180 days of slavery day 11

DAY 11

They all worked on Wednesday. The day passed without major incident.  Sue kept to herself and spoke very little. The studs in her tongue, the lock on her pussy lips, the metal choker, and the lock that hung from her ear were a constant reminder of her slavery to the captain. As she rubbed the
studs over her teeth, she was surprised how her pussy lips began to swell. But what happened on Wednesday night shocked Sue. It was quitting time at the station and Sue was ordered into the captains office. As soon as she entered the Captain said, “Show Me!”

Without hesitation, she stripped out of her uniform, spread her legs and bent over placing her hands on the desk. The other two were laughing at her as she did as ordered, but she didn’t know why.

Judy picked up her uniform and pulled her badge, nametag, and chink whore insignias off, and threw the uniform into the trashcan. Sue was shocked, knowing they weren’t going to allow her to get it back, but couldn’t understand what she was going to wear out of the station.

Judy said, “OK, cunt, put these on!” She threw some clothes at her and Sue looked at them. It didn’t look like much, but she stood up and began to get dressed in what Judy had given her. Sue cried as she realized what she had to wear. It was a sheer blouse with only a couple of buttons on it. It was so sheer she might as well not have anything on. Then she put the tiny skirt on, which only came to about an inch below her pussy and her naked ass was visible. Next was the pair of 6″ heels, which made her taller and showed more of her ass and cunt.

Once she was dressed the captain said, “OK, sgt. lee, go out to the car and wait beside it. you know how to wait ,don’t you? Just like you show me here. Legs spread and hands on the hood, with your ass facing the station house.”

“BBBBBuuuuuuuttttttt, sir,” begged Sue. Of course, she was shut up with a hard slap to her face by Judy who said, “Just do it whore!”

Sue left his office and tried to hurry out of the building so no one saw her, but it was shift change and many had a good look at the chink whore as she made her way out of the station to the parking lot. And they got a better look as she took the position her Captain had ordered.

Sue knew she was making quite a scene and everyone was now viewing her naked ass and open cunt. She cried as she waited for one of them to show up to get her out of this mess. It seemed like hours before Judy came up behind her and ran her finger up Sue’s open pussy. She said, “Well little slut, it looks like you enjoy showing off for every one. Maybe when we come back to work next week, you’ll come in naked.”

“PPPPlllleeeaasseee, not that,” cried Sue. “Anything, but making me work naked.”

Judy just laughed and said, “I’ll think about it. It will all depend on tonight and the weekend while Ron and I are away. Good reports let you wear clothes. Bad reports keep you naked. Now get your whore ass into the car.”

As soon as they got into the car, Judy drove off toward the house. She made Sue spread her legs and play with her pussy, but threatened her with severe punishment if she came. And,she couldn’t stop playing with herself until they were home.

Sue began playing with her already hot cunt and needed to cum so bad. She held off as long as she could, but it wasn’t good enough. Suddenly she tensed up and had one big orgasm after another as she stroked her pussy. Judy reached over and pulled sharply on a handful of hair, bringing Sue back to reality.

“I told you not to cum, didn’t I slut?” yelled Judy, pulling Sue’s head closer to the driver’s side of the car.

“iiiiiii, couldn’t help it, please don’t hurt me,” cried Sue. “i’ll be good, I promise, please”

Judy stopped the car and told Sue to get out. Once she was out of the car, Judy said, “STRIP, bitch!”

Sue was so shaken by now, she just stripped right there beside the car. She didn’t know what to do with the skimpy clothes, so she just hung onto them until Judy said, “Give me the clothes and walk home!”

They were at least three blocks from the house now and Sue didn’t want this. But she was scared to disobey and she didn’t want to be hurt anymore. So she handed Judy her clothes and started walking quickly to get there faster. Judy drove behind her with the headlights on full beam, showing her little naked slut off to everyone who was around. It was difficult for Sue to walk in those heels and it made her little asian ass wiggle even more. she hated doing this, but she had no other choice If she didn’t behave and do as she was told, she would have to go to work naked and the threat of kidnapping her little sister was still playing on her mind. Lucky for her, there weren’t too many people around and she wasn’t stopped by anyone. Finally she made it home and inside the safety of the house, but that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. she didn’t know it, but she had a long night ahead of her. And the temperature was starting to drop.

Once they were home, Judy told her to get all the bags of her clothes she had put away and load them into the trunk. Judy said, “We are going to get those nasty things out of my house tonight. I can’t wear any of them and you won’t wear them. So, say good bye to them. Now move it, we have lots of things to do tonight.”

“Ppplleaase, Ma’am, can’t i just keep them in storage for when I’m free again?” begged Sue.

“No you can’t, stupid cunt,” said Judy, “and who said you’d ever be free.”

“The contract i signed for the captain said six months,” Sue cried.

“I know what it said cunt, but the six months are not up yet and for right now you are mine, so you’ll just do as I say.” laughed Judy.

“bbbuuttt, i will need clothes when i am free from you, please,” cried the little naked cop.

“Then you’ll buy some more slut. Now move it!” Judy yelled at her.

Sue started crying. She knew she wasn’t free and they could do whatever they wanted with her. she had no other choice. She was their slave and slut and knew she had to obey. So she began her task of taking all her clothes to the car and placing them in the trunk. she remained naked, since she knew better than to ask for clothes to put on. She was in shock, knowing it was going to be a long six months for her. Maybe she would escape and get away somehow, but she had no place to go, especially without clothes. Once she was finished putting the clothes in the car, she went back into he house. The warmth felt good since it was getting quite chilly outside. she was just getting warm when Judy stepped out of the bedroom, dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt and a heavy coat.

Judy said, “All done, my pet?”

“Yes,” Sue said in a whisper.

“Good, now get your ass out to the car and wait for me. Don’t get in it, just stand beside it until I get there,” ordered Judy.

“Cccaannn i put a coat on , please,” begged Sue.

“No, you can’t!” shouted Judy. “you have to earn clothes and so far you haven’t shown me you deserve them. Now get your naked ass out there. I’ll be along soon.”

As Sue was starting to walk out the door, Judy stopped her and said, “Wait a minute, slut, I forgot something.”

Sue stopped, hoping she had changed her mind about a coat, but when Judy approached her she saw something that made her eyes widen in surprise. In her hand was the ring gag and she forced it into Sue’s mouth. Judy was quite rough doing it and it hurt Sue. she couldn’t scream from the pain, because the gag was already in place and she was tightening it on to her head.

“Now get your slutty little body out there and wait. This way you can’t scream or talk to anyone. Move it, whore,” shouted Judy, as she slapped Sue sharply on the naked ass. Sue turned and once again passed the full-length mirror as she headed out the door. What a sight she saw. Naked except for the metal choker, the ring gag transformed her face into an ugly expression. She could see the lock hanging from her right ear and one hanging from her pussy lips. She quickly moved out the door, into the cold air and made her way to the car. She tried to hide behind it, but knew if Judy saw her hiding her naked body from view she would be in big trouble, so she stood beside the car where anyone and everyone who passed by could see her. It seemed like hours again, standing naked out in public, but it was only a few minutes before Judy came out of the house and let Sue into the car. Sue was shivering from the cold and hoped Judy would turn the heat on. But as they left the driveway, Judy turned the air conditioner on instead. She was nice and warm, dressed in winter clothes, but poor little Sue was freezing. They drove for awhile and then suddenly turned into the park where Sue had fucked the rookie cop not too long ago. It brought memories back to her as she thought of his cock sliding into her hot cunt and wanted it to happen again. But she knew it couldn’t if she wanted her pussy free from the locks that the Captain had put on her. He had promised her that if she ever fucked anyone without his permission again, she would have her cunt locked up forever. They drove through the park until they came to an area where Sue saw some other cars. Judy made her get out and walk ahead of her toward the group of people standing there waiting. She heard the captain’s voice say, “OK guys, the guest of honor has arrived and now the fun begins.”

Sue didn’t like this one bit, but she knew she had to do whatever she was told. As she approached, she noticed they were standing around a small outdoor fireplace and it had a small fire in it. the captain brought her close to the fire and said, “Victor, would you help Judy get the things from the car?”

“Sure,” he said as he walked with Judy back to the parking area.

While they were getting the bags out of the car, Sue’s mind was busy thinking what would happen next. Who was Victor? God how she wanted to just die. She was so embarrassed to have others see her naked and gagged like this and then to watch everything else that the captain had planned tonight. The captain said, “Sue, I’m sure you’ll remember Hec and Victor from the Halloween party?” Then he laughed and continued, “I’m sorry slut. I forgot you can’t talk with that thing in your mouth. But I’ll bet you can suck cock and eat cunt with it in there, can’t you?”

She just stood still and cried. she hated everything that had been done to her and this seemed to be the worst so far. she remembered the auction and assumed these were the two guys that made the highest bid for her. She also remembered their ideas of what they would do to her if they had her for a weekend. What else could these evil people think of? She was about to find out when Judy and Victor got back with the bags of clothes. The captain tore the bags open and dumped all her good clothes on the ground in front of her. she gave him a blank stare and if looks could kill, he would have been dead. “How dare he treat her good clothes like that?” she thought to herself. But the worst was yet to come. the captain said, “OK, slut susie, I want you to pick these clothes up and put
them into the fire, one piece at a time until they are all gone.”

She shook her head no and tried to say no, but all that came out of her gagged mouth was, “MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!”

“Now don’t make me punish you in front of our friends, slut.  Just do as I say!” he ordered.

Knowing she had to do it, she reached down with her eyes closed and picked up the first article. she held it in her hands for a moment and then tossed it into the fire. It immediately caught on fire and it burned quickly. But she was slow to pick up anymore, so the captain reached behind her and slapped her very hard on her cold naked ass. she jumped when he did this, and almost went into the
fire herself.

He yelled, “I told you to put them all in there. Now, cunt, get busy. I have other things to do before the night is over and these guys might want a good blowjob, too. Move it whore!”

She quickly grabbed another piece of her clothing, threw it on the fire and reached for another. Soon there was a nice hot fire from all her burning clothes. And even though she was crying from throwing her clothes away like this, she was getting warm. However, she didn’t see the branding iron placed in the hot coals, so she had no idea what was coming next.

She just continued placing her clothes in the fire as the others watched her and drank beer. They were getting a little drunk, just the way the captain wanted them. His little whore was going to be really used tonight, softened up for the weekend ahead, as soon as he finished marking her as his property. After all but a couple of pieces of clothing had been burned to ashes, the Captain said, “Hec, time to get the slut ready, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Captain,” replied Hec as he walked over to Sue with several ropes and a leash that he had collected from a bag at his feet.

“Let’s go, slut,” he said, as he finished clipping a leash to her pussy rings, and tugged her in the direction of the playground equipment a few yards away. As soon as they left the warmth of the fire, Sue realized how cold it had become, but she had no choice except to follow like a domesticated pet. Her heels sunk into the soft ground with every step, so she moved very slowly as Hec tugged firmly on her lips. As they arrived at the playground area, Victor had joined his friend. They marched her over to the teeter-totter. “Ok, slut, lay on your back, head near the center of the teeter-totter, legs spread on each side of the board, arms drooping over the side.”

Sue did as instructed, having no idea what was going to happen. “Look at her tits, Hec. She is either very excited or the cold is causing them to stick out like hard little nubs. And if I know her, her pussy is dripping like a water faucet!”

The men separated the ropes, and each began to tie her body tightly to the board. A rope was wound several times around the choker on her neck and tightened under the teeter-totter, and one was tied across her forehead. There was no way to raise her head. her arms were tied tightly over the sides of the board, the rope winding around her arms from elbow to wrist. It was so uncomfortable! She tried to beg for mercy, but they just laughed at her muffled pleas. And then they began tying her legs to the board. Strands of rope were wound wickedly over her thighs, then just below her knees, and finally her ankles were connected tightly below the board. Except for her fingers and toes, there was little that Sue could move. Why were they doing this to her? If they planned to keep her out all night, she would surely die from exposure to the cold, night air.

“Let’s see if my idea will work, Victor. Go to the other end and sit down when I say. Victor went to the other end of the teetor-totter, while Hec straddled Sue’s head. Hec nodded, and as Victor began to sit on his end, Sue began to rise, until her mouth was right at the level of Hec’s crotch.

“Perfect. Let’s go get the captain and Judy.”

Victor got off the teeter-totter, and the two walked away towards the fire and her evil captors. She could hear their voices, and laughter, but could not make out any details of what they were talking about. It wasn’t long before she heard their voices approaching her. she couldn’t raise her head to see them, but knew they were getting close and she didn’t see the branding iron in the captains hand. But, she just knew something bad was about to happen as they approached her on the teeter-totter, she just didn’t know what. Sue lay there, bound and gagged, unable to move as the captain stepped up close to her and said, “Now, my slutty little chink whore, it is time to make you my property.”

He brought the white hot branding iron up and showed it to Sue. her eyes went blank as she saw the thing glowing in the dark and wondered what he was going to do with it. she knew he was going to touch her with it, but where. she tried to beg and she cried, but no noise came out. her throat was dry and she couldn’t even get a muffled sound to come out. Then the captain moved down toward her pussy and asked, “You sure she is tied tight? I don’t want her to move when I put my mark on her.”

Hec and Victor both said, “Oh, yea, she is tight and can’t move, so let’s do it and then get on with the fun.”

Sue could see the captain raise the branding iron up and begin to lower it toward her body. she froze in fear as it got closer and closer to her skin. “Oh God, please help me,” she said to herself, “please don’t let this happen!”

The captain lowered the iron with the glowing letters “RS” on it down toward her right thigh. The closer it came, the more she could feel the heat. She was trying to beg, but nothing would come out. she was gagged and her fear made it impossible to say anything.

Then, it happened! “SSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZ” was the sound it made as the white
hot metal touched her soft flesh, just below her cunt on her thigh.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH” came out of the little slut’s mouth just before she
passed out from the pain in her leg. she didn’t feel the rest of it as the captain pushed it deeper into her skin to make sure it would be a perfect mark on his slut forever.

Sue was now his to do with as he pleased. He had her marked as “Ron’s Slut!”

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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