The collection

In the next few months, thanks to my boyfriend and members of the society, I had met many white men-asian women couples similar me and my boyfriend and I had started the earnest effort to collect all the stories and writings sent to me by various different authors, mostly and mainly of submissive asian women who share the same belief and some of whom are now the happy members of our new found society, and they all hail from such such different backgrounds and whose life stories yet I was both pleased and quiet stunned to find out were so similar to mine own, and some of those were so intense that I was reduced to tears after reading them, and in culling all those writings together with my own I want to, not just disseminate them among ourselves but also, to bring our experiences to more white men-asian women couples out there and I hope our stories will shed a new light to this world, illuminate our ideas, let more people become aware of our new society, our new religion, and moreover—so many asian women today are still being coerced, on a daily basis, into the tight foot binding traditional minded asian patriarchy that still controls and oppresses them and forces them to choose lives that they do not want to live and pressures them and shames them to choose sexual mates that they are neither attracted to nor want to be with—demystify whie men-asian women couples as exotic, un-shame that shame that we so long bear and unburden ourselves, and, once and for all, let it be known—free asian women from that oriental bondage; free asian women from asian men’s sexual oppression and let asian women choose whom they really want to have be with—let it be known that it is glorious for asian women date white men, it is glorious to worship white men and it is natural and even dignified to be the white men’s semen receptacle. Let the beam of a star shine through this loathsome world, let the world be pregnant with this new god.

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