tears, knowing that somehow he had found out about that money.

“There you go again gook, telling me no. Stand up and take your shorts off. You have to learn! And besides, half of what you have is mine, remember.”

“Pppplease Sir, not here.” Stephanie was trying to avoid more humiliation, but as she begged him not to make her do it, she was sliding her shorts down. What had made her do that, she wondered.

“That’s a good gook!” said Ron, as she pulled them down her legs and off her feet. Ron chuckled at her, knowing she was doing the opposite of what she didn’t want to do.

“Now, bend over and grab your ankles, slut!”

“Ssssiiiir, i i i ‘ll sign it, please don’t spank me!”

“Ok, that’s better. Now, I’m going to give you a choice. you either get spanked again, suck off John, or go to jail!”

“Uuuuuhhhhhh, i i i i will suck, sir!” cried the little Asian girl, but not really wanting to do any of it.

“Good choice, slut, get over beside his desk and get his cock out!”

Stephanie started to stand up to walk over to John the banker, but was immediately stopped.

“Gooks crawl! They don’t walk! On your hands and knees slut and shake that cute little Asian ass for us!”

She cried as she crawled like a dog to the side of the desk. She knew she had to do this, but hated it. she just stayed there on her hands and knees, until …

“SMACK, SMACK, SMACK” three sharp slaps to her naked ass. She jumped and started to turn toward Ron.

“I told you no hesitation, slut, get his cock out and suck it. NOW!”

Shaking, she reached up to John’s zipper and pulled it down. Then she pulled his hardening cock out of his pants. Before she put it in her mouth she saw the size of it. His cock was at least 10″ long and almost as thick as her wrist. How could she suck that? Stephanie Kwon had been used to small asian dicks and was not used to the regular size of a white cock.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron’s hand rise again. She immediately took the huge cock into her mouth and began sucking it.

“Take it all slut! I want to see your throat expand and your nose in his crotch hair.”

Stephanie tried to do as she was told, but was starting to gag from the huge cock sliding down her throat. Ron pushed her head down onto it and it went deeper into her throat. She was gagging and thought she would vomit. But Ron kept pushing her head as John pushed his dick into her mouth and down her throat.

She was sucking for all she was worth. She figured if she could get him off, the torture on her throat would quit.

John took her by the ears and started to face fuck her. she felt his hair tickling her nose and could feel him so deep into her throat it felt like it was into her belly. He sawed back and forth into her mouth, driving in deep and hard. She was doing all she could to get him to stop, but the assault continued.

Then suddenly, she felt his cock get bigger and he pulled almost all of the way out. He started shooting his cum into her mouth before he slammed into her throat one last time. He kept cumming and cumming. She choked on the massive amount of cum he was giving her and some dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse.

Finally he pulled out and she just sat kneeling there out of breath and full of cum. She started to wipe the rest from the corners of her mouth but was stopped.

“No, just leave it there. Gooks have to learn that they must always swallow every drop and since you didn’t, you will keep it on your face as a reminder.

“Now, let’s finish up with the business so we can continue our journey for today. Sign the withdrawal slip, slut, and then sign this sheet saying that this account is in my name, too.”

Not wanting anything else to happen to her, she quickly signed the papers. John went to get the money for them. Ron told her to get dressed and get ready to go shopping for some new outfits.

Stephanie was taken back to the car, the transactions made and Ron had $25,000 in his pocket.

Ron started the car and looked at the little asian slut beside him.

“OK, gook, once again, play with the cunt and tits while we drive. DO NOT CUM!”

Stephanie put her hands into her pants and blouse and started stroking. She was afraid to do anything else. After all she had been through today, she wasn’t sure just how far this guy would go with her.

They drove in silence for awhile and then Ron pulled into a small strip mall. “Ok, slut, we are here. Get out!”

Stephanie looked up from her playing and noticed they had parked in front of a pet store. She wondered what would happen here and why a pet store. But she got out of the car and walked behind Ron into the store.

Ron went straight to the collars and said, “Ok, now we are going to get you a collar, a leash and a few other items. You had better be on your best behavior or else!”

Sterphanie just stood with a puzzled look on her face. The thoughts that ran through her mind were not pleasant, but she was afraid to say anything. The “OR ELSE” bothered her as she thought back to the spanking she received earlier and the warning Ron had given her about being spanked no matter where they were.

Ron picked out a few collars and told stephanie to try them on.

“I will not!” She stated and felt she was going to stand her ground this time. It was humiliating enough with the trucker and the banker, but this was going too far.

Ron’s reaction was so swift, she had no time to react. He grabbed her long black hair and pulled her down at the waist. He administered three swift swats to her ass. While the pants cushioned some of the blow, she nearly cried out.

He jerked up straight up by the hair. “Did you tell me NO again, gook?”

She gasped in pain and humiliation. No one was in the aisle that she could see, but she was sure Ron would have spanked her no matter who was looking. “No, Sir,” she begged. “I will try them on!”

Ron released her hair. “On second thought, you don’t deserve such a nice collar. Follow me,” he ordered, and walked towards the front of the store. He turned right once he reached the sidewalk, with stephanie following close behind.

They entered a hardware store and Ron walked up to the front counter, finding the directions for the rope. stephanie followed him down the aisles, eventually stopping in front of several spools of various ropes. Ron used the sharp edge of the spool to cut off a section of about 8 feet of thick hemp rope.

“Stand up straight, gook, and pull back your hair.” She obeyed him immediately, and before she knew it, he was knotting the quarter-inch thick rope around her neck. She felt the lose strands tickle and pierce her skin, as he tied a knot giving her only a small amount of slack around her throat. He never said a word, and she looked downward, afraid he would see the fear and humiliation in her eyes.

“One day you will beg me for a nice collar like I tried to get you next door. Let’s go,” he ordered, pulling her towards the front of the store.

Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon Chapter 3

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Gook Slave Farm

“Where are you taking me?” questioned Stephanie Kwon.

“To my ranch, but a few more stops first slut!” Ron exclaimed.

They rode in silence for a while, the little Asian slut sitting there with the rope collar around her neck. It scratched her delicate skin, but she was afraid to move it or even ask to have it removed. She hated this white man and she didn’t know what else he might do if she questioned him. She was afraid now.

Suddenly, Ron pulled off the road into a vacant parking area. He got out and opened the trunk of the car and stepped to her side of the car.

“Get out cunt!” he ordered as he opened the door.

She fumbled some, but got out and stood looking at him. She looked cute with the rope collar on, he thought

“Please, please let me go. you can have everything, just let me go. I’ll move away and won’t even try to sell real estate again. Please,” she begged.

“Not a chance, gook. One year is what your contract says and it’s going to be one year,” Ron stated. “Strip, cunt!”

“Bbbbuutt, sir, we are outside. Someone could see me.” She was begging now.

“STRIP!” he ordered again, slapping her hard across the face. “NOW!”

Stephanie was crying, but began to remove her clothes. She took everything but her shoes off and he pointed to them, saying, “Those too, cunt”

She bent to take them off. she was now totally naked and shivering from embarrassment.

“Put everything in the trunk and get back up front by the door,” Ron ordered.

She put her clothes in the trunk. She thought to herself, “now I can’t even try to run. i can’t go running around naked like this and besides, where am I? i don’t even know where we are.”

Getting back to the door, he put a blindfold on her, covering her eyes and then helped her in the car. But before closing the door, he pulled her hands toward her back and tied them behind the bucket seat. She couldn’t even move now and couldn’t cover her nakedness.

Next he positioned her legs so she was spread open, her cunt in plain view and he said. “Don’t move from that position, or you’ll pay.”

He shut her door and went to his side. Getting in, he started the car and drove away. She had no idea where he was taking her, but she didn’t like it. She wouldn’t know where she was nor how she got there.

They rode in silence again. Stephanie was afraid to move. She knew he would spank her or worse if she did. She sat there naked, legs spread wide, her cunt open and exposed. He reached over as he drove and played with her cunt, rubbing her clit and sticking his fingers in her. She was getting hot. She didn’t know why she was enjoying this, but her cunt was juicing and running from her cunt onto the seat.

They drove a little further and then she felt the car slowing down. He turned onto a side road and then into a parking lot and stopped. Stephanie heard him get out of the car, but he didn’t come to her side. She sat there terrified, not knowing where she was or what would happen next.

About 10 minutes later, her door opened. It startled her and she jumped, closing her legs. Ron laughed and said, “Did I scare you gook? Now let’s get you out. Spread those legs,” he added, slapping her thigh.

He unhooked her hands and helped her out of the car. She stood outside, not knowing who else might be there. She didn’t hear the car door shut and wondered what was next.

“Look at that mess on my seat!” Yelled Ron. “Your slutty Asian cunt leaked all over my seat. Now, it will have to be cleaned.”

Stephanie was afraid to say or do anything. She just stood still, naked and chilled by the light wind that was blowing. She shivered from the cool air and nervousness from what was happening to her. Why did she ever do those things to get ahead?

“On your knees cunt and lick that mess up!” Ordered her tormentor.

Ron took the hemp rope that was still around her neck and forced her to her knees. The pavement was hard on her knees and she knew they got scraped when he forced her down. Then, he pushed her head down and she made contact with the seat of the car.

“Lick it up Bitch!” he ordered.

she was afraid to do anything but what he said, so she started licking, tasting her own cunt juice. Stephanie had never eaten pussy before, and as she tasted her juice, she thought, “It isn’t too bad.”

Once he was satisfied his seat was clean, he pulled her to her feet by the rope. She choked and gagged as the rope tightened around her throat. she moved quickly to get up so she could breath again.

“Now just follow me. I am going to lead you and you will follow. I will not stop for anything, so you had better keep up and don’t fall down. I would hate to have your precious Asian body all scratched up if I have to drag you.”

With that, she felt the rope pulling her. she quickly started moving, afraid if she hesitated or fell, she would be in a lot of pain. They walked through the parking lot and suddenly they were on gravel. Her feet hurt as soon as she stepped on the little stones, and she stubbed her toes as she walked. But she kept up the pace and followed him.

He stopped suddenly and she bumped into him. He chuckled, knowing she couldn’t tell when he would stop or go or where she was. A door opened and another male voice said, “Hello Ron, come on in. I see you have another one of those gooks to tame.”

“Thank you, Eric. Yes, this little one’s name is Stephanie Kwon and she will be tamed and trained to my specification. I hope you’ll be willing to help with her.”

“Yes, I have some free time and will assist you with her. Let’s get her in here, so we can take the measurements for her new outfit.”

Ron tugged on the rope and led Stephanie into a dark hallway. Of course, she had no idea it was dark, because right now, everything was dark to her. They walked down the hallway to an open room and then went inside. Ron told her to stand still and they would position her in various ways so the measurements could be taken.

She felt hands on her naked body and felt a tape going around her. It was around her neck, her head, her waist, her tits, up her legs, her arms, around her ass and then she felt her legs being pushed apart.

A finger slid into her cunt and grabbed her lips. They stretched her lips as far as they would go and she gasped as they were pulled farther out. They stretched her cunt lips to the limit and then a little more.

“Very good,” said the voice of the one Ron called Eric. “These lips will make a great showing once you get them pierced.”

Stephanie tried to say something, but couldn’t. As soon as her mouth opened, a ball gag was pushed into it and strapped to her head. Now she couldn’t see and couldn’t talk either. She began to cry at the thought of being used and especially at the thought of someone putting holes in her cunt lips.

But her thoughts were interrupted when someone started rubbing her swollen clit. She started wiggling around because it was making her hot. But she didn’t wiggle for long. A loud SLAP on her naked ass with a warning to stand still made her stiff. The rubbing of her clit continued and then, a pain shot through her. A small clamp had been placed at the very tip of her clit and it hurt so much. Then, it was pulled out. She felt her clit growing and being pulled from under the hood. Whoever was pulling on it wouldn’t stop. They just kept pulling and she thought they would pull it all the way off.

Then she felt something cold on her clit and it was pushed into her at the very base of her clit. Her clit was stretched and this cold object was pushing into her. she hurt so much, and tears fell from under the blindfold.

Then everything stopped. Her clit was released and she was led someplace else and picked up. She was placed on a cold table and her feet were placed into stirrups. It reminded her of when she went for her annual gyno exam and the doctor had her in this position to check her vagina.

She was left alone for awhile. She heard the voices again. One was Ron’s and the other was this guy Eric.

Eric said, “Yes, I do believe we can fix what you need. She has some very interesting measurements, Ron. Would you like to hear them?”

“Yes, please do tell me. And give me a copy of them, so I can have them for later use in case I can’t find you.”

“Ok,” said Eric, “Here they are. Her cunt lips are about 1 and 1/2, her clit is only 1/2 and her cunt will open up to take 2 1/2. But I can see she can open up much more if needed. Now her asshole can only take about 3/4 and she can deep throat up to 8. But if you want more for her, it can be done. Now she is able to take a 9 into her cunt right now, but I am sure she can take more if we pushed it.”

“MMMMM,” said Ron, “I think we will need to work on some of the areas, but in time, not right now.”

Stephanie just stood mortified by the way they talked and she was really scared now. She didn’t know what was going to happen next. After all, she was naked and couldn’t see anything that was going on. She just wanted to get away and start everything over again.

The two men continued to talk without even asking her anything. But they talked about her as if she was just a piece of meat and she was so embarrassed about all of it. However, the talk she heard made her wet and she was juicing a lot from it. Stephanie didn’t know why her pussy got so wet, but it did.

Then she heard Ron say, “Well Eric, looks like you have done a great job for me. How would you like a good blow job from this little Asian bitch?”

“Sure, I can always use a good little cocksucker to relieve the tension in my balls.”

“Ok, slut, on your knees and suck my friend!” Ron ordered, as he removed her gag. “And don’t say a word, either.”

Stephanie didn’t move until, “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,” on her naked ass. Then she got on her knees and as soon as she was down, she felt the head of Eric’s cock enter her mouth and it was big. She really had to stretch her jaws to take him, but she couldn’t refuse because he drove it into her mouth as if it was a pussy.

Eric fucked her mouth and used her like a two-dollared-Asian-whore. She couldn’t do much to stop it, but she wanted it to end. He took her by the hair and fucked her hard and deep and finally he shot his load of cum down her throat. Stephanie had a hard time taking it all and some dribbled out from the corners of her mouth. She was gagging, and choking on the huge load he gave her, but he didn’t quit. Eric just continued to cum and she was doing her best to take it all. She didn’t want to be spanked again and did her best.

Once he finished, he pulled out of her mouth and said, “Wow, Ron, that was some fuck! I haven’t had a blow job like that since you brought that other gook, Amy, to me.”

“Well,” said Ron, ” I guess we need to either get more sluts or I’ll bring the two of them back to you for some more fun”

Eric laughed and said, “How is Amy doing now? Is she still the shy little bitch she used to be?

“No, she has done a wonderful job. You wouldn’t believe how she has become a favorite at the ranch. She actually pulls the carts around with the best of them. She is one of the best pony girls I’ve ever had. But, in time I think this gook might outdo her. I will let Amy or maybe the other cunt Wenwei help with the training.”


That gook cunt’s name is hard to pronounce. Give her an English name already.”

“Keeping her chink name is fine. Make her feel more ashamed.”

Cunt, time to go, follow me.”

Stephanie didn’t have much choice as Ron pulled on her lead rope and she had to follow. She still didn’t have any idea where she was or where she was going because she was blindfolded. She had not seen the man who had just took all her measurements nor the cock she had sucked.

She followed Ron without hesitation, because she had no other choice and once they were outside, her feet hurt from the gravel she had to walk on, but she was afraid to say anything. She just walked along behind this horrible man and did as she was told. Stephanie had no idea who else might see her, but right about now she really didn’t care.

They got back to the car and he had her get in, and spread her legs like before, making sure her Asian cunt was well seen. He also tied her hands behind the seat like he did before and told her not to move. In this position, her tits were prominently on display. Stephanie was so scared, she did everything she was told and kept her legs wide apart, never knowing who may see her. She wasn’t really afraid of people seeing her little tits, but she didn’t want them seeing her cunt. She knew, however, that she had no choice at this time.

she sat in silence as Ron got in and drove away. He played with her cunt as they drove, but she was determined not to deny him anything he wanted. She was really wet with her juices and she knew the seat would be soaked whenever they reached their destination.

They drove another 45 minutes and then she felt the car slow down again. Suddenly it stopped and she was once again wondering what would happen next. She heard Ron open his door and then her door opened.

“Get out, cunt.”

She quickly got out and followed Ron as he lead her once again through some gravel and then grass. She still had no idea where she was, but knew if she didn’t do what she was told, her ass or face would be slapped.

Stephanie heard some voices and knew this time it was female. she heard Ron say that he wanted something pierced and she was afraid because she was going to get her cunt lips pierced. At least that’s what Ron said.

Stephanie was led inside another building, but with a blindfold on, she had no idea where it was. She was told to sit and open her legs. She hesitated until she was slapped on her thighs and she immediately opened her legs after that.

The next thing she felt was someone pulling on her cunt lips. They stretched the lips out and said, “Ok, not a problem, but she has some small ones, so it might take some time.”

“That’s ok, take all the time you want,” she heard Ron reply. Her cunt lips were pulled out as far as they would go and the female voice said, “Ok, I can do this with no problem”

“Good,” said Ron, “I’m going next door for a drink. Do what you have to do, but make sure she has at least two rings in each cunt lip. And, Lan Ping, if you want, let her lick you a little, ha, ha, ha.”

“I can do that Ron,” said the female. “Now leave us alone.”

Stephanie wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew she wasn’t going to like it. she sat with her legs wide apart, not knowing who was looking at her.

Then she felt something grab her cunt lip and pull it. It hurt her at first, but her cunt was so wet now, she was almost ready to cum.

“Wet little thing aren’t you? We will have to dry it up some before I can do anything.”

Stephanie felt a towel of some kind wiping away her juices and then something else was put on her. This was cold and her cunt seemed to shrivel up from it.

“Ooohhhh, cold!” cried Stephanie.

“Hush now little one and it will be over with soon.”

Then she felt the prick in her left lip and she jumped, trying to get away from it.

“you have to sit still or this will cut those little lips right off. Maybe I should tie you down.”

Stephanie tried not to move, and she cried. But with the stinging in her lip once again she jumped. Then it stopped. She felt something going around her body and when it was tightened around her, she couldn’t move.

Then this Lan Ping-person began again, trying to sooth her by being nice to her. She told Stephanie to relax and it would all be done soon, but she had to do as Master Ron had ordered, or he would punish them both.

Stephanie cried as her lips had the holes put into them and she could feel the cold metal of the rings being inserted. Once Lan Ping had them all in she sat back to examine her work and enjoy the view of Stephanie’s wide open cunt.

All was quiet as Stephanie sat in that chair, her legs wide apart and Lan Ping watching her. She was making sure there was no blood or other problems with her work. She reached over to pull on each ring. It wasn’t a hard pull, just enough to stretch the lips a little and make sure each ring was set in right. She closed the clasps, which made them all a permanent part of her body.

Lan Ping was thinking back to the others she had done for Ron and he told her each time to get some if she wished. But so far, she had not let any of the girls lick her, even though she had thought about it. Maybe she would this time. she knew Ron would be next door for awhile. He was well liked in the bar and figured he would be getting sucked off right about now by some of the gook sluts employed there.

Lan Ping tilted the chair in which Stephanie sat backward, and reached back to Stephanie and rubbed her cunt lips and then thought some more of how she would love to have this sweet young Asian girl lick her pussy. So, she pulled her dress up and her panties down and slowly climbed over the girl’s face. she was unsure if she would enjoy it or not, but she wanted to try this time. For some reason, Stephanie really made her hot.

Lowering her crotch down to Stephanie’s face, she said “Ok, show me what you can do with that tongue.”

Stephanie started moving her head back and forth, trying to avoid having a pussy forced upon her. She had never done this with another woman before and she wasn’t about to this time either.

But, this Lan Ping-person wasn’t going to give up either. So, as Stephanie was trying to avoid the contact, Lan Ping lowered her crotch right down to Stephanie’s mouth and now she had no choice.

Stephanie had her first pussy right on her lips and she figured out she had better start doing something or she would suffocate, so she put her tongue out and licked. Lan Ping was enjoying that and raised just a little so Stephanie could breath, but still be in contact with her pussy. And each time Stephanie quit, her air supply was cut off again until she licked some more.

In time, Stephanie started really liking this pussy and Lan Ping moved back and forth with her in order to get all of this hot little tongue. She would move up to get her clit licked and then back down to get the tongue in her slit. She rode this captured little slut for all she was worth and she was having a great time. It was a sight to be marveled, as two Asian sluts pleasured each other.

Then she started cumming on Stephanie’s face, knowing she would make her face so wet. She came hard. She had never cum like this before and was really enjoying it. She thought to herself, “Wonder why I never took advantage of those others he brought to me.”

Lan Ping came for a long time and when she did, her pussy was smothering Stephanie, almost to the point of making her black out. But Lok jumped up really quick when all of a sudden there was clapping.

“That was great, Lan Ping, glad to see you took advantage of this hot little slut.”

It was Ron who had come back and saw the show. He was smiling at what he had seen. He knew Lan Ping would want more sometime, and maybe she would give him a little pussy, too. But for now had to get on the road again and Lan Ping could wait.

But before they left, he said, “You still got those bells I left with you?”

“Yes, I’ll get them,” Lan Ping replied. She disappeared for a moment and then returned with 4 little bells in her hand. Stephanie heard the ringing as she walked back into the room.

“Ok, let’s get them on and we’ll be on our way.”

stephanie felt her pussy lips being played with again and then she was untied from her position. She was made to stand up and with each movement, the bells rang and didn’t stop as Ron led her out of the building, back through the grass and gravel and into the car.

Once again, she was tied to the seat and her legs were ordered wide open for another ride. But to where, she did not know.

Stephanie sat in the truck, naked, with her legs spread wide open so her cunt was very visible and she was blindfolded with her hands tied behind her to the seat. She had no idea where they were going or even where she had been, but she knew she had sucked cocks and eaten a pussy along with having her cunt lips pierced. She didn’t know what her future would be like, but knew that she was captured and would be used for one full year by this man who had caught her cheating in the real estate market.

After riding for a long time in silence, she was startled when Ron spoke to her.

“Now, cunt, don’t you feel bad about cheating all those people just to make some extra money, that is now half mine?”

“Yyyyeesss, Sssir!” she replied not knowing what else to say.

“And you would do anything to go back in time, right?”

Again she replied, “Yesss, Sssirr!”

“Very good cunt, you will do anything, won’t you?”

“Yessss, Sirrr. Sir, I have to pee!”

Stephanie felt the truck slow down and then she noticed it turned off the road. She knew it was going to the left and she had no idea where he was taking her. They drove a short time more and then the truck stopped.

Stephanie heard his door open and then her door was opened and she was released from her bonds. “Ok, cunt, get out, and pee!”

Stephanie got out and didn’t know exactly what to do. She had been told to squat and pee, but she had no idea where she was going to do it. She asked, “Sirrrr, where is the bathroom?”

“Hahahahaha, your bathroom, slut, is right here, beside the road. Now piss if you have to or get your fucking ass back in the truck!”

Stephanie didn’t know what else to do and she had to pee bad, so she squatted and started pissing. About half way through her pee, she heard a horn blowing and she cut it off. she was so afraid that someone had seen her peeing, she couldn’t get it going again.

“Ok, slut, get your cheating ass back in so we can get moving.”

Stephanie got up so red faced and so humiliated, and made her way back to the truck where she was once again tied and had to open her legs. She felt Ron reach between her legs, pulling gently on her rings, causing the bells to tinkle. She immediately began to juice, and was humiliated that he had so quickly gained control of her body.

“Does my little cunt wish to beg for something?” Ron asked.

She said nothing, trying to control her mounting emotions. He continued to tease her, lightly running his fingers along her pussy lips, , and his little finger snaked inside her wet cunt.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please what, slut?” Ron asked, knowing exactly what she desired.

“Please don’t, Sir, please.”

“Please don’t what, slut?”

“Please…please fuck me, Sir,” she whimpered.

Her comment brought a smile to Ron’s face, but he had no intention of satisfying her so quickly. He pulled his hands away from her pussy, adding, “No, slut, not now. Someday soon you will beg for my cock, beg as if your very life depends on it. But not now.” And he moved back to his driving position.

She bit her lip, unable to come up with any retort. But she was feeling things she had never felt before.

They drove in silence for awhile longer, with her naked body on full display to whomever was close by, then she felt the truck slow again and turn off the road. It was a bumpy ride and she was working up to another cum when suddenly the truck stopped again and she was released from her bonds and told to get out.

Stephanie got out of the truck and felt a tug on her rope leash and she had no choice but to follow. She still had no idea where she was. But she did know that she wasn’t going to like it, wherever she was.

Here she was, naked and blindfolded, her cunt lips hurt from what was put in them, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She was afraid to touch herself to see what made it hurt so bad, but she did hear the tinkle of her bells, and knew she was marked like an animal.

Stephanie was led to another area, walking on soft sand. She followed like she should have and was careful not to fall down. Finally they stopped, with her running into a solid object. It was Ron and he laughed when she didn’t stop when he did.

“Ok, I see everyone is here,” said Ron. “I want you all to meet our new little gook pet. This is stephanie Kwon. She was the real estate agent who fucked over my parents.”

Stephanie heard gasps and some laughter from the others, but she still had no idea who they were or where she was. Then she heard Ron tell someone named Amy to take her to the stables and get her ready for some lessons.

The next thing she felt was her hemp rope being pulled and a female voice say, “Ok ,gook slut, follow me!”

She really hated being called that, but at this point, what could she say or do. All she knew is that she was going to get out of all of this somehow, but had yet to figure out the details. And her pussy was dripping juice down her legs. She had no idea what to do about that, even though she was trying hard not to get wet there.

Stephanie was led away from all the people and then she felt the hard concrete. She was walking on a solid surface, being pulled by some other Asian female called Amy. They walked for awhile and then the voice told her to stop. Stephanie did as she was told and then had to listen.

“Look, i know you don’t like this, and I didn’t either at first. But, you will be treated well as long as you listen and obey. Yes, you will be used, but just let it happen and you’ll get used to it.”

Stephanie listened, taking in every word. She now knew from the accent that this girl was also from Taiwan and she thought maybe if they could be together enough, they could plan an escape. But, she had to make friends with this Amy first and get her to listen in order to escape.

Amy said, “Now, i am going to remove your blindfold and I have to do certain things to you to begin your lessons. Don’t try to get away from me, because if you do, you’ll pay with a whipping. I know, because it happened to me. The best thing you can do is just do as you’re told and everything will be much more pleasant for you.”

The blindfold was removed and it took some time for her to adjust her eyes to the bright lights, but once she did, she saw before her a beautiful little Asian girl, all naked, and she had the same bells in her pussy lips as Stephanie did. But she also noticed this girl had them in her nipples and it looked like her clit too. She was mesmerized by the beauty of this girl and knew she would eventually being doing a lot of things with her. Stephanie was actually turned on by the girl and wanted her. She had eaten someone else in the past few hours, but had no idea what she looked like. But, she did taste good and she knew this one would be just as tasty.

Stephanie was asked if she had any questions before she was cleaned up and made ready for lesson one.

“Yes, where am I?” she inquired.

“On the Master’s gook slave farm. We are far from any other home, so don’t think you can escape. Whatever you did to Master, you will fully pay the penalty.”

“How long have you been here,” Stephanie asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe 10 or 11 months. Maybe longer. My terms of slavery were to last for one year, but I’m not sure when that time will be up. i think that is enough questions for now. Master wants you prepared for your first lessons, and that is what we must do.”