White Praise

I love white men so much I want to compose songs to show how much I love white men. I want to write poems to praise the power of big white cocks.

The journey of a Chinese girl in search of the kingdom of big white cocks

When I was a little girl in China, my chink pig mother always told me, on the opposite side of the earth, there is a heavenly place, called the kingdom of big white cocks, and all the Chinese girls who are good will come to live in this paradise, and dance to, and sing the praise of, the melody, the glory, and the joy of big white cocks, forever and ever, in perpetual orgasm of love and ecstasy. And whenever I felt sad, dissatisfied with my life, I prayed to the kingdom of big white cocks, and, my chink pig mother said, when I come of age, a big white cock will come and set me free.

Canto I

But midway along the journey of our life, I woke to find myself in some dark dismal woods—not made of trees, but made of peoples, ugly, despicable peoples, with ugly, dark, wry pubes like midnight shrubs burrowing their pathetic, little, yellow, chink dicks; this wood of wilderness, savage, pigheaded, the thought of it brings back all my old tears: a bitter place! Death could scarcely be bitterer than to be surrounded by those disgusting chink dicks—for I had wandered off from the true path to the kingdom of big white cocks.

Surely a good Chinese girl like me deserve better than those small chink dicks. Surely the kingdom of the big white cocks is at hand!

Disoriented and confused, I sat myself in despair, at the foot of chink’s peak hill, at the edge of chink’s barren land, down in the valley of chink sows, and my heart was plunged deep in fear. I raised my head and saw the hilltop shawled in morning rays of light—the glory of big white cocks piercing through the yellow clouds—that will surely lead every good Chinese girl straight ahead on every road, to the kingdom of big white cocks.

Only then did my terror subside in my heart’s lake, which rose to heights of disgust each time I come nearer to the woods of dark-pubed, loser-chink dicks.

I was determined to follow that light, guiding me to the kingdom of big white cocks, but beyond the chink slope sprang up a beast. It was half-man, half-insect. It was a chink male, dressed in human clothes, and everywhere I looked, the beast was there, blocking my way to the kingdom of big white cocks, so time and time again, I was about to run, and go back down.

Just as I saw it approaching toward me, as I was rushing down from the chink’s peak hill, back to that low place of the chinks, my eyes made out another figure coming toward me, of one grown weak, from too much silence, but lo behold! When I saw it standing in this wasteland of the chinks, it cried to me and spoke.

“But why retreat to so much misery, my daughter? Why aren’t you climbing up this joyous mountain of the white gods, the beginning and source of all Chinese women’s bliss?”

“Have pity on my soul, whichever you are, white god or chink, living or dead!”

“I am Amy Tan, the guiding goddess to the kingdom of big white cocks. I am the yellow Athena for Chinese women.”

I bowed my head in modesty as I said: “O light and paragon of all Chinese women, may my long years of suffering, and for that deep love that made me search for big white cocks, help me now! You are my teacher, the first of all my authors, from you alone I learned to come to worship at the altar of white gods, and by your example and exhortation I seek now to find the path to the kingdom of big white cocks. You see that half-man half-insect beast that forced me to retreat; save me from it, I beg you, famous lover of white cocks; it makes me tremble, and makes my blood throb in my veins.”

“But your journey must be down another road,” she answered, when she saw me lost in tears, “If ever you hope to leave this chinkland, and come to the gates to the kingdom of big white cocks. This beast, the one you cry about in fear, allows no Chinese woman to succeed along her path, he is a chink man, dressed up human clothes, and he blocks every way and puts to end every Chinese woman’s hope. He is by nature so perverse and vicious, his craving belly is never satisfied, he devours innocent Chinese women just like you and me and will keep on devouring us until the white god comes and tracks him down to make him die to anguish. And so, I think it best that you follow me, for your own good, and I shall be your guide and lead you out to the kingdom of big white cocks, but along the path you will hear desperate cries, and see tormented shades, some old as the world itself, and know what second death is from their screams. And later you will see those who rejoice while they are burning with lustful desire for they have hope of coming into the kingdom of big white cocks, whenever it may be to join all the blessed Chinese women in white-cocks-paradise. O what a marvelous sight you shall see, the white gods dwelling on high, everywhere he reigns and there he rules, and all the chinks are punished, and all the Chinese women are saved, and happy is she who receives his precious white sperm!

And I to Amy Tan: “Mother of Chinese women, joyous drinker of white cum, I beg of you, in the name of White God, save me from this evil, worse than worst hell, lead me to the place you speak about, that I may see that gate that guards the house of White God.”

Then she moved on, and I moved close behind her.

Canto II

“O Amy Tan, true worshiper of white cocks, come to guide me, but tell me, if you think my worth sufficient before trust me to this arduous road, for I have so often heard from my chink pig mother, the road to the kingdom of big white cocks is full of peril. You wrote about brave Chinese women who went beyond, with sassy looks, smooth skin and beautiful faces, to the immortal realm of the white gods, but before those chink males, fierce adversary of white gods, embodiment of all evilness in the world, were weak, but now they are strong. They are drunk on blood. They will chase me down and devour me.”

But the yellow goddess Amy Tan spoke to me thus: “Chinese women are the chosen vessels of the white gods, and though the kingdom of big white cocks is boundless and all-powerful, you must learn to devour white man’s precious sperm without limit, still hungering for more the more you eat, and you must mate with every white man you see and will go on mating with more, until your body is weak with ecstasy, and exhausted with love. All chink women belong at the feet of white men, sucking their big white cocks and pleasing them with their chink bodies.”

I blushed with shame and ecstasy. I was ashamed of how I must whore myself out to every white man I see, how I must make love with any white cock that gives me the time of day, but then the thought of those superior, big white cocks bubbled to the surface of my being and I was in ecstasy. I know—I must learn to—live for white cocks and I must endure that shame for the ecstasy of being fucked by white men.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt.” The wise chink goddess exhorted, seeing me filled with cowardice. “You are like a frightened beast that shies at its own shadow. To free you from this fear, let me explain, I was among those dead who are suspended when a gentle chink lady summoned me. She was so blessed and beautiful, and her name was Amy Chua—”

“The reigning goddess of interracial WMAF marriage! Yes I know her well. My own chink mother have perused many times her wonderful work Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, on how chink mothers ought to discipline their chink daughters to be the perfect fucktoys for big white cocks, and my only regret is I never applied to Yale!”

With eyes of light more bright than any star, in low soft tones Amy Tan started to address me again, after I have rudely interrupted her, with an angel’s voice: “O noble Amy Chua, courteous chink mother of all chinks, whose fame the world continues to preserve through the sperm of her aryan Jewish master, and will preserve as long as world there is, has exhorted me, that a little chink girl is lost in the woods, so many obstacles have crossed her path. her fright has turned her back, and she fears she may have gone so far astray from the kingdom of big white cocks, and ‘now go, Amy Tan, with your elegance of speech, with whatever may be needed for her freedom, give her your help, and thereby bring me solace, for the fall of a single chink female breaks my heart. I have vowed with my husband to save every single chink woman from the evil tyranny of chink men!’ Do you see now my daughter, though a chink woman like us must stand in fear of those things that truly have the power to do us harm, White God gives us such a nature as through His Grace, that torments we must bear cannot affect us, nor are the fires of hell a threat to us.”

“O Amy Chua, compassionate and stern chink mother, who moved to help me! And you, in all kindness, in obeying quick those words of truth she brought her with you—and the words you spoke have so moved my heart with such desire to continue onward that now I have returned to my first purpose. Let us start, for both our wills, joined now, are one. Amy Tan, you are my guide, you are my teacher.”

These were my words to her and when she moved, I entered on that deep and rugged road, in search of the kingdom of big white cocks.

Canto III






Those words were spelled out in somber colors inscribed along the ledge above a gate. Those words made my heart jump to my throat. “Mistress Amy Tan, true lover of white cocks,” I asked, “are we at the gate to the kingdom of big white cocks?”

The experienced white cock lover answered, “Now here you must leave all distrust behind, and let all your cowardice die on this spot. We are at the place where earlier I said you could expect to see the suffering chinks made into slaves for big white cocks.”

Placing her hand on mine, smiling at me in such a way that I was reassured, she led me into those mysteries.

Here sighs and cries of lamentations mixed with moans and groans of female orgasm echoed throughout the starless air; those sounds resounding made me fearful and yet excited me to the core: a language strained in sexual anguish, with cadences of despair, joy, shrill cries of torture and pleasing yelps of pleasure, and raucous feminine moans synchronized to the whipping sounds, raising a whirling storm that turns itself forever through the air of endless black, like grains of sand swirling when a whirlwind blows.

And I, in the midst of all this encircling enchantment of sexual orgy, began: “Worshiper of white cocks, what are those sounds I hear? What souls are these so strangely overwhelmed with both ecstasy and pain?”

And she to me: “This is chinkland after the white gods conquered all of Asia. All the chink men are being killed off, and that forms the cries of lamentation, and all the chink women are being saved and given big white cocks to worship, and that forms the cries of pleasure. Some chink women are adamant and lament their chink husbands or sons, and they are given punishments, of whipping, spanking, tortures of various kinds, to rectify their sins, and though the whips of white men are cruel, their tips are filled with honey, and those chink women who repent are given the seeds of white sperm as rewards.”

As we walked into the main road passing the gate, on both sides along the deadly rock, I saw white gods with enormous whips lashing the backs of naked chink women with cruel delight. Ah how they made those naked chinks skip and lift their heels at the very first crack of their whips. Not one of them dared to take a second or a third!

As I walked on my eyes met with the glance of one down there; I murmured to myself, I know this face from somewhere, I am sure.

And so I stopped to study her more closely; and Amy Tan also stopped, and was so kind as to allow me to retrace my steps. And that whipped chink thought she could hide from me, by lowering her face—which did her no good, as she was hung by her wrists. I said: ”O you, there, with your head bent low, if the features of your chink face do not deceive me, you are the Princeton history professor, Dr. He Bian. Why are you being whipped?”

“I’m not so keen on answering,” she said, “But I feel I must, since you were my student, and it is my obligation to answer all student-questions. It makes me think of old times in the world of romances. The white god whipping me here is my master, and the white god hoisting me up upon this rack is my white god’s friend. I am being punished for being disobedient to my white master.”

“I have always suspected that chink female professors love big white cocks just as much as the students,” I said.

“Yes, of course! I am not the only chink female college professors who are being punished here—hardly! This place is packed with us; in fact, there are more of us here than there are living tongues. Over on the rack on the other side is Jessica Chen Weiss of Cornell University, being fucked hard by her white god Jewish husband Dr. Weiss. And still kindling their love, Dr. Fan Chung of University of Pennsylvania is receiving the piss from her white god husband Dr. Ronald Graham down in the chink valley.”

Just at that point the white god let her have a feel of his tailed whip and cried: ”Move on, Amy Tan, with your young fresh-off-the boat chink meat, for the white god of all white gods, Adolf Hitler, is waiting for her service.”

Those words filled my heart with shock, horror and strange erotic love. Both Amy Tan and I quickly turned and walked on along our roads.

O just revenge of the white gods! How awesomely you punish those chinks! And anyone of you chinks who is reading this should be edified to know the wrath of the white gods is come upon thy heads!

Then I saw many separate herds of naked chinks, all weeping desperately; it seemed each group had been assigned a different punishment: some were stretched out flat upon their backs, others were crouching there all tightly hunched, some wandered, never stopping, round and round.

I said to my guide: “Goddess of white cocks, gobbler of white cum, what torments do those suffer that make such bitterness ring through their screams?”

She answered: “Those wretched chinks over there have no hope of ever receiving big white cocks in their wombs, for in this blind life they lead is abject that it makes them envy every other fate. They have been fucked by niggers, and no white gods would ever touch them again. Let’s not discuss them: look and pass them by.”

“Disgusting chinks! How dare they contaminate the vessels of white sperm. Do they not know that their bodies are the temples of white gods? Despicable chinks that deserve to be punished with hell fire!”

“My daughter,” the gentle white sperm lover Amy Tan said to me, “All those who perish in the wrath of the white gods assemble here, they want to cross the river, they are eager; it is the Divine Justice of the white gods that spurs them on, turning the fear they have into desire. A good chink never comes to make this crossing, for she is descended directly into the kingdom of big white cocks, but also those are disobedient, insouciant, and refuse to submit to the supreme sperm of white gods, that are sent to cross.”

She finished speaking, and the grim terrain shook violently; and the fright it gave me made me sweat. Out of the tear-drenched land a wind arose which blasted forth into a reddish light, knocking my senses out of me completely, and I fell as one falls tired into sleep.

Canto IV

“Chink women are born for white cocks.” Amy Tan whispered in my ears. I woke from deep sleep that drugged my mind, and turned my rested eyes from side to side, already on my feet, and staring hard, I tried my best to find out where I was.

“Of chink women’s pride and prejudice, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a chink woman in possession of beauty, intelligence, and wealth, must be in want of a white man as her husband.” Amy Tan, my guide, was drunk, it appeared, drunk with the ecstasy of white sperm, drunk with the masculine scent of white men’s big white cocks. For unbeknownst to me, while I fell fast into a slumber, my guide and I were gently placed onto boat floating across a river beneath the steep ridges of chink valley.

“Come, quickly, my chink daughter, lets us descend into the sightless world of ecstasy.” The yellow goddess instructed me, for we have arrived at a maelstrom in the center of the river and ferryman navigating the boat instructed us to jump into the maelstrom. My face turned pale and I was dumbstruck with fear. Just at this moment I saw two heads poking out of the river of white sperm. Their heads were covered with long silky black hair.

“Who are those two female heads gobbling up so much white sperm swimming in the river?” I asked my guide, naively.

“That’s Dr. Evelyn Hu-Dehart, professor and director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown University, and her colleague, Dr. Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce of Harvard, both true lovers of white cocks. Why, just listen to their last names!”

“I wish I can have a white man’s last name too! That’s not fair.” I cried to my guide.

“Then you must study hard, and be brave, and your reward shall be in the kingdom of big white cocks. Now we must jump into the maelstrom of love, into the abyss of forlorn desire, for the kingdom of big white cocks is at hand.”

… To be continued.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making. I was born in Japan, my mother is Chinese and my father is Japanese, and my father's mother or my grandmother was German Dutch, and I came to the United States as a teenager and lived and went to school in Maryland, and worked in New York. I lived in fantasy worlds since I was a teenager and I have always done so, sometimes so deep in my own fantasy I forgot my own identity. I no longer knew who I am. Physically I look more European than asian. My father is of mixed heritage—he has white blond hair, but he also has some distinctly Japanese features. On the other hand my features mostly resembled my grandmother, who was a full blooded European woman. Which was not something that really bothered me. Actually most modern Japanese look very European compared to the rest of asians. My father was a sadist, and my mother, on the other hand, was, in my opinion, a masochist with no self respect. Growing up, seeing my father beating my mother was almost as frequent as having dinner, and when not beating her, she was constantly being humiliated and degraded, like having to serve dinner to him naked on her knees or being tied to an utility pole only in her panties during the winter. At first I believed my mother was a victim, a unfortunate human being in the hands of a cruel evil man, but as I grew older I realized that it was my mother who enjoyed being treated this way. The initial realization made me feel she was a disgusting, perverted, sick person, but as I grew older I began to have the almost identical sexual fantasies that my mother lived and experienced through. I began to think that my mother was the luckiest woman on earth since apparently she had found a man who understood her desires and could give them to her. My dad studied and worked in America before, and during that period he desperately wanted to marry a white woman, and vehemently pursued several white women, but was unsuccessful. At the same time Japanese women were unwilling to marry him. Maybe because just like him they were looking to marry into the white race, or maybe because he had sadistic tendencies. Out of options he settled to look for a Chinese woman. Statistically, marriages between Chinese women and Japanese men have been quite common, and I personally knew quite a few couples just like my mother and father. Even here in America I knew several Chinese women who had Japanese boyfriends and those women were actually quite proud of having superior Japanese men as boyfriends. Japanese in general look much more European compared to other asians and I suspect it was the putative European appearance that attracts other asian women. Of course Japanese are not Europeans, no matter how much we try to become European, just as Jews will never be fully accepted as White Christians. I think Jews and Japanese have a lot in common. We were both persecuted by Europeans, the Jews by Germans, and Japanese by Americans, yet we both come to love our white Masters. Jews weren't officially considered white until very recently, and I think as time progresses eventually Japanese will be categorized as white in the future, though Jews and Japanese will always know that they are still inferior to their Nordic Masters. But as always the Jews will be Masters over the Arabs and the Japanese will be Masters over the rest of Asia. There is no other meaning to life, other than the degree of domination. I had an older sister who looked fully asian, as opposed to me who looked much more European. And ever since childhood I have always known for a fact that I was treated better by everyone else because of my distinctly European appearance. In school classmates would be hesitant to tease me because they always thought my father might be an American or an European man even though they knew my mother was Chinese but somehow they still were afraid of me solely because of my European appearance. The thing was that in Japanese naming system, my mother's last name automatically gets attached to mine, so for example, my name in Japanese would actually be "Suzuki Liu Jennifer", because my mother's maiden name is Liu; this way everyone would instantly know my mother is Chinese. On the other hand my sister was bullied almost everyday by upper classmates because she looked very Chinese. They made fun of her hair and clothes and told her that she looked like a Chinese pig and I had seen boys pulling down her pants and laughing at her for having a "Chinese vagina". I was a very young girl back then and I felt ashamed of having her as a sister so in school I didn't talk to her at all. When I was 12 years old, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her closet. I know this because I was the one who discovered her body. My parents would have never told me about her death if I did not saw her dead body by myself. And ever since her death a dark cloud formed over my head and throughout my teenager years I was constantly harrowed by thoughts of suicide. It was not until I was much older that I learned suicide is infectious and that had been why I was constantly thinking about suicide. The realization made me try not to think too much about death, but no matter how much I try I can never get her image out of my head. Sometimes I feel she still haunts me because I didn't talk to her in school. My parents divorced when I was 14 and I went to live with my mom in China for two years. Contrary to popular beliefs, I had never experienced any form of racism or discrimination against me when I was living in China. Most people assumed that I was an European girl and the aura of being European seemed to make me inapproachable, like the shield of Athena covering me from head to toe. Even when I was in school, when classmates would know my father was Japanese because of my last name, I had never really felt any discrimination, though I did feel they were kind of afraid of me. I had never realized how much being White meant until I was in America: the symbol of power, domination, and superiority that being White implies. Being White is being the entelechy of all that is beautiful, good and righteous. Which is strange because my nationality still is, in actuality, Japanese and as I grew older I started to look more asian. My hair has gotten completely dark and my looks started to resemble my mother's. I used to have very light-colored hair, but I just felt fortunate that I do not look fully asian like my sister was. When I saw this image [of a naked asian woman kneeling next to a black furred dog] in a Japanese SM magazine a few days ago, all of a sudden I remembered seeing my mother in a similar position when I was maybe just 5 or 6 years old. It was not a pleasant experience; it was an extremely scary and traumatic experience, and growing up I heard constant moaning and muffled screams coming from my parents' bedroom. Every evening was a nightmare to fall asleep. But knowing that many asian women were treated the same way as my mother had been treated somehow made me feel better about my own family. At least my parents were not as weird as they seemed, and while growing up I had gradually come to realize that many asian girls have the same masochistic tendencies as I do, but many were just very shy and wouldn't admit their secrets. So it seems there are many masochistic asian women out there who thrives on been humiliated and degraded just like the girl in this image; I don't know why but this image made me feel kind of normal. I have lived in the States for nearly ten years now and I have not talked to my parents, who had divorced, for several years, especially to my mother whom I had some very severe arguments with over the years, especially when she remarried after she went back to China. I was more fond of my father though I haven't really talked to him that much either because he too had remarried. Despite all the mean things I had said about my dad, he was always very gentle with me and never beat me. He beat my sister and my mother but never me and I suspect he was much more gentle with me because of my more European looks. I felt their divorce was a punishment for me, as if they had abandoned me and I never felt comfortable with either of them or their new spouses, whether it be in China or in Japan. My mother's new husband was a very cruel and domineering white man living in China and he never treated me with the same special treatment I received from my dad. And I remember one time when I went out with him people on the street mistook me for his wife and I felt so disgusted I never wanted to go out with him again and then he would yell at me and yell at my mom. I am glad to have gotten out of there. And my dad ... well let's just say I couldn't bear to coexist with his new wife either. The last time we talked was already 3 years ago. This image had brought back so many long forgotten yearnings. I miss my sister and my parents. The memory of my sister and my parents started to fade away, like wavering forms they passed before my clouded sight; their images have become a blur rise about me out of mist and cloud; their faces, and their figures have become shades of phantoms; I wanted to hold you close to me in that blessed fleeting moment when you reappeared to me in my dreams. If only I possessed the strength to draw you near. I wanted to forever remember you—you bear the images of happy days; your airy smiles still stir youthful tremors in my breast—but my memory faltered. It would have been simpler if I were already dead. I would never be seized again by those long forgotten yearnings. I shuddered at those thoughts; and a tear draws other tears. Crying is my only form of release; through crying I am channeled to the solemn and silent world of spirits; crying is my whispered prayer that lingers in a vagrant tone. I have no one to talk to. I live in solitary confinement. I have been driven to madness even though physically I stay put. My life—full of dolor, pain and suffering. Sometimes I wish I could end it. The only reason I continue to live is for otherwise I lack the courage to carry out that final act, to take me beyond and step into the unknown. It is so much better to have been never born at all, or at least to die an immediate death. How sweet and wonderful death would be. My dear Aya, I am so very sorry! A vast space of nothingness in the empty universe fills my heart. Everyday of my life I live in terror because of you.

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  1. I am dying to see more chapters of “a-good-asian-wife” – Show us how low Asian Chinks must go to serve White Masters

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