A Meditation on Asian Women and White Cocks

Why are asian women so grateful to be treated like whores? To be degraded and humiliated? To be owned and enslaved by White Men?

It’s because it’s the only thing in our lives that give us our purpose. The moment we realize that White Men would never be attracted to us the same way they are attracted to White Women, the moment we realize, no matter how beautiful we are, how accomplished we might be, we would never be as good as “White Girls”; so we resort to whoring ourselves out to attract dominant White Men.

And when we’re bestowed upon the privilege of serving one, no matter how much pain or humiliation we are forced to endure, we will accept it with the utmost gratitude.

Because, deep down, we know we are merely horny Asian bitches for White Men’s pleasure, we know we are merely sluts and fuck-toys to White Men and we love it, we thrive on the fact, and we even masturbate ourselves to those thoughts.

We whimper and shake in front of the Big White Cock, eternally grateful that White Man took pity on us and fucked us.

Call me a whore? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a bitch? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a slut? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

Call me a chink? It’s “Thank you, Sir.”

The inferior asian race—will always be there to take our abuse from White Master’s whip and say “Thank you”.

The Size of White Cock

Every Asian slut is guilty of this when we first see a white cock. The shock and awe of the incomprehensible size leaves us flabbergasted that we try to look for a frame of reference. We compare it with our ex-Asian BF’s tiny asian cock, our tiny Hua-Wei phones that are cheap knockoffs of Apple, our tiny Asian hands and feet, and we are left incomprehensive as how our tiny vaginas are going to even accommodate such a monster.

But the best way to grasp the true size of a white man’s cock is, obviously, to measure it.

It needs to be quantitated into a number. And once we find out the actual size, it surpasses our expectations and proceeds to blow our minds once more. We measure it again and again, looking at how it spanned to digits we never realized could be possible for a cock. We imagine the tiny Asian cocks of our fathers and brothers (whom we are so used to) being juxtaposed to the measuring tape, and we count how much bigger the white cock is down to the millimeter.

We memorize the number, like every Asian who is good at math does. It becomes seared in our head, and catalogued in our memory. With every white cock that we encounter, we place their measurements in our mental folder: 8 inches, 9 inches, and some truly massive ones.

And during the moments we are fucked, as the pain and pleasure spasm through our whole bodies, the number replays in our heads over and over. Reminding us of the size we are taking and our own inferiority, knowing that we can never go back to Asia again and yet we can never fool people into believing we are white, but that we can only take white cocks in our holes and hope to give birth to half-Asian babies that are slightly superior to ourselves.