A chink’s life

A chink’s ultimate goal in life is to be fully owned by a White Man. Not just in sex. But to have her whole life and decisions dictated by the White Man. Nothing feels better for a chink than to surrender all control, all desires, all needs, all independence; just obey and serve a White Man.

Once you feel that collar around your neck and you hear the latch click. Once he puts the cuffs on your wrists and the chains on your feet. Once you see Him throw the key drown the drain. Then you know, you can serve with dedicated purpose for the rest of your life.

You wake up in the morning in your cage. Shackled and blindfolded. Your body clock has adjusted to your Master’s daily rituals and you know he’s waking up. You hear him stirring in his bed. You know he’ll be hard and horny. He gets up and you hear the footsteps coming closer. He opens your cage; he doesn’t need to lock it ’cause he knows you’ll never run away.

He takes your blindfolds and shackles off. The keys to your shackles are inside the cage but you never touch them. He looks at you and you remain silent. You learned the hard way that one time you spoke without being spoken to. He looks angry, like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You brace yourself for a rough morning.

He grabs your collar and yanks you from the cage. He drags you across the floor as the collar chokes you. You gag and cry as you hold on to the collar while trying to gasp for air. In one swift motion, he pulls your thin 100-pound body in the air with his massive arm and hurls you onto the bed. You land hard and get winded.

In a second, he’s on top of you and pinning you down. You know he won’t use lube this morning. He ravages your cunt and asshole and fucks you dry. You scream and cry but you take it. He’s in a bad mood and the tiniest bit of resistance would mean being locked in your cage for days on end.

He fucks you hard, grunts loudly, and cums inside you. He spits in your face. He drags you by your collar again and puts you back in your cage. He puts your blindfold back on and shackles your wrists once again.

He speaks. “No food for you today. I want your asshole perfectly clean tonight.”

You nod as your stomach rumbles in hunger.

Good chink,” he says.

You smile.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

5 thoughts on “A chink’s life”

  1. Hello chink kitten,

    I really love everything about your posts. I like your perspective on life, your viewpoint in terms of the races, and your dedication to white cock. These are all wonderful traits in a chink cunt such as yourself and for that you have my compliments. I just wish you would stop with the Trump references. I’m a white man, but I’m a literate white man. I have a reading level above the third grade, unlike our president. My guess would be that you use his name to invoke the culture of his most devoted followers, the KKK and other white nationalists. But I wish you would choose some other significant white male to connect yourself with. Because while it it true that white peoples have dominated this planet and brought it under our sway, we’re not all frauds and criminals like Trump. Quite honestly I would feel demeaned if you compared me to him. He lacks most of the traits us white people value, strength of character, strength of mind, integrity, honor, and moral order. He’s a cheap little fraud who gave his balls to Putin back in the 90’s. He’s cucked by his own wife, he’s a pathological liar, his wealth is all illusion based on loans from the Kremlin, and he has such a frail ego and such a desperate need for praise that he’s an embarrassment to the whole race.

    I get that you don’t want to connect with the other political wing that embraces equality of the races since that is antithetical to your position, but references to Trump are a bad call. Any white man who says he, “fell in love” with Kim Jong-Un over “beautiful letters” should be cast out of the race. Frankly I feel he represents the lowest among us, and that he has attained the highest office in our nation has dire implications for white culture. He devalues my culture, my intellectual and cultural heritage. Like most white men I like Asian girls. Asian girls are like flowers, to be kept as pretty property and watered with a white man’s cum and piss. But associating you with Trump is like seeing a slug on a lotus blossom. Yuck.

    Anyway, I wish I owned a little yellow flower like you. I’d dress you pretty and show you off and keep you collared and wet. You would be my urinal and my toy who I would use and punish. I’d make you dance for me, sweat for me, cry for me. I would sow your womb with my seed and explain to our children why you belong on a leash. Our children would be the results of a racial alchemy, a combination of high (white) and low (yellow) that together represents the hope of Asia, to be improved by being bred with white men. You of course would never be more than property and they would be raised to understand this. But I would never let a weak minded simpering dolt like Donald Trump lay a finger on my property. I’d rather see you fucked by dogs than by a man like him. A dog at least is loyal.

  2. I’ve looked through most of your articles and they are rather disappointing. Come on man, I got a better hardon reading those black men fantasies with white girls as slaves than reading your fantasies. At least they have better stories like how they enslave the white girls and how they torture or fuck them or punish them. Your stories focus so much on white men’s dicks size that I thought they were gay fantasies. Also, who calls their slave by their racial slur? I don’t know how you could get turned on by words like chink or gook or nigger. You’ve got to beef up your fantasy mate!

    1. I have real life experience with racial inferior females and they DO get turned on by being called by the slur for their race! It is a large part of the dynamic.

      1. I’m not talking about what gets the female turned on, I’m talking about what gets the men turned on. The word “Gook” doesn’t even sound feminine. Have you watched the Japanese AV featuring white girls as slaves to Asian Men (with English subtitles)? Their dialogues are on point and their sex/torture acts are really hot. That is how you make a good interracial slave story.

        This site made me cringed cause most of the articles here focus on the guy’s dick size and the superiority of the guy as if the author is having some sort of inferiority complex. A good slave story focuses on the girl with more details on what the master will do to them, without focusing so much on the guy and his cock.

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