My boyfriend gave me a really bad spanking yesterday

We were traveling in Europe with another white couple and last night we were watching either football or soccer (I’m guessing soccer since it’s Europe—you know, the sports in which you use your feet in stead of hands) and as usual I was just talking too much and my boyfriend was really irritated so he spanked me right in front of the other white couple. It was not the first time he had beaten me but it was the first time he beat me in front of other people. In the past whenever he made bad business deal with some asian companies, he would come home and give me a sound beating, after which he would take his revenge on me by brutally fucking me, and I enjoyed this treatment as much as he enjoyed hurting me, but this time I felt really humiliated because other people saw me and they weren’t even very close friends. Besides, he was so forceful too all my butt cheeks are red even today.

Great liars of history

Jesus: “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

What is not said: —those who don’t live by the sword will also die by the sword.

Stoics: —sophists of sophistical philosophical deception. They make this life more bearable for the slaves; and they make it easier for kings and tyrants to rule over the miserable masses. Stoics: they are no different from Christians and Confucians.

The existence of natural slaves

It is certainly not permissible for such truth to exist in the current political environment, but perhaps in the not so distant future, and I am quite positive that this will eventually come to be, geneticists will be able to explicate—and shock and awe like an earthquake blasting through the entire political stratosphere—the existence of slave genes, and that some people and certain races are born to be natural slaves.

Because it is quite obvious that not all human behavior can be fully explained through mere social construction, or else there would be no need for the study of genetics, or even biology, and there must be some genetic imprimatur for the continued existence of slaves through the entire span of human history. It is a simple fact that all civilizations, including the current ones, are built through slavery, and modern slavery is merely dressed up as something else, and I bother not to say what; were it not for slavery, there would be no industrial revolution, no great walls of China, no hanging garden, no pyramids, no globalized trading, no prosperity—no immense wealth—no continental railroads—no … everything. It is a synthetic truth that slavery is the driver behind all human greatness, including the modern ones, and in the not so distant future, there will be both an a priori and a posteriori truth that natural selection has selected certain races and people to be natural slaves,

And it is only natural and fitting for natural masters to use them.

The definition of a slave

Whereas some think that a slave cannot be defined independent of a master, I see the opposite: a slave is conceptually complete in itself, whereas a master is never complete without slaves. It’s total nonsense when someone says that he is a master of himself, because that would actually imply that he himself is a slave. [Or perhaps some might argue that the phrase really means one’s own being is master of one’s own desires, but that is just silly, to use decadent Jesuit morality to justify repression of one’s own desires and in stead of seeing one’s own desires and one’s own body as all that there is and that all human achievement rests upon desires …. Anyway.]

A slave is someone who enjoys being subservient, who enjoyed being tortured, who enjoys being humiliated, who, while she despises war and conquest, willingly allows herself to be conquered and actively seeks out her own defeat from her superior opponent, who, while she cannot endure to see the pain of others, willingly allows herself to be afflicted with pain, who not only enjoys her own suffering but actually derives immense satisfaction from seeing the images of her own suffering, and who sees her own suffering as sublime and beautiful. While a slave by herself will act according to all that is good and holy, she does not condemn evil, but rather she sees evil as the means to prove her good.

A slave, in essence, is a cross between a masochist and a narcissist. Sometimes she will seek out masters to punish her, but she does not need a master to complete her being. She is complete in herself.

A master, on the other hand, cannot be made conceptually whole without a slave. A master is not a master unless he has slaves. Though he is strong and aggressive, he is a far simpler creature.

So perhaps that is why the slaves have always been more interesting, because in them one finds the eternally feminine: the Jews and the Chinese immediately come to mind, as races that have this slave-like and feminine touch to their beings.


Being masochists are very different from being slaves, because masochism is sadism directed inward, and in fact masochism is far more disturbing to the human psyche than sadism because whereas sadism is reflective of a more primal human instinct, of something that is barbaric, undisciplined, and uncivilized, masochism requires extreme patience, severe self-discipline, and intricate knowledge of oneself; masochism is that by which great conquerors are made, and all great civilizations require some degree of masochism; and masochism can just as easily turn into sadism, given the opportunity, and when the masochist becomes the sadist, it will be far more sadistic than sadists. “If I can with no compunction mutilate myself and drink boiling water, doing all this with a smile on my face, then I have nothing but utter contempt for anyone who can’t do the same.”

White female-asian male coupling: the ugly truth about asian men who fetishize white women

A few weeks ago at a very prestigious meeting one of our acquaintances, all of whom were ivy league graduates, came to our table and introduced his “financee” to us.  It was the third time that I have seen an asian man dating a white woman this year and I feel I need to explain something. First of all, the asian men in those instances were all very successful individuals, I’m talking about stock brokers who pull in at least 6 figure a year.  My experience might have had a sample’s bias because all of them worked in finance, but more likely than not, those asian men who can successfully date white women are in all likely cases exceptions, not the general rules.

Second, asian men who date white women are all extremely white washed; the only thing that’s asian about them is their last names, nothing else.  They are pretty much white men trapped in asian men’s bodies and there is a reason for that—a relationship is not something that just happens; it requires deep, intimate knowledge about another’s culture, background, and the ability to effectively communicate any cultural nuance to another person with precise diction, and given how difficult it already is to manage any relationship even within one’s own cultural group, most cross cultural relationships do not work in the end because two partners cannot effectively communicate with each other, so those asian men who date white women and can successfully make it to marriages are almost always so completely immersed in white culture that, from my experience, they have just about zero cultural knowledge remotely related to Asia, and none of them can speak an asian language fluently.  The Japanese guy who came to our table with his white girlfriend spoke Japanese with such a horrible accent that if I were on the phone with him, I would have surmised that he was a white guy who just learned Japanese.  Now, compare this situation to that of an asian woman who is dating a white man.  In most cases, the asian woman is at least partially knowledgeable about asian culture and those asian women are more likely to disseminate asian value to the white men through nuanced psychology, but this does not happen at all in a white female-asian male relationship.  And another thing that makes asian female-white male relationships more stable compared to other relationships is that the sexual power relationship fits into the stable forms in which the asian women are less powerful than, therefore subservient to, the white men, whereas in the white female-asian male situation not only is it completely reversed but so messed up that it will never work in the end.  (See last paragraph for statistics.)

Furthermore, those asian men who date white women are so insecure about themselves that seeing them walking down the street is likely looking at two criminals stealing away.  They know deep down inside that society does not condone them, looks down on them as freaks of nature, disgusting human garbage who should have been shot.  And they constantly look over their shoulders because they know, if they were in some other parts of America, outside of New York and California, a bunch of white men would have lynched that little asian man.  On the other hand, white men who date asian women are so common that it has long been accepted by society as normal and natural and there is no social stigma attached to asian women who date white men.  I have never met a white man who thinks that interracial marriages between asian women and white men are bad.  On the other hand, I know quite a few white men who seethe with anger when they see a white woman walking down the street with a black man or, worse, an asian man.  And I actually feel sad for those white women because they do not know that in actuality those asian men are not dating them out of love.

This is what I call “white fetish” among asian men; those asian men who have white fetish would only date white women and they are disgusted by asian women, and even in their relationships, they see themselves as revenging against asian women, so in essence, those asian men who date white women are fake white men inverted: they are fake white men trapped in asian men’s bodies with a raging “white fetish” for white women.  And how does one go about detecting such a “white fetish”?  Simply by talking to them, and you’ll immediately notice it: they would not stop talking about how “hot” white women are, how much “better” white women are, and how much asian women “suck”, and they are even physically repulsed by asian women. Because the very truth is that asian men who date white women are basing their relationships on hatred, resentment, and, sadly, racism and sexism. To those asian men, white women are not humans, but mere sex objects, symbols of power and white privilege; having sex with a white woman is an asian man’s revenge against asian women.  But none of this actually matters that much, because asian men and white women simply will never work out, given how asian men treat women and how white women treat men in general, which basically creates the perfect storm for a complete psychotic breakdown for both parties in involved.  In fact, last of all, but not least of all, the divorce rate among asian male-white female marriages is staggering 80%, whereas asian female-white male marriages only have a 54% divorce rate, which is about the national average in America.

How to tell the difference between a pure bred Japanese woman and a Chinese woman who pretend to be Japanese

In the last two to three decades, there has been a gradual, increasing influx of Chinese immigrants into Japan, mostly consisting of Chinese women looking for Japanese husbands and cheap Chinese laborers, and over time those Chinese started to assimilate into the Japanese culture, permeating every nook and cranny of Japanese society and today so many of them lurk around, not just in large cities, but even in Japanese countrysides and on farmlands and I would be genuinely surprised if anyone who visit Japan would not run into at least a few of them.  The problem, however, is that Chinese and Japanese do look very alike and it’s impossible to tell them apart, even native Japanese cannot always tell the difference and there is much less hope for any white gaijin looking for pure bred Japanese women—and that in itself is not unacceptable since there are many Japanese as well who would be disgusted at the thought of having sex with a Chinese woman, and so similarly, from my experience, many white gaijin who come to Japan are strictly looking for pure bred Japanese women, not some inferior Chinese knockoffs, and for those who seem to think that “Sure I can tell the difference.  I am not going to marry a Chinese woman thinking that she is in fact Japanese,” yeah right, good luck with that.  For better or for worse, Chinese women in Japan are known to be gold-diggers with killer instincts and they are so good at disguising themselves as Japanese women that even Japanese men are known to have been fooled.  While Japanese women can be similarly gold-digging, Chinese women are just taking it to a whole new level.  So I think it’s actually “safer” for white gaijin to date pure bred Japanese women, for your own good, and of course not all Chinese women are gold diggers, and what if she’s mixed, like half Chinese and half Japanese (99% of the times it’s a Japanese father and a Chinese mother, and don’t be silly there are tons of mixed children in Japan). In that case, usually, she would initially identify herself as pure Japanese, but as she grew older, she would gradually, more likely, to identify herself more strongly with her Chinese maternal side, but she would also just as likely to be so disappointed later on that she would once again revert back to identifying herself as Japanese. I don’t know why.
Anyway here are a few ways to tell the difference between a pure bred Japanese woman and a Chinese woman who pretends to be Japanese.

1.  Appearance.  Unless you are Asian, in which case you can indeed tell the difference between a Japanese woman and a Chinese woman with approximately 50% accuracy, there is otherwise no hope that you can tell the difference by observing their appearances alone.  And even if you are Asian, say, a native Japanese, your ability to correctly tell that someone is from where based solely on her appearance has the same probability of flipping a coin, because there is an in-group bias that exists in all populations that seem to want the prettiest and best looking people to be in “your” group.  So it seems that every time a very pretty asian girl comes along, Korean men will think she’s Korean, Japanese men will think she’s Japanese, and Chinese men will think she’s Chinese.  By appearance alone it just won’t work, but if you do have to base on appearance alone, then Chinese women are usually very ugly, so if you say a very ugly asian woman, just assume she is Chinese.

2.  Language.  Since the dawn of mankind, language has been the most powerful discriminator among humans.  Just by listening to a few words uttered by a complete stranger, who might even look completely like me, I can, with absolutely certainty, tell whether or not that stranger is a native Japanese, or a foreigner, and, in the case that she is Japanese, where she might have been originally from, or in the case that she is not Japanese, whether or not she is Chinese, and whether or not she is Northern Chinese or Southern Chinese or Taiwanese, and with this known knowledge, I can change my behavior toward that stranger accordingly, and I can decide to reveal this knowledge or not, depending on the situation, and I can choose to either be honest with her, or treat her with suspicion.  Language is the most efficient way for me to identify whether someone is real Japanese or fake Japanese, and in most cases all I need is for you to utter a single word for me to be able to make that judgement.  Now of course there are exceptions; there were quite a few Chinese who spoke such fluent Japanese that there was simply no way to tell they were non-Japanese.  It’s a lot easier for Chinese to learn Japanese than it is for English speakers.  Chinese and Japanese languages are very similar, well because one of them is derived from another. In a perfect world where there would no longer be any discrimination, all languages must be abolished and people should only communicate in English, but unfortunately we don’t live in that perfect world yet.

3.  Behavior.  The funniest thing that one can do is to ask a Japanese woman: “Why are you behaving like a Chinese woman?”  That is absolutely the most insulting remark you can say to her.  Japanese pride themselves on being the most polite folks on earth and it absolutely just destroys her if you compare her to a Chinese woman.  Behaviorally, it is nearly impossible for any Chinese woman to be subservient, due to their cultural roots in Communism; however, Japanese women are still relatively comfortable with being subservient, so if you are a white gaijin looking for a completely subservient Chinadoll, your best bet is a Japanese woman, and not a Chinese woman, who might be a complete psychopath, or if you are a masochist you might actually like her.  Now, of course, there are Japanese women who are crazy too.  I knew a Japanese girl who never washed her underwear and who never used tampons and all her underwear were stained with blood.  I have heard from some white men that Chinese women are more likely to be subservient if they are married to white men, but from what I have heard from Chinese men and Japanese men alike, Chinese women seem like psychopaths

If you know she is Chinese, then what?  Where I used to work, I knew quite a few Chinese women who pretended to be Japanese, and out of politeness, I just kept the open secrets to myself and never said anything.  I knew they were not really Japanese, not even half-Japanese, as one Chinese girl who claimed herself to be half-Japanese, but I just kept silent and never spoke of it.  It was not like they were trying to hide the open secret among themselves either; it was just a way to fool those Japanese customers.  The place I worked did not allow gaijin.  Was it immoral?  From a western stand point it certainly was immoral, but from an eastern stand point, money is never immoral.

Those are just some of my observations from my personal life-experience living in Japan, and though some of it might sound daunting, it must not deter you to experience life on your own.  There will be happiness, and sadness and adventures in life and as a man, a white man no less, you must embrace them fearlessly and your joy will accordingly be immense.  Lastly, though Japanese women in general are more desirable than Chinese women, and though Chinese and Japanese do in fact hate one another with seething hatred at times, there are immense social as well as peer pressure among all asian women to compete with one another to attract men, especially white men, so you can be rest assured that both Chinese women and Japanese women will love you with equal zeal for no reason other than the fact that you are a white man, and it helps too if you are an American citizen.  So do not be afraid to let your white stallion roughshod through Asia, let your lance pierces through those naked breasts because no matter what you do, you will still be better than those asian men who abuse women and who treat women like slaves and you will be beholden as the white savior.

I still feel bloody disgusted whenever someone called me “asian”

Whenever someone refer to me as “asian”, I always follow by telling him or her very clearly, with a very nonchalant expression, “I’m Japanese,” all the while I try to hide the deep seething disgust at the mere mention of the word “asian”, because in America, the only people who call themselves “asian” are Chinese and Korean, and maybe some extremely white-washed Japanese.  When I lived in Japan, I have never met any Japanese who thinks Japanese are Asian.  And while I lived in China, I have never met any Chinese who referred. Like I have said before, asians who call themselves asians in America are not really asians.

Because racism is sexy

Let’s look at each other in the eyes and let’s be completely honest with one another: —the reason that I, who am barely 5 feet 3 with swarthy dark hair and hazel brown eyes, is dating you, is because I must look away from my own suffering self, because my own existence is spiteful to myself, because the mere fact I know that I was born out of the fertilization of an asian man’s sperm makes me sick and nauseous, because every moment that I live I absolutely hate my, or what you call my, “asian” heritage—which doesn’t even make sense to me because the word “asian” is still so foreign to me and it makes me sick feeling like to vomit knowing that when I walk down the street and see a bunch of asian FOBs I am actually genetically related to those disgusting shit-skinned people—because there is no way that I will let my children suffer the same terrible fate that I suffered—to be born asian, to be born out of the conflation of a little asian man’s weak and effeminate sperm; and I want you to degrade me, degrade my race and my “asian” heritage because your racism excites me to the core and you can’t feel the tingling sensation down there when you call me those nasty racist names and because what you call my “asian” heritage I don’t even recognize because I have never really identified myself as “asian” (it’s only in America that people call me “asian”) and when you degrade and humiliate my race I orgasmed so much and I don’t even feel insulted because I feel like you are insulting those real “asians”—those FOBs, gooks, chinks who walk down the street wearing fake Gucci bags and you don’t even know the secret relish that mesmerize me when I am with you and all those pathetic little asian men’s stares that just make me feel soooo satisfied.  Let’s see one another in the face, once and for all, you 6 feet blue-eyed Hyperborean, you whose arms are bigger than my entire torso, the reason I’m with you is because I hate myself.  In you I see the reflection of myself distorted and my appearance metamorphosized; you made me new and in your love I will die and rise again.  You are my hope of never having to be called “asian” ever again, and in your embrace I wear that multicultural shade because you do not know the suffering sun that burns my eyes everyday—abolish that horrible name, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet;” let’s not call ourselves “white” and “asian” anymore, call me but love, and I will be new baptized.  Let’s call both of us “white” from now on, and you can still fuck those nasty cheap asian cunts that you pick up on your “business” trips to asia and I will still be your chaste obedient asian doll when you come home, and I will still pamper you like a god, I will do anything you ask me to, and I will lick your feet like a geisha, and I will still massage your strong hairy legs every night while you watch the game, just as before, but I will no longer tolerate to be put into the same category along side the rest of those asian women, at least publicly, call me your white girlfriend, call me your all-American cutie-pie, (and I will be more patriotic than any white woman can be and I will denigrate my own father and mother and I will yell chinks and japs at those FOBs) and we can make fun of those asians together, it’s such a turn on for me anyway, but please don’t call me asian anymore, will you honey?  Pretty please?

I’ll date any man as long as he’s not asian

There is this silly idea out there that asian women only like white men, and let me tell you that that is simply and totally not true and actually quite offensive to asian women, because asian women are really the most liberal and progressive group of people in the world today and we are much more open to interracial relationships than women of any other race and that is a fact: —walk down the streets in Boston, New York, Chicago or any other major city in the world and you will see (east) asian women hand-in-hand with not just white men, but also black men, mexican men, arab men, persian men, jewish men, hispanic men, just about any kind of men. So while alot of us are indeed attracted to white men, it doesn’t mean we are only attracted to white men; we are open to dating men of any race, because unlike those racist white women or black women who only date men of their own race, we asian women are just that modern and that cool, and for me personally I never judge a potential sex partner based on his race or skin color for—as long as he truly loves me for who I am but more importantly—true love knows no skin color or race or religion.
So to all you blacks, arabs, hispanics, mexicans, jews, peruvians eskimos, or any other weird ethnicity out there, if you love asian women and if you have an American citizenship, woah, don’t ever complain that you can’t score an asian woman.  Please, just stop lying to me.  I’m not really stupid.  No matter what you are—Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Scientologist, Jew, whatever, trust me, asian women don’t care, and if you love her, then, and if you are wealthy enough, you will be ascertained that she will love you back, but unless—Oh!—you are an asian man then in which case you are screwed.  You might as well just go kill yourself now.  Seriously.  Let me tell you, the reason why us asian women are so libertine with men of other races is because we are trying avoid you.  It’s actually very degrading for a woman to date out of her own race, and all those asian women who date out of their own race or ethnicity know that; it’s a matter of whether one wants to be honest with oneself.  You don’t know it’s actually very shameful? O please every woman of every race knows it’s shameful.  Secular progressive multicultural propaganda can mask the shame, but it is still very degrading, but we just don’t care and, let me repeat, we want to avoid having to date you—asian men. Around all those asian women I have met I can smell their self hatred from a mile away and they all absolutely hate asian men and a lot of them hate other asian women as well, and oh yeah, they are all married to white men or black men or mexican men or whatever.  Sometimes I just feel like why aren’t all those asian men killing themselves for shame?  Can you imagine, white men started the Trojan war over one woman while all you asian men just stand by and watch as everyone steals your women.  The more I realize just how pathetic all you asian men really are (and don’t even mention all those asian gays), the more I hate asian men and I’ m just glad that I jumped out of that ship a long time ago.  Sometimes I hate myself, but it’s your fault that I hate myself because the fact that I am genetically related to you makes me hate myself.  So if you are an asian man, you should go kill yourself.  No woman should ever be allowed to mate with you because you don’t even know how to protect your own women.

So yeah, as long as you are not an asian man, I’m open to dating you.  I actually don’t have any dating preference otherwise.