Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon Chapter 2

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Asian Female Enslaved

He pulled out of the driveway and headed west, towards the interstate. she sat with her hands clasped on her lap, looking straight ahead. The setting sun was bright, so she pulled on her sunglasses.

He looked over at her, knowing she was intentionally ignoring him. That wouldn’t do.


“How can I relax? In the last few hours you have taken over my life. Everything,” she turned to look at him.

“Nobody’s fault but your own. you should be thanking me for keeping you out of prison. In fact, you should be so grateful that you would happily do anything to show your appreciation. you are thankful, aren’t you?” He smiled, somewhat sarcastically.

She just ignored him. His smile vanished.

They had been driving on the interstate only a few minutes, when he pulled over to a rest area. A large truck was at the other end of the area, the driver undoubtedly sleeping. “Get out. Get out, now,” he ordered.

“Follow me,” as he headed in the direction of the picnic tables, in a wooded area.

Reluctantly, Stephanie followed him. They arrived at a table, concealed by woods and he ordered her onto the table. “Stand up straight slut so I can see you.” He said.

she got on the table and stood straight. she had a little grin on her face, thinking that if this is all he wants, no problem.

Then he said to her, “Ok, slut, let me see how well you can strip!”

“Butt, we are out in public, I can’t do that!”

“You either strip now, or you’ll strip in a wide open area!”

Stephanie thought about what he said and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to strip here where she was at least hidden from view. She took her time, putting on a good show for him. She figured that if she did good, they would leave and then the worst that would happen is that he would fuck her.

Ron stood back and watched as she removed her blouse, showing her tiny Asian tits. Then she unzipped the side of her shorts, putting on quite a show. Then she went to the other zipper and pulled it down. she let her shorts fall on the table with her blouse. She stood naked before Ron, but didn’t expect anyone else to see her.

Just as she dropped her shorts, she heard, “Alright, I like that!”

Stephanie tried to cover herself with her hands, but Ron said, “Put your hands at your side slut and let’s see all of you!”

“NO,” she yelled and tried to grab for her clothes.

The truck driver had woke up and was watching the show. He was walking to the public toilets when he heard the conversation. He had never been so lucky! Waking up and finding a hot Asian chick stripping before his eyes.

Ron took her clothes and said, “Are you telling me ‘No’, slut?”

“Yes, i am. I don’t want everyone to see me. You have seen me, but not him.”

“Well, maybe he would like a closer look at your hot little gook body. How about it guy, want to get closer?”

“Sure,” said the trucker as he came up along side Ron. “Looks good to me. Does she fuck?”

“No, not right now. But maybe she’ll suck you off!” Said Ron with a big grin.

Stephanie couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He was telling someone they didn’t even know she would suck him. She glanced down at the huge bulge in the man’s pants. He was unzipping and pulling out his cock. To her, it looked huge and nasty.

Ron snapped her out of her thoughts. “Get down there, slut, and suck this nice white man off. He looks like he needs some relief.”

“I won’t do it!” she yelled.

Ron grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the table and with one swift movement, she was bent over and he slapped her hard across her naked ass. She tried to put her hands behind her to stop the sting, but Ron held her tight and administered several more stinging swats to her upturned ass.

Stephanie was crying and blurted out, “Ooookkkkk, I’ll do it!”

“That’s better, now get on your knees and make the white man feel better. I think you hurt his feelings by telling him no. Go ahead, you nasty chink slut, suck him!”

She opened her mouth and surrounded his cock. She moved her lips slightly and tried to keep her tongue in the side of her mouth.

“Not very good, if you ask me,” complained the trucker.

“Hm,” said Ron, and he leveled another powerful swat on stephanie’s upturned ass. She opened her mouth to yelp and began to rise. “If you can’t please this guy in the next two minutes, I am leaving you here naked and driving straight to the D.A.’s office.”

Stephanie had lost control of the situation and there was no choice. She diligently and energetically sucked the trucker and caressed his cock with her tongue. When he came, she swallowed it all and dutifully licked his cock clean.

“Oh, that was good. Should be able to drive another 600 miles on the memory alone,” he laughed, as he pulled on his pants. “Thanks a bunch, guy, and you too, little China doll,” and he ambled away back to the truck.

Stephanie looked at Ron for some words of praise or encouragement. He just tossed her her clothes and headed back for the car. She quickly dressed and returned to the car. her ass was sore from the spankings, but she didn’t want to let on, so she sat down in the front seat quickly, without a word or grimace.

He was about to start the car when he stopped, removed his hand from the key, and turned to look at her. “You have a sassy mouth, and it ends now. you now live to please me, not yourself. Every time you talk back, every time you fail to answer one of my questions, every time your answer is sarcastic or displeasing, you will be punished. I don’t care if we are in the middle of a crowded mall, or walking down the street, or in a restaurant. Is that clear, gook?”

With only a slight hesitation, “Yes, Sir.” There was no point in arguing now. Her red ass was painful enough, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. He could have allowed her to be raped by the trucker, but he didn’t. And he could have raped her, and he hadn’t. Maybe he was unable to hold an erection, she thought with a smile. If all she had to do was swallow some cum here and there, it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Hmmm. We’ll see if you understand, cunt,” and they headed back onto the interstate.

They drove for another 45 minutes. “We’re almost here. I want you to play with yourself. Tease your nipples with one hand and your cunt with the other.”

Stephanie just stared for a moment, but a mean look sent her into action. She reached under her top and into her tight shorts, and began to lightly brush her nipples and pussy lips. Ron saw that she was making a weak effort. “If that is the best you can do, we can look for another trucker.”

She immediately picked up the pace, and within moments was breathing more deeply and was lost in her private world. She often played with herself at home, and knew she could bring herself off if she wanted to.

“Stop, we’re here.”

Startled, by his words, Stephanie looked up. They were at the bank she had just put the extra money in. Her heart raced, but her hands stayed on her nipple and wet pussy.

“Ok slut, we need to take care of some business. Follow me!”

They got out of the car and she followed Ron into the bank. They were greeted at the door by the man she had done business with earlier, trying to make sure she had some funds left when her year was up.

“Oh, back so soon. How you doing, Ron?”

Stephanie was scared now. They knew each other, but she didn’t say anything. Maybe Ron had an account here too. she couldn’t let on that she had hid the money here.

“We have a little business to take care of John. Can we go to your office?”

Ron and stephanie followed the other man into his office. Ron shut the door behind them and sat down. Stephanie started to sit also, but was stopped.

“Gooks don’t sit! They kneel! Now, get down where you belong!”

Stephanie, afraid of getting her ass spanked again, followed his instructions. Kneeling before Ron she held her head down in shame. She had just done some business with John and now she was kneeling in the very office she had been in earlier.

“John, I need to withdraw some money, say about $25,000.”

“Ok, Which account would you like to take it from Ron?”

“The one she just set up, of course!”

“NO, you can’t do that! I won’t sign the withdrawal slip. That’s my money!” Stephanie was in tears, knowing that somehow he had found out about that money.

“There you go again gook, telling me no. Stand up and take your shorts off. You have to learn! And besides, half of what you have is mine, remember.”

“Pppplease Sir, not here.” Stephanie was trying to avoid more humiliation, but as she begged him not to make her do it, she was sliding her shorts down. What had made her do that, she wondered.

“That’s a good gook!” said Ron, as she pulled them down her legs and off her feet. Ron chuckled at her, knowing she was doing the opposite of what she didn’t want to do.

“Now, bend over and grab your ankles, slut!”

“Ssssiiiir, i i i ‘ll sign it, please don’t spank me!”

“Ok, that’s better. Now, I’m going to give you a choice. you either get spanked again, suck off John, or go to jail!”

“Uuuuuhhhhhh, i i i i will suck, sir!” cried the little Asian girl, but not really wanting to do any of it.

“Good choice, slut, get over beside his desk and get his cock out!”

Stephanie started to stand up to walk over to John the banker, but was immediately stopped.

“Gooks crawl! They don’t walk! On your hands and knees slut and shake that cute little Asian ass for us!”

She cried as she crawled like a dog to the side of the desk. She knew she had to do this, but hated it. she just stayed there on her hands and knees, until …

“SMACK, SMACK, SMACK” three sharp slaps to her naked ass. She jumped and started to turn toward Ron.

“I told you no hesitation, slut, get his cock out and suck it. NOW!”

Shaking, she reached up to John’s zipper and pulled it down. Then she pulled his hardening cock out of his pants. Before she put it in her mouth she saw the size of it. His cock was at least 10″ long and almost as thick as her wrist. How could she suck that? Stephanie Kwon had been used to small asian dicks and was not used to the regular size of a white cock.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron’s hand rise again. She immediately took the huge cock into her mouth and began sucking it.

“Take it all slut! I want to see your throat expand and your nose in his crotch hair.”

Stephanie tried to do as she was told, but was starting to gag from the huge cock sliding down her throat. Ron pushed her head down onto it and it went deeper into her throat. She was gagging and thought she would vomit. But Ron kept pushing her head as John pushed his dick into her mouth and down her throat.

She was sucking for all she was worth. She figured if she could get him off, the torture on her throat would quit.

John took her by the ears and started to face fuck her. she felt his hair tickling her nose and could feel him so deep into her throat it felt like it was into her belly. He sawed back and forth into her mouth, driving in deep and hard. She was doing all she could to get him to stop, but the assault continued.

Then suddenly, she felt his cock get bigger and he pulled almost all of the way out. He started shooting his cum into her mouth before he slammed into her throat one last time. He kept cumming and cumming. She choked on the massive amount of cum he was giving her and some dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse.

Finally he pulled out and she just sat kneeling there out of breath and full of cum. She started to wipe the rest from the corners of her mouth but was stopped.

“No, just leave it there. Gooks have to learn that they must always swallow every drop and since you didn’t, you will keep it on your face as a reminder.

“Now, let’s finish up with the business so we can continue our journey for today. Sign the withdrawal slip, slut, and then sign this sheet saying that this account is in my name, too.”

Not wanting anything else to happen to her, she quickly signed the papers. John went to get the money for them. Ron told her to get dressed and get ready to go shopping for some new outfits.

Stephanie was taken back to the car, the transactions made and Ron had $25,000 in his pocket.

Ron started the car and looked at the little asian slut beside him.

“OK, gook, once again, play with the cunt and tits while we drive. DO NOT CUM!”

Stephanie put her hands into her pants and blouse and started stroking. She was afraid to do anything else. After all she had been through today, she wasn’t sure just how far this guy would go with her.

They drove in silence for awhile and then Ron pulled into a small strip mall. “Ok, slut, we are here. Get out!”

Stephanie looked up from her playing and noticed they had parked in front of a pet store. She wondered what would happen here and why a pet store. But she got out of the car and walked behind Ron into the store.

Ron went straight to the collars and said, “Ok, now we are going to get you a collar, a leash and a few other items. You had better be on your best behavior or else!”

Sterphanie just stood with a puzzled look on her face. The thoughts that ran through her mind were not pleasant, but she was afraid to say anything. The “OR ELSE” bothered her as she thought back to the spanking she received earlier and the warning Ron had given her about being spanked no matter where they were.

Ron picked out a few collars and told stephanie to try them on.

“I will not!” She stated and felt she was going to stand her ground this time. It was humiliating enough with the trucker and the banker, but this was going too far.

Ron’s reaction was so swift, she had no time to react. He grabbed her long black hair and pulled her down at the waist. He administered three swift swats to her ass. While the pants cushioned some of the blow, she nearly cried out.

He jerked up straight up by the hair. “Did you tell me NO again, gook?”

She gasped in pain and humiliation. No one was in the aisle that she could see, but she was sure Ron would have spanked her no matter who was looking. “No, Sir,” she begged. “I will try them on!”

Ron released her hair. “On second thought, you don’t deserve such a nice collar. Follow me,” he ordered, and walked towards the front of the store. He turned right once he reached the sidewalk, with stephanie following close behind.

They entered a hardware store and Ron walked up to the front counter, finding the directions for the rope. stephanie followed him down the aisles, eventually stopping in front of several spools of various ropes. Ron used the sharp edge of the spool to cut off a section of about 8 feet of thick hemp rope.

“Stand up straight, gook, and pull back your hair.” She obeyed him immediately, and before she knew it, he was knotting the quarter-inch thick rope around her neck. She felt the lose strands tickle and pierce her skin, as he tied a knot giving her only a small amount of slack around her throat. He never said a word, and she looked downward, afraid he would see the fear and humiliation in her eyes.

“One day you will beg me for a nice collar like I tried to get you next door. Let’s go,” he ordered, pulling her towards the front of the store.

Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon Chapter 3

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Gook Slave Farm

“Where are you taking me?” questioned Stephanie Kwon.

“To my ranch, but a few more stops first slut!” Ron exclaimed.

They rode in silence for a while, the little Asian slut sitting there with the rope collar around her neck. It scratched her delicate skin, but she was afraid to move it or even ask to have it removed. She hated this white man and she didn’t know what else he might do if she questioned him. She was afraid now.

Suddenly, Ron pulled off the road into a vacant parking area. He got out and opened the trunk of the car and stepped to her side of the car.

“Get out cunt!” he ordered as he opened the door.

She fumbled some, but got out and stood looking at him. She looked cute with the rope collar on, he thought

“Please, please let me go. you can have everything, just let me go. I’ll move away and won’t even try to sell real estate again. Please,” she begged.

“Not a chance, gook. One year is what your contract says and it’s going to be one year,” Ron stated. “Strip, cunt!”

“Bbbbuutt, sir, we are outside. Someone could see me.” She was begging now.

“STRIP!” he ordered again, slapping her hard across the face. “NOW!”

Stephanie was crying, but began to remove her clothes. She took everything but her shoes off and he pointed to them, saying, “Those too, cunt”

She bent to take them off. she was now totally naked and shivering from embarrassment.

“Put everything in the trunk and get back up front by the door,” Ron ordered.

She put her clothes in the trunk. She thought to herself, “now I can’t even try to run. i can’t go running around naked like this and besides, where am I? i don’t even know where we are.”

Getting back to the door, he put a blindfold on her, covering her eyes and then helped her in the car. But before closing the door, he pulled her hands toward her back and tied them behind the bucket seat. She couldn’t even move now and couldn’t cover her nakedness.

Next he positioned her legs so she was spread open, her cunt in plain view and he said. “Don’t move from that position, or you’ll pay.”

He shut her door and went to his side. Getting in, he started the car and drove away. She had no idea where he was taking her, but she didn’t like it. She wouldn’t know where she was nor how she got there.

They rode in silence again. Stephanie was afraid to move. She knew he would spank her or worse if she did. She sat there naked, legs spread wide, her cunt open and exposed. He reached over as he drove and played with her cunt, rubbing her clit and sticking his fingers in her. She was getting hot. She didn’t know why she was enjoying this, but her cunt was juicing and running from her cunt onto the seat.

They drove a little further and then she felt the car slowing down. He turned onto a side road and then into a parking lot and stopped. Stephanie heard him get out of the car, but he didn’t come to her side. She sat there terrified, not knowing where she was or what would happen next.

About 10 minutes later, her door opened. It startled her and she jumped, closing her legs. Ron laughed and said, “Did I scare you gook? Now let’s get you out. Spread those legs,” he added, slapping her thigh.

He unhooked her hands and helped her out of the car. She stood outside, not knowing who else might be there. She didn’t hear the car door shut and wondered what was next.

“Look at that mess on my seat!” Yelled Ron. “Your slutty Asian cunt leaked all over my seat. Now, it will have to be cleaned.”

Stephanie was afraid to say or do anything. She just stood still, naked and chilled by the light wind that was blowing. She shivered from the cool air and nervousness from what was happening to her. Why did she ever do those things to get ahead?

“On your knees cunt and lick that mess up!” Ordered her tormentor.

Ron took the hemp rope that was still around her neck and forced her to her knees. The pavement was hard on her knees and she knew they got scraped when he forced her down. Then, he pushed her head down and she made contact with the seat of the car.

“Lick it up Bitch!” he ordered.

she was afraid to do anything but what he said, so she started licking, tasting her own cunt juice. Stephanie had never eaten pussy before, and as she tasted her juice, she thought, “It isn’t too bad.”

Once he was satisfied his seat was clean, he pulled her to her feet by the rope. She choked and gagged as the rope tightened around her throat. she moved quickly to get up so she could breath again.

“Now just follow me. I am going to lead you and you will follow. I will not stop for anything, so you had better keep up and don’t fall down. I would hate to have your precious Asian body all scratched up if I have to drag you.”

With that, she felt the rope pulling her. she quickly started moving, afraid if she hesitated or fell, she would be in a lot of pain. They walked through the parking lot and suddenly they were on gravel. Her feet hurt as soon as she stepped on the little stones, and she stubbed her toes as she walked. But she kept up the pace and followed him.

He stopped suddenly and she bumped into him. He chuckled, knowing she couldn’t tell when he would stop or go or where she was. A door opened and another male voice said, “Hello Ron, come on in. I see you have another one of those gooks to tame.”

“Thank you, Eric. Yes, this little one’s name is Stephanie Kwon and she will be tamed and trained to my specification. I hope you’ll be willing to help with her.”

“Yes, I have some free time and will assist you with her. Let’s get her in here, so we can take the measurements for her new outfit.”

Ron tugged on the rope and led Stephanie into a dark hallway. Of course, she had no idea it was dark, because right now, everything was dark to her. They walked down the hallway to an open room and then went inside. Ron told her to stand still and they would position her in various ways so the measurements could be taken.

She felt hands on her naked body and felt a tape going around her. It was around her neck, her head, her waist, her tits, up her legs, her arms, around her ass and then she felt her legs being pushed apart.

A finger slid into her cunt and grabbed her lips. They stretched her lips as far as they would go and she gasped as they were pulled farther out. They stretched her cunt lips to the limit and then a little more.

“Very good,” said the voice of the one Ron called Eric. “These lips will make a great showing once you get them pierced.”

Stephanie tried to say something, but couldn’t. As soon as her mouth opened, a ball gag was pushed into it and strapped to her head. Now she couldn’t see and couldn’t talk either. She began to cry at the thought of being used and especially at the thought of someone putting holes in her cunt lips.

But her thoughts were interrupted when someone started rubbing her swollen clit. She started wiggling around because it was making her hot. But she didn’t wiggle for long. A loud SLAP on her naked ass with a warning to stand still made her stiff. The rubbing of her clit continued and then, a pain shot through her. A small clamp had been placed at the very tip of her clit and it hurt so much. Then, it was pulled out. She felt her clit growing and being pulled from under the hood. Whoever was pulling on it wouldn’t stop. They just kept pulling and she thought they would pull it all the way off.

Then she felt something cold on her clit and it was pushed into her at the very base of her clit. Her clit was stretched and this cold object was pushing into her. she hurt so much, and tears fell from under the blindfold.

Then everything stopped. Her clit was released and she was led someplace else and picked up. She was placed on a cold table and her feet were placed into stirrups. It reminded her of when she went for her annual gyno exam and the doctor had her in this position to check her vagina.

She was left alone for awhile. She heard the voices again. One was Ron’s and the other was this guy Eric.

Eric said, “Yes, I do believe we can fix what you need. She has some very interesting measurements, Ron. Would you like to hear them?”

“Yes, please do tell me. And give me a copy of them, so I can have them for later use in case I can’t find you.”

“Ok,” said Eric, “Here they are. Her cunt lips are about 1 and 1/2, her clit is only 1/2 and her cunt will open up to take 2 1/2. But I can see she can open up much more if needed. Now her asshole can only take about 3/4 and she can deep throat up to 8. But if you want more for her, it can be done. Now she is able to take a 9 into her cunt right now, but I am sure she can take more if we pushed it.”

“MMMMM,” said Ron, “I think we will need to work on some of the areas, but in time, not right now.”

Stephanie just stood mortified by the way they talked and she was really scared now. She didn’t know what was going to happen next. After all, she was naked and couldn’t see anything that was going on. She just wanted to get away and start everything over again.

The two men continued to talk without even asking her anything. But they talked about her as if she was just a piece of meat and she was so embarrassed about all of it. However, the talk she heard made her wet and she was juicing a lot from it. Stephanie didn’t know why her pussy got so wet, but it did.

Then she heard Ron say, “Well Eric, looks like you have done a great job for me. How would you like a good blow job from this little Asian bitch?”

“Sure, I can always use a good little cocksucker to relieve the tension in my balls.”

“Ok, slut, on your knees and suck my friend!” Ron ordered, as he removed her gag. “And don’t say a word, either.”

Stephanie didn’t move until, “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,” on her naked ass. Then she got on her knees and as soon as she was down, she felt the head of Eric’s cock enter her mouth and it was big. She really had to stretch her jaws to take him, but she couldn’t refuse because he drove it into her mouth as if it was a pussy.

Eric fucked her mouth and used her like a two-dollared-Asian-whore. She couldn’t do much to stop it, but she wanted it to end. He took her by the hair and fucked her hard and deep and finally he shot his load of cum down her throat. Stephanie had a hard time taking it all and some dribbled out from the corners of her mouth. She was gagging, and choking on the huge load he gave her, but he didn’t quit. Eric just continued to cum and she was doing her best to take it all. She didn’t want to be spanked again and did her best.

Once he finished, he pulled out of her mouth and said, “Wow, Ron, that was some fuck! I haven’t had a blow job like that since you brought that other gook, Amy, to me.”

“Well,” said Ron, ” I guess we need to either get more sluts or I’ll bring the two of them back to you for some more fun”

Eric laughed and said, “How is Amy doing now? Is she still the shy little bitch she used to be?

“No, she has done a wonderful job. You wouldn’t believe how she has become a favorite at the ranch. She actually pulls the carts around with the best of them. She is one of the best pony girls I’ve ever had. But, in time I think this gook might outdo her. I will let Amy or maybe the other cunt Wenwei help with the training.”


That gook cunt’s name is hard to pronounce. Give her an English name already.”

“Keeping her chink name is fine. Make her feel more ashamed.”

Cunt, time to go, follow me.”

Stephanie didn’t have much choice as Ron pulled on her lead rope and she had to follow. She still didn’t have any idea where she was or where she was going because she was blindfolded. She had not seen the man who had just took all her measurements nor the cock she had sucked.

She followed Ron without hesitation, because she had no other choice and once they were outside, her feet hurt from the gravel she had to walk on, but she was afraid to say anything. She just walked along behind this horrible man and did as she was told. Stephanie had no idea who else might see her, but right about now she really didn’t care.

They got back to the car and he had her get in, and spread her legs like before, making sure her Asian cunt was well seen. He also tied her hands behind the seat like he did before and told her not to move. In this position, her tits were prominently on display. Stephanie was so scared, she did everything she was told and kept her legs wide apart, never knowing who may see her. She wasn’t really afraid of people seeing her little tits, but she didn’t want them seeing her cunt. She knew, however, that she had no choice at this time.

she sat in silence as Ron got in and drove away. He played with her cunt as they drove, but she was determined not to deny him anything he wanted. She was really wet with her juices and she knew the seat would be soaked whenever they reached their destination.

They drove another 45 minutes and then she felt the car slow down again. Suddenly it stopped and she was once again wondering what would happen next. She heard Ron open his door and then her door opened.

“Get out, cunt.”

She quickly got out and followed Ron as he lead her once again through some gravel and then grass. She still had no idea where she was, but knew if she didn’t do what she was told, her ass or face would be slapped.

Stephanie heard some voices and knew this time it was female. she heard Ron say that he wanted something pierced and she was afraid because she was going to get her cunt lips pierced. At least that’s what Ron said.

Stephanie was led inside another building, but with a blindfold on, she had no idea where it was. She was told to sit and open her legs. She hesitated until she was slapped on her thighs and she immediately opened her legs after that.

The next thing she felt was someone pulling on her cunt lips. They stretched the lips out and said, “Ok, not a problem, but she has some small ones, so it might take some time.”

“That’s ok, take all the time you want,” she heard Ron reply. Her cunt lips were pulled out as far as they would go and the female voice said, “Ok, I can do this with no problem”

“Good,” said Ron, “I’m going next door for a drink. Do what you have to do, but make sure she has at least two rings in each cunt lip. And, Lan Ping, if you want, let her lick you a little, ha, ha, ha.”

“I can do that Ron,” said the female. “Now leave us alone.”

Stephanie wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew she wasn’t going to like it. she sat with her legs wide apart, not knowing who was looking at her.

Then she felt something grab her cunt lip and pull it. It hurt her at first, but her cunt was so wet now, she was almost ready to cum.

“Wet little thing aren’t you? We will have to dry it up some before I can do anything.”

Stephanie felt a towel of some kind wiping away her juices and then something else was put on her. This was cold and her cunt seemed to shrivel up from it.

“Ooohhhh, cold!” cried Stephanie.

“Hush now little one and it will be over with soon.”

Then she felt the prick in her left lip and she jumped, trying to get away from it.

“you have to sit still or this will cut those little lips right off. Maybe I should tie you down.”

Stephanie tried not to move, and she cried. But with the stinging in her lip once again she jumped. Then it stopped. She felt something going around her body and when it was tightened around her, she couldn’t move.

Then this Lan Ping-person began again, trying to sooth her by being nice to her. She told Stephanie to relax and it would all be done soon, but she had to do as Master Ron had ordered, or he would punish them both.

Stephanie cried as her lips had the holes put into them and she could feel the cold metal of the rings being inserted. Once Lan Ping had them all in she sat back to examine her work and enjoy the view of Stephanie’s wide open cunt.

All was quiet as Stephanie sat in that chair, her legs wide apart and Lan Ping watching her. She was making sure there was no blood or other problems with her work. She reached over to pull on each ring. It wasn’t a hard pull, just enough to stretch the lips a little and make sure each ring was set in right. She closed the clasps, which made them all a permanent part of her body.

Lan Ping was thinking back to the others she had done for Ron and he told her each time to get some if she wished. But so far, she had not let any of the girls lick her, even though she had thought about it. Maybe she would this time. she knew Ron would be next door for awhile. He was well liked in the bar and figured he would be getting sucked off right about now by some of the gook sluts employed there.

Lan Ping tilted the chair in which Stephanie sat backward, and reached back to Stephanie and rubbed her cunt lips and then thought some more of how she would love to have this sweet young Asian girl lick her pussy. So, she pulled her dress up and her panties down and slowly climbed over the girl’s face. she was unsure if she would enjoy it or not, but she wanted to try this time. For some reason, Stephanie really made her hot.

Lowering her crotch down to Stephanie’s face, she said “Ok, show me what you can do with that tongue.”

Stephanie started moving her head back and forth, trying to avoid having a pussy forced upon her. She had never done this with another woman before and she wasn’t about to this time either.

But, this Lan Ping-person wasn’t going to give up either. So, as Stephanie was trying to avoid the contact, Lan Ping lowered her crotch right down to Stephanie’s mouth and now she had no choice.

Stephanie had her first pussy right on her lips and she figured out she had better start doing something or she would suffocate, so she put her tongue out and licked. Lan Ping was enjoying that and raised just a little so Stephanie could breath, but still be in contact with her pussy. And each time Stephanie quit, her air supply was cut off again until she licked some more.

In time, Stephanie started really liking this pussy and Lan Ping moved back and forth with her in order to get all of this hot little tongue. She would move up to get her clit licked and then back down to get the tongue in her slit. She rode this captured little slut for all she was worth and she was having a great time. It was a sight to be marveled, as two Asian sluts pleasured each other.

Then she started cumming on Stephanie’s face, knowing she would make her face so wet. She came hard. She had never cum like this before and was really enjoying it. She thought to herself, “Wonder why I never took advantage of those others he brought to me.”

Lan Ping came for a long time and when she did, her pussy was smothering Stephanie, almost to the point of making her black out. But Lok jumped up really quick when all of a sudden there was clapping.

“That was great, Lan Ping, glad to see you took advantage of this hot little slut.”

It was Ron who had come back and saw the show. He was smiling at what he had seen. He knew Lan Ping would want more sometime, and maybe she would give him a little pussy, too. But for now had to get on the road again and Lan Ping could wait.

But before they left, he said, “You still got those bells I left with you?”

“Yes, I’ll get them,” Lan Ping replied. She disappeared for a moment and then returned with 4 little bells in her hand. Stephanie heard the ringing as she walked back into the room.

“Ok, let’s get them on and we’ll be on our way.”

stephanie felt her pussy lips being played with again and then she was untied from her position. She was made to stand up and with each movement, the bells rang and didn’t stop as Ron led her out of the building, back through the grass and gravel and into the car.

Once again, she was tied to the seat and her legs were ordered wide open for another ride. But to where, she did not know.

Stephanie sat in the truck, naked, with her legs spread wide open so her cunt was very visible and she was blindfolded with her hands tied behind her to the seat. She had no idea where they were going or even where she had been, but she knew she had sucked cocks and eaten a pussy along with having her cunt lips pierced. She didn’t know what her future would be like, but knew that she was captured and would be used for one full year by this man who had caught her cheating in the real estate market.

After riding for a long time in silence, she was startled when Ron spoke to her.

“Now, cunt, don’t you feel bad about cheating all those people just to make some extra money, that is now half mine?”

“Yyyyeesss, Sssir!” she replied not knowing what else to say.

“And you would do anything to go back in time, right?”

Again she replied, “Yesss, Sssirr!”

“Very good cunt, you will do anything, won’t you?”

“Yessss, Sirrr. Sir, I have to pee!”

Stephanie felt the truck slow down and then she noticed it turned off the road. She knew it was going to the left and she had no idea where he was taking her. They drove a short time more and then the truck stopped.

Stephanie heard his door open and then her door was opened and she was released from her bonds. “Ok, cunt, get out, and pee!”

Stephanie got out and didn’t know exactly what to do. She had been told to squat and pee, but she had no idea where she was going to do it. She asked, “Sirrrr, where is the bathroom?”

“Hahahahaha, your bathroom, slut, is right here, beside the road. Now piss if you have to or get your fucking ass back in the truck!”

Stephanie didn’t know what else to do and she had to pee bad, so she squatted and started pissing. About half way through her pee, she heard a horn blowing and she cut it off. she was so afraid that someone had seen her peeing, she couldn’t get it going again.

“Ok, slut, get your cheating ass back in so we can get moving.”

Stephanie got up so red faced and so humiliated, and made her way back to the truck where she was once again tied and had to open her legs. She felt Ron reach between her legs, pulling gently on her rings, causing the bells to tinkle. She immediately began to juice, and was humiliated that he had so quickly gained control of her body.

“Does my little cunt wish to beg for something?” Ron asked.

She said nothing, trying to control her mounting emotions. He continued to tease her, lightly running his fingers along her pussy lips, , and his little finger snaked inside her wet cunt.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please what, slut?” Ron asked, knowing exactly what she desired.

“Please don’t, Sir, please.”

“Please don’t what, slut?”

“Please…please fuck me, Sir,” she whimpered.

Her comment brought a smile to Ron’s face, but he had no intention of satisfying her so quickly. He pulled his hands away from her pussy, adding, “No, slut, not now. Someday soon you will beg for my cock, beg as if your very life depends on it. But not now.” And he moved back to his driving position.

She bit her lip, unable to come up with any retort. But she was feeling things she had never felt before.

They drove in silence for awhile longer, with her naked body on full display to whomever was close by, then she felt the truck slow again and turn off the road. It was a bumpy ride and she was working up to another cum when suddenly the truck stopped again and she was released from her bonds and told to get out.

Stephanie got out of the truck and felt a tug on her rope leash and she had no choice but to follow. She still had no idea where she was. But she did know that she wasn’t going to like it, wherever she was.

Here she was, naked and blindfolded, her cunt lips hurt from what was put in them, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She was afraid to touch herself to see what made it hurt so bad, but she did hear the tinkle of her bells, and knew she was marked like an animal.

Stephanie was led to another area, walking on soft sand. She followed like she should have and was careful not to fall down. Finally they stopped, with her running into a solid object. It was Ron and he laughed when she didn’t stop when he did.

“Ok, I see everyone is here,” said Ron. “I want you all to meet our new little gook pet. This is stephanie Kwon. She was the real estate agent who fucked over my parents.”

Stephanie heard gasps and some laughter from the others, but she still had no idea who they were or where she was. Then she heard Ron tell someone named Amy to take her to the stables and get her ready for some lessons.

The next thing she felt was her hemp rope being pulled and a female voice say, “Ok ,gook slut, follow me!”

She really hated being called that, but at this point, what could she say or do. All she knew is that she was going to get out of all of this somehow, but had yet to figure out the details. And her pussy was dripping juice down her legs. She had no idea what to do about that, even though she was trying hard not to get wet there.

Stephanie was led away from all the people and then she felt the hard concrete. She was walking on a solid surface, being pulled by some other Asian female called Amy. They walked for awhile and then the voice told her to stop. Stephanie did as she was told and then had to listen.

“Look, i know you don’t like this, and I didn’t either at first. But, you will be treated well as long as you listen and obey. Yes, you will be used, but just let it happen and you’ll get used to it.”

Stephanie listened, taking in every word. She now knew from the accent that this girl was also from Taiwan and she thought maybe if they could be together enough, they could plan an escape. But, she had to make friends with this Amy first and get her to listen in order to escape.

Amy said, “Now, i am going to remove your blindfold and I have to do certain things to you to begin your lessons. Don’t try to get away from me, because if you do, you’ll pay with a whipping. I know, because it happened to me. The best thing you can do is just do as you’re told and everything will be much more pleasant for you.”

The blindfold was removed and it took some time for her to adjust her eyes to the bright lights, but once she did, she saw before her a beautiful little Asian girl, all naked, and she had the same bells in her pussy lips as Stephanie did. But she also noticed this girl had them in her nipples and it looked like her clit too. She was mesmerized by the beauty of this girl and knew she would eventually being doing a lot of things with her. Stephanie was actually turned on by the girl and wanted her. She had eaten someone else in the past few hours, but had no idea what she looked like. But, she did taste good and she knew this one would be just as tasty.

Stephanie was asked if she had any questions before she was cleaned up and made ready for lesson one.

“Yes, where am I?” she inquired.

“On the Master’s gook slave farm. We are far from any other home, so don’t think you can escape. Whatever you did to Master, you will fully pay the penalty.”

“How long have you been here,” Stephanie asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe 10 or 11 months. Maybe longer. My terms of slavery were to last for one year, but I’m not sure when that time will be up. i think that is enough questions for now. Master wants you prepared for your first lessons, and that is what we must do.”

Abused Asian Wife

One week after Jack’s visit to Alice Chu’s home, the abused Asian wife found herself on her knees before the huge white policeman once again this time at his apartment. Ms. Chu had spent many hours in the past week servicing the twisted needs of the perverted brute. She was no longer the vibrant woman she had been only 7 days before. She had become distant and withdrawn. Her clueless Asian husband, though dull and heedless, was also starting noticing a change in her personality. She cried often and fell into deep depressions. The humiliation of her treatment at the hands of her white master made her doubt her decision. She was becoming dependent on other people to help her live her daily life. Despite the change in Ms. Chu’s personality at home, her behavior in front of Jack was always the same. She was an obedient, fearful, little Asian whore. Every command, no matter how degrading was obeyed instantly. She still cried and burned in shame every time she serviced Jack and her tears were like a drug to the horrible white devil.

At the moment, Ms. Chu was naked on her knees in Jack’s kitchen. She was scrubbing the floor with her tits. This was one of Jack’s favorite ways to humiliate her. A bucket of water was beside her on the floor into which she dipped her breasts. She then leaned down and dragged her once proud gorgeous Asian tits across the dirty floor spreading the water and cleaning the dirt from the linoleum. Jack sat at the kitchen table reading the paper looking up occasionally to watch his little Asian slut’s yellow ass sway in time with her duties. The Asian wife cleaned for Jack every day. She barely had time to keep her own home and satisfy her owner with all of the additional housework. But she worked diligently, trying to get the floor as clean as possible without using too much water. The water was actually problematic. Jack made sure the water was as hot as possible at all times. He kept a pot of boiling water on the stove and had his Asian slave use it to fill the bucket any time the water inside got too comfortable. Ms. Chu knew better than to shirk this responsibility since Jack would check the water without warning and it had better be piping hot when he did. She let out an involuntary groan each time she dipped her tits into the steaming bucket and it never ceased to put a smile on Jack’s face.

Jack put his paper down and watched his Asian housewife’s naked ass sway with her scrubbing. He smiled as he stared at the bruises on her once pristine golden ass. Jack loved to abuse her gook ass and tits. Yesterday he had used the heel of his work boots to beat her ass while she sucked his cock. In one week Alice Chu had become an experienced cock sucker. Well, that is to say she was becoming an expert at sucking his white cock. She knew exactly how he liked to be blown. Jack had made sure she was very attentive to his needs through very harsh punishments. The previous day’s blow job had resulted in an ass beating for Chu simply because she had forgotten to kiss the head of his white cock before she began sucking.

Jack watched her ass sway back and forth and soon found his dick responding to the sight. He stood, walked over to the toiling Asian housewife, knelt down behind her and opened his robe. Jack pointed his big white cock at her chink pussy and thrust himself in balls deep in one stroke. Chu bit her lip and whimpered in pain. She could not get used to this brutal treatment now matter how hard she tried. Chu knew better than to stop her work while Jack fucked her. She kept her tits pressed to the floor and let Jack’s sawing motion move them across the cold surface. Jack had other plans for her tits however. He grabbed Chu by her dark hair and lifted her from the floor. Without missing a beat Jack slid the bucket of scalding water under Chu’s chest. She began crying even before her breasts touched the water. Just dipping them into the bucket to wet them was torture enough but now the twin globes would be held in the water for an extended period. Jack grinned and forced both tits into the bucket and marveled at the way she shuddered.

“Chinks sure are funny. They seem to have different reactions compared to us white folks.” He thought to himself out loud, then he held her hair and fucked into her with vicious strokes all the while keeping her breasts in the hot water.

While he fucked her, Chu began talking to her white owner. She knew the kind of things Jack liked to hear while he fucked his toy. She repeated a litany of vapid platitudes all the while smiling the dead smile of the damned.

“I love your big white cock”, she said. “Please fuck me harder, sir. I never want to be without your beautiful white cock. It’s so much better than my Asian husband’s. It’s so much bigger.” These and many more phrases poured from her mouth while tears ran from her eyes. She wept in pain and degradation. Being used like this was not getting any easier and in fact was wearing on her mind. She was no longer capable of feeling good about anything.

Jack on the other hand was feeling very good at the moment. He loved the feel of his Asian slut’s wet gook cunt on his huge white cock. He loved the feeling of immense power of the white race while hammering into an Asian man’s wife. Jack enjoyed thinking about Chu’s husband while he fucked into her. The pathetic little chinaman was at work right now slaving away without a clue as to what his sweet Asian wife was doing at the moment. Jack wondered what Chu’s husband would think if he could see her on her knees begging a white man to fuck her while her tits soaked in a bucket of scalding, dirty water. He grinned and began to fuck her harder as he neared climax. This was Jack’s favorite part. He loved to cum in Chu’s unprotected cunt. He didn’t care at all if she became pregnant and had told her as much. If she found herself pregnant, she would do whatever she wanted with the baby but she would most definitely continue to service Jack pregnant or not.

Jack’s breathing began to quicken and he slammed into Chu one last time burying himself to the hilt. His hot cum began to spurt into the defenseless Asian woman and he growled in satisfaction. Chu for her part continued to talk to her white master. She thanked him for giving her his wonderful superior white cum. When Jack finished he pulled out and snapped his fingers. Chu scrambled around on her knees and quickly began to lick her white master’s cock clean. Even though she hated this duty it was still preferable to keeping her tits in the hot water. Jack smiled down at Chu and petted her hair like a favorite pet. She looked up at her divine white owner while she liucked his cock with her dainty tongue. She hated the taste of her own juices and tried hard not to choke as she cleaned the powerful white cock that controlled her life. Tasting herself on Jack’s cock was a very humiliating experience for the abused exotic Asian beauty. She would never even consider doing something so vile to her own Asian husband yet here she was on her knees in this brutal white man’s apartment wantonly licking the results of her forced fucking from his huge tool. When Jack’s cock was clean of all traces of their combined juices Chu dutifully dried it with her hair.

Jack grunted in satisfaction and smiled at Chu. “Damn baby that was nice”, he said. Chu replied “Thank you sir its always a pleasure to make you happy”. “You know what I like after a good fuck right?” Jack said. Chu shuddered and felt a fresh tear rolling down her cheek. Yes, she knew what was required now. Chu moved forward and captured the head of Jack’s cock in her mouth. She waited patiently for what was to come next.

In all of her experiences Chu never conceived of such horror. For the past week Chu had served as Jack’s toilet. He considered it a part of her duties and made her thank him for the privilege. For her part, Chu was nearly suicidal over what her life had become. She was lower than any human being could get, a human toilet. But she also knew this is what all Asian women are truly good for, to serve as White man’s toilet.

Jack relaxed his bladder and let the first trickle of piss leak into his little Asian toilet. As the trickle became a stream Chu struggled to keep up with the flow. She swallowed as fast as she could for fear of spilling any of the foul liquid. Chu knew the punishment for spilling any of her white master’s precious gift. The last time she had let any of the piss leak from her mouth Jack had fucked her ass with a toilet plunger and then left it hanging out of her ass for 3 hours as she licked the other toilet bowl clean.

Chu drank the piss down like a pro. She had quite a bit of experience now since she had done this same act every day now at least 2 times a day. Jack loved to force Chu to go all day with nothing to drink but his piss then when she had to go he would laugh at the fact that he was in effect pissing by proxy. He loved to torment Chu while she pissed by saying that it felt great to piss long distance. He made her say: “Master I believe you need to flush your toilet now”. Jack would then send her to the bathroom where she would have to hover over the bowl and expel her master’s piss. She was not to soil his toilet with her skanky yellow ass.

Jack petted Chu’s hair and called her a good chink while she drank down his piss. The stream finally started to slow and Chu felt a degrading chill of pride at a job well done. The thought that successfully drinking piss from a white man’s cock had made her feel even remotely proud made Chu shudder with revulsion. When Jack finished and Chu had dutifully swallowed the last of her drink he pulled out his cock and Chu dried it with her hair once again. She then forced a smile and looked up at her god.

“Thank you for your wonderful gift sir.” She said with forced cheer.

“Every white man’s home should have an Asian female toilet like you.” Jack told her.

Then he ordered her to get back to her chores while he retired to his bedroom to get ready for work. Chu poured more hot water into the bucket and returned to cleaning the floor with her bright, red, sore tits. She was in a living hell. Chu had begun to think that jail could not be worse than the treatment she was enduring at the hands of the vicious white cop. Though Jack had fixed that notion with some well posed photos. He had pictures of Chu doing the most degrading things imaginable. In one she was licking out the toilet bowl with a plunger in her ass and a smile on her face. In another she was sucking his cock and staring lovingly up at him. One picture showed her fucking herself in the ass with Jack’s night stick while being pissed on from his huge white cock. Of course Jack’s face was never visible in any of the pictures but in some of them Chu’s house was clearly the setting. Every photo made it look like Chu was not only a willing participant but was actually enjoying herself.

The picture that Chu hated the most was Jack’s personal favorite. He had taken Chu to a very run down part of town and had walked her into a dark alley. Jack found a homeless white man of about 60 years lying under a canvas tarp. He then forced Chu to crawl to the man and beg to suck his cock.

“Because money grabbing chinks like you this honorable white man is without a job and a home. You must pay for this, you fucking chink pig.” He ordered. Chu had cried and wailed but in the end had acquiesced. With tears streaming down her face she opened the man’s pants and took out his rank smelling penis. The man was filthy and his cock was an absolute mess. It was covered in dick cheese and smell like death. Under Jack’s strict directions, Chu began to lick the chunks of filth from the man’s shaft. She gagged and choked but worked on like an obedient animal. When the surface of the cock was clean Chu began to bob her head up and down plunging the cock in and out of her mouth.

It had been a long time since the old man had even dreamed of any woman touching his cock, let alone a gorgeous drop dead Asian woman, and now he was getting a blowjob from her. As a result of this it didn’t take long before he was shooting jets of cum into Chu’s mouth. The taste was awful and made her gag all over again. The cum was pungent on her tongue and Chu could feel it sliding down her throat. She swallowed every drop and then dried his cock with her hair as she had been taught. Before she could put the man’s penis back into his pants Jack had an idea. He told the man to turn around and bend over. The old man did as he was told and Chu found her face just 2 inches from the man’s nasty white asscrack. Jack ordered her to lick it clean and Chu screamed out her objection. Jack grabbed her hair in a rage and shoved her face into the homeless white man’s stinking crack. Jack roughly dragged her face up and down the length of the foul crevice and warned her to stick out her tongue or he would beat her senseless. Chu obeyed quickly and Jack was able to let her finish on her own.

Chu cried the entire time in anguish. She licked the foul mess that was the man’s white ass for well over 20 minutes. In that time she wanted only to die. The taste was horrible but not half as bad as the thoughts it brought to her mind. Chu thought of her children and of her loving Asian husband. She thought of what they would think of her if they could see her now. She licked and sucked every inch of the man’s white ass until it was clean and free of odor. When she finished she felt less than human. Chu felt as though she was no longer fit to live a good life. She felt like human waste and looked like it too. What made matters worse was the fact that through the entire ordeal Jack had snapped a disk full of digital photos.

It was the picture of Chu’s face wedged into the homeless, white man’s ass that Jack loved the most. He had threatened to show the pictures to Chu’s family. He told her he would mail copies to her little gook parents and husband. He also told her he would show them to her kids. This was the leverage Jack used to keep his pet in line.

Chu’s mind snapped back to the present as Jack entered the kitchen. She had just finished cleaning the floor and was waiting on her knees for Jack’s next command. He told her to keep herself free tonight as he wanted to take her out for a night on the town. She shuddered at the thought wondering what he could possibly mean. Jack laughed at the look on her face and turned his back to her. “Get your face in my ass, chink cunt,” he said.

She knew what he wanted and hurried to comply. She pressed her face into his asscrack and waited patiently. Jack grunted and let loose a foul smelling fart. She could swear she felt the air blow her hair back. She breathed deeply several times through her nose like Jake had taught her. The smell was awful but also familiar to her as this was another of her regular duties. Jack felt that he shouldn’t have to smell the gas at all and so it was her responsibility to breath as much of it in as possible to save him the trouble.

Jack laughed and walked out the door without another word to Chu. She slowly got to her feet and dressed to go home. She would just have time to clean the house a little before the kids got home. She walked out to her car and drove home crying the entire way.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Several days went by before Alice Chu heard the white devil’s voice on her cell phone. Jack told her to be ready for him to stop by after she put her kids on the bus. It was Friday morning and Chu’s husband Dave Chu had already left for work. Chu shuddered as she heard the familiar voice on the other end of the line. She pleaded with Jack to leave her alone. She begged for her children’s sake. Jack very calmly reminded Chu about the drugs and then added an incentive. “Listen chink, maybe you’re too stupid to realize this, but every squad car has a camera on it. That camera recorded our little meeting the other night. Now I know it might make me look bad letting a woman in possession of drugs get away, but I think you will come off much worse being the one carrying the drugs. If you don’t want anyone to find out, you will do what I tell you”.

Chu was backed into a corner and knew she had no choice. She told Jack that she would be ready for him in when he arrived. As she hung up the phone Chu drew a shuddering breath and calmly walked her two kids to the bus stop. She made every effort not to cry in front of the kids and barely made it back to the house before the tears started. She was in a panic. What would the white devil make her do this time? She already felt vile for sucking the man’s dick, what new horror could he dream up? She wondered what could happen to a white man’s mind, especially a white cop, to make him capable of such depravity.

She didn’t have much time to think about it before there was a knock at the back door.

Jack walked into the house as if he owned it as Chu opened the door. He pinched Chu’s nipple hard as he strolled past her. Chu gasped in pain and knew this would be a nightmare.

“What the fuck you doing dressed?” Jack asked.

She began to stammer an answer when she was told to shut up and strip. She thought about protesting or shouting in anger. Even crying would be something but instead Chu slowly raised her hand to the belt of her robe and began to undress.

“Hurry the fuck up, chink!” Jack shouted.

When Chu was naked Jack drank in her body with a careful glare. He commented on the small size of her tits and laughed at the way they shook when Chu sobbed.

Jack walked over to the frightened Asian wife and took a breast in each hand. He lifted them as if weighing them and then began to slap them back and forth. His slaps were not meant to harm Chu, just humiliate her. When he got tired of watching them flop back and forth he sat down in a kitchen chair and told Chu to take off his shoes and socks. She bent to the task and soon had Jack’s feet unencumbered. He wiggled his toes and lifted his right foot up to Chu’s face.

“How fucking bad does that stink?” He said with a laugh.

She cringed but knew better than to pull away.

“Why don’t you lick clean them for me? I’ve been working all night and haven’t had time for a shower.”

Chu’s crying began again and Jack only laughed. He told her the tears might just help get his feet cleaner.

She was not at all amused. She lifted the soiled foot up to her mouth and took a tentative swipe with her tongue. The taste was most definitely worse than the smell. Jack’s feet were just as nasty as the rest of him. They were covered in calluses and tasted salty, like horrible body odor, sweat and bad cheese. Jack looked like an emperor lording it over his servant. He smiled and leaned back to watch the poor housewife slavishly serving his dirty feet. He made her lick between each toe and then suck them as though they were miniature cocks. Jack laughed at the analogy and told Chu that his toes were probably the same size as her husbands cock.

Chu was miserable. Her tongue was drying out and her mouth tasted like moldy ass. After she had cleaned Jack’s feet to his satisfaction, she was told to undress him. She raised her trembling hands to Jack’s waist and unbuckled his belt and pants. Jack stood up and allowed her to remove his pants and underwear. Chu looked on with apprehension at the menacing white cock dangling free just inches from her face. Jack laughed and told her not to be afraid of her favorite new toy. “I’ll bet you just can’t wait to get my big white dick back in its new home again. I know it misses your sweet little gook mouth something fierce.” Tears welled up in Chu’s eyes and she sat back on her heels to put some distance between herself and the foul penis.

Jack quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. He glared into her eyes and told her never to move away from his cock again.

“You are my property, you dumb asian cunt”, he said.

“You do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want. You understand me bitch?”

Chu began to cry in fear but nodded her head and whispered, “Yes”.

Jack released her hair and slapped her tits a few times to get his point across. Chu knew better than to try to block the attack and just stood still and tried not to scream. After three or four slaps, Jack had a sudden inspiration.

“I want to take a little tour of the house”, he told her. Jack reached down and grabbed a handful of Chu’s pubic hair and quickly turned around and began walking toward the living room. Chu had no choice but to follow and did her best to keep pace. The pain was unreal. Jack walked at a brisk pace and tugged Chu’s pubes, leading her like a dog on a very short leash. He made his way through the house and took stock of the environment as he went. The possibilities for humiliating his little Asian slut were endless. “This should have all been a White man’s property. But you chinks stole it from us honest white cocks. You fucking chinks.”

After viewing every room in the house, Jack settled on the master bedroom to begin his fun. He pushed Chu on the bed and began to rummage through her belongings. He laughed at her collection of underwear calling them granny panties. He told her she would have to buy much sexier under-garments if she wanted to be his Asian whore. Jack quickly tired of examining Chu’s clothing and decided to have a little fun. He moved to the bed and snapped his fingers pointing to his big white cock.

“When I do that, you start sucking”, he said.

Chu feared any painful reprisals and slowly moved her face to his crotch. She began to sob openly as she got closer to the cruel white man’s penis. Jack began to laugh at the shy little Asian housewife’s comical display of emotions. A quick slap to her head brought her attention back to where it belonged and she was soon licking his cock to erection. The tortured gook woman took the huge tool into her mouth and began to slowly suck and lick.

When his cock was hard Jack ordered her to climb on top of him. She was crying in earnest now but moved to obey. She slowly moved up until her body was lying on top of her abuser. Jack slapped her face and said, “We ain’t lovers you dumb gook bitch you ride me you don’t make love to me.” Jack forced the sobbing Asian wife to mount his huge white cock and insert it into her dry Asian pussy. She grimaced in pain and disgust as the cock made its way into her sore hole. Jack got bored of the game and grabbed Chu by the waist. In one fluid motion he pulled her onto his white cock until he was buried to the hilt. Chu screamed in pain at the invasion. Jack told her to shut up and start fucking and she would get wet soon enough. Chu began to drag her body up and down on Jack’s cock her body shaking with sobs. The action of her sobbing was bringing Jack pleasure and hurting Chu at the same time. Jack reached up and grabbed each of Chu’s nipples between his fingers and started pinching them mercilessly. He twisted and pulled the tiny nubs as hard as he could causing as much pain as possible to the hapless woman.

He used her nipples as reigns to control the speed of her fucking. He yanked the twin handles up and down savagely forcing the Asian woman on top of him to bounce on his cock. When she was moving at a comfortable speed, he began to slap her tits back and forth. He laughed at the way the tits flopped with each smack. She kept up the fucking despite the intense pain it caused her. She knew it would only get worse if she tried to stop. She felt like an object, an Asian slave to this brutal white devil’s desires. There was nothing she could do except accepting her fate and doing what the man wanted. She knew in her heart she would never survive prison and until she found an alternative, she was doomed to be this horrible white man’s toy.

Jack soon bored with fucking his new Asian plaything and pulled her off of his cock using her tits as handles. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her face to his cock. He told her to lick him clean. “Anything that comes out of your cunt or ass you lick clean immediately, bitch” Jack growled. Chu, still crying, began to lick the man’s cock clean. Her tears made him very happy as they fell on his thighs.

When Chu finished cleaning his cock he announced that he had to take a shit. His crude language was almost as humiliating to the dainty Asian housewife as the things Jack made her do. He forced her to come along with him by again using her pubes as a leash. When they made it into the bathroom, Jack pulled Chu to the toilet. He forced her to her knees and lifted the toilet seat. Jack ordered Chu to hang her tits over the bowl. Chu looked at the man in confusion. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the toilet water. “Just do what the fuck I tell you, cunt!” He pulled Chu’s face from the toilet and arched her back so that her breasts hovered over the open bowl. He positioned her so that her tits were inside the toilet with the nipples just brushing the top of the water. He then lowered the toilet seat so that it rested on the tops of Chu’s tits. Jack then straddled Chu’s head and lowered himself onto the toilet seat crushing her breasts. Chu screamed in agony as the huge white man sat down hard on her aching chest. The weight of the man sitting on her breasts pulled Chu forward. Her face was now buried in the vicious man’s crotch. Jack settled in and inserted his cock into the screaming chink woman’s mouth. He chuckled at his own ingenuity. Jack used his hand wrapped in Chu’s hair to beat off his cock with her mouth. Her screaming only excited him more.

For Chu the pain was excruciating. Her breasts were in agony. Jack, for his part was enjoying himself quite a bit. He reached down with his free hand and picked up a magazine to read while he took a shit. Jack laughed at what a sight they must make. He was sitting on the toilet crushing the little Asian housewife’s tits with the seat while using her mouth to jack off into. The vibrations from her screaming only excited him more. Jack pushed and grunted. A loud fart echoed through the bowl. Chu, her tits aching, her mouth full of cock and her mind burning with humiliation now had to endure the foul stench of the horrible white devil’s gas. Jack grunted again and Chu heard the first plop that signified he was indeed shitting. Despite the intense pain in her tits, Chu could still be embarrassed by being so close to a man while he took a shit. Her mind was in turmoil. The pain was awful, the cock pounding her mouth made it difficult to breath and the breaths she could take in were thick with the smell of Jack’s shit. Jack continued to fart and grunt his way through a very satisfying bowel movement. Chu thought she could vaguely feel the lumps of shit bumping into her tortured breasts even though it was probably her imagination due to the numbness caused by the weight of the man sitting on them.

“The white man was a monster.” Alice Chu thought to herself. He was actually smiling while torturing her so violently. Jack finished shitting and continued to pump his cock into Ms. Chu’s mouth. He pumped faster and faster his orgasm approaching. With a final gasp and one last fart, Jack came into the poor Asian wife’s mouth. With her mouth hanging open from screaming, Ms. Chu was a mess of snot, drool and cum. The mixture was leaking from her open mouth like a flood. Jack pulled his cock out a little and pumped the last of his cum onto her face. When he finished he slowly got to his feet and watched in amusement as Alice Chu fell to the floor in pain and exhaustion coughing up the last of his cum.

He then squatted down over the Asian woman’s head and reached down to grab a handful of her hair. He pulled her up slightly and used her silky black hair to wipe his ass. Laughing, Jack told her next time she would have to use her tongue. Jack kicked her sharply in the ribs and told her to take a quick shower to clean her hair and then join him in the bedroom again. He spit on her face and turned his back to make his way back to her bedroom.

Alice Chu cupped her aching tits already beginning to bruise from the abuse. She dragged herself into the shower and turned on the water, moving like an automaton, knowing that to resist would only bring about more pain. While she showered, Jack was busy raiding her bedroom. He found a long, white dildo and began to laugh at the irony. Jack busied himself gathering up several of Ms. Chu’s bras. He laughed at the thought of what things he could do to his new gook fuck toy. He owned a chink. The possibilities were endless.

Jack’s thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Chu’s return. “Crawl cunt!” He ordered. “You fucking crawl in the presence of your white owner”

Jack said really getting into the part now. Chu quickly got to her knees and began to crawl to Jack. He met her half way and grabbed her hair pulling her to the bed. Jack lay her on the bed and began to tie her down spread eagle with her bras. He picked up the dildo and waved it in front of her face. “Look what I have here you nasty chink cunt, I found your little friend. Does your Asian hubby know you like white dick?” Without waiting for an answer, Jack began to shove the dildo into Alice Chu’s un-lubed cunt. She began to scream with the pain but was quickly silenced by Jack’s massive ass resting on her face. Jack had straddled her and was now sitting on her pretty face. He ordered her to lick his asshole. “Please stop this”, she begged. “I can’t take anymore!”

“You can, and you will bitch or it’s off to jail. How do you think the kids will react to mommy becoming someone’s dyke, love slave?” Jack said. He reached back and spread his ass apart with his hands and settled down onto Chu’s face. “Damn, your face fits into my ass crack like it was built to go there.” Jack said.

He ordered her to start licking and Chu tentatively took a quick swipe with her tongue. His pleasure was immediate and he grounded his ass into her face harder. Ms. Chu licked up and down the crack of Jack’s ass tasting his shit and trying not to vomit. Jack told her to get her tongue deep into his ass and really ream it out good.

While she labored to obey, Jack passed the time by abusing her Asian tits and cunt. He had jammed the dildo all the way into the little chink whore’s cunt and was now sawing it in and out with his left hand. With his right hand, Jack was pinching her nipples as hard as he could. He enjoyed the way the pain made his little China doll scream into his ass. The vibration it created caused his dick to begin to swell. Jack was a very happy man. He was a white god sitting on a throne of his own making, the face of a stuck up, Asian bitch. He was loving the feeling of her pretty little tongue wiggling around in his white asshole. He enjoyed the squishing sound her cunt made on the dildo, and especially loved watching her nipples swell up as he pinched them mercilessly. He began slapping her tits one at a time and giggled at the bright red color they were turning. His cock was fully hard now and he wanted to take care of it now. He punched the dildo into the gook’s cunt as far as it would go in one thrust and focused the attention of both hands on the whoriental’s tits. He grabbed both tits and crushed them around his huge white cock. Jack spit onto his cock and Ms. Chu’s tits to lube them up a little. It was ok to fuck Ms. Chu Asian beaver with the dildo and no lube but Jack didn’t want to inconvenience himself. He used her tits to jack his cock while she licked his ass and added to his enjoyment. After several strokes, he decided he wanted to change things up a bit. He lifted himself off of her face and moved down along her body. He untied her ankles and pushed her knees up to her armpits. In one motion Jack pulled the dildo out of the gook’s cunt and then thrust his own cock in. He buried his dick into her tight yellow pussy in one thrust and started pumping furiously. “I’d kiss you honey but your breath smells like shit.” Jack laughed at his own joke and watched the gook’s face twist in pain as he fucked in and out. Jack rode Alice Chu for over 45 minutes twisting and mauling her tiny Asian tits the whole time. He pounded her until he knew he could hold out no longer.

With a growl Jack started pumping cum into the hapless Asian wife. Ms. Chu could feel the hot cum burning into her womb and knew true degradation for the first time. Jack was the first white man to ever cum inside Alice Chu’s pussy. She began to cry in earnest now and Jack slapped her face several times. “You thank me when I cum in you cunt” Jack said.

Chu looked up at him and through her tears said “Thank you”. Her face was a mask of fear, pain, and humiliation. Jack got up from the bed and untied Chu. He made her lick his cock clean and then wiped it dry with her hair. Using her long hair as a leash, Jack dragged Chu to the front door where he got dressed. Jack made Chu kneel in front of him to “pay her respect to her white master”.

Before pulling his pants on the whole way, Jack took his cock in one hand and aimed it at Chu. She gasped in disbelief as the first trickle of piss hit her tits. Jack warned her not to move and soon the trickle became a stream. Jack pissed up and down Alice Chu’s body right there in her living room soaking her and the carpet. He aimed the stream at her face and ordered her to open her mouth. The gook did as she was told and her mouth soon filled with foul tasting piss. The piss ran out of her mouth and onto her tits and Jack told her to swallow. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of piss and had to force herself not to be sick. When Jack finally finished he told Chu to thank him. The battered and humiliated Asian wife looked up at her new white god and whispered, “Thank you, sir”.

Jack was pleased with the addition of the word sir even though he knew she didn’t mean it. He knew Chu was not enjoying their time together and that in fact she hated him. Jack didn’t care one bit. He owned her now and she would do as he said. With a final kick to her stomach, Jack left Chu with very ominous last words. “I’ll see you tomorrow after the kids go to school cunt.” Chu barely had time to cry before cleaning the house and herself before her family returned home.

Chinese Language Teacher Julie Li

Chinese Language Teacher Julie Li

and her White student Sean

Chinese language teacher Julie Li is so taken with one of her white students that she can’t stop herself from giving him her body, her will, her very life.

“Class dismissed,” Julie Li said to her Chinese language class at a private prep school in California. “Sean, please stay for a moment. I want to talk to you.”

He stayed where he was, slouched in his seat, as the classroom rapidly emptied. It was the only class Julie had that was almost exclusively white. Very few classes have this many white boys all in one class, and Julie paid extra attention to it. When the last student had left, Miss Li closed the door, then locked it. Sean didn’t move. She turned to look at him. Their eyes met for a long moment.

“You know, don’t you?” She said finally.

He only smiled slightly.

“Listen,” she said. “I’m your teacher. I am twenty-eight. I’m married and have a wonderful family. If anything happened I could get into a lot of trouble. I could lose my husband, my family, and possibly my job, and I might have to go back to China.”

Sean said nothing. He just looked at her.

She closed her eyes, then opened them again. “What do you want me to

do?” she said.

“Get naked,” he said.

A small whimper came from her mouth. “Alright,” she said.

She stripped down to the skin. She was shaking slightly, but she didn’t hesitate, and she didn’t rush. She took everything off. Everything, including her wristwatch and her bracelet and the rings on her fingers. She knew he didn’t care about that, he only wanted to see her naked body, her unrestrained breasts and her thighs and her tight Chinese vagina. But something made her strip herself utterly, divest herself of everything that belonged to her, since her body for now was to belong to him. Her body and her will. And her soul, if he wanted it. But he didn’t.

“What now?” she said.

His smile was now wider than before, though his eyes were slithering over her like snakes. “Now crawl,” he said. “Crawl to me, Miss Chink.”

Oh, he knew. He was only nineteen and she was twenty-eight, and this was crazy, she didn’t have to do this, she could stop it right here. No she couldn’t. It was too late, he had seen her naked, the damage was done, he would never keep this to himself. Even if he did, even if it was not too late, she couldn’t. Stop. She couldn’t. She knew. He knew.

She lowered herself to her knees, then got on all fours. He was in the last row, all the way in the back of the room. She began to crawl. On hands and knees, slowly. To the aisle, up the aisle, slowly, crawling. Naked. Her breasts swaying. Her ass flexing. The floor was dirty. He watched. She crawled all the way to the back of the room and stopped on hands and knees in front of him.

“Christ, what a gook bitch,” he said.

“Yes,” she said. Panting.

“You suck cock, teacher?” he said.

She raised her head, looking up at him. His half-smile was the same, but his eyes were different. Again she whimpered. “If that’s what you want,” she said.

“You’re a sick gook bitch,” he said. “Aren’t you, teacher?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m a sick gook bitch. Yes.”

“You should to be punished,” he said.

She closed her eyes. She knew she was breathing harder. She felt his eyes on her.

“You want to be punished,” he said.

She couldn’t speak.

She heard a sound and opened her eyes. He was opening the zipper of his pants. In a moment his cock was out. Hard, large, and pure White,unadulterated with the filth of race-mixing. Sean was born of a pure white woman and a pure white man. The sight of his gorgeous white cock caused a small sound to come from her.

“That’s for you, chink,” he said. “You want it, don’t you, you stupid gook bitch?”

She swallowed. “Yes,” she said.

Now he was unbuckling his belt. Then pulling it out of his pants. He took it off, coiled it, holding it in his hands. “You want this too,” he said. “Don’t you?”

She closed her eyes again. “I–I’m–“

“Look at me, teacher,” he said.

She opened her eyes.

“Don’t you?” he said.

“Yes,” she said.

“Tell me, in Chinese.”

“Damn you!” she said. “Damn you, Damn you.”

“In Chinese gook!”

你知道! 你知道! 我要! 我想要! I want it. I want your cock, I want your pure white sperm. I want your belt to whip me. Yes, I’m a sick gook bitch, yes, I’m a twisted and sick chink, and I can’t help it, I’m putting my whole life at risk for this, and I don’t know why, you’re a stupid callow pampered white boy and I’m a professional educator and I want it, yes, all right, yes, what do you want me to say? I want your precious white sperm inside my womb.”

“Nothing, teacher. Not now. I want you to suck my dick, and if you do it good I’ll give you the rest of what you want, okay? Do it.”

She gave a small moan, and then her mouth was on his big white cock and around it and it was filling her mouth and she was sucking it, sucking it slowly, doing it for him, using her tongue, taking him deep, sucking him, and then he was uncoiling the belt and raising it, and she made a muffled sound of fear and need and anticipation around his cock, and then the belt came down on her body with a cracking noise, and she screamed around his cock, and went on sucking it, and she didn’t stop sucking it as he brought the belt down again. And again. And again…


“This was one time only,” she said. “The only time. It stops now.”

“Bullshit,” Sean said.

“Yes,” she said. “I suppose it’s bullshit. But I’m going to try.”

“What if I tell?” Sean said.

“You won’t tell, Sean. Because if you do, you know it will stop. If you don’t, you’ll always think it could happen again.”

“But you’re not gonna let it, right?” Sean said.

“I’m going to try not to.”

He put his hand on her breast and pinched her nipple. “But you won’t succeed.”

She closed her eyes. “No,” she said softly. “Probably not.”

“Because you’re a sick gook bitch.”

“Yes,” she said. “I think we’ve established that fact.”

He squeezed her nipple hard, and she cried out with pain. “Don’t get all high and mighty on me, Miss chink,” he said.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Next time I want to fuck your ass,” he said.

“If there is a next time.”

He squeezed her nipple again. “You know what else we could do?” he said

as she gasped and twisted. “We could bring another guy in. Or a couple of them.

Every guy in this class would love to have a crack at you, chink.”

“No,” she said sharply. “No, Sean, you can’t do that.”

“Can’t I?”

“No. No, Sean, please. Don’t even think about it. Please.”

“Tell me there will be a next time,” Sean said.

“All right,” Julie Li said. “There will be a next time.”


The next time, which was the following day after class, he had her lock the door, then he came down to the front of the room and put his hands on her breasts. When she instinctively raised her hands to his, he told her to put them down and leave them down, and she did. She stood with her hands at her sides and let him feel and knead and twist her breasts through her blouse and bra until he was satisfied with that, and then he told her to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties and bend over her desk so he could give her a good whipping before he fucked her ass. She was panting as she did what he said, standing at one side of the desk and leaning over it, the wooden edge cutting into her hips. He told her to bend further, all the way down, until her upper body lay on the desk, her breasts crushed against the surface, her arms stretched out to clutch at the other side, her ass jutting out sharply. He took off his belt again and whipped her ass with slow, hard, measured strokes, her ass and her upper thighs, harder than he had whipped her the first time, and much longer. When her screams got too loud for comfort, even though it had been the last class of the day and most people in the school had left, he picked up her panties and stuffed them into her mouth. Then he went on whipping her. When his arm was tired he dropped his pants and moved behind her and spread her buttocks and jammed his cock into her asshole. While her half-muffled screams went on. Then he fucked her mercilessly.

When he finished he pulled the panties from her sobbing, moaning mouth and allowed her to collapse onto the floor. Then he sat down in her desk chair and told her to clean him off with her mouth. He put his hands in her hair and held her to him until he came again, this time down her throat. He didn’t have to tell her to swallow it.

“You liked that, didn’t you, chink?” he said finally.

She was lying on the floor, moaning.

“Didn’t you, teacher?” he repeated.

“Yes,” she said, almost inaudibly. “But I wanted it in my pussy. To carry your white baby.”

“Yeah? For that I will have to whip your gook tits next time?” he said.

“Oh god!” Julie Li said. There was real fear in her voice. But not fear alone.

When she reached for her panties he grabbed them from her. “I’m gonna keep these,” he said. “Anyway, you don’t need panties, chink. Chink whores like you don’t need panties, chink whores keep their cunts right there and ready all the time, you know? And you’re a chink whore. Aren’t you, Miss Li?”

“Damn you,” Julie said.

“Come on, teacher. You are, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Julie Li said. “I suppose I am.”

Say it in Chinese, bitch!”




Sean burst out in laughter, though he didn’t understand that last few words Miss Li uttered. He never cared about his Chinese language class much.

“You don’t need panties anymore. So don’t wear them to school any more, okay,teacher?”

She looked at him, startled. “But–“

“No buts. That’s an order.”

“You think you can–“

“Yeah, I do. And so do you. Don’t you, you nasty chink whore?”

She closed her eyes. “You bastard.”

“You gotta stop that, too. Tell you what, just for that I want you to stop wearing bras too.”

Her eyes opened. Wide. “I–I can’t…please…I can’t….”

“You can. You will. Chink cunt whore teacher from China.”

Julie Li moaned.

“Get the fuck out of here now, slope head. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


She wore a full, loosely cut blouse the next day, hoping that it would make her unbound breasts less obvious, and she tried not to move in a way that would make them sway or bounce too conspicuously. Still she was self-conscious all day, and she thought she saw some of the students looking at her strangely, but she couldn’t be sure. During her last class she avoided Sean’s eyes. But she knew he was looking, and there was moisture in her loins. Her naked loins.

He stayed on after class, of course. Vaguely she thought that they would have to be careful, his staying after class every day was going to look suspicious, if it didn’t already. But it was a half-thought, overwhelmed by the pounding turmoil of her fear and desire as he came down to the front of the room.

“You naked under there, teacher?” he said.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Show me.”

She took off her blouse. Then the skirt.

“Good little Asian whore, aren’t you?” He said. “Could hardly tell with that big loose shirt there. Tomorrow wear something tighter, okay?”

“Sean. . . “

“And a shorter skirt, too. Show those sexy whore legs.”

“Sean, listen. . . “

“What?” He reached for her breasts.

She tried to speak calmly. “Listen to me, Sean, all right? If–if people find out–if they see–if this gets around, you understand? I’ll be fired. Or worse. My husband finds out. And we won’t be able to do this any more. You have to understand this, Sean. Please.”

“Suck my dick,” he said.

She wasn’t sure whether this was a command, or simply his way of responding to what she was saying. It didn’t matter. Her knees went weak, and she sank down to kneel in front of him. He let her unzip his fly and pull out his stiffening cock. Her mouth opened to take it in, but he stopped her.

“Rub it over your face,” he said.

With a small gasp she leaned forward to put her lips against his hard Aryan manhood. Then, holding it with one hand, she slid it over her face, over her cheeks, her forehead, her chin, over her eyes. His pre-come left a thin trail of slime on her skin. She rubbed her neck with him, then her face again, rubbing it all over and panting slightly, until he told her to stop. “Suck it, Miss Li,” he said. “Suck me off, chink teacher bitch, and when I come I want you to take it all over your gook face. You got that, you Asian whore?”

She made a small moaning sound and swiftly took him into her wide-open mouth. She loved the way she degraded her, degraded her race. She dervied immense pleasure from the way he talked down to her, putting her in her place. He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her away from him, pulling her head back sharply and making her cry out with pain. Holding her that way, he spoke above her anguished whimpers. “I asked you a question, chink. You answer me when I ask you a question, you stupid slut bitch. Now answer!” And he jerked her head back even further, making her scream.

“Yes, Sean!” she gasped, tears of pain running down her face. “Yes, I’ve got it, yes!”

“Good.” He released her hair then, and immediately she put her moaning mouth on him again, taking him as deep as she could. As she sucked him, sobbing and whimpering, he told her she was a piece of dumb fuck asian cunt, a yellow whore and a sick, dog-eating shit-licking slope. Over and over he told her those things, and more, and his words only made her devour him more eagerly, to pleasure him with more avidity and skill. And when he was ready to come she slid her mouth off his cock and held it close to her face as it spurted out great ribbons of cum, which splashed onto her skin, onto her cheeks and her eyes and her mouth and up her nose and into her hair. And when finally the spurts dribbled off, she rubbed the tip of it over her lips, milking out the last drops with her hand, taking it all on her face. White man’s semen has beautifying affect on an Asian woman’s face, the thought of it made Julie Li happy.

“You look good that way, teach,” Sean said, grinning at her. “Too bad the whole class can’t see you that way.”

“Sean. . . “

“Tomorrow, bitch,” he said. “Something tight on top. And a short skirt. And still no underwear. You got that?”

“Yes, Sean,” she said.


“I’ve done it again,” Julie Li said. “I’ve ruined myself all over again. I’m going to get fired, Michael. I might even get arrested. Even if I’m not arrested, I will have to move again. I knew it would happen, Michael. I knew it going in. But I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop myself. Just like always.”

“Who is it this time?” Michael Chen asked.

“Oh Christ. A student. A nineteen year old freshmen. In one of my Chinese language classes. A spoiled white boy, and a cretin, for god’s sake, a goddamn dumb kid, and I don’t know what it is, Michael, I swear, I look in his eyes and I’m lost. Because he’s got that thing in him, damn it, that thing, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but he’s got it, and he knows, and I can’t stop myself. Jesus, damn it, Michael, why?”

“I don’t know,” Michael said. “Why don’t I have it? Whatever the hell it is.”

She smiled at him, in spite of everything. “Because you’re a nice Asian guy, Michael. You’re a good guy. You’re sweet and gentle and kind and everything that a good Asian guy should be. And any normal fucking woman would be lucky as hell to have you. So why for god’s sake don’t you go out and find one?”

“Because I only want you,” Michael said.

“Then you’re as crazy as I am.”

“Only not in the right way,” Michael said.

“No,” Julie said. “Not in the right way. God, I wish you were.”

“Yeah,” Michael said flatly. Then he said, “So what are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do? I’m going to go on being his fucking slave, and I’m going to go on giving him everything he wants, and I’m going to do everything he tells me to do, until he ruins me. That’s what I’m going to do, Michael. And not even God can help me.”


The next day she wore a pullover top that clung to her breasts and clearly outlined her nipples. She had tried on several shirts and blouses, but without a bra, those that were tight enough looked even more lascivious than the pullover. She also wore her shortest skirt, which came to the middle of her thighs. She had not worn it for years, and would never have worn it to work. If not for Sean.

This time there was no doubt about how the students were looking at her. Most of the students stared openly, and a couple of them even made remarks about how good she looked. The girls looked too, and whispered gigglingly to each other. She taught her classes in an agony of self-conscious embarrassment. Again she did her best to avoid making her breasts jiggle, and she had to be very careful when she sat down.

But it wasn’t only the students. Her fellow teachers quite obviously took notice. There were raised eyebrows and a few shocked faces among the female faculty, and as for the men–well, their reactions weren’t much different from the male students. Men are men.

During her last class she avoided Sean’s eyes. But the knowledge that he was watching her shame herself at his bidding made her nipples hard, as was made quite evident by her tightly clinging top, and the male students stared harder than ever.

When that class was over and Sean, as usual stayed behind, he didn’t move from his seat. He simply unzipped his pants and took out his large stiff white cock. “Come and get it, teach, ni hao ma, gook?” he said, grinning.

She knew he wanted her to crawl again, so she did. In her skimpy outfit, again soiling her bare knees and her hands on the dirty floor. She reached him and opened her mouth, but he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back forcefully, so that she was looking up at him. She cried out with the pain in her scalp. He only pulled harder, still grinning.

“You like that, don’t you, chink teacher. You like what I’m doing to you.” He yanked her head further back. She gave another cry. “Don’t you, cunt?” he demanded.

“You…you know I do,” she gasped. “You know I can’t help it. You…you rotten…AAAHHH!”

He had reached down with his free hand and pinched a nipple hard through her top. “Don’t be nasty, Miss Li,” he grated. “That makes me feel bad. Besides, you like it that I’m rotten. Don’t you, you cock-sucking, pain-loving, crawling little yellow whore?”

She moaned thinly, partly from the pain and partly in reaction to his words. “Yes,” she gasped helplessly. “Yes…”

“Damn right. Now listen, teacher cunt. My roommates are gonna be away this weekend. I want you to come to my place. We’ll have a couple of days together. Come over Saturday morning around ten. Okay, teach?”

“Sean…I don’t think…listen…that’s not a good…”

Again he pinched her nipple, pulling harder on her hair. She shrieked loudly, her body twisting. Then he bent down, his hand suddenly leaving her nipple and diving under her skirt, probing roughly between her legs.

“You’re wet, teacher.” He brought his hand out and rubbed his fingers over her face, smearing some of her vaginal juices across her lips. “God, you really do love this, you twisted chink bitch. Yeah, Saturday at ten. And wear this outfit, I like it. Only wear some nice high heels with it, okay? You got that, Miss Li?”

She closed her eyes. “Yes,” she breathed. “Yes, Sean.”

“Okay.” He released her hair. “Now suck me off and let me get out of here.”

Which she did.


He lived in an apartment building a couple of miles from the local college. She was there at five minutes to ten. As he had stipulated, she wore the same outfit, plus high-heeled shoes, which made her legs seem more exposed than ever. She drove there, praying that she wouldn’t see anyone she knew. She took the elevator to his floor, found the apartment door and rang the bell. She was breathing a little faster than usual, and she felt shaky.

Sean opened the door and looked her up and down, grinning. “Right on time, Miss Li. Looking good there. Real sexy. I like those heels, teach.”

“Thank you,” she said absurdly. She waited for him to move aside and let her in. But he didn’t.

“What do you want, teacher?” he said.

“What? What do I–Sean, you–you told me to come here.”

“Yeah, I know. And you came. So what do you want?”

“I–I don’t know what you mean.”

“Sure you do. You want my dick. Right, teacher slut?”

“Sean…” She looked around fearfully. There was no one in the hall, but there were several other apartments on that floor.

“You want to suck my dick, right, Miss Li?”

“Sean…let me in…someone might…”

“Tell me that, teacher. Tell me you want to suck my dick.”

“Sean, please…”

“Tell me!” he said in a louder voice.

“All right!” she said hastily. She glanced around again, then said, nearly whispering, “I want to suck your dick.”

“I can’t hear you, teach.”

She gave a low whimper. “I want to suck your dick,” she said in a normal tone, though her voice was shaking. “Please let me in, Seah, before someone–“

“Not yet,” Sean said. “Take your clothes off first.”

She stared at him, stricken. He just looked back at her.

“Here?” she choked out. Her knees felt weak. Again she looked around wildly. “Sean, I can’t. Not like this. What if somebody comes out, or–“

Sean closed the door in her face.

She stood there.

The door stayed closed.

Go home, she told herself. Turn around, go home, get away from this. Get

your life back.

She rang the bell.

When Sean opened the door, she took off her pullover. There were tears

in her eyes.

He held out his hand for the garment and she gave it to him. Then she took off her skirt. He took that too.

“You can leave the shoes on,” he said. “Okay, teacher. Now you can suck my cock.” He pulled down his zipper and took it out.

Her head swam. She was shaking from head to foot. With an effort she kept herself from looking around again. What was the use? There in the hallway, in front of Sean’s door, naked but for her shoes, she sank to her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

“Good teacher bitch. Now say something in Chinese. Teach me your language while you suck my dick.” Sean said.

好吃!“ She said as she continued to suck him with tears running down her face until he pulled away.

“That’s enough for now,” he said. He stood back, swinging the door open. “Okay, teacher slut. Crawl in.”

She did so. Once inside, at his direction, she crawled down a short hall, then turned right, into his living room. There she stopped short and screamed in shock and horror.

There was another man sitting there.

Immediately, instinctively, she rolled onto her side and curled herself into a ball, hiding herself with her hands as best she could. She had recognized him at once, a student in the same class as Sean. She felt herself unable to breathe.

“What’s wrong, teach?” Sean said mockingly. She hated him at that moment more than she had ever hated anybody. “You know Jack. He’s in our class. I thought I’d invite him over, just to liven things up a little. you know? Besides, he doesn’t get much, so I figure it’s like a good deed, you know?”

“Holy shit!” Jack said. He was a skinny, pimply white guy with unkempt hair. “Jesus, you weren’t kidding! Miss Li herself! Oh Christ! Look at that!”

“Sean–” She couldn’t look at either of them. She kept herself in a tight ball, though she knew she was still partially exposed. More than that, she knew, despairingly, that she could not hide herself for long. That if this was what Sean wanted, this was how it would be. “Sean, you bastard!” she choked. “How could you do this? Don’t you see how stupid you are? Oh dear god…” The tears came again, but she bit her lip to keep herself from sobbing.

“Don’t be like that, teacher cunt,” Sean said. He was standing over her now, and he crouched down and took a handful of her hair in his fist, tugging slightly. His cock, still poking stiffly out of his fly, was above her face. He pulled her to him. “Show Jack what a good little cock-sucker you are, Miss Li,” he said, twisting her hair. “Show him how a little Chinese teacher whore eats dick.” He shoved his cock in her mouth and she took it in, whimpering. The sobs came now, but still she sucked him, egged on by his hand in her hair, and by his words, and by the utter shame and degradation that made her want to die, and yet at the same time made her feel more alive than anything else in the world. She hated Sean, and she hated herself, and she hated the wide-eyed guy who was panting and squirming as he watched her doing this, and she did it until Sean shot down her throat and she swallowed it all and Sean let her go and she fell back, crying.

“See?” she heard Sean say. “The crazy bitch will do whatever I want. She can’t get enough of it.”

“Oh my Christ!” Jack said. “Oh, goddamn, this is fantastic! I can have her too, right? You said I could have some, right?”

“Yeah,” Sean said. “Miss Li is gonna be real nice to both of us, because we are white, of course. Don’t you, Miss Li?”

“Sean…” she gasped.

“Hey, teacher, don’t stay all curled up like that,” Sean said. “Jack wants to get a good look at you. Come on, stand up and let him see.”


“Get the hell up!” Sean said, his voice harder now. “Fucking sick gook twat. Get on your fucking feet. Now!”

It was no use. He was drunk with the power he had over her, which she could do nothing about, and he would use it to the limit, even if it meant destroying the source of that power. Slowly, achingly, she straightened her body, and she heard Jack take in his breath with a hiss as more of her

nakedness was exposed. With some awkwardness, she rolled onto her knees and then got to her feet, standing nude before him.

“She’s something, isn’t she?” Sean said as Jack stared at her open-mouthed. “Okay, chinky. Tell Jack you’re going to suck his cock for him.”

She closed her eyes, then opened them again. Her throat was tight. She forced herself to take a breath, blinking away the last of her tears. “I’m—I’m going to suck your cock for you,” she quavered.

“And fuck him too, teacher,” Sean said. “Tell him you’re going to fuck him too.”

She swallowed. “And fuck you too,” she breathed.

“Yeah. In fact, he can do anything he wants with you, right, teach? Just like me. Tell him that. Go on.”

Again she took a breath. Her breasts lifted, and she saw Jack’s eyes devouring them. “You…can do anything you want with me,” she whispered.

“Damn right,” Sean said. “Now show him, you sick little Asian whore. Show him good.”

Julie Li’s eyes were glazed, and she was unaware of the little whining sound she made as she moved closer to where Jack was sitting, and as she got down on her knees and opened his trousers and took his stiffly straining cock into her mouth.


They fucked her all day long, and into the next day. They were young and resilient, and Julie Li’s sensuous Asian body, her obedience and docility, and her passion when aroused by the pain and degradation to which they subjected her, kept them stimulated and inspired. They fucked her singly and together. Many times she fucked one of them while pleasuring the other with her mouth. Jack, while not a virgin but only 19 years old, had had limited experience, and this was his introduction into the joys of ass-fucking. It was also his first experience with physically punishing an Asian woman, and he soon discovered that he enjoyed it greatly. Beating his chink teacher with a strap after having sex with her was an activity that made him ready again, time after time. It revived Julie too, although Sean had to muffle her screams, which he did by stuffing her pullover into her mouth, or else by filling it with his cock.

When they got hungry they had her cook for them, and while they ate at the table they kept her on her hands and knees, throwing scraps onto the floor for her to scarf up. To wash them down, they gave her their urine, which they had collected in a large glass. She cried as she drank it down, but she drank it all as they watched. They did this several times during the day and night, and finally, when they were all completely exhausted and it was time for Jack and Julie to leave, they put her in the bathtub and pissed on her as a parting gesture, both of them emptying their bladders all over her face and body. She begged Sean to let her take a shower after that, but he refused. She put on her

pullover and skirt and went home, dripping and stinking of piss. As she left, Sean told her that he was thinking of bringing in some of the other guys in the class next time. Maybe even all of them. “What the hell,” Sean said. “The more the merrier, right, teacher slut?”


After he had whipped her and fucked her ass and had her clean him with her mouth, he slouched back in her chair, zipping himself up. “Okay,” he said. “If this whole thing is gonna blow up, then we might as well make the most of it while it lasts, right, Miss Li?”

Julie was sitting on the floor, cradling her head in her hands. “What–what do you mean?” she whispered.

“I mean we’re gonna go all out. Tomorrow. In class. We’re gonna let it all hang out, and show everybody what a sick crazy cunt you are. That’s what I mean, teacher.”

She looked up at him. “No,” she said. She was going to say more, but tears were suddenly flowing from her eyes. It didn’t matter. Nothing she could say would do any good.

“This is gonna be a blast,” Sean said.


Julie Li functioned in a daze throughout the next day. She could think of nothing but what was going to happen that afternoon, during her last class of the day. Sean’s class. At times the thought of it made her physically ill, so that she thought she would throw up. At one point she actually did throw up, though luckily she made it to the teachers’ lavatory in time. At other times the thought of what was coming caused her heart to pound and her crotch to get wet in spite of herself, and at these times her fear and self-loathing became almost overwhelming. She could still get out of this, she knew. But she also knew she wouldn’t. She would do whatever Sean wanted her to do. She was complicit in her own ruin.

But it didn’t happen. As the students filed into her classroom for the last period, Sean came up to her desk. “I changed my mind,” he told her. “Too many girls in this damn class. I gotta do something about that. I’ll talk to you after.”

She almost fainted with the feeling of relief that flooded over her. Even though she had to acknowledge to herself that part of her also felt a twinge of disappointment. And even though she knew the reprieve would be only temporary.

Sean stayed after class, of course. “We got an appointment, teach,” he smirked at her. “With old Croft. I set it up with him. He’s waiting for us now. Let’s go.”

Julie swallowed. “Are you–you mean we’re going to–“

“Yeah, you made the deal with him, right? Well, now’s the time to follow through. I told him we’d give him a show, all right, but I wanted him to do something for me too. And he’s gonna.”

“What–what do you mean?”

“He’s gonna set it up so the girls won’t be in class tomorrow. He’ll arrange something else for them to do. I don’t know what, that’s his problem. But tomorrow this class is gonna be all guys, teacher slut. And every one of them has been dreaming about getting a taste of your Asian body all term long. It’s gonna be something to see!”

Julie thought she might be sick again.

“Let’s go, teach,” Sean said again. “We don’t want to keep the principal waiting, do we? Poor guy probably hasn’t had a hard-on for ten years, but you’re gonna give him one today, all right. Come on.”

Her legs felt wobbly as they left the classroom and walked down the hall to Dr. Croft’s office. When they got there Sean looked around at the deserted hallway and told Julie to get down on all fours. When she hesitated he drew back his fist and, without warning, punched her in the pit of her stomach.

Shocked and stunned, she crumpled to the floor, struggling to take air into her lungs. The short skirt rode up to her hips as she writhed and flailed, hands clutching her stomach, mouth wide and gasping.

“Hands and knees,” Sean said, kicking her in the side. She rolled over and, finally managing to get a breath, somehow got herself up on all fours. She was moaning and panting heavily.

“That’s how he wants to see you,” Sean said. “Like a dog. Like the gook bitch you are.” He opened the office door. “Okay, crawl in, bitch.”

Slowly, painfully, she crawled. Through the door. Into the office. Where Dr. Croft was sitting behind his desk, staring at her.

“Well, here she is,” Sean said to him. “On all fours like the bitch she is. Okay, Doc. What do you want to see first?”

The principal’s voice was a strangled croak. “I want–um–As–as I told you, Mr. Conway–I want to see you…you and she…ah…”

“Fucking,” Sean said. “Yeah, I know. But which way, Doc? Straight on? From the rear? In the ass? You want her to suck me off? Or you want to see me whip her first? Anything you say, Doc. She’ll do it all, and she’ll love it. So what do you say? You want her to strip for you?”

After her first glance at his wide-eyed, staring face, Julie could not look at the principal. She kept her eyes on the floor. But she could hear him breathing now–panting, really. The vulgar, familiar tone Sean was taking with the head of the school enraged her. It was because of her he could do that. Because of his mastery over her, and Croft’s pitiful, weak little lust. She felt tears come to her eyes, but she did her best to blink them away. As she crouched there on her hands and knees, waiting to be used.

“I–yes,” Dr. Croft said chokingly. “I would–ah–like her to…to take off…”

“The doc wants you to strip for him, teach,” Sean said. “He wants to see you naked, just to start off with. So let’s go. Get up and get those clothes off.”

When she didn’t move quickly enough, Sean reached down, tangled his fingers in her hair, and pulled sharply. She came up, moaning, and finally stood in front of the principal’s desk, swaying slightly and still looking at the floor.

“Take it off, teacher slut.”

It didn’t take long, though to her it seemed to stretch out endlessly, as in a nightmare. With trembling hands she grasped the bottom of the snug top and pulled it off over her head. Then she unclasped and unzipped the skirt and let it fall. And that was it.

She heard Dr. Croft’s gasp. And then his panting, louder than before, and quicker. “There you go,” came Sean’s voice. “That oughta give you a hard-on, Doc, right?”

“I-I want–” Croft croaked. “I want to see–I want you to–“

“Yeah, okay,” Sean said. He reached down to his fly and unzipped himself. “Bend over the desk, teach. Spread your legs.”

And she did. Just as she had done for him again and again in her own classroom. Bending over the desk so that the edge of it cut into her waist. Bending all the way down, her breasts flattening against the hard surface, her face resting on Croft’s blotter. Her hands grasping the sides of the desk. Her rear end sticking out. And with her legs spread as far apart as she could manage. She heard Sean laugh softly. She heard Croft’s loud breathing. And she heard herself moan. In fear? In shame? In anticipation? Probably all those things.

Then she felt Sean’s hands on her. And then his cock. Taking her. Pushing into her ruthlessly, like a tank. Of course she was already wet. But still she had to gasp at the brutal invasion. And then he was battering her, plunging in and out like the cold heedless bastard he was, and she was moaning continually now, her body juddering with each hard thrust. And she was crying.

She heard the sound of a zipper in front of her. She knew what it meant. Croft was taking out his penis. Sean’s treatment must be working.

Now Sean withdrew from her and she felt his hands spreading her ass

cheeks. Oh god. He was going to–

She screamed as, with no preparatioin, he plunged up her ass. Her head came up from the desk and she yelled, and through her tears she caught a glimpse of Croft, his face twisted with lust, his hand moving at his crotch.

Her head sank down again, but through her pain–and her other emotions–she heard Croft’s voice. “No,” Croft choked out. “I–Look at me, Miss Li. I-I want to–I want to see your face…”

“You heard the man,” Sean said, and then his hand was in her hair and he was pulling her head back, bringing a squall of pain from her and forcing her to look up at the small white man in front of her, who was stroking himself frenziedly. His face was red, his mouth open, his chest heaving with his labored breathing.

Sean held her that way until he came inside her. Then he released her hair and her head fell onto the blotter with a thud. Her legs felt weak, and she clutched at the sides to keep herself from sliding off, moans and whimpers coming from her mouth. She knew he wasn’t finished.

“You want to see me whip her now?” Sean asked.

“I–” Croft’s voice was a strangled gasp. “I do…yes…but I…I want her to…I want–“

“I got it.” Sean’s hands now grasped her just below the hips, and with one strong motion he lifted her lower body and pushed her forward, until she was lying across the desk with her legs sticking out on one side and her head hanging off the other. “There,” Sean said. “Now she can suck you good, Doc. Just grab her hair and twist it if she gives you any trouble. But she won’t. Right,

teacher slut?”

She made a sound. It was a wordless, throaty sound, and again it meant many things. But one of the things it meant was no. She wouldn’t give him any trouble.

Croft moved up close to her, and his small but now very stiff cock was in front of her face. She opened her mouth for him and he put it in, giving a little cry as her lips closed around him. She heard Sean’s evil chuckle as she began to suck.

Croft’s hands did grasp her hair, but he didn’t pull or twist, just held onto it as if to steady himself as she sucked and licked at his cock. She didn’t think he could last very long. Of course Sean would expect her to swallow it. And she would. Of course. Or would he…

Then she froze for an instant as she heard the sound of Sean’s belt being removed. A sound she knew well. Oh god. He was going to whip her while she…

“Don’t bite him, teach,” Sean said, raising the belt. “You be careful now, ’cause if you bite him I’m gonna whip your tits off you, you got that, teacher bitch?”

She made a sound around Croft’s cock, and then another, louder, shriller, more agonized sound as the belt came down across her backside.

“Keep sucking, baby,” Sean said.

She kept sucking. Croft was making hoarse noises with each breath now, and she sucked him harder, trying to bring him off as quickly as possible. But Sean brought the belt down again and again, across her ass and her back and her thighs, and at each blow she cried out around the cock in her mouth, desperately fighting the urge to clamp her teeth around it in her agony.

And finally Croft came, shooting strongly but meagerly into her twisting mouth. Sean told her to swallow it, but she already had. Croft staggered back and collapsed into his chair, breathing like a bellows. Sean pulled her off the desk to her knees.

“Now me,” he said.

He was hard again from whipping her, and after she had sucked him off and swallowed his jism and cleaned him off with her tongue, he asked Croft if he wanted her again, but Croft, still breathing hard, shook his head. “I can’t,” he panted. “But I…but that was…it was…”

“Yeah,” Sean said. “But that’s nothing to what you’ll see tomorrow in class. You’re gonna be there, right, Doc?”

“Yes,” Dr. Croft said. “Yes, I…I am looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, so am I,” Sean said. “And so is she. Aren’t you, you sick little chink whore?”

Julie was still on her knees, her head bowed, naked, aching and exhausted.

“Yes, Sean,” she whispered.


She couldn’t sleep that night.

If she went into that classroom tomorrow, her life was over. It was as stark and as simple as that. There were sixteen guys in that class. There was no way they could all keep it to themselves. It would be all over the school by the next day. It would be public knowledge soon after. She would be ruined. She couldn’t just run away this time, it would be too big, it would follow her. She would probably have to go back to China. Surely she would never be able to stay in America again. She might as well kill herself. She would be killing herself.

She couldn’t do it. She must not do it.

Sixteen guys. Taking her. Sixteen sex-mad, lusting white guys. Making free with her Asian body. Doing whatever they wanted with her, egged on Sean’s ruthless example. Fucking her. Hurting her. Making her crawl for them, making her suck them, degrading her, using her mercilessly, on and on and…

Oh god. She was wet. Her nipples were throbbing. Her hands went between her legs and she heard herself moaning as she played with herself, thinking about it.

No. No, she couldn’t go through with it. She wouldn’t.

She had to.

It’s crazy, she told herself. It’s stupid. It’s suicide. I can’t.

I have to.


I can’t help myself.

I can. I must.

Sixteen guys. Sean urging them on. Dr. Croft watching. Her naked Asian body spread out on the filthy floor, all the white boys…




In the morning she was still arguing with herself. And still losing.

Don’t go in, she told herself as she put on her tight top. Call in sick, stay home today. Pulling on her short skirt. You don’t have to do this.

What’s the use? she thought. If not today, it will be another day. If I go away, it will happen someplace else. I can’t help it. I have to do it.

Try. For god’s sake, try. It’s your life!

If I could stop myself…

You can.

I can’t.



Then she thought of the handcuffs.

She had almost forgotten them. Left behind by an old boyfriend, before she met her current husband, a Chinese American man who worked in the IT industry. That old boyfriend was a white guy who had liked to play games with her. Her kind of games. Bondage, domination. Until she found that games weren’t enough. Games weren’t real.

This was real.

No. Try. Please try.

She found them at the bottom of a drawer. The key was still in one of the tiny keyholes. She looked around. The bed. She could cuff herself to the bed, to one of the vertical rails in the headboard. So she couldn’t get loose. Couldn’t go in to school. But…

Do it.

But she had to think rationally. How would she…

Michael Chen.

Oh, this was stupid. Who was she kidding? She was going to school, she was going to that last class, she had to.


Call Michael. Do something smart for once.

Hopefully he hadn’t left for work yet. She picked up the phone, started to dial. Then she hung up. She sat there holding the phone.

Then she took a long breath and punched in his number.


“Michael. Listen. I-I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I-I want you to come to my house later today. After work, okay?” That would be safely past school hours. “It’s important, Michael, I’ll–I’ll explain when you get here, okay?”

“Well okay, but what’s going on, Julie?”

“I–I’m going to–I have to–” But she couldn’t explain now. “I’ll tell you later, Michael Chen. Listen, I’ll put the front door key under the flowerpot outside, so you can just come on in, okay?”

“That sounds very mysterious,” Michael said. “What about your husband Dong Li? Is he going to be there? I don’t want him to misunderstand”

“Yes, but–Oh Christ, Michael, don’t ask me now, I can’t–Just please be

sure to come around, okay?”

“I will. But Julie, are you all right? You sound–“

“I’m fine,” she said. “Thank you, Michael.” And she hung up.

Okay. She could do it now. Michael Chen would be around to release her in the evening, before her husband came back from work, and until then she could just lie there. She would be okay. And she

would be saving her life.

But what about tomorrow?

Never mind that. If she could just get through today. Stay away from that class. It might give her strength to break out of this–this thing.


Just get through today.

She tried not to think about the class as she methodically did what she had to do. First placing the door key under the flowerpot, so Michael could get in. Then taking the key to the handcuffs and, after making sure both cuffs were open, laying it carefully on a table in the bedroom. Then picking up the handcuffs and taking them to the bed. Not thinking about the class. About the white boys who would be waiting for her. About the things they would make her do. Lying down on the bed. Stretching her hands over her head, through the bars of the headboard. One hand holding the cuffs.

Do you really want to do this?

It’s the only way.

But Sean. The class. The white boys are waiting.

The only thing that saved her was the feel of the hard metal cuff as she placed it around her left wrist. There was something about it that gave her a tingle somewhere in her mind. Quickly then, she closed it around her wrist, hearing the finality of the click-click as it embraced her flesh. She closed it as tightly as she could.

It felt good. Cold. Hard. Unforgiving.

But the class. Sean. She could still–

No. Decisively, she put the free cuff around her other wrist, clicked it closed. Tightly.

Now she couldn’t get away.

She could only lie there with her arms stretched over her head. The position was not uncomfortable, but the cuffs were a little tight. Well, she had seen to that. And there was something good about that tightness, something compelling in the grip of the hard cold steel against her flesh. Experimentally she tried tugging on them, but the headboard rail was thick and solid, and the

cuffs were far too snug to let her slip out. Well, that was the plan. No matter how much she might want to, she wouldn’t be able to get to that class.

But what about tomorrow?

One day at a time, she told herself. Isn’t that what they tell people trying to break their addictions? One day at a time. If she could keep herself away today, maybe she could be strong enough to stop–

Bullshit, she thought. As Sean would say. And Sean … oh god, what would he do? He would be so angry … He would …

Suddenly, thinking of what he might do, her nipples were hard and she was moist between her legs. Oh, Jesus, she thought. It’s hopeless. I’m hopeless. What am I going to do? Again she tugged reflexively at the tight handcuffs, and their unrelenting grasp only made her hotter. She squeezed her legs together, rubbing them against each other. She could almost come, just thinking about

Sean…and the class…and all the white boys in that class …

Stop it! she told herself. Oh god, why? Why?

Lying there, she began to cry.

When she stopped crying she just lay there with her eyes closed, trying not to think. Trying not to feel what she felt. And after a while she fell asleep.

She was awakened by the sound of the doorbell. Startled, she tried to sit up, and was jerked back by the handcuffs. Oh god, she thought. Who could that be? Someone from school maybe, sent out to see why she hadn’t shown up? No, they would have called first. Probably just a salesman or something. They’ll go away when there’s no answer.

Then there was the sound of a key in the lock.

Michael Chen! It had to be. But– She glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was only one-thirty. Oh Christ, why was he–

She heard the front door open, and then his voice. “Julie?”

Damn him. But there was nothing she could do about it now. “I’m in here, Michael,” she called.

His footsteps approaching the bedroom, his voice coming closer. “You sounded so damn strange on the phone I figured I’d come over on my lunch hour and see what–” He stopped, and his eyes went wide as he appeared in the doorway. “Jesus Christ! What the hell–“

“It’s all right, Michael,” she said as he rushed over to her. “I was just–“

“My god, Julie, who did this to you?” He was fumbling with the handcuffs

now, pulling at them ineffectually. “Did they–are you–“

“I’m fine, Michael, listen to me,” she said firmly. He straightened up and stared down at her, and she suddenly became conscious of how she looked. She was still wearing the skimpy outfit she had put on that morning. The tiny skirt was almost around her hips, showing all of her legs and more, and the tight pullover was stretched over her bra-less breasts by the position of her arms. She was somewhat embarrassed by her exposure, but that was the least of her worries. “Damn it, Michael, you were supposed to come after work,” she muttered.

“I couldn’t wait, I wanted to see if you were all right. What the hell is going on, Julie? Who did this?”

“I did it,” she told him. “I was trying–I wanted to–Oh Christ.”

And she told him the story. He already knew about Sean, of course, but since their first conversation about him she had kept most of the details to herself. Now she told him about the class, and what Sean had in mind for her, and how she had decided to keep herself from going in. “But Christ, what’s the use, Michael?” she said then. “I still want to go. I can’t help it, I can’t control it. If I don’t today, I will tomorrow. It’s no use, it’s hopeless. You might as well let me go right now. Just take these things off me and let me go. The key is on the table over there.”

“No, Julie,” Michael said. “For god’s sake, this is so wrong! You are cheating on your husband, you are ruining your life. Why? Look, this is good, what you did, you’re trying to fight it, to save yourself, and you can. I’ll help you. I’ll stay with you, until your husband comes back, all right? We’ll do it together.”

“Come on, Michael, that’s crap,” she said impatiently. “This thing isn’t going to go away. And I can’t stay here forever. I have a job to go to, and so do you for that matter. This was a bad idea. Just please get the key and let me go.”

“I’m not going to let you do this to yourself, Julie,” Michael Chen said firmly. “We are both Chinese. We have to look after each other. Those white boys are taking advantage of you. And that’s all there is to it. I’ll call my office and tell them I won’t be back today. And we’ll call the cops together.”

“No!” she said defiantly, and instantly regretted it. If he took the cuffs off she might be able to get out, even with him here. But if she said yes now, he would see through her. Being Asian, Michael Chen was too damn smart.

Michael sighed. “All right, then we’ll have to keep you this way. I can’t fight you physically.” He looked down at her body and kind of blushed. “Here, let’s cover you up.” He drew a blanket over her up to her chin. “Are you comfortable?” he asked then. “Can I–do you want something to eat, or–“

A plan was forming in her mind. The longer she lay there like that, the stronger was her desire–her need, her compulsion–to keep her appointment with Sean, to get to that class and whatever awaited her there. She had to. If she could get out of these cuffs…if she could get Michael to…

“What’s the matter, Michael?” she said in a softer tone. “You don’t want to look at my body? I always thought you liked it.”

“What?” Michael said.

“You do, don’t you?” Julie said. “You’ve always said you wanted me. You weren’t just saying that, were you, Michael?”

“I–What–Of course not. I am a good friend with your husband Dong.” Michael said. “I can’t possibly–“

“Then why cover me up?” Julie said. “It’s not cold in here. Take the blanket off.” When he made no move, she kicked at the blanket, pulling it down with her toes, thrashing her legs until she had kicked it off onto the floor. The effort pulled her wrists harder against the cuffs, abrading them slightly. She was panting a little, her nipples moving up and down under the tight top, and the skirt had risen even higher, exposing a bit of pubic hair. Michael reached for the blanket to put it back on her, but she said, “No!” so sharply that he stopped.

“Look at me, Michael,” she panted. “Take a good look. Or are you afraid it will excite you too much?”

“What is this, Julie?” he demanded. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think? I’m excited too, Michael. If I’m not going to go to Sean I–I need something. I need somebody. You always wanted me, Michael. Well, now’s your chance.”

Michael was deliberately not looking at her. “Come on, Julie,” he said, a little hoarsely. “I can’t disrespect your husband, I can’t take advantage of your–“

“Look at me, damn it!” Julie moaned, and when he did she arched her straining body from the bed, turning it toward him as best she could. “Please, Michael,” she said imploringly. “I want you. I need you. Please.”

Michael licked his lips. “It-it’s not me you want, Julie,” he husked. But his eyes did not leave her now. “We have to be strong, both of us. If we can–“

Deliberately she raised her knees and parted them, spreading her legs apart, letting him see what was between them. He gave a little gasp. “Come here, Michael Chen,” she whispered. “Come over here. Please.”

“No,” Michael said. But he moved toward her anyway, as if propelled by an invisible force. “Julie, god, we can’t–“

“Yes we can,” she breathed. “You said you wanted to help me, Michael. Well, you can. I’m so hot, Michael. Help me out. Take me.”

“Not like this,” Michael said. “For god’s sake, Julie. This is–“

“Kiss me, Michael,” Julie pleaded. “Just kiss me. Please. I know you love me, Michael, and I could love you too, I know I could. It’s just this sickness of mine, and you can help me with it, Michael, just like you said. Help me by loving me now. Please. Please, I’m begging you, Michael. Please love me.”

“Julie…” He sank down to sit on the side of the bed, as though his legs could no longer hold him. “I do love you, Julie,” he said hoarsely. “You know I do. But I–your husband”

“Screw him. Kiss me, Michael.” She shifted her body again, rubbing his thigh with hers. “Please kiss me.”

He made a sound in his throat as he bent to her. She raised her face to him, and their lips met.

She put everything she had into that kiss. She made it sweet and sexy at once. She pressed her lips to his with loving fervor, and she moaned against his mouth, and then her mouth opened and their breath mingled, and then her tongue poked out, tentatively at first, meeting his, and then more boldly. She ran her tongue slowly over his lips and then slid it into his mouth, probing it, and

then she withdrew it and took his tongue into her own mouth. Their tongues slid against each other, their lips nibbling, demanding, devouring, and when their mouths parted they were both breathing hard.

“Julie Li, for Christ–” Michael panted. His hands had not touched her during the kiss, but that had taken an effort, she knew. She saw that they were trembling now.

“Touch me, Michael,” she said breathelessly. “Take me. Come on. You want it, I want it. Take me. Fuck me, Michael Chen. Yes. Fuck me, damn it. Fuck this chink pussy!”

“Watch your language, miss!” he groaned. “Oh god, Christ knows I want you,, but not like this. Not…not helpless like this, and…and your hands…”

“Then let me loose,” she whispered. “Unlock the cuffs and I won’t be helpless any more. And I’ll be yours, Michael. All yours.”

He was lost. Her heart gave a great leap as he rose and went to the table to get the little key. He was going to let her loose! But he wouldn’t just let her go, she knew that. He was stronger than she was, she would have to trick him. She would have to give him what she promised first. But that was all right. She really was aroused, very aroused, from the restraint of the handcuffs, from

thinking about Sean and the class…there would still be time to get to that class, if she could only…

Michael was bending over her now, fitting the key in the hole at the base of one of the cuffs. He turned it, the cuff snapped open and one wrist was free. She didn’t wait for him to do the other one, but brought her arms down immediately, reaching for him and pulling him down on top of her. Her mouth found his again, and with one hand she reached between them and hastily pulled

down his zipper.

“Julie…Julie, god…” His hands were on her now, pushing up her top, finding her breasts. She shifted beneath him as she pulled his cock free, getting into position, arching to him, guiding him to her. “Wait, wait,” he gasped. “Let me…”

But she didn’t wait. She was very moist, and once she had him there he slid quickly inside her with a great groan. Immediately she wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him to her, and began to move strongly and rhythmically, her hips pumping up and down. “Yes, Michael,” she panted in his ear. “Yes, do it, Michael, oh yes…” Squirming against his fully clothed body, tonguing his ear, kissing his face, his mouth, moving harder, clutching at him. He was gasping and moaning and she knew he wouldn’t last long. Sean, she thought. Sean… And then she was coming, crying out as her body spasmed. It took Michael over the brink, and she held onto him as he spurted inside her,

moaning loudly.

Breathing hard, he collapsed on top of her. “God, Julie, I…I’m sorry, Dong. I didn’t mean to” he panted. “I didn’t…I wanted it to be…”

“It’s all right, Michael,” she murmured. “It was good. It was fine. Really.”

“Next time will be better,” he promised. “When we can…get our clothes off and…and do it right…”

“Yes, darling,” she murmured. “We have plenty of time.” She kissed him softly. Then she said, “Oh god, Michael, I’m–I’m really thirsty. Could you–would you get me some water or something?”

“Of course,” Michael said. He got up then, hastily adjusting himself, and with a tentative smile left the room.

As soon as she heard him moving around in the kitchen, Julie leaped from the bed, swiftly pulling her top down over her breasts and smoothing out the tiny skirt as well as she could as she moved to the bedroom door. There was no time even to put on her shoes, and they would make too much noise anyway. Quickly and quietly she made her way to the front door, frantically grabbing her car keys from her purse as she passed the hall table. Then she was out the door and headed for her car at the curb. One cuff was still locked around her left wrist, the other one, which Michael Chen had unlocked, hanging from the little chain, gaping open. The key was back there, she couldn’t do anything about that now. As she got behind the wheel and started the engine, she saw Michael come out of her house. He was shouting and running for the car, but she pulled out with a squeal of rubber and drove away, going too fast for safety but leaving him behind.

She could still make it, she thought, glancing at the clock on the dashboard. If she hurried. There was just time. The last class. Would they have gotten another teacher, a substitute, when she didn’t show up that morning? God please no. But Dr. Croft had planned to attend this class, he would probably take it over. She was driving fast, and there were tears in her eyes, blurring her vision. Don’t let me have an accident, she prayed. I have to get there. Tears, why? But she knew. The handcuffs dangled from her wrist like a piece of obscene jewelry. Poor Michael.

Poor me.

She got to the school and parked haphazardly in a no-parking zone right in front. She didn’t bother to take her car keys, she had no place to put them anyway. Rushing into the building, the ground rough on her bare feet. Oh god, it was time, it was after time. Rushing through the halls to her classroom, she was aware of people staring at her in astonishment and shock. Gaping at her

scanty, wrinkled outfit, her bare feet, the hanging cuffs, the tears running down her face.

The classroom door was closed. She stopped outside it, panting with exertion. And with fright. And excitement.

But she didn’t open the door.

She could still save herself.

She could hear the students inside the room. Loud voices, talking, shouting, arguing. Masculine voices.

Then she heard Sean’s voice above the others. “She’ll be here, I’m telling you!” he was saying. “She’ll be here any minute, I know she will! She can’t stay away. The fucking chink bitch does everything I tell her! She’ll be crawling for all of us. So just settle down, you guys, this is gonna be a ball!”

Julie heard herself whimpering.

No, she thought. I can still go. I don’t have to do this. Just turn around and leave. Go back to China. Start over.


But she couldn’t move.

Bowing her head as if in defeat, she caught sight of the handcuffs again, one clutching her wrist, one hanging open. Slowly then, she moved both her hands behind her. Holding the open cuff with her left hand, she put her right wrist into it, then pushed it closed. All the way, as tightly as she

could. So that her arms were fastened behind her back.

She had to turn halfway around before she could get hold of the doorknob and turn it with one cuffed hand.

Then she opened the door and went in.


A Good Asian Wife

A white American businessman’s submissive Asian wife is methodically transformed into a pet dog by her step son, with the full knowledge and consent of the dominant boy’s dad. She is trained, subjugated, and dehumanized by her sadistic master. Subsequently he takes full and legal ownership of her on her husband’s untimely death. This is her true story.

Chapter 1

My white stepson takes ownership of me

“Come on, dad. You know as well as I do that your Asian wife is only cock meat to you. You still love mum. Your new wife from China is just a piece of yellow cunt. You enjoy showing her off in public to impress your business clients. You know your clients love seeing her on your arm, you know they enjoy ogling her big juicy tits and flirting with her.”

“Dad, I’m nineteen and I need a fuck badly and all I’m saying is I want to dip my cock into your sexy asian wife as my first fuck. I want my asian step-mom to be my first piece of cunt. None of the girls at school are ready to fuck. They are all stuck up white girls, but your wife is different. She worships your white cock. I have a white cock too, so I figured, I could ride your wife to clock-up my first cunt. Well it’s an asian but it still counts, right? Go ahead Dad, it is really quite harmless what I’m suggesting to you. She’s just a yellow cum dump. She’s not even human like a white woman. She is a yellow slave and you know it. From Hong Kong or somewhere, wherever you found her. And I know she is hot for me. I have seen the way she looks at me, at my bulging crotch. She will suck and fuck any white guy. I know this but I just need you to agree. Come on, Dad. I know she is only an ornament for you, a piece of fruit, a cheap made-in-China fucktoy. I know you don’t love her and I know you don’t even ride her regularly anymore.

“Dad, you know what it’s like at my age. My balls are bursting. I need a cow, a cum dump. Let me use your sexy gook wife. Be a pal, let me ride her, let me ream the slut’s slanted cunt, mouth and ass.”

Jack’s father smiled and looked at his son. He was very proud of his son, and really pleased that Jack was so open and honest in articulating his needs. Dan realized that Jack was a young man who knows how to get what he wants in life. He realized this because his son is a pure white son from a white mother. Dan was delighted at this, as proud and pleased as a father could possibly be. His son, Jack, was very like his first wife, a white woman, who had given birth to a real man, unlike those pathetic yellow women who gave births to wimp half asian mongrel sons. Dan’s first wife had been highly assertive, and strong-minded, qualities which Dan himself enjoyed and needed in a woman. His new wife, an asian woman, was indeed only a piece of fruit for Dan. Yes, his son was absolutely right about Chink, his sexy young Asian wife.

Dan had started dating Chink four years ago and married her very quickly after his wife died. Chink was still young, her 27th birthday was coming this October.

“Jack, Chink is my wife, but you are right. She is only a plaything to me, a cum dump as you call it. I still love your mother, a white woman of pure European stock, bless her soul. But like any man, I need a cum dump in my life, and that is what this yellow cunt is, a sexy, voluptuous yellow cum dump. And I certainly understand your needs, son. You need to fuck an asian female, just like every white man. You need it badly, but you also have to realize she’s just a gook, she is not good for passing down your white genes, she is only to be used as a cum dump, nothing more. So yes, Jack, go ahead. Go ahead, son, use her. Ride her as much as you want. But don’t tell her I gave you permission. Fuck the gook cow, but don’t let it know I allowed you. OK?”

“Thanks, Dad. You are a pal, a real buddy. Thanks. I’ll start riding the chink tomorrow when you leave for your business trip.”

“OK, son, do that. I am proud of your determination and clarity of purpose. Enjoy!”

This was a conversation which I had overheard two years ago. Jack, Dan’s son, my stepson, was still only in his teens. I had been standing at the top of the stairs, in the hallway in our home, ready to go down and join them, when I overheard them talking about me. Then I crept closer and listened intently. I was shocked and amazed at the content of their conversation. Hearing that conversation immediately changed my relationship to both of them in an instant. On hearing them talking, a switch immediately took place in me and I actually became Jack’s plaything, his toy, his piece of chink cunt, as he liked to say. And I in the same instant stopped being his father’s wife, partner. I was reduced to a whore!

I should have been appalled, angry, disgusted at the way two white men were talking about me, about Jack being allowed to, even being warmly invited to use me as his cum dump by his father. I should have been disgusted, even furious, but the reality was that I was deeply excited by their chat, excited to my core. I was totally turned on by the idea, by the way they talked about me as if I was a piece of meat, cock meat, as Jack had said. And yes, I had always found Jack attractive. I had only met him a year earlier, just a few months before his father Dan had asked me to marry him. Jack was completely different to his father. This white American teenager was very assertive, arrogant, and proudly dominant. And yes, I have always found him much more exciting than his father, who is gentle and not very demanding in bed. Jack has—ever since we first met—groped me very often, in fact at every opportunity, ignoring my complaints and attempts to push him away.

He has on hundreds of occasions felt my big tits and made really crude remarks to me. He has called me “Chink”, “Gook Cow”, “Cheap Slut”, “Asian Cum Dump”, and many other degrading things, so much so that he had nicknamed me “Chink”, which he casually used among his friends, with his father and even while talking to me. Occasionally I had complained to Dan about Jack’s attitude and behavior towards me, his asian stepmom. Dan has always told me not to bother him and that his son is just a normal healthy white man, growing up, and that he needs to be able to freely express himself, and that even includes feeling me up and abusing me from time to time. And this was my dilemma. I was in turmoil since I had met Jack. In fact I knew that I actually enjoyed Jack’s way of treating me. I got turned on incredibly by his manner with me. I realized that I really came alive, was happy and vibrant each time Jack visited his father at the weekend. The honest reality was that I actually craved Jack’s touch. I craved and adored of being humiliated by him.

I hardly slept a wink that night. After hearing their conversation, that Jack was going to fuck me the next day, knowing that Jack was intending to seduce me, or better said, dump his superior white cum in me, ride me—I was to be “reamed, used as an asian cumdump”, the following day by my husband’s son—I had not been getting enough sex at all from my husband Dan; Dan was approaching 60 and much more interested in his business than in me; in fact, Jack was right about his father; I knew Dan did not love me, which made me very sad, as my love for him was taken for granted by him … And yes, he liked to show me off to his clients. Like a piece of furniture, or a piece of yellow cunt, to use the language which Jack frequently used to describe me. I realized that both father and son must knew that I actually get very turned on when white men treat me like a cheap asian whore. It makes me so wet to be handled, talked to, and dealt with as if I am a piece of property, an object, owned by my white owners. I really adore being treated just as a piece of cheap asian meat. I have never actually told my husband this. But I am sure that he had noticed how excited I very often got when he took me to social events and deliberately put me into embarrassing situations where I had to stand beside him and listen to blatantly sexist and racist comments about me, as if I was some kind of cow. I remember on one occasion I got incredibly flushed and embarrassed at what one of Dan’s older business partners had said right to my face at a party: “I bet your asian cow loves having those juicy udders slapped hard, Dan. Let me have a go at her.” To my amazement Dan just laughed at this as I got deep red in the face, my head swimming after hearing this. All I could do was standing there awkwardly, blushing heavily, at a loss for words. And Dan simply answered in a white-man-to-white-man manner: “Yes indeed, those chink udders do get a good thrashing from time to time.” My vagina actually went into heavy spasms as Dan said this. I was speechless, dumbstruck, confused, embarrassed, and incredibly turned-on. And, to be honest, I actually wished that Dan would really thrash my “chink udders” more often. He had only ever done that two or three times since we had met, which was a great pity.

I knew I would offer no resistance to Jack fucking me. I had in the past very often been very unhappy with myself, torn between the strong need and wish to be dominated, controlled, and even abused and on the other hand scolding myself for being such a dirty woman for having these thoughts, wishes, cravings. But amazingly, as a result of hearing that conversation, between Jack and his father, about Jack’s needing to use me sexually, all my thoughts about this being right or wrong completely disappeared. Dan, Jack’s father and the man who until now had been the absolute male authority figure in my life, had approved of me becoming Jack’s slut. That made Jack’s behavior suddenly OK, acceptable, even right and appropriate in my mind. I knew my reaction was naïve. But still, my struggle with my conscience, my upbringing, my education and social values stopped. It was suddenly completely OK for me to be a cow, a lowly gook cow for Jack’s superior White Cock. Even more than that, it was expected by my white husband and his pure white son. My husband had given his permission, as I saw it. I felt a tremendous sense of relief at this. And a surge of raw excitement pulsed through my body in the recognition, knowing that Jack was about to take full advantage of me, as a submissive Asian female. I almost fainted at the thought. I felt dizzy, and extremely happy. My cunt spasmed and I orgasmed, without even touching myself. During the orgasm I had highly erotic visions of how Jack would make me live out my perverse, masochistic needs.

Jack and I first met when Dan’s wife was still alive then and I was his personal assistant at his company. Dan had invited me to a garden party at his home. Even then, Jack had squeezed my tits and slipped his hand up my skirt, feeling my pussy and pinching my cunt lips hard. For a teenage boy, he was very pushy. I knew Dan had no objection to Jack groping me, in fact I later discovered that Dan actively encouraged his son to feel me up. This explained Jack’s manner with me to a degree. And as Jack developed as a teenager, so did his outrageous treatment of me. When I became Dan’s second wife after his first wife’s death, things got much more intense. On many occasions, Jack had caused me to be highly embarrassed, extremely humiliated by his behavior. The strange thing was that I always secretly adored his way of treating me. I was always delighted when Jack was able to visit us, to get away for his boarding school, knowing full well that he would find ways of compromising me, embarrassing me and expertly humiliating me in front of everyone. Dan even told me a few times, right in the middle of situations where Jack was squeezing my big tits, or even fingering my cunt, that I should learn to accept his son’s advances. Dan always repeated: “Don’t resist now, be compliant and docile towards my son. He is a white man just like me, and as a chink, you should obey him. Be a good asian girl. Jack is a white boy. Let the white boy have his fun with you. It’s a White Man’s right to use you. He simply needs full access to you. It is simply part of his growing up, to have access to a female of your kind. And I know you enjoy it. So be docile, girl. Learn your place in the world. You are a chink. You ought to be honored to be touched up by my son.” This was the kind of thing Dan had been saying to me since I had met his son, Jack. But I never dreamed where all of this would finally lead to.

I got up on Sunday very early. My husband Dan was still fast asleep. He had fucked me the evening before, but it was a typical quickie, Dan then fell asleep minutes after he had emptied his balls into my eager slit. I was in so much need to talk to my husband about Jack and his intentions with me. I was willing to admit fully and to reveal that I was happy to become his son’s cum dump. I wanted to confess this to Dan, to simply admit it openly and honestly to him.

At 8:30 in the morning I had a long and soothing shower, my pussy tingling and my tits absolutely aching in anticipation of Jack, knowing he was going to, so to speak, seduce me today. I was ready to be his asian cum dump. More than that, I was desperate for it. I even fantasized about both of them fucking me at the same time.

I took a long time to decide what to wear. I chose a low cut white T-shirt and tight fitting sport shorts. I knew the T-shirt made it easy to see through my nipples. I knew that the blue sports shorts were so skin-tight that my cunt lips could be easily seen through them, camel-toe style. And I also wore my black, broad belt which I fastened very tightly round my waist to emphasize my curves. What I didn’t realize was that, by the time Jack would appear, my cunt was going to be so wet that he would instantly see how wet my shorts had become at my cunt and that he would also be able to smell that I was highly excited. In fact this was exactly what happened.

Unbeknown to me, what was about to happen was being recorded on Jack’s video camera, which he had hidden in a corner of the kitchen, pointed towards our kitchen coffee bar. And, unbeknown to me, Jack had had a second conversation about his intention to seduce me, or rather fuck me, with Dan, my husband. Jack had put on a wager with his Dad. If Jack won, Dan was to allow Jack to spend a whole week here in the house alone with me. Dan was to leave the house for a week, go on a business trip and leave Jack with full access to me to do anything he wanted with me, or to me. And Dan had immediately agreed to this. The wager was that if, on Sunday morning, I walked into our bedroom naked and with Jack’s cum on my face and dripping from my cunt, then Jack had won the bet. If Jack lost, meaning if I did not appear naked in our bedroom and covered in the boy’s sperm then he had to stop feeling me up at every opportunity and humiliating me all the time.

Jack appeared in the kitchen where I was sitting by the counter having a coffee. My vagina was soaking wet, wetter than it had been for a long time. My blue shorts had a big wet patch at my crotch and I could strongly smell my own odor, as I was sure Jack also could. And my heart was beating fast. And my heartbeat got even faster when I saw Jack was holding the dog collar and leash which I had seen hanging in the hallway a few weeks ago. My pussy spasmed as I saw him carrying the leather collar and leash. I just knew they were for me. My god, he really was going to collar me. I was right about the dog collar and leash. They were for me. I trembled uncontrollably at the realization of this. I could hardly stand. My legs were shaking. I remembered while I was cleaning Jack’s room I saw some Japanese magazines of nude women in very vulgar poses. The photos were of Asian women being treated as dogs, crawling, begging, and eating from dog bowls. They were beaten, whipped, put into various stress position in cruel torment, pilloried, stretched on rack, hanging upside down, hogtied, etc. All those Asian women wore dog collars. In one picture the woman held the leash out as if offering it to her owner, her Master. The very same night in bed I had fantasized about the collar and leash. Somehow I knew that they were intended for me, and in the safety of my bed I fingered myself to a powerful orgasm as the thoughts washed over me that Jack really did intend to collar me.

In the kitchen Jack casually poured himself a coffee and sat across from me at our coffee bar.

“Good morning, Chink. How are you today? Mmmm. You look and smell good. I can tell from your smell that you are excited. That’s good. I like that.”

He nonchalantly placed the black leather collar and leash in front of me, right beside my cup of coffee, smiling from ear to ear as he did. He positioned the collar and leash in such a way as to make it absolutely clear to me that they were for me.

Before I had a chance to say anything, he continued: “You look so lovely. You are very sexy for a chink. My dad is a lucky guy to have a lovely Asian wife like you. Do you know how difficult it is for me to look at you? I get an instant hard-on just looking at that piece of chink cunt of yours. Look at my crotch, sexy chink. You see, my hard-on is very visible. I need to squeeze and tug and torture those big ripe yellow melons; I need to ream your pussy and ass with my big cock.”

I knew my face was deep red. I was secretly really delighted that he was telling me these horny things, but also highly embarrassed. I was shaking with anticipation and raw excitement. Since I had met him those four years ago, he had made many dirty, smutty comments about me in moments when he was alone in the house with me, and sometimes even insulting me, humiliating me in front of his dad, which both males seemed to enjoy immensely. But Jack had never been this blatant with me before. Obviously it had been important for Jack to get his father’s permission to fuck me. This clearly excited Jack a lot.

“Chink, a white man like me has a really high sex drive. You might not be familiar with this since you are used to tiny chink boys who have very low sexual drives, but white males like me and my dad are real men with large balls and higher testosterone level. See? My balls are busting right now. My balls are full of hot manjam. And looking at a ripe piece of yellow cunt like you makes it even worse. I need relief, I need a fuck. I need to release my load into you. I am going to fuck you, chink. I need to spurt my fresh, hot white god cum into your pussy. I need to empty my balls into you, chink cow. I need to use you as my personal chink cum dump.”

I couldn’t speak. My whole body was shaking. I just sat there and looked at the big bulge in his shorts. I could not look at his face. I knew my face was deep red with embarrassment.

To my amazement, Jack just stood up and slipped his jockey shorts down, revealing the most beautiful sight I have ever seen: his rampant, throbbing, white cock. It was so big, even larger than his father’s, much bigger and thicker. It stood to attention, proud, erect, vibrant. It was so incredibly beautiful. There was precum leaking from the beautiful cockhead. Jack arrogantly stroked his proud cock right in front of me, only inches away from my face.

“Get naked now, chink.” He told me. “And get your sweet lips on my cock. Do it, now.” Jack’s voice changed at that moment. He growled more than spoke. He snapped his fingers, as if to emphasize his instruction, or rather his command. And of course I obeyed him. How could I resist. I was of course his to do with as he wished. I had no choice. After all, Jack’s father had agreed to this. Jack’s father had agreed that Jack can have me as his asian cum dump. Jack knew that and so did I. The dominant teenager had, so to speak, permission from his Dad to use me, his asian step mom. I stripped quickly and squatted and took his wonderful cock into my mouth, sucking greedily. It tasted wonderful. The precum was nectar to me. I lovingly sucked and licked and worshipped his lovely manhood. Jack started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face, gripping my head and pushing my head onto his manhood, going deeper and deeper into my throat each time. He moaned loudly. Suddenly he drew his cock away from me, turned round and presented his ass to me. It was clear what I had to do. I started to lick his anus. Jack moaned loudly again. And again he reached for my head, this time pushing it towards his rosebud. My tongue found his manly hole and I sucked and licked vigorously, as expected. I tongued his ass lovingly and lustfully for what seemed like ages. I was in heaven. His smell and taste were intoxicating to me. I am his now. I knew and understood this.

Jack pulled me up roughly by my hair, pushing me onto the dining table, grunting and mocking me. “OK, now take the biggest cock of your life up your hot chink cunt.”

Jack fucked me hard, taking his youthful rage out on my willing body. Jack reamed my cunt harder than I have ever experienced before in my life. Jack fucked me so hard, pumping in and out like a wild man. It felt wonderful. He growled loudly like a bear, suddenly spurting his full load into me, his hot white cum flooding into me. Jack grinned looking into my eyes, then did something I really didn’t expect. He grunted, clearing his throat and then he spat right in my face. Then he slapped my face, hard. I don’t remember how many times he had slapped me on the face. It hurt. Jack slid out of me, laughing. He got up, ordering me to squat in front of him again. He was hard again, to my amazement, and he commenced to fuck my face again, this time with a vengeance, as if my mouth was just a wet cunt. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head back and forth on his rampant cock. He was wild with excitement and youthful energy. Amazingly, Jack spurted again, grunting really loudly, another explosion of cum, this time partly down my throat and partly over my face and hair.

“Stay squatting, chink. I will be back soon.” Jack was gone only a few minutes. I did not move, remaining in a squatting position. I also did not dare to try to do anything about his lovely cum covering my face.

Jack returned with his digital camera and told me to smile for the camera. He took a lot of pictures of me, some very close to my cum covered face. Then he simply said “Stay” and went to collect something. I didn’t move from the spot. Jack put the camera on the chair and grabbed the collar and leash laying on the coffee counter. He put the collar on me and clipped the leash to it. He ordered me to hold the leash in a pose as if I was handing it to him, from my squatting position. I hoped my hair didn’t look too messy. Then Jack took a lot more pictures before he told me to get up.

“OK, chink. Here’s what I want you to do now.” He said I had to take to my husband his morning coffee upstairs to his bedroom so that he could see his son’s cum leaking out of my cunt and running down my legs as well as splattered in big blobs on my face. Jack said that this was a sign to his dad that he had taken ownership of me. I was to learn very quickly what he meant by “taking ownership”.

“By the way, don’t call my Dad by his first name any more. Don’t call him Dan, call him only SIR from now on, at all times. And knock on the bedroom door; don’t go in until dad gives his permission. And don’t make eye contact with him, keep your eyes averted.” Jack did not even ask me if I had an issue with any of this. He simply assumed that I would follow his instruction.

I become a dog to my White stepson.

I walked to our bedroom, naked except for my stiletto heels, wearing my dog collar and leash. My husband had obviously been informed by Jack that this would happen. He stared at me in amazement when I walked into our bedroom, after having knocked on the door to get permission to go in. I walked over to our bed, carrying his breakfast tray. I carefully avoided eye contact with my husband, and kept my head bowed. I was completely naked. The bite and slap marks on my face and tits could not be overlooked.

“What happened here? Well, well, well, what a lad is my Jack. He is a fast worker, my boy.” Dan, my husband, did not actually talk directly to me. It was as if he was only thinking aloud, as if I could not even hear him, or more to the point, as if he did not even have to acknowledge me. Being humiliated in this way made me tremble with sheer raw erotic excitement. Never before had Dan created such a powerful erotic reaction in me. I realized again, in the surge of raw humiliation and excitement, that this is exactly what I needed, this is exactly how I adore being treated by white men. This is what I crave, to be treated just as a piece of meat, a bitch, a slut. I felt like I had become an object for him, a different creature than his wife. I could not speak. I was dumbstruck. I put the coffee tray down on the side table and made sure I did not have eye contact with my husband. I could not look him in the eye. At that point, Dan threw back the bed covers revealing that he was naked with a strong erection. He jumped out of bed, stood in front of me.

“Squat and suck my prick, bitch. Get started, now.”

I had never heard Dan talk to me in that way. I heard myself say “Yes, Sir.” It felt appropriate and right to say.

Dan fucked my mouth with a vengeance. He pumped his stiff cock in and out of my mouth, pushing it viciously down my throat in a way he had never done before. And he quickly exploded, moaning loudly and spurting his thick cum into my mouth and onto my face. I had never in our married life experienced my husband like this before. I was amazed. To be honest, I was highly delighted to have experienced his sexual rage in this way. I knew I wanted more, much more.

My husband’s new behavior was a huge erotic turn-on for me. I need to be treated roughly, crudely by white men. I have never felt good about being treated as a lady. I am not a lady. To be honest, I am a submissive Asian woman and I know I need and crave domination at the hands of strong white men who know what they deserve from a chink slut like me. I need white men to simply use me. I have always been intensely attracted to racist white men who treat me like dirt, who have no respect for me. I adore this kind of treatment. And I realized that my husband was now proving himself to be an expert at treating me like a piece of shit. He was learning from his son, Jack.

Dan, after spurting his load into my mouth and all over my face, simply walked out of the room and into the bathroom in the hall, without saying a word to me. I waited for him to come back into our bedroom. He didn’t. I heard the familiar sound of the house door opening downstairs and then a moment later Dan’s car driving away from our house.

I was still very light-headed and shaky after the events of the morning. Here I was, naked in our bedroom, covered in cum which my stepson and my husband had spurted into me and onto me. Jack’s cum was still oozing out of my cunt and I had smears of it on my face as well as the lovely sperm on my face deposited there by Jack’s father. And I was still highly excited. I started to rub my clit and with my other hand, fed myself the lovely sperm, scooping up the globs in my hand and eating it. I came violently, collapsing on the floor.

After a few minutes I recovered. I wondered if Jack was still downstairs. I decided not to dress, but simply stay in my stilettos. This was probably what Jack would expect, and I didn’t want to upset him in any way. So I didn’t wash, leaving the remains of the cum on my body.

When I went back downstairs I immediately found a letter from Dan which was addressed to me, which was lying at the inside of our front house door. When I read Dan’s letter I was dumbstruck.

My dear Chink,

“I left this morning on a business trip for a week, just shortly after our fun in the bedroom this morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can look forward to more of this on my return.

“On my return I will be examining the progress Jack makes with you. Be a good girl and respect his authority. Comply fully with all his demands. It is very important that my son is happy and content in his new relationship to you. And I know you are capable in every way of accommodating young Jack and his healthy attitude and towards you.

“I know you will accept your new status with grace and develop well in the new situation my son is creating for you. Be aware that Jack and I have discussed fully and agreed with every detail of what he will do with you in the next seven days. I know what Jack will do to you and I approve fully. I am absolutely delighted with his plans for you. I am very, very proud of my son Jack.

“My good friend Dr. Kaufman has agreed to write a note for your boss at the office, excusing you from going to work the whole of the coming week. He will give the note to Jack tomorrow to send to your boss.

“I want this to happen. Jack will transform you. Again I stress, my son has my full approval to do anything he wants with you. Just do as you are ordered. Jack’s happiness and pleasure is your top priority.

“Sincerely yours, Dan.”

I heard Jack calling me from the kitchen. “Chink, get your fucking ass over here immediately.”

I obeyed, running to the kitchen. He was still naked, stroking his proud manhood. Snapping his fingers, Jack ordered me to bend over the kitchen table, face down. I knew what was coming. As soon as I was in position, I felt the head of Jack’s lovely manhood at my ass cheeks. He penetrated me anally, quickly, and painfully. He simply ignored my whimpering. He reamed my virginal asshole viciously with his big, rampant white cock. He took his youthful rage out on me, pounding at me like a machine once again. At the same time he slapped my ass cheeks brutally, in rhythm with his plunging in and out of my hole. I started to object, shouting, wishing him to stop, in abject despair of pain and humiliation. But he only pounded at me even harder.

“Don’t talk. I do not allow you to talk. You are only allowed to bark and whine, just like a dog. Because as of now, you are a dog, you are my pet dog and my pet dog doesn’t speak.”

I felt my face burning. I must have been deep red with shame and humiliation. I could not believe what Jack was saying to me. My stomach was churning and my head was swimming as I started to comprehend his words.

“Bark, doggy, bark.” He continued to ream my ass, shouting loudly at me, ordering me to bark like a dog. I did. I started to bark and bark and bark. Jack came again,in an explosion. This time he did not pull out. His big cock stayed in my asshole.

Then Jack started to speak very slowly, his whole body on top of me, crushing me. He spoke into my right ear: “As long as you are in this house, you will obey me completely. As of this moment, you are not allowed to speak. You are allowed to write questions to me, which I may or may not give you an answer to. My father knows what I am doing to you. He knows and he fully approves of all that I will do to you. In fact he is very pleased that I am transforming you into a dog. He knows as well as I do that you are much better suited to being my pet than to being his wife. You are not his wife anymore. He’s divorcing you. He’s got his lawyer preparing the divorce papers now. I will be taking my rightful ownership of you. You are my property. I am not asking you to agree, I am telling you that you have no choice. Otherwise you can leave now. In fact, let’s just make it very simple for you, doggy. Either bark your agreement of my ownership of you and acceptance that you are my pet woman, my pet dog, squat at my feet and bark your acceptance of your new life. Or, tell me to fuck off. Tell me to fuck of and go pack your things and go back to China. You have two minutes to decide. No questions, no talking, no discussion. Just decide on your future now, doggy.” His mouth was still at my ear. He sounded so powerful.

Jack got up, pulling his cock out of my ass with an audible plop.

“Get up, dog woman, stand up and face me.”

I was trembling visibly. I could not return his gaze; I lowered my head, looking at his throbbing white cock. It looked so magnificent. Incredibly, it was erect again. Jack was obviously highly aroused. I realized that Jack was so magnificent in the way he was handling me, breaking me to his will, so to speak. I knew within my self that he already was my Master.

“Squat at my feet and bark your acceptance of your new life, dog.”

I knew that I could not walk away from him and this new situation. Jack started to stroke his wonderful cock again in front of my face. I knew that I was now his—his property, or more specifically, his dog. I couldn’t help myself. I dropped down to a squatting position and started to bark. I barked my acceptance of my new status. At the realization of my new subhuman status, the most incredibly violent orgasm erupted in my cunt. I gasped for breath, unable to bark, shuddering at the feet of my Master.

Clearly that was the moment I became a dog. My transformation had begun. My transformation from being a married Asian wife with a very comfortable lifestyle into becoming a subhuman animal, a pet dog, had started.

“Good dog, good dog.” Jack patted my head. “Now listen, I will say this only once: Never attempt to speak again, bitch. If you ever speak as of now, you will be put to death, immediately.“

That was how it started, my life as a dog.

My transformation happened rapidly after that event. Jack became my owner, Dan divorced me but Jack allowed him access to me as a dog.

Jack’s ability to mold me was incredible. I was totally unable to resist. I could not have gotten away in that moment. He had me trapped in his sheer power. His domination of me was breathtaking. I knew I wanted it. I had been craving this for a long time. I could not resist Jack. He was totally in control of me.

That evening, as I lay there on the floor at the foot of Jack’s bed, as his dog, I realized that in many ways Jack had been prepping me for this since I had gotten married to his father. It became clear to me that Jack had been manipulating both Dan and me in this direction over the past four years. And his plan had worked well.

Jack had come a long way from the times he would fondle me when he would be feeling me up at every opportunity. Jack had been allowed by his father to access me each time he visited me from his boarding school. And he had taken full advantage of this. Over time he had become more blatant in his treatment of me, almost raping me on several occasions. One time, at Jack’s birthday party, I had made the mistake of letting him French-kissing me. In fact I had enjoyed it immensely, but the teenager was kissing me frantically and before I knew it he had my black panties pulled down and three of his fingers in my soaking pussy. Then he had made me suck him off, as his birthday present, he had said.

And now Jack is my master. And I am his obedient dog.

Obviously Dan had not only agreed to this, but actually encouraged Jack to “transform” me, as Dan put it. And for myself, over the four year period since I had known Jack, I had become more and more addicted to his touch, to his way of humiliating me and to his domination of me. I secretly adored his visits and his rough way of dealing with me. I always felt very alive and vibrant when Jack visited. And I always missed him terribly when he left. And over the last year or so I had been fantasizing more and more about Jack, fantasizing about him brutally dominating me, using me, and abusing me.

I lay there on the floor at the foot of the bed waiting for Jack. Jack had led me upstairs by my dog leash after our intensive session in the kitchen. He had made me his pet animal. I had to crawl on my hands and knees behind him, barking. He had told me to keep barking until he allowed me to stop. Only as we got to his room and he told me to lie on the floor and wait for him was I allowed to stop barking. “Stay”, Jack said, and went for a shower.

My husband is delighted

Dan came home on Sunday morning. I had been Jack’s dog now for just over a week. Last Saturday I had been transformed forever into a dog. And Jack, my Master, had trained his dog intensively during the past week. I now had gotten comfortable with never being allowed to speak. I had become much better at barking and whining, eating and drinking from my dog bowls on the floor. I was only allowed to sleep on the floor at the foot of Jack’s bed. He always snapped his fingers in the morning when he wanted to use me. I had to jump up onto the bed and dutifully lick his face to show my joy at being with my Master. I had done this every morning and I noticed in a perverse way that I really enjoyed this ritual. I licked my Masters face obediently, cleaning his nose, his nostrils, his lips with my doggy tongue. I have to admit, I am really enjoying Jack’s artful mastery of me, his total control of me, and his magnificent power over me. And every morning licking Jack’s face obediently was followed by sucking his lovely big cock, being allowed to receive his first load of hot sperm down my accommodating and greedy throat.

So when Dan, Jack’s father and my ex-hubby, returned home on the following Saturday afternoon, the first thing he was greeted by was his son’s pet dog, naked, barking and on all fours, wearing its collar and leash.

Two years later

I have now been a dog for two years. My owner Jack and his new girlfriend Janie Wong have created a business of renting me out to businessmen who are into perverse abuse of petgirls with other animals. They make a lot of money from this. They have me advertised in an internet forum, stating that I can be rented for training and abuse.

To be continued …

Chapter 2 They took me to Dan’s partner’s farm. He has five horses and three rotties.

Chapter 3 French kissing the Doberman: Sucking off the horses

Chapter 4 My brand mark

Chapter 5 Jack owns me, legally

Chapter 6 Toilet training: becoming Jack’s full toilet slave.

Chapter 7 Jack invites Alex, the guy with the big fist and Alex speeds up my behavior modification

Chapter 8 Guest masters from Japan and their healthy virile male dogs

Chapter 9 Chinese celebration dinner. Roasted delicacy: I am on the menu