180 days of slavery day 8


He gave her the day off to sleep, but put her in a cell next to all the other prisoners. When she woke up, she saw them all there and the captain was saying, “Come on, chink whore, time to go home to clean up. We have a special guest coming by tonight and I want you nice and clean. They left the jail once she was given her revealing clothes and headed home. They arrived home and Sue got out of the car, following her Master and Mistress into the house. As soon as they were inside, she was told to strip. As she was getting out of her clothes, she noticed how dirty her house was. she never allowed it to get dirty, but while she was in the jail getting fucked, the Captain and Judy had fucked all over the house. They left their clothes laying around, dirty dishes were everywhere and it smelled like sex. As soon as she was naked, Judy said, “OK, slut, get this house cleaned up. We are having company tonight and I don’t want my house looking like a dump.” These words hurt Sue. It was her house, not this other white bitch’s, but because she had not wanted to be deported back to China, it now belonged to Judy. she was nothing more than a maid in her own house, along with being a play toy for them. But, she was so tired and sore, she didn’t argue. she went about cleaning up their mess and got the dishes and laundry started. Once she got everything clean again, the captain said, “OK, now go get a nice bath. You smell like a whore and we don’t want our guest to see you like this.”

Sue went to the bathroom to bathe. Of course, she had to use the small bathroom in the hallway, since she was forbidden the use of her other bathroom off the master bedroom. This was now Judy’s private bath. Running the water, she climbed into the tub and soaked. Her pussy was sore and swollen, and she felt pain in her lower stomach. Her ass felt like it had been turned inside out and her jaws hurt. She had been fucked so much last night, she didn’t know if she would ever be able to fuck again. She was soaking her hurts away as her mind drifted back to her past. The family needed money and she only knew of one way to get it. she told them she was working, but they never knew she was selling her body. she had been fucked by many different white men and got paid well for her services, but she didn’t want this forever and wanted to get an education. She also worried about her younger sister, who had found out that Sue was a whore and she wanted to be just like her. Sue was able to convince her not to do it. However, she didn’t know if she really did or not. Sue moved out after that and hadn’t really seen her sister in a long time. This was before she was arested and now all her hope and dreams dashed.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Judy entered the little bathroom and said, “Hurry up, slut! Our guest will be arriving soon and we still have to get you ready!”

Sue jumped when she heard Mistress Judy speak. she wondered what was going to happen next. her cunt was getting hot again, but her mind wanted everything to stop. But recently, she could only listen to her pussy and blocked out everything her mind said. She got out of the tub and dried off. she left the bathroom to be met by the Captain. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the living room. she gasped when she saw her dinning room table in the middle of the living room. Attached to each leg was rope and she dreaded being tied up again. Especially after her night in the jail. He took her to the table and said, “OK, cunt, up you go. On your back, legs spread. Move it!” Sue hesitated, knowing something bad was going to happen. But her hesitation was short lived. With one hand, the captain grabbed the lock which hung from Sue’s ear, pulling her head down, and with the other slapped her harshly on her naked ass three times. “I said on the table! Now do it!”

Having no choice, she got on the table and lay down. Her eyes were filling up with tears now and she didn’t want anything else to happen. As soon as she was on her back, the captain and Judy grabbed her arms and secured them to the table legs. Then moving down to her legs, they spread them wide apart and tied them to the table legs as well. Now she layed there, spread-eagled on her table. The wood was cold on her naked skin and she felt so open. Her pussy was in plain view for all to see and she hated it. Judy came over to her and played with her pussy and said, “Yes, Sir, it does look a little swollen, but that may be good. It will be easier to work with this way.”

Sue cried more and begged, “Please, don’t do any more to me. I have done everything you wanted, please let me go.”

They both laughed at her and the captain said, “No, you haven’t done everything I wanted. I told you that your cunt was now mine and no one else was to have it. But two times you fucked up and screwed someone else. So tonight we’ll fix it so you won’t fuck anyone again with out my permission.”

Just then the door bell rang and Judy said, “I’ll get it. Must be Stephanie.” Sue was left alone on the table while Judy and the captain both went to the door. She heard them talking. They were saying, “Come in, Stephanie, glad you could make it. Would you like a drink?” Stephanie accepted the drink and then asked, “Well, where is the subject and what do you need me to do with her.”

The captain said, “Oh, she is in the living room. Hopefully she is just the way you need her. We’ll explain what we want, once we are with her.”

They walked into the living room and Stephanie saw Sue spread out on the table. Sue was able to see her and watched as she laughed at the sight before her. Stephanie said, “Well now, this is a first. No one has ever given me such a willing subject before. So, what is it you nee?.”

Judy said, “Can we tell you in a minute? There is something else we want her to do first.”

“Sure,” said Stephanie, “but you know my time here has to be paid for.”

The captain spoke up and said, “Oh, you’ll be paid well and even get something added to it.”

They all laughed and Stephanie said, “OK, what comes first.”

Judy said, “You cum first, Stephanie. We would like you to sit on this little slut’s face and have her eat you. And we want to video tape it. Don’t worry, your face won’t be in it, just hers and your pussy.”

Stephanie hesitated with her answer, then said, “You know I’m not into girls, but if the price is right, I’ll allow her to eat me. But don’t expect anything like that from me. I don’t eat pussy, especially not an asian pussy.”

Both the captain and Judy said, “No, we won’t expect that, and yes, we know you asian girls only fuck white guys. So if Judy wants her pussy licked, that other asian slut will do it. We just want her to eat you. She doesn’t enjoy eating cunt, so that’s why we want it. Besides, you let men eat you,
right? It isn’t any different.”

“Well, OK,” said Stephanie and started to get up on the table. But Judy asked, “Can you remove your panties first?”

Laughing, Stephanie reached up under her skirt and took her panties off. Judy took them and then pushed them into Sue’s mouth. “Just to give her a little taste of what’s to come next.”

Stephanie got up on the table and stood right over Sue’s face. Sue looked up and saw her pussy. It was neatly trimmed, and very tight, just a typical asian girl’s pussy, just like hers. She didn’t want to do any of this, but she had no choice, since she couldn’t get away. Stephanie started to squat down on Sue’s face and just before she had her pussy there, she reached down and pulled the panties from Sue’s mouth. She just sat down, smothering Sue with her open slit. Sue had no choice but to lick the cunt that was now on her face. It was the only way she could breath. Sue hated this, especially since she really didn’t know this girl. But she continued licking the pussy sitting on her face. Stephanie had never been eaten this way before. Usually it was some guy doing it, just so he could fuck her. But this was different. She didn’t have to try and hurry to have an orgasm before she was fucked. She could stay on this face and ride it for as long as she desired. Stephanie always wanted to have one good orgasm from being eaten before she took a cock inside her. Now it was going to happen but without the cock afterwards. She loved it and tried to last as long as she could while this other little asian slut who looked otherwise just like her licked her. She slid back and forth on Sue’s mouth and tongue, enjoying the feel. First into her hole and then on her clit and then back to her hole. She was in heaven.


Judy grabbed Stephanie’s panties and wiped up the beautiful woman’s cunt juices with them. Once they were soaked with her cunt juice, she wadded them up into a ball and shoved them into Sue’s mouth. “Don’t want her to forget your taste and we don’t want her screaming either.”

“Now that you are well satisfied, Stephanie,” said the captain, “let me tell you what we want.”

“Sure,” replied Stephanie, “I can’t wait to find out.”

“Well, you see,” started the captain, “my asian slut fucked two guys without permission and now I want to lock up her cunt so it won’t happen again. We figured that if you put two rings in her pussy lips, one toward the top the other near the bottom, I can put padlocks on her pussy so she can’t use it.”

Sue was stunned to hear this. She tried to protest, but the gag muffled all the meaningful sounds. Stephanie thought for a moment and then said, “That may work, but three would be better. Then she can be completely closed up and no one can get into her.” The captain thought for a moment, then said, “No, I think two will be enough. Put one about one-third the way down from the top and the other about one-third the way up from the bottom. Make sure she has the same two holes in each lip.” OK,” said Stephanie, “but if it isn’t enough, I’ll do the third hole free.”

“Very good,” said the captain, “now let’s begin.”

Stephanie had all of her tools with her and laid them out on the table between Sue’s spread, open legs. Then she pulled her panties out of Sue’s mouth and wiped the juice and wetness from the slut’s cunt. Of course, they went back into Sue’s mouth as soon as she was done. Sue tried to beg for mercy while the panties were out, “No, please, Sir, please don’t do that. i don’t want holes in my cunt. Please. i’ll do whatever you say, but please not that.”

Then the panties were back into her mouth. She couldn’t talk anymore and the Captain just laughed saying, “Sorry, cunt, but you disobeyed and I won’t have that.”

Sue was crying, tears running from her eyes, knowing it would hurt and that she would always be at the captain’s mercy. Stephanie started measuring the length of her cunt, taking a small marker to put a dot on each lip where she would put the holes. Satisfied that they were all even, she took an alcohol wipe and rubbed Sue’s swollen lips, making sure they were clean.

“MMMMPPPPHH,” cried Sue through the panty gag. The alcohol burned her lips and she was in agony. But it soon went away when the alcohol dried. She watched Stephanie as best she could, even though she couldn’t see that area.

Stephanie picked up her puncturing tool and held it up as if she was inspecting it. But she really wanted Sue to see it. Stephanie was enjoying this and hoped she would be allowed to take some photos of her work for promotional purposes. Then Sue felt Stephanie’s fingers on her pussy. She tensed up, knowing what was coming, but she couldn’t get away. Stephanie pulled out a pair of gripping tweezers and attached it to Sue’s puffy lip on the right side. “MMMMMMMM,” mumbled Sue, as her lip was pulled out, stretching it. The next thing she felt was the cold puncturing tool being place on her stretched lip. Then it happened. Stephanie squeezed and Sue could not only feel
the hole being made, but she also heard the skin being punctured.

“AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH, MMMMMMM, NNNNNNNNNN,” she tried to scream but only muffled sounds came out of her mouth as the hole was made and the first ring was installed.

Stephanie was working quickly, in order to get all the rings in before Sue passed out. It wasn’t long and the second hole was made in her tender pussy and now she had two rings attached. Sue was sore from the abuse her cunt had taken over the past day and now it was suffering more. She didn’t want anything near her pussy now.

But Stephanie continued to work on her cunt. Finishing the right side, she moved to the left side and did the same. When she finished, Sue had four little golden rings dangling from her asian cunt. Stephanie stood back to admire her work and Judy came over to get a closer look.

She said, “Look Ron, we now have a place to attach all kinds of things to her. We can lock her up, but we can also put her on a leash or even put some weights on her.”

The captain laughed as he saw Judy playing with the little rings. She pulled on them and twisted them. They were both enjoying the torment they were giving the little asian slut.

Then he said, “OK, Judy, time to lock up my little cunt. she’ll never fuck anyone again without permission.”

Judy went to the other room and got the locks that Sue had picked out in the mall. She showed each of them to Sue, asking, “Do you like this on or maybe this one?”

Sue just shook her head and cried. They were serious about locking up her pussy. She now wished she hadn’t fucked Allen, that white police officer. And what was she going to tell him when
they went to lunch again? The captain picked out one nice lock and showed it to Sue. He said, “Now, cunt, you are mine and only mine. Once I put this on you, you’ll never take a cock in my cunt again, will you?”

He reached down between her legs and played with the rings. “Do you think one lock will do?” he asked. “We can put it through all four rings and she’ll have the lock right in the middle of her hole. I think that will look cute.”

Then he started feeding the loop of the lock through the rings. Sue felt it going through the rings, knowing she would never be free again. Why didn’t she just go back to China instead of agreeing to this torture?

Sue dreaded the fact that her cunt would now be locked and the only one that could free her would be the captain, unless she went to someone to get it cut off. But that meant more humiliation for her, exposing her pussy to a stranger and having to explain how her cunt got locked up. She knew that once it CLICKED shut, she would never be free. Her thoughts were interrupted by the captain when he said, “OK, my little asian slut, it is now time to lock you up. I want you to repeat after me.” She mumbled something that he didn’t understand, so he removed the panties from her mouth, and asked, “Do you understand?”

“Yyyyeesssss, Sir,” she cried out the reply.

“Good, now this is what you’ll say,” the captain ordered. “i am a chink slut, owned by my
White Master Ron, and to prove it, my cunt is locked and only my White Master can open it.”

she tried to say it just like him, but the words wouldn’t come out, so he said, “OK, let’s try it again.”

As he said the words again slowly, she repeated after him. He was laughing by the time he finished and just as she had said the last phrase, a very loud “CLICK” could be heard by the three people with her. Sue heard it and broke out in tears, knowing she would never be free again.


Once her pussy was locked up, they left her lying on the table, alone, naked and scared. The captain said, “Well, Stephanie, I do hope you enjoyed doing this for us. Anything else we can do for you before you leave?”

Stephanie just looked at the captain for a few moments, and then replied, “Working on that little asian cunt made me horny. Never been fucked by a white police captain, you know us asian girls. We all love big white cocks.” she continued, with a grin on her face. This made the captain smile, and he responded, “Ok, let’s go!” They left Sue alone while all three of them went to the big bedroom.


Once they finished, they lay together for a moment and then the captain got up, allowing Stephanie to move. Judy said, “Wow, never thought I would enjoy seeing you fuck someone else, but that was only a chink. I am your true love, right Ron? Anyway, let’s get susie to clean you both up now.”

Laughing, they went back into the living room to where Sue lay on the cold table. The captain put his cock to her mouth and said, “susie slut, I just finished fucking that other asian whore Stephanie and you are going to lick both of us clean. Now get busy.”

Sue had no other option at this time, since she was still tied to the table, so she began to suck on the captain’s cock, cleaning all the cum and cunt juice from it. He was beginning to get hard again from her sucking and his shaft started going into her throat. But he didn’t want to cum in her mouth. Instead, he would take Judy into the bedroom and fuck her. He pulled out and smiled at
the bound Chinese slut. Then he helped Stephanie up on the table and positioned her over Sue’s face. Sue looked straight up into her cunt and saw the first few drops of his cum appear at the opening and dribble out onto her lips. Stephanie squatted down, covering Sue’s face with her freshly fucked pussy. Once she was all the way down, the captain said, “OK, now, she isn’t getting off until all my cum has been sucked out of her and you make her cum. So, start sucking, bitch!”

Sue wanted this to end so she started on Stephanie’s cunt. Licking and sucking, she tasted the mixed juices from them both. His cum mixed with her pussy juice.


Stephanie cautiously got up from Sue’s mouth and Judy helped her off the table. Then Stephanie dressed and left. The captain said, “OK, cunt, we are going to bed now and will see you in the morning. Don’t go anywhere.” They both laughed and left the room, turning off the light as they left.

Sue lay there on the hard table, aching from being kept in one position all this time. Her cunt lips were sore from the piercing, and she wanted to cum so bad. She couldn’t figure out why she got so wet, hot and horny when they abused her, but it happened every time. Finally, Sue fell asleep listening to the two white lovers fucking in what used to be her bed.

180 days of slavery day 9


The next morning, Sue was awakened when she was touched on her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw the captain and Judy standing around her, the captain was checking her lock and rings. she was stiff and hoped they would let her up soon. “Glad to see you awake slut,” said the captain. “We have to get to work soon, but before I leave, there are some things I need to explain.”

“And you better listen good, susie, or you’ll be in big troubl,.” added Judy.

The captain continued, “Now, as you might have guessed, I didn’t weld those rings into your pussy lips, which means they can be removed.”

Sue had hopes now, knowing they could be taken out, and planned to do so as soon as she was alone. They couldn’t keep her pussy locked up forever.

“But if you take them out,” said the captain, “a couple of things will happen. First, I’ll take you to a doctor that I know real well and have him install a permanent zipper on your lips, which will be locked. He will do it for me since I let him off the hook a few years ago when he was caught performing illegal abortions. He owes me.”

Sue stared blankly at him. No one could put a zipper on a cunt. Or could they? She had never heard of this before, but was sure the captain could get it done.

“And secondly,” he continued, “I’ll bring your little sister here and make her into a whore, just like you are.”

Sue started crying. Why had she ever told anyone about her family? Especially her little sister Lili. She was innocent and Sue didn’t want her being taken, to be made into a sex slave like she is, in order to help support her family.

“PPPPlllllleeeaaasssseeee, Sir, don’t do that to my sister. she is so young and innocent. Please!” cried Sue, the tears running down her cheeks.

“I won’t do either as long as you do as you are told. You leave that pussy locked up and everything will stay just as it is. You unlock it and I’ll do what I said. Understand cunt!”

“Yyyyyeeeesssss ,Sir,” she cried.

“Good, now I have to get to work. Judy has your clothes laid out on your bed. She’ll untie you so you can clean up and get dressed for work. I’ll see you at the police station,” he said as he walked out of the house. Judy untied her and let her get up. Her knees were weak and she was stiff all over. She had a hard time walking to the little bathroom to shower and shave. Once she had finished getting clean, she went to her new little bedroom and saw the clothes on the bed. It was her skirt and blouse. Nothing else, except her shoes. she quickly put them on and noticed they had been altered. The blouse had been taken in so it was extremely tight on her and the skirt had been fixed so the hemline was just below her cunt. She even thought the lock dangling from her cunt lips could be seen if she walked. How could she wear something like this to work? She found Judy in the kitchen and pleaded with her. “Please, Mistress,” she begged, “please don’t make me wear this to work. Everyone will think i am a slut and might even see my locked up pussy. Please let me wear something else.”

“No, you will wear what I give you and nothing else,” said Judy as she finished her coffee. “Now, let’s get to work.”

They got into the car, with Judy driving, and headed for work. As they were driving, Judy said, “susie, I am sorry, but I didn’t give you time to eat. Would you like to stop for breakfast?”

“Yes, Ma’am, i am hungry, but could we just go through a drive through,” said Sue.

“Maybe,” said Judy, as she continued to drive. Suddenly she pulled into a restaurant, but it didn’t have a drive up window. She said, “OK, slut, here is five bucks, go in and get your breakfast.”

“Please, Ma’am, let’s go to a drive up instead,” begged Sue, “i can’t go in like this. Please!”

“No, if you don’t get out right now and go get breakfast, I’ll strip you naked and then you can go in,” said Judy. “And if I have to do that, you’ll stay naked for the rest of the day.”

Sue was crying, not wanting to be out in public like this, but she knew Judy would do just what she said, so she got out of the car and went into the restaurant to get her breakfast. She knew she looked like a hooker, but she managed to get the breakfast quickly and get back to the car. As she ate on the way to the station, all was silent until they got to the police station and walked inside. Just inside the door was a large poster that said, “Halloween costume party. Saturday Night. Patrols cut to minimum so everyone can attend. COSTUMES will be worn!”

Judy saw it and exclaimed, “Look, susie, we can dress you up and take you out Saturday night. I think your new role as a slut slave will be perfect!”

Sue just hung her head, knowing that between Judy and the captain, she would be so humiliated in front of everyone. All the other cops that knew her would see just how much of a slut they had made her. Judy walked with her to the captain’s office and entered. Sue knew she should strip for them, but decided to stay dressed as long as she could. Even though she didn’t have a lot on, at least it covered most of her private areas. The captain was sitting at his desk and looked up, saying, “chink whore lee, we are going on patrol today. Just you and me. So, I need you to get the car ready.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she headed out to the garage.

Sue got all the necessary items ready and loaded them into the car, then checked it over, making sure it was full of gas. As she was finishing the inspection, the captain appeared and said, “Ready to go?”

“Yes, Sir, it is,” replied Sue.

They got in the car with the captain driving. He left the garage and headed onto the street. He had decided to make her feel like a true slut whore today and headed for a sleazy section of town. He knew there would be some bums wandering around and would take advantage of them and of her.

As he drove, he explained her role today. “You will obey me in everything I say, no matter what it may be. And remember, if you fuck up, I know where your sister is.”

Sue cried harder now, knowing that if she didn’t do what he wanted, her little innocent sister would be dragged into his games. She didn’t want this and decided that she would do as she was told, at least for today. He drove through the town and turned into a street known to have some really sleazy people walking around. Most of them were homeless and dirty. He spotted an older white man walking down the street and followed behind him until the man turned into an alleyway. Perfect, thought the captain and pulled into the alley behind him. He turned on his lights and using the PA system in his cruiser, he told the man to stop. The man didn’t know what to do, so he stopped and turned toward the police officer. The captain motioned him over to the car and spoke to him. Sue didn’t hear what he said at first, since the captain spoke very low. But then he spoke louder and she heard him ask the man, “How would you like to have your cock sucked today?”

The dirty old man said, “Uuuuhhhh, yea, sure.”

Then the captain turned to Sue and said, “Well, whore, time to earn your pay. Get out in front of the car and strip for me, then get on your knees.”

“Bbbbbbbuuuuutttt, Sir,” she cried, “i can’t do that!”

“OK, I’ll make a call and your sister will do it soon!” said the captain.

Sue cried and got out. she went to the front of the car and removed her little uniform, then got on her knees. She heard the captain say, “OK, fella, go get your cock sucked.”

The man walked up to Sue and pulled his dick out of his pants and aimed it at Sue’s mouth. He pushed it toward her lips. She could smell the pissy odor on him and almost gagged, but not wanting to get her sister in trouble, she opened her mouth and took his dirty cock into her mouth and started sucking. “God, how nasty this is. His cock is so dirty and i can’t imagine what his cum
will be like,” she thought to herself as she sucked on him. It didn’t take very long and the man stiffened and pushed his cock deep into her throat. He was cumming in her mouth and it tasted so bad she almost puked. But she didn’t and was able to swallow it all. The man pulled his cock from her mouth and put it back into his dirty pants and started to leave, but the captain stopped him. “Chink whore lee, thank the good man for letting you suck him,” he said.

“Ttthhhhannnkkk you, Sir, for leting me sssuuccck your cooccckkk,” she cried.

The man said, “You are welcome and you can do that anytime.” Then he walked away leaving Sue on her knees.

Just as she was about to get up, another man walked into the alley and saw her there. This one wasn’t quite as dirty, but she could tell he was still a bum. The captain leaned out of the window and said, “Since you have been seen like this, slut, suck him off, too.”

God how she hated him for this, but she had no choice but to humiliate herself once again or risk the chance of getting her sister in trouble. So she pulled his cock out and started sucking it too. He came in her mouth very quickly and she was forced to swallow his load.

Then the captain said, “Now, slut, show him your cunt!”

Sue turned bright red as she stood up and pushed her cunt out. The man laughed as he saw the lock on it, but had a puzzled look. the captain told her to tell him why it was like this.

Sue cringed and said, “This asian cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my white master. It is his cunt and i fucked someone else, so he locked it up.” She was crying and very humiliated now.

The man turned and walked away, laughing. The captain told her to get up and get dressed since he had some other stops to make before going back to the police station.

Sue quickly got dressed and got back into the car. she said, “Captain, Sir, that was not right. How do i know they don’t have a disease.”

“You don’t, slut, but that’s the chance asian sluts like you have to take. Now shut up!” said the captain.

The captain made a few more stops, but always left Sue in the car by herself. She had no idea what he was doing, but she was sure she wasn’t going to like it.
Once he returned to the car, he always put something in the trunk. After his last stop, he headed back to the station to see if Judy had all the preparations made for Saturday night.


Getting back to the station, the two went inside and Sue had to get the paperwork caught up before they could go home. She heard others talking about the party, discussing their costumes and laughing about some of them. Sue still didn’t know how she would be dressed, or even if they would allow her to get dressed. She just hoped it wouldn’t humiliate her too much. Judy came by and said, “susie, I think the captain is about ready to leave, so why don’t you go to the car and wait for us.”

Sue put her things away and got up to walk out, but just as she was going by the Captain’s door she was stopped. Judy said, “While you are waiting for us, susie slut, I expect you to find a cock to suck. Don’t take long finding one, since we’ll be right out.”

And the captain added, “Don’t try to hide either. Just suck someone right there
by the car!”

Sue turned red with shame. How could she suck a cock in the police station parking lot without being seen? She didn’t reply to them, just walked out to the car. She noticed that they could watch her from the window in the captain’s office and knew if she didn’t do what she was told, she would get in trouble. And she also figured they wouldn’t come out until she was on her knees sucking someone’s cock.

Getting to the car, she felt lucky, because Allen was just getting ready to leave too. He said, “Hi, Sue!”

“Hi, Allen, can i ask you something?” she said.

He came over to the car where Sue was standing and said, “Sure, chink whore, anything.”

Then Sue got all red in the face, knowing this was going to be hard, but she had to do it and since he had fucked her once, sucking his cock would be easy. However, it wouldn’t be easy right here in the lot. she said to him, “Allen, ccccaaannnnn i ssuucckk you?”

He didn’t know what to say at first, but then said, “Sure, let’s find a place to go.”

Totally embarrassed, she said, “No, right here, right now.”

“But someone will see you doing it and you’ll get in trouble and I probably will too,” he said.

But she was already on her knees in front of him, unzipping his uniform pants, pulling out his cock. Once she had it out and in her mouth, he really couldn’t do anything but stand there and allow his chink whore to suck him off. The captain and Judy watched her doing it and then went outside. Allen saw them approaching and tried to push Sue away, but she kept him right in her mouth and wouldn’t let him move.

The other two came up to them and the captain said, “chink whore, what are you

she didn’t remove her mouth from Allen’s cock, but managed to roll her eyes up to the captain, pleading with him to let her stop, but he just laughed when he saw the humiliated look on her face and said, “Oh, I see. You are sucking a cock. Good little girl. Don’t worry rookie, she does this a lot.”

Just about that time, Allen pushed all the way into her throat and shot his heavy load down her throat. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and stuffed his shrinking dick back into his pants and tried to leave. But the captain said, “Wait a minute, she has something else to show you!”

Allen followed the captain’s orders, just stood there, wondering what was going on. He didn’t want to disobey an order from a superior, but didn’t want to be there with them, either.

“Stand up, chink whore,” ordered the captain. She stood and then he said, “Now, show him what is under your skirt and tell him why it is like that.”

“PPPpppppppllllleeeeaaassseee, Sir, not that!” she begged.

“SHOW HIM!” he yelled.

Startled, she raised her skirt up to expose her locked cunt. She couldn’t look at Allen and just held her head down in shame, and the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Now, tell him why!” ordered the captain.

Allen was looking at her pussy, seeing the tiny lock hanging from the rings in her lips. He was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.

“Bbbbbeeecccaauuse i fucked you!” she cried.

“I don’t understand,” said Allen. “Why would you have your pussy locked up like that just because we fucked?”

“Tell him, slut!” ordered the captain.

“i was told not to fuck anyone, but i was so horny, i fucked you,” cried Sue, “Now, he has my cunt locked up and won’t release me unless he wants to.”

The captain laughed and said, “You see, rookie, she is my slut whore and will do what I say. But she disobeyed when she allowed you to fuck her. Now, she is locked up so no one can use that juicy asian cunt except me.”

“Oh,” was all Allen could say.

The captain told him he could leave and hoped he would be at the party, because he might get some more if he attended. And also said, “Don’t worry about your girlfriend. she’s in good hands.”

Allen almost ran away, not knowing what was happening, but didn’t really want any part of it, but he also liked fucking Sue and she did give good blowjobs.
Maybe he would attend the costume party.

The other three got into the car and headed home. The ride home was quiet, but as soon as they arrived, the captain ordered Sue out of the car and into the house. Once inside, Judy said, “OK susie slut, strip!”

Sue removed her clothes and stood before them naked. How she hated doing this, but she didn’t want the alternatives to happen. So she complied with their wishes.

As soon as she was naked, the captain said, “Shit, I forgot to get the things out of the trunk. Sue, be a sweet little slut and go get them.” Sue started to put some clothes back on, but was stopped. the captain said, “No, get them just like that.”

It was still daylight outside and Sue knew she would probably be seen, since it was quitting time for everyone and there was a lot of traffic. She tried to convince him to let her put something on, but he wouldn’t budge. He said, “You either go like that, or I’ll make sure your little sister is at
the party tomorrow night!”

Sue hung her head in shame and headed for the door. There was no way she was going to allow her sister to be used by these evil white people. So she went to the car, naked. Opening the trunk, she grabbed bags, hoping she could get them all. But it seemed there were more than she expected and that she would have to make a second trip.

It was on her second trip to the car that she heard the horn. she looked up to see a car full of young white boys stopped right beside the captain’s car. They were all hanging out of the windows and shouting. The driver kept blowing the horn. Sue started to go back into the house, but was stopped by the captain. He said, “I told you to get the things from the car, now move it!”

“Bbbuuuuuttttt, Sir, there are boys out there watching,” Sue cried.

“I don’t care who sees you. Do what I said,” demanded the captain.

Sue slowly turned back around and started walking toward the car. The boys were still watching and shouting crude remarks toward her. As she got to the car and reached in the trunk to get the last of the bags, the captain stepped up beside her.

He looked at the boys and said, “How would you like to get your cocks sucked
tonight, boys?”

“NO, Sir,” cried Sue.

The boys all looked at him and said, “Hell, yes!”

“Come on over her then,” said the captain. “susie, get on your knees!” The boys jumped out of the car and walked toward Sue, who was now on her knees. The boys couldn’t believe this was happening, but had started pulling their cocks out anyway.

The captain said, “OK, now, one at a time, feed my little asian cunt your cock. She’ll suck you all until you cum and swallow every drop you have. If you don’t want her sucking your cock, then you can fuck her in the ass. I would let you fuck her cunt, but it is kind of locked up right now. So, enjoy. susie, when they get done, get the rest of the bags and bring them in.”

She knew she had to do it, so as the first boy stepped up. She took his hard white cock in her mouth and began to suck. She wanted to get all of them done quickly and get back into the house. But the first one seemed to take forever. He face-fucked her for a long time and finally stiffened and shot his load down her throat, forcing her to swallow.

The next one stepped up for his blowjob and shoved his cock into her mouth. He also face- fucked the little naked asian until he shot his load. Then the third one stepped up, but as she was about to take his cock into her mouth he said, “NO, I want your ass!”

Sue cried, knowing it would be painful in her ass. She had been fucked there before at the jail, and she knew it would hurt. The boy grabbed the lock in her ear, pulling her up, and then forcing her to bend over, and without any lubrication, he drove his large white cock all the way in. Then he just fucked her without caring for her pain or need. He fucked her hard, deep and fast until he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her bowels. Then he pulled out and the fourth boy stepped up and shoved his cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth for a short time and then filled it with his cum.

Sue hated doing this, but her cunt was dripping with juices, running down her naked legs. Why did her cunt betray her like this? she hated being an asian slut, but loved it at the same time. It seemed her cunt was thinking more and more for her all the time.

The boys thanked her for the good time, got in there car and left her standing there naked, with cum running from her mouth and tortured ass. She quickly grabbed the rest of the bags and ran into the house.

Once in the house, Judy and Ron both laughed at how she looked, with cum on her face and running out of her ass, along with her cunt dripping her juicy moisture. She was told to get a shower and then they would try on her outfit for the party.

Sue got into the shower and washed away the awful feeling she had. But it still wasn’t enough to cleanse her heart, since she felt it was wrong to be like this. She cleaned up, dried off and returned to the living room.


As Sue was looking at all the items on the table, the captain told her, “you are going to the party as our little slave girl. you will wear whatever we put on you and you won’t complain. At the party, you’ll look and act just like a slave and will perform your duties without question.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied Sue, feeling confident that they wouldn’t make her do the things they had done to her already. Or at least she hoped not. Judy said, as she picked up one of the items, “Now, let’s try all of this on, so we know it fits and what you look like.”

Judy had Sue kneel before her and she slipped a nice shiny choker around her neck. It was the kind that when the end is pulled, it tightens. Sue felt the coldness of the metal on her neck and felt the weight as it hung down. The captain said, “Mmmm, that looks nice on the slut. Maybe we’ll just leave it on forever. Now, let’s try the leash.”

Judy picked the leash up from the table and examined it. She said, “How do you want it on her?”

The captain laughed and said, “Well, let’s thread it through the loop on the choker and then bring it down to attach it to her cunt lock.”

Judy took the end and started pushing it through the loop until it reached her cunt. Then, she SNAPPED the clip to her cunt lock. Sue felt it CLICK into place and also felt the additional weight pulling on her lips. The captain stood up and took the other end of the leash and pulled. Sue wasn’t
expecting this and yelled, “OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, it hurts!”

“It is supposed to, slut,” the captain replied. “This way we can get your attention real quick and when you are dressed, no one else will know how it is connected to your pussy.”

“Can we take her for a walk with it?” asked Judy.

“Sure,” said the captain, “that’s why I bought it extra long. Why don’t you try it out?”

Judy took the leash and pushed Sue down so she was on all fours. Then she tugged the leash, which tightened the choker and pulled her pussy lips toward her belly. If she didn’t move at all, the pulling would either choke her or tear her pussy lips. She had no choice except to follow. Judy walked around the room with her new little pet, pulling on the leash to make Sue do anything she wanted. She walked faster which made Sue crawl as fast as she could so she didn’t get hurt. Both Judy and Ron laughed at her predicament, knowing that when they went to the party, Sue would behave. Bringing her back to the captain, Judy picked up the next item. She looked at them and questioned, “What are these things?” The captain said, “Let me show you. Stand up cunt!”

Sue stood up, feeling better than on her hands and knees. He pulled out the key to her pussy lock and released it. Then he said, “These are called Ben Wa balls and they lodge themselves inside her cunt. When she walks or moves, they also move inside her. Supposed to keep her in a constant state of arousal and from what I hear, will not allow her to cum.”

Judy laughed as she took the two balls and pushed them inside Sue’s dripping cunt. As soon as they were inside, she closed the lock and said, “Now, she can’t get them out and she’ll walk around dripping all the time. I like that!” To prove how they worked, Judy took the leash and led Sue to the opposite side of the room and back again. By the time they returned, Sue was panting like she was a bitch in heat. The combination of the balls and the constant tug on her cunt made her so hot. Her pussy was flowing like a river now, with juices running down the insides of both legs.

“OK, now let’s get her tied up for the night so we can go fuck,” said the Captain, “I am so horny from all of this. We’ll put the rest together tomorrow before the party.”

Judy picked up some other items and lead her into the bedroom. She put Sue on the bed and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. Next came the shackles for her feet which consisted of an ankle cuff for each foot, connected together by a short chain. Then, Judy connected her hands and feet together, drawing her feet up under her body. By doing this, her locked up pussy was on full display. It would have been wide open if it hadn’t been locked shut. Satisfied the little slut wouldn’t go anyplace, Judy turned to leave. But before she left, she ran her finger nails over Sue’s swollen pussy and clit. Sue wanted to cum, but just as she was about to climax, Judy stopped and left her all alone.

Sue cried herself to sleep with the sounds of Judy fucking Ron in her big bed echoing in her head.

180 days of slavery day 10

DAY 10

Sue woke up the next morning to something running along her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw Judy standing beside her, playing with her cunt. God that felt good and wanted it to continue. Sue pushed her cunt up toward Judy’s fingers as best she could, but just as she was about to cum Judy stopped.

“Time to get up, slut,” said Judy, “we have lots of things to do today before the party tonight.”

She started to undo the chain between Sue’s feet and hands and gave her some time to stretch out before making her get up. As soon as she was standing, Judy took the leash and began to pull on it. This brought pain to Sue’s cunt lips as it tightened and pulled her lips upward.

“Let’s go piss before we eat and get dressed,” said Judy as she led Sue out of the bedroom and toward the front door.

Sue questioned, “The bathroom is the other way, Ma’am.”

“I know that, susie slut, but today we are going to piss outside. So, let’s move it!” stated Judy.

“Pppplllleeeeaasseee, no,” cried Sue,”i can’t do that!”

But Judy kept on pulling and Sue had no choice but to follow or get her pussy lips pulled off. So, she followed her out the door and into the front yard. It was daylight out and a few cars were driving by. Sue felt so embarrassed and humiliated being out in public, chained up like a common slave, never knowing who might see her.

Judy got to the middle of the yard and stopped. She said, “OK, cunt, do it!”

Sue hated this white bitch. she started to squat to piss, but Judy stopped her and said, “No, stand there, spread your legs as far as you can and piss!”

Sue didn’t move. she didn’t want this to happen, especially here in front of whoever might drive by. That is until Judy said, “You either piss now or you’ll stay out here all day until you do. And, if you take too long, you’ll go the rest of the day naked. Even when we go to the mall. Now piss, bitch!”

Sue was shocked, knowing that Judy would be true to her word. So she opened her legs as far as the chains on her ankles would let her. But that wasn’t very far apart. She strained and finally the first dribble of piss escaped her pussy. Then as she relaxed a little, the flow got stronger. she was pissing down her legs and when the stream hit the ground, it splattered back up onto her feet. Finally she finished. Judy watched the whole thing. she was laughing as she knew a few cars had passed by, but Sue hadn’t seen them. she was too busy concentrating on pissing and had closed her eyes.


Judy removed all the cuffs and chains from her, except for the collar, and then had her dress. she was given a short dress that buttoned up the front and Judy even let her button it. It seemed a little too small for Sue and she asked, “Can’t i wear something else? This seems to be too small for me.”

“NO, you’ll wear it and like it!” replied Judy, then added, “unless you would rather go naked today and save the dress for your sister.”

“i’ll wear it,” cried Sue, “but i won’t like it.”

“And put on the 6-inch heels.  you know how the captain likes them.”

she finished dressing.  As she followed Judy out the door, she turned briefly to look in the full-length mirror on the hallway door. The haircut revealed the lock which hung from her ear.  The collar was tight against her neck.  The dress was far too small, and the high heels guaranteed that the lock hanging from her pussy was only an inch or so from being visible. They left the house, heading for the mall. Pulling into the parking lot, Judy parked the farthest she could from the mall entrance and told Sue to get out. As they started to walk, Judy said, “now, susie slut, walk in front of me and swing your little whore ass like the slut you are.”

Sue started walking, determined to keep Judy happy today. Maybe she wouldn’t be so mean to her if she just did what she was told to do. But Sue didn’t expect too much sympathy from this white woman.

Judy added, “And, when I say ‘Top’, you’ll unbutton a button from the top of your dress. Then when I say ‘Bottom’, you’ll undo one from the bottom. Your hands will be behind your back, just as if they were cuffed there at all times, except to unbutton. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yyyyyeeesssss, Ma’am,” cried Sue.

As she was walking through the parking lot, a gust of wind blew and her little dress flew up, exposing her ass and cunt. she automatically reached down to hold it in place.

Judy saw this and said, “TOP!”

“Oh, no,” thought Sue, as she reached up to undo a button.  “i fucked up and didn’t leave my hands behind me and this bitch is making me pay. Concentrate, Sue.”

Judy spoke to her, saying, “Every time you fuck up, you will undo a button and from now on, you will keep your hands where they belong. I don’t care if the wind blows your clothes off, keep them there.” They continued walking, with Sue fighting the urge to keep her dress down. The wind kept blowing it up and Sue knew she was being seen by others.

Getting to the door, Judy opened it and they got inside. Sue felt better, knowing the wind wouldn’t blow the dress up anymore, but was shocked when Judy said, “BOTTOM!”

“Bbbbbuuuutttt,” Sue started to say, but was cut off with “TOP!” from Judy.

Sue reached down to undo a bottom button and then up to a top one. her breasts were now starting to show more and she knew that she would have to behave or she would be naked at some point.

Judy explained, “Every time you disobey or question me, you’ll undo one, so go ahead and make my day, talk some more, cunt.”

Sue was silent as they continued walking down the hall, until Judy found the clothing store she was looking for. she told Sue to go inside and to stay with her and to keep her mouth shut.

Judy looked through the racks of clothes and picked out the items she had been looking for. Sue watched her picking them out and started to comment, but only got out, “Ppllleeaasee.”

“BOTTOM!” ordered Judy!

Sue forgot she wasn’t to talk as she reached down and undid one more button. She only had a few left now and had to watch what she did, unless she actually wanted to be naked. her mind said no, but her cunt was dripping wet and said yes.

Sue was so horny now, especially since those Ben Wa balls were still inside her, moving around, keeping her aroused all the time, along with the thought of being exposed in public. she hated her self for feeling this way, but her cunt loved it.

Judy had the items she needed and headed for the check out. Sue followed her and was made to sign the slip for the purchases on her credit card. This is what she hated the most. Having to pay for items she didn’t even want. her credit card was beginning to get full and she didn’t know how she would ever pay it off. Walking out of the store, Judy told her to follow. Sue walked behind her this time, knowing that as she walked, her dress kept opening up just enough for others to get a glimpse at her naked cunt and the padlock hanging from her lips. Judy got close to the stairwell to go to the next floor and turned around just in time to see Sue push her dress back down. She ordered, “TOP, BOTTOM!” Sue knew that would only leave her with one button to keep her dress closed. She went ahead and undid the two buttons. Standing there with her dress almost completely undone, Judy said to her. “I told you before not to touch, but it seems you disobey all the time. I have a mind to make you strip right here and walk around naked. Do you want that, whore?”

“Nnnnnooooo, Ma’am” stuttered Sue, bowing her head in shame.

“OK, let’s go upstairs for a minute, then we can go home,” said Judy.

They walked up the stairs and Sue could feel the eyes on her. A group of boys had gathered at the bottom and watched as one white girl leading an asian girl walked up the stairs. Sue heard the comments, knowing they could see all of her nakedness. she was crying in shame as they reached the top of the stairs. Judy looked around, searching for a small, quiet area to take her slut. She
noticed an alcove at the far end with no one there at the time. She told Sue to follow once again.

About half way to the alcove, Judy turned and said, “Last one, cunt!”

Sue hated her, but reached around to undo the last of her buttons. her cunt was really getting juicy and was dripping down her legs. it was also right out in plain view for anyone who happened to be looking. It even got worse when she put her hands behind her back, since her dress opened up even more. Finally, they got to the little alcove and Judy said, “OK, cunt, take these
clothes and change.”

Sue looked around for a place to go, but then realized that Judy expected her to change right there in the alcove. she didn’t want to do it and said,
“Pppllleeeaaasssee, let me go to the ladies room to change. Please, Mistress.”

“NO, you will do it right here, right now!” yelled Judy.

“i i i i i i can’t,” cried Sue, “i i i i i i just can’t do it!”

“Then I’ll pull that dress off you and leave you here to figure out how to get home by yourself. Now, get moving!” ordered Sue’s Mistress.

Sue didn’t want to be left there in the mall naked, knowing the bitch would do just what she said, so she went into the alcove and removed her dress. She pulled the new clothes out of the bag, but before she could get them on, two men walked up to Judy.

“Hi, Judy,” said one of the men. “I have missed you since you moved. How’s things going?”

He hadn’t seen the naked Sue yet, and she did her best to try to hide behind the clothes she was holding in her hands.

“Hector, how you doing?” said Judy. “Things are going great in my new house. And you?Doing OK?”

Hector was the security guard at her old apartment complex and had always taken good care of Judy. He watched out for her and didn’t allow anyone to bother her. “Now, Judy, I told you to call me Hec,” he said. “What’re you doing today?” “Oh, just a little shopping for my friend here. Sue, meet Hec. Hec, meet Sue.”
Judy was in her glory now, making Sue expose herself to someone she knew. Hec looked into the alcove and saw the little, naked asian girl. “WOW,” he said, “does she do this often. I mean, doesn’t she know you can’t change clothes out here in public.”

“Yes, she knows better, but I won’t let her go anyplace else. You see, she is my asian slave and does what I say. She is also a whore!” stated Judy, knowing Sue was feeling really humiliated now.

“I don’t believe that,” said Hec. “Do you, Joe?”

Judy said, “Well it’s true and I can prove it if you want.”

“Sure, show me,” answered Hec and his friend Joe added, “No one does this kind of thing, do they?”

“susie slut, put down your clothes and show these nice men your cunt,” ordered Judy.

Totally embarrassed and humiliated, Sue lowered her clothes and stood before them totally naked. she knew she had to show them her lock, so she just spread her legs and thrust her pubic bone out. she knew if she didn’t do it, she would get into big trouble and didn’t know what this bitch Judy would do if she didn’t do as she was told.

“Tell my friends why there is a lock on your pussy.”

“my asian cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my white master. It is his cunt and i fucked
someone else, so he locked it up,” Sue answered, barely able to get the final words out before she started crying.

“WOW,” said Hec and Joe together. “Maybe you are telling the truth. What else will she do?”

“she sucks cock real good, too. Want to have a blowjob,  Hec?” asked Judy.

“UUHHH, sure, why not!” said Hec.

“On your knees slut! you know what to do, now do it!” ordered Judy.

Sue was shaking now. she was going to be made to suck a cock right here in public and she was still naked. But she got on her knees as Hec walked into the alcove, unzipping his pants and letting his big hard cock out. He got up to Sue and she just opened her mouth and started sucking.

Sue was thinking, “i’ll just suck him off and get it over with. Then maybe i can get out of here.”

Hec was actually fucking her face now and it wasn’t long before he stiffened and shot his heavy load down her throat. she swallowed it all and pulled back off his cock. she started to get up, but Judy said, “Not yet cunt, Joe wants one, too.”

Sue looked up and saw Joe walking toward her with his cock out. God, how she hated this. she didn’t even know these guys and she was sucking them off like some whore. Right here in public. What was she becoming? And to make it worse, her cunt was really getting juicy and she needed to cum so bad. she sucked the second cock down her throat and made him cum, too. But this time it was different. she came at the same time he did. she had never cum from sucking cock before and wondered if it was because she was so horny or if it was because she was doing it in public.

Once Joe came in her mouth, he pulled out and stepped back, zipping up his pants. That’s when Sue heard , “CLAP,CLAP,CLAP.” she looked up and saw she had an audience. There were five boys standing there watching her suck cock. Her face was now turning a bright red and she just hung her head in shame. Judy helped her out, by saying, “OK, slut, get dressed so we can go get ready for the party tonight. You can all watch her, but we really do have to go.”

Sue quickly picked up her new clothes and started putting them on. The blouse was very thin and she knew her little tits were showing through the material. The skirt wasn’t as short as the dress she had had on, but it was tight around her waist. It had a slit up the side of it, which opened up whenever she moved. Judy was just talking to Hec and Joe, and Sue heard her say, “Why don’t you all come to the party tonight as my special guests. Hec, you know all the guys from the police station anyway and they’ll be glad to see you. And I promise you’ll have some additional fun if you come.”

“Sure, we’ll be there,” said Hec. “I guess we’ll have to wear a costume, too?”

“Of course,” said Judy, “everyone will be in costume. And be sure to wear a mask. That way no one will know you until later on.”

Judy looked over at Sue, who was now dressed, but she didn’t have the skirt the right way. So she reached over and undid the snap to the skirt and turned it so the slit was in the front. Then she said, “That’s better. This way I can attach your leash right to your cunt and the clothes won’t be in the way.”

Sue looked down and noticed that her pussy was totally visible and the little skirt wouldn’t close anymore to hide it. she cried and lowered her head, wanting out of there as fast as she could. Judy reached into her purse and brought out the leash. Then reaching between Sue’s legs, hooked it to her pussy lock and gave it a quick jerk indicating Sue was to follow.

Judy led the humiliated asian slave out of the alcove, past the group of people watching, down the stairs and out to the car. Then they went home to get ready for the party. It would take a little while to get both of them ready.


They arrived back home and Judy led Sue into the house by the leash attached to her pussy. the captain was there and laughed as he watched the two walk up the driveway. He really enjoyed having an asian slut to play with and a white female to fuck whenever he wanted. Of course, with his connections, he could have anyone he wanted and someday, he would have another little asian whore. Sue’s little sister would be his next prize and slut. But for now it was just Sue and they
had a party to go to.

The two girls entered the house and Judy took her to a corner of the room where they had put some hooks. Pushing Sue into the corner and attaching her leash to one of the hooks she pulled it tight. This brought Sue right up to the wall so her nose and little tits were touching it. Then she pulled a little more, making Sue push her pussy toward the wall. Then she tied the leash so Sue couldn’t move. As she started to walk away, she slapped her on the ass. Then she went to the captain and gave him a big kiss saying, “I love you Ron, and thank you for giving me an asian pet to play with.”

“I love you too, Judy. And you are quite welcome for the pet. Did you have fun today?” replied the captain.

“Oh, yes we did. I got her the outfit for the party and guess who I ran into?” said Judy, “Hec happened to be at the mall and saw me. When he came to say hi, susie was kind of naked trying to change clothes and he loved it. Then she gave him and his friend a blowjob with an audience. It was so good. I invited them to the party tonight and promised them some additional fun. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Judy. You know you can do as you want. After all, you aren’t the little slut in this family,” replied Ron. “Think we got time for a quickie?”

“We sure do! The slut isn’t going anyplace for awhile,” Judy answered and headed for the bedroom, stripping as she went. Then as an afterthought she said, “Oh,
by the way, did you invite Stephanie, too.”

“Yea, I did. Called her today and she’ll be there,” said the captain. Then he whispered to Judy, “and I told her to bring her tools, also.” Judy smiled knowingly.

Then the two of them were gone from the living room, leaving little susie standing there all alone with nothing to do. she was up against the wall so tight, she couldn’t get comfortable and her body started aching. However, she could hear the other two in her old bedroom. she heard the moans and groans as they fucked.


Sue was dreading the party tonight, knowing that everyone there knew her and worked with her. The bad part was, she would be showing her locked-up pussy to everyone the way she had to wear her skirt.

Once she was released, the two started adding the final touches to her costume. First came the chains to hook her hands to her collar. They wanted her to have some freedom, but not much. The chains were about two feet long, which made her have her hands up in the air beside her. she could carry drinks this way, but couldn’t do much else with them.

Then came the ankle cuffs, locked in place with a three-foot chain attached to each ankle. Then a two-pound ball was attached to the end of each chain.

Then Judy said, “Since we are going to be with her most of the night, how about unlocking her cunt. We can put the leash on the rings and if we decide to let someone fuck her, it won’t take as long to get to her pussy.”

“Good idea, Judy, and that reminds me, I bought something special for her little pussy today,” the captain said.

He went to his briefcase and brought out two little bells with clasps on them. He showed them to Judy and then attached them to Sue’s pussy rings as soon as he took the padlock off. Flicking them with his fingers, Judy and Sue heard,
“tingle, tingle, tingle.”  Sue’s eyes began to tear, but she said nothing.

Judy laughed saying, “Wow, that’s perfect. Now, even if we aren’t close by, we can still know where she is.”

Judy reattached the leash to the other two pussy rings and pulled her. Sue had a hard time walking in the heels, but it was even harder now with the balls attached to her ankles. And when she walked, the bells jingled.

The captain and Judy put their masks on and decided that Sue would have to go without a mask so everyone would know who she was. But she wouldn’t know anyone else. This was going to be quite a night.

Leading their little asian whore out the door and to the car, they headed for the party. Sue sat in the back, legs spread, chained hands held above her lap, like a begging dog, dreading the night ahead. The police department had rented a place for the night, which had a big main hall for most of the party, but also had some extra rooms off to the side, just in case someone wanted to have a little extra fun on their own. Those that set the party up knew that some of the cops would be using the extra rooms to get a little playtime in. They always did when they had these parties where they
couldn’t bring their spouses. The three arrived at the place and saw that there was already a good crowd. This was perfect for their entrance and they knew that they would be a big hit with
everyone. Getting out of the car, Judy led Sue by her leash and the captain followed, watching Sue’s little ass wiggle. It seemed to wiggle even more with the heels on and he made a note to make her wear them more often. As they entered, the doorman announced their arrival and all eyes looked from behind masks to watch them come through the door. There was a temporary stunned
silence when Sue was led in. Some gasped with shock, others laughed at the sight. And some others began to clap and cheer as they saw the chink whore being led in like a common slut, slave prisoner.

Many of them came up to the captain and Judy and told them how original the costumes were, especially Sue’s. Some asked why she didn’t have a mask and was told it was because she wanted everyone to know who she was. It wasn’t that the Captain or Judy wanted it, it was because Sue wanted it. Sue was so humiliated and embarrassed because of this, knowing that every officer that ever worked with her and now worked for her would see what the Captain had made her.

Judy took Sue around to the bar to get drinks. She ordered for her and the Captain, but nothing for Sue. She said, “Sorry slut, but you only have two hands and they will be used for our drinks. Maybe we’ll find a nice little doggy dish for you later.”

Judy got the drinks and placed one in each of Sue’s hands and then tugged on the leash, leading her back to where Ron was. He was talking to some other men from the department, but with the masks on, Sue couldn’t tell who they were. They all acknowledged Judy and even spoke to Sue. “Nice outfit, chink whore,” said one of the men. Another said, “My, you really know how to liven a place up. Great idea.”

The captain and Judy both laughed and started to mingle with the others. Judy said to the captain, “You know, it is kind of tiring leading this cunt around all the time. Think we can put her in a room for awhile. That way, we can have some fun without her.”

The captain agreed with her and said, “Yes, that would be good. But we will have to make sure she can’t go anyplace.”

Judy said, “Good! I know just what to do.” She led Sue to a small room that she had looked into earlier. Opening the door, she led Sue inside and made her stand in the middle of the room. Then she pulled one of her leg chains out, making Sue almost fall down. Judy attached the chain and ball to a leg of a heavy chair, then did the same to her other leg, using another chair. Sue stood there, her legs wide apart with the leash hanging between her legs. she wanted to say something, but as soon as she started, Judy told her to shut up or she would gag her. This made Sue angry, but also afraid to say anything. she knew this white bitch would be cruel to her if she didn’t obey. Then Judy stood back to look at her slut and decided that if she did get loose, she could probably get out of the place. So she reached over and took Sue’s skirt off and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she moved her hands up closer to her neck and reattached them with the chains. Now Sue couldn’t do anything with her hands. But Judy still wasn’t happy and disconnected her hands one at a time and took her blouse off, leaving Sue standing there totally naked and spread. Judy said, “Now, you stay right here, don’t move or yell and I’ll be back later with your clothes. I just have to have some fun with Ron and you get in my way.”

As Judy was turning to leave, Sue begged, “Please, Mistress…” But before she could finish her sentence, Judy whirled and slapped her sharply across the face. Without saying a word, Judy reached into her handbag and pulled out a ring gag. “Open your mouth wide, slut.”

Sue had been shocked by the severity of the slap, and obeyed immediately. Judy forced the gag behind Sue’s teeth, using the straps to tie the gag behind her neck. Sue knew immediately that this was trouble. her jaw ached within moments, and there was no way to relieve the strain. her mouth was wide open, a welcoming hole for anyone who wished to use it for any purpose.

Then Judy pulled a blindfold out and put it over Sue’s eyes. Sue heard her walk out and close the door. Judy had some plans for the little slut and this was the only way she could make it happen. She went out to find the two people who would make it happen for her.

She didn’t see Hec right away, since everyone had masks on, but he found her. He said, “Judy, is that you?”

“Yes. Glad you could make it. I guess this is Joe?” replied Judy.

“Actually, no, this is Victor, another friend.  Joe wanted to be here, but something came up. Hope that’s ok with you.”

“Sure.  Hi, Victor.  Any friend of Hec’s is a friend of mine.”

“Thanks.  How do you like our costumes?” asked Victor.

“I think they’re great. Now, I have a surprise for you.  You remember the little asian slut I was with earlier. Well, I have her ready for you in that room over there. she’s all yours for awhile and she doesn’t have her pussy locked up tonight. So, why don’t you go enjoy.”

“Great!” both men replied and started to leave.

Judy said, “Oh, one more thing Hec! How about making sure you humiliate her real good. she can’t see you and probably can’t pick up on your voice. Have fun!”


Hec and Victor walked away smiling. They got to the room and opened the door. As they walked in, they found the naked Sue just as Judy had left her. Sue heard them enter and thought Judy had returned for her. There was silence as the two men approached her. Sue felt the hands on her ass and back. She knew then it wasn’t Judy, but it was a man’s hands. Thinking to herself, she wondered who it could be. Was it the captain or someone else? Then suddenly another pair of hands were on her in the front. She started shaking, not knowing who was in the room with her. What would they do with her? The hands began to roam over her body and Sue felt her pussy tingle with pleasure as one hand rubbed her mound and pulled on the leash. she was dripping and was so
embarrassed, knowing whoever was with her could feel the excitement in her crotch.

Then one of them spoke. “MMM, quite nice.”

Sue tried to figure out who it was, but couldn’t quite make out the voice. She had heard it before, but still didn’t know the man who was speaking and stroking her. She wasn’t thinking clearly. “Yea, it is,” said the other, “but the tits seem quite small. Maybe a little enlargement would help.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” laughed the other man. “Silicone works great on little tits. But then they don’t feel real. And it makes some whores look like bimbos.  But maybe just a little enlargement would be nice. If we could acquire her for a weekend, it might be a good idea.”

The two sets of hands roamed her body, pulling and pinching her erect nipples. Sue was now feeling the juice from her cunt dripping down her leg. She hated this, but her cunt was loving it. “Why is my pussy doing this to me?” she thought.

The men continued examining her and talking like she was nothing but livestock at an auction, degraded and touched by appraisers she didn’t know.

“Nice round ass, and firm too,” said one of them. “Bet it would be nice to fuck or to just hold onto.”

“And look at this sexy mouth. Bet it would feel good with my cock in it,” said the other.

Sue felt fingers going into her mouth and she involuntarily began to caress them with her tongue. “What am i doing,” she thought. “i have never been like this before. i am an asian slut for white cocks” she thought, as tears began to form in her eyes.

The fingers probed her mouth and slid over her teeth. The other set of hands made their way to her pussy and were running up and down her slit.

“Damn, she’s hot,” said the man who worked on her cunt, “this whore is really wet. Going to have to get it unhooked from this leash so we can fuck it.”

Sue felt the leash being undone and soon had a finger inside her pussy. It was sliding in and out, going deeper with each thrust.

“And it’s tight, too,” said the man. “Bet it could really milk a cock!”

The fingers were removed from her mouth and worked their way down her chest over her tits and then started toward her back. Sue shivered with excitement. They moved over her naked ass and slid in between her ass cheeks, up and down the crack. Then suddenly, a finger went inside her back door. she moaned, “mmmmmm, nnnnnnoooooo,” easily understood despite the gag.

Both men laughed as they now each had a finger inside her. One in her pussy and the other up her ass. “Wow, what a tight little bum we have. Wonder if she ever had a cock in there before?”

“Well, maybe we’ll find out. After all, Judy said we could do whatever we wanted with her,” said one of the men.

“Yea, let’s get her ready. I’m so horny and this cunt is primed for action,” said the other man.

They unhooked her legs from the chairs and then bent her over one of the arms. She felt the hands moving her around to where they wanted her and she couldn’t do anything to stop them. Did she want to stop them, she wondered. She didn’t even know who they were and now it looked like she was going to be used in all her holes. “God, please help me,” she said to herself, as a cock entered her mouth.

She automatically started sucking it. She didn’t know why she did it, but since the captain had turned her into his slut slave, it was like she really enjoyed it. Her mind kept saying no, but her body, especially her dripping cunt said, “Do it, whore!”

Just as she was starting to suck the cock in her mouth, the other cock pressed against her pussy lips. she also felt the hands take her pussy rings and spread her open. Then his cock filled her pussy. It seemed bigger than the others she had and it stretched her open even more.

Sue was being double fucked! One cock in her mouth and another in her cunt. And she was actually beginning to enjoy it. she knew she would cum soon, as long as they continued fucking her. If they stopped too quickly, she would just die. The men fucked her and also continued to talk about her. “Man, what a little whore. She would be great on the streets. Look at the money this hot little
bitch would bring us. Wonder if Judy would sell her?”

“Yeah, hot as a pistol.  A tattoo here, another piercing there, and she would fit right in on the streets. We could make a lot of money off of her.”

She listened to all that was said and soon she felt the first orgasm building deep inside her. It felt so good to have a cock up her cunt and she didn’t want it to stop. She pushed back on the cock in her cunt and deep-throated the other one, sucking as hard as she could. Then it hit her! she was starting to cum and knew it would be a big one.
“AAA, OOO,” she mumbled around the cock in her mouth. She was cumming and it was a hard one. her cunt was squeezing the cock inside her and her mouth was getting sore from the sucking she was doing.


Sue heard the door open again and thought those men were back. She couldn’t say anything since the gag was in her mouth. And she couldn’t move because of the way she was secured. Thinking of how she looked, bound, gagged, collared, blindfolded and spread wide open for anyone to see, she moaned quietly to herself. She was hating all of this, but knew she had to withstand a few more months so her little sister wouldn’t forced into this position. She would never be able to live with herself if that should happen.


While she was deep in thought, she didn’t hear the door open again. But she did hear the voice that suddenly snapped her away from her thoughts. “Time to get you back to the party, slut,” said Judy, as she started to undo the chains from the chair. “you, my pet, are going to entertain the ones that are left. Now, let’s get you dressed.”

Judy wrapped the skirt around her waist, making sure the slit was right in the front, but she didn’t put the blouse back on her. “Too much trouble to unhook everything to get that flimsy little blouse on, so I hope you don’t mind going topless for awhile.” she spoke, mainly to herself since Sue couldn’t respond.

“Now, just follow me, slut. I won’t take the blindfold off, since I don’t want you to know how many are left out there,” Judy told her.

With that, she pulled on the leash attached to Sue’s pussy and she couldn’t do anything but follow.

Once they entered the main room, Sue heard the talking. “OH, wow,” came a voice. Another said, “Holly shit, she is showing her tits.” And yet another said, “this chink really knows how to make a party.”

Sue felt herself being guided along the floor, her tears running down her face from underneath the blindfold. But she also felt her cunt juice running down her legs. She hated it when her pussy did this, but she was very excited. Judy led her to the middle of the room and pushed her into a chair. The cold wood felt strange on her ass, since her skirt had ridden up when she bent to
sit. she knew she was totally exposed to whoever was left at the party.

Then she heard the captain speak. “Tonight, by Sue’s request, she is going to get her tongue pierced. She told me she had always wanted this and we are going to do it.”

The moment Sue heard these words, she tried to rise from the chair in some form of protest, but Judy immediately pushed her down. She tried to make some protesting sound from the gag, but a hard slap silenced her immediately.

“Now, chink whore lee, we know you are excited, but you just have to control yourself,” said Judy. “Will someone help me strap the chink whore to this chair so she doesn’t hurt herself?”

Sue was strapped to the arms and legs of the chair. There was no way she was going to get loose.

The captain continued, “I asked Stephanie to help with it, since she is a professional piercer. Are you ready, Steph?”

“Yes,” Stephanie answered, “but I’ll need a table to put the tools on.”

“Hec, can you get that table over there,” asked the captain.

“Sure enough,” was his reply as he went to the other side of the room and got the table, placing it right next to Sue. Sue heard him set the table down and then she heard Stephanie laying out her tools. The next step surprised her when Stephanie said, “I need someone to hold her head tightly and someone to hold her tongue in place. Hec and Judy, can you help me?”

The next thing she felt were strong hands at the side of her head, and two fingers in her mouth. A clamp was attached to the tip of her tongue. She couldn’t say anything since the ring gag prevented it. Then her tongue was being pulled. She tried to fight it, but it hurt from the clamp and it came out of her mouth. Sue sat there, not being able to move or talk, with her tongue as far out
as Judy could pull it. She then heard Stephanie say, “Judy, what can we attach this to in order to keep it out? Can’t have her jumping when I put the holes in.”

Judy thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we hook it to her cunt rings. Then she won’t be able to move it all, unless she pulls her lips off.” She started laughing at the sight it would make of the little cunt. Sue felt them fumbling with something and then felt hands near her pussy. The next thing she knew, her cunt and tongue were attached together by a chain. She cried even harder now, finding it difficult to breather, but she couldn’t do anything else. And she felt her pussy begin to leak more juice and she knew she was sitting in a big puddle on the chair.

Stephanie said, “That’s going to work just fine. Now, I’ll just get all my things on the table and get to work.”

Sue heard her moving the tools and Stephanie whispered in her ear, “It won’t be too bad, Sue. Just a little prick and it’ll be done.”

Sue tried one more time to groan out a protest, but she knew it was hopeless. Stephanie picked up the piercing tools and put the stud that would be in her tongue into the gun. She asked the captain, “OK, where do we put it?”

He said, “I think she needs two of them. One on each side, toward the back.” So she went to work. Putting the tool on Sue’s tongue, she found the right spot and squeezed. Sue tried to scream when she felt the hole going through her tongue, but nothing came out.

Sue was horrified to feel an orgasm building within her. “Not here,” she screamed to herself. “Please not here,” she begged her inner feelings. She tried to think of other things, to take her mind off this awful night. Stephanie stopped and showed everyone the shiny new stud in Sue’s tongue. Then she went to the other side and did the same, squeezing her piercing tool. Sue could no longer control herself. As the stud was inserted into the hole, her body arched with a powerful orgasm.  she screamed into her gag and her body shook with sensual pleasure.

Suddenly, the room was quiet. Time stopped. Sue couldn’t tell what was going on. No one seemed to be around her. Was she all alone? Did they just leave her? What was going to happen next?

Then there was noise again, applauding and cheering the humiliated asian slut. She heard others talking, but couldn’t make out what everyone was saying. All the words seemed to run together because everyone was talking at the same time. She wondered what was going on, but was not able to see anything. She was untied from the chair before her tongue and cunt were disconnected. But she was soon able to get her tongue back into her mouth. she ran it around inside her mouth and could feel the new studs. She wondered what they looked like and what others would say if they saw them. She wondered how she could ever go to see her parents, knowing they hated anyone that pierced themselves. She could never face them again. Someone had taken her leash and was now leading her away from the crowd. The voices faded away and soon she found herself in silence again. Then Judy spoke to her. “Susie, my little slut, you are beginning to be a pain in the ass and we have decided that we need some time alone without you. We are going away next weekend, but we can’t trust you to be on your own. So, slut, we are going to give you to someone else for a weekend. Of course, we will have to make a little money from you, so we are setting up an auction. And everything we make from you tonight is going to be given to the police charity for the homeless people. Just think cunt, you will be feeding a lot of people for Thanksgiving this year. All
because you are a little, slutty whore.”

Sue shook her head no and try to scream. But the gag was still there. “NNNNN, PPHHHH,” was all she could say.

“Oh, don’t worry. Whoever gets you will have rules to follow and you won’t be hurt. Well, at least not much. But this has to be done, so Ron and I can get away for awhile. Now, I’m going to take you back out and we will begin the auction. And whoever wins you will be able to fuck you tonight, right here in front of everyone.”

Leading her back into the main room, cheers arose and everyone started clapping. Ron spoke above the loud noise to quiet them down.

“OK everyone, as I said earlier, this little slut is now up for auction. The highest bidder will get her next weekend starting Friday night and she’ll be picked up on Sunday,” stated the captain. “And please be generous in the bidding, because what we bring in here tonight is going to a good cause. Every cent we get from this cunt will be given to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.
So let’s start the bidding!”

“One hundred dollars,” came a shout from the crowd. Another said ,”Two hundred!”
Then came three hundred and four hundred. She was going to bring in some good money for sure!

The bidding continued while Sue listened. She had no idea who was bidding on her and feared she would never be able to face anyone again.She would have to quit and go back to China, if the captain would let her. Then a voice from the group said, “Hey, can we inspect her before we go any further?”

The captain said “Sure, come on up.”

He reached over and pulled her skirt off leaving her totally naked now. She was in front of all the other police officers, naked and about to be checked out like livestock. She couldn’t do anything but stand there. Unfortunately for her, her cunt was so wet with the anticipation of all those hands on her and the need to cum. Maybe she would be able to get off when the hands were checking her out. It wasn’t long and she had hands all over her body. They rubbed her smooth skin,
touched her breasts, felt her naked ass, pinched her nipples, looked at the new jewelry in her mouth, spread her legs and probed her dripping pussy. She heard the comments, but couldn’t make out the voices. “MMMM, nice little tits!”

“Smooth skin, nice ass!”

“Lovely mouth. Would be great for sucking cock.”

“Wow, she’s hot!”

“Her cunt is dripping wet!”

Then, the captain said, “OK, let’s continue.”

The bidding continued and got up to nine hundred dollars. Then there was silence for awhile. She waited to see if anyone else would say anything.

Then, came the final bid. “One thousand dollars!”

She recognized that voice. It was from one of the men who had taken her earlier. She had no idea who it was and hoped someone else would put up another bid. She remembered what they had said before about her making them money and giving her some tattoos and more piercing. She didn’t want this. she was horrified at what was happening!

Next came the final call for bidding on the little asian cop. “One thousand going once!” said the captain.

He hesitated for a moment and then said, “One thousand going twice!”

Another hesitation and then, “Sold, for one thousand dollars! This asian slut is yours, sir, for one thousand dollars. We ask that you come up and finalize your bid. She is to be fucked by you in front of everyone, if that is your desire”

She heard the movement and the man said, “I won’t mind fucking her, but my friend has put up half the money and we both need to have her.”

“That’s OK,” said the captain. “One can fuck her while she sucks the other. Is that OK?”

“Fair enough,” said the man.

Sue felt the hands on her. She was bent over at the waist and without any kind of foreplay, she had a cock in her cunt and then one in her mouth, held open by the ring gag.

Once again, she was being double-fucked, but this time she had an audience watching. She had no idea who was seeing her being used like this nor did she know who was using her. All she knew was that she was going to spend an entire weekend as a slave slut to the two men who used her in that room. And she hoped she wouldn’t have to endure the thoughts that they expressed earlier, such as getting more piercings and tattoos.

As they fucked her two holes, she heard others cheering them on. This made the two guys so hot, they both came together. One in her mouth and one in her cunt. But they didn’t give her enough time to cum. she was once again left frustrated. She needed to cum so badly. she would have fucked everyone at the station for the chance to cum.

Once they finished with her, Judy pulled her up and said, “OK, little whore, time to go home. We have some things to do before our vacation. And you need to get rested up before next weekend. I don’t think you’ll get much sleep with these guys.” She was led to the car and she felt it start to move. Glad to be away from the party, but so hot and horny. she needed to cum.


Sue was allowed to rest once they got home and bound her to the bed. They didn’t want her to have access to her pussy. She needed to be really horny for the next weekend and she would not be allowed to cum until then. Ron and Judy fucked a lot and Sue heard every bit of it as she lay in her tiny bed in the guestroom. She also heard the plans they were making for their trip and how she should be treated while they were gone. the captain had arranged for the three of them to be off work for the long weekend and also had Sue off on Thursday and Friday to get her ready to submit.

180 days of slavery day 11

DAY 11

They all worked on Wednesday. The day passed without major incident.  Sue kept to herself and spoke very little. The studs in her tongue, the lock on her pussy lips, the metal choker, and the lock that hung from her ear were a constant reminder of her slavery to the captain. As she rubbed the
studs over her teeth, she was surprised how her pussy lips began to swell. But what happened on Wednesday night shocked Sue. It was quitting time at the station and Sue was ordered into the captains office. As soon as she entered the Captain said, “Show Me!”

Without hesitation, she stripped out of her uniform, spread her legs and bent over placing her hands on the desk. The other two were laughing at her as she did as ordered, but she didn’t know why.

Judy picked up her uniform and pulled her badge, nametag, and chink whore insignias off, and threw the uniform into the trashcan. Sue was shocked, knowing they weren’t going to allow her to get it back, but couldn’t understand what she was going to wear out of the station.

Judy said, “OK, cunt, put these on!” She threw some clothes at her and Sue looked at them. It didn’t look like much, but she stood up and began to get dressed in what Judy had given her. Sue cried as she realized what she had to wear. It was a sheer blouse with only a couple of buttons on it. It was so sheer she might as well not have anything on. Then she put the tiny skirt on, which only came to about an inch below her pussy and her naked ass was visible. Next was the pair of 6″ heels, which made her taller and showed more of her ass and cunt.

Once she was dressed the captain said, “OK, sgt. lee, go out to the car and wait beside it. you know how to wait ,don’t you? Just like you show me here. Legs spread and hands on the hood, with your ass facing the station house.”

“BBBBBuuuuuuuttttttt, sir,” begged Sue. Of course, she was shut up with a hard slap to her face by Judy who said, “Just do it whore!”

Sue left his office and tried to hurry out of the building so no one saw her, but it was shift change and many had a good look at the chink whore as she made her way out of the station to the parking lot. And they got a better look as she took the position her Captain had ordered.

Sue knew she was making quite a scene and everyone was now viewing her naked ass and open cunt. She cried as she waited for one of them to show up to get her out of this mess. It seemed like hours before Judy came up behind her and ran her finger up Sue’s open pussy. She said, “Well little slut, it looks like you enjoy showing off for every one. Maybe when we come back to work next week, you’ll come in naked.”

“PPPPlllleeeaasseee, not that,” cried Sue. “Anything, but making me work naked.”

Judy just laughed and said, “I’ll think about it. It will all depend on tonight and the weekend while Ron and I are away. Good reports let you wear clothes. Bad reports keep you naked. Now get your whore ass into the car.”

As soon as they got into the car, Judy drove off toward the house. She made Sue spread her legs and play with her pussy, but threatened her with severe punishment if she came. And,she couldn’t stop playing with herself until they were home.

Sue began playing with her already hot cunt and needed to cum so bad. She held off as long as she could, but it wasn’t good enough. Suddenly she tensed up and had one big orgasm after another as she stroked her pussy. Judy reached over and pulled sharply on a handful of hair, bringing Sue back to reality.

“I told you not to cum, didn’t I slut?” yelled Judy, pulling Sue’s head closer to the driver’s side of the car.

“iiiiiii, couldn’t help it, please don’t hurt me,” cried Sue. “i’ll be good, I promise, please”

Judy stopped the car and told Sue to get out. Once she was out of the car, Judy said, “STRIP, bitch!”

Sue was so shaken by now, she just stripped right there beside the car. She didn’t know what to do with the skimpy clothes, so she just hung onto them until Judy said, “Give me the clothes and walk home!”

They were at least three blocks from the house now and Sue didn’t want this. But she was scared to disobey and she didn’t want to be hurt anymore. So she handed Judy her clothes and started walking quickly to get there faster. Judy drove behind her with the headlights on full beam, showing her little naked slut off to everyone who was around. It was difficult for Sue to walk in those heels and it made her little asian ass wiggle even more. she hated doing this, but she had no other choice If she didn’t behave and do as she was told, she would have to go to work naked and the threat of kidnapping her little sister was still playing on her mind. Lucky for her, there weren’t too many people around and she wasn’t stopped by anyone. Finally she made it home and inside the safety of the house, but that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. she didn’t know it, but she had a long night ahead of her. And the temperature was starting to drop.

Once they were home, Judy told her to get all the bags of her clothes she had put away and load them into the trunk. Judy said, “We are going to get those nasty things out of my house tonight. I can’t wear any of them and you won’t wear them. So, say good bye to them. Now move it, we have lots of things to do tonight.”

“Ppplleaase, Ma’am, can’t i just keep them in storage for when I’m free again?” begged Sue.

“No you can’t, stupid cunt,” said Judy, “and who said you’d ever be free.”

“The contract i signed for the captain said six months,” Sue cried.

“I know what it said cunt, but the six months are not up yet and for right now you are mine, so you’ll just do as I say.” laughed Judy.

“bbbuuttt, i will need clothes when i am free from you, please,” cried the little naked cop.

“Then you’ll buy some more slut. Now move it!” Judy yelled at her.

Sue started crying. She knew she wasn’t free and they could do whatever they wanted with her. she had no other choice. She was their slave and slut and knew she had to obey. So she began her task of taking all her clothes to the car and placing them in the trunk. she remained naked, since she knew better than to ask for clothes to put on. She was in shock, knowing it was going to be a long six months for her. Maybe she would escape and get away somehow, but she had no place to go, especially without clothes. Once she was finished putting the clothes in the car, she went back into he house. The warmth felt good since it was getting quite chilly outside. she was just getting warm when Judy stepped out of the bedroom, dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt and a heavy coat.

Judy said, “All done, my pet?”

“Yes,” Sue said in a whisper.

“Good, now get your ass out to the car and wait for me. Don’t get in it, just stand beside it until I get there,” ordered Judy.

“Cccaannn i put a coat on , please,” begged Sue.

“No, you can’t!” shouted Judy. “you have to earn clothes and so far you haven’t shown me you deserve them. Now get your naked ass out there. I’ll be along soon.”

As Sue was starting to walk out the door, Judy stopped her and said, “Wait a minute, slut, I forgot something.”

Sue stopped, hoping she had changed her mind about a coat, but when Judy approached her she saw something that made her eyes widen in surprise. In her hand was the ring gag and she forced it into Sue’s mouth. Judy was quite rough doing it and it hurt Sue. she couldn’t scream from the pain, because the gag was already in place and she was tightening it on to her head.

“Now get your slutty little body out there and wait. This way you can’t scream or talk to anyone. Move it, whore,” shouted Judy, as she slapped Sue sharply on the naked ass. Sue turned and once again passed the full-length mirror as she headed out the door. What a sight she saw. Naked except for the metal choker, the ring gag transformed her face into an ugly expression. She could see the lock hanging from her right ear and one hanging from her pussy lips. She quickly moved out the door, into the cold air and made her way to the car. She tried to hide behind it, but knew if Judy saw her hiding her naked body from view she would be in big trouble, so she stood beside the car where anyone and everyone who passed by could see her. It seemed like hours again, standing naked out in public, but it was only a few minutes before Judy came out of the house and let Sue into the car. Sue was shivering from the cold and hoped Judy would turn the heat on. But as they left the driveway, Judy turned the air conditioner on instead. She was nice and warm, dressed in winter clothes, but poor little Sue was freezing. They drove for awhile and then suddenly turned into the park where Sue had fucked the rookie cop not too long ago. It brought memories back to her as she thought of his cock sliding into her hot cunt and wanted it to happen again. But she knew it couldn’t if she wanted her pussy free from the locks that the Captain had put on her. He had promised her that if she ever fucked anyone without his permission again, she would have her cunt locked up forever. They drove through the park until they came to an area where Sue saw some other cars. Judy made her get out and walk ahead of her toward the group of people standing there waiting. She heard the captain’s voice say, “OK guys, the guest of honor has arrived and now the fun begins.”

Sue didn’t like this one bit, but she knew she had to do whatever she was told. As she approached, she noticed they were standing around a small outdoor fireplace and it had a small fire in it. the captain brought her close to the fire and said, “Victor, would you help Judy get the things from the car?”

“Sure,” he said as he walked with Judy back to the parking area.

While they were getting the bags out of the car, Sue’s mind was busy thinking what would happen next. Who was Victor? God how she wanted to just die. She was so embarrassed to have others see her naked and gagged like this and then to watch everything else that the captain had planned tonight. The captain said, “Sue, I’m sure you’ll remember Hec and Victor from the Halloween party?” Then he laughed and continued, “I’m sorry slut. I forgot you can’t talk with that thing in your mouth. But I’ll bet you can suck cock and eat cunt with it in there, can’t you?”

She just stood still and cried. she hated everything that had been done to her and this seemed to be the worst so far. she remembered the auction and assumed these were the two guys that made the highest bid for her. She also remembered their ideas of what they would do to her if they had her for a weekend. What else could these evil people think of? She was about to find out when Judy and Victor got back with the bags of clothes. The captain tore the bags open and dumped all her good clothes on the ground in front of her. she gave him a blank stare and if looks could kill, he would have been dead. “How dare he treat her good clothes like that?” she thought to herself. But the worst was yet to come. the captain said, “OK, slut susie, I want you to pick these clothes up and put
them into the fire, one piece at a time until they are all gone.”

She shook her head no and tried to say no, but all that came out of her gagged mouth was, “MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!”

“Now don’t make me punish you in front of our friends, slut.  Just do as I say!” he ordered.

Knowing she had to do it, she reached down with her eyes closed and picked up the first article. she held it in her hands for a moment and then tossed it into the fire. It immediately caught on fire and it burned quickly. But she was slow to pick up anymore, so the captain reached behind her and slapped her very hard on her cold naked ass. she jumped when he did this, and almost went into the
fire herself.

He yelled, “I told you to put them all in there. Now, cunt, get busy. I have other things to do before the night is over and these guys might want a good blowjob, too. Move it whore!”

She quickly grabbed another piece of her clothing, threw it on the fire and reached for another. Soon there was a nice hot fire from all her burning clothes. And even though she was crying from throwing her clothes away like this, she was getting warm. However, she didn’t see the branding iron placed in the hot coals, so she had no idea what was coming next.

She just continued placing her clothes in the fire as the others watched her and drank beer. They were getting a little drunk, just the way the captain wanted them. His little whore was going to be really used tonight, softened up for the weekend ahead, as soon as he finished marking her as his property. After all but a couple of pieces of clothing had been burned to ashes, the Captain said, “Hec, time to get the slut ready, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Captain,” replied Hec as he walked over to Sue with several ropes and a leash that he had collected from a bag at his feet.

“Let’s go, slut,” he said, as he finished clipping a leash to her pussy rings, and tugged her in the direction of the playground equipment a few yards away. As soon as they left the warmth of the fire, Sue realized how cold it had become, but she had no choice except to follow like a domesticated pet. Her heels sunk into the soft ground with every step, so she moved very slowly as Hec tugged firmly on her lips. As they arrived at the playground area, Victor had joined his friend. They marched her over to the teeter-totter. “Ok, slut, lay on your back, head near the center of the teeter-totter, legs spread on each side of the board, arms drooping over the side.”

Sue did as instructed, having no idea what was going to happen. “Look at her tits, Hec. She is either very excited or the cold is causing them to stick out like hard little nubs. And if I know her, her pussy is dripping like a water faucet!”

The men separated the ropes, and each began to tie her body tightly to the board. A rope was wound several times around the choker on her neck and tightened under the teeter-totter, and one was tied across her forehead. There was no way to raise her head. her arms were tied tightly over the sides of the board, the rope winding around her arms from elbow to wrist. It was so uncomfortable! She tried to beg for mercy, but they just laughed at her muffled pleas. And then they began tying her legs to the board. Strands of rope were wound wickedly over her thighs, then just below her knees, and finally her ankles were connected tightly below the board. Except for her fingers and toes, there was little that Sue could move. Why were they doing this to her? If they planned to keep her out all night, she would surely die from exposure to the cold, night air.

“Let’s see if my idea will work, Victor. Go to the other end and sit down when I say. Victor went to the other end of the teetor-totter, while Hec straddled Sue’s head. Hec nodded, and as Victor began to sit on his end, Sue began to rise, until her mouth was right at the level of Hec’s crotch.

“Perfect. Let’s go get the captain and Judy.”

Victor got off the teeter-totter, and the two walked away towards the fire and her evil captors. She could hear their voices, and laughter, but could not make out any details of what they were talking about. It wasn’t long before she heard their voices approaching her. she couldn’t raise her head to see them, but knew they were getting close and she didn’t see the branding iron in the captains hand. But, she just knew something bad was about to happen as they approached her on the teeter-totter, she just didn’t know what. Sue lay there, bound and gagged, unable to move as the captain stepped up close to her and said, “Now, my slutty little chink whore, it is time to make you my property.”

He brought the white hot branding iron up and showed it to Sue. her eyes went blank as she saw the thing glowing in the dark and wondered what he was going to do with it. she knew he was going to touch her with it, but where. she tried to beg and she cried, but no noise came out. her throat was dry and she couldn’t even get a muffled sound to come out. Then the captain moved down toward her pussy and asked, “You sure she is tied tight? I don’t want her to move when I put my mark on her.”

Hec and Victor both said, “Oh, yea, she is tight and can’t move, so let’s do it and then get on with the fun.”

Sue could see the captain raise the branding iron up and begin to lower it toward her body. she froze in fear as it got closer and closer to her skin. “Oh God, please help me,” she said to herself, “please don’t let this happen!”

The captain lowered the iron with the glowing letters “RS” on it down toward her right thigh. The closer it came, the more she could feel the heat. She was trying to beg, but nothing would come out. she was gagged and her fear made it impossible to say anything.

Then, it happened! “SSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZ” was the sound it made as the white
hot metal touched her soft flesh, just below her cunt on her thigh.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH” came out of the little slut’s mouth just before she
passed out from the pain in her leg. she didn’t feel the rest of it as the captain pushed it deeper into her skin to make sure it would be a perfect mark on his slut forever.

Sue was now his to do with as he pleased. He had her marked as “Ron’s Slut!”

a glimpse of whitopia

It’s a completely different world to the one we reside in today, where political correctness and secular progressive ideology hold sway and keep everyone in chains from his more natural instincts. In the perfect world, this charade has been torn off. Equality is rejected. Human rights are abolished. The toxic nonsense of Enlightenment is proven false. In the natural, perfect state of the world, only White Men deserve the dignity to be considered human, and all inferior races are treated as cattle or domestic pets. There is no more blacks, hispanics, or Muslims or Jews. They are all sent into space. The only non-white minority living in this new paradise are asians. And not the inferior kind of asians: the dark skinned south east asians. No, those are also shot into space. The only asians remaining are fair skinned asians, asians of Japanese, Korean, and north east Chinese stocks.

In this new paradise, asians become pets and cattle to the white race. In order to become pets, as demanded by law, those asians must be spayed or neutered, so they become meek, happy, and extremely submissive; so they can live longer and healthier lives; in addition, to prevent accidental breeding of white-asian hybrids, which are considered abominations. Asian sperm and egg cells are stored in science facilities to breed the most beautiful, most docile, and most submissive stock of asians, those that are most tractable to their white owners.

But not all Asians are homogeneous. Of course not. Many types of asians are bred to cater to the appetites of their white masters. Some asian girls are bred to have very large breasts; some are able to lactate milk on demand; some have natural blond hair and blue eyes, but still retain the distinct asian faces and silk-like skin; and still more, some asians are bred to become shemales, with the appearances of females but the genitals of males. Still some others are asian boys who have been castrated, to cater to white men who have the particular fetish of having sex with asian boys. Castration is necessary to inhibit the release of testosterone which can lead to aggression and thus pose danger to the white owners. All in all, there are over hundreds of different types of asians available, catering to the whims and fantasies of every white man.

And still, some more asians are bred to be super intelligent scientists who assist white men in their conquest of space. Though highly intelligent, they are completely lacking in aggression and creativity, and so they pose zero threat to the white race. In fact, those asians are more like computers or highly advanced AI’s whose sole purpose is to complement, and not override, the white race.

Notwithstanding, still more, more than more, some asians are genetically engineered to become cattle. Their purpose in life is to be consumed by white men; their meat are humanely collected and sold to white customers as delicate dishes of sushi and sashimi.

Is it cruel? Is it wrong? Some foolhardy childish people used to insist all humans were equal, and what had that led to? Massive discontent, high unemployment around the world, and eventually revolt, rebellion, and global wars. People who were never going to excel in anything but slavery were told to be angry at the perceived inequality between those who were naturally superior and those who were naturally inferior, and, once taken out of their natural states, they were left idle, and forever brewing in their discontent, and this discontent eventually morphed into racial hatred and soon enough, wars broke out. Equality was a lie and had been proven to be a lie.

And now, in stead of idling all day doing nothing, in this more perfect world, a world in which white men are naturally the most superior race as everyone who is honest with him or herself knows, those who are inferior have been put to work and in which they have found their most natural roles in service to the superior white race. It is not wrong. In fact, it is the most perfect state we can imagine. Think of a chicken or a dog. Its purpose is either to be eaten or to be a companion to humans. What would happen if we give those animals “freedom”? They lose their purpose. They become wild dogs or they overpopulate our natural habitat and thus destroy it. And what is the difference between a human and a dog or a chicken? What does this sensible warm motion of consciousness make us different and have us thinking that we are above the laws of nature, which have always dictated that the strong shall feast upon the weak, that the predator must ravish the prey, and that the inferior shall assist the superior in the greater purpose of furthering life itself? And now, once the world is set aright, the inferior asian race have finally found her purpose in life, that is, to serve the superior white race, to become pets and cattle to the white race, in its conquest of the earth, the galaxy and beyond.

White God and Chink chapter 1

There is no place on earth like Hong Kong, where females outnumber males 4 to 1, and every local Chinese girl wants a white man. White Men built Hong Kong. White Men gave Hong Kong the freedom, the prosperity, and the prestige it has today. Every single Chinese person living in Hong Kong worships White Men as gods. And every night, millions of sexy little Chinese whores prowl the streets looking for white men to please, and they are so eager to please, so obedient to the whims of every white king, so immersed in a culture of White Worship that they will do anything to curry favors for white men, and most important of all, they are so cheap! Any middle-class white man can afford to accommodate a large harem of Chinese concubines, turn them into his personal fucktoys, cum dumps, and exotic sex slaves. There is no limit to what you can do to those inferior chink whores. Hong Kong is truly the paradise for White Men.

Chapter 1

A tortured Chink

“Yes Mr. Simon”. responded the two chink slaves in unison.

Ms. Chink moved to the chair and found a pair of red heels on denim bib overalls. Stepping out of her current heels, she slipped into the overalls. She found them to be at least 2 sizes too large for her, a typically petite Asian woman in her mid thirties, when in fact she looked much younger. Like most Asian women, Ms. Chink simply does not age. “It’s truly a blessing to be an Asian woman, and it is even better when there are white men who know how to appreciate us,” Ms. Chink thought to herself. After fastening the suspenders over her shoulders she adjusted the straps so that her breasts were covered as much as possible, which wasn’t much, and the waist was in the right place. Despite her petite statue, she had rather large breasts, and she loved the fact that she can attract white men with her lily white skin, and large breasts, and her dyed blond hair made her look just like a beautiful white girl. She could slid both hands down inside the overalls without opening them. She knew she was in for an evening of embarrassment and putting herself on display again. She wasn’t sure she could do it again, but it was her white god’s order, and she had to obey. She put the heels on her dainty little feet and buckled the straps on her ankles. Her breasts fell out the side of the bib with the slightest sideward movement.

Kimmy the hair dresser expertly applied Ms. Chink’s makeup in the fashion Mr. Simon liked. When Ms. Chink looked in the mirror she was shocked to see herself. She looked more like a mainland Chinese whore than ever with the clothes and the make-up. She was an respectable Hong Kong office lady with a white collar job and she had come from a respectable family, but the hair and earrings were the finishing touches that brought her image together and the heels and overalls made her look like a mainland chink slut. “I couldn’t possible go out in public like this,” she thought to herself, “I’m a superior chink, not the inferior kind of chinks from mainland China.” 

Slipping a dress over her head Kimmy gave Ms. Chink a fleeting kiss and climbed the steps to her Master, a white businessman who owned the local salons. Ms. Chink was left standing there waiting for her white owners. She used the time to check her purse and found her dildo, butt plug, nipple clamps and 11 condoms. “What does he have planned tonight?” She mumbled to herself. “I hope food is part of her plan. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday and that wasn’t much.” As part of her slut training, Ms. Chink was not allowed to eat unless her master allowed her, and this simple method kept her completely obedient.

Shortly a white god and his pure-white white wife came down. He was wearing a dark suit and she was wearing a stylish skirt and sweater with white socks and tennis shoes. She really was an attractive 18 year old white girl.

Grabbing Ms. Chink’s leash, “Come, chink, we have places to go and people to see,” and they went out of the door.

Ms. Chink discovered walking in the high heels caused her body to sway from side to side slightly which threaten to cause her breasts to pop out the sides of the overalls. She would have to walk very carefully.

As they drove across town in a white van with white god at the wheel and his white wife sitting in the passenger seat, Ms. Chink huddled in the back, waiting in fear to see what her white owners had planned tonight. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Well pet tonight we are going to the Hub.”

The hub is a local hangout for white expats with an bowling alley, Italian food, and dance floor.

Ms. Chink’s greatest fears were coming true. She was going to be displayed to a horde of white men looking like a hot local Asian whore wanting to get some action.

“First we are going to get some pizza and some Coke in the Italian place. Then you will find at least six different white guys and take them individually or as a group out to the van and show them each a good time, and if they ask how much, tell them it’s on the house, compliment for their visiting Hong Kong. I want 6 condoms filled and in your purse for me tonight. Tie them tight so you don’t leak any of their valuable nutrients.”

“Mr. Simon your pet can’t do that. There are colleagues from my office who go there.”

“Well you better be careful then. You wouldn’t want anyone else to find out, do you?”

“Please Mr. Simon your pet begs to go somewhere else.”

“Enough whining. I want to go there and that’s we are going. If you can’t or won’t do as you are told you will be severely punished and then all of your pictorial history will be exposed. Lisa is making several copies of your video now,” pointing to the pure white Aryan girl sitting next to him.

“Mr. Simon your pet will do as ordered but is begging for your compassion and understanding.”

Lisa parked the van in a dark corner of the lot and removed Ms. Chink’s collar. “Come in and eat first you have a lot to do tonight and we need to advertise you are here.”

Ms. Chink followed her white god and Lisa into the “Hub” very conscious of the display her loose breasts were providing under the too large bib of her outfit. Lisa found a table in the center of the pizza shop and sent her white husband and her self-conscious little chink pet to get a large pie of pizza with two cokes and water. Ms. Chink walked to the counter very aware that her heels made her ass sway and her breasts threatening to fall out the side at any moment. She placed her order and stood trying to hide herself waiting for it. She surveyed the crowd looking for faces she might recognize and need to avoid and also looking for prospects to complete her assignment. Her face blushed hot and red when she realized she was looking over a room of white men to find six guys to gather cum from.

When the pizza was finished Ms. Chink took it with the 2 coke back to the table. Lisa indicated she should stand and and gave her one slice of pizza while Lisa and Mr. Simon sat at the table.

“This should give you enough energy to get through the evening. Eat up and then get busy. You have 2 hours.” Mr. Simon ordered.

Ms. Chink thankfully ate the pizza even though she didn’t taste it. Her mind was on what she was now being required to do. She was also appalled at herself because she could feel the moisture growing in her pussy as she thought about what she was about to do.

As soon as she finished the pizza Ms. Chink moved into the dance floor. She had no idea how to begin to get the first man to take her to the van. As she was pondering her plan she heard someone say “hi”. She turned and found herself face to face with a rather good looking young white man from Great Britain.

“Hi” she replied.

They got into a pleasant conversation and Ms. Chink noticed his eyes seemed to be constantly drawn to her semi exposed breasts. After about 10 minutes of chatting Ms. Chink finally got the courage to ask him if he would like to take a walk. Of course he was more than willing. As they went outside Ms. Chink steered him toward the van. She hoped she had the courage to get through this. When they were next to the van Ms. Chink swallowed her pride and leaning close gave the young white man hard tongue lashing kiss. She allowed his hands to roam freely over her breasts.

Ms. Chink was ashamed that she was getting excited by this perverse action but she convinced herself she was being forced to do this. She opened the door to the van and pulled her current partner into the van. After locking the door Ms. Chink knew she would complete the assignment. Ms. Chink slid the straps off her shoulder allowing the bib to fall baring her breasts to her young aryan suitor. He began sucking her nipples and she opened her purse and took out the first condom. Ms. Chink had planned to suck the six guys which wouldn’t be too bad because they would cum in a condom and she would be , in her mind, uninvolved. But her pussy was signaling her brain it needed filled. Ms. Chink slid out of her pants while her current lover pulled out his thick hard white cock. Ms. Chink opened the condom and slid it over the head of his tool and rolled it down the shaft. Laying back she spread her legs and pulled the young man on top of her guiding him into her steaming hole.

The young man was so turned on by the fact the this Asian girl was fucking him he lasted only about 15 strokes before he shot a huge wad into the condom. He collapsed onto the frustrated Ms. Chink. She had just been getting into the rhythm when he shot off.

Struggling out from under the young man Ms. Chink carefully rolled the rubber off the spent cock and tied the end so that nothing would leak out.

So how much?” The naive young man asked.

It’s free. Thank you visiting Hong Kong.” The young man was plesantly surprised by the hospitality of the local Hong Kong people and happily exited the van. He would surely be telling his friends back in England about his sexual adventures in Asia.

Ms. Chink hurried to dress and get the young guy out so she could get on to number 2 and hopefully get the fire in her pussy extinguished. She glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that she had been with this guy 45 minutes. She only had 1 hour and 15 minutes to get 5 more condoms filled. She couldn’t believe she had sunk to the level of gathering cum to please her owner. Rushing the guy out of the van Ms. Chink quickly moved back to the dance floor to find number 2.

Ms. Chink decided to take the direct approach since her time was running out faster than she expected. She saw a tall muscular blond guy near the door and walked directly up to him with her breasts threatening to pop out the sides of her bib at any moment. “Could you help me?” she asked.

A quick look at the practically exposed Asian lady and he answered, “Sure. What’s the problem?”

“I need some help out at my van.” the embarrassed Asian girl responded. She could not believe she was picking up this man just to milk his cock for a condom full of cum. She didn’t recognize this person she had become. Ms. Chink took his hand and lead him out to the parking lot.

When Ms. Chink reached the van she opened the door and invited the shocked man inside. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

Ms. Chink closed the door and shrugging the straps from her shoulders she kissed the astonished man passionately thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His hands began to squeeze and fondle Ms. Chink’s breasts and swollen nipples as she struggled to get his pants open and release his thickly swollen cock. Once she had freed his hard cock from his jeans she immediately rolled a condom down its 9″ length. This condom had little nubs all around the head she noticed as she was putting it on the excited guy. “Please don’t cum too soon,” she panted as she pulled the man between her legs.

Ms. Chink could feel the nubs on the rubber sliding over her clit and deep into her boiling chink hole. Thanks to the nubs Ms. Chink reached an intense orgasm quickly and wrapping her legs around the trusting blond hunk she worked to give him a quick release. To her amazement he had great staying power and brought her to a second more powerful orgasm before erupting into the condom.

Ms. Chink was weak from her orgasms and laid quietly for several minutes with the white man’s shrinking cock still in her chink pussy before she realized she needed to get moving. She carefully slid out from under and removed his filled condom and tied it tight. As she was slipping back into her overalls Ms. Chink glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that this guy had used 35 minutes of her remaining time. She became frantic when she realized she only had 40 minutes to get 4 more condoms filled.

She thanked the man for his “help” and rushed back into the dance floor. As soon as she walked in she spotted a group of white men from her office. Knowing she couldn’t let them see her she rushed back out into the parking lot. “Now what am I going to do?” she wondered.

Without much thought knowing if she didn’t complete her assignment her owner would punish her severely she stopped two elderly white gentlemen about to enter the ‘Hub’. “Could you guys help me with my van?’ she asked. She hated that she allowed herself to be forced to do this but she had no choice.

“Sure.” they answered giving each other a leering look.

Ms. Chink led them to the van and opened the door inviting them inside. She couldn’t believe she was acting this way but she said to the men. “I need white cocks.” she said as she reached for their zippers. The men helped her to get their cocks out and fondled her breasts which fell out of her bib while she rolled a condom on each. She kicked off her overalls and had one man sit in the chair in the back of the van and told the other to get behind her. She guided the man behind her into her well used chink pussy and slid her mouth down on the other man.

The sheer depravity of her position caused her to experience another powerful orgasm as one man shot his load in her pussy and the other’s pulsing cock pumped a thick load into her mouth.

Knowing her time was running out the tired Asian whore collected the two filled condoms and hustled the men out of the van. She scanned the lot and spotted three guys getting out of a car near the van. Recognizing she had very little time she had no choice. She approached the men and asked for their help with the van. Looking at her disheveled appearance and her breast which was peaking out from under the bib, they readily agreed.

Ms. Chink took all three men into the van and sliding out of her overall she helped them to get their pants open. After putting condoms on all three Ms. Chink got in the same position and guided one into her pussy and swallowed the second while holding the third hot cock in her hand pumping it slowly.

Because her pussy was slick with her juices the man fucking her lasted a very long time during which she sucked off the first man and then the third man. Finally the second man shot into her pussy and she quickly gathered her filled condoms and kissed each man good bye.

Ms. Chink straightened herself as much as possible and cautiously went into the Italian restaurant to find her owners. Ms. Chink spotted Lisa and her white husband sitting at the same table talking with two other white girls she didn’t recognize. She went over and stood silently waiting for Lisa and her husband to acknowledge her.

They ignored her for 10 minutes before looking at her and white god asked, “Did you get what you were told to get?”

“Yes Mr. Simon.”

“Did you spill something on your lap pet?” asked Lisa with a wicked smile.

Ms. Chink looked down and saw the entire crotch of her overalls was a huge dark blue spot. Her face turned several shades of red when she saw her mess.

“Go wait for me in the van. And by the way you were 10 minutes late getting back.”

Ms. Chink answered “Yes Mr. Simon.” With lowered eyes and shaking inside Ms. Chink moved quickly to the van knowing she had not been successful in avoiding punishment.


Ms. Chink hurried to the van wanting to get away from the embarrassment she had been through. Once she was inside she locked the door and slid down in the seat hugging her used body. The van reeked of sex and Ms. Chink could feel the wetness in the crotch of her overalls.

As she sat there her mind began to wonder back to the events of the evening and she was horrified that her asian pussy was again throbbing and leaking onto her pants. ‘What had she become?’ Her mind was saturated with the thoughts of the young white men and their throbbing caucasian cocks. Her hands reached into her purse and felt the 7 cum filled condoms reminding her that she had enjoyed what had happened to her. She had even orgasmed. She was so ashamed.

But she had disappointed her owners. Mr. Simon was sure to punish her and she deserved everything her owner did to her. ‘Why am I feeling this way? What is happening to me?’

Lisa and Mr. Simon left their chink pet in the van for over an hour while they relaxed with friends. When they finally went out to the van they found their pet huddled in the passengers seat hugging herself with tears dried on her cheeks.

“Please forgive your humble pet Mr. Simon,” said Ms. Chink as soon as she heard the door opening. She wanted her owners’ forgiveness.

“Too late pet. You have embarrassed me by not obeying my instructions. I expect more from my chink and when I don’t get what I expect I have to punish them so they will improve.”

“Your pet understands and accepts any punishment you demand Mr. Simon.”

Lisa smiled to her white husband. “I have to go meet with some friends. Why don’t you guys go ahead without me.”

Sure thing, honey. Enjoy yourself.”

Mr. Simon waved goodbye to his wife and then started the van. He said to Ms. Chink sitting next to him in the passenger seat: “Sit up straight and lower your bib pet.”

Ms. Chink sat tall and lowered the bib baring her breasts to anyone who looked. As they drove through the parking lot Mr. Simon honked the horn so that people would look and see her pet on display.

Ms. Chink cringed but remained sitting tall facing forward as her owner displayed her breasts to all the white men in the parking lot. She knew her face was beet red but she had to be punished for embarrassing her owner.


When they arrived at their house Mr. Simon ordered Ms. Chink into the kitchen. He left Ms. Chink standing in the center of the room with her overalls around her ankles while she went back out to the van.

When he returned he ordered Ms. Chink to carry a kitchen chair into the living room and sit down on it in the center of the room. Ms. Chink was left with only her red 4 inch heels on her feet as she sat on the hard wooden chair. Lisa when up stairs to her room and returned in a few minutes with several items in her arms.

Mr. Simon ordered Ms. Chink to stand as he sat in the chair. “Pet you really need to learn to follow instructions. You have disobeyed me every time I gave you a task to perform. I intend to punish you to encourage you to be a better pet. You do want to be a better pet don’t you?”

“Yes Mr. Simon your pet wishes to improve and please you.”

“Show me your collection tonight pet.”

Ms. Chink went to her purse and took out the 7 cum filled condoms.

“Why are there 7 ? I ordered you to fill 6.” demanded an irritated Mr. Simon.

“Mr. Simon the last group I could get had 3 guys and I had to do them all.”

“Let me explain. I said 6 condoms filled. If you got yourself in a situation where you had more guys than condoms allotted you should have done the extra without a condom. Are you totally stupid?”

“Sorry Mr. Simon, your pet understands now.”

“Bend over my lap pet.”

Ms. Chink bent over her owners lap knowing she was about to be spanked like a naughty chink.

“You kept me waiting 10 minutes, you couldn’t stop and wasted a condom, and you are in your house without your collar. We will start with 50 swats with this hairbrush. Count each swat chink.”



By the tenth swat Ms. Chink was sobbing and having difficulty counting the swats.

SMACK “Ffffffifteen”

The spanking continued. By the 25th swat Ms. Chink’s ass was on fire and she was squirming uncontrollable on Mr. Simon’s lap.

He paused for a moment and reached between her pets thighs and felt her juices flowing freely. “You really enjoy this don’t you pet?”

“No Mr. Simon it hurts terribly.”

“Your pussy tells me you are enjoying this. Don’t cum my chink.”

An embarrassed Asian office lady endured the remaining 25 swats in more pain than she had ever endure in her entire life yet a building heat in her pussy disturbed her even more. When Mr. simon was finished Ms. Chink’s ass was a deep red and throbbing in pain. “Stand up pet and don’t touch your ass or pussy.”

Ge got off the chair and placed a rubber pad on the seat. The pad was covered tiny hard rubber nubs.

“Mr. Simon may your pet get her collar?’ asked Ms. Chink through the tears from her spanking.

“Yes pet and get your plug too.”

Ms. Chink hurried to her purse and took out her collar and plug.

“Put your plug where you like to have it pet.”

While she didn’t like the plug in her ass Ms. Chink knew where her white god wanted it. She bent her knees slightly and performed the humiliating task of sliding the plug deep into her ass.

“Sit here pet.” ordered Mr. Simon indicating the nubbed pad.

Ms. Chink gently lowered her throbbing ass onto the pad. Her pain intensified and the plug slide even deeper into her ass.

He tied Ms. Chink’s hands behind the chair and the to the rung under the chair holding her to the seat. Then she tied a rope above and below Ms. Chink’s breasts forcing her tightly against the back of the chair.

Then he ordered Ms. Chink to lift her legs and put her heels on the front edge of the chair. This caused Ms. Chink to spread her legs to accommodate his order and sent jolts of pain through her abused ass.. Ms. Chink used this position to lift her sore ass slightly from the nubbed pad to ease the pain.

“I want you to drop your feet and squeeze your thighs together holding this in place”, said he as he slide an 8” long vibrator deep into Ms. Chink’s sopping wet pussy. “My, my you are really getting into this pet.”

An ashamed asian whore blushed even deeper red but said nothing as she dropped her legs holding the vibrator deep inside her pussy. She knew to allow it to slip out would make matters much worse and she wanted to show her white owner she could be obedient.

He tied Ms. Chink’s thighs tightly together locking the vibrator in place. Then he bound her knees and ankles tightly together. Ms. Chink was now immobilized in the middle of her living room, naked tied to a chair with her ass plugged and her pussy leaking juices around a long hard vibrator locked in her pussy.

How much worse could it get? He moved to the TV and inserted a video tape into the machine and turned it on. Ms. Chink was shocked to see the inside of the van. Then she saw herself and the first man she brought into the van that night. “What???”

“The van is equipped with a sound activated infrared video camera. We have your entire evening recorded forever here.” the white god explained.

As they watched the tape he commented on Ms. Chink’s actions. Her technique was critiqued and responses were noted. Ms. Chink was especially ashamed of her pleasure that was evident throughout the video. She was nothing more the a chink bitch in heat in the video. It clearly demonstrated she was the aggressor and that she enjoyed every minute of it.

“I’m really tired pet. I’ll put your rubbers in the fridge you enjoy the video.” said he as he went into the kitchen.

I can stand this punishment,” thought Ms. Chink, “I thought it would be worse.”

He came back into the room ,”Oh I forgot a few things.” Hhe moved in front of Ms. Chink and what she had in her hands brought panic to Ms. Chink’s heart. Lisa had a skirt hanger with the two clamps spaced wide apart. Ms. Chink knew he was going to attach them to her nipples. The pain was much worse than the nipple clamps.

He stepped back to admire her work. “We are almost done chink. But I don’t want to listen to you all night so open wide.”

Ms. Chink opened her mouth and he fastened the penis gag into place. Her nipples were throbbing she knew it would be a long night.

Then he did something the Ms. Chink didn’t expect. She lifted Ms. Chink’s bound legs until she could attach the hanger hook on the skirt hanger around the rope binding Ms. Chink’s knees together. “Now if you can hold your legs up all night your nipple won’t be stretched too much.”

Ms. Chink’s eyes opened wide with fear. She couldn’t possible do that. She would pull her nipples off. As she struggled to hold her legs up she discovered she could barely get her toes on the edge of the chair which allowed her to take the strain off her nipples but she couldn’t keep them there long because of the strain on her legs.

“One final touch and I’m off to a good nights sleep.” He reached down and forcing her finger between Ms. Chink’s tightly bound thighs turned on the vibrator.

“Good night pet”.

He went up stairs to bed and left Ms. Chink tied in the living room with all the lights on and the video playing.

Ms. Chink struggled to keep the strain off her nipples by alternating holding her legs up and using her toes to rest her cramping thighs. She tried to ignore the buzzing deep in her pussy and the ache of her ass resting her entire weight on the nubbed pad. She could see herself fucking and sucking white boys on her TV and when she glanced at the entry way she saw herself in the mirror as she looked now. Her mind was overloaded but she had to concentrate on protecting her stretching nipples. Her discomfort was growing each minute but so far she was able to maintain herself. Suddenly out of the blue her body was wracked with an intense orgasm. Her legs slipped and she painfully pulled her nipples, which much to her dismay triggered another more intense orgasm. As the pain increased so did the intensity of her orgasms. By morning she was totally exhausted and her body was overwhelmed by the pain of her stretching nipples and the pleasure in her pussy which because it was so intense and so often was almost like a pain too.

When her white god came down she saw her pet soaked with sweat with her thighs quivering and the nubbed pad on the chair were cover with her juices. It was even dripping on the floor. Ms. Chink seemed to be in a daze. He released the hanger from the rope around her knees allowing her legs to fall to the floor and her nipples to draw back from their stretched length but she left the hanger attached to her nipples. Sliding her finger between her soaked thighs he turned off the buzzing vibrator. Next she removed the gag from her pet’s mouth.

“Your pet is sorry Mr. Simon.”

“Don’t you want to thank me?”

Your pet thanks you for teaching me the importance of complete obedience.”

Ms. Chink was so exhausted she passed out at this point.

White God and Chink chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ms. Chink the Origin

I have not always this way. I was once an independent, modern, urbane Hong Kong woman. But I’ve realized that I am only submissive when I am confronted by a white man. I remember, even as a little girl, I always wanted to be subjugated by a white man. They are all so tall, so muscular, and everyone around me worship white men. I had fantasized about being tied up and used by white men ever since I had an inkling about sex.

My relationships with chink men have been fine but the sex hasn’t been so great. I knew it was my fault so I pretended to cum for the sake of my worthless chink boyfriends. I found I could only reach orgasm while masturbating and thinking of my terrible private fantasies, with a white man. It doesn’t matter if he’s America or Australian or British or German, as long as he’s white. He must be Caucasian of the western European stock. Of full blooded aryan master race. One day I stopped at a bar frequented by westerners. There were dozens of young Chinese women dressed in skin-bare clothes and they were all surrounding themselves with white men, and there was an incredibly obese elderly white man with silver hair who leered at me. His mere look turned my face red with humiliation and my panties were already soaked. When I got home I masturbated thinking about him and I had the most intense orgasm in my life as I remembered the humiliationof being forced to be a whore for white men.

I had never cum from being fucked, until I met Mr. Simon. I was at a party designed for asian women to meet white men when I saw him enter; he was so confident, so powerful it took my breath away. He looked about ten years older than me but could have been older. Tall, ruggedly handsome with dark deep eyes, he slumped in an armchair and insolently looked me up and down, his eyes lingering on my breasts and legs, a cold smile on his face.

“Another chink whore.” He sneered.

I could not believe his insolence, and yet was so turned on by the way he said it. I should have been angry. I should have walked away. But I must admit, I was so incredibly turned on by what he said.

Get me a whiskey and soda,” he said calmly, even naming the brand of whiskey he wanted. I scurried off to do his bidding and returned with the drink. He took it and didn’t ask me to sit down, just watched me as he sipped. I was trembling and I didn’t know what to do next so I waited. “What is your first name?” he snapped suddenly.

I cleared my throat. “Jessica,” I said finally.

No. Your real name. Give me your chinky-itty-ching-chong name.”

I was stunned and remained silent.

If you refuse to say your real name, then from now on, you are Ms. Chink. How old are you?”

“I’m twenty nine.”

“Twenty nine?” he laughed. “You are getting old. There’s plenty of young fresh chink meat. Why should I choose you.”

“Because I am very obedient,” I said quickly. “I’m always attracted to white men, and I … I will do anything for you. Please sir, give me a chance. Let me serve you.”

A dark haired Chinese girl who looked like she was only 19 swept across the room and kissed him. “You snuck in,” she laughed, and spoke with perfectly fluent English.

Mr. Simon smiled. “Just got a drink and met another chink. Ms. Chink,” he said directly to me, “this is my girlfriend, Sylvia.”

I felt my stomach knock. “Pleased to meet you,” I recited and she looked at me carefully and then smiled.

“Of course, stupid chink whores are always on the prowl for white cocks” she said coldly and turned back to Mr. Simon. “I know you have to go soon but there is someone who is dying to meet you.” Jealously, I watched her take his hand to pull him to his feet.

They started to walk away, and then Mr. Simon said something to Sylvia before returning to me to say coldly, “I drive a black BMW, I will be leaving in exactly fifteen minutes. I expect you waiting at the curb.” With those instructions, he strode away into the party.

Swiftly, I gathered my bag and rushed outside, scanning the street for a black BMW and felt a surge of relief when I found it. I stood under a streetlight to fix my makeup, brushed my hair and wished I had worn something a little better than the denim skirt, sleeveless white top and woolen coat. Winters in Hong Kong was not always so warm.

The minutes dragged by and I wondered if they were inside looking at me through the window and laughing at how easily I did what he wanted. Although humiliated, I felt my body tingle and the dull desire in my stomach start to pulse. If this was a cruel joke, I knew I would still masturbate while remembering and cum in a huge rush at the humiliation of it all.

The car beeped as he opened it. “Get in,” he said and I hurriedly slipped into the seat next to him, his cologne sweeping over me as the car sped off into the night. Suddenly, he stopped, pulled me to him and kissed me roughly and, at the same time, sweetly. My panties were soaked and I groaned as his hand pushed my legs apart, his finger probing, pushing the wet crotch of my panties aside and slipping deeply inside my pussy. I groaned through the kiss as he finger fucked me, took control of me just like that and I had no choice, just moved on his hand.

That night we fucked in his apartment. I know, I know, he already has a Chinese girlfriend, and he has probably fucked dozens of Chinese girls like me, but I couldn’t resist. I had to give him everything I had. Naked, my large breasts lolling to the side, he roughly forced me back on the messed bed and held my hands above my head by one massive hand, his other hand gripping my hair tightly as his big white cock pounded me, used me, I came with a loud scream that echoed within the room.

We saw a lot of each other after that and I loved it. Mr. Simon would order me around and expect me to completely obey him, no matter how humiliating it was. It was inevitable that I would move into his apartment. It was a beautiful apartment and there were only two apartments on our floor. His Chinese girlfriend Sylvia who I got to know a little and found she wasn’t as nasty as she first seemed occupied the other apartment on that floor with her husband, a wimpish little asian guy who happened to be very wealthy. It seemed a little strange that Sylvia was married and still was involved with Mr. Simon, but the thing is, white men are a very hot commodity in Hong Kong and many Chinese women would cheat on their husbands just to get one. I still worked as an office lady but I also did all the housework in the apartment, Mr. Simon didn’t even offer.

Then the company I worked for was taken over and I lost my job. Mr. Simon said not to worry about finding another job; he would find one for me so I became very dependent on him for everything.

One day, Mr. Simon came home, looked at me as I ran from the sofa to kiss him and said, ” I’m horny, get on your knees and suck me.”

My face burning, I sank to my knees and he coldly looked down at me as I reached to undo his zipper. “Don’t,” he snapped, brushing my hands away. “Don’t touch without permission. Ask!”

“Please can I undo your pants?” I whispered and my panties were instantly soaked.


“So I can suck you,” I whispered, my face hot and my hands trembling.

“Suck what?” His voice was low and menacing, his hand gripped my hair as he made me look up at him.

“Your cock,” I whispered in a rush. “Please can I suck your cock?” The humiliation washed through me and I felt as if I was on the edge of coming. “Ask again, this time call me Sir.”

“Please Sir, can I suck your cock?” He nodded and my trembling fingers unzipped him and released his fat cock, which I hungrily took in my mouth. I felt so servile, so used as I sucked him, his hand in my hair and his cock filling my mouth. His hands gripped me as he fucked my mouth and I tried to stop from gagging and I realized, I had no choice, he had complete control and the thought sent my head spinning.

With a grunt, he came, coating my face with his sticky sperm, drops running down my nose and some almost in my eyes until he casually wiped his cock against my cheek. “You’ll have to improve,” he said coldly, doing his pants up and walking away without another word, leaving me kneeling on the floor, my face and my panties a mess.

I was so aroused that I had to stop myself from ripping the vibrator from the bedroom drawer after washing my face. Mr. Simon smiled at me when I walked back, my face bright red.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he said and I nodded shamefully. “You enjoyed me taking control?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“That makes you a slut, just like every other stupid chink” he smiled and the word rang in my ears. “I guess the slut wants to cum now?”

I was trembling; his words seemed to be drifting in and out of my head. “Please?’ I moaned. “Please Sir,” I added and moaned when I said it.

“Go and get dressed in your slut clothes and wait for me.” I rushed to strip off my clothes and dress in the black bra, panties and stockings that he loved me to wear.

Thirty minutes later, I was on my back, panties in my mouth and my ankles tied to my wrists so my wet pussy was open, hungrily gaping. I was helpless and so exposed, desperate to cum.

“You’ve been using this without my permission,” Mr. Simon said, taking my vibrator from the drawer, tapping my ass with it. “You don’t use it unless I allow you.” I nodded desperately, tasting myself on my soaked panties and moaning when he slid the vibrator deep into my asian pussy. Smiling he twisted the end and it started to vibrate inside me. “Enjoy while I get a drink.”

No, I wanted to cry out! Touch my clit, please! It was maddening, the vibrator deep inside me, teasing me but there was no friction on my clit, and it was swollen, red and ignored.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell and I strained my ears to listen as Mr. Simon opened the door. “Hi Sylvia.”

“Is Ms. Chink here? I wanted to borrow something.”

To my horror, I heard Mr. Simon say casually, “Yeah, she’s tied up in the bedroom with a vibrator in her cunt. Want to look?”

“Sure,” she laughed.

My face was red with shame when they both walked in, the vibrator so loud in the room. “Are those her panties in her mouth?” Sylvia casually asked, taking Mr. Simon’s drink for a quick sip. “She likes the taste of cunt?”

“I guess. Who cares what she likes?” Mr. Simon laughed and took his drink back. “She just wants to cum. Don’t you, chink?” he suddenly snapped at me and face hot with shame, I nodded. His fingers removed the sodden panties, dropping them on the pillow next to me. “Beg,” he said coldly.

My eyes darted from Sylvia to Mr. Simon; both were smiling down at me while calmly sharing the drink. “Please Sir,” I begged hoarsely, “please let me cum.”

“She has a nice little cunt,” Sylvia observed, looking down at my pussy and the vibrator protruding from it. “And she’s already completely shaved. Mine. Have you had her yellow ass yet?” she casually asked and Mr. Simon shook his head.

“Not yet.” His big fingers removed the vibrator and he wiped it on my hot cheeks, teasing my mouth with it. “Beg to cum, lil’ chink.”

“Please, Sir,” I almost screamed with desperation and deep in humiliation. My head was spinning, all control gone as I slipped away, degrading myself without thought in my urgent need for relief.

“Please let me cum!”

“You’re nothing but a slut, aren’t you?” he demanded as he slipped two fingers inside of me, Sylvia giggling softly.

“Yes, yes,” I desperately agreed, his fingers slowly fucking me. “I’m a slut!”

“She screams when she cums,” Mr. Simon said idly to Sylvia.

“I think I’ve heard her,” Sylvia laughed, “the walls are a little thin. Does she always get this wet? Her thighs are coated in it, for chink’s sake!”

“She gets wet very easily, it’s like turning a faucet on.”His fingers moved in and out and I tried to buck on his hand, to get my clit in contact with something, anything! “Ask Sylvia if you can cum,” Mr. Simon snapped and Sylvia laughed.

“Please Sylvia,” I begged, humiliated that she should see me like this but I was desperate, “please can I cum?”

“Let me think about it,” Sylvia laughed again and Mr. Simon smiled.

“You are a heartless chink bitch, Sylvia,” he said.

“We chinks are very cruel alright,” she snapped, “Yes you can cum.”

Mr. Simon’s thumb pressed against my clit while his fingers penetrated me, the pressure rocking me and I screwed my eyes shut. “Show us how you cum, slut,” Mr. Simon whispered in my ear, pushing me over the edge. The waves rolled over me, intense almost painful as I screamed in ecstasy, lost in my pleasure and humiliation.

I finally opened my eyes and Sylvia and Mr. Simon were standing by the door, smiling broadly. “Bravo,” Sylvia said mockingly, clapping slowly and my face burned with shame.

Mr. Simon untied one hand and I gingerly lowed one leg, the other still tied to my other wrist. “Free yourself and get out to the kitchen. We’d like something to eat.”

I heard Sylvia giggle as they left the room, my stiff fingers fumbling with the rope.